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Twillingate Anstey Ancestry

The records were transcribed by David Anstey.

  NOTE: *Poole Parish, Dorset references, unless noted otherwise. This very brief detail may be subject to human error. Please allow for such.
              Research is continuing, and indeed, plenty of yet unknown, related info, is not contained herein. - D.A.

1700, Jan 17 Charles Anstey wed Ann Linthorne
1700, Nov. 11                Ann, dau of Charles and Ann Anstey, baptized
1702, May 5 Mary, dau of Charles and Ann Anstey
1704, Nov 3 Charles, son of Charles & Ann Anstey
1708, Jul 13 Anne, dau of Charles and Ann Anstey
1713, Dec 6 Elizabeth, dau of Charles and Ann Anstey
1713, Dec 6 Thomas, son of Charles and Ann Anstey
1755 Charles Anstey witnessed Elizabeth Linthornes Will in 1755
1757 Charles Anstey's Will of 1757 mentions William West, Elizabeth Bennett, John Pearcy, William Rawlins,
 Mr Henning, William Roper, George Gadon, dau Ann Taverner, dau Thompson, and sons Charles & Thomas
1763 Charles Anstey deceased
1765 Dec 17 Thomas Anstey, Poole Mariner, probates his father’s Will
1722/3 Charles Anstey - presentment to the Admirality Court for erecting a key below the high water mark in the Strand Street.
Also for enclosing a piece of ground out of the sea, below the high water mark. Charles Anstey, a Poole Bricklayer.

1729, Jul 14 Charles Anstey, Bricklayer of Poole wed Melior Thorne in the Parish Church of 1Lymington, Hants, by Banns
1729 Charles Anstey & Melior Thorne had son Charles baptized, Poole Unitarian Parish
1738, Jan 25 Charles, son of Charles and _____ Anstey
1740/1 Mar 13 William, son of Charles and Mary Anstey
1741/2 Jan 24 Charles Anstey wed Mary Heckford
1742, Nov 17 Thomas, son of Charles and Mary Anstey
1744/5 Jan 7 James, son of Charles and Mary Anstey
1746, Jul 29 Thomas Heckford, son of Charles and Mary Anstey
1748, Dec 25 James, son of Charles and Mary Anstey
1751 George, son of Charles and Mary Anstey
1757 Robert, son of Charles and Mary Anstey
1765, Sep 4 Canterbury Wills - William White of Wimborne Minster, Dorset, gives the remaining ½ of his Twillingate Plantation to Charles & William Anstey, sons of Charles Anstey of Poole. Will probated Feb 18, 1766 by sister Dinah Bowden. Other half of Plantation sold to Thomas Riggs of Morden, Dorset and Twillingate.
1767, Sep 21 Charles leaves each child one shilling in his Will. Everything else goes to wife Mary Anstey.
1769, Dec 13 Mary Anstey probates her husband, Charles’ Will stating “he is deceased so far as she knows and believes.”
1771, Apr 17 Reg of St James Church Pews. Charles Anstey junior listed as dead sometime prior to this date. Pew space given to John Simmonds son or servant. Twillingate Path End Simms whom William Young of Poole came over to work for?

1764, Feb 5 Charles Anstey wed 2Elizabeth Reeks by licence. Witness: William Knapp.
- Lucy Knapp’s Will of 1784 declares ownership of a tenement adjoining late Charles Anstey’s (Bricklayer) in Swan Alley, near Strand Street.
1767, Aug 18 Charles Anstey previously dealt with Jermiah Coughlan, at Newfoundland. Jeremiah Coughlan was late agent to James Bombanous, Merchant of Bristol, now bankrupt. Charles Anstey, John Burt, Richard Pickett, Cornelius Lenahan, John Dwyer, Dennis Lane, John Quinland & John Hapgood, ordered by Governer Hugh Palliser at Pitts Harbour, Labrador, to pay Jeremiah Coughlan with Merchantable fish for supplies received. Colonial Records, Vol 3, page 56 - ( Burt and Anstey likely from Twillingate? To Chateau Bay, Labrador via schooner for later season fishing? ) I suspect maybe Burt, Hapgood and possibly Lane from Wimborne, Dorset. Dwyer a native Irish Newfoundlander?

*1836 Census Fogo District - Planters
Ansteys & Burts of Twillingate
Pickett Nicholas, Thomas & John of Fogo Hr
Lenahan ? Patrick Lannan of Fogo Hr ?
Dwyer of Fogo Hr & Tilting Hr, including Richard Dwyer of Fogo Hr
Lane Cornelius & Patrick of Tilting Hr
Quinland ??
Hapgood Matthew Arnold & Harriett "Hapgood James" had Abel at Exploits Oct 6, 1866

*1794/5 Census a Cornelius Lenahan of Quidi Vidi, 1794/5 Census, fisherman, 40 years in Newfoundland

1768, Oct 26 ?? Charles Anstey at Twillingate, Newfoundland, taxed 12 / 6 towards cost of Jeffery Tizzard murder trial per Colonial records.
- Consider William White of Horton and Thomas Tizzard of Oakford Fitzpaine, Dorset, business partners.
- Consider also surname Skeffington at Oakford Fitzpaine, re: Bonavista, Newfoundland.
- Thomas Tizzard of Oakford Fitzpaine had a nephew, Jeffrey Tizzard.
- *Consider Lawrence Smith of Bonavista, 1753
1770 Poole Indentures: George Anstey, age 18, indentured to James Hill, Cordwainer, until age 24.
1776, Nov 27 3 Per Isaac Lester's Diary, date of Nov 27, 1776, at Poole.

