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Events of the Year - 1932

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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD and SUE O'NEILL. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


Government and Syndicate Banks reach agreement by which later advanced $2,200,000 towards payment of interest
The Annual "At Home" held.
The Black Flag presented at St. Mary's Hall.
Cable ship John W. MacKay damaged by fire which started in engine room.  Damage estimated at $50,000.
Mahanan Gandhi and his aid placed under arrest after attempt at compromise had failed.
Sir George Foster, Canada's grand old man of politics buried with sem-state funeral.
Presentation of prizes of the Cathedral School held in Cathedral.
Mr. W. R. Templeton addresses young men Bible Class of the Congregational Church .
May Howlett speaks to Holy Cross L. A. on "Looking Forward".
Daily News publishes draft agreement between Government and Syndicate Banks.
Messrs. Hanham and Peckford officials recently involved in a dispute which precipitated the official enquire in the Poor Asylum received notice of dismissal.
Sir W. E. Godfrey opens Week of Prayer at Wesley Church.
Six were arrested at Oporto, and numerous bombs and rifles and revolvers seized by police, who raided a building which they suspected of being the headquarters of a  revolutionary Government.
Installation officers of St. John's Lodge, A. F. &. A. M.
W. J. Lacey lectures to K of C making his subject "Cardinal Gibbons."
May Howlett broadcast appeal for relief of poor.
Dale Jackman, holder of the world's endurance flight record, killed at Miami when his stunting plane crashed.
Annual re-union Star of the Sea Association.
Storms and floods in may parts of Europe caused 6 deaths.
M. C. L. I. 65th session opens with debate on "Disatmament."
Annual meeting and installation of officers of Leeming Lodge No.1282 L. O. A.
Captain Jacob Kean of S. S. Prospere
 honored by passengers.
Frank Lynch son of Mr. James Lynch Barnes Road , entered General Hospital suffering a broken leg as a result of a fall.
Fieldians ladies Association elect officers for ensuring year.
Prof. J. L. Patron addresses Rotary Club on "Reduction of Armaments."
Army of jobless men, 15,000 in all Pennsylvania , massed at Washington to demand that United States Congress approve five million dollars of public works in order to relive the unemployment situation.
Charles G. Dawe announces his resignation as U. S. Ambassador to Britain.
United States has sent note to Japan and ?Chinese Governments with reference to the recent events in Manehuria calling attention to the terms of the Nine Power Treaty and the Kellogg Pack.
Cyril J Cahill , Barrister and Solicitor arrested on forgery charge.
William Branton and Uriah Branton of Thornelea , found guilty of obtaining relief under false pretenses at the Magistrate's Court.
St. Bon's defeat Corner Brook team in inter-town hockey, 4-2
Patrician association debate radio vs the Newspaper.
Garage on Bambrick Street and car owned by Peter Hiscock destroyed by fire.
Top flat of the Sudbury Building Water Street West, gutted by fire, and contents pf rest of the building badly damaged by water. much damage done to records.
Thermometer registered zero
French Ministry under Premier Laval resigns after one year in office.
Judicial Committee of the Privy Council handed down decision in favour of G. Jardine and M. E. Martin, reversing a full bench decision of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland.
Adventist Welfare Assoc. opens soup kitchen on Gower Street.
Llewellyn J White appointed head of the Poor Asylum.
Rev. Canon Howitt, Chaplin of Lodge St. Andrew, gives illustrated lecture on Jerusalem and presents Lodge with gavel.
St. Bon's defeat Buchans team in inter-town hockey game.
Mr. C. C. Pratt, President of the Board of Trade, broadcasts address on general outlook of trade of the country.
Annual Dinner of the House Girls of the Y. W. C. A.
"Flowerland" presented by pupils of Spencer College.
Former Queen Sophia of Greece sister of Kaiser Wilhelm, dead.
"Teas Toper Tavern" presented at Wesley Lecture Hall.
Wesley Literary Association opens debating season.
New French Cabinet is practically the old one except the Premier Laval takes the office of foreign Minister, Andre Tardieu, that of War, Pierre Cathala, the Interior, and Schille Fould, Dept. of Agriculture.
Inspector General Hutchings speaks to Rotary on the Cocos Island.
Chinese troops drive Japanese out of the city of Tahusbana on the Peiping-Mukden Railway, and inflict many casualties.
George Whiteley, M. Sc., lectures on the fisheries under the auspices of the Adult Education Movement at Torbay.
City hockey league opens season with two games.  Customs and Bowring's play to a scoreless draw; Parker's defeat Daily News, 6-0
Adjutant Payton, Nursing Superintendent of the Grace Hospital since its opening in 1923, resigns to take charge of the Grace Hospital at Halifax.
Five violent earthquakes felt in England but no damage reported.
James Flynn of Bell Island, had his under lip bitten off by horse.
President paton of the memorial College speaks on "Sadhu Singh, the Christian Fakir'" to C. M. B. C.
Miss Norris speaks to Macdonald fellowship Club on Past Episode in Newfoundland History.
Prof. A. M. Fraser, M..A., speaks to Holy Cross L. A. On "Tariffs."
Open Forum held by Patrician Association.
Annual meeting Commercial Traveller's Association.
Annual meeting Scarlet Chapter, L. O. A.
Importers' Association announce holidays for winter season.
35th annual meeting Newfoundland British Society.
Mr. Walter Williams McCoubrey, former St. John's boy, appointed traffic manager for the port of Boston.
Holy Cross defeats Fieldians in opening game of senior league score 5 - 2
Air Commodore KINGSFORD Smith reached Port Darwin, Australia , 12 1/2 days after leaving England in his mail carrying plane "Southern Star", thereby establishing a first record for the journey in a commercial machine.
British Foreign Office announce that the World Reparations Conference at Lausanne would not meet on the 25th.
Slight earthquake and a series of explosions from the volcano Mount Vesuvius shook Naples. 
Police raid house on Prospect Street occupied by one Kelly and seize printed literature.
Sir Gupto, Hangal  Nationalist leader, arrested on his arrival at Bombay from England.
St. Bon's defeat Guards, league hockey 8-2.
Customs defeat Daily News in City league hockey 5-1.
Louis Brennan torpedo, the monorail and the helicopter, dead, 79.
Rev. W. E. Godfrey of St. Thomas's speaks to Rotary on "Stories of India."
Opening session Llewellyn Club, Mr. C. E. Hunt, K. C. , delivered lecture on "These Momentous Days."
Anarchist revolt in Spain.  50 leaders arrested.
Holy Cross Reading Circle opens session with re-union.   
Job's defeat Railway in city league game 7-3.
Miss Ruby Roberts speaks to Macdonald Fellowship Club on The Life and Career of Edison.
Edward Hall found guilty of perjury and sentenced to 12 months in the penitentiary.
Thermometer registers three below zero.
Antigua Santa Lucia and other towns in Guatemala destroyed by Volcano eruption.
St. Bond's defeat Holy Cross league hockey 6-3.
Employers Association and L. s. P. U. negotiations fail, Longshoremen go on strike.
Official opening Art  Exhibition at Y. M. C. A. rooms.
George R. Williams appointed Brazilian Chancellor.
Sunday School Anniversary Service Gower St. Church.
Prof. J. L. Paton, M. Ba., speaks to holy Cross L. A. on "India".
Dwelling at Botwood owned and occupied by T. J. Cobb, and barn and outhouse of Thomas Antle destroyed by fire.
Peter Hiscock found guilty of perjury and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.
Annual meeting Child Welfare Association.
Dr. Harold Thompson gives illustrated lecture on submarine life at Memorial University College.
Feildians defeat Guards 6-3 league hockey
British submarine m-2 lost with crew of 56.
Fire broke out in McGuire's bakery, dose damage to extent of $10,000.
Royal Stores and Avalon Telephone Co. play to a drew in Cith league hockey.
Tense situation exists at Shanghai.  Refugees flocking to shelter of International settlement.
Japs demand Chinese suppress boycott.
A. S. League of Mercy annual meeting.
Hon. P. J. Cashin appointed manager of the Crown Life Insurance Co. in Newfoundland.
Mrs. Gladys Hiscock found guilty of perjury and sentenced to 9 months imprisonment.
Ada Chaytor found guilty of perjury and sentenced to 9 months imprisonment.
L. C. Outerbridge resigns as head of the Charity Organization Bureau.
Guards defeat Holy Cross 4-3 in 20 minute play-off.
Railway team defeat Royal Stores 2-1 in city league hockey.
L. S. P. U. and Employers' Association reach settlement in Longshore dispute and work of discharging S. S. Incemore and Watuka and Silvia begun.
Annual meeting Board of Trade.  Hon. F. McNamara elected President.
British and United States Consuls interview military commanders of Chinese and Japanese and arrange for cessation of hostilities.
Bowring's defeat Daily News 6 to nil, Avalon Telephone defeat Job's 6 to nil, city league hockey.
Annual meeting C. of E. Institute.
St. Bon's defeat B. F. C. 6-4 inter-collegiate hockey.
Jap forces invade International Settlement, at Shanghai, chase Chinese refugees across boundary.  Negotiations for peace by British and United States hasten reinforscements to Shanghai and martial law proclaimed in Settlement.
Rev. Bro.  Egan speaks to Patrician   Association on "Price of Progress."
Rev. Fr. Savin speaks to holy Cross L. A. on "The Lay Apostolate."
Firm of T. A. Macnab & Co. celebrate Silver Anniversary.
Shanghai position continues to cause grave anxiety.  Reinforcements being hastened by British , United States and French Governments to ensure the safety of their nationals in the International Settlement.  Japanese destroyer fired on United States oil plant and U. S. Flag ripped from mission school.
Hon. P. J. Cashin resigns Portfolio and Cabinet seat in Squires Government.
St. Bon's defeat Fieldians, 6-3 , league hockey.
Coldest snap for years experienced.
Delegates of over 60 nations present when the Disarmament Conference opened in Geneva.
Capt. Ethel Barter appointed as Superintendent of Nurses and Capt. Ethel Wells as assistant to Major Fagner in business management at the Grace Hospital.
United Church College defeat St. Bon's in overtime period.  3-2.
Santiago , Cuba, wrecked by a series of earthquakes, leaving a casualty list of 8 dead and 300 wounded.
Stores of Mr. Arthur Young, Main Point Gander Bay, destroyed by fire.
Annual Rea and Entertainment of C. M. B. C.
Japanese troops enter Harbin Manchuria, after smashing through Chinese forces under Ting Chao.
Fourth session of the 27th Assembly of the Legislature opens.
Finance Minister Cashin in stating reasons for resignation makes grave charges against members Executive Government.
Debate on union of Newfoundland and Canada, under auspices Llewellyn Club.  Decision awarded to negative.
Feildings defeat Holy Cross in hockey play-off.
United College defeat Bishop Field, hockey 4 to nil.
Andrew Mellon succeeds General Dawes as U. S. Ambassador in London.
L. S. P. U. strike called off.
St. Bon's defeat Guards in hockey 12-3.
Store and contents of Abbott and Haliburton situated at Cape St. George completely destroyed by fire.
Hon. James Bindon appointed as Minister without portfolio in Squires Executive.
Holy Cross Literary Association holds pre-Lenten Musicale.
Patricians' Association Musicale
St. Bon's hockey team win from Under College, score 3 to 1.
Premier Bennett of Canada announces 10 per cent reduction in minister's salaries and civil servants.
Foreign Secretary Sir John Simon at the opening session of the Geneva Conference announced that the main features of Britain Disarmament proposals are the abolition, reduction gun caliber and limitation of conscription.
St. Bon's defeat holy Cross 4 to 3 goals.
Meeting of unemployed at majestic Theatre.
Professor Faull lectures on Thomas Alva Edison at Memorial College.
United College defeat Feildians, 7 to 3. college hockey.
Edgar Wallace, author , dies at Hollywood, 56.
Japan supports disarmament plea.   
Northeast blizzard brought first heavy snow for winter to London.   
Britain's Trade Bill gets first reading in House of Commons.
Feildians defeat Guards 5 to 3, league hockey.
The Pope and Mussolini meet for first time when Pope received the Dictator at the Vatican.
Unemployed after forcing entrance to the Premier's Office, told they could go to the Charity Bureau and get whatever they wanted.
Professor Faull of the Memorial College speaks to rotary Club on Edison as a man of business.
Residence of W. G. Heale, Forest Road, badly gutted by fire.
St. Bon's defeat B. F. College, 9-4, inter College Hockey.
B. I. S. and memorial College play to a drew in Intermediate League.
Annual Meeting St. Andrew's Society and election of officers.
Guards win from Holy Cross, 4 to 3.
Terra Nova and St. Bon's play to a two goal draw in Intermediate hockey.
United States House Representatives reject proposals to extend the term of members from 2 to 4 years.
Political animosities in the Irish Free State fanned to white heat by two assassinations and an attempted murder on the eve of the federal election.
Unemployed Committee interview City Council having as object to arrange meeting with the Civic Relief Committee.
Team representing S. Milley Ltd., win championship in Commercial Bowling Lwague.
Bishop field College team score 3 to 2.
Miss Edith Edgar gives interesting talk on plants of the sea to Macdonald Followship Club.
Fire which dose damage to the extent of $45,000 occurs at Quincy, Mass.
United College defeat St. Bon's Inter-collegiate hockey.
Greatest battle since 1918 opens at Shanghai when 100,000 men engage in terrific warfare.
Premier Paul Painleve of France abandon attempt to form cabinet.
Annual meeting and election of officers G. W. V. A.
Cyril J Cahill pleads guilty to 46 charges and is sentenced to 5 years in penitentiary.
Mr. J. J. Prowse addressed Patricians Association on "A Burning Topic."
T. H. O'Neill gives rendition of masterpiece to Holy Cross L. A.
Chinese troops stave off Japanese offensive.
Extraordinary League Assembly meeting summoned to meet at Genova March 3rd.
Union workers at Grand Falls protest against cut in pay. Company offers counter concessions in lower rents, electric, and water rates.  Officials settlement expected this week.
Andre Tardiew overthrown as Premier of France a few months ago announces that he will form cabinet to succeed Laval, including 8 members of the Laval Government.
De Valera's Flanna Foil Party and Labor allies win 77 seats in the new Dail against 68 for Cosgrave's Government.
Japanese Party headed by Premier Inukai returned to power with majority of 136 seats.
Chinese take offensive against Japanese at Shanghai and heavily bombard their position.
British Industries Fair opens at London and Birmingham.
St. Bon's team wins hockey championship for third successive year.
His Majesty the King presented Petty officer Wills with the Albert Medal for great heroism displayed in the Poseidon submarine disaster.
Annual meeting Gower Street United Church Congregation
Legislative Council opens.
Royal Stores wins championship in City Hockey League.
Sir Malcolm Campbell established new world's auto speed record of 253,968 miles an hour.
Sir Newton Moore succeeds C. B. McNaught as President of the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation.
By a vote of 317 to 69 the British House of Commons defeated the motion to take newsprint off the free list.
St. Bon's defeat Holy Cross 6-3 hockey.
Rotarians celebrate 26th , anniversary of Club.
Disarmament Conference unanimously adopted the resolution proposed by the British Foreign Secretary, Sir John Simon.
Annual meeting Marine Engineers' Association.
Annual meeting Great War Veterans Association.
Fieldians defeat Guards in Tie-cup series 10-2.
Bell island team defeat Brigus 7-4 inter-town games at Bell Island
Annual meeting of the congregation of George Street Church
Holy Cross defeats Guard , 7-5, hockey
Jury return verdict of guilty in case of R. J. Korner charges with arson, and he is sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.
Serious disturbance occurred at Malta when 6,000 people demand immediate dismissal of the present minister of the crown and the restoration of the unamended constitution of 1921.
Mr. T. H. Higgin's address Holy Cross L. A. on "Glories of Ancient Ireland."
Harry Cooper found guilty of obtaining money under false pretenses sentenced to two years in the penitentiary.
Cecil Hawkins, Bonavista, on way from Lomond timber camps, dies en route to Deer Lake Hospital.
Dwelling house owned and occupied by Albert Squires, Deer Lake , destroyed by fire.
MARCH 1932
Japan has agreed to League proposals and fully and gladly accept the terms of plan submitted..
Budget presented in the house of Assembly shows 5 million deficit for last year.
Annual meeting Old Collegian Association.
Bell Island win from Bay Roberts in conception Bay Championship series 4-2.
Twenty month old child of Col. and Mrs. Lindbergh kidnaped from cot in the New Jersey home.
Rev. Canon Howitt lectures to Royal Oka Lodge, No. 1286. L. O. A. on "A Trip to the Near East."
Mrs. W. D. edwards speaks to St. Margaret's Guild on "A Trip to Paris."
"Vanity Fair" staged at Pitts' Memorial Hall.
R. L. S. L. & A. Committee elect officers.
Brigus hockey team defeat Bell Island 2-1, thus making them Conception bay champions for year.
Terrible storm of wind that blew 92 miles an hour did considerable damage to Anglican Church at Channel.
Cease fire order ended a 35 day conflict on the Shanghai waterfront.  There was no formal armistice, but the commanders of both sides instructed their armies to cease unless attacked.
Lady Hall Caine dead of pneumonia .
Hon. Dr. Mosdell resigns from Chairmanship of the Board of Health; Prime Minister refuses to discuss resignation.
M. C. L. I   debate war debt question.
Lindbergh's receive note from their baby's kidnapers demanding $50,000 ransom.
Rotarian Jack Harnum describes growth of modern laundry methods to Rotary Club.
Brigus and Bay Roberts hockey teams entertained at Guards Club Rooms,
Assembly of the League of Nations unanimously called on China and Japan to negotiate a cessation of hostilities around Shanghai including the with drawl of Japanese forces..
Boiler house and contents of Cold Storage Plant destroyed by fire.  Captain Kavanagh suffers severe injuries.  Captain Byrne, Fireman Newell, Mahon and Codner, overcome by fumes from ammonia.
Rev. Fr. St. John lecture to holy Cross L.A. on "The Book of Books."
Evangelistic Service opens at Gower Street United Church.
Mr. R. T. McGrath lectures to Patrician Association on "Experience of Newfoundland Travel."
Steamship Imogene, Terra Nova, Beothic, Eagle, Ranger and Neptune leave for seal-fishery.
Store and dwelling owned by Alex Eddy, corner Brook, destroyed by fire.
John Philip Sousa ,famous bandleader and musician, passed away suddenly after a banquet in his honour, at Reading Pa.
David Boland, of Bell Island loses two fingers when gun barrel bursts while bird hunting.
Aristide Briand, veteran foreign Minister of France, dead.
Four men killed at Detroit and more than a score injured when police opened fire on a crowed of 3,000 unemployed as they attempted to smash their way through the guards of the River Rouge plant of the Ford Motor Company.
Dispatech from Boston stats that motorship Tidewaiter picked up crew of 6 from fisherman "John and Mary" abandoned of Cape Charles.
Mr. J. C. Puddester, M. H. A. Grand Master of the Loyal Orange Association pays fraternal visit to Conception Bay Lodge.
Pui Yi, young descendent of the former Manchu emperors formally inaugurated as new head of the Manchurian State.
Germany's unemployed reported as 6,000,000.
Annual Meeting of the Railway Employees Welfare Association.
Annual Meeting Congregation of Wesley Church, Rev. G. B. Pickering, D. D. invited to retain pastorate.
De Valera elect President of the Irish Free State.
First sign of seals reported from Groais Island.
Over 800 men from all braches of the G. W. V. A. attend meeting in Casino and vote for no cut in pensions.
Al Capone had offered to put up a $200,000 bond if released from prison to help seek for the Lindbergh baby.
Miss Chasswright speaks to Macdonalds Fellowship Club on "The Psychology of Fear."
Prince Lennart , of Sweden , sacrificed his royal privileges when he married a commoner, Karis Missvandt, daughter of a wealthy Stockholm business man.
Special deputation from the Dominion Grand Command of the G. W. V. A. met representative of the Government and made known to them the result of Thursday's meeting at the Casino.
Hon. Dr. Mosdell, Capt. John Parsons, and Mr. Philip T. Fudge, hand resignations to Sir Richard Squires giving as reason the new Budget and neglect of opportunities.
United College team win intr-collegiate championship when they defeat St. Bon's 3 to nil.
Hon. James Bindon appointed acting Minister of Finance and Customs.
S. S. Ranger reports loss of propellor when 15 miles south of Funks.  Kyle sails to aid of disable steamer.
War Veterans receive assurance from Prime Minister that there will be no cut in pensions.
George Eastman millionaire camera manufacturer and philanthropist, shot himself to death    at his home in Rochester N. Y.
St. Bon's win Tie-cup hockey series, defeating Feildians 10-3
