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Place Name Changes

Places renamed, abandoned, resettled, combined into an existing name or under a new name. This list began when Barbara Pederson forwarded a list of about 200 place name changes compiled by Jim Butler. As of February 2001 there were 604 place name changes in the list. The majority of communities on this list have been submitted by persons unknown and the validity has not been confirmed.

Please see table at the end for corrections or additions over the years.

Previous Name
Current Name
Admiral's Cove, FermusePort Kirwin
Alderburn Norris Arm North
Alexander Bay, BBGlovertown
Alexis BayPort Hope Simpson
Allan's IslandLamaline
Anderson's Cove, FBabandoned
Ann's CoveSt. Anne's, PB
Arch CoveGarden Cove (near Sound Island in Placentia Bay)
Aspen CovePetley, Random Is.
Aspen CoveAspen, TB
AudierneOderin, PB
Back Cove, Sound Is, PBMaggoty Cove (resettled to Garden Cove)
Back HarbourTwillingate
Back LandsO'Regans
Bacon Cove, Conception BayHorse Cove & Beacon Cove
Bald NapWeybridge, Random Island
Balene or BalineBauline
Bank HeadSt. Theresa's
Barasway RiverMcKay's
Bar Haven, Barren Island, PBresettled
Barren Island, PBBar Haven Island
Barrow, FBnear Belleoram (abandoned)
Bassett's HarbourFrederickton
Batteau Cove (Boat Cove)Bottle Cove
Bay Bulls ArmSunnyside
Bay de Este, Bay d'Est, Bay the East, Bay D'East, Bay D'Espoir HBabandoned
Bay de East, Bay D'East, FBabandoned
Bay North, FBBay du Nord
Bay de Lieu, PBBrookside
Bay de L'Eau, FBnorth of Bay L'Argent, abandoned
Bay de North, FBBay du Nord
Bay du North, FBresettled to English Hr West, Pool's Cv, St. Jacques
Bay of Chaleur, South Coastabandoned
Bayside, WBHampden
Bear Cove, NDBSilverton (Silverdale)
BeaumontLushes Bight
Beaverton, NDBabandoned, NWI - NDB
Bellman's CovePort au Port/Aguathuna/Felix Cove
Bennett's IslandWesleyville
Best's HarbourTack's Beach
Big Beaver CoveBeaverton, NDB
Big Chance Cove, NWI, NDBBridgeporte, NDB
BirchvilleSpringdale East
Birchy Cove, WCCurling
Birchy Cove, BBnear Bonavista
Bird Island CoveElliston
Bishop's HarbourSalvage
Bistern MereRobinson's Bight, Random Island
Black Duck Covenear Ireland's Eye, TB
Black Duck GullySt. Joseph's, SMB
Bloody Bay(part of) Glovertown, Alexander Bay
Blow Me DownLark Harbour
Boat HarbourBrookside
BonaventureNew Bonaventure
Bonne BayMcCallum
Boot Harbour, NDB WestHall's Bay (abandoned)
Bouley BayBay Bulls
Boyd's CoveFairbanks, NDB
Braha, Great N PenGreat Brehat
Brandy IslandsSt. Barbe area
Bread and Cheese Cove, CBNBishop's Cove
Brent's Cove, WBnear Baie Verte
Bereques, CBNBrigus
Britannia Cove, Random Is.Britannia
British CoveLower Lance Cove, Random Island
Broad Cove, BBDuntara
Broad Cove(part of) Clarenville
Broad Cove, TB(part of) Dildo, TB
Broad Cove, CB (near Portugal Cove)St. Philips
Broad Cove, PBMerasheen
Broad Cove, RenewsCappahayden
Broad Cove, BSomerset
Broom's BottomYork Harbour
Brow, TheShea Heights
Brown's MeadBound's Mead, Random Island
Brunette, Brunette Is. FBMercer's Cove
Bull Cove, CBN (near Brigus)abandoned for Georgetown
Bulley's Cove,NDBKing's Point
Bumble Bee Bight, NDBPilley's Island
Burgeo, PBChambers
Burgeons CoveBurgoynes Cove
Burnt Arm, NDBin Bay Of Exploits, abandoned
Burnt Cove, NDBHillgrade, NWI
Burnt Island, NDBnear Twillingate
Burnt Island, BBnear Deer Island
Burnt Island, PBPort Anne
Butler's CoveLeading Tickles East
Butter's CoveCreston
Cabbage Harbour Head, NDBin Exploits Bay (abandoned)
Cable John CoveLancaster/Spillars Cove
Caine's IslandRose Blanche
CalmerPoint May
Cannon's CoveCanning's Cove
Cape La Hune, south coastResettled
Cape NormanCook's Harbour, GNP
Caplin Cove (Bay)Calvert
Caplin CoveMiddle Lance Cove, Random I.
