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Details from 4 volumes of The Complete Book of Emigrants, by Peter Wilson Coldham.

Including minor entries from additional sources, and also some interlining. Information provided in this file is pertinent to early Newfoundland voyages “out from England/Britain”. Some American Colonial voyages are included, in which the vessels/captains detailed, are sometimes noted sailing to Newfoundland. These American Colony and West Indies voyages, did in fact on occasions include Lading Ports at Newfoundland. One should check against original materials, for any possible error in dating, references, or other. Transcribed and contributed by David Anstey, November, 2020. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.


The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1660. Peter Wilson Coldham. Genealogical Publishing Company Inc., Baltimore. 1988.

Page 69.

March 15, 1625. George, Lord Baltimore, writes that he intends to go to the plantation in Newfoundland which he began some years ago. And asks for

clearance of the "Johnathan" and the "Peter Bonadventure". ( CSPC )

( Calendars of State Papers, American and Colonial Series, 1574 - 1660., ed. W. Noel Sainsbury, Longman and Green., 1860. )

Page 84.

Aug 25, 1628. George, Lord Baltimore, writes from Ferryland to the King. Of his difficulties in this remote, wild place; and asks for ships to protect

the coast and many thousand British subjects, against the French. ( CSPC )

Page 87.

April 9, 1629. Captain Ralph Morley on behalf of Lord Baltimore ships goods on the "Claude Regis", Mr. Stephen Bacon, bound from Southampton

to Avalon, Newfoundland. ( PRO: E 190/822/9 )

Page 88.

Nov 22, 1629. The King writes to Lord Baltimore that he is to return to England.

Nov 30, 1629. Governor John Pott writes to the Privy Council that Lord Baltimore arrived in Virginia from Newfoundland in October. And he and his

followers being of the Romish religion, they refused to take the oaths of supremacy and allegiance. He asks that no Papists be allowed to settle

in Virginia. ( CSPC )

Page 102.

Feb, 1637. Memorial of Lord Baltimore concerning his right to part of Newfoundland. His father George Calvert purchased a good part of Newfoundland.

And sent men there to plant and build houses and a fort, and afterwards resided there with his family. Because of the severity of the climate, the

petitioner was obliged to leave there six years ago. ( CSPC )

Page 191.

Nov 13, 1637. Memorial that the Province of Newfoundland has been granted to James, Marquis of Hamilton, Phillip, Earl of Pembroke, Henry, Earl of

Holland, and Sir David Kirke. George, Lord Baltimore, and other planters, having left the plantation, without providing for it. ( CSPC )

Page 209.

Oct 2, 1639. Sir David Kirke writes from Ferryland to Archbishop Laud that of the 100 persons brought over only one has died from sickness.

The air of Newfoundland agrees with all God's children except Jesuits and Schismatics. ( CSPC )

Page 213.

May 27, 1640. Pass for the "Charles" of Gloucester, a new ship, to go to the plantations and Newfoundland with 100 Passengers, and for the "Amity" of

London with 120 Passengers for the plantations. ( APC & CSPC )

APC: ( Acts of the Privy Council of England, 1613 - 1631. H. M. S. O. 1921 - 1964. )

Page 225.

April 13, 1643. Depositions by Stephen King of London aged 24; and William Martin of London aged 36; Master and Master's mate respectively of

the "Fortune". That she left the Isle of Wight on June 30, 1642; in company with the "Peter" of London, Mr. Adam Wiles, bound for New England

and Newfoundland. ( MCD 1/74 )

( Depositions and Interrogatories in the Lord Mayor's Court of London. London Record Office. )

Page 247.

May 24, 1650. Pass for Sir Lewis Kirke, John Clever and Charles West, to go to Newfoundland. ( PRO: SP25/1.11 )

Page 259.

June 16, 1652. Instructions to Walter Sikes, Robert Street, Captain William Pyle and Captain Nicholas Redwood, Commissioners for Newfoundland, to go there

immediately to take care of the government. ( CSPC )

Page 265.

June 3, 1653. Instructions to John Treworgie, Commissioner for Newfoundland, to take care of its government and people. And to restore the estate of

Sir David Kirke, which was formerly sequestrated. ( CSPC )

Page 460.

June, 1660. Petition of Cecil, Lord Baltimore. Newfoundland was granted by King James to his father, and after his decease, the petitioner deputed

Captain William Hill as Governor. In 1638 Sir David Kirke surreptitiously obtained a patent dispossessing him. And in 1655 made over part of his patent

to John Claypole, son in Law of Oliver Cromwell, Colonel Rich, Colonel Gosse, and others. Sir Lewis Kirke is now endeavouring to confirm that patent, and

the petitioner prays for restoration of his rights. Warrant issued for Sir Lewis Kirke and John Kirke, to give up any of their possessions in the Province

of Avalon. ( CSPC )


The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1661-1699. Peter Wilson Coldham. Genealogical Publishing Company Inc., Baltimore. 1990.

Page 95.

Sep 22, 1666. Shipper by the "Providence" of Dartmouth, Anthony Street bound from Dartmouth for Virginia: Benjamin Rooke & Co. ( PRO: E 190/954/10 )

*****In 1681, Anthony Street of Dartmouth, at Port de Grave, in the ship "Royal Charles".

Page 129.

Aug 12 - Sep 1, 1688. Shippers by the "Joseph" of Bristol, bound from Bristol for Virginia: Arthur Hart, John Knight, William Forde, Charles Jones,

William Taylor, John Duddlestone, Thomas Hawkridge. ( PRO: E 190/1137/1 )

Page 171.