S. S. Neptune has main shaft broken and is totally disabled about 10 miles north by east of "Storehouse."
Opportunity School re-opens at Synod Hall.
Worst storm of winter experienced in City.
Revenue returns indicate the British Budget will be balanced at end of the month.
Dr. Mosdell, in prepared speech, details reasons for resignation from the Government at he House of Assembly.  Mr. Fudge also explains his position to the House.
Armistice give promise of complete peace in Far East.  Japan withdrawing troops.
Avalon Lodge winds Hutching's trophy in inter-club card tourney.
Irish Day at Rotary luncheon.; "Will" Comerford gives address on "Some Links with Ireland."
St. Bon's defeat All Stars in thrilling game of hockey, 6-4.
Daily News defeat Jobs' in City league Tie-Cup series, 2-1.
For the first time since long illness Lloyd George attended Commons.
Imogene reports taking 4,000 seals.
B. I. S. celebrate feast of Patron Saint.  Members of executive all on His Excellency the Governor and His Grace and Archbishop.
Employees of Royal Stores hold Annual at Home.
Writs against Prime Minister Sir Richard Squires, M. H. A. and Hon. Dr. Campbell, M. H. A. issued out of Supreme Court under Charter 4, of the Consolidate Statues "Of Legislative Disabilities and the Vacation of Seats in the House of Assembly." Writs issued on application of Mr. H. A. Winter, Solistor for plaintiffs.
President Paton of Newfoundland Memorial College lectures to K of C and friends on the German poet Goethe.
Lumber camp at Deer Lake, owned by J. Goodyear & sons, and occupied by two families, totally destroyed by fire.
Rev. Fr. Jackman lectures to Patrician Association.
Judge Higgins lectures to Holy Cross L. A. taking as his subject "At the Cross Roads."
Three houses on Freshwater Road, occupied by Dr. J. Grieve, Mrs. Katherine Smith and Mr. Stan Goudie, badly damaged by smoke and water.
Rev. Ernest Davis lecture to Wesley Bible Class on "Early Influences in the Life of Christ."
Land development meeting at Pitts Memorial hall for the purpose of considering certain resolutions in connection with the cultivation of land as a remedy for distress and to formulate land policy, well attended.
Prize debate held at Holy Cross school.
Board of Trade unanimously adopted resolution protesting against the proposal by the experts to create a Government monopoly of the sale of Kerosene and gasolene in Newfoundland.
Newfoundland Memorial to her war dead, and beautiful park at Beaumont Hamel reported destroyed by fire.  Subsequent reports show this statement exaggerated.
Annual Meeting Newfoundland Poultry association.
Budget passed in the House of Assembly on a straight party vote.
Memorial college wins championship in intermediate league defeating St. bon's 1 to nil.
Rotarian Jack Lacey address Rotary Club.
Motor Association passed resolution protesting against "Sunday Observance Act" and the "Petroleun Products Act 1932."
Captain Ernest Cullett and crew of six of the Newfoundland schooner "Mildred Adams" which sailed from Barbor Buffett for Sydney, January 1st , reached Halifax.  Their vessel sank 7 miles off the Azores.
Sir Horace Plunkett dead , 77.
Employees of the International Power & Paper co., go on strike.  Notice by company of men on paper machinery precipitates trouble.
Peace negotiations between China and Japan reached deadlock.
J. A. Mollison broke London to Capetown record from 5 days, 8 hours, to 4 days , 17 hours.
Hon. P. J. Lewis resign from Cabinet and government Party.
Judgement entered against Dr. Campbell for $7,130.10 being amount of penalties incurred for sitting in the House of Assembly after accepting an office of profit or emolument from the Government.
Beothic and Imogene take 2,000 and 1,500 seals respectively.
Home of Richard and John Hunter, rockey Cove, Eastport, destroyed by fire.
Fiftieth Anniversary of the foundation of the Knight of Columbus fittingly celebrated by Terra Nova Council.
Albert Butler, B. Sc., of MacDonald college, appointed to the position of Deputy Minister of Agriculture in the Department of Lands and fisheries.
St. Margarets Guild Sale of Work.
Dwelling house and store owned by John Baker, Deer Lake, destroyed by fire.
Guards A. A. Annual Meeting.
Rev. Fr. McGrath elevated by a decree of Sacred Congregation of Propaganda fidi to the office of Prefect Apostolic of Chu-Chow, China.
Irish Cabinet fails to reach agreement on British oath vote.
Britain has achieved the "impossible" and balanced her Budget with a surplus of over a million dollars.
Late Mayor Howlett honored at Rotary Meeting.  Program for the day cancelled.
Annual meeting C of E Cathedral Parish.
Unemployed Parade to the House of assembly and present petition.
Mr. C. C, Pratt gives address on "A Trip to south America," at Weekly session of  M. C. L. I.
APRIL 1932
William Hay, prominent Canadian business man and parliamentarian dead.
Installation of officers Whiteway Lodge.
Villa of Santa Stefano midway between Naples and rome disappears into pit which opened in centre. 10,000 people abandoned the place as building slowly slid from view into the pit.
Boy named Ryan of Pouch Cove lost his thumb and finger when a dynamite cap which he was playing with exploded.
Lady Whiteway presented by Masonic Society with bouquet of 104 blooms in honor of 104th anniversary of the birth of Bro Rt. Hon. Sir William Vallance Whiteway.
Shop owned by Walter Crosbie and occupied by Allan French at Bay Roberts, destroyed by fire.
Sir Charles Hutton K. S. G. , gives Holy Cross L.A. some selections from the play, Joan of Arc.
Annual meeting St. Joseph's instifuto.
Edward Marjoricebanks, brilliant young British parliamentarian and member for Eastbourne commits suicide.
Majestic Theatre filled to overflowing to consider resolutions moved by Rev. W. E. Godfrey, seconded by Mr. H. A. Winter, K. C.
Hugh demonstration of citizens in peaceful parade to Colonial Building, where disorders started by rough element. Parade started from majestic Theatre in a most orderly manner. Police used batons on mob, who tried to force the door of the Assembly.  Windows and doors smashed in Colonial Building and nearly score of police and civilians injured.  Premier escapes through protection of clergy.
Speaker adjourns House owing to riot.
Strike settled at Corner Brook men back to work on terms satisfactory to both parties.
City quite after riot previous night.
Splendid work performed by volunteer police under direction of G. W. V. A.  1000 men sworn in.
Robert Belman of Bannerman Street, one of the special police suffer from broken arm and a cut over his eye as result of accident which occurred on Duckworth Street when motor car collided with barricade across Duckworth Street which snapped and hit Belman inflicting the above injuries.
Rotarians and sons attend luncheon at Newfoundland Hotel.  Mr. Alan F. Winslow, of the Pan-American Airways , Mr. John F. Ayre, and Mr. Eric Cook, speakers for the day.
Mr. Patrick W. Keegan admitted to Bar.
57th Annual Convocation of Shannon Chapter.  Installation of officers.
Father and Son banquet at the "Y".
Cyril Joseph Green admitted to Bar.
Mr. C. J. Fox, K. C. , Mr. K. M. Brown, representing the Government and Mr. C. E. Hunt, Solicitor for the International power and Company return from Corner Brook after negotiating settlement of strike.
Hindenburg elected President of Germany by nineteen Million votes to thirteen and a half million for Hitler.
Destructive fire at Bell Island destroys Cohen's store and house of Elias Gosine.  Damage estimated at $30,000.
Mr. W. J. Carew speak to Holy Cross L. A. on the Rainy Day.
Mr. P. J. Cashin announces retirement from public life for the present.
S. S. Eagle driven aground by pressure of ice fields on White Island, but ice loosened and she came off.
S. S. Beothic first arrival from seal fishery 5021 seals.
H. M. S. Dragon in port from Bermuda.
E. A. Charlton, Vice-President of International Power and Paper Co. announced at a meeting that minimum rate of pay had been raised from 26c per hour to 30c per hour to become effective immediately.
Mr. J. H. Penson gives lecture on Poland.
Mr. Llewellyn Colley speaks on "New York" at Cochrane Street Lecture room.
Sir John R. Bennett speaks to Rotary on his trip to West Indies.
Rioters again build in Auckland. Fight rages in streets 1320 rioters injured and over 20 police hurt. 300 rioters arrested.
Board of Trade Council meets for first time on Sunday.  Sir Percy Thompson and Mr. J. H. Penson outline plans of a 15 year contract between the Government and Imperial Oil Co.
Captain William Archer, war hero and son of the National leader, John Redmond passed away at Waterford, Ireland.
Floods in northern Yugoslovakia destroyed 1000 houses.
H. M. S. Dragon which arrived in port a few days ago sails again presumably for Bermuda.
Committee representing the destitute workmen of Bell Island interview Government to secure an additional day or two days' work at the mines to keep men from being compelled to rely on the dole.
New Radio Station, a subsidiary of the Avalon Telephone co., And known as the Avalon Broadcasting Co. registered.
Writs issued against three Opposition members, Messrs, Puddester, Tobin and Byrne.
Third Annual Conference St. Andrew's Brotherhood.
Nova Scotia Mine Workers Convention at New Glasgow adjourns amid disorder.
Miss. S. J. Avis B. A. lectures on France.
House Assembly meets for first time following riot.  Premier states that election will take place last of May.
Bowling trophies won by Y. M. C. A. and Railway Welfare Association presented at Reunion at the "Y'
Schooner Margaret Smpson, R. Tobin , Master, lost at Point Moll, Argentia.
Wesley Literary Association holds banquet.
Eight writs issued in the Supreme Court against Hon. F .G. Bradley, Mr. F. Archibald, Jos. Fitzgibbon, Robert J. Smith, Hon. W.W. Halfyard, J. M. Green, E. J. Godden, J. H. Scammell.
Y. M. C. A. Old Fashioned party.
Darroch MacGillivaray speaks to Rotary on Investment Banking.
Corner Brook river drivers succeed in winning recognition of the Logging Act by the International.
German Finance Minister, Herman Dietrich, told the Republican election mass meeting that Germany would pay no more reparations at the end of the Hoover moratorium plan.
S. S. Silvia first ship arrive at Montreal for this year.  On arrival Captain Kean presented with a walking stick.
Capt. F. Christiansen Commander of the German flying boat, DO-X and Mr. Niemann arrive by express in connection with the proposed flight of their machine from here to Spain later.
Edward Scott, editor of the Manchester Guardian drowned on Lake Windermere.
St. George's Day, feast of England's patron Saint, and the anniversary of Shakespeare's birthday celebrated throughout Empire.  Prince of Wales files from Windsor to open new Shakespe are  theatre which has been erected on the bank of the Avon River.
S. S. Imogene arrives in port from seal fishery with 31,355 seals.
Annual meeting Bible society.
S. S. Terra Nova arrives in port with 8,157 seals.
Closing session Holy Cross L. A. Rev. J W. O'Hara, B. A. Gives address.
Canadian International Paper Co. announced that it had acquired New Brunswick International power Co. and the International power and paper Co. (of Nfld) ltd., thus forming the world's largest producer of newsprint paper.
Young People's League of Gower Street Church hold banquet.
S. S. Eagle arrives in port from seal fishery 3,081 seals.
Annual meeting Wesley Literary Association.
Annual Meeting Newfoundland Football League.
St. Bonaventure's College celebrates Diamond Jubilee.
Annual Convocation of the District Grand Lodge, E. C. A. F. and A. M.
Dr. J. St. Pierre Knight appointed Chairman of the Board of Pensions in succession to Dr. Mosdell, resigned.
Redistribution Bill passed Committee stage in the House of Assembly.
Mrs. (Dr.) Jane presented with Caribou Statuette on Ebony pedestal by Newfoundland Broadcast Committee and the Wesley  Radio Board on eve of her departure from Newfoundland.
Petroleum Bill Election and Redistribution , and Lumber Export Bills, pass all stages in House of Assembly.
26,200 persons now in goals in India for political acts.
Annual meeting St. Thomas' Parish.
Bill to abolish the oat of allegiance of the British Crown passed second reading in the dash by 77 to 71
Body of child which picked up at Codroy on the 25th identified as being that of Henry Strickland of West La Poile, who disappeared about two week previously.
Presentation of cups to winning teams in City Hockey League takes place at Crosbie Hotel, Mr. F. C. Alderdice, patron of the league, presented with beautiful walking stick.
Fear of the highest ranking Japaanese military naval and diplomatic official at Shanaghai seriously injured when a bomb blew to bits the stand on which they were seated reviewing the militia in Hongkeu Park in honor of the birthday of Emperor.
Members of the Opposition and Independent assembled in the Opposition Room where Mr. Puddester, on behalf of the Official Opposition, made a presentation of a handsome silver salver to the leader of the Opposition, Mr. Alderdice as a token of their high esteem.
First forest fire for the season reported on the Avalon Peninsula occurs in small woods on the ridge behind tor's Cove.
Sutherland Place, King's Bridge Road damaged by fire and water.  House of John Field, King's Bridge badly damaged by fire and water.
Forth session of the 27th Genera/l Assembly of the Legislature prorogues,
Body of Capt. Mile MacDonald who was drowned when his vessel went ashore at Freshwater Point, recovered.
MAY 1932
Tardien Government of France defeated at polls.
C. M. R. C. Harber and Wharf Mission opens.
Mr. R. J. Magor , at Montreal announces terms of the Petroleum Monopoly.
Body of little boy Ahearn of Low Point who fell over cliff on April 20th recovered.
First Lytron report on Manchurian problems.
Mr. Edward Withers, retiring superintendent of the Commercial Cable Co. presented with handsome engraved silver mounted walking stick, leather handle and silver lighter by staff of Newfoundland office.
Capt. W. N. Lancaster, flying partner of Mrs. Keith Miller charged with the murder of Haden Clarke, her finance.
Guards wins championship in senior league basketball.
Annual social and prize presentation at Y. W. C. A. House Girls league.
Annual meeting Wesley Bible Class.
Annual Meeting Newfoundland Motor Association.
As a result of Beauhernois enparty Senaior Wilfred  Lurier McDougal resigned from the senate.
S .S. Nerissa outward bound for St. John's struck George's Island, Halifax.  Was pulled off by tugs undamaged.
Destructive fire at Corner Brook paretically destroyed Gill Tailoring premises and did considerable damage to the large stock of goods in the Clarke & Co. building and household furniture of two families name Squires and Lundrigian, who resided in the building.
Gordon Stewart Cowan of St. John's awarded the University Medal and Carswell Prize at Dalhousie.
Captain Kavanagh of the West End Fire Hall given address and presentation on the occasion of his retiring from the department after 40 years of service.
Peace agreement between Chinese and Japanese signed.
Mr. C. D. Muir speaks at Rotary luncheon, taking as his subject "A Sermon in Stone" pleasing feature of the meeting was the presentation of a raffia worked cruet stand in the form of a Rotary wheel from patients at the Mental Hospital in appreciation given by Rotarians in the institution.
Public Service Electric Company Ltd. of Carbonear and the United towns Electric Company amalgamate.
C. Y. M. Litterary Association elects officers.
Paul Doumer, President of France passed away exactly 12 hours after being shot by a Russian assassin, Paul Brad.
Very Rev. Dr. Murphy L.L.D., P. P. of Brigus elevated to the dignity of Domestic Prelate by His Holiness the Pope.
St. Bon's win junior championship in Basketball League.
Austrian Cabinet headed by Premier Karl Buresch, resigned.
Customs officers using M. S. Maneco, seized French rum running schooner in Bay with $10,000 liquor cargo aboard.
Tennis Club held annual meeting G. S. Grant appointed President.
Mother Day Service Gower St. Church.
Campaign of the United Newfoundland Party opens in West end.
Mr. Wm. Fogwell appointed Purchasing Agent of Railway Stores in place of Mr. W. J. Kent, retired.
French Premier Tradien presents resignation of the Ministry.
Rev. J. Brinton presented with leather bound photograph and autograph album by C. M. B. C. in Cathedral Parish.
Monsieur Lebrun elected new President of France.
Annual Masonic Service on behalf of the Tasker Educational Fund held at Church of England Cathedral.
Holy name Society Night Schools closes with banquet to 200 pupils.
C. L. B. Annual indoor sports.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tucker formerly of Carbonear, celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary at Everett, Mass.
Prince of Wales left London to attend funeral of Mons. Doumer, President of France.
Water boiler in the Bank of Montreal bursts, destroying the heating plant, wrecking the office of the Manager and doing other damage.
Congregational Young Men's Bible Class holds banquet.
Annual Meeting Playgrounds Association.
Body of Lindbergh baby, identified by fragments of clothing, found in a wooded area 5 miles from the Lindbergh estate by occupants of a truck.
Dr. Robert Kelley , member of Rear Admiral Robert Peary's first expedition to Greenland, commits suicide.
Annual Festival G. F. S.
Royal store hockey team championship winners of the City Hockey League, given dinner at Sterling Restaurant.
Carbonear Presbytery of the United Church meets at Old Perlican.
Staff of Royal stores gives pleasing surprise to Mr. Campbell Macpherson on eve of his departure for New York to be married.
Premier J. T. Lang, of New south Wales, dismissed by governor Sir Philip Game when he refused to recognize orders of the Australian Federal Government.
Lou Reichers who reached Harbor Grace at 6.45 and took off again at 8.30 on trans-Atlantic flight rescued from the Atlantic off the southern tip of Ireland by a lifeboat from S. S. President Roosevelt, Reichers suffered a broken nose and contusions.  Plane lost.
Store owned by A. V. Gallant, and boarding house owned by Mrs. Wm. White, at Deer Lake, destroyed by fire.
 Diplomatic relations between Mexico and Peru severed.
Premier Suyoski Inukai of Japan assassinated by member of a group of military terrorists.
Schooner St. Periease, under the name of "Mary," auxiliary craft of 30 tons, captured by S. S. Manco with $10,000 contraband cargo of liquor and cigarettes.
B . S. d. Stevens succeeds J. T. Lang as Premier of New south Wales.
John Marshall, skipper of the Gloucester schooner, Louise Marshall , destroyed by fire off Cape Sable, arrested and charged with barratry.
Third Annual Mother and Daughter banquet under auspices of the Gower St. N. G. L. T. and Lecture Hall.
W. Tucker and Company, Carbonear, celebrate Golden Jubiliee.
Mr. A. L. Smith who has been General Secretary of the Y. M. C. A. in St. John's since the Association was formed, resigns,
L. S. P. U. annual Meeting.
Abolition of the parliamentary oath of allegiance to the British crown given approval by Dall Eireann by vote of 78 to 69.
DO-X arrived at Holyrood .  Fully 5000 people visited Holyrood to see flying boat.
Amella Earhart Putnam leaves Harbor Grace on solo flight across at Atlantic.
M. E. Comp. Joseph W. Boyd of Yarmouth the Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons in Novas Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland pays official visit to Shannon chapter.
Manifesto of Mr. F. C. Alderdice leader of the United Newfoundland Party published.
Annual Meeting St. John's Amateur Baseball League.
DO-X leaves Holyrood for Europe.
DO-X arrives at Vogo, Spain.
Mr. John Rowe , warden at the Lunatic Asylum has leg broken when his car crashed into a fence on the south side of Quidi Vidi Road.
C. L. B. holds first parade for season.
Mrs. Amelia Earhart Putnam landed at Londonderry , having flown the 2000 miles across the Atlantic in 14 hours, 54 minutes.
Capt. George Endres, who flew with Capt. Magyer from Harbor Grace to Budapest last year, killed when plane crashed at Rome.
Heavy rainstorms, cloud bursts and thunder which occurred in many parts of England,
caused deaths of three people by drowning and $100,000 worth of property damage.
Lord Inchcape, prominent in shipping world dead, 79.
Annual State Convention Knight of Columbus.
DO-X completing the 16,000 miles voyage began in November, 1930, lands at Lake Muoggell, near Berlin.
Herbert L. Pottle, Flatrock wins Birks Gold Medal and alumni life membership for excellence in senior class at Mount Allison Convention.
Annual Spots Day Holy Cross Schools.
Convocation Day at Mount Allison.
Canadia Parliament prorogue.
Sir Percy Thompson, K. B. E. speaks to Rotary on the financial situation existing in Newfoundland to-day.
Adjourned Annual Meeting of Basball League held.
Schooner Coral Spray. owned by J. B. Patten and sons, Grand Bank, arrives at North Sydney, reporting the loss of 2 men, while fishing in dense fog 37 miles off Flat Point.  The missing men are John BUNGAY, 37, married and John HOOPER,33, married both of Jersey Harbor.
Annual Sports 1st St. John's troop Boy Scouts held at C. L. B. Armoury.
Team representing S. Milley Ltd. wins Bowling Championship.
His Majesty the King drove in stage coach from Buckingham Palace, to St. Jame's Palace to attend the last levee of the season,

