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Notre Dame Bay Region ~ Fogo / Twillingate District

Vital Statistics

Methodist; Moretons Habour Parish; Marriages; 1874-1891

These files were collected over several years, and are therefore not in the same chronological order as the entries are in volume 91. These records were transcribed from Vital Statistics Volume 89 by JILL MARSHALL December 2001 from work done over many years. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, theremay be errors or omissions.
Date Place Groom Bride Witnesses Remarks
Oct-20-1878Merritts HarbourRichard Elliott, 25, bach, Merritts HrSelina Powell, 19, spinster, Merritts HrThomas Woodford, Solomon Reddick
Oct 28 1878Merritts HarbourRobert Powell, 24, bach, Merritts HrSusanna Hatcher? Or Vatcher?, 24, spinster, Merritts HrWilliam Powell, Stephen Powell
Nov 7 1878Herring NeckJames Welsh, 26, bach, Cobbs ArmDinah Powell, 21, spinster, Merritts HrJoseph Welsh, Susanna Bath
Nov 12 1878Cobbs ArmHenry Brown, 29, bach, Cobbs ArmPricilla Loder, 19, spinster, Cobbs ArmMark Brown, Emma Welsh
Nov 12 1878Cobbs ArmMark Brown, 28, bach, Cobbs ArmMary Ann Saunders, 18, spin, Cobbs ArmJoseph Welsh, Thomas ?Loder
Dec 24 1878Herring NeckThomas Blandford, 26, bach, Herring NeckJane Anstey, 20, spinster, Purcells HrPhilip Miles, Cecilia Jane Blandford
May 7 1879Change IslandsJohn Diamond, 33 or 35, widower, Change IslandsCharlotte Bursey, 37, widow, Change IslandsJoseph Edwards, Jonas? Lucas
May 15 1879Herring NeckSamuel R Preston, 23, bach, Herring NeckMary Farthing, 19, spinster, Herring NeckWilliam Warren, John Meaney
Oct 17 1879Herring NeckJames Inkpen, 35, widower, Pikes ArmMary Brown, 29, spinster, Pikes ArmFrederick Sealey, Martha Dally
Nov 4 1879Herring NeckSamuel Fudge, 24, bach, Herring NeckJane Dally (Dalley), 23, spinster, Herring NeckSimeon Stoneman, Elizabeth Brown
Oct 30 1879Herring NeckThomas Blake, 26, bach, Herring NeckElizabeth Hurley, 21, spinster, Herring NeckEli Stoneman, Elizabeth Blake
Nov 5 1879Herring NeckEli Liscomb (Luscombe), 25, bach, Herring NeckElizabeth Blake, 20, spinster, Herring NeckAndrew Dally, Martha Dally
Nov 6 1879Herring NeckFrancis Card, 27, bach, Merritts HrEllen Oxford, 21, spinster, Herring NeckThomas Burt, Elizabeth Oxford
Nov 24 1879Change IslandsJames White, 27, bach, Change IslandsLavinia Taylor, 19, spinster, Change IslandsJonathan Taylor, Elizabeth Wells
May 8 1880Herring NeckGeorge Hebs?, 22, bach, Herring NeckCaroline Squires, 21, spinster, Herring NeckHenry Saunders, Elizabeth Oxford
Oct 18 1880Herring NeckJames Loder, 21, bach, Cobbs ArmLucy Saunders, 19, spinster, Cobbs ArmJames Saunders, Rebecca Woods
Oct 29 1880Herring NeckCharles Langdon, 26, bach, Merritts HrElizabeth Oxford, 20, spinster, Herring NeckSamuel Powell, Louisa Powell
Nov 16 1880Herring NeckGeorge Loader (Loder), 57, widower, Cobbs ArmAnn Hynes, 37, spinster, Fridays BayJames Saunders, Rebecca Woods
Nov 9 1880Change IslandsBenjamin Taylor, 26, bach, Change IslandsRebecca Covaduck (Coveyduck), 25, spinster, Change IslandsAlbert Taylor, Julia Covaduck
Nov 10 1880Change IslandsWilliam John LeDrew, 23, bach, Change IslandsElizabeth Wells, 25, spinster, Change IslandsSamuel LeDrew, Emma LeDrew
Nov 10 1880Change IslandsThomas William Moores, 27, bach, Change IslandsSusannah Pilley, 21, spinster, Change IslandsAndrew P Moores, Jane Moores
Dec 16 1880Merritts HarbourThomas Burt, 29, bach, Purcells HrElizabeth Card, 19, spinster, Merritts HrWilliam Pool, Phebe Pool
Aug 12 1881Change IslandsJohn White, 26, bach, Fridays BayOlivia LeDrew, 18, spinster, Change IslandsJohn Pelley, Jane LeDrew
Oct 24 1881Change IslandsCharles Fancey, bach, Change IslandsElizabeth LeDrew, spinster, Change IslandsAnthony LeDrew, ?Diva Fancy
Oct 30 1881Fridays BayJacob Keef, 52, widower, Fridays BayAnn Loder, 41, widow, Cobbs ArmWilliam Janes, Ann Keef