Jan 20, 1671. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Tuberville _____ to Thomas Templeman, 4 years [ Nevis] by the "Gabriel". ( BR )

( Bristol Register of Servants sent to Foreign Plantations. 1654 - 1686, ed. Peter Wilson Coldham. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1988. )

*****The Bristol Register of Servants sent to Foreign Plantations was originally known as the "Tolzey Book of Indentures".

Page 174.

April 18, 1671. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Thomas Minny to Thomas Martin, 4 years New England, by the "Newfoundland Merchant". ( BR )

*****1676 Fishing Ships Census for St. John's, Newfoundland.

*****Thomas Martin at St. John's in the "Newland Merchant". ( Per Captain John Rich's Census. )

*****Thomas Martin from Barbadoes, in a British Fishing ship. ( Per Captain Russell's Census. )

*****[ New Land Merchant / New Found Land Merchant / Newfoundland Merchant. Same as the phrase New Land codfish, as recorded during the early era. ]

Page 178.

July 29, 1671. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Thomas Turton to William Ashton, 4 years Nevis or Virginia, by the "William". ( BR )

Page 238.

March 4, 1675. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Lewis Price to John Templeman, 4 years Barbadoes. ( BR )

Page 239.

March 15, 1675. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Margaret Mills to John Templeman, 6 years Barbadoes. ( BR )

Page 265.

May 19, 1676. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Nicholas Greene to John Perkins, 4 years Newfoundland. ( BR )

*****A John Perkins at Old Perlican, Trinity Bay, 1682. Also a William Green, Planter.

*****( ?Any consideration for William Nicholas Green? Nomenclature for the era in style of William Nicholas, William Henry, William John, etc. )

*****Lancashire folk were commonly apprenticed to merchants at Bristol, in this era, if any consideration for Nicholas Greene.

Page 277.

Feb 1, 1677. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Samuel Curtis to Abraham King, 6 years Newfoundland, by the "Mary & Joane", Mr. William Ashton. ( BR )

*****1676 Newfoundland Census: Captain William Ashton at Brigus, Conception Bay. *****1677 at Port de Grave.

*****1676 Newfoundland Census: Abraham King at Carbonear, Planter, with 10 Servants.

Page 278.

Feb 10, 1677. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Phillip Saunder to Abraham King, 9 years Newfoundland, by the "Jacob", Mr. Thomas Edwards. ( BR )

Page 279.

Feb 24, 1677. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Robert Cripps to Abraham King, 5 years Newfoundland, by the "Jacob". ( BR )

*****1677 Fishing Ships Census for Carbonear, Newfoundland. Thomas Edwards in the vessel "Jacob".

Page 284.

April 25, 1677. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Francis Beard to John Holbrooke, 4 years Newfoundland, by the "Hopewell", Mr. John Holbrooke.

May 1, 1677. The following Apprenticed in Bristol: Richard Davis to Thomas Pearce, 4 years Newfoundland, by the "Hopewell". ( BR )

Page 285.

May 17, 1677. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Evan Phillips to John Holbrooke, 4 years Newfoundland, by the "Hopewell". ( BR )

*****?John Holbrooke died in Port Royal, Jamaica, 1688/9?

Page 320.

Oct 16, 1678. Shipper by the "Elizabeth" of Poole, Mr. William Pike, bound from Poole for Maryland: Mr. William Pike. ( PRO: E 190/882/13 )

Page 330.

March 8, 1679. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Lawrence Tanner to Thomas Harris, 7 years Newfoundland by the "Olive Branch".

William Allen to Thomas Edwards, 5 Years Newfoundland by the "Olive Branch". Thomas Boone to Thomas Edwards, 7 Years Newfoundland by the "Olive Branch". ( BR )

*****1681 Census for Bryant’s Cove, CB., Newfoundland. Thomas Harris.

*****George Hart of Bristol was generally the shipper by the "Olive Branch". Owner?

Page 335.

May 13, 1679. The following apprenticed in Bristol: William Waple to William Bye, 4 years Newfoundland, by the "William". ( BR )

*****Surname Bye/Boyse appears at Westbury on Trym, Bristol. Elsewhere in Bristol?

*****A Jan 6, 1708/9, Carbonear petition to Queen Anne, from the defenders of Carbonear Island; displays the signatures: William Boyes, William Reeves, etc.

*****Individuals Reeves sometimes shipped cargo out of Bristol, per the volumes of The Complete Book of Immigrants.

Page 366.

Aug 25, 1680. Shipper by the "William" of Bristol, bound from Bristol for Virginia: Arthur Hart. ( PRO: E 190/1141/1 )

*****?The "William" the same vessel as captained by William Ashton, 1677; and William Bye, 1679, to Newfoundland?

Page 375.

Feb 16, 1681. Shipper by the "William & Elizabeth" of Poole, Mr. William Phippard, bound from Poole for Newfoundland and Virginia. Mr. William Phippard.

( PRO: E 190/884/6 )

*****1681 Bonavista Census. William Phippard out of Poole, in the "William". Aka [ William & Elizabeth ]. *Note William Phippard Junior, Planter.

*****It was not uncommon for early English/British Captains and vessel owners, out to American and Newfoundland, to have relatives occupied in the Fishery.

*****John Slade's son, John Hayter Slade, died at Fogo in 1783. John Slade's nephews were involved in his local Newfoundland Fishery business.