Grand master Monroe of the Grand Lodge I. O. O. F. of the Maritime Province of Canada and Newfoundland, arrives in city.
Holy Cross team wins opening game of football season, defeating Guards 3 to nil.
Arthur , and passenger, Dr. Kuehnet, who took off from St. Anthony on a brief flight in former's plane, reported missing.
Wages agreement between Dominion Steel and Coal Company and the coal mines at Glace Bay, embodying wages decrease of 12 1/2 per cent, signed.
His Holiness, the Pope , celebrated the 75th anniversary of his birthday.
Wanderers Association hold Annual Meeting.
Feildians win from C. L. B. in splendid football game. score 2 to 1.
Guards and Mount Cashel football teams respectively elect officers for coming year.
JUNE 1932
Franz Von Papen succeeds in forming a rightest cabinet at Berlin
Annual Sports Day St. Bon's college.
MacDonald Fellowship Club hold card party at Newfoundland Hotel.
No word yet received as to the fate of the missing Gypsy Moth plane and its occupants Arthur Sullivan and Dr. Kuehnet who left St. Anthony May 30th.  Boston monoplane with Charlie Hubbard of Boston, and pilot Harold Crowley and Edward O'Tool on board arrive at St. Anthony to make search.
International Power & Paper Co. (Nfld) reports surplus of $634,630 for the year ending December 31st, 1931, as against surplus of $764,641 for previous year.
Wm. George Johnson, of Job's Cove, D .B .V. the hero of the Viking disaster, decorated with Albert Medal, which had been awarded by His Majesty the King in recognition of heroism displayed by him.  The presentation was may by His Excellency the Administrator Sir William Horwood at Government House.
His Majesty the King celebrates his 67th birthday.
Boy Scouts and ex-Scouts numbering 300 attend Divine Service at George St. United Church.
House on Cook Street owned and occupied by Mr. H. Wilson badly damaged by fire and water.
B. I. S. win from Mount Cashil 2 goals to nil.
6th Annual Meeting "Y".
Sir John Middleton has audience with His Majesty the King.
Serious epidemic had broken out at Hampton and several people are under treatment for diphtheria; two deaths occurred within three days.
Mr. John Prowse lectures to Presentation Convent Ladies' Association on "A Burning Topic."
Arbor Day at United Church Orphanage.
Anniversary of great fire in 1846.
Mr. William White, president of the Land Development Association delivers interesting address on the activities of that Association to date and its policy for the future, at Rotary
Luncheon.  Mr. "A" Smith, Y. M. C. A. Secretary given presentation by Rotary.
Search for Gypsy Moth plane and its occupants, Arthur Sullivan and Dr. Huehnert, abandoned.
Holy Cross defeat Fieldians 1 to nil.
Annual Sports Day Bishop Spencer College.
B. I. S. defeat Guards 4 to nil.
Polling Day.  Squires Government utterly defeated. Opposition capturing every seat, but three.
The United Australia Party a combination of all the anti-Socialists, given overwhelming victory at the polls.
Dr. Alfred Gandier for many years United Churches and a former Moderator of the Presbyterian General Assembly ,passed away, 71.
United Towns-Avalon Telephone new broadcasting station begins tests.
Schooner Effie Morrissey, Capt. Bob Bartlett, leaves New York for Northern Greenland, to erect monument to commemorate the deeds of the explorer, Com. Peary.
Mr. Harold Mitchell, who successfully defeated Prime Minister Squires in Trinity South District, giving rousing reception on return to City.
30th Biennial Session of the Diocesan Synod of the church of England.
Fieldians and Guards football teams play to a scoreless draw.
Eight Session of the Newfoundland Conference of the United Church of Canada opens at George St. United Church, Rev. J. W. Winsor, pastor of Pouch Cove, elected President, and Rev. Ira Curtis, Pastor of George St. Church, elected Secretary.
Herbert Hoover nominated as presidential candidate at thr Republican Convention in the first ballot.
Bishop Field College Sports
Rev. Kenneth J. Beaton address Rotary , taking as his subject Manchuria Peace River Area of China.
A. S. Belle Isle , new passenger, mail and freight ship for the Montreal, St. Pierre, St. John's service, makes first trip to this port.  Reception held on board.
Mount Cashel defeats Holy Cross team, score 3 to 0.
Mr. J. L. Paton addresses United Church Conference.
City team defeats team from H. M. S. Scarborough 4 to 1.
Annual Sports United College.
Proclamation issued at Malta re-establishes self-Government in the Island.
Annual Conference of the United Church concluded.  Rev. Oliver Jackson appointed Editor in Chief of the monthly Greeting.  With Revs. S. G. Garland and E. Davis assistants; Mr. J. S. Currie, Business Manager
Opening game baseball series, B. I. S. defeat Guards 14 to 7.
Hon Albert Walsh, new King's Counselor, sworn in.
Two pieces aeroplane wreckage picked up in vicinity of Cape Norman, Sts. Belle Isle, believed to be those of late Arthur Sullivan plane.
Wanderers win second game in baseball series, defeating Cubs 12 too 6.
Mount Cashil and Feildians football team play in scoreless draw.
Formal opening of Eucharistic Congress at Dublin.
Graduation Dance Memorial University College.
Closing exercises Littledale Academy.
Annual Concert and prize Distribution at Prince Wales College.
One of the world's few remaining monarchies topple when the army and navy of Siam suddenly revolted and set up a constitutional monarchy.
Prince of Wales unveiled new chapel to "the million dead" at Westminster Abbey.
Rotarian "Janck" Lacey speaks to club of the recent convention at Kentville.
Guards defeat C. L. B.  4 to 1.
Premises owned by the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Co. Grand Falls, and occupied by the Grand Falls Co-operative Society, destroyed by fire.
Closing exercises at Memoral University College.  Diplomas presented by Lady Horwood.
Annual Meeting of the Fish and Games Protection Association at Crosbie Hotel.
Avalon Lodge E. C.  A. F.  And A. M. office bearers installed.
Mr. L. C. Currie, director of Robinson & Co. Ltd. presented with silver service and address by employees on occasion of his marriage.
Thomas Cooper, Signal hill, one of trouting party who had been missing sice June 23rd, reached Tor's Cove safely, having walked about 75 miles.
Annual sports St. Patrick's Hall.
Squires ministy resign.  His excellency the Administrator of Cabinet, headed by Hon. F .C. Alderdice.
Brooder house of Altadens Poultry Farm destroyed  by fire with loss of 55 young Turkeys and 800 young chick.
Holy Cross defeat B. I. S. by score of 2 to 1.
Body of walter H. Little of Newtown, Mass., whose plane was lost some months ago while he was attempting a flight over the Bay of Fundy, found by fishermen 4 miles off Brier Island.
Rev. John Cotter ordained to Priesthood by His Grace the Archbishop at R. C. Cathedral.
Capt. Bob Bartlett sails from Brigus in the auxiliary Effie  M. Morrissey for Greenland.
Mont Cashel defeat guards, 2 to nil.
Tariff was between Britain and Irish Free State begins
Board of Trade decides to send Messrs. Noonam ; Dawe and McNamara as trade representatives for Newfoundland at the Imperial Conference.
Wanderers baseball team win from Guards by score of 11 to 9.
B. I. S. and Feildians football teams divide honors. score 1 to 1.
Rev. Dr. McElheren, M. A. D. D., Principal of Wycliffe to Rotary Club appointee to Remembrance Day.
JULY 1932
Remembrance Day.
Memorial Day ceremonies at War Memorial largely attended.  Prime Minister Hon. F. C. Alderdice delivers address in absence of the representative of His Majesty the King.
All miners at Bell Island walk out in protest against wage cut.
Mr. K. M. Brown, M. H. A returns by express from Grand Falls and reports that men had agreed to accept the 35 cut in wages and are continuing work.
Former King Manuel of Portugal dies at London,of acute throat affliction , at age of 42 years.
New Monastery at Holy Cross solemnly blessed by His Grace the Archbishop.
Round the world flyers Capt. Bennett Griffin and James Mattern, lose bearing in fog iff Newfoundland, but finilly land at Harbor Grace at 5.04 leaving again at 7.30 heading for Eurpoe.
Annual General meeting of the Council of the Boy Scouts Association.
Lord Bishop of Newfoundland accompanied by Rev. J. T. Hiscock, as Chaplin, leaver on tour of south coast.
H. M. S. Challenger arrives in port from Portsmouth.
New executive of Terra Nova Council K of C installed by Worthy State Deputy.
B. I. S. establish themselves in first place in baseball league when they defeated the Wanderers 19 to 8.
Mount Cashel defeat Feildians 1 to nil
Mattern and Griffin land at Berlin at 5.40 after record breaking flight across the Atlantic.   Took off three hours and 20 minutes later for Moscow.
Ayre & Sons Ltd. employees and friends hold outing at Donovans.
St. Patrick's Parish garden party.
City team defeat team from H. M. S. Challenger in special football game.
Railway wins from Foundry in City football series.
Labor executives at Corner Brook state workers there refuse to accept wage cut.
"Will" Herder elected President of Rotary Club.
Garden Party at "Fontenary", Topsail country residence of Hon. F. C. Alderdice, under auspices of Child Welfare Association.
Official opening Playground at Bannerman Park.
Official opening Summer School by His excellency the Administrator, Sir William Horwood.
Residence at Corner Brook occupied by Mr. Isaac Janes completely destroyed by fire.
Cubs win from guards baseball team 9 to 6.
Tentative settlement of Reparations problems at Lausanne announced.
Holy Cross win football game from Guards 4 to nil.
Salvation Army Congress opened by Col. David McAmmoad, Field Secretary for Canada and Newfoundland Territory.
B. I. S. win from C. L. B. by score of 3 to nil.
Annual Garden party at Belvedere.
Annual outing of St. Patrick's Christian Doctrine Society at Donovans.
Wanderers baseball team defeat Cubs 13 to 8.
Schooner Jubilee , John Lahey, master, salt laden for Trepassey, struck rock at Horn Head, Renews and sank shortly after.  Crew landed safely.
H. C. Thomson delivers address on the project of a free port for Mortier Bay and the possibilities of developing a fresh fish industry there before Rotary Club.
Cubs defeat B. I. S. by score of 10 to 5.
Mount Cashel defeat B. I. S. 2 to 1.
Hon L. E. Emerson sails for Ottawa by S. S. Nerissa.
Religious Reception and Profession at St. Bride's Chapel, Littledale.
Pilot Douglas Fraser arrived from New York in his new Curtiss-Robin seaplane.
Annual Requiem Mass Mount Carmel Cemetery Cross of Sacrifice in memory of men who died overseas blessed by his Grace the Archbishop.
Haye Don well known racing motorist broke world's water speed record on Lock Lomond in Lord Wakefield's L10,000 (pounds) motorboat Miss England.
Annual Picnic of the St. John's Juvenile T. A. & B. Society at Donovan's.
Guards and Wanderers baseball teams play to a draw 8 to 8.
Feildians and Guards football teams play to a draw 1 to 1.
Mrs. R. J. Magor resigns as relief controller.
Holy Cross defeat C L. B. 1 goal to nil.
Hon. Harold and Miss Macpherson hold "At Home" at Westerland in honor of Mrs. Campbell Macpherson.
Religious Reception and profession at Presentation Convent Cathedral Square.
Hon. L. E. Emerson states Newfoundland's position at Imperial Conference in absence of Prime Minister Alderdice
Newfoundland delegation to Ottawa Conference and trade representative leave for Ottawa.
R. E. W. A. Outing at Donovan's.
C. of E. Orphanage Garden party.
Fieldians defeat B. I. S. football team 1 to nil.
Annual Garden Party at Kilbride.
Prime Minister Hon. F. C. Alderdice holds long conference at Sydney dominion Steel and Coal Corporation.
Fire at Grand Fall destroys the K of C building.
His Excellency the Governor in company with a troup of members of the Land Development Association make a tour of the Association's lot.
Unemployment held parade at night and started rioting.  Windows of Royal Stores and several small stores smashed.
Government notified that Syndicate Banks had agreed to make advance of $100,000 to the Municipal Council.
C. L. B. win from Guards by 1 goal to nil.
Guards defeat Wanderers score, 17 to 14.
Dr. Paul Gorguloff, who assassinated Pail Doumer, President of France, found guilty of murder and sentenced to the guillotine.
Four members of the unemployed committee, Thomas Hickey, John McGrath, Arthur W. Smith and James Johnson, arrested and charged with riot.
Wanderers got first victory on Mount Cashel Cup Trophy defeating B. I. S. by score of 5-4.
Garden Party at Mount Cashel.
Summer School students recall memory of late Dr. Bruton at picnic at Bowring Park.
Holy Cross football team defeats Feildians 4 to nil.
B. I. S. team defeats Wanderers 12 to 5.
Schooner Cape Race, Capt. Benson, bound to this port from Sydney with cargo of coal and tar ashore one mile west of St. Shotts, total wreck.  Crew landed safely.
Formal request that Iraq should be admitted to the League of Nations made by Nuri Pasha, Iraqui Prime Minister, through the British Foreign Office.
B. I. S. team win from Guards 3 to nil.
Guards defeat Cubs 16 to 9.
Announced the Mr. E. N. R. Trentham will succeed Mr. J. H. Penson as Controller of the Treeasury.
Government releases for publication details of economies to be effected from this date, totaling $200,000.
Bell Island mines accept wage cut.
House and store of Ronald Tilley, Clarenvill, destroyed by fire.
Schooner Lady Parsons, Aaron Harris, Master, sank at Crouse Harbor with 600 quintals codfish onboard.  Crew landed safely at Conche.
Annual Regatta Day marked by ideal weather conditions,
Severe electric storm sweeps Avalon Peninsula.  Hail described as large as hazel nuts were piled 8 inches deep in spots on Hodgewater Line.
Chicago swept by $6,000,000 fire.
Capt. Grehard Folgero , master of the Viking Ship "Raold Amundsen" addresses Rotary Club.
Investigation shows that body recently discovered on Labrador by airmen, is that of Herman J. Koehier, of East Orange, N. J. an explorer.
B. I. S. defeat Guards in Baseball game 15 to 5.
B. I. S. defeat Holy Cross in football game , score 1 to nil.
Salmonier man killed about 200 round head whales at a point about half a mile below the bridge.
Wanderers baseball team defeat Cubs.
His Excellency , the Governor and Lady Middleton attend closing session of Summer School.
C. G. Ekman, Premier of Sweden, resign.
Ninth annual Convention of the Newfoundland Medical Association opened.  Acting Mayor Carnell gives brief welcome to Convention delegates.
Bank of Nova Scotia celebrates its 100th anniversary.
Bolivia accepts temporary truce, but has, however, a large army in the field against Paraguay.
Special Agent, Br. W. A. Wells delivers inspiring address to Knights of Columbus at their club.