Caplin CoveCapelin Cove
Caplin Cove, FerrylandSt. Michael's
Card's HarbourTriton
Careless HarbourKerley's Harbour (SW of Catalina)
Caribou Castle., LabCartwright
Carol Lake., LabLabrador City
CarpoonQuirpon, GNP
Castle Cove, BBjust W of Keels
Cat Harbour, BBLumsden
Cat's Cove, CBConception Harbour
Centre Cove, TBbecame Bay Bulls Arm and then Sunnyside
Chance Cove, TBBig Chance Cove
Chance HarbourChanceport
Chance Harbour HeadBridgeport
ChannelChannel - Port aux Basques
Chapel Cove, CBHarbour Main
Charles Brook, NDBabandoned, Bay of Exploits
Clam Bank CoveLourdes
Clay Pittspart of Little Heart's Ease, TB
Clode SoundPort Blandford
Clown's CoveCarbonear (near)
Cobbler's IslandCape Island (near Wesleyville)
Cock n' Hen CoveSt. Joseph's, Bay D'Espoir
Codner, CBMiddle Bight (now part of Kelligrews)
Colbourne Cove, NDB WestCoffee Cove
Colliers Bay, TBThornlea
Conn, FBlocated East of Long Hr, abandoned
Coombs CoveSt Jacques/Coombs Cove
Cooper's CoveTacks Beach
Cooper's headBishop's Cove
Coppettabandoned to Burgeo and Ramea
Cottels Island, BBSt. Brendans
Cottle's IslandCottlesville
Cow HarbourCow head, GNP
Crabb's BrookCrabb's River
Crocker's Covenow part of Carbonear, near Freshwater
Crabbes Railway StationCrabbes East
Crawley's CoveCurzon Village
Cuckhold's CoveDunfield, TB
Cull's IslandLeading Tickles West
Cuper's CoveCupids, CB
CurzonWoody Point
Cutwell Arm, NDB WestBeaumont South
Daly's Covewas located in Trepassy Bay
Damn the Bell CoveSt. Chad's, BB
Daniel's Cove, TBWaterville
Dark Hole, near NW Brook, TBnow part of Hillview (Northern Bight)
Dark Tickle, NDBBrighton
DavidsvilleMain Point
Davis IslandPort Elizabeth, PB
Davis Cove, NDBNew World Island ?