*****1708, Old Perlican. Planter's John Carter Senior, and Junior. There commonly were ship captains in the Carter family at Poole, Dorset.

*****Plural members of the Society of Friends White family of Poole, captained to Newfoundland. No doubt some family members hands, got sore while handlining codfish.

Page 377.

June 8, 1681. Shipper by the "Olive Branch" of Bristol, bound from Bristol for New England: George Hart. ( PRO: E 190/1142/3 )

*****George Hart, Bristol merchant, 1680's.

*****George Hart, Currier; and Henry Payne; were the 1686 Appraisers of the Bristol Inventory of Richard Steer, Bridle cutter.

*****The August 5, 1705 PCC Will of Arthur Hart, Merchant of Bristol, mention his House in St. Nicholas Parish, Bristol. Another at Clifton.

*****Mentions his wife Martha "Deane" Hart, and his kinsman Arthur Ballard. Son William Hart and daughter Martha Hart.

*****John and Jacob Sandford witnessed his Will.

*****( John Sandford wed Sarah Deane. ) ( Martha and Sarah Deane, daughters of Gabriel Deane of Clifton? )

*****The March 31, 1740, PCC Will of Margaret Hart, Spinster of Bristol, mentions her lands in Bedminster.

*****Lands late in the tenure of Ann Aldworth and Jane Aldworth.

*****Margaret Hart the daughter of George Hart?

*****Arthur & George Hart, Members of the Society of Merchant Venturers of Bristol, 1682.

*****Arthur Hart, Mayor of Bristol, 1690.

*****The June 18, 1714, PCC Will of Anthony Varder, of Bedminster, mentions his his tenement in College Green, now in the tenure of Mrs Jane and Ann Aldworth.

*****The Inhabitants of Bristol in 1696. Edited by Elizabeth Ralph & Mary E. Williams. 1968.

*****Page 15. Arthur Hart, Esquire, wife Martha, daughter Martha. ( The Castle within the City of Bristol. )

*****Page 165. George Hart, wife Julian. ( The Parish of St. Peter. ) ( Also Daniel Jones Sr., 10? tenements distant of George Hart. )

*****Page 210. Daniel Jones Junior, wife Eleanor. Daughters: Sarah & Ann. ( Parist of St. Thomas, Tucker Street. )

*****Page 90. Samuel Hunt. Wife Sarah. Daughters: Hannah, Patience, Hester, & Martha. Sons: Samuel & Stephen. ( St. John The Baptist Parish. )

*****Samuel Hunt, deceased on Aug 16, 1741.

*****A Samuel Hunt, Society of Friends, at Bristol, shipped cargo on many vessels, pre, Captain Stephen Hunt era. Was there any relation, between the two?

Page 388.

Jan 27, 1682. Shipper by the "Rebecca" of Weymouth, Mr. Henry Feaver, bound from Weymouth for New England: Stephen Pitts. ( PRO: E 190/884/9 )

Feb 14 - 25, 1682. Shippers by the "William" of Bristol, bound from Bristol for New England: George Hart, Henry Baker, John Bowry, Richard Gibbons. ( PRO: E 190/1144/1 )

*****Henry Feaver/Feavour/Le Feurve. Consideration for "out of Lyme/Weymouth" for Brigus/Port de Grave. "Bridport District folk".

Page 389.

Feb 27, 1682. Shipper by the "Olive Branch" of Bristol, bound from Bristol for New England: George Hart. ( PRO: E 190/1144/1 )

Page 407.

Jan 29 - Mar 28, 1683. Shippers by the English built "William" of Bristol, Mr. John Bowry, bound from Bristol for New England: Arthur Hart, Samuel Price,

John Wesborow, Richard Gibbons, John Batchelor. ( PRO: E 190/1146/1 )

Page 508.

March 13, 1685. The following apprenticed in Bristol: Robert Stephens of Bridport, Dorset, to Richard Downe, 3 years Newfoundland, by the "Supply". ( BR )

Page 602.

Feb 21, 1688. Shipper by the "Supply" of Bristol, Mr. Thomas Templeman, bound from Bristol for New England: Thomas Edwards. ( PRO: E 190/1149/1 )

*****One might consider whether such a voyage included visiting Newfoundland.

*****Anthony Varder's business Ledger mentions a ship "Supply", taking goods to Newfoundland in 1697.

Page 626.

Nov 8, 1690. Shipper by the "Providence" of Dartmouth, Robert Street bound from Dartmouth for Virginia: Anthony Street. ( PRO: E 190/996/11 )

Page 652.

July 29 - Aug 5, 1695. Shipper by the "St. Mallo", Mr. Christopher Pollard, bound from Barnstaple for Newfoundland and Virginia:

Anthony Juliott, Richard Parminter. ( PRO: E 190/969/7 )

*****1675/76/77 Newfoundland Census'. Christopher Pollard & wife at Caplin Bay/Calvert, North of Ferryland.

*****PCC Will of Christopher Pollard, Gentleman of Caplin Bay Newfoundland, North America. Jan 10, 1693.

*****PCC Will of Christopher Pollard, formerly Merchant of London. May 23, 1712. ( Mentions the "St. Mallo", and his Newfoundland Plantation. )


The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1700-1750. Peter Wilson Coldham. Genealogical Publishing Company Inc., Baltimore. 1992.

Page vii.

The survival of English Port Books. ( E190 )

Southampton. Books survive only for 1751 and 1759.