Mount Cashel wins football championship for 1932.
Spain in throes of Monarchist revolt in attempt to upset 16 months old Republic.  Entire nation under martial law.
St. Joseph's Regatta.
Erin House, well-known hotel at Grand Falls, destroyed by fire and water.
Royalist uprising in Spain of duration.  Rebellion smashed with arrest of the leader, General Jose San Jurjo.
Inspector General , C. H. Hutchings , delivers address to Rotary Club on "Can St. John's come back industrially."
Wanderers baseball team defeat Guards by score of 19 to 9.
Prince of Wales and Prine George reach Venice where they are met by huge crowds.
Heiman Brown, LaMarchant Road, arrested under warrant and charged with arson and attempting to defraud.  Charge arise out of a fire that occurred at his premises early in the morning of July 26th.
William Hapgood, of Cook St. , an employee of Warren Construction Co., whilst at work on excavation, Water Street West, was accidently hit with a pick in the eye.  He was removed to the Grace Hospital where the eye was removed.
Hugh Vinnicombe, 19, of Barter's Hill, suffered injuries to his spine as result of being pinned under a skid which fell on him.
Dr. S. G. Kean, Brookfield, B. B. elected President Newfoundland Medical Association.
Holy Cross defeat Mount Cashel in first game of Tie-cup series 1 to nil
Robert Hollett, teamster with Lester stables, whilst driving a long car, was struck by the steam coach at St. John's Crossing, and badly injured.
J. A. Mollison, young Scottish airman, left Port Manrock, Ireland, in an attempt to fly both ways across the Atlantic.
Professor Piccard descended from the stratosphere reporting having reached an altitude of 54,776 feet.
Louis Edwards of New York and Arthur Lionel Patterson, of Quebec, residing at the Cochrane Hotel, city' placed under arrest and all documents in relation to the Tubercular Veterans Trust Subscription Sweep seized.
Medals and cups won at St . Joseph's Regatta presented.
John B. Ashley of St . Bonaventure's College winner of the Jubilee Scholarship for 1932.
Four trade agreements between United Kingdom, Newfoundland, India , South Africa and South Rhodesia signed at Ottawa Conference.
J. A. Mollison landed at Pennfield ridge, N. B. too tired to continue.  First to fly westward solo.
His Excellence, Sir John Middleton, K. C. M. G. , K. B. E. resigns as Governor of Newfoundland.
London is sweltering in the greatest heat wave of history.  All Western Europe is suffering the same amazing heat.
Rev. A. G. Pinkham former Newfoundlander and Rector of Ascension Parish , St. Pauls, Minnesota, for 26 years retires from active service and is honored by Twin City Clerics.
Fieldians team eliminated in the Tie-cup series when they lost to B. I. S.  By score of 2 -1.
Band of H. M. S. Dragon gives concert in aid of the Playgrounds.
J. A. Mollison arrived at Roosevelt field at 6 o'clock Newfoundland time making the total flying time from Port Marnock to New York 36 hours.
Plenary session of the Imperial Conference closes.
Results achieved at Ottawa Conference include, preference on fish, codliver oil, chilled salmon and timber.
Prince of Wales and Prince George receive great ovation when they land at Cannes from H. M. S. Shropshire.  Prince laid wreath on the memorial of his grandfather.
After establishing women's endurance flight record of 196 hours aloft, Mrs. Francis Marsalis and Mrs. Louise Thaden, landed at Valley Stream.
Rotarians and Rotary Anns entertain over 300 underprivileged children at Mount Pearl Park.
Invitation extended to Rev. Dr. J. B. Paulin, B.A. B. D. , of Toronto to become pastor St. John's, Kirk.
His Excellency the Governor presented Mr. Richard D. Walsh of Bell Island with the decoration of a Companion of the Imperial Service Order which honor has been conferred on him by His Gracious Majesty the King.  Mr Walsh who for 54 years has been in the telegraph service of the country was retired at the end of Jun.
His Excellency the Governor Sir John Middleton, K. C. M. G. , K. B. E. , who was attended by Lieut. Hudson R. N. , of H. M. S. Dragon, presented Supt. P. J. O'Neill with the victory Medal and 1914-15 Star awarded him by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty for his service with the Royal Navy.
Football team from H. M. S. Dragon wins from City team 6-1.
Solberg and Patterson, who hopped off from New York at 7.30 and were due at Harbor Grace at 2 p.m. made a force landing on the waters of Paradise Sound P. B. at 9.20 p.m.
Gordon Cowan admitted to the bar of Nova Scotia at Halifax.
Children of Playgrounds Association given party on board H. M. S. Dragon through generosity of the ship's company.
H. G. Walker, well-known Britian arctic explorer and leader of the expedition which left London in July to survey possible air routes between Europe and Canada, reported killed near Angmagsalik, Greenland, in kayka accident.
Basket of flowers from the I. O. D. E. presented to Mrs. Alderdice at Quebec before the New Northland sailed for Newfoundland.
Mrs. W. F. Hutchinson of St. John's led the qualifying run in the Maritime women's golf, leading Edith Bauld, of Halifax, for 8 time champion, by three strokes.
Lee and Brockton in their monoplane "Green Mountain Boy" landed at Harbor Grace, at 9.55 a. m.
Miss Marie WHITE of LeMarchant Road found dead in bed.  Death pronounced due to natural causes.
Garden Party Regatta of Outer Cove and Logy Bay held at Quidi Vidi.
Cubs win from Wanderers in Sweater Coat Series baseball, 4-3.
Inter-town inter club tennis tourney at Terra Nova Tennis Club.
Rotarian "Tommy" Hallett gives talk on the fish business at the weekly luncheon.
City team defeats Bell Island 2 -1 in inter-town football game.
Wanderers win from B. I. S. in Sweater Coat baseball series, 12-5.
Lee and Mrockton hop off from harbor Grace for Norway.
Mrs. Robert J. Mackinnon the newly appointed Secretary of the Y. m. C. A. and wife arrive.
Miss Edith Bauld, of Halifax, won the women's Golf Championship of the Maritimes, defeating Mrs. Hutchinson , of St. John's, 7-6.
William Newbury, until recently traveling auditor of the General Post Office, arrested and charged with embezzlement of $271.20 of property of His Majesty Post Office.
Nonia has been honored with the receipt of an order from Royalty for Newfoundland home woven material.
C. L. B. eliminate Guards from Tie-cup series, score 6 goals to nil.
Mt. Cashel barn and contents destroyed by fire.
Railway and Foundery football teams play to a draw in City League series.
Prime Minister, Hon. F. C. Alderdice, Mrs. Alderdice, the Minister of Justice, Hon. L. E. Emerson, K. C. and the Prime Minister Secretary, Mr. W. J. Carew , arrive home from Imperial Conference.
The Shell Sikorsky Amphibian plane, with pilot R. T. Wickford, William Calder, Aircraft inspector, and L. Esperance, mechanic which left Port Hawesbury, on the 27th, arrived Harbor Grace.
Entire weaving section of Manchester comprising 200,000 workers are on strike.
Cubs and B. I. S. baseball teams play to a draw with 7 runs each in Sweater coat series.
Sovereign Grand Mistress of L. O. B. A. Sr. Darracott, of Winnipeg, arrives on official visit.
Luncheon party given by Capt. Olsen at the Crosbie Hotel, to the two Norse aviators, Thos Solberg, pilot , and Paterson, radio operator of the "Enna Jettick" plane".
House and contents owned by A. L. Moore, Millertown destroyed by fire.
Eclipse of the sun seen at Gambo, Grand Falls, Deer Lake Hermitage, Harbor Breton; too cloudy to see it at other places,
Atlantic airman J. A. Mollison decided to abandon return flight to England.
Annual Garden party and Regatta held at Mundy Pond.
B. I. S. win from Cubs by score of 15 to 9 in Sweater Coat series.
Prime Minister Hon. F. C. Alderdice , speaks on some aspects of the Imperial Conference at Rotary Luncheon.
James Patrick Silo, aged 42, of New York, a cruise passenger on S. S. Fort St. George. died on that boat from heart failure.
Shell Silkorsky Amphibian plane took off from Harbor Grace on return trip to the United States.
Holy Cross and B. I. S. teams draw in Tie-cup game securing one goal each.
His Lordship Bishop White accompanied by Rev. J. T. Hiscock, leaves on Episcopal visit.
Anglo-American Telephone Co. closed all outport offices in Newfoundland and Postal Telegraphs now control all traffic in the country.
Resignation announced of James J. Walker, mayor of New York.
Employees of Nfld. Light and Power Co. Ltd. honor J. W. Morris with gift of three pieces of silverware.
Cubs defeat Wanderers 3 to 2 in Sweater Coat series.
Employees of Job Bro., & Co., present Mr. F. Crane with address and smoker's set on occasion of his retirement after nearly half century of service.
Gar Wood wins first heat of speed boat race from Kaye Don at Detroit.
Capt. J. J. O'Grady, Playgrounds Superintendent, presented with address and splendid gyumasum sweater at closing of playgrounds.
Seventh attempt to lift the Harmsworth trophy failed when Keye Don's Miss England III,  was disabled through engine trouble after 13 miles of the 35 miles course, Gar Wood retains title.
Clift Stone wins 10 miles road race for 7th time with Edward Maher, 2nd , Pat Kelly 3rd. Jake Ralph 4th, Willie Mercer, Bay Roberts 5th, Herman Young Heart's Content 6th, Tom Hammond, Spaniard's Bay, 7th , J Delaney, Bay Roberts, 8th.
B. I. S. team defeats C. L. B. in tie-cup series 2 to 1.
Sir Wilfred Grenfell speaks to Land Development Association.
Mr. John Dwyer of Halifax, speaks to members of Terra Nova Council K of C and their friends on the Eucharistic Congress recently held in Ireland.
Annual meeting Lodge Empire, No. 270 ,S. O. E.
Sir Gilbert Parker, well known author and imperialist, dies at London.
Royal Oak L. O. A. Garden party at Lester's Field.
"Believe it or Not" Ripley arrives in St. John's on S. S. Newissa.
B. I. S. baseball team wins Sweater Coat series.
Sir Wilfred Grenfell, K. C. M. G. , gives address at Pitts Memorial Hall on "Forty Year, on Labrador."
Disturbance at Carbonear ends without trouble. A number of men gathered to prevent a trial taking place..
Wm. G. Bowering, of Hickman's Harbor charged with forging an order for albe-body relief on June 8th had pleaded guilty.
"Believe it or Not" Ripley speaks at Rotary luncheon.
Bill Garland wins 10 mile walk in record time.  New record is 1 hour , 29 mins., 46 secs., Ronnie Russell, 2nd, Mike Murphy, 3rd., Dick Street, 4th., Tom Edstrom, 5th., R. Fowlow, 6th.
Holy Cross defeat C. L. B. in Tie-cup series 2 to nil.
Annual meeting Grenfell Association.  His Excellency the governor, Sir John Middleton, K. C. M. G. , K. B. E. in the chair.  At the conclusion of the meeting a suite of rooms in the Grenfell Institute to be known as the "Virrick Frissell Memorial for Seamen" declared opened.
Heavy gale and rain did much damage to fishing gear at Pouch Cove, Flat Rock and Grates Cove.
Visiting members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce guest of the Newfoundland Board of Trade at Bartletts, Brigus, and Beach ? Grove Inn, Spaniard's bay, and afterward attended a reception at the Government House given by His Excellency the governor and Lady Middleton.
Defiant Richstag voted want of confidence in Con Papen Ministry.
L. P. and P. Company loss of over 1 3/4 millions for second quarter of year.
Dr. Paul Gorguloff, the Russian physician who shot president Doumer on May 6th, executed.
Prize distribution at holy Cross Schools.
A. A. A. Championship Sports.
Peter Gavuzzl and Jake Ralph run from Hoyrood and finish in good time.
Holy Cross football team wins Tie-cup defeating B. I. S. 3 to 1
Lunenburg Schooner Mary H. Hirtle  in distress 60 miles S. E. of Sable Islands.  One of her crew James Buckler of Port Aux Basques lost overboard during the storm.
Germany's demand for equality in armaments enthusiastically supported by Arthur Henderson.
Mr. John Pollock appointed dock master and supervisor, succeeding Mr. W. C. harvey and Mr. Watson, both retired.
Rotarian Ern MacDonald delivers address to Rotary Club on "Pharmacy ancient and modern."
Guards football team win opening game of special series defeating Mount Cashel 3 to 2.
His Majesty the King has approved the appointment of Sir Murray Anderson to be Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Newfoundland in succession to Sir John Middleton.
Fishermen and exporters meet the Government.
C. L. B. eliminate B. I. S.  From the special series of football, 3 to 1.
Rev. Dr. W. D. Noyes, Missionary to Chinese, visits city.
Third annual exhibition of Vegetables, flowers, and fruit, held at St. Anthony.
Feildians win from Guards in playoff game for special trophy, 4 to 1.
Union of three Methodist churches in Britain took place in Albert Hall in the presence of a large congregation, including the Duke of York.
Gandhi partook of an unusually large meal of fruit, bread and milk, then laughing and joking started hunger strike.
C. L. B. defeat Guards 3 to 1 in special trophy series.
Chesley Allen, Governor of rotary District No. 13 visits local rotary Club.
C. L. B. team win football league special trophy when they defeated the Fieldians 1 to nil.
Mr. R. G. MacDonald delivers lecture at Memorial College on Sir Walter Scott.
Harry Taylor, south river, Henry Farrell, of gull Cove, and James Reid, of the Goulds, C. B. , charged with making false declarations before Justice of the Peace in connection with the dole.  It was found that the men had bank accounts.
Nearly 400 war veterans attend meeting at T. A. Armory and opposed any reduction in war pensions figures.
Mr. W. F. Carroll sworn in as sheriff.
Annual Harvest Festival St. Thomas Church.
Paraguay accepts plan to end hostilities with Bolivia in the dispute Chaco jungle.
Schooner Margery E. Bachman bound to La Have with full cargo of codfish , sinks off coast of Newfoundland.  Captain and crew reach Change Islands in dories.
League of Nations at a privet session accepts resignation of Sir Eric Drummond as Secretary General.
Lodge Dudley, No. 227 , S. O. E. , B. S. , holds annual election of officers.
Annual meeting Civil Service Bowling League.
Resignation of three members of the British Cabinet, Lord Snowden, Sir Herbert Samuel and Sir Archibald Sinclair, announced.  Resignations have been tendered by seven junior ministers.
Rev. Dr. T. Albert Moore, Toronto, elected 6th Moderator of the United Church.
Installation officers Empire Lodge, S. O. E.
Charges made against O. L. Patterson and L. A. Edwards. who were charged with fraud in the Tuberculosis Veterans Sweepstake, withdrawn,
Rev. Edward J. O'Brine, P. P. of Northern Bay, and Missionary to the Indians gives lecture to Rotary Club on Labrador and the Hudson Bay Company.