Nov 7 1881Merritts HarbourWilliam Powell, 23, bach, Merritts HrMary Ann Smith, 20, spinster, Lobster HrJane Hicks, Edward Powell
Nov 9 1881Herring NeckWilliam Loder, 34, widower, Cobbs ArmRebecca Woods, 20, spinster, Cobbs ArmJames Saunders, Prudence Bath
Apr 12 1882Herring NeckSimon White, 60, widower, Herring NeckMary White, 53, widow, Herring NeckSilvester Tuffin, Sarah Murcell
Oct 9 1881Herring NeckRichard Gillingham, 27, widower, Gander BayEmma LeDrew, 19, spinster, Change IslandsSamuel LeDrew, Jane LeDrew
June 1 1882Herring NeckThomas Woodford, 28, bach, Herring NeckLucy Powell, 21, spinster, Merritts HrElijah Powell, Mary Vincent
Oct 23 1882Change IslandsSamuel LeDrew, 23, bach, Change IslandsJane Barnes, 27, spinster, Change IslandsWilliam LeDrew, Fanny LeDrew
Oct 24 1882Change IslandsAlbert Taylor, 25, bach, Change IslandsRebecca Janes, 27, spinster, Change IslandsHenry Moores, Rosanna Taylor
Jan 16 1883Herring NeckEli Pollard, 22, bach, Herring NeckAmelia ?Squires, 29, widow, Herring NeckJohn ?Edney, Lucy Woodford
Oct 18 1883Herring NeckStephen Rice, 23, bach, Merritts HrFanny Smith, 19, spinster, Lobster HrJames Rice, Rosanna Langdon
Oct 22 1883Change IslandsCharles Taylor, 37, bach, Change IslandsFanny Keef (CAVE added), 24, spinster, Change IslandsSolomon Roberts, Elizabeth Taylor
Oct 23 1883Change IslandsWalter Wells, 22, bach, Change IslandsNaomi Parsons, 19, spinster, Change IslandsWilliam Wells, Anne Parsons
Oct 23 1883Change IslandsMatthew LeDrew, 22, bach, Change IslandsMary Ann Keef, 21, spinster, Change IslandsThomas LeDrew, Fanny LeDrew
Oct 23 1883Change IslandsEli Diamond, 26, bach, Change IslandsMary Ann Sharp, 25, spinster, Change IslandsWilliam Diamond, Elizabeth Diamond
Nov 1 1883Merritts HarbourHenry Noble, 34, bach, Merritts HrSarah Langdon, 33, widow, Merritts HrJohn Card, Mary Ann Powell
Nov 23 1883Herring NeckWilliam White, 25, bach, Herring NeckMartha Dalley, 23, spinster, Herring NeckWilliam Richards, Emily Dally
May 31 1884Change IslandsPeter Francis, 21, bach, Change IslandsEmily Blake, 18, spinster, Change IslandsThomas William LeDrew, Agnes Jane Moores
Oct 8 1884Change IslandsEli Noble, 22, bach, Change IslandsFanny LeDrew, 20, spinster, Change IslandsThomas Pelley, Agnes Jane Moores
Oct 9 1884Change IslandsJohn Pelley, 22, bach, Change IslandsSarah Jane LeDrew, 18, spinster, Change IslandsArthur Scammel, Rosanna Taylor
Nov 11 1884Change IslandsFrederick Taylor, 28, bach, Change IslandsPatience Bursey, 31, widow, Change IslandsThomas Pelley, Elizabeth LeDrew
Aug 8 1885Herring NeckWilliam Dalley, 24, bach, Pikes ArmPrudence Bath, 20, spinster, Pikes ArmLevi Blandford, Martha Mursell
Oct 24 1885Change IslandsJoseph Taylor, 25, bach, Change IslandsAgnes Taylor, 22, spinster, Change IslandsSolomon Roberts, Edwin White
Oct 29 1885Herring NeckJoseph Watson, 23, bach, Pikes ArmElizabeth Coward?, 23, spinster, Cobbs ArmAdelaide Dally, Henry Dally
Nov 7 1885Merritts HarbourSamuel Powell, 25, bach, Merritts HrSusan Elliott, n/g, spinster, TwillingateWilliam Powell, Andrew Elliott
Nov 20 1885Change IslandsThomas Porter, 27, bach, Change IslandsRosanna Taylor, 23, spinster, Change IslandsJacob Street, Walter Porter
Nov 24 1885Herring NeckEli Pollard, 30, widower, Herring NeckFanny White, 19, spinster, Herring NeckJohn Edney?, Jacob Street
Nov 30 1885Herring NeckJohn Burt, 23, bach, Herring NeckElizabeth Mursell, 18, spinster, Herring NeckLevi Blandford, S. Bramfitt
Nov 8 1886Change IslandsWilliam B. Bursey, 22, bach, Change IslandsAbigail ?Caumnie, 37, spinster, Change IslandsThomas Taylor, Ebenezer Harris
Nov 9 1886Herring NeckJacob Street, 22, bach, BurinSelina Blandford, 23, spinster, Herring NeckPhilip Miles, Levi Blandford
Nov 28 1886Fridays BayDavid Langdon, 60, widower, Merritts HrSusan Burt, 53, widow, Fridays BayGeorge Burt, Matthew Tarrant
Nov 29 1886Beaver CoveJames Elliott, 24, bach, Beaver CoveEliza Abbott, 20, spinster, Musgrave HarbourJohn Elliott, James King
