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Year End Review - Events of the Year at Home and Abroad    1941

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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD & SUE O'NEILL.  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.






January 1, 1941 New Year’s Ball, Newfoundland Hotel. Members of MacDonald Fellowship Club, assisted by Nurses from Sanatorium, give dance at Caribou Hut to members of Canadian forces. Included in New Year’s Honors List are names of Mr. Vincent Strickland Jones, O.B.E., Mr. Robert Benson Ewbank, C.S.I., C.I.E., Mr. Joseph Wm. Allan, Mr. Charles Warrington Hutton, and Miss Nora Edith Rendell. His Excellency and Lady Walwyn “At Home” at Government House.
January 2, 1941 Board of Trade debates leasing Base site to United States for term of 99 years. Speakers felt Newfoundland should receive some concessions for lease. Hon. Mr. Justice Higgins gave New Years message to Rotary Club. MacDonald Fellowship Club gave Christmas party to 50 children.
January 3, 1941 Director of Recruiting announced married men will be accepted for Royal Navy.
January 5, 1941 Pope Pius XII gives audience to Italian Nobility. Guardians T.A. Juvenile Society installed. Prof. A.M. Fraser M.A., addressed Holy Cross L.A. on “The Trend of the War.”
January 6, 1941 Mr. H.J Howlett appointed new Manager of T.A. Eastbrooks Co., Ltd. Initial Service Week Prayer at Salvation Army Citadel. Pupils St. Patrick’s Hall gave Christmas concert at Holy Name Hall. French Labor Minister Rene Belin resigned. Annual re-union Star of Sea Association. Royals defeat St. Bon’s 7-1 in opening game of Tie-Cup serious.
January 7, 1941 Annual meeting St. John’s Lodge No. 5 S.U.F.
January 8, 1941 Lord Baden-Powell founder of Boy Scout Movement passed away at Nairobi. 83.
January 9, 1941 Annual Meeting Commercial Travelers’ Association. 74th session M.C.L.I. opened. Harry Hopkins, President Roosevelt’s special envoy, arrived in London. Patrick O’Leary, Chief Electrican of Western U. Cable Co., passed away at Long Island, N.Y. Two motor boats with passengers, collided in Harbor, 3 Canadian-Soldiers thrown in water, but picked up. Prof. L.W. Shaw addressed Rotary Club on “Democracy and Youth.” St. Bon’s wins opening game in College series, defeating Feildians 10-0.
January 10, 1941 His Excellency the Governor inspected Canadian troops. St. Bon’s defeated Royals 6-2 in second game Tie-Cup series.
January 11, 1941 "Duke of Windsor landed at Miami, to represent British Government at Miami’s all-American air maneuvers. United College defeated St. Bon’s 6-5 in junior hockey."
January 12, 1941 Patrician Association held musical. Wendell Willkie announced personal approval of President Roosevelt’s lend-lease arms bill. Tom Ping, Proprietor of the Paramount Café, was wounded in an altercation with a girl, who was placed under arrest. Mr. Richard Maddigan spoke on “Winston Churchill” and Mr. John Murphy spoke on “Looking Ahead” before Holy Cross L.A.
January 13, 1941 Hons. J.H. Emerson and L.E. Emerson left for London to discus conditions of Base lease. Asst. Chief of Police, Llewellyn Strange and Mrs. Strange, celebrated 25th wedding anniversary. Royals defeated St. Bon’s 6-3 in 3rd game for Tobin Tie-cup series.
January 14, 1941 Steamship “Richard Peck” which was to have been used as floating barracks for American Troops, went aground at Portland, Maine, but was refloated. Installation officers Knights of Columbus. Interment camps at Pleasantville closed, all German prisoners having been sent to Canada. Prince of Wales College defeated Feildians 7-0 junior hockey. MacDonald Fellowship Club hosts to Canadian troops at dance and supper at Caribou Hut.