Shipment of 300 tons of "Gold iron" from Buchans Mine, is best since mine opened, and first gold shipment from Newfoundland since Tilt Cove Closed.
Message to Daily news from John A. Downey, of Coachman;s cove, reports the finding of a calico bag partly covered with sand, on Sunday, Sept. 25th.  The bag contained fruit and war magazine with the word "Sullivan" on the fly leaf.  Believed to be material from the late Arthur Sullivan's plane.
Iraq admitted to membership in the League of nations.
Smuggling charges laid against 12 crew of S. S. Silvia.
Mrs. Ensign Ellis, S. A. , her mother, Mrs. Jonas Barter, and her brother-in-law injured in motor collision in Toronto.
War vetrans receive cut in pensions.  Pensions under $200 per year to have no reduction.
Prince of Wales and Prince George visit King Gustave of Sweden.
Sun Life Assurance Co. institutes libel proceedings against J. J. Harpell, publisher of the Journal of Commerce.
Brazilian Civil War ended with the collapse of the revolters in the state of Sao Paulo, and the surrender of the rebellious leaders
The King received Mr. James McNeill, governor General of the Irish Free State, at Buckingham Palace, and approved of his relinquishing his office.
Rt. Rev. Mons. McDermott, V. G., Administrator of the R. C. Cathedral, granted extended leave of absence owing to illness, and Rt. Rev. Mons. Kitchen appointed Vicar General, and acting administrator in his place.
Fire broke out in the top flat of the Keleen Noah building on Water Street, damage estimated between $30,000 and $40,000
Rev. J Brinton honored on 25th anniversary as curate of C of E Cathedral, and presented with valuable purse and illuminated address.
Largely attended meeting of ex-service men held at Majestic to make suggestions to avoid recent cut.
Rev. Dr. Clark speaks to MacDonald Fellowship Club on the Life of Sir Walter Scott.
British Labor party as its annual meeting passed resolutions unanimously demanding that negotiations for the cancellation of war debts and reparations be instituted.
Serious disturbance at Carbonear results in injuries to Mr. James Moore, Sr. who suffered three broken ribs to his son James, who was cut, and to Mr. W. J. M. Pike.
Hon. J. P. Hand given dinner at Spurrell's Hostelry, Topsail Road, by number of ex-pupils of Str. Patrick's Hall, who were class-mates of Mr. Hand.
Football League concludes activities for season.  Presentation of trophies.
Weekly meeting of Municipal Council adjourns as mark of respect to the families of Sir John C. Crosbie and Robert Bradshaw.
M. C. L. I. team represented by Messrs. Raymond Gushue, Ll.B. and H. G. R. News, win decision of judges in debate with Mr. Ivor B. Jones, nominee of the national Union of Students of England and Wales and Mr. Hector McNeil, nominee of the Students Representatives Council of Scotland.  Subject "That Democracy has proved in the past ten years to be a failure."
Serious disturbance at Spaniard's Bay when crowd assembled at Count House and demanded that they be fed.  Railway rails were torn up by the rioters and the train did not bet beyond Brigus.
Land Development Association market place opened.
Capt. D. S. Bondurant, of Quincy , Ill. and the Government of Newfoundland, sign agreement which granted the former the exclusive right to prospect over 40 square miles of land in Labrador for 3 years.
Trouble at Spaniard's Bay settled when Reliving Officer instructed to effect temporary relief to destitute cases but only after the men had given promise they would engage in no further disturbance, that they would replace obstructions on the road, and that they would in future, accept the same dole ration as supplied all over the country.
C .L. B. parade to Church of England Cathedral for the opening ceremony of the Cathedral Men's Bible Class..
Annual meeting Scouters' Club
Members of T. A. & B. . Society celebrate anniversary of Father Mathew.
Belfast riots now under control. 2000 police employed to check street fighting.  Three people killed and 30 injured. Curfew  law in force as precautionary measure.
Members of Terra Nova Council, Knight of Columbus, celebrate Columbus Day.
"Alabama Bound" presented by members of the Congregational Dramatic troupe.
Sale of work, concert and tea, in Gower Street Memorial Hall.
Wm. Dawson pleads guilty to rioting  and assulting Constable Churchill.
Annual Prize Day Academy of Our Lady of Mercey.
Mr. J. A. Gibbs, B. L. , gives interesting address on "industrial Property rights," to the Rotary Club
Land Development Association announced that John Marsh has been awarded the Governor's prize, a pair of blankets, for having produced the best results in Lot 15, Signal Hill.  Six other allotment cultivators awarded consolation prizes.
Minister of Posts and Telegraphs announces various changes in his department:- Mr. J. G. Hodder, Deputy Minister retired from November 15th, and Mr. R. F. Newhook, postmaster at Grand Falls, appointed in his place.
Fire at Premium Dept. of Colin Campbell Ltd., did much damage to stock.
United College defeat Feildians 2 to 0 in inter-collegiate football.
Mr. C. ON. Conroy succeeds the late Hon. George Shea as President of the Permanent Marine Disaster Fund.
Scouters Club hold meeting at Presbyterian Hall.
St. Bon's win second game in college football, defeating United College 1 to 0
Land Development Association market opened by His Excellency the Governor in the presence of a large number of business men and farmers.
Fish and Game Protective Association hold partridge dinner at Octagon Pavillon.
Hand to Hand fighting occurred in London between unemployed and police.
Newfoundland students, Leonard Hawco and Richard Squires represent Dalhousie in debate, driving forces with Hector McNeil and Ivor Jones, who debated here with the  M. C. L. I.
Lt. Commander Howley, Secretary of the G. W. V. A. tenders resignation.
Truckmen's Union Annual Dinner at Donovan's .   Presentation of a handsome cases of pipes to Mr. Moses O'Neil who for 33 years had been treasurer of the Union.
St. Bon's win from Feildians 4 to 0 , inter-collegiate football.
Seventh annual social at the "Y".
James F. Wade ex-relieving officer of Conception Harbor , found guilty of defrauding the Government and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.
Mr. W. H. Frost, organizing secretary of the Land Development Association, speaks to Rotary on the Basic Policy of Land Development.
Mr. William White addresses MacDonald Fellowship Club on Civic Problems.
Rev. Dr. Paulin inducted as Pastor of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.
Japan has persuaded Russia to recognize the new government of Manchukuo, in a non-aggressive pact.
Premier Mussolini appeals to United States to cancel or reduce war debts.
Wm. Newbury , ex-traveling auditor of the General Post Office, sentenced to 18 months imprisonment when he pleaded guilty to charge of embezzlement.
United College defeat Feildians 9 to nil , inter-collegiate football.
Fire which broke out in the coal shed of Adrian Dawe, Bay Roberts, consumed the coal shed and the telephone exchange building of the Avalon Telephone Co. and store belonging to one Churchill .  Damage estimated at $50,000.
Rev. James A Paulin B. A. , D. d. ,newly appointed pastor of the Kirk, tendered reception at Presbyterian Hall.
United College defeat St. Bon's by 1 to nil, college football.
Third Indian Round Table Conference opens November 15th.
Industrial Trade and Exhibition Fair opened at C. L. B. Armory by His Excellency the Governor and Lady Middleton.
Annual Installation of officers of Dudly Lodge, No. 227, S. O. E. B. S.
Grant Burnell, ex-champion of Newfoundland wins 7 mile challenge race at Prince's Rink, defeating Bill Garland, present defending of the Newfoundland long distance record.
Sale of works and concert at George St. Lecture Hall.
Vegetable Sale opens at St. Joseph's Hall.
St. Thomas's Women's Association hold sale of work.
Rev. Derwyn Owen, Bishop of Niagara , elected Bishop of Toronto Diocese of the Church of England.
St. Bon's defeat Fieldians 3 to 0 in college football series.
Wm. Manual of the Battery when bird shooting outside the Narrows has his hand badly lacerated when his gun exploded.
Dr. R. A. Brehm lectures on Scarlet Fever to Rotary Club.
Haiman Brown charged with arson found guilty and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment with hard labor.
Girls Friendly Society hold sale of Work in Synod Hall.
Mr. H. Gordon Hatcher, Supervisor of Quebec Schools, elected member of the McGill commission, the Governing body of the great Canadian University.
60 injured when police clash with stone throwing sympathizers of hunger members in London.
Roland G. Starkes, M. H. A. for the District of Green Bay, appears at Magistrates Court faced 17 charges of "forging certain documents purporting to be poor relief receipts.
Annual Meeting Newfoundland Outport Nursing and Industrial Association.
Mr. Albert Bayly, Secretary of Agriculture, retired by the Government and Professor A. Butler appointed in his stead.
United college defeat Fieldians 5 to 1 inter-collegiate football.
Coal steamer "Queen Eleanor" arrives at Botwood and reports coal in No. 4 hold on fire.  Two members of the crew removed .
Annual meeting Star of the Sea Association.
Annual meeting Belvedere Ladies Association.
Annual Missionary Service Wesley Church.
Ordination Service at C. of E.  Cathedral.  Four students of Queen's College admitted to Holy Orders.
Official closing of the Trade Industrial Fair and presentation of prizes by Mr. F. C. Alderdice.
United College win championship in inter-collegiate football defeating St. bon's 1 to nil.
Lord Methuen, oldest British field marshal dead.
Schooner Rosie Bells, Taylor , Master with cargo of dried codfish for W. &. J. Moores, Carbonear, mis-stayed while entering Croc and became total loss.
Pupils and ex-pupils of Hr. Main Academy present Wm. Parsley J. P. who now retired after 29 years of service as teacher with beautiful electric reading lamp and address.
Grand Falls hospital suffering from burns ***?
John Teens, Wm. Dawson and Joseph Hanlon found guilty of charge of rioting and sentenced to 12 months and 6 months respectively.
Annual meeting of the Forest Fire Patrol of Newfoundland.
Sir Francis Humphreys received in audience by the King at Buckingham palace and kissed hands on his appointment as first British Ambassador to Iraq.
Schooner Plaindealer, James Fiquet, Master, total wreck at Tub Harbor.  Crew landed safely at Cartwright.
Sale of Work Wesley Lecture Hall.
Feildians Club elects officers for athletic teams.
Hallowe'en Sociable by Cocharne St. Young People's League.
Presentation of Football trophies in the city League at Crosbie Hotel.
Duke and Duchess of York attend Thanksgiving Service at Lincoln Cathedral to mark successful termination of 11 years work in restoring the Cathedral's ancient fabric.
Rev. S. G. Garland, M. A. , R. D., speaks to rotary Club, taking as his subject "Excess Baggage.".
Sale of Work at St. George's School.
Much damage done as result of traffic smash which occurred on Duckworth Street when a fire truck collided with a coupe owned by Ambrose Shea.  Sergeant Chapman, of the East End fire Hall, Constable power and Mrs. Butler suffered from injuries.
Rebellious convicts at St. Vincent de Paul Penitentiary, Montreal, suddenly turned on the guards and set fire to the prison workshops.  Several guards were stabbed and beaten by five prisoners and several scorched by fire.
13 men arrested and brought in from Carbonear charged with rioting on October 16th.
Much damage caused at Trade Printing Office (formerly Adcovate) by fire and water.
Schooner Ralph William , Harry Guy, master, of Twillingate, caught in heavy gale when between Herring neck and Twillingate.  Vessel sprung a leak and crew abandoned her, landing at Herring Neck.  They lost all their belongings.
Hon. J. C. Puddester, for sixteen years business manager of the Daily News, presented with an illuminated framed address and handsome calendar desk set and parker pen, by employees.
Business premises of Wylans, Water Street purchased as a going concern by Mr. George W. Rabbitts.
Election in Germany.  Hitler suffered the first big defeat of his movement.  Nazi percentage of the total vote dropping off.
10 men of Spaniard's Bay before court charged with riot.
Schooner Helen bell lost off Cape Chapereau.  Crew landed safely.
No. 1 Citadel, S. A. Silver Band Songsters Brigade hold band concert and song festival.
Presidential election in United States.  Hoover defeated by Governor Roosevelt.  Democratic control of both Houses Representative assured..
Poppy Day sales in the City amounted to nearly $1,000.
Archibald Antle, aged 27 years, of Botwood, charged with obtaining money under false pretenses, sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.
Schooner Bessie McDonald, Capt. Benjamin Snook ashore at Old Perlican.  Crew landed safely.
Rotarian Frank Gurney, His Majesty Trade Commissioner for Newfoundland and the Maritimes, discusses Empire Trading at Rotary Luncheon.
1932 Nobel prize for Literature awarded to John Galsworthy, the British novelist .
Pupils of Holloway School present Operetta "The Inn of the Golden Cheese."
Elks Armistice Dance at Newfoundland Hotel.
"Bill the Coachamn" presented by St. Patrick's Dramatic troupe.
"British Born" present by old Favorites.
Pupils of United Church College observe Memorial Day.
His Excellency Sir John Middleton and Lady Middleton return to England by R. m. S. Newfoundland.
Armistice Day fittingly observed at War Memorial.  Two minutes silences observed and wreaths laid on Memorial by His excellency the Governor.
Vets bid farewell to Lady Middleton presenting her with magnificent bouquet tied with clart and white ribbon.
Mr. James Alex Winter appointed one of His Majesty's Councillors.
C. L. B. Church Parade to Church of England Cathedral largest in Brigade History.
Annual meeting Patricians Association.
His Grace Archbishop Roche inaugurates new movement in St. Vincent De Paul society (ladies) to undertake charitable work.  Large gathering of Catholic women from all City Parishes present at Nickle Theatre to hear address.
New radio station of Dominion Broadcasting Company, subsidiary of the Avalon Telephone co. and the United Towns Electrical Co. opened.
William F. Brock who with William Schlee, flew from Harbor Grace to Croydon, England, on August 28th , 1927, died in hospital at Detroit of Cancer.
Rev. Oliver Jackson lectures to Gower Street Young People's League on "Northern Newfoundland."
Mrs. Mollison better known as Amy Johnson left Lympne aerodrome England at 6.35 a.m. on her attempt to fly 6,000 miles to Capetown in record time.
Leon Trotsky and his family left for Copenhagen aboard the Italian steamer Paraga, to lecture to the Danish Socialists at Copenhagen .