Dec 21 1886Herring NeckJames Blake, 62, widower, Pikes ArmSophia Burt, 53, widow, Loon BayAmelia Hurdle, Cecilia Blandford
Apr 28 1887Herring NeckWilliam Hayter, 28, bach, Herring NeckKezia Hicks, 27, widow, Little HrLucy Randell, S. Bramfitt
Oct 11 1887Herring NeckCharles Eveleigh, 24, bach, Little BayMary Jane Welsh, 21, spinster, Cobbs ArmHenry Black, Elizabeth Loder
Oct 22 1887Change IslandsWilliam Harris, 25, widower, Change IslandsAmelia Blandford, 22, spinster, Change IslandsGeorge Abbott, Deborah Manuel
Oct 31 1887Merritts HarbourCharles Langdon, 32, widower, Merritts HrPhoebe Hicks, 32, widow, Merritts HrJames Vincent, Lucy Slade
Nov 7 1887Change IslandsJohn Brinson?/Bridson, 23, bach, Rocky BayAnne Parsons, 20, spinster, Change IslandsGeorge Ratford, Nanena? Parsons
Nov 9 1887Change IslandsBenjamin Bursey, 25, bach, Gander BayHarriet Fancey, 20, spinster, Change IslandsWilliam King, Sarah Bursey
Nov 12 1887Change IslandsJoseph Blake, 22, bach, Change IslandsSarah Ann King, 28, spinster, Change IslandsAlfred King, Joe? Edwards
Dec 4 1887Change IslandsGeorge Bursey, 45, widower, Change IslandsCaroline Edwards, 43, widow, Change IslandsThomas Taylor, Jane LeDrew
Nov 15 1888Change IslandsJoseph Edwards, 21, bach, Change IslandsPatience Blake, 20, spinster, Change IslandsGeorge H LeDrew, Isaac Bursey
Nov 15 1888Change IslandsJohn Taylor, 27, bach, Change IslandsNaomi Card, 20, spinster, Change IslandsRichard Taylor, William Wells
Nov 27 1888Change IslandsThomas Pelley, 23, bach, Change IslandsElizabeth Ann LeDrew, 20, spinster, Change IslandsSolomon Roberts, Elizabeth Ginn
Nov 28 1888Change IslandsAbiah Purchase, 22, bach, Change IslandsAlice Druscilla Wells, 17, spinster, Change IslandsR M Britain, Lemuel Wells
Dec 20 1888Herring NeckRobert Hines, 24, bach, Herring NeckMiriam Oxford, 24, spinster, Herring NeckJonas Blandford, Susie Farthing
May 22 1889Merritts HarbourCharles Hayter, 28?, bach, Herring NeckLucy Earle, 25, spinster, Merritts HrSamuel Hayter, Mary Ann Hayter
Oct 27 1889Change IslandsElias Blake, 28, bach, Change IslandsJane Gillingham, 19, spinster, Gander BayGeorge LeDrew, Adelaide Blake
Nov 28 1889Change IslandsGeorge Diamond, 28?, bach, Change IslandsSelina LeDrew, 19, spinster, Change IslandsRichard Peckford, Edgar Taylor
Nov 5 1889Herring NeckWilliam Witt, 27, bach, Purcells HrRosannah Farthing, 28, spinster, Herring NeckThomas Blandford, Liza? Feltham
Nov 6 1889Herring NeckWilliam White, 30, widower, Pikes ArmElizabeth Fudge, 20, spinster, Pikes ArmNathaniel Richards, Elizabeth Loder
Jan 15 1890Herring NeckWilliam King, 49, widower, Merritts HrJane White, 35, spinster, Merritts HrLevi Farthing, Esau Hart
May 11 1890Change IslandsWilliam John LeDrew, bach, Change IslandsSusannah Pelley, spinster, Change IslandsSamuel LeDrew, John Pelley
Jul 26 1890Herring NeckThomas Dally, 24, bach, Herring NeckAlice Hannah Stack, 25, spinster, Herring NeckJohn Sillow/Gillow?, Druscilla Stuckey
Nov 18 1891Moretons HrWilliam Temple Critch, 22, bach, Moretons HrFrances Ann Budgell, 23, spinster, *?Moretons HrMatthew C Verge, Samuel Wall*bride may have been from Moretons Hr or Frenchmans Pt, records are confusing
Nov 27 1891(not stated)Henry John Boyd, 23, bach, fish, ? Tizzards Hr*Phoebe Gates, 19, spinster, ?Bridgets Cove*Luke Boyd, Lucy Ann Gates*groom may have been from Tizzards Hr or Frenchmans Pt; bride may have been from Bridgets Cove or Fridays Bay; records are confusing
Dec 2 1891"Western Head, Neck"Theodore? Rideout, 23, bach, Whales GulchSarah Elizabeth Brett, 20, spinster, Fawcetts CoveTheophilus Rideout, Lucy H Taylor
Dec 14 1874Tizzards HarbourAndrew Boyde, 24, bach, fish, Tizzards HrTamar Ann Wheeler, 22, spinster, Tizzards HrRobert Boyde, Samuel Wheeler
Dec 16 1874Tizzards HarbourWilliam Osmond, 27, bach, fish, Beachy CoveSusan Kendle, 19, spinster, Tizzards Hr?Aaron Osmond, Joseph B Osmond
