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Hampshire Record Office Admon.

Transcribed by David Anstey, May 2023. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible there may be typographical errors.
Admon of Thomas Bishop, intestate, of Fogo, Newfoundland. March 9, 1753
On which day Administration of all and Singular the Goods and Chattels, Rights, Credits, of Thomas Bishop, late of Fogo in Newfoundland, in America, Planter, who died Intestate, was Committed to Robert Cranston of Ringwood in the County of Southampton, Upholsterer, Principal Creditor of the said deceased.

Sworn before John Maule, Vicar of Ringwood.

*Thomas Bishop, late of Sopley, and of Fogo in Newfoundland, Planter. Admon. 1753.


Know all Men by these Presents, That I Winifred Bishop of Sopley in the County of Southampton, Widow, & Relict of Thomas Bishop, late of Fogo, in Newfoundland, in America, Planter, deceased; for good and Valuable Considerations, me hereunto moving, Do Renounce all my Right, Title, and Interest. That I have or may Claim to have, of in and unto, all and Singular the Goods, Chattels, Rights, & Credits, of the said Thomas Bishop, my late Husband, deceased. And unto the Administration of the Same. And devise That it may be Granted ( if the Judge of the Court Think fit ), to Robert Cranston of Ringwood, in the County of Southampton, Upholsterer. Principal Creditor of the said deceased. And that this my Renunciation may take it's due Effect. I do hereby appoint Mr. Thomas Imber, and Mr. Thomas Hammond, two of the Notaries & Proctors of the Bishop's Court at Winchester. Or either of them, or any other Person whatsoever, for me, and in my Name, to Appear before the Judge of the said Court. To exhibit this my Renunciation, & to Pray and Procure Letters of Admin. And Desire the same way, be Granted to the said Robert Cranston. And to do any Other Act & thing therein, requisite & Necessary to be done; as I my self might or could do, if I was personally present. And whatever he or they shall lawfully do, or Cause to be done, in the Premisis; I do hereby Promise to Ratify and Confirm. In Witness whereof, I the said Winifred Bishop have hereunto Set my hand and Seal, this Eighth day of March, One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty three.

Signed and Sealed by Winifred Bishop.

Sealed and Declared in the Presence of: Hutton Middleton, & James Middleton.


Bill of Exchange. St. John's, October 17, 1695. Thirty days sight draft of Peter Hall on Thomas Bishop at Winkton near Christchurch in Hampshire; to John Higginson Junior, for 24 Pounds sterling. Endorsed to Edward Hull of London, by John Higginson Junior. Salem, May 6, 1696. Protest by Edward Hull of London, merchant, that he could not obtain payment on the above draft for the reason that Thomas Bishop was in Newfoundland, as appeared by a letter received from his wife Charity Bishop.

*( A John Higginson was the Town Clerk of Salem, 1698. )


Lawrence Smith wed Martha Bishop at Milton, Hampshire, on Jan 25, 1727/8, by banns. ( Both parties present. )

1737 AD/011 Renunciation of Thomas Bishop of Sopley, Mariner

21M65/D4/1737/6 Bond for the administration of the estate of Thomas Bishop of Milton, Mariner Apr 4, 1737.

Sep 17, 1742. Thomas, son of Thomas & Winifred Bishop buried. *From the Milton, Hampshire, parish registers.

56M83/PO27/57 Removal order to Milton from Sopley, Winifred Bishop, Spinster. 1800.

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