Third appeal for relief from war debts added to that of Great Britain and France, when Belgian ambassador Paul May presented to United States Secretary of State Stemson.
 William Mahoney and Isaac Hall of North Sydney convicted of having made false declarations and receiving dole under false pretenses.
Rev. Fr. Jackman addresses Terra Nova Council Knight of Columbus.
Capt. Vatcher and two members of the crew of the schooner Paulawana before Magistrate at St. George's and being convicted of section 207 of the Customs Act were fined $600 whilst their vessel was confiscated
Carnegie Advisory committee for the maritime Provinces and Newfoundland grant the memorial College $1,000 for three years.
Archbishop pays pastoral visit to Cape Broyle and administers Sacrament of Confirmation to 130 children.
Proclamation dated Nov. 5th 1929 reserving  the Labrador mineral areas from applications under the Crown Lands Act rescinded.
Walter Snelgrove of Greats Cove, storekeeper accused of making false declarations in connection with dole found guilty.  In the case of William J Snow, North River, for making false declaration, the jury disagreed.
Double house on Mundy Pond road, owned by Jesse Oak, partly destroyed by fire.
Along four miles route through Belfast the crowed lined the streets to give widely enthusiastic greeting to Prince of Wales as he drove to perform the opening ceremony of the new Parliament building.
Capt. Leo Murphy elected Dominion Decretary of the G. W. V. A. succeeding engineer Com. R A. Howley, resigned.
Chancellor Von Papen of Germany resigns taking whole cabinet with him,.
British parliament prorogues.
Sir John Simon in as speech at Geneva propose granting full equality of status to Germany, on condition that she and all other nations concerned in Europe settlement make solemn affirmation affirming the sacred engagement under the Kellogg Pact.
Abaslom Thistle of Greats Cove, accused of obtaining money under false pretenses in connection with filling of order for dole., found guilty by jury.  Michael Neville, of North River, accused of making false declaration also acquitted.
Fire which started in top flat of house on Water Street West occupied by Mrs. Hiscock as boarding house did much damage.  Moore's bakery shop on ground floor damaged by fire and water.
W. H. Greenland merchant of Coley's Point, and W. H. Northcott, merchant of Lewsipote, arrested under warrant charged with false pretenses in presenting incorrect bills for relief.
Rev. J.  M.  B. Armour, M. A. general Secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society gives holiday impression to Rotary Club.
Amy Johnson completed her great flight from England to Capetown at 1.30 G. M. T. thus establishing a new record for the 6,200 mile journey.  Time 4 days, 6 hours, 52 minutes.  Previous record held by her husband, J. A. Mollison, 4 days 17 hours, 22 minutes.
Ernest March and George Reid of Green's Harbor, found guilty of steeling $356,000 from Newman march and sentenced to 18 and 12 months imprisonment respectively.
Civil Service Bowling League Championship won by Post Office team for third successive year.
Mass meeting of teachers nearly 150 strong pass twin resolution protesting against educational cuts.
Annual Thanksgiving Service at Gower Street United church.
Rev. J. B. M. Armour addresses friend and supporters of the British and Foreign Bible society in Canada and Newfoundland at Pitts memorial Hall.
John J. Prowse addresses Holy Cross L.A. taking as his subject "The Celt and the Drama"
Patrician Association opens 1932-33 sessions with Musicale.
Council of League of Nations come to grip at Geneva when Lytton Report discussion produces sharp debate between Japanese and Chinese spokesmen.
Detailed work of the Third Indian Round Table conference begins at House of Lords.
Roosevelt and Hoover conferred on was debts, disarmament and the forthcoming economic conference.
William J Medus ex-Reliving Officer, at Greats cove, found guilty of attempting to defraud the government and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.
Local auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible society hold social evening at Presbyterian hall to meet General Secretary Rev. J. B. M. Armour.
C. L. B. Indoor sports at Armory.
Annual meeting City Hockey league.
British Parliament reassembles.
Annual sale under auspices of United College Ladies Air society and girls Guild, opens at Pitt memorial Hall
Hitler refuses President Von Hindenburg's offer to form parliamentary cabinet.
Henry Farrell, Patrick Mahoney, and Isaac Hall, residences of North river, who were convicted of making false declarations in connection with the receipt of dole, sentenced to three months imprisonment.  Walter J. Snelgrove of Greats Cove, for intent to defraud the Government sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.
Dr. harold Thompson, Director of the Fishery Research Commission at Bay Bulls, addresses Rotary Club on codfish Curing and Classification.
His Grace Archbishop visits parish of Pouch Cove and Flatrock and administers Sacrament of confirmation to nearly 200 childre
United States reply on war debts payment insists on December instalment but suggest Congress may set up Commission to examine matter and negotiate.
Truckmen's Union present Mr. T. P. Hally with handsome cabinet and address as token of regard and acknowledgment of his service to the Union for the past 10 years.
Annual Memorial Service for deceased members of the Knights of Columbus held at Columbus Hall.
Missionary Service at St. Thomas's Church.
Twentieth Anniversary of Albanian Independence celebrated throughout state.
Fire occurred on the premises of Long Bros. printers, did much damage.
Christmas Tree at K of C Memorial School opens by His Grace The Archbishop.
Concert and Comedy "Thanks Awfully" at the Congregational Lecture Hall.
College basketball series opens. United college teams defeat both senior and junior St. Bon's teams.
King George cabled from London to Henry Ford expressing hope that 69 year old magnate might enjoy speedy recovery from operation.
As results of benefit wrestling match at Princes rink , when Van Wurden defeated Hugh "Roundhouse" Reynolds, $401.67. was handed to the Prime Minister to provide clothing for the needy.
Postal Telegraph building at Daniel's Harbor, Bonne Bay destroyed by fire.
United College teams win from Bishop Field Basketball teams in both senior and junior games.
Annual celebration of St. Andrew's Day at Sterling Restaurant.
British second war debt note to the United States published.
Mr. John Gibson, acting for and on behalf of Gueret, Llewellyn and Merritt, Ltd., of Bute Docks, Cardiff, Wales, signed contract with the commissioners of the Newfoundland Railway for the delivery of 40,000 tons of Welsh coal in exchange for 75,000 cords of spruce and fir pitprops.
Annual sale of work Child Welfare Association.
Rotarians Herb Russell speaks to rotary Club on Railways.
Leeming Lodge, L. O. A. Nr. 1282 elect officers.
As sequel to bowling tournament between Y. M. C. A. and the Royal Stores Ltd., enjoyable dinner held at Y. M. C. A.  With Royal Stores as hosts.
Last ship of the season to reach Montreal is the freighter "Reinunga" from St. john's, Newfoundland.
St, Bon's and fieldians divide honors in College Basketball, St. bon's winning senior games and Fieldians the junior.
Hindenburg asked General Kurt Von Schleicher to form cabinet for the Republic.
Rev. P. J. Kennedy lectured to Patrician Association on the Life of St. Francis Xavier.
Annual Meeting Junior Branch of T. A. society.
Rev. BR. Egan lectured to holy Cross L. A. on the Eucharistic Congress.
Memorial Service for the late Arthur C. Peters at Cochrance St. United Church.
Mt. Cashel  team  champions of football league for year 1932 present their trophy to that Institution.
Chinese delegate, Wellington Koo, handed in 50 page memorandum to League Council at Geneva denying Japanese statements and declaring Japs maintaining reign of terror in Manchuria.
"Lame Duck" session of United States Congress voted 272 to 144 in favor of repealing prohibition, but the vote was 6 short of the required two-thirds.
Schooner Springwood, A. T. Collins, master, lost at Norman's Tickle.
St. Bon's teams win both senior and junior basketball games from United College.
Annual meeting St. John's Curling Association.
Rev. Dr. Paulin lectures at Presbyterian Hall on "The Changing World."
United States delegate offers Disarmament plan at Geneva Conference.
Installation officers Lodge St. Andrew.
Santa Clause Day at Spencer College.
Prime Minister, Hon. F. C. Alderdice, invited members of last year's Civic Relief Committee to discuss proposals for the administration of the coal relief fund.
Cathedral Women's Association Christmas Sale of work.
United College win both games in basketball defeating senior and junior Feildians teams
U. S. Secretary of State replies to second British note.
Fire broke out in the basement of Tuma's jewellery store in Corner Brook and much damage done to building and stock.
Britain announces will pay United States was debt in gold on December 15th.
Albania celebrates 20th anniversary of her Independence.
Nine men of Spaniard's Bay found guilty of rioting remanded for sentence.
Assembly of League of Nations at Geneva unanimously decided to request committee of 19 to examine the work of the Lytton commission.
Mrs. Margaret Cousins, wife of James cousins, Irish Poet and Theosophist sentenced to year's imprisonment on charge of disseminating sedition.
Pierce Byrne, 21 years of Fortune Harbor found by young man names Goulding at point about 10 miles from the railway up Juniper Brook, Exploits River, after being astray two days in badly frozen condition.
Scouters Club hold entertainment at Casino Theatre to secure toys for underprivileged children of the city.
Annual meeting T. A. &. B. society.
Amy Johnson leaves Capetown at 11.30 Newfoundland time for England in attempt to beat her own time back to England.
F. R. Emerson speaks to Holy Cross L. A. in the Irish poet, Thomas Moore.
Schooner "Clan Alpine" reports schooner "Frank Baxter" owned by A. Wareham, Harbor Buffett, abandoned south of Cape Race, but crew safe.
Civil war has broken out in the village of Castelhan Santiago, Spain, three killed and fourteen injured in clash with police.
St. Joseph's rowing crew which made the quickest time in the annual Regatta and which won the Governor's Cup, dined at St. Joseph's Hall.
Belgium Cabninet resigns in midst of crisis over payment of war debt instalment to Washington.
Herriott  Government of France defeated on war debts question.
S. P. A. Christmas Sale at Newfoundland Hotel.
Six countries paid their war debts totaling $125,000,000 namely Britain, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania.  Five defaulted owing $25,000,000 namely , France, Belgium, Poland Estonia and Hungary.
Victor Smith left Croydon in attempt to beat Amy Johnson's record flight from England to Capetown.
Jury returns verdict of guilty in case of men charged woth rioting in Carbonear.
Miss Ruth White of Littledale Academy awarded National Proze of l5 (pounds) by Trinity College of Music London.
Annual Prize Day St. Bon's College Casino Theatre.
Annual prize giving of Springdale Street School at St. Mary's Hall.
Official notice of Mexico's with drawl from league of Nations received by League Secretariat.
W. MacKinnon of Standard manufacturing Company explains something of the making of paint to Rotary Club.
Adjourned annual meeting of the Intermediate Hockey League held at "Y".
W. H. Greenland of Coley's Point found guilty of defrauding the Government in connection with dole and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.
Amy Johnson landed at Croydon completing her flight from Capetown in record time of 7 days and 11 hours.
Joseph Paul Boncour has completed formation of new French Cabinet.   
Martial law proclaimed at Buenos Aires for 30 day following discovery of plot to sack the town.
"The Nativity " and Why the Chimes rung" presented at Casino Theatre.
Christmas musicale Holy Cross, L. A.
Mr. P. K. Devine delivers lecture to Patricians Association under title of "A Boon and a Bane".
Presbytery at "Powerscourt" Manuels occupied by Rev. Fr. R. A. St. John , destroyed by fire.
Trial of J. J. Harpell, publisher of Financial and Trade Journals begins at Montreal for criminal libel at instance of Thomas B. Macaulay, President of the Sun Life.
Children of Kindergarten Holloway School hold closing exercises.
Spencer of Kindergarten Bishop College hold entertainment.
Annual Speech Day Bishop Field College.
Annual Meeting Newfoundland Hockey Association.
Committee of 19 at Geneva Conference fail in settling Sino-Japanese dispute and adjourn untill January 16th.
Annual speech Day, Bishop Spencer College.
Rev. Hugh McGattigan ordained to Holy Priesthood.  Will devote his life to the China Missions.
Annual Proze Day Prince of Wales College.
Annual prize Giving of East End Schools at Canon Wood hall.
Christmas luncheon and musical at Rotary Club.
James J. Harpell found guilty of charge of defamatory libel against Thomas B. Maculay, President of the Sun Life Assurance Company and sentenced to three months imprisonment with cost.
United States Senate throw out 3.2 per cent Beer Bill
After five weeks of arduous work building a new constitution the India round Table Conference ended with agreement in many points notably in the realm of franchise.
"A Bolshevik's Revenge" presented at Majestic Theatre.
Greek court decided against, extradition of Samuel Insull , utilities magnate to the United States.  He can now remain safely in Greece or leave as he wishes.
Officers of St. John's Lodge No. 579 E. C., A. F. ,& A. M. installed
Hockey team from Memorial College defeated at Bell Island by "All-Stars" team from there 4 - 3.
South Africa goes off gold standard.
Premier Bennett arrived at New york from England by S. S. Majestic but refuses to answer any questions.
Annual Christmas Tree United Church Orphanage.
Despatch from Moscow states police rounding up wealthy peasants and land owners to put them to work in convict camps.
27 countries so far have acceded to convention creating an international relief union to provide relief to small powers in case of disaster of any kind.
Influenza epidemic reaches large proportions in England.
Prime Minister Hon. F. C. Alderdice in speech before the Rotary Club outlines co-operation offered by the United Kingdom and Canada to meet bond interest payments in full. Has hopeful outlook for Newfoundland's future.
Annual Christmas Tree for boys and girls of Church of England Orphanages.