Dec 22 1874Moretons HrWilliam Cooper, 23, bach, fish, Moretons HrAmelia Russell, 22, spinster, Moretons HrThomas French, Abel Russell
Jan 23 1875Western HeadJeremiah Fudge, 36, bach, fish, Western HeadAgnes Woolfrey, 25, widow, Western HeadJoseph B Osmond, George Rideout
Oct 21 1875(not given)Albert Wheeler, Tizzards HrMaria Ann Anstey, Tizzards HrEdgar Forward, Nicholas Cantwell
Apr 2 1876Moretons HrSamuel Jennings, Moretons HrSarah Cull, Moretons HrGeorge Jure (Jewer), Samuel Small
Oct 14 1876Tizzards HarbourAlbert James, Tizzards HrMary Welch (Welsh), Tizzards HrRobert Boyd, "& others, names omitted"
Nov 7 1876Moretons HrEdward French (no other data)Elizabeth Knight (no other data)George Hann, Frederick French
Nov 8 1876(not given)James Tuck (no other data)Martha Burge (no other data)Simon Taylor, Henry Cornick
Nov 11 1876(not given)William Boyd, Tizzards HrSally Hicks, Little HarbourAndrew Boyd, William Welch (Welsh)
Nov 22 1876(not given)George Hann, Moretons HrCelina Bennett, Moretons HrIsaiah Hann, William Russell
Nov 7 1877"at Mr. Mark Osmond's"William Cronic (Cornick), Moretons HrLavinia Ebbs (?Hibbs), Moretons HrCharles Brett, Joseph Knight
Oct 25 1877Moretons HrSolomon Crabb, Moretons HrSelina Roberts, Moretons HrFrederick O French, Albert Crabb
Dec 4 1877Moretons HrJames Manuel, Indian ArmPheobe Arnett, Indian ArmGeorge Woolfreys, Annie Osmond
Dec 4 1877Moretons HrAbraham Knight, Moretons HrFanny Clarke, TwillingateGeorge Woolfreys, Annie Osmond
Jul 17 1878Moretons HrWilliam Jennings, Methodist minister, residence not givenAnn Sophia Osmond, Moretons HrMark Osmond, Rosetta E C Stirling
Oct 24 1878Meth Misson House, Moretons HrJoseph Small, 46, widower, fish, Moretons HrJane Brett, 30, widow, Moretons HrJohn Brett, Thomas Lucas
Nov 7 1878Moretons HrThomas Taylor, 23, bach, fish, Fawcetts CoveDinah Dear (Deer), 24, spinster, residence not givenAbel Russell, Mary Elizabeth Osmond
Nov 12 1878Moretons HrAdam Wheeler, 25, bach, fish, Tizzards HrAnn Boyd, 27, spinster, Tizzards HrJacob Wheeler, Phoebe Boyd
Nov 16 1878(not given)Edward Burt, 22, bach, fish, Tizzards HrLucy Small, 19, spinster, Tizzards HrAlfred Boyd, Mary Jane Burt
Dec 12 1878Moretons HrJohn Clothier, 23, bach, fish, Tizzards HrMary Jane Burt, 20, spinster, Tizzards HrAaron Boyde, Naomi Lock
Dec 19 1878Tizzards HarbourEdgar Forward, 28, bach, fish, Tizzards HrAgnes Rideout, 27, spinster, residence not givenSelina Ann Forward, William Forward
Dec 24 1878Moretons HrJoseph Ambrose Jure (Jewer), 23, bach, Moretons HrBetsy Forward, 21, spinster, Tizzards HrSamuel Wheeler, William Woolfrey
May 13 1879Saltams, Fridays BayWilliam Vinehan, 33, widower, fish, Saltams, Fridays BayDrusilla Anstey, 20, spinster, Saltams, Fridays BayMary George, Thomas Burt
Nov 24 1879Moretons HrRobert Henry Boone, 24, bach, Moretons HrJulia Barnes, 19, spinster, Moretons HrRichard Boone, Lavinia Small
Dec 1 1879Moretons HrAbsalom Chalk, 25, bach, Exploits BayMary Elizabeth Osmond, 21, spinster, Moretons HrAbel Russell, Mary Jane Taylor
Dec 2 1879Moretons HrHenry Chronic (Cornick), 26, bach, Moretons HrLizzie Jane Rideout, 18, spinster, Whales GulchCharles Brett, Emily Ann Rideout
Dec 3 1879Tizzards HarbourWilliam Osmond, 36, widower, Tizzards HrElizabeth Earl, 22, spinster, Tizzards HrAaron Osmond, Rebecca Barnes
Oct 11 1879Moretons HrGeorge Rideout, 42, widower, fish, Whales GulchAnn Chronic (Cornick), 49, widow*, Moretons HrGeorge Jennings, Mary Jane Taylor*likely nee MITCHELL, widow of Michael Cornick
May 5 1880Moretons HrSamuel Jennings, 47, widower, Moretons HrDinah Stuckless, 29, spinster, TwillingateJohn Bartlett, Dinah Jennings
June 2 1880Moretons HrAaron Osmond, 53, widower, Moretons HrMaria Decker??, widow, Moretons HrLizzie J Nurse
Sep 11 1880Tizzards HarbourJoseph Osmond, 39, widower, Tizzards HrSelina Forward, 27, spinster, Tizzards HrJohn Lock, Mahala Lock