Daw(e)'s HeadBareneed
Dawson's CoveSandyville
Dear HarbourLower Deer Harbour, Random Island
Deep Cove, PB WestResettled
Deer Harbour BoundsDeer Harbour
Deer Island, south Coastabandoned to Port aux Basques
Delby's Cove, TBEntrance to Smith Sound
Devil's Cove, CBNJob's Cove
Distress Cove, PBSt. Brides
Doating CoveMusgrave Harbour
Dog BayHorwood, NDB
Dog Cove, BBSt. Brendan's
Doubty CoveDoting Cove, NDB
Drogheda,CBNPart of Clarkes Beach
Droke (Drook)Portugal Cove S, Trepassey Bay
DuffsHolyrood, CB
Elliot's Point, NDBPorterville
English Harbour, BBon Greenspond Island
Famish CoveFairhaven, PB
Famish GutFairhaven, PB
Farms, WCNear Romaines
Farmer's Arm, NDBGilesport (near twillingate)
Farmer's Arm, NDBSummerford, NWI
Felix CovePort au Port
Femme, FBeast of Long Harbour, abandoned
Fillier's Bridge, CBNNorth River
Filthy HarbourBritish Harbour, TB
Fisher's Pointnear Bonavista, TB
Flat IslandsPort Elizabeth, PB
Flippers CoveRosedale, BB
Flowers Cove, NPNameless Cove
Forward's Cove, Brunette Is. FBabandoned
Foslow, PBToslow
Foster's PointWeybridge, Random Island
Fox CoveTempleman, BB
Fox Gut, Port au Port Bay, WCNear Fox Island River
Fox Cove, FBSt. Bernard's
Fox HarbourSt. Lewis
Fox Harbour, TBSouthport
Fox Island (Fox Island Harbour), south coastBonald's Island
Fox Island, Hermitage Bayabandoned
Fox Island, FBIsle Galet
Frank's PointMakkovik
French's Beach, NDBTwillingate District
French Island HarbourFlower's Cove, NP
Fry's Beach, in Little Ward's Hr., NDB WestBennett's Cove
Fridays Bay, NDBChanceport, NWI`
Gallows Cove, SSWitless Bay
Gallows HarbourSt. Joseph's
Garden CoveL'Anse aux Meadows
GargamellePort aux Choix
Garia, Southwest CoastResettled
GaskinGaskiers-Point La Haye
GascoigneGaskiers-Point La Haye, SMB
GastersAvondale, CB
GaysideBaytona, NDB
Gillams CoveGillams
Gleeson's CoveO''Donnell's
GlenburnGlenburnie, Bonne Bay
GlendaleMt. Pearl
Glendon's Cove, Barren Island, PBresettled
Goblin, Bay D'Espoirabandoned
GoddenvilleSpaniard''s Bay
Goose BayHappy Valley/Goose Bay
Goose BayMusgravetown
Granby IslandIndian Bight
Grand Falls StationWindsor
Grand John, FBwest of St. Bernard's, abandoned
Grandy Point, PBResettled to St. Kyrans & Clattice Hr
Grandfather's CoveLittle Harbour Deep
Grand RiverGillisport
Grand River GutSearstown
Grand VillageMud Lake
Gravels, ThePort au Port West
Great Belle IsleBell Island, CB
Great Chance Hr.Bridgeport, ND
Great GallowsGreat St. Joseph's
Great Jervais, Bay d'Espoirresettled
Great St. Lawrence, BPSt. Lawrence
Great PlacentiaPlacentia
Green CoveTorbay
Green Bay, NW Trinity Bayresettled to Champneys
Green Gardens, Port au Port Pen, WCNear Cape St. George
Grey RiverLittle River
GriquetSt. Lunaire/Griquet
Groat's Island, BBnear Greenspond Island
Ha Ha BayRaleigh
Harbour Buffett, Long Is., PBResettled
Harbour Gallett (Hr. Galley, Le Gallais, Gulle or Galle), Bay D'Espoirabandoned
Harbour Grace JunctionWhitbourne
Harbour Island, Long HarbourCrawley's Island
Harbour Le CouRose Blanche/Harbour le Cou
Hare BayDeep Bay, NDB
Hare Harbour, FBnear Stones Cove (abandoned)
Hatter's Point, South CoastOtter's Point
Havre ContentHeart's Content
Haystackabandoned, was located on Long Island, PB
Hayward's CoveSt. Brendan's
Head's Harbour, NDBabandoned, NDB West
Head of Fortune BayTerrenceville
Hibbs HoleHibbs Cove, CB
Hiscock's Point, southwest coastresettled to Isle aux Mortes
Hodge's Hole, TBHodge's Cove
Holyrood (Holloway)St Vincent's, SMB
Hoop Cove, FBresettled to Grand Bank & Little Bay East
HopewellUpper Gullies
Horse CoveSt. Thomas
House Covenear Little Heart's Ease, TB
Indian ArmSummerville
Indian BightLittle Bay Town
Indian HeadMattis Point
Indian Point, CBnow part of Harbour Main
Inglewood Forest, TBabandoned to Clarenville
Inner IslandsNewtown, BB
Island CoveDunfield
Island Cove, TBIslington
Isle aux MortsSeal Cove
Ivany's CoveSW Arm, Upper Trinity North
JacfontainJacques Fontaine
Jack Lane's BayHopedale
Jack of Clubs CoveAguathuna
Jack's CoveGreat Harbour Deep
James CoveJamestown
Jenkins Cove, NDBDurrell, NWI
Jewel PointDouble Harbour
Jiggin CoveHarbour Buffett
Jim's Cove, NDB WestTriton
John Brown's Deer HarbourLower Deer Harbour, Random Is.