Poole, Weymouth and Lyme. Some books survive for the years between 1752 and 1760, but none thereafter.

Exeter. Books survive for 1751 - 1755, but none thereafter.

Plymouth. Books survive for 1754 - 1756 only.

Bristol. The series is complete, except for 8 years.

*****Reference: PRO 57/4511

*****Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: port books; E 190

*****Official: Controller Overseas

*****Note: 239 folios.

*****Held by: The National Archives, Kew.

Page 9.

Feb 21 - 27, 1700. The following apprenticed in Liverpool for 4 years to William Middleton, master of the "Irish Lawrell" bound for Newfoundland:

Henry Powell of Wells, Somerset, aged 21; James Tucker of Wells, aged 20; Thomas Coles of Caernavon, aged 20; Thomas Jackson of Blackley, Lancashire,

aged 19 ( ran away ); William Williams of Narberth, Pembrokeshire, aged 21. ( LTB ) ( Liverpool Town Books. )

Page 10.

March 18, 1700. The following apprenticed in Liverpool for 5 years to John Rimmer, master of the "Planter", to go to Newfoundland:

James Day of Dublin, Ireland, aged 22; James Gamette of Rainhill, Lancashire, aged 22. ( LTB ) [ ?"Panther" incorrectly transcribed? ]

*****CO 194/2. Yaer 1700. John Rimmer/Rymmer, captain of the "Panther", 80 Tons/22 Men/3 Guns. Liverpool to Old Perlican, Trinity Bay, to market.

*****John Rimmer; amid Poole, Dorset, captains at Old Perlican, 1700.

*****Lloyd's List, Jun 18, 1782, edition.

The "Industry", Captain Rimmer, from Liverpool for Newfoundland & the West Indies, is taken by an American Privateer of 28 Guns. Capt. Rimmer is arrived at Liverpool. ( *Captain Peter Rimmer of the "Industry". 120 Tons/20 Men/4 Guns. )

Page 11.

April 6 - 16, 1700. Shippers by the "Olive Tree", Mr. Robert Shuttleworth, bound from Bristol for Pennsylvania: William Beakes, Edward Lloyd & Co.,

Stephen Beakes, John Phillips, Brice Nickolls, Benjamin Turner. ( PRO: E 190/1158/1 )

*****1697, Mr. George Shuttleworth, captain of a Bristol merchantman, at Carbonear, Conception Bay.

Page 27.

April 5 - 7, 1701. Shippers by the "Zant(e)", Mr. James Perryman, bound from Bristol for New England: Humphrey Hattmore, Harrington Gibbs, Johnathan James. ( PRO: E 190/1159/2 )

*****In 1677, James Perriman at Port de Grave in the ship "Zant".

*****Captains/vessel owners/part-owners like Anthony Street, Henry Feaver/Le Feurve, William Pike, Thomas Edwards, James Perryman, Thomas Neck, John Jones, John Davis, Henry Pynn, etc., voyaged variously for merchants and shippers of cargo. Sometimes for themselves. The scope of captains out to early Newfoundland appears small, as compared with captains out to the American Colonies, the West Indies, etc.

*****Commonly, apprentices/indenturees/passengers & provisions to America. Items like rum and molasses to Newfoundland. Codfish and trail oil to market.

*****Oct 7, 1676. Lyme Regis. A bark came in from Fowey with Newfoundland men, their clothes, etc. Where they had left their ship.

*****The men belong to the Port of Lyme. They came from Port de Grave, Conception Bay.

*****In 1676, Henry Feavour/Le Feurve was out of Fowey, at Port de Grave. Could Nathaniel Gundry of Lyme/Bridport have been a shipper?

*****Henry Feaver captained out of Weymouth as well, in this era.

*****Consideration pf the ports of Lyme and Weymouth, for Bridport District folk; at early Brigus/Port de Grave.

Page 37.

March 31, 1702. Shipper by the "Olive Branch", Mr. Joseph Axford, bound from Bristol for Baltimore and Newfoundland: Thomas Hort & Co. ( PRO: E 190/1160/3 )

Page 86.

June 28, 1707. Shippers by the "Adventure" of Dartmouth, Mr. William Bickford, bound from Dartmouth for Boston: John Harris, Samuel Munckley. ( PRO: E 190/980/7 )

Page 101.

Feb 3 - 18, 1709. Shippers by the "Increase", Mr. John Hicks, bound from Bristol for Newfoundland and Virginia: Lettice Jordan, William French,

John King & Co., William Perks, Sir John Duddlestone, James Loyde, Robert Edwards, John Webley. ( PRO: E 190/1165/1 )

*****Robert Edwards also captained the "Increase". Shipper was John Edwards & Co. of Bristol.

*****William French was a Bristol shipper for decades, per these volumes.

Page 124.

March 1, 1711. Shipper by the "George" of Poole, Mr. William Sherring, bound from Poole for Newfoundland and Virginia: George Lewen. ( PRO: E 190/901/1 )

Page 134.

March 12 - April 5. 1712. Shippers by the "Prosperity", Mr. Thomas Neck, bound from Exeter and Dartmouth for Boston: Samuel Munckley, John Colesworthy,

Silvanus Evans for Nathaniel Gundry. ( PRO E190/985/9. 985/18 )

*****Likely Nathaniel Gundry of the Port of Lyme. ?Any consideration for Bridport and Brigus?

*****Silvanus Evans, John Harris, Samuel Munckley, John Colesworthy, etc., appear intimately connected in the shipping business diversely, including at Newfoundland.