Sep 20 1880Moretons HrSamuel Burt, 48, widower, fish, Moretons HrMary Gatehouse, 33, spinster, Moretons HrWilliam Mills, Ida Taylor
Oct 23 1880Moretons HrMark Taylor, 37, widower, Fawcetts CoveEmily Jane Horwood, 26, spinster, Fawcetts CoveTheophilus Taylor, Susannah Horwood
Nov 6 1880Moretons HrThomas J Lucas, 30, widower, Moretons HrJulia Knight, 20, spinster, Moretons HrWilliam A Knight, Tryphena Knight
Nov 13 1880Moretons HrJohn Barnes, 22, bach, Moretons HrLeah Jennings, 19, spinster, Moretons HrElijah Jennings, Rebecca Barnes
Nov 15 1880Moretons HrThomas Jennings, 25, bach, Western HeadJemima Anstey, 24, spinster, Western HeadJames Janes, Susannah Janes
Nov 29 1880Moretons HrReuben Cull, 44, bach, Comfort CoveSarah Ann Harnett, n/g, spinster, Comfort CoveSamuel Jennings, Emily Jennings
Dec 18 1880Tizzards HarbourLuke Boyd, 24, bach, Tizzards HrElizabeth Welsh, 21, spinster, Tizzards HRLavinia Boyd, Mahala Lock
May 7 1881Moretons HrLevi White, 20, bach, Loo (Loon) BayAlice ?Bacuhon/Baeuhon, 21, spinster, Loo (Loon) BayLuke Boyd, Emily Louisa Smith
Oct 20 1881Tizzards HarbourGeorge Burt, 53, widower, Tizzards HrJane Penney, 37, widow, Leading TicklesJames Lock
Oct 22 1881Moretons HrSamuel Whalen, 26, bach, Moretons HrLucinda Burt, 22, spinster, Moretons HrAndrew Russell, Tryphena Knight
Nov 9 1881Moretons HrRobert Jennings, 22, bach, Western HeadMary Jane Taylor, 20/21 (overwritten), spin, Moretons HrFrederick Taylor, Emily Ann Rideout
Nov 25 1881Moretons HrAlbert Crabb, 26, bach, Moretons HrMary Jane Woolfrey, 24, spinster, Burnt BayAbel Russell, Amelia Small
Nov 27 1881Moretons HrJoseph Knight, 30, bach, Moretons HrSusannah Janes, 20, spinster, Western HeadThomas J Lucas, Tryphena Knight
Dec 6 1881Moretons HrWilliam James Burt, 25, bach, Moretons HrJane Noseworthy, 28, spinster, Moretons HrElijah Jennings, Emily Jennings
Dec 21 1881Moretons HrArchibald James Mills, 23, bach, Moretons HrMatilda Brett, 19, spinster, Moretons HrElijah Jennings, Amelia Small
Dec 22 1881Moretons HrGeorge Smith Bennett, bach, Moretons HrSarah Ann Mills, spinster, Moretons HRAmbrose Osmond, Jessie Osmond
Dec 26 1881Moretons HrJoseph Harvey, 26, bach, Moretons HrDelilah Ann Deer, 19, spinster, Western HdThomas Taylor, Susannah Rideout
June 21 1882Moretons HrTheophilus Rideout, 25, bach, Western HeadLucy Penney, 21, spinster, Moretons HrJames Wall, Fanny Lacy
June 29 1882Moretons HrAlbert Janes/James (overwritten), widower, Tizzards HrPriscilla Burge, spinster, Wild CoveWilliam Anstey, A. Rooney
Oct 12 1882Fridays BayWilliam Quinham, 64, bach, Fridays BayRosanna Stuckless, 19, spinster, Fridays BayThomas Farr, Dinah Burt
Oct 13 1882Fridays BayJohn Burt, widower, Fridays BayElizabeth Curtis, widow, Fridays BayThomas Farr, Jane Curtis
Oct 24 1882Whales GulchJoseph Cannings, widower, Moretons Cv (Hr)Agnes Fudge, widow, Moretons Cv (Hr)Fanny Fudge, Eliza Seymour
Oct 30 1882Tizzards HarbourLevi Gates, 29, bach, Tizzards HrLydia Lock, 22, spinster, Tizzards HrThomas Boyde, Mary Ann Gates
Nov 1 1882Moretons HrJoseph Deer, 25, bach, Western HeadFanny Lacey, 19, spinster, Whales GulchAdam Rideout, Alice Osmond
Nov 11 1882Burnt BayParmenas Woolfreys, 27, bach, Burnt BaySarah Jane Freake, 22, spinster, Burnt BayJosiah Woolfreys, Priscilla Woolfreys
Nov 14 1882Burnt BaySolomon Osmond, bach, Burnt BayMary Jane Jure (Jewer), spinster, Burnt BayJoseph Ambrose Jure, Martha Boyd
Nov 30 1882Moretons HrSamuel Rideout, 24, bach, Whales GulchMaria Jones, 19, spinster, Exploits Burnt IslandGeorge Jennings, Philipina Rideout
Dec 10 1882Moretons HrRichard Stuckless, 24, bach, Moretons HrElizabeth Ann Bennett, 23, spinster, Moretons HRWilliam Henry Brett, Tryphena Knight
Feb 3 1883Moretons HrJoseph Small, widower, Moretons HrMary Smith, spinster, TwillingateWilliam Small, Amelia Small
Apr 14 1883Moretons HrReuben Rideout, 29, widower, Whales GulchMartha Seymour, 28, spinster, Whales GulchMark Taylor, Elizabeth Strugglin?
