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Additional endnotes for "A partial miscellany of the early Fogo-Twillingate voyages, merchants and captains." originally posted in 2019

Transcribed and contributed by David Anstey, April, 2021. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.

Lloyd's List, Dec 5, 1760, edition. Arrived at Poole, Dorset; from Newfoundland, the vessels/captains: "Speedwell", Ford, "Poole", Farr; "George", Durrell; and "Dispatch", Randall.

*Captain James Randall imported furs and berries into Poole, Dorset; via this voyage. Berries = British Partridge berries from Bonavista/Fogo/Twillingate?

*In 1761, James Randall was master of the ship "William", out from Poole to Newfoundland, owner Joseph White.

*Captain Robert Durell imported Train Oil, Cod Fish, and Seal Skins, and 2 White Bear Skins, via this voyage. Robert Durell had obtained customs' plantation certificates.

*Captain John Farr imported Seal Skins into Poole in December 1759, in the vessel "Banker". For: William Jolliffe and Robert Pope. In Peter Jolliffe's vessel?

Some other vessels/captains who imported Seal Skins, Deer Skins, Furs, and berries, into Poole, Dorset; from Newfoundland.

December, 1758. "Industrious Bee", captain Joseph Lundridge; "Dolphin", captain John Warren; "Sally", John Winsor.

November, 1759. "Dolphin", captain John Warren. ( 1 Cask of British Berries. )( From Trinity? ). "Patsey", captain Thomas Grimes. ( Train Oil & Seal Skins. )

December, 1759. "Elizabeth", captain Valentine Baker. ( Cargo of Fish and Seal Skins. Decks very leaky. Spoilage? ) "Dispatch", Coastal Trader, captain Robert Pope. ( Bag of Furs. )

November, 1760. "Sally", captain Samuel Coward, Master. ( Train Oil, Cod Fish, Furs, and Seals. New Sloop built in Newfoundland. Ships register obtained in Trinity Harbour. )

January, 1762. "Young Beaver", captain John Stanworth/Stainsworth, Train Oil, Seal Skins, and Furs. "Sukey", captain Charles Churchill, Deer/Fox/Seal Skins. ( Trinity Bay. )

Nov 12th, 1761. The "Wolf" of Poole, Thomas Courtin ( Courtney? ) Master, returned to Poole; after two months plus, at Sea. Could not make land at Newfoundland, due to adverse winds. Ship owner was Mr. Jolliffe. ( Voyage: Poole to Trinity Bay? )


November, 1759. "Patsey", captain Thomas Grimes. ( Train Oil & Seal Skins. ) For: Milner & Glover.

*1764, Bristol Trade. In 1763, Nicholas Darby in conflict over George Milner's taking "Room", at St. Julians, on the Northern Peninsula.

1759 arrived at Poole from Newfoundland, the vessel "Elizabeth", Captain Valentine Baker. For Thomas Nickleson? "Elizabeth" built at Newfoundland, 1757.

In Dec, 1760, seven vessels imported 2000 Pounds Sterling worth of Furs and 1500 skins, including sealskins, into Poole from Newfoundland's Northeast Coast. Surplus oil and fish was left at Fogo, Newfoundland, etc., for the interim. Due to the lack of cargo capacity, of the usual visiting vessels to transport the produce, sack ships had to be sent to Newfoundland for the excess. Train oil was transported in hogsheads, puncheons, kegs, etc. Fur & skins in bags and bundles.

Lloyd's List, July 10, 1761, edition. The "Speedwell", Captain Thomas Loader for Newfoundland has been taken, but ransomed for 150 Guineas.

Lloyd's List, Jan, 1762, edition. Arrived at Poole, Dorset; From Newfoundland, the vessels/captains:

"Industrious Bee", Captain Joseph Lunridge, from Trinity.

"Dispatch", Captain Joseph Olive, from Trinity.

"Molly", Captain William Olive, from Trinity.

"Banker", Captain John Farr, from Fogo Island. With Cod, cod oil, and skins. For: William Jolliffe. Apparently for William Jolliffe, but in Peter's ship.

"Speedwell", Captain Thomas Loader from Twillingate. With Cod, cod oil, and skins. For: Thomas Tizzard.