Page 137.

Aug 4 - Aug 26, 1712. Shippers by the "Relief" sloop of Dartmouth, Mr. John Rhodes, bound from Dartmouth for Carolina: John Harris, Silvanus Evans. ( PRO: E 190/985/9 )

Page 140.

Jan 23 - Mar 3, 1713. Shippers by the "Prosperity", Mr. Thomas Neck(s), bound from Exeter for Boston: Roger Prowse, John Starr, Richard Limbrey, Nathaniel Dewdney, Francis Furlong. ( PRO: E 190/986/1 )

Page 142.

Feb 23, 1713. Shipper by the "Dursley" of Dartmouth, Mr. Thomas Tucker, bound from Dartmouth for New England: Silvanus Evans. ( PRO: E 190/986/20 )

Feb 27, 1713. Shippers by the "Catherine" of Bristol, Mr. Paul Portlock, bound from Bristol for New York: John Templeman, John Edwards & Co. ( PRO: E 190/1173/1 )

*****Reference: HCA 26/15/127. Commander: Joseph Axford. Ship: Dursley Galley. Burden: 120 tons. Crew: 30.

*****Owners: Francis Rogers, Thomas Hart, John Allen, William Freake, Philip Harris of Bristol, merchants, and Captain Joseph Axford.

*****Armament: 10 guns. Folio: 131. Date: 1711 April 7.

*****[Thomas Hort] part owner of the above Bristol privateer, not Thomas Hart?

*****Bristol Probate Inventories - Volume 60 - Page 78. From Mr. Thomas Hort & Company for the ship Dursley, 1 Pound, 4 Shillings and 8 Pence.

*****PCC Will of Thomas Hort of Bristol, Gloucestershire. Sep 23, 1715. Mentions his shipping. ( Thomas Hort of Westbury on Trym. )

The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1660. Peter Wilson Coldham. Genealogical Publishing Company Inc., Baltimore. 1988.

Page 143.

March 27, 1713. Shipper by the "Fortune" of Weymouth, Mr. Hugh Arbuthnot, bound from Weymouth for the Isle of May, Newfoundland and Virginia: David Arbuthnot. ( PRO: E 190/903/10 )

Page 144.

April 9, 1713. Shipper by the "Prosperity", bound from Plymouth for New England: Nathaniel White for Samuel Monkley/Munckley. ( PRO: E 190/1070/12 )

April 17, 1713. Shipper by the "Durrell" of Jersey, Mr. John Dauvergne, bound from Dartmouth for New England: Silvanus Evans for George Browne. ( PRO: E 190/986/20 )

Page 145.

June 27, 1713. Shipper by the "Martin" galley of Jersey, Mr. Thomas Pipon, bound from Dartmouth for New England: Silvanus Evans for John Mauger. ( PRO: E 190/986/20 )

Page 151.

Feb 16 - Mar 10, 1714. Shippers by the "Prosperity", Mr. Thomas Neck(s) bound from Exeter for New England: Samuel Munckley, Richard Limbrey, Edward Man. ( PRO: E 190/987/11 )

Page 164.

June 8-14, 1715. Shippers by the "Samuel", pink of Exeter, Mr. Thomas Neck(s) bound from Exeter & Plymouth for New England: Richard Limbrey, Nathaniel White. ( PRO: E 190/989/14 )

Page 177.

March 12, 1716. Shipper by the "Increase", Mr. Henry Pynn, bound from Bristol for Cork and New England: John Davis. ( PRO: E 190/1179/2 )

Mar 14 - Apr 11, 1716. Shippers by the "Triumvirate", Mr. John Davis, bound from Bristol for New England: William Perk(e)s, Anthony Varder. ( PRO: E 190/1179/2 )

Page 186.

Oct 12 - Oct 29, 1716. Shippers by the "Young Princess" of Exeter, Mr. Robert Gibbs, bound from Dartmouth for Virginia and Boston: Mary Harris, John Pyne,

Bartholomew Avent. ( PRO: E 190/989/6 ) ( PRO: E 190/1075/7 )

Page 193.

Feb 8, 1717. Shippers by the "Triumvirate", Mr. Henry Pynn, bound from Bristol for New York: John Edwards & Co. ( PRO: E 190/1181/1 )

*****CO 1/1222 April, 1717. John Edwards of Bristol, John Davis, and Daniel Peirce, owned the "Triumvirate", ship, 59 Tons/10 Men.

New York to Newfoundland with provisions. Rum, Molasses.

*****Was Thomas Edwards of Bristol and Carbonear, a relative of John Edwards, of “John Edwards & Co.” of Bristol? Decades of John Edwards & Co. at Bristol.

*****Anthony Varder's Ledger. 1697. "By a Cargo of Goods Bought of Daniel Pearse - John Jerland/Garland sent by Mr. Lowden..."

*****The voyage above here, is a case where Newfoundland is not recorded as part of the voyage. But Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, obviously was an interim lading port. Harbour Grace came to enjoy a distinction during the 1700's, of being the head Port in Conception Bay, respecting custom duties on shipping, etc.

Page 196.

April 3 - May 4, 1717. Shippers by the "Anne", Mr. Richard Stephens, bound from Exeter for New England: John & Nm Upcott, Abraham Fillmore,

Richard Limbrey, John Andrews, Nicholas Blake, John Pearce, Samuel Munckley, John Pymm, Daniel Clutterbuck. ( PRO: E 190/190/7 )

*****Note: John Andrews and John Pearce. ( Consider Andrews, Pearce, Mugford, Matthew Lee, etc. ) *Abraham Fillmore, Plymouth, Devon.