June 10 1883Tizzards HarbourFrancis Forward, 37, widower, Tizzards HrAmelia Minty, 36, spinster, Tizzards HrJoseph Osmond, Elizabeth Dowell
Nov 19 1883Moretons HrIsaac Stuckless, 26, bach, Joe Batts ArmCaroline Deer, 19, spinster, Western HeadFrederick Taylor, Alice C Osmond
Nov 27 1883Western HeadEphraim Stride, 27, bach, Western HeadSusanna Rideout, 28, spinster, Western HeadSamuel Parsons, Philipina Rideout
Dec 18 1883Moretons HrFrederick Knight, 28, bach, Moretons HrLavinia Small, 25, spinster, Moretons HrEdward French, Amelia Small
Dec 21 1883Moretons HrMatthias Jones, 24, bach, Western HeadEmily Ann Jennings, 22, spinster, Moretons HrJonathan Jennings, Caroline Osmond
Dec 24 1883Moretons HrWilliam Small, 27, bach, Moretons HrTryphena Knight, 20, spinster, Moretons HrWilliam A Knight, Amelia Small
Dec 27 1883Moretons HrFrederick French, 2?, bach, Moretons HrAmelia Small, n/g, spinster, Moretons HrJohn Small, Elizabeth Ann Small
June 2 1884Moretons HrJonas Stuckless, 30, bach, Joe Batts ArmJulia Taylor, 19, spinster, Moretons HrAlbert Taylor, Naomi Brett
Jul 29 1884Moretons HrCharles George Down Mayne, 29, bach, TwillingateCaroline Amelia Knight Osmond, 19, spinster, Moretons HrJames W Percy, Helen S Scott
Oct 27 1884Moretons HrWilliam Richard Brown, 33, Joe Batts ArmMary Ann Anstey, 27, Cottles IslandChristina Fudge, James Wall
Nov 4 1884Moretons HrSamuel Parsons, 28, bach, Moretons HrElizabeth Ann Small, 21, spinster, Moretons HrJoseph Small, Mary Small
Nov 5 1884Western Head schoolhouseEdward William Rideout, 19, bach, Western HeadElizabeth March, 19, spinster, Exploits BayTheophilus Rideout, Malina Janes
Nov 5 1884Moretons HrZephaniah Wills, 23, bach, Moretons HrAmelia Ann Taylor, 21, spinster, Moretons HrThomas Taylor, Alice C Osmond
Nov 6 1884Moretons HrWilliam Henry Rideout, 25, bach, Western HeadRosanna Brett, 19, spinster, Moretons HrJulia C Brett, Reuben Rideout
Oct 30 1884Tizzards Harbour ChurchRobert Locke, Tizzards HrMary Ann Gates, Tizzards HrJohn Small, Phoebe Boyd
Dec 26 1884Tizzards HarbourWilliam Thomas Wheeler, 26, bach, Tizzards HrMary Small, 23, spinster, Moretons HrJames Boyd, Mary A Roberts
Mar 21 1885Chants HarbourJoseph Bartlett, 55, widower, Chants HarbourLouisa Burge, 37, widow, Chants HarbourJohn Bartlett, Walter B Jennings
Apr 26 1885Moretons HrWilliam Alexander Knight, 26, bach, Moretons HrPhoebe Maria Clarke, 24, spinster, TwillingateAmbrose Osmond, Fanny Knight
May 1 1885Moretons HrWilliam French, 45, widower, Moretons HrRebekah Barnes, 24, spinster, Moretons HrJohn Barnes, Leah Jane Barnes
Jul 4 1885Moretons HrAbsalom Osmond, 24, bach, Moretons HrMarina Janes, 19, spinster, Western HeadJames Janes, Theresa Janes
(no date)(not given)John SmallIsabella BurtNaomi Lock, Edward BurtNote: "just a slip of paper containing the contracting parties and witnesses"
Aug 16 1885Moretons HrSimon Small, 44, widower, Little BayNaomi Lock, 24, spinster, Tizzards HrPriscilla M Osmond, Francis Lock
Oct "?" 1885(not given)Samuel John Smith, 22, bach, Trump IslandPhoebe Brown, 20, spinster, Tizzards HrEmily Louisa Smith, Elijah Miller
Dec 4 1885Moretons HrJames Stride, 27, bach, Whales GulchPhilippina Rideout, 22, spinster, Whales GulchHelena L Jennings, Samuel Rideout
Dec 10 1885Moretons HrRobert Hiram Chalk, 24, bach, TwillingateJulia Earle, 21, spinster, Moretons HrAbraham J Knight, Emma Chalk
Nov 4 1886Western Head schoolhouseJames Jones, 24, bach, Western HeadMahala Sarah Mills, 20, spinster, Moretons HrHelena L Jennings, Henry Jennings
Nov 4 1886Western Head schoolhouseEdward Chronic (Cornick), 26, bach, Moretons HrEdith Gates, 22, spinster, Salt PondJulia C Brett, William Taylor
Nov 6 1886Moretons HrEdward Rideout, 26, Sams CoveEliza Seymour, 22, Whales GulchJohn Bennett, Adelaide Coffin