"My neighbour John Slade arrived this morning in 16 days from Twillingate. His hopeful son was from home when he came but the father has brought home another boy, supposed to be his son by Charles Anstey's wife." .

1787 Slade Ledger, Fogo, Charles Anstey owed 89 Lbs, 11 Shillings balance accumulated from 1774, now desparate. ( Was the American Revolution and Twillingate Planter nesscessities a factor? Or was Charles deceased circa 1774?)
1806 Twillingate Fishing Rooms Thomas Anstey & John Anstey. At Simm’s Path End. Only one “White” listed?, John White. ( A provision dealer, John White died at Wimborne in 1845 )
1811 Charles Anstey of Poole at Twillingate.
1812 Thomas Anstey of Twillingate receives a 12 Lb credit note from John Slade & Co.

*The downline from Thomas Anstey is somewhat known in the local Twillingate area, and has not been the priority focus behind this writing.

- relative info:

William Anstey wed Mary Miller at Poole Dec 31, 1716
William & Mary Anstey had bap: William 1717, James 1721 and Joseph 1723 at the Unitarian Parish, Poole.
- This James Anstey a nephew of Andrew Miller of Bonavista.

- Reeks/Rex of Bonavista and the White Bay of Interest. Twillingate’s infancy grew partially out of Bonavista, and partially out of Poole, Dorset.
- origin of Ragged Point, Twillingate, White family of interest.
- surname Riggs of early Twillingate/later Lewisporte, etc., of interest. Descendant Joseph Riggs, a former instructor at LDVS, Lewisporte.

1 Does anyone out there know if Twillingate Boyd’s were from Lymington, Hants? Boldre area? Some Anstey connection yet unknown to me.
2 Thomas Reeks Captained John Slade’s vessels circa 1770’s, from Poole, Dorset, to Twillingate, Newfoundland. His origin? Poole, Dorset?

3 In this reference; John Slade’s ( 1719 – 1792 ) hopeful son was likely his nephew John Slade ( 1747 – 1823/4 ), the son of his brother & wife, Robert & Elizabeth Slade. Ie: Adoption. His natural son, John Hayter Slade had become deceased previously, in 1773? of Smallpox, and buried at Fogo.

Charles Anstey was a Twillingate Planter, engaged by Slade’s. Apparently post 1774 Charles Anstey was not a healthy man, or he was deceased. Smallpox? Who was going to look after his family? Post 1774, Charles' mounting debt was kept on the Slade Ledgers in quite normal fashion. Any young healthy sons might “truck” enough fish, or provide labour, to repay the debt, when they became of working age. Did John Slade ( 1747 – 1823/4 ) contemplate adopting Charles Anstey’s son? Was the son Thomas Anstey? Thomas Anstey was deceased at Twillingate on Sep 17, 1847 at Bluff Head Cove, aged 78 years. Thomas Anstey born abt 1769. A boy in 1776. John Slade required manpower for his growing Twillingate branch business in 1776. A young boy native of Twillingate, was not a negative thing. Thomas Anstey was one soul he would not have to relocate out from England, to a very frontier, isolated Twillingate, for his business.

Slade & Co. Finding Aid ( The Rooms ) St. John's, NL, 1783 - 1792, includes info: David Slade, son of John Jr, illegitimate, illiterate, but Manager in 1792, for the Twillingate branch of Slade’s Poole, Dorset, business. Had John Slade Jr ( 1747 - 1823/4 ) earlier taken parental responsibility for his younger brother David Slade ( 1765 – 1847 )? Robert Slade, the father of ( John and David Slade ) was deceased sometime prior to 1792. In the bygone era of the 1700’s, official English Records used the word Illegitimate to represent adoption. Circa 1792, nephew John Slade ( 1747 – 1823/4 ) had to stay at Poole, to manage the Slade business from there. His Uncle, and founder of John Slade & Co., died in 1792. It is interesting that David Slade ( 1765 – 1847 ) became the later owner of Robert’s land at Morden, Dorset. Any Twillingate Robert’s connection? Families Roberts and Anstey are sure connected at Twillingate.

Per the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Vol 4, Pg 713, John Hayter Slade died in 1773.

Did the Sherborne & Yeovil Mercury report per the Poole Coroner’s Office, of John Hayter Slade’s burial, on Sep 30, 1776?

John Slade born 1747 to Robert & Elizabeth Slade. John's Will made on Oct 4, 1823, and proved in the PCC on May 11, 1824. His wife Sarah "nee Sellars" Slade wed Joseph Garland Jun, Esq., and Alderman of Poole, on Nov 6, 1825 at St. James Church, Poole. Sarah Garland buried on Nov 7, 1835 at St. James, Poole, aged 65 years. Thus Sarah Sellars born abt. 1770. It is unlikely that Sarah nee Sellars Slade Garland was ever in Newfoundland. Sarah Sellars parents are named in her Will of Nov 5, 1825, as William & Elizabeth Sellars. Brothers James Sellars, Thomas Sellars & Richard Sellars. Sister Charlotte Moolam?/Mouland? named in a Codicil of July 18, 1835.

An Anstey descendant,
David Anstey

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