John the BayJean de Baie
John's BeachHalfway Point
Jude IslandFlat Islands, PB
Juggler's CoveBay Robert's
Juniper PointRigolet
Juniper StumpMakinsons
Kauk BightNain
Kearney's CoveLong Island, PB
Kerley's HarbourS of Trinity, TB
Kiar's CoveBlack Island, PB
Killick IslandBotwood
Killick PointRigolet
King's Cove, TBMilton
Kirby's CoveBurin
Kite CoveLaurenceton
Kit Hughes, CBKitchuses
La Manche Mines, P.BayLa Manche
L'Anse au CanardsBlack Duck Brook
Ladle CoveBritannia Cove, Random Is.
La HayeGaskiers/Point La Haye
LakeviewHarbour Main
Lally CoveLady Cove, Random Is.
Lally Cove, FBabandoned
Lance Cove, TBLancaster
Lance Cove South, TBBrownsdale
Langdon's CoveJackson's Cove
LaPlant, SCin La Poile Bay (abandoned)
Leading TicklesLeading Tickles West
Lee's BightAdeytown, TB
Limeville (Aguathuna)Port au Port West
Little Bay, NDB WestSt. Patrick's
Little Bay, HBStone Valley, HB
Little Bay West, FBabandoned
Little Beaver CovePort Albert
Little BrehatGreat Brehat
Little Chance HarbourChance Port
Little GallowsLittle St. Joseph's
Little HarbourMuddy Hole, Hermitage Bay
Little Harbour, TBnow part of Little Hearts Ease
Little Placentia, PBArgentia
Little River SectionSt. Andrew's
Little River, SCGrey River
Little SeldomSeldom/Little Seldom
Lobster Harbour, NDB Westpart of Port Anson
Lodge BayCape St. Charles
Lolly CoveLady Cove, Random Is.
Lolly Cove, FBLally Cove
Long CoveNorman's Cove/Long Cove
Long CoveLoreburn
Long Harbour Beach, FBTickle Beach
Long IslandLushes Bight
Long Island, HBGaultois located here and many communities long since abandoned
Loo CovePort Nelson
Loons CoveLewins Cove
LorettoCape St. George
LoriesPoint May
Lower GulliesRiverdale
Lower Rocky BrookClifton
Lower Sandy PointHarcourt
Lower Small Point, CBSmall Point
Lower Wolf CoveSpringdale
Lucks Harbour, NDBin the Exploits District - abandoned
Lukes ArmCottlesville
Lynch Cove, Bay D'EspoirMorrisville/ Morrison
Maddox CovePetty Harbour
Maggoty Cove, TBInglewood Forest
Manfuls Point, NDB WestMansfield Point
Mansfield Pointabandoned
Mann PointMann Point/Davidsville
Man O' War Cove, Port au Port Pen, WCNear Boswarlos
Marble MountainPatricia Mountain
Marshalville, NDBLewisporte
Marches PointCape St. George
MargareeFox Roost/Margaree
Mason's CoveEmbree
Mercer's Cove (Brunette)resettled to Burin Peninsula
Merchant's Cove, Harbour Breton District, FBjust N of Wreck Cove, resettled
Middle ArmAvondale, CB
Middle BightCodner (Kelligrews), CB
Middle CoveLogy Bay
Mills SidingShoal Harbour
MillvilleAvondale, CB
Mitchell's BrookMt. Carmel
Mock BeggarBonavista
Momables BayMobile
Mon Jambe, FBMozambros
MortierFox Cove/Mortier
Mosquito (Musketta or Muscety Point)Bristol's Hope
Mother Ixx (Hicks)Regina
Mt. Arlington HeightsLong Harbour
Mouse IslandChannel/Port aux Basques
Mozambros, FBMose Ambrose
Mud CoveWandsworth
Mud Cove, PBSt. Lawrence
Muddy HoleMusgrave Harbour