January 15, 1941 Caribou Hut, a home for men of the fighting forces, opened to public for inspection. Eastern half Springdale Street School gutted by fire. Annual Speech Day, Prince of Wales College at Pitts Memorial Hall. Patrician Association gave annual party to members of St. Patrick’s Hall Choir. Lord Wakefield, donor of trophy for maximum speed on land, and owner of “Miss England,” passed away, 81.
January 16, 1941 Annual meeting and election of officers Leeming Lodge L.O.A. Mr. H.G.R. Mews spoke on “Government and Ourselves” before Rotary Club. Two architects, Messrs Aldrich and Grieshaber, well known here, passed away, the former at Rome, and the later at Staten Island. Teams of St. Bon’s and United College played to 2-goal draw.
January 17, 1941 After visit to Argentia, representative Commission of Government decided to take under advisement whole matters of wages for Base construction. Note received from Defense Department of Ottawa, may prove clue of fate of Nungesser and Coli, lost in 1927. Dr. Sirois, whose name was given to Canadian Royal Commission report, passed away at Ottawa, 62. Royals won Tobin Tie-Cup when they defeated St. Bon’s 8-6.
January 18, 1941 Mr. E.J. Furlong honored by Directors and staff T & M Winter, Ltd., on 50 years of service with firm, presented with engraved Bulova watch. “B” Co. defeated Headquarters Co. 4-2, first hockey between Canadian Army teams. United College juniors defeated Feildians 3-1.
January 19, 1941 "Memorial service, Gower St. Church, for Chief Scout Lord Baden Powell. His Excellency the Governor attended, as well as Scouts and Guides. Rev. J.E. Bell, preached. Girl Guides attend C. of E. Cathedral for service in memory of Chief Scout, Lord Baden Powell, Lady Walwyn, Dominion Commissioner attended. Girl Guides and Boy Scouts attend Mass at R.C. Cathedral in memory of Chief Scout Lord Baden Powell. G Alain Frecker, Esq., B.A., B.E., speaker at session of Patrician Association. “Open Forum” held by members Holy Cross L.A. "
January 20, 1941 "President Franklin Delano Roosevelt inaugurated for third term. President urged faith in human spirit, and called on peoples to fight doubts that plunged world into war. Annual meeting Church of England Institute. First big snow storm for years. School for weaving opened at Canon Wood Hall. Daily News honored by Director Roosevelt Library. Copy of paper deposited with President's own collection of “Rooseveltiana.” Royals defeated St. Bon’s 5-3 in first game of championship. Dame Margaret Lloyd George passed away at Criecieth Wales, 75."
January 21, 1941 W. and N.C.O.‘s Mess C.L.B. held dance at St. Mary’s Hall. St. Bon’s defeated Feilidans 11-10. Intercollegiate hockey. Introduction dance, St. Patrick’s Auditorium. Brotherhood of Railway Clerks held installation of officers and banquet at Crosbie Hotel.
January 22, 1941 Annual Speech Day Bishop Field College. Republican candidate Wendell Willkie, left for Europe to study war situation. “A” Co. team of Canadian Army defeated Headquarters team 4-0. Midnight Frolic at Arena attended by 700 people.
January 23, 1941 Annual meeting Children’s Playground and Recreation Association. Councilor Kenneth and Mrs. Ruby, celebrated 40th anniversary of their wedding. Nfld. Schooner “Bastian” struck rock off Canso. Total loss. Crew saved. Feildians and United played to 3-3 draw inter-collegiate hockey. Installation officers Cabot Lodge I.O.O.F. at Bonavista.
January 24, 1941 Lord and Lady Halifax arrived in Washington on new British Battleship King George V, President Roosevelt welcomed new envoy on Presidential yacht.
January 25, 1941 “Burns Night” celebrated by St. Andrew’s Society at Nfld Hotel. Severe weather experienced in Canada and United States. 46 below zero in some parts of Canada. “B” Co. team defeated Headquarters team 5-1 army hockey. Feildian juniors defeated St. Bon’s 4-1 school hockey.