Page 205.

Oct 28, 1717. Shippers by the "Young Princess" ["Caroline"], Mr. Stephen Tucker, bound from Exeter for Virginia: John Pyne, John Colesworthy, Humphrey Bawden. ( PRO: E 190/990/7 )

*****Plural entries noted in this Volume 3, for Captain Stephen Tucker. ( Per the page 134 entry above; Thomas Neck(s) carried cargo for John Colesworthy. )

Captains Stephen Tucker's & Thomas Neck(s)' voyages to the American Colonies, probably included the Port of Harbour Grace, Conception Bay. Bay Roberts, Port de Grave, etc.

Page 209.

Jan 3 - Feb 27, 1718. Shippers by the "Neptune", Mr. Edward Norris, bound from Exeter for Carolina: John Upcott, Thomas Tucker, George Blackmore for John Andrews. ( PRO: E 190/991/10 )

Jan 20 - Feb 4, 1718. Shippers by the "Robert & John" of Weymouth, Mr. Thomas Wilson, bound from Weymouth for Ireland, Newfoundland and Virginia: Edward Tucker, George Randell. ( PRO: E 190/907/17 )( Possible Bonavista, early Notre Dame Bay interests? )

Page 210.

Jan 29 - Feb 12, 1718. Shippers by the "Triumvirate", Mr. Henry Pynn, bound from Bristol for New York: John Edwards & Co., John Reeve for William Dugdale. ( PRO: E 190/1183/1 )

Page 262.

Nov 2, 1720. Shippers by the "Young Princess" ["Caroline"], Mr. Stephen Tucker, bound from Dartmouth for Maryland: Mary Harris. ( PRO: E 190/993/10 )

*****In 1708 Stephen Tucker Sr. voyaged to Newfoundland for John Harris of Mount Boone, Dartmouth.

*****Merchant John Harris owned property at Dartmouth, Crediton, Cornworthy, etc.

*****Thomas Boone, an earlier Newfoundland merchant, named Mount Boone.

*****PCC Will of John Harris of Mount Boone, Devon. September 25, 1716. ( Townstall )

*****In 1712, John Harris owned a 400 Ton Privateer "Sorlings" with Silvanus Evans.

*****Both Thomas Neck and Stephen Tucker voyaged for merchants of close association; in folk like John Harris & Silvanus Evans of Dartmouth; and Samuel Munckley of Exeter.

*****A John Harris at 1681 Bryants Cove, Planter. Unassociated?

*****Any consideration for Doust/Daw, Port de Grave; and Dartmouth? Ashprington?

*****Family Coveyduck and Christchurch, Hampshire; didn't answer. Families Snow and Anthony, Isle of Jersey; likely won't answer. Family Andrews ?Exmouth/Harbour Grace? is most unlikely to answer. ?Andrews an early Harbour Grace family?

*****What immediate communal neighbors at Port de Grave remain, to show early association with family Daw(e)? Thomas Neck and Tucker family?

*****A continuation of family forenames from the old world to the new; is not something to discard out of hand.

*****When early Newfoundlanders old country origins are found; a plurality of association is commonly realized.

*****NL GenWeb Parish Records, Conception Bay North-Harbour Grace District, Harbour Grace - Anglican Marriage Records, 1776 – 1801.

*****John Tucker wed Mary Daw, 1777. Abraham Daw wed Patience Tucker of Porto Grave on Oct 4, 1783.

*****Tucker, or Daw, or both; saw a need for a school circa 1780, at Ship Cove, Port de Grave.

*****John & Toyzey Dawe had son Nicholas “born” Jan 23, 1660 at St. Petrox, Dartmouth.

*****( Nicholas Daw not baptized in the Church of England. Not a legal heir to his families Dartmouth? property? Migrated to Newfoundland? )

*****The pot has been stirred earlier; re: Daw and Dartmouth. The Daw family appears not to have continued, at Dartmouth. Burials etc., not found.

*****Apparently nothing found in the public eye. ( A deeper search of any surviving Dartmouth chest/vestry records? Freeholder records? Etc. )

*****The 1642 Protestation returns for the Dartmouth local area reveal individuals Daw at Ashprington. Two Johns. One Henry. Link at the end of this file.

*****John & Henry Dawe, 1642 petitioners re: Occupied in the Newfoundland fisheries. 25 January 1642.

*****Did an Ashprington Daw family, have family stats recorded at St. Petrox Parish? Other variant surname spellings at Dartmouth in general? Doust?

*****June 30, 1698. Port books. Silvanus Evans, iron Exon from Dartmouth on the "Mary", Captain Harrydon.

*****Sep 21, 1698. Port books. Sylvanus Evans, tobacco Exon from Dartmouth on the "Mary", Captain Harridon.

*****John Dawe wed Tolzey Harrydon, Oct., 3, 1654 at St. Petrox, Dartmouth.

*****Could John have been of Ashprington? Surname Dows/Doust/Dowse, occurs at Ashprington.

*****Can further embellishment of association, be documented with time? Between Ship Cove Dawe family, and Dartmouth.

*****Joseph Parsons captained the "Expedition" to Newfoundland in 1705, for John Harris. Stephen Tucker also captained the "Expedition" for John Harris.