Muddy HoleMaberley
Muddy Hole, Hermitage Bayresettled to Hr. Breton & Gaultois
Muddy Hole, Sound Is, PBBollard's Town (resettled to Garden Cove)
Murphy's CoveLomond
Mussle Harbour, PBPort Royal
Mussle Harbour Arm, PBKingwell
Mussel PondO'Donnells, SMB
Newfoundland AirportGander
New Burnt CoveNew Burn
New HarbourNorton
New Harbour, FBnorth of St. Bernard's, abandoned
New Harbour, BBNewport
New HarbourParson's Harbour
New HarbourComfortCove/Newstead, NDB
New SalvageEastport
New SteadComfort Cove/Newstead
Newtown, NDB WestPort Anson (also named Sunday Cove Tickle)
Newtown, Sound Is, PBResettled to Garden Cove
Night CoveKnights Cove
Nimrod, NDB WestTriton
Northeast ArmSt. Kyran's, PB
Northern Bight, TBHillview
Northern Gut (River), CBNorth River
North Side, Norris ArmAlderburn
North Valley, CBNorth River
Northwest CovePresque, PB
Northwest ArmLockston, TB
Norton's CoveBrookfield
NW Arm, Bonavista B.Sweet Bay
NW Arm, TrinityLockston
NW Arm, New BayOsmondton
NW Arm, Green BayBurlington
NW Arm, Sweet BayWinterbrook
Oderin, PBResettled to Rushoon, Parker's Cove, Burin
Old ChopOld Shop, TB
Old TiltIvanhoe, TB
Old ShopA portion of Old Shop became renamed to South Dildo
Oliver's CoveSt. Leonard's
Open HoleOpen Hall, BB
OtterburyClark's beach
OtterburyHarbour Grace
Otter's Point, South Coastresettled to Burgeo
Outer CoveLogy Bay
Paddocks Bight, NDB Westabandoned
Paradise, P.BayGreat Paradise
Pardy's IslandBurin
Pays Cove,FBPey's Cove
Paynes's Cove, WCStanleyville
Peters Arm, NDBotwoodville
Peters Cove, BBPart of Bunyans Cove
Petit JardinCape St. George
Petit PlaisanceArgentia, PB
Pey's Cove, FBjust East of English Harbour East, abandoned
Piccaire, Hermitage Bayresettled to Gaultois
Pick EyesPort de Grave
Pinchers (Pinckers) IslandPinchard's Island
Pinch Gut, PBPinch Cove (abandoned)
Pinchgut TickleAssumption Passage
Piper's HoleSwift Current, PB
Point MallMarguise, PB
Point Enragee, FBchanged to Point Rosie eventually resettled mainly to Garnish
Pistern MereRobinson's Bight, Random Is.
Point La HayeGaskiers/Point La Haye
Pond IslandGreenspond, BB
Popplestone IslandDeer Island, BB
Pool's IslandBadger''s Quay, BB
Porridge CoveBritannia Cove, Random Is.
Port au Port EastBerry Head
Pot D'Etain (Tin Pot Islands), WBCoachman's Cove
Prescott HarbourOpen Hall
Prairie, WCPart of Stephenville Crossing
Quarry, NDB Westrailway siding near Gaff Topsail
Quinton's Cove, NDB WestBeaumont Central
Rabbit's Arm, NDB WestRobert's Arm
Ragged HarbourMelrose, TB
Ragged HarbourPinsent, NDB
Ragged Point, NDBpart of Twillingate
Railway, CBNBrigus Junction
Railway Stn, Goose BayLethbridge
Ram's Island, PBIona
Rattling BrookHeatherton
Raymond's Point, Hermitage Bayon Long island opposite to Gaultois (abandoned)
Red Cove, Harbour Breton District, FBjust N of Wreck Cove, resettled
Red Head BeachClarenville
Reeke's HarbourHickman's Harbour, Random Is.