January 26, 1941 Mr. Wendell Willkie arrived in England by plane. Rev. J.W. O’Mara addressed Patrician Association on “The Church as a Society.” Mr. R.S. Furlong addressed Holy Cross Literary Association under captain of “What Odds”. Young People Society formed at St. Patrick’s Church.
January 27, 1941 "Wendell Willkie delivered personal message to Prime Minister Churchill from President Roosevelt. Hon. J.H. Grorvin, Commissioner for Natural Resources, succeeded in obtaining partial removal of embargo on Nfld. sealskins. Annual meeting Child Welfare Association at Government House. Fourth annual meeting Sunshine Camp Inc., at Bank of Nova Scotia Building. St. Bon’s defeated Royals 8-2 Boyle Cup series. Severe storm in city and along Railway line. Traffic impeded. Presentation Bowling Trophies Civil Service League. Railway Clerks win first place with Railway Docks second. "
January 28, 1941 St. Bon’s won Inter-collegiate championship when they played a 3-3 draw with United College. Mammoth Ice Dance at Arena.
January 29, 1941 U.S. Transport “Edmund B Alexander” with first contingent United States Soldiers, arrived in port. Col. Maurice D. Welty, Officer Commanding. Copy of Daily News first Newfoundland product to pass on board the Alexander. Annual Prize distribution St. Bon’s College. General John Mataxas Premier dead. “D” Co. Defeated “C” Co., 3-1 and Force Headquarters and Headquarters Co., split honors with 4 goals each, Canadian Army Hockey.
January 30, 1941 Annual meeting Roysoe Co-operative Credit Society. President Roosevelt celebrated 59th birthday. MacDonald Fellowship Club held dance at Caribou Hut for members of His Majesty’s Forces and U.S. Nfld Base command. Annual meeting of Society for Protection of animals. Presentation made to Lady Walwyn from Bell Island. Rev. Ellas Andrews, M.A., B.D., of Winterton, appointed as Professor of New Testament, Greek and Literature, and of the Philosophy of Religion at Pine Hill University Hall. St. Bon’s students honored hockey champions at Aula Maxima. Election of officers St. John’s Lodge, A.F. and A.M.
January 31, 1941 All plumbers engaged at Lester’s Field go on strike. Royals defeated St. Bon’s 6-3. Boyle Cup Series. Annual Distribution of Prizes Academy of Our Lady of Mercy.

February 1, 1941 Sergeants’ Mess Canadian Troops, hosts at dance at opening of new quarters. “B” Company defeats Forces Headquarters, 5-1, Army hockey. Junior hockey school game, St. Bon’s and Prince of Wales ended in four goal draw.
February 2, 1941 “Educational Forum” presented to Holy Cross L.A. by G. Alain Frecker, Esq., B.A., B.E. Mr. R.S. Furlong addressing Patrician Association, urged a deeper study of local affairs.
February 3, 1941 Mr. C.E.A. Jeffery, M.B.E. spoke on West Coast Settlement before Newfoundland Historical Society. Royals scored third victory championship series, when they defeated St. Bon’s 7-1.
February 4, 1941 Rev. E.J. Rawlins addressed members of Knights of Columbus on “The Eternal City.” Ice dance at Arena attended by over 2,000 people.
February 5, 1941 Newfoundland schooner “J.E. Conrad” foundered off Island of Fayal. Crew saved. In interview with Daily News, U S. Soldiers gave impression of life in St. John’s. Annual Congregational meeting Gower Street United Church. Official opening new lodge building, erected by Jubilee Lodge, No. 551, and Royal Visit Lodge, No. 2 of Brotherhood of Railway Clerks, at Channel. F.M.Q. team defeated “A” Co., 4-3, Canadian Army hockey.