Soccer as it is familiarly known in the country of football, is considered to be Newfoundland's national game but for some years it was felt that its popularity was on the wane,  in 1932, however there were distinct signs of a revival of interest and there is reason to feel it is fast coming back into its now.
Senior League

Due to the work of the Executive of the league and more interest shown by the several teams, the Senior League games were better this year than for a number of years past.  The teams were in better condition and exhibition an improved brand of play.  Three distinct series were played as well as several special games.
In the championship series victory went to Mount Cashel team and the Tie Cup series the Holy Cross were the victors whilst in a special tie cup series the C. L. B. won out.  The games were hard fought and most interesting and good football was shown by all.
The league arranged special games wherever possible.  Visiting warship were played teams form the Red Cross and Furness Lines were also played .  In most of the games city aggegations were victorious.  The best exhibition for the year, however, was seen when the teams from the H. M. S. Dragon played. here and defeated the City 6 -1.  On the scond game through the result of the first was a draw.

The Most Valuable Player

A special medal was offered by the president of the league for the player considered to be the most valuable to his tem during the year, and was awarded to Mr. Mike Reddy of the Holy Cross team on the decision of the judges Messrs. R. E. Innes and H. J. Phelan, close followers of the game.

The City League

The City league were also well contested and the numbers show a lively interest in their league.  Championship was again won by Parker & Monroe's teams who had to play for the honors with the Railway team.


Not sine the early days of rowing was there so much interest in this sport as in 1932.  The number of competitors in the various regattas was larger than ever before and some splendid material was developed.  For some time it was uncertain as to weather any regatta would be held owing to restrictions placed on the Boat Clubs, but after some lengthy period everything was straightened out and the day was more successful than ever.  The annual regatta day was outstanding in many particulars.  There was a feeling that because of general conditions the Regatta would not be successful but this theory was found to be without foundation.
St. Joseph's Regetta which takes second place to the annual event was favored with better weather than ever and with more success.  Regetta held on Octogon Lake in connection with Topsail and Manuels parish , on Kent's Pond in connection with Portugal Cove Parish , on Quidi Vidi in connection with Outer Cove Parish, and on Mundy Pond in connection with the garden party for St. Teresa's Parish were all supported well and were featured by splended rowing and keen competition.


No billiard tournaments were held during the year except those within the confines of various clubs .  Many people would like to see a revival of the championship and club competition but nothing was done in the matter during the year.




Baton Charge Starts Destructive Riot

Public Demonstration Turns to riot When Order to Police to Use Batons as Doors are Forced Awakens Anger of Crowed - Windows and Doors Smashed in Colonial Building, Nearly Score Police and Civilians Injured.


Every window of the Colonial Building is glassless: the prime Minister practically a refugee, the law of enforcement of the city turnover to the authority of ex-service men, as the result of discord which marked the culmination of weeks of protest and dissatisfaction with maladministration of the government.   A huge demonstration of citizens in peaceful and law-abiding protest yesterday afternoon witnessed a sudden transition, through tactless management by those in authority, to an outbreak of violence that was understandable if it could not be condoned.
At 2.15 p.m. yesterday the Majestic Theatre was filled with men and women, and Duckworth Street was a mass of moiling humanity waiting the start of the parade to the Colonial Building to present to the Honorable the House of Assembly the resolutions passed the previous night calling on the Legislature to investigate certain charges made against the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State.
Before the parade started the audience in the Majestic was addressed by Mr. H. A. Winter, K. C., who outlined the procedure to be followed and implored the people not to make any infraction of the law or breach of the peace, for if they did then the whole spirit of the movement would be nullified.

An announcement was made the Ex-service men, Navel Reservists and members of the Mercantile Marine were to fall in first and after these citizens in general.  The route was along New Gower Street to Queen Street, down this street to Water Street, along Water Street to Prescott Street, up Prescott to Duckworth Street to Cochrane Street, up Cochrane Street and Military Road to the Colonial Building.  About 2,000 started in the parade and by the time they arrived at the House some 1500 others ined in, both men and women.


Before the delegation from the committee, Mr. J,. M.Howell, Trv. W. E. Godfrey, Mr, J, H. Devine, H. A. Winter K.C., were admitted to the house the Guards band played several selections.  At 3.30 p.m., the delegation was admitted and presented their petition.  Whilst they were standing at the bar of the House, there was a commotion outside of the door of the House and Rev. Mr. Godfrey was called out.  Those outside, awaiting the decision of the house became impatient and started to break in the door, to find out the cause.


The committee, when they were notified that disturbance was growing outside came out and attempted to reform the parade back to the Majestic.  In an effort to lead off with the flag some of the crowd sought to prevent its removal and a struggle occurred.  Someone started the National anthem, ex-officers of the regiment rallied around , and there was a short lull, but the struggle for the flag was renewed and it was torn from its staff and taken inside the building .  The parade to a considerable number led by the Guards band and members of the committee returned to the hall to report the result of their visit to the chamber.  These were much surprised on leaving the hall to learn that serious trouble had broken out at Colonial Building.


Soon there was a breach in the doors and as men started to force their way in the police inside some twenty or more with batons drawn, hit every head at it appeared . Then police under orders , charged down the steps driving bystanders before them , many of them innocent spectators.  This seemed to get the crow going.  Soon there was turmoil and the youth present got out of hand and pelted stones and other missiles through the windows. The mounted police, because of the horses, and their effort to keep order, made further trouble. Constable Lake who was mounted on one of the horses was forcibly dragged off the horse and when on the ground hit with pickets and stones.  Some of the spectators interfered and he was lifted off the ground and put in a motor car and taken to the General Hospital.  Constable Layman and a civilian named Healey are also in the General Hospital .  At an early hour this morning the Hospital stated that Constables Lake and Layman are suffering from scalp wounds and Mr. Healey from injured foot.  None of these men are seriously injured.


The representative of the Daily new was on the ground floor of the building when the police charged those assembled outside the house, but from reliable eyewitnesses the following was secured.  The police evidently acting under orders, with overcoats off, and batons drawn , charged the people hitting right and left, and doing much bodily injury.  As a result of this charge O'Mara Drug Store alone treated 15 injured, including a small child of 10 years old who was hit on the head and his ear cut.
By the time the youths in the crowd had made pretty good headway, with what apparently they though was their job, of smashing all the windows in the building, the doors also, and the window sashes.  Stones and pickets out of the park fence were used.  Vandalism ran rampant.  The rooms occupied by Miss Morris , Librarian of the legislative library, were ransacked her piano was taken out of her room to the park, where it was completely wrecked.  Her private papers and books were destroyed, and the fittings completely wrecked.  Two deliberate attempts were made to set the building on fire.  In both cases the incipient fired was nipped before there was any headway.  The Colonial Building last night was nothing but a wreck.