*****Joseph Parsons of Topsham, captain of the "Expedition".

*****The first voyage recorded by Peter Wilson Coldham for Joseph Parsons, was in 1684. There were several further voyages, from that time forward.

Page 300.

Dec 21, 1722. Shippers by the "Young Princess" ["Caroline"], Mr. Stephen Tucker, bound from Dartmouth for Maryland: John Pyne. ( PRO: E 190/995/10 )

*****In 1699/1700 Stephen Tucker voyaged Teignmouth to Newfoundland for himself. Ie: Tucker & Co. A shipowner. As seen above his later voyages took him to the American Colonies. Stephen Tucker thus probably did not have the time to reside full time at Port de Grave.

*****Did his brother John Tucker's family, fill the “residency role/fish drying role” at Port de Grave? His brother John's son; nephew John Tucker?

*****Stephen Tucker 1724 Admon, West Teignmouth. 1741 Freeholder at West Teignmouth; Stephen Tucker Jr., butcher. Did Stephen Tucker Jr. split his time between St. John's and West Teignmouth? Stephen Tucker Jr. buried in 1795 at West Teignmouth. He had a 1796 West Teignmouth Admon. William Tucker appears in the 1799 West Teignmouth Freeholders listing. The name John Tucker does not appear in any of the West Teignmouth Freeholder listings viewed to date. Index of Miscellaneous Deeds and Wills, (1744-1859 in 22 Volumes), held at the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL)

1783 Will, John Tucker, 135, Ship Cove. Vol 14. Page 135.

Page 332.

Dec 23 - 29, 1724. Shippers by the "Friendship", Mr. John Davis, bound from Bristol for Carolina: Thomas Seed, Isaac Hobhouse. ( PRO: E 190/1194/2 ) ( PRO: E 190/1197/1 )

Page 379.

Feb 7, 1728. Shipper by the "Mary Ann", Mr. James Bond, from Dartmouth for Newfoundland and Virginia: said master. ( PRO: E 190/997/8 )

Page 394.

Nov 26 - Dec 9, 1728. Shippers by the "Friendship", Mr. John Davis, bound from Bristol for South Carolina: Isaac Hobhouse, Thomas Seede & Co. ( PRO: E 190/1201/3 )

Page 418.

June 19, 1730. Shippers by the "Kingham" galley, Mr. Peter Roach, bound from Bristol for New York and Newfoundland: Joseph and Samuel Percival, Richard Blake. ( PRO: E 190/1204/1 )

Page 421.

Aug 22 - Sep 15, 1730. Shippers by the "Alice & Elizabeth", Mr. John Payne, bound from Bristol for Carolina: Isaac Hobhouse, Joseph Iles for Daniel Hallows,

Stephen Baugh, Phillip Murse, William Watts. ( PRO: E 190/1204/1 )

*****1697. Anthony Varder Ledger mentions servant Thomas Ellys. Ellys/Ellis. ( Any consideration for Thomas Iles? )

*****Some of the vessels and agents/captains voyaging out from England to Newfoundland in this era, also commonly voyaged to the American Colonies.

As evidenced in the 4 volumes of "The Complete Book of Emigrants", authored by Peter Wilson Coldham. There was but a very small number of Bristol captains employed on Newfoundland Voyages, by Bristol merchants, per these four volumes. As compared with the great number of Bristol captains, employed to voyage to the American Colonies, the West Indies, etc. Newfoundland voyages may have been an "unrecorded but included portion", of "recorded voyages England to the American Colonies", in some cases.

Page 439.

Feb 11 - Feb 23, 1731. Shippers by the "St. Joseph", Mr. William Tucker, bound from Exeter for Boston: Ethelred Davy, Abraham Filmore. ( PRO: E 190/998/14 )

Page 530.

Nov 29, 1736. Shipper by the "Betsey", Mr. Robert Taverner, bound from Bristol for Carolina: Joseph Iles. ( PRO: E 190/1213/1 )

Page 537.

March 10-23, 1737. Shipper by the "Triumvirate", Mr. James Matthias, bound from Bristol for New York: John Davis, James Harding, Mary Peep. ( PRO: E 190/1203/3 )

Pages 555/6.

Jan 24-Feb 26, 1739. Shipper by the "Triumvirate", Mr. James Matthias, bound from Bristol for New York: John Davis, James Day, Richmond Day, etc. ( PRO: E 190/1214/3 )


The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1751-1776. Peter Wilson Coldham. Genealogical Publishing Company Inc., Baltimore. 1993.

Page 136.

May 7, 1768. William Belany apprenticed from Christ's hospital to Henry Brand Jr., master of the "Juno" bound for Newfoundland. ( CH )

( Child Apprentices in America from Christ's Hospital, London, 1617 - 1788., ed. Peter Wilson Coldham. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1990. )

Page 196.

March 7-14, 1774. Passengers shipped by the "David" from Bideford to Newfoundland: William Saunders, Merchant; Elizabeth Salmon, aged 16; Martin Morris, Banker, aged 60.

( EFE ) ( Emigrants from England to the American Colonies 1773 - 1776, ed. Peter Wilson Coldham. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1988. )

*****Lloyd's List Dec 9, 1768, edition. Arrived at Gravesend from Denia, Spain; the vessel "Juno", Captain Brand.

*****Lloyd's Register, 1776. "David", Snow, 180 Tons/12 Men. Captain John Doyle, Appledore to Newfoundland. For: Hogg & Co.


The Atlantic Canadians, 1600-1900: An Alphabetized Directory ... Noel Montgomery Elliot, 1994.