February 6, 1941 Former Governor John G. Winant, of New Hampshire, named new U.S. Ambassador to London. His Excellency The Governor, Sir Humphrey Walwyn, Commander-in-Chief of armed forces in Newfoundland, paid official visit to troopship “Edmund B. Alexander. Inspected troops and appointments. Annual meeting George St. United Church. Sunshine Camp election of officers. Annual meeting City Club. “B” Co. Army team defeated headquarters 8-1, Canadian Army Hockey.
February 7, 1941 Lord Moyne appointed Colonist Secretary, succeeding late Lord Lloyd. Royals won Boyle Cup when they nosed out St. Bon’s 6-5.
February 8, 1941 Leading Aircraftman Maurice Haire, of Harbor Grace, first Newfoundlander to score L.A.C. marks in metal class. Thirty-eight Ward Republican leaders oust Wendell Willkie as titular head of G.P.O. for supporting Lend-Lease Aid. Jubilee Guild held “Open Session” at Cannon Wood Hall. Lady Walwyn and Miss Anna Templeton act as hostesses. Funeral service for late Herbert F. Griff, Private 1st Class, held on board U.S.S. “Edmund B. Alexander.”
February 9, 1941 "Norwegian freighter “Ciss” bound from St. John’s to Louisburg, founded off Scaterie. Crew saved. Oratorical contest St. Patrick’s Hall under auspices of Patrician Association, won by Gerald Wakeman, Grade XI “Father and Son” debate, held by Holy Cross Literary Association, won by “Sons” Richard Maddigan, and Joseph Fitzgibbon."
February 10, 1941 Bell Island Mines go on half time. Red Cross Message Bureau under direction of Dr. Cluny Macpherson, C.M.G., set up in Newfoundland.
February 11, 1941 "Dosco offices at Bell Island gutted by fire. Lady employees, James Baird Ltd., hostesses to members of various forces at dance at the Caribou Hut. Annual Meeting Young Women’s Christian Association. Bell Island Hockey team won over City team at Bell Island. 1500 people attend Ice Dance at Arena. Dr. V.P. Burke, O.B.E., K.C.S.G. addressed Newfoundland Graduate Nurses’ Association on Adult education. W.A. Reid won G.C. Crosbie Trophy at Curling Rink."
February 12, 1941 Wesley literary Association debated responsibilities of youth today. Concert and Sociable, under auspices Adult Bible class at Lecture Hall, Wesley Church. Hope abandoned for safety of small British freighter “Kervegan” when “Cape Agulhas” reported picking up wreckage. Annual Triduum for members Holy Name Society at R.C. Cathedral. Bell Island won second game from City 9-3. “C” Co. Canadians, defeated Newfoundland Militia 2-1 Army hockey. W.A. Reid’s team won special Bonspiel at Curling rink.
February 13, 1941 Contract for U.S. Naval and Air Station at Argentia, awarded to George A Fuller Co., and Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corporation, New York. Colonel M.D. Welty, Officer Commanding U.S. troops stationed in Newfoundland, addressed Rotary Club. “B” Co. team Canadian Army defeated “A” Co. 9-2.
February 14, 1941 St. John’s Trades and Labor Council and executive of City Union, met at Victoria Hall to discuss wage rates. C.M.B.C. presented annual report for forty-eighth year. Railway Clerks team won Fraser Cup in civil Service Bowling League.
February 15, 1941 Members of Bar gathered at Newfoundland hotel to honor Mr. Richard Squires, LL.B., who had joined Canadian Army. Dinner and dance held on board U.S. Troopship “Edward B. Alexander”. Samuel Taylor, colored seaman, charged with murder of Harry Mengle, also colored. Final game junior hockey. St. Bon’s defeat Felidians 5-0. “D” Co. Canadian defeated Newfoundland Militia, 5-4 Army hockey.
