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1851 Gisbourne Survey

While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. Source: Frederic Gisbourne manuscript collection Provincial Archives of Newfoundland (PANL-The Rooms) MG 89 Microfilm Reel 6. Submitted by an anonymous researcher.

Newfoundland & London Telegraph Station Operating Clerks
1851 Gisbourne Survey

The following is a list of all telegraph station operating clerks employed by the Newfoundland & London (later Anglo-American) Telegraph Co., for each section of the telegraph line, during the preliminary stages of the survey, as extracted from the 1851 F. Gisbourne manuscript collection currently housed at the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland (PANL-The Rooms). The format included herein gives the name of each telegraph operating clerk, the telegraph station at which each operator was employed, and the associated wages earned for each for services rendered.

Record of Frederic Gisbourne
March 1st., 1850
Chief Eng.r

Newfoundland, Newfoundland & London
Telegraph Comp.


Clerks Names Station Wages
Jas. Matthews Piper's Hole 24
Jas. Cantarell Long Harr 24
Capt. Hally Bay Despr 24
A. J. M. McKay "De Lievre"? 24
Fy. J. Wood Port aux B. 24
Nathaniel Barnes Grandy`s Brk. 24
James Murphy Renews 24
William Beavis Garria Bay 24
Michael McCarthy Cutteau 24
Carter T. Tessier ( illegible)

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