Nov 14 1886Moretons HrJoseph William Bartlett, 24, Moretons HrJanet Louisa Mills, 22, Moretons HrSamuel Parsons, Lily Bartlett
Nov 20 1886Western HeadJoseph Deer, 26, widower, Pearces HarbourEliza Brown, 16, spinster, ExploitsEdward Rideout, Theresa Janes
Nov 25 1886Moretons HrWillis George Brett, 24, bach, Moretons HrElizabeth Struggler, 24, spinster, Moretons HrCharles Brett, Hannah Osmond
Dec 1 1886Moretons HrWilliam Henry Brett, 25, Moretons HrSusan Jane Forward, 25, Tizzards HrWilliam Brett, Mahala Lock
Jan 1 1887Moretons HrWilliam John Osmond, 26, Moretons HrMahala Lock, 25, Tizzards HrWilliam Taylor, Selina Lock
Dec 8 1887Tizzards HarbourJonathan Wheeler (no other data)Naomi Burt (no other data)William T Wheeler, Ellen Small
Dec 24 1887Tizzards HarbourMark Forward, 27 (no other data)Naomi Brett (no other data)Priscilla M Osmond, Edgar Forward
Oct 15 1887Moretons HrAdam Chalk, 23, bach, fish, Moretons HrHannah Elizabeth Osmond, 20, spinster, Moretons HrAbraham J Knight, Alice Jane Osmond
Oct 29 1887Moretons HrGeorge White, 27, bach, fish, Whales GulchElizabeth Rideout, 22, spinster, Whales GulchSelina Heyfield, Annie House
"Spring 1887"(not given)John Forward, widower, Tizzards Hr(Unknown) Lock, widow, Tizzards Hr(none given)Note: Mr. Heyfield writes that this (was) entered by him, after being reported to him"
Nov 12 1887Burnt Bay North churchJohn Noseworthy, bach, fish, Seldom Come By & now Burnt BayMrs. Mary Jane Crabb, widow, Burnt BayHannah L? Woolfrey, Robert H Boone
Nov 16 1887Burnt BayGeorge Brown, 24, bach, Joe Batts ArmHannah Lucy Woolfrey, 22, spinster, Burnt BayWilliam George Woolfrey, Thirsa Woolfrey
Nov 18 1887Comfort CoveAlfred John Ginn, n/g, bach, Change IslandsAgnes Stuckless, 19, spinster, Comfort CoveJulia Stuckless, William Ginn
Nov 19 1887Loon BayEdward Luscombe, n/g, bach, fish, Loon BayEliza Brinston/Brinton?, 22, spinster, Loon BayEdward Connors, Virtue Luscombe
Nov 24 1887Cottels IslandJob Anstey, 24, bach, Cottels IslandElizabeth Perry, 21, spinster, Cottels IslandEli Anstey, Martha Anstey
Nov 28 1887Moretons HrMark Gatehouse, 35, bach, Moretons HrEliza Fudge, 27, spinster, Western HeadEdwin Taylor, Julia C Brett
Dec 16 1887Tizzards HarbourJames Burt, 27, bach, Tizzards HrLouisa Smith, 21, spinster, Tizzards HrHenry Burt, Ellen Small
Feb 13 1888Moretons HrHercules John Rideout, 25, bach, Whales GulchMatilda Mills, n/g, spinster, Moretons HRArchibald James Mills, Lucy Milley
Apr 11 1888Tizzards HarbourJohn Boyd, full age, bach, Tizzards HrLavinia Small, full age, spinster, Tizzards HrThomas H French, Selina Lock
May 11 1888Tizzards HarbourGeorge Brinton, n/t, widower, fish, Loon BayJohanna Mills, 38, spinster, Loon BayJohn Mills, Elizabeth Boyd
June 12 1888Western Head schoolhouseAbel Jones, n/g, bach, fish, Western HeadMargaret Cannon (?Canning), 19, spinster, Western HeadTheresa Janes, Hercules Rideout
Nov 21 1888Moretons HrAlexander Locke, bach, fish, Tizzards HrEllen Small, spinster, Tizzards HrPhebe Lock, Simon Small
May 31 1888Moretons HrSimon Manuel, widower, planter, ExploitsAnn Bennett, widow, Moretons HrLucy Milley, Robert Jabez Small
Dec 19 1888Moretons HrEdward White, 23, bach, fish, Whales GulchSusan Newman, 21, spinster, servant, Moretons HrJoseph Fudge, Naomi Budgell
Nov 17 1888Western HeadAzariah Jones, 22, bach, fish, Western Head HarbourMatilda Jane Smith, 19, spinster, Trump IslandTheophilus Taylor, Hannah Taylor
Nov 21 1888Wild CoveWilliam Jas. Walker Butt, full age, bach, fish, Spaniards Bay & Tizzards HrEmma Locke, n/g, spinster, Tizzards HrPhebe Lock, Andrew Thomas Locke
Dec 15 1888Moretons HrTheophilus Taylor, 29, bach, fish, Moretons HrJane Guy, 22, spinster, TwillingateAlice C Osmond, William Taylor
Dec 19 1888Moretons HrJames Locke, 26, bach, fish, Moretons HrEmily Ann Taylor, 19, spinster, Moretons HrThomas Taylor, Hannah Taylor