"George", Captain Robert Durrell, from Fogo Island. With Cod, cod oil, and skins. For: Paine/Payne/Parr & Co., and Durrell.

"King William", Captain Charles Pearce. From St. Julians, near St. Anthony. With Cod oil and skins. For: George Milner Esq., of Poole/Wareham.

*****Arrived at the Isle of Wight, the "Duke of Cumberland", Captain Robert Cox. From Fogo Island. With Cod, cod oil, and sealskins.

Payne & Durrell in the Slade Ledgers.

*Captains Charles Pearce voyaged to Newfoundland variously, for plural Poole merchants.

*Matthew Glover & George Milner claimed right to St. Julian Island, via a 1760 Grant to Matthew Glover.

Nov 28, 1763. Samuel white sent letter to Poole, from Englee, dated Oct 11th. Captains Bayly, Slade, & Durrell, were arrived at Poole.

Lloyd's List, Jan 5, 1762. Arrived at Poole, from Newfoundland the vessels/captains: "George", Durell; "Fanny", [John] Newman; "Banker", Farr; "Duke of Cumberland", Cox; "Sukey", Miller; "King William", Pearce; "Speedwell", Loader; "Prince Edward", [William] Brixey; etc.

*The "Fanny" Captain John Newman, for Samuel Clarke & Co. ( Fogo Island. )

Lloyd's List, Feb 1, 1763. The "King William", Captain Loader, from Poole for Lisbon, that was retaken some time ago by the "Townsend" Privateer, Captain Morecock of London, is since arrived at Falmouth.

Oct 31, 1763. Captain Miller arrived at Poole, from Fogo Island. With Cod oil and Furs.

Lloyd's Register, 1764. Vessel "Sukey", 50 Tons/4 Men, Captain William Miller, Poole - [Fogo Island] Newfoundland. For: Samuel Clarke & Co., of Poole. *In 1762, the "Sukey", Captain John Miller.

(Oct, 1760. Vessel “William”, Capt. Thomas Anstey. 200 Tons / 16 Men / 6 Guns, St. John’s – Alicante. 1700 Quintals / 2 Passengers.)

(1762. Lester Diary. Capt. Thomas Anstey left Bonavista in the “William”, for England; when the French came.) *July 30, 1762, Captain Thomas Anstey arrived at Poole, from Trinity.

100 Tons of Seal oil was caught at Twillingate, during the winter/spring of 1760.

80 Tons of seal oil caught at Twillingate, during the winter/spring of 1761. Moses Hooper had 15 Tons.

Aug, 1751. Poole, Dorset; Port books. William Jolliffe ships 50 Tons of Seal oil, Poole to St. Sebastian.

Thomas Courtin/Courtney? captained for William Jolliffe, in 1752. Poole - To Trinity Bay?

William Jolliffe, Mayor of Poole, 1754.

William Jolliffe Jr. Trinity Bay Court, 1756. Vestry meeting. Fish Tax for Church.

Peter and William Jolliffe performed business together. Including with Robert Pope ( of Lytchet Minster?, Coaster. ), William Kittier, etc.

A Captain John Pope in the Slade Ledgers for Fogo/Twillingate. Business partner of Durrell.

At Poole, merchant Christopher Jolliffe, did business with Thomas Freake. Thomas Freake died in 1822, at Poole, aged 83 years. In 1790, wed Isabella Knight.

James Jolliffe of Poole, captained for his father William Jolliffe.

*In 1813, Jane Jolliffe, grand-daughter of James Jolliffe of Poole, Dorset; emigrated to Fogo Island, Newfoundland.

May 29, 1762. William Jolliffe of Poole, Dorset, selling seal skins at 2 Pounds per skin.

June 23, 1762. William Jolliffe selling 600 gallons of train oil. Christopher Jolliffe involved in dealings.

Aug 7, 1762. Mr. William Jolliffe died in his 64th year of age. Buried Thursday, the 12th. Christopher and James Jolliffe were sons of William Jolliffe.

*****July 5, 1761. The Greyhound, Captain Bartlet, arrived at Poole from Carbonier, in 14 days. With 100 Tons of Cod oil.

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