February 16, 1941 Sunday School anniversary Gower St. United Church. G. Alain Frecker, Esq., B.A.B.E. dealt with educational matters in Newfoundland and abroad before Patrician association. Annual meeting Holy Name Society, St. Patrick’s Church. Rev. J.D. Savin addressed Holy Cross L.A. on “Highlights” of Catholic news during the past year.
February 17, 1941 135th annual meeting Benevolent Irish Society. Annual meeting Newfoundland Protective Association Shop and Office Employees. Canadian won from Americans in first game of Special Hockey series. Mrs. A. Lester won Thistle Cup, and Mrs. Marshall the Newfoundland Cup, at Curling Rink. Master Sergeant Herrick U.S. forces, leading scorer in points games at Curling Rink. Judge Brown gave lecture before Newfoundland Historical Society on “Period of Legislature for years 1842-44.”
February 18, 1941 Lieut. Joseph P O’Driscoll promoted to Captain Newfoundland Militia. Saw Mill at Marystown, property Dept. Rural Reconstruction, destroyed by fire. Military ice Dance at Arena. Annual meeting Women’s Auxiliary for the Blind, at government House.
February 19, 1941 C.M.B.C. Tea and entertainment. Annual meeting Masonic Mutual Life Insurance Association. St. John’s Players present “Mystery at Greenfingers” at Memorial College. Royals won second game in special series, defeating Americans 8-3. “D” Co. won championship Division II Canadian hockey. First Graduation Nurses presided over by His Grace, The Archbishop.
February 20, 1941 "Police Band gave second concert to Playgrounds children at Majestic Theater. 36th Birthday foundation of Rotary Club, Mr. C.E. Hunt special speaker. Forces Headquarters team defeated “A” Co. Army series 4-2. White Division won Captains’ Prize at Curling Rink. Annual Meeting Presbyterian U.C. Missionary Society at George St. Church."
February 21, 1941 Mr. Peter P.F. Punnty of New York, formerly Manager of Standard Oil Co., here, honored by his Holiness the Pope, with dignity of Knights of St. Gregory. Pupils of Prince of Wales College presented two operettas, “Chonita”and “Princess Juju” at Pitts Memorial Hall. Fire which started in house occupied by Frederick Garland, 50 Cooktown Road, spread to the adjoining apartment occupied by Lloyd Lane, Chesley Peet, Albert Morrissey, Walter Parsons, and store occupied by Jackman and Green. Farewell luncheon tendered Rev. J. MacNeil , D.D., by friends. Annual meeting Old Collegians Association. St. Bon’s defeated Canadians 5-4 special hockey series. Basketball team U.S. infantry, and team from Canadian “C” Co., gave exhibition at Bishop Field College Court. Nfld. team won ten-mile relay race, when Gunner John A. Power won, over a field of 200 runners in England.
February 22, 1941 Local Guides and Scouts broadcast program to honor birthday of Chief Scout, the late Lord Baden Powell and Chief Guide Lady Baden Powell. “C” Co. Canadians defeated Nfld. Militia 4-0 Army series. Annual meeting Bakers’ Union.
February 23, 1941 Annual meeting British and Foreign Bible Society. Robert J Power described, “The Days of Yesteryear in song and story” before Holy Cross Literary Association.
February 24, 1941 Mount Cashel Old Boys’ Association held successful dance at St. Mary’s Hall. Dance at Field College under auspices Feildian Athletic Association. St. Bon’s defeated Royals 5-1, special series. Annual meeting Bowling League.
February 25, 1941 Bungalow owned by Michael Ryan, Topsail Road, destroyed by fire. Mr. Ryan received burns while rescuing child. Safety Campaign inaugurated by U.S. Engineers’ Department.
February 26, 1941 Musicale and Tea under auspices Cochrane St. Men’s Service Club. Royals defeated Canadians 7-4 in second round special service. 4th St. John’s Basketball team held meeting. U.S. Basketball team defeated local boys 71-41.