Refugee CoveHappy Valley
ReginavilleGreat Colinet Island
Rexman's HarbourHickman's Harbour, Random Is.
Richard's HarbourFB, abandoned
Rickman's HarbourHickman's Harbour, Random Is.
Rider's Harbour, Random I.abandoned to Thoroughfare & Deer Hr
Riverhead, Bay of IslandsHumbermouth
Robin Hood Bay, Bon PenPort Rexton
Robbin's Cove, NDBpart of Twillingate
Rocky Bay, NDBCarmanville
Rocky BrookMonroe, TB
Roundaboutbetween Lawn and Lord's Cove on the Burin Pen; resettled to Lawn and area in 1968
Round HarbourLittle Harbour, TB
Rowsell's Cove, NDBon Pilley's Is, NDB West District
Rowsell's Island, NDBnear Leading Tickles, Exploits District
Ruisseau RougeRed Piver, Port au Port Pen.
Russell's Cove, TBNew Melbourne
Salmon Cove, TBChampney's
Salmon CoveAvondale, CB
Salmon Cove (Beach)South River, CB
Salt Pond, NDBEmbree
Salvage BayEastport, BB
Sandy Point, NDBnear mouth of Exploits River
Sandy Point, TBHarcourt
Scilly CoveWinterton
Scissor's Cove, NDBStanhope
Seal Cove., BBPrinceton
Seal Cove, Friday's BayHillgrade
Seal Cove, TBNew Chelsea
Seal Cove, near Stephenville CrossingRothsay
Seevely's Cove, PBProwseton
Settlement near South BrookPasadena
Settlement 4.5 miles west of EastportSandringham
Ship CoveSt. Alban's
Ship Cove, Bonavista PenPort Rexton
Ship CoveBotwood
Ship Island Cove, NDBpart of Herring Neck, NWI
Shoal Bay, BBWellington
Shoal Bay, BBDover
Shoal Bay, TBCavendish
Shoal Brook, BBGlenburnie
Shoal Cove, BBSt. Brendan's
Shoal Cove, Port au Port Pen, WCBlack Duck Brook
Shoal Harbour, TBCavendish
Shoe Cove, BBjust S of Greenspond (resettled)
Shoal Point, Port au Port Pen, WCNear Boswarlos
Sibley's Cove, PBMount Arlington Heights
Sibley's Cove, PBProwseton
SilldownSeldown, Random Is.
Silver Hare IslandSilver Fox Island
Silverdale, NDBon E side of Harry's Hr Penn, NDB West District
Silverton, Bonne BayGlenburnie
Skimmer's CoveBritannia Cove, Random Is.
Skimmer's CoveLower Lance Cove, Random Is.
Smart's Island, BBnear Greenspond Island (resettled)
Smooth Cove, NDBpart of Twillingate (abandoned)
Snook's Brook, TBBarton
South West Arm, CatalinaPort Union
South West Arm, NDBKing's Point
South West Arm, CatalinaPort Union
Southside Dog BayHorwood
Southwest Arm, New BayPoint Leamington
Southwest Island, BBCharleston
Southwest PacquetWoodstock
Spaniard's Bay, TBSpaniard's Cove, TB
Spaniard's Bay Pond, CBShearstown
Spencer's Cove, PBresettled to Arnold's Cove
Spencer's Dock, NDBpart of Pilley's Is, NDB West District
Spiller's CoveStraitsview
Spoon CoveEpworth, PB
SpringfieldBrigus, CB
Squid Tickles, BBBurnside
St. Augustine, NDBJulie's Hr, Badger Bay NDB West District
St. Barbe IslandsHorse Islands
St. Jones, TBSt. Jones Without & St. Jones Within
St. Leonard's, PBresettled to St. Kyrans
Stocking Harbour, WBjust N of Smith's Hr.