Surname Neck/Necks.

"A "Who was Who" of families Engaged in the Fishery & Settlement of Newfoundland, 1660 - 1840, K. Matthews,

Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Newfoundland, 1971. ( Page 299. )

Neck(s): Kingskerswell, Teignmouth, Dartmouth.

*Occupations carried on by Thomas Neck(s). Agent, employed in Newfoundland. Bye Boat Keeper. Captain. Planter. Ship owner. Tradesman.

*****Similar to Henry Pynn; Thomas Edwards; and other early Newfoundland individuals as well. ?John Edwards and Co. of Bristol? Pikes of Poole.

*****1677 Planter Census of Newfoundland.

*****Arthur Varder living in 1677 in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland.

*****?Anthony? Varder. ?Arthur as sourced from a secondary typed source? ?Forename Arthur incorrectly transcribed?

*****George Bully of Kingskerswell, master mariner, aged 21 + years, made application for a marriage License on Jan 31, 1793,

before James Simmons, Surrogate of the Court. To marry Jane Butler of the Chapelry of West Teignmouth, spinster, aged 21 years +.

A Six Pence stamp was used on the application. Feb 4, 1793. George Bulley wed Jane Butler at West Teignmouth. "In the Parish of the bride," as was commonplace in the era. January 5, 1796. John Butler wed Elizabeth Bulley at West Teignmouth. John Butler Bulley wed Elizabeth Bulley Butler on March 20, 1828 at St. Paul's, Portland Square, Bristol.


The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775. Peter Wilson Coldham, 1988. Page 483.

Bonded Passengers to America. Volumes 5-9. 1983. Page 22.

Jacob Langford. Transportation Bond to Newfoundland from the Devon Quarter Sessions, 1749. With query if this be a proper destination. Western Circuit, 1664 - 1775. ( *This same stat from two books, as noted above here. )

Settlers of Maryland / Peter Wilson Coldham. v.2. 1995.

( Pages 132, 133, and 203, mention Newfoundland. )

American loyalist claims / by Peter Wilson Coldham.

( Pages 130, 224, 348, 402, and 590, mention Newfoundland. )


British Record Society Publication. Volume 54. 2002.

Bristol Probate Inventories Part 1: 1542-1650. Edited by: Edwin & Stella George.

Pages 119 & 120. Probate Inventory of John Guy of St. Leonard Parish, Bristol, 1640. Total = 1173 Pounds, 10 Shillings, 11 Pence.

Mentions his mother Mrs. Ann Guy.

*The same John Guy Jr's Will probated March 5, 1639/40. Probate 11/182/356. The National Archives.

British Record Society Publication. Volume 57. 2005.

Bristol Probate Inventories Part 2: 1657-1689. Edited by: Edwin & Stella George.

Pages 184/5/6. The probate Inventory for George Payne of St. Nicholas Parish, Bristol, 1689. Total = 74 Pounds, 14 Shillings, 9 Pence.



*Mosquito Cove/Bristol's Hope, Conception Bay; to Kingroad, Bristol; in 1646.

British Record Society Publication. Volume 6. 1935.

The Deposition Books of Bristol. Volume 1. 1643-1647. Edited by: Miss H. E. Nott. Pages 142/143. To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come. I John Gonning Esquire now Mayor of the City of Bristol send greetings in our Lord God everlasting. Know ye that this present day being the first day of June Anno domini 1646, Simon Wills, Master of the good ship called the "Fortune" of Bristol burthen 300 tons or thereabouts, in her last voyage from New Found Land to the Port of Bristol, and William Gough, ship carpenter aged thirty tears or thereabouts; came and personally appeared before me and did depose and affirm upon their Corporal oaths, voluntarily taken upon the holy evangelist of God. That setting out in the said ship from Mukeete [?Muskeete?] in Newfoundland on or about the 28th day of August last past, and bound home from this Port of Bristol, they Cor 10 days after the City of Bristol was taken by the Parliament forces, and was reduced to ye parliament obedience. And this these deponents know to be true having information of the Certainty of it from Mr. Mayor of Bristol, that then was upon conference with him, after they came in, & besides from many others. All which upon request as is usual, I the said Mayor have thought good to certify with this further. That these two deponents do make oath, that upon their departure from Maskete as aforesaid, and never met with nor had any parley with, any ship or boat, until they came into Kingroad. Nor had speeches with any or their company, nor knew any thing of the taking of the City of Bristol, until they came into the River. Witness my hand & Seal the day and year above written. John Gonning, Mayor.


The 1723 Devon Oath Rolls online.

1642 Protestation Returns linked below. No Daw/Doust family at Dartmouth, Devon? Incomplete?

1642 Protestation Returns.

*Browse by Hierarchy
HL/PO/JO/10/1/84/68: Protestation Return - Devon - Coleridge (North Div... (1642) Ashprington.

The following 3 references are for Dartmouth.


Standard format of Last Will and Testaments of earlier era English/British folk included:

... do make my will in manner and form following ( Imprimis ) I give and bequeath...

The usage of Imprimis as above, was sometimes combined with/replaced with: "That is to say"; "Viz."; "First and principally"; "Item"; etc.

Ann Daw’s Ship Cove, Port de Grave, May 12, 1781 Will, uses an abbreviation ip for Imprimis.

And I do give to my son Abraham Daw that part of the Room that he now has in possession, with part of the point; ip [Imprimis] The school and the new stage...

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