Dec 22 1888Western Head NeckMr. Kenneth Jones/Janes?, 24, bach, fish, Western HeadMiss Hannah Lavinia Taylor, 21, spinster, Moretons HrRobert Jennings, Mary Jennings
Dec 22 1888Western Head NeckMr. Andrew Rideout, 25, bach, fish, Western HeadMiss Emily Jane Flight, 19, spinster, Moretons HrJames Stride, Martha ?Leat
Dec 24 1888Moretons HrAmbrose Jennings, 26, bach, fish, Moretons HrMatilda Taylor, 23, spinster, Moretons HrElihu Rideout, Ambrose Taylor
Jan 7 1889Western Head NeckJoseph Fudge, 23, bach, fish, Whales GulchNaomi Budgell, 19, spinster, ExploitsWilliam Henry Rideout, Jane Jennings
May 13 1889Moretons HrDavid Locke, 23, bach, fish, Tizzards HrCharlotte Barnes, 22, spinster, servant, Moretons HrPhebe Lock, Alice J Osmond
Jul 9 1889Moretons HrAlfred Jure (Jewer), 25, bach, fish, Burnt BayLillie Brett, 19, spinster, Moretons HrSelina Heyfield, Abigail Hudson
Nov 20 1889Moretons HrJohn Gillingham, 22, bach, fish, "England & now Pearces Harbour"Janet Peddle, 17, spinster, Pearces HarbourJoseph B Osmond, Obadiah Wall
Nov 22 1889Moretons HrThomas Fudge, 26, bach, fish, Whales GulchVictoria Walsh, 23, spinster, servant, Tizzards HrRhoda Walsh, Charles Froud
Dec 2 1889Moretons HrTheophilus Rideout, 24, bach, fish, Whales GulchTheresa Janes, 20, spinster, Western HeadAlice C Osmond, Joseph Knight
Dec 10 1889Moretons HrJames Way, n/g, bach, Greenspond (Bonavista Bay)Alice C Osmond, 24, spinster, Moretons HrLucy Taylor, Helena Rideout
Dec 11 1889Moretons HrMark Taylor, full age, widower, fish, Moretons HrAmelia Scevior, full age, spinster, housekeeper, ExploitsSelina Heyfield, Abigail Hudson
Dec 24 1889Moretons HrJoshua Mills, 26, bach, fish, Moretons HrSarah Jane Chippett, 19, spinster, Leading TicklesElijah Jennings, Julia C Brett
Dec 14 1889Western Head schoolhouseBazil Brett, 25, bach, fish, Moretons HrMary Ann Jennings, 21, spinster, Moretons HrRobert Jennings, Sara E Brett
Jan 2 1890Tizzards HrRobert Small, 25, bach, fish, Tizzards HrMary Ann Locke, 27, widow, Tizzards HrSelina Small, Robert J French
Dec 24 1890Moretons HrGeorge Stanley Mills, 28, bach, fish, Moretons HrLucy Milley, 21, spinster, Nippers HarbourAbraham J Knight, Helena Rideout
Oct 16 1890Moretons HrJohn Charles Sidey, 29, bach, Meth minister, Red Bay, LabradorSarah Heal, 33, spinster, Southern Hants, EnglandMark Osmond, Rebecca Mahala Osmond
Oct 25 1890Moretons HrEdwin Roberts, 32, widower, fish, Loo (Loon) BayRebecca French, 28, widow, Moretons HrJohn Barnes, Matilda Barnes
Nov 6 1890Moretons HrAndrew Kehoe, 41, bach, fish, Boyds IslandCharlotte Keats, 25, spinster, Boyds IslandPeter Freake, Naomi Tratt
Nov 18 1890Moretons HrRichard Burt, 24, bach, fish, Tizzards HrMatilda Barnes, 20, spinster, Moretons HrJohn Barnes, Matilda Barnes
Dec 6 1890Western Head schoolhouseValentine Fudge, 25, bach, fish, Whales GulchHannah Newport, 21, spinster, Moretons Cv (Hr)Reuben Rideout, Sara Newport
Dec 7 1890(not given)Charles Froud, 24, bach, fish, Twillingate?Kenelda (?Belinda) Rideout, 20, spinster, Whales GulchReuben Rideout, Amelia Mills
Dec 16 1890Moretons HrJohn Gates, 30, bach, Tizzards HrLydia Gates*, 30, widow, Tizzards HrJohn Boyd, Betsey Boyd*"Lock" was crossed out. Believe this was her maiden name, from other records
Dec 27 1890Moretons HrLuke Boyd, 33, widower, fish, Tizzards HrMartha Gates, 28, spinster, Bridges Cove, Fridays BayJames Butcher, Lucy Ann Gates
May 9 1891Western HeadKenith (Kenneth?) Rideout, 23, bach, fish, Whales GulchJane Jennings, 20, spinster, Western HeadJames Stride, Elizabeth Nicolas
Oct 31 1891Moretons HrRobert Jabez Small, 26, bach, fish, Moretons HrAmelia Mills, 23, spinster, Moretons HrArchibald James Mills, Hannah Osmond

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