Stocking Harbour Bight, WBjust N of Smith's Hr.
Stone's Cove, FBabandoned
Sulian's Cove, NDB Westpart of Little Bay Islands
Sunday Cove Tickle, NDB WestPort Anson
Swain's Island., BBWesleyville
Tank Fountain, FBJacques Fontaine
Tar BayTorbay
The Bottom, TBBay Bulls Arm and then Sunnyside
The Farms, WCNear Romaines
The StationWindsor
Tickle Beach, FBabandoned
Tickle Harbour, TBBellevue
Tilt Cove, NWI, NDBnow part of Fairbank - Virgin Arm
Tilton, Fogo Island NDBTilting
Timble TickleGlover's Harbour, NDB
Tin Pot Islands (Pot D'Etain), WBCoachman's Cove
Toad's CoveTors Cove
Trammer, FBbetween Conn and Femme, abandoned
Troytown, NDBTriton
Trump Island, NDBnear New World Island
Turk's Gut, CBMarysvale
Twillingate South, NDBDurrel
Two Guts, Port au Port Bay, WCnear Point au Mal
Udle's Cove (Yudle's Cove) BBnear Charlottetown, BB South, abandoned wood's camp
Udle's Pond, BBacross TCH near Charlottetown, BB South
Upper Gully, CBUpper Gullies
Upper Lance Cove, TBPetley
Upper and Middle Rocky BrookMonroe
Upper Small Point, CBSmall Point
Upper and Lower Rocky Pond BrookClifton
Valleyfield, BBBadger's Quay
Victoria Village, CBNVictoria
Villa VerdeS of Bonavista, TB
Vere IslandFair Island
Waldron's Cove, Exploit's Bay NDBabandoned
Ward's HarbourBeaumont North, NDM
Waterchute, BOISt. Jude's
Webbers, PBresettled to Lawn
Webber's Bight, NDBabandoned near Fortune Hr (Exploits)
WellingtonDover, BB
Wellman's Cove, NDB Westin Hall's Bay (abandoned)
West EndKelligrews
Western Bay , FogoCarmanville
Western Cove, Barren Island, PBresettled
Western Cove, WBWestport
Whale's Gulch, NWI, NDBSalt pond and now know as Valley Pond
White Rock, BBPortland
Wicklis Bay (Whilly's Bay) Witless Bay
Wild Bight, NDBBeachside, NDB West
Winter House Cove, NDBin Seal Bay (abandoned)
Witler's Bay, TBWhiteway
Witless Bay, TBWhiteway
Wirson's Bay., CBWestern Bay
Wolf Cove, Hall's Bay, NDBSpringdale
Woodford's Cove, NDB Westabandoned
Woods IslandsInnismara
Woody Head Cove, SW cornerWoody Head and then Woodville
Zealot, Hare Bay, NPGreat Islets Harbour

2010 Additions by Bond Rideout Jr.
Previous Name
Current Name
Burn's Cove, Burin PeninsulaRenamed Parker's Cove since that town was incorporated in the 1960's. The postmark still bares the stamp "burns cove" but that is all that remains - the community consists of about 250 people currently.
'Mars Road' (near Whitbourne) Renamed Blaketown in honor of Sir Henry Blake in the 1890's
Old Chop You have Old Shop changed from Old Chop. Old residents claim the original name was "Old Choppy"
Scilly CoveWinterton. In fact the SUF Lodge #2 in that community still bares the old namesake of the community

Name in RecordDescription of Error or AdditionMy Name
Innismara You have listed that Woods Islands is now called Innismara. In truth, Innismara is now called Woods Island. Maria MacDonald
John's Beach You have listed that John's Beach is now called Halfway Point. In reality, there is one Municipality called Humber Arm South that consists of the following towns: Halfway Point, Benoit's Cove, John's Beach and Frenchman's Cove. Maria MacDonald
Upper Small Point The listing for Upper Small Point, CB says it is now called Small Point. The actual name for Upper Small Point is now Kingston, CB. The next community down the shore is Small Point, CB. William King

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