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1836 Census

Barr'd Island

"Barr'd Islands is a settlement on Fogo Island, Notre Dame Bay. John Cull, James Forster, and William Primmer, were among the first generation of settlers as they had claimed the best land and fishing grounds." (Owen Hewitt: 1973).

Note: Under BLAKE. My paternal ancestors were from Barr'd Islands; gf Frederick Blake was born 1874, his father was Francis Blake (dob unknown) and his father was William Blake (dob unknown). It was probably William's name that was unreadable ~ Val Blake.
Census information was transcribed by GERALD YOUNG. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Lot CAMBERLANDPlanter51--1-
John WITCHERPlanter21-42-
George GODDENPlanter4---11
John BAKERPlanter21-22-
James MEWPlanter32--11
Maurice CULLPlanter-2----
Robert CHAULKPlanter21-21-
James COBBPlanter1-21--
Richard CHAULKPlanter--1---
Christopher COBPlanter1--1--
James CULLPlanter-1--1-
Andrew CANNINGPlanter22-21-
John BOYLS ?Planter31-11-
Robert SHELLYPlanter11-21-
James PRIMERPlanter21--3-
H. ? HANCOCKPlanter11-21-
Harry HANCOCKPlanter--1---
William PRIMMERPlanter111-1-
Issac HACKETTPlanter-1-11-
William CHAULKPlanter31-21-
Stephen CULL & Bro.Planter-3-22-
John CULLPlanter21-11-
George FOSTERPlanter11-32-
Richard FOSTERPlanter11--1-
? BLAKEPlanter151--1
James HAWKINS ? Planter-1-111
James OSBORNPlanter-1---1

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