After a considerable time after the House has been adjourned by the speaker, members of the House one by one came down stairs.  When leaving the building, none of the members of the House were molested.  The crowds outside were awaiting the exit of the Prime Minister and the Inspector General.  About 5 o'clock Mr. Cashin and Sir William Coaker left the lower flat of the building and went to government House where he tendered his resignation to the governor.  On Mr. Cashin return, from the steps of the Colonial Building, he announced that fact and stated that the Prime Minister would resign today . He also said that the House will convene this afternoon at 3 p.m., and asked all the men to go home and return at that hour.  The men's demanded was that the prime Minister should resign immediately and not wait.  All during this time the members of the Constabulary were not allowed to leave the building, being pelted with stone and sticks every time they made any attempt to come out.


About 7.30 p.m. the Prime Minister left the building, accompanied by Mr. L .E. Emerson and Mr. Myles Murray, and surrounded by 10 or 12 men.  Just as the prime Minister got to the waiting car he was recognized and the crowd made a rush.  Those with him hurried him down Colonial Street and pushed him into a residence.  Rev. Fr. Pippy stood on the steps of the house and with him were Rev. W. E. Godfrey, Rev. Fr. Gibbs and Rev. C. H. Johnson.  When a search of the house was made the prime Minister had made his escape though a back door.  Before he made his exit from the house, Rt. Rev. Msgr, MacDermott, all the priest at the Palace, Rev. H. L. Pike, Rev. Dr. Wylie Clark and other clergymen were in the grounds surrounding the house exhorting the men return to their homes.
About 8.30 p.m. the Inspector General Made his escape by way of the rear of the building, and sometime after 11 p.m. when the War Veterans patrol came on duty at the Colonial Building the members of the police force left.
At the request of the Inspector General when in captivity in the house of Assembly, Lt. Col. Paterson issued a call over Station VONA for all ex-service men to report for duty to take over patrol of the city last night, according to a statement made to the Daily News last night by Lt. Col Paterson, president of the G. W. V. A.
Five patrols of about 20 men each were placed on the street before eleven p.m. to look after the banks the West end Controllers, Central and East End, the House of Assembly , shopping district and Government House.
Between six and seven o'clock last night about 8 men secured a crow bar and broke off the gate at the East End Controllers.  A little time later they came back and broke in the door and took about 40 bottles of assorted liquor.  Twice before eleven o'clock the West End Controllers was looted and a great portion of the stock removed from the building.  At about 1.30 a.m. some of the crowd    who were at the West End came down to the Central controller's.
Early this morning windows in some of the stores on New Gower Street were broken and goods taken from the windows. an attempt was to break and enter the premises of the Marine Agencies but this was frustrated by the police.  A general order was issued late last night calling out for duty all members of the police force.  An appeal is made this morning by the G. W. V. A. for 250 Veterans and other citizens to volunteer for duty on the City today.



Attempt to Break Into Controller's Dept. and Some Stores broken Into Only Disturbances
Splendid work By Special Police.


With the exception of one organized attempt to break into the Central Control Department yesterday afternoon and the glass in several stores in all parts of the city broken with the evident intention of looting, the city was quite yesterday and last night and the citizens went to rest with easy minds because of the splendid work which was being performed by the volunteer police under the direction of the G. W. V. A.  (Great War Veterans Association)

After daylight yesterday morning it was seen that during the night many of the stores on New Gower Street and several on Water Street had been victimized after the glass had been broken.  In one or two places entrances were made and goods stolen but generally only what could be taken out of the windows are missing when the proprietors were called.  Many drunks were on the streets, the result of the break-in to the West End Control Department, but they were cleared off by the police and G. W. V. A.   Nearly twenty were arrested and others were sent to their homes.  During the forenoon everything was at a standstill, but the opportunity was availed of to organize the special police and how efficiently this was done was evident in the afternoon and last night.


At three o'clock a very large crowd assembled at the Colonial Building grounds, in the expectation that there would be a session of the House of Assembly.  A number of those who were prominent in the rioting on the previous day, gathered in front of the building and were addressed by some of their members who claimed to have been injured on the previous day.  Finding that the Assembly was not in session and because Mr. Cashin had told them on the previous day that it would sit, a number of them left the grounds to seek him.  They proceeded to his office on Duckworth Street but finding that he was not there declared their intention of going to his home.  Proceeding west on Duckworth Street, however, they reached no farther than the Controller's where they gathered around and endeavored to force their way into the building.  The first attempt having failed, some of the younger members of the party went to Bowring's wharf where they secured a large stick of wood and a number of "gaffs" with which they returned to the attack.  The large stick was used as a battering ram and with its help they broke one of the panels in the door as well as the glass.  The patrol on duty there withstood the raiders until the arrival of reinforcements.
Whilst the men were gathered on Duckworth Street, Mr. Cashin arrived and addresses them.  They told him they wanted larger dole orders and he promised to immediately see Sir Percy Thompson and Mr. Penson in this connection . he said he would tell them what the answer was to-day.


At six o'clock yesterday evening Mr. F. C. Alderdice, leader of the Opposition , issued a message, which was broadcast from local stations, read wherever crowds were assembled and posted in various places throughout the city.  The text of this message appears on page 3.
Last night one thousand men had registered for special police duty at the C. L. B. Armory and after being sworn were detailed for duty at various parts of the city.
One contingent was on duty at the Colonial Building and others were in charge of other public buildings, Water Street premises, etc., whilst several patrolled the streets.  The C. L. B. Armory was used as the headquarters and reliefs were sent out at regular intervals.  Motor trucks were also in attendance and three or four of them were continually on the move.  At the Masonic Club, the C. L. B. Armory and the Crosbies hotel, hot tea, coffee and oxo was supplied to the men during the night.
Reports that an attack was to be made on the Central Liquor Store after midnight came in, but it did not materialize, however, and after that hour the patrols doing duty on the streets rounded up all stragglers and sent them home or if they showed signs of being troublesome they were arrested .  About half a dozen were taken to the police station before daylight.


Amongst the stores entered after midnight were those of Butler Bros., water Street, J. M. Brown at the Cross roads and William Mugford, Munroe Street.  There was little destruction however as the "specials" were on the scene very soon after the alarm.


Yesterday afternoon Mr. Harry Brown, of Mullock Street, who was in the Colonial Building grounds and was knocked down by a horse, had his leg slightly injured, was taken to the General Hospital.
About ten o'clock last night a lady who lives on Brazil's Square, fainted as she was standing on Duckworth Street.  She was taken into the Daily News office and after about five minutes she regained consciousness and was able to return home, assisted by a friend.
About three o'clock this morning a motor car driven by Mr. A. Coady going west on Duckworth Street, ran full tilt into the wire barricade, stretched across the street, and carried away a section of the iron railing on the east side of the steps by the Avalon Telephone Company office.  The car was not damaged.


Editor Daily News:
     Dear Sir: - It had been stated in the press and elsewhere that orders were issued from the inside of the Colonial Building to the police to charge the gathering outside, on yesterday, with their batons.  I wish to state that this statement is entirely untrue.  No orders were issued.  What really happened was, the ten or twelve men inside of the main entrance, on looking through the space in the main door where the panel had been broken in by an iron bar, saw Constable Hearn being roughly treated and of their own accord rushed out to his rescue, Supt. O'Neill had just left me after a conference and had gone out the side entrance and I had gone into the Speaker's hallway.

Yours truly
Chas H. Hutchings
Inspector General Constabulary
St. John's April 6, 1932

Missed the Point Of Demonstration

Last night, Noel Thomas, broadcasting for the Literary Digest, and over the Columbia System, made the following announcement "United press reports that 15,000 un-employed men, protesting against unsatisfactory unemployment relief, went yesterday to the Nfld. House of Assembly, when they wrecked the building, and brutally treated the Prime Minister, who was saved by Rev. Fr. Pippy.  Lady Squires passed out through the crowed, who let her pass, doffing their hats".
A listener-in who heard this broadcast furnished ll the above to the Daily News, with the comment that it was grossly unfair and misleading, in that the reason for the parade to the House was mis-stated.  The presentation of resolutions asking for an enquiry into certain charges made against the Prime Minister, was the reason, and not for the purpose of protesting against unsatisfactory unemployment relief.

Daily News.


Food Supplies Are Apparently Unsought

Several police are injured and one seriously so at the General Hospital, eighteen arrests have been made and Special patrolmen are on the street.  All the plate glass windows in the front of the Royal Stores were broken, the entire front of the business premises known as " Cheapside" New Gower Street, was broken out and all the stock in the window in the store owned by M. J. O'Brien was broken and a quantity of oranges stolen, the window in the bakery store of Mr. Ford Basha , New Gower Street, was broken and fancy pastry taken , the plain bread were not touched besides several stores, including nearly all the Chinese laundries on New Gower Street had their glass broken last night by the crowd of older and young men estimated to be not more than two hundreds.  It is impossible to give an accurate estimate of the number as from the beginning citizens, urged on by their curiosity, had been following wherever that mob was doing damage and mingling with them made it look larger that it was.


The trouble did not come as an entire surprise.  Yesterday afternoon there were rumors that last night there would be some trouble if there was no definite new that the loan had been secured.  Some of the Stores, banks, etc were notified to be prepared.  There was a meeting of the unemployed on the Barrens and after that the parade began. In notice to the greater number of the unemployed it may be stated that by for the large majority of those who had been attending the meetings for several days past, took no hand or part in the proceedings.  The more needy men did not believe in acts of violence and last night these were void in their condemnation of what was happening.


The crowd first visited the home of the acting Prime Minister Hon. H. A. Winter who lives at Winter Place.  Not finding him at home they returned to the city but on the way out some of them did damage to the new fence recently erected around the Fieldian Athletic Grounds where pickets Etc were broken off.

At the Royal Store the crows stoned the windows from the opposite side of the street and proof that it was not for food the sought was the fact that the first window broken was in the ladies apparel window.  The police were on the scene almost immediately and dispersed the crowd from there and another squad was doing duty on the Court House Steps to prevent any attempt at entering there.  Thereafter the police were kept busy all night endeavouring to break up the crowds that were congregating.


About midnight a crowd marched down Barter's Hill in mass formation and entered Water Street where they were charged by the police and soon dispersed .  All night long and up to a late hour this morning crowds thronged the streets everywhere and made the work of the police very difficult as when the raiders were dispersed they always mingled with the spectators and the police did not know who were who.  When the fire alarm was sent in for the fire on Water Street the crowd rushed there and the police had again to charge the crowd.  It was at this time that the damage was done to "Cheapside".  Up to press hour this morning reports were coming in of damage having been done in various parts of the city and when a survey is possible this morning it will probably be found that damage amounting to many hundred of dollars was done.
The G. W. V. A. were again alive to the situation and as soon as the trouble started made arrangements to have a special patrol on the street.  By one o'clock this morning about forty men were out and provision had been made for increasing the number by over one hundred today.


During the night the police were busy and wherever it was possible to make an arrest of anyone found guilty of doing damage it was done.  At four this morning eighteen arrests had been made.
The point emphasized by the police is that on this occasion it is not al only young fellows who are doing the damage, but they are joined by some of the older ones and it would appear as if there is some influence behind it.
That the damage was not done by genuinely hungry men is also shown by the fact that at the royal Stores no attempt was made to take food, that the store most damaged on New Gower Street was a dry goods store, that at O'Brien's only fruit was taken and at Basha's only fancy pastries.


About ten policemen were injured by stones and sticks.  Constable Slade is now at the General Hospital with injuries about the ribs, the exact extent of which is not yet definitely known.  Constable Bradbury had injuries to his head but was able to leave the institution after being attended by the doctor.


PRIME Minister Attempting to Propose Motion on Petition is Advised by Speaker to Leave The House - Dallying Produces Outbreak Outside Before Motion is Put.


As soon as the House opened the delegation from the citizens Committee consisting of J. M. Howell, Chairman, J. H. Devin, Secretary, Rev. W. E. Godfrey and Mr. H. A.  Winter K. C. , appeared at the bar of the House with their petition which was handed to the Clerk of the house who read it.

HON. THE PRIME MINISTER moved that the petition be received and referred to a select committee of five members of the House, to be appointed by the Speaker, to ascertain and advise what steps the House should take to carry out the prayer of the petition.
MR. EMERSON rose to a point of order in that the Prime Minister has a principal and should not be permitted to make a motion in this connection; whereupon Mr. Bradley said he would make the motion.
MR. PUDDESTER thought that the Prime Minister should leave the House whilst the matter was being considered.
HON. THE PRIME MINISTER asked the Speaker if he should leave and was told that whilst it was not absolutely necessary he thought it was better that he should do .  The Prime Minister then left the Chamber whereupon Hon. Mr. Bradley again moved the above petition seconded by Hon. Mr. Bibdon.
MR. EMERSON held that the appointment of a select committee called for a notice of motion which would mean further delay.  When a petition is presented two courses are open ; either to consider the prayer of the petition or if it is a matter of administrative action . It is a petition that asks that the prayer be heard at once.
MR. ALDERDICE was of opinion that an attempt was again, being made to evade the issue.  Already there were a few thousand people outside the House of Assembly and unless this matter is disposed of promptly there will be many more in a few days.
MR. BRADLEY did not see how a reasonable solution could be arrived at in any other way than in passing the resolution he had moved.
MR. ALDERDICE again claimed that the attempt was nothing more or less than one to evade the issue.
HON. THE SPEAKER felt tjat in order to dispose of the matter, if the committee was appointed it could sit whilst the House was in session.

MR PUDDESTER asked if he meant by that the House should adjourn whilst the committee was meeting in his opinion the only proper courser to take to adjourn the house until the committee was ready to make its report.  This thing has gone far enough now and he thought that unless the House adjourns no more business would be dealt with until the charges made in the House had been proved or disapproved..
MR. EMERSON pointed out that although the matter had been dealt with twice, before there has been no suggestion from the government side of the House as to enquiry and now for the first time the Government was proposing an enquiry and it is simply because once again they are responding to force.  An enquiry must be held and he reiterated what Mr. Puddester had said that no more business should be done until an enquiry be held.
MR. PUDDESTER asked if the mover of the motion was prepared to adjourn the House until the matter was disposed of.
HON. THE SPEAKER said that as far as he was concerned he was prepared to do whatever the House thought was right.  Anything was satisfactory to him although he could see a technical difficulty.
MR. ALDERDICE asked the House if anyone could imagine a state of affairs where the Prime Minister is openly accused of forgery and robbery and he will not answer the charges or permit an enquiry to be held into them.  All kinds of difficulties were being seen now instead of giving exactly what the petition asked for.
MR. SPEAKER again reiterated that he wanted to know what the House desired and whatever it was he be willing to do.  He placed himself in the hands of the House.
MR. PUDDESTER pointed out to Mr. Speaker that when he put himself in the hands of the House on former occasions the opposition motion was voted down by the government majority.  This was a matter that required a quick decision and the only way was to adjourn the House until the committee is ready to report.  Otherwise the first thing was be found is that the Usher of the Black rod will be summoning the members to the council chamber before the committee has time to do anything.
HON. MR. BRADLEY said he was willing to accede to the suggestion of Mr. Puddester and would , after this resolution was passed, moved for an adjournment until Monday Next.
After some further deliberation it was practically agreed to pass the motion for the committee and adjourned the House until Monday.  Before the motion could be put, however, an uproar started in the gallery and in the midst of it the Speaker declared the House adjourned until this afternoon at three o'clock.

  John Baird, Sue O'Neill and NL GenWeb