February 27, 1941 "Mr. A.L. Smith, Manager of the “Y”, addressed Rotary Club on War activities of Y.M.C.A. and Caribou hut. Annual Meeting St. John’s Branch G.W.V.A. Headquarters Co. defeated Forces Headquarters Co 8-1 Army Hockey. U. S. Army basketball team defeated St. Bon’s Inter-college team 79-46 exhibition game."
February 28, 1941 Bodies of 3 victims of plane crash Feb. 24th., one of whom was far-famed Sir Frederick Banting, transferred from Musgrave Harbor to Newfoundland Airport. Captain Mackey, pilot of ill-fated plane only survivor. Former King Alfonso the thirteenth of Spain, passed away. St. Bon’s defeated Americans 9-3 special hockey series.

March 1, 1941 “B” Co. defeated “A” Co. 9-6, Canadian Army hockey.
March 2, 1941 Prof. Alan M. Franson, M.A., addressed Patrician Association on “The Balkan Situation.” Rev. Fr. J. Jackman lectured Holy Cross L.A. on “How can we apply to Newfoundland the five points enumerated in the Archbishop’s Pastoral letter.” Rev. Fr. Savin lectured on “Work of the Church in all sections of the world”, to capacity audience at St. Patrick’s Auditorium.
March 3, 1941 St. Bon’s Defeated Canadians 18-0, special series.
March 4, 1941 "Annual meeting Newfoundland St. Andrews Society. Four steamers: S.S. Neptune, Eagle, Terra Nova, and Ranger, left for sealfishery. Feildian Club smoker. Mr. F.R. Emerson addressed club on “Famous Trails.” Funeral service for Sir Frederick Banting, victim of aeroplane tragedy at Musgrave Harbor, held at University of Toronto. Annual meeting of Inter-Club bowling League."
March 5, 1941 Col. Maxim Howze and Lieut.-Col. S.T. Williams, Staff Officers of the U.S. Army, arrived in St. John’s to pay official visit to Newfoundland Base Command of the U.S. Army. Annual Cafeteria Tea, Cockrane St. Church Lecture Hall. Annual meeting Newfoundland Amateur Hockey Association.
March 6, 1941 Funeral obsequies late Bishop Renouf attended by dignitaries of Church and State. Annual meeting Jubilee Guilds of Newfoundland. Mr. J.G. Higgins spoke to Rotary Club on “The danger of the extermination of wild life.” 14th Naval Contingent from Newfoundland reaches England. St. Bon’s defeated Royals 4-2 in Special series. Annual meeting Canadian Club of Newfoundland. Lady employees Ayres & Sons, entertain members of H.M. Forces and U.S. Base Command at Caribou Hut.
March 7, 1941 Special Jury acquits Samuel Taylor, colored Seaman, of murder of Henry Mengle, also colored. Annual meeting board of Fire Underwriters. Annual meeting Cowan Mission.
March 9, 1941 Rev. R.F. McGrath, M.A. addressed Patrician Association on “St. Thomas Aquinas.” Mr. J.B.McEvoy addressed Holy Cross Literary Association on “Totalitarianism” and Democracy”. United Church at Flower’s Cove destroyed by fire.
March 10, 1941 Annual meeting Masonic Club. Canadian hockey team from inland towns, and Royals, played to one goal draw.
March 11, 1941 Mr. F.R. Emerson, K.C. addressed Kirk Service Club on “Life work of Thomas Moore.” Members of Holy Cross and Patrician Association debated “Conference with Canada.” Hon. M.P. Gibbs addressed Terra Nova Council K. of C. St. Bon’s defeated visiting Canadians 6-5. Harvey-Brehm Ltd., won Commercial bowling league, Baird second. Annual meeting Mount Cashel Old Boys Association. His Excellency and Lady Walwyn visited Airport, Botwood, Grand Falls, Corner Brook.
March 12, 1941 Visiting Canadian Army hockey team defeated City All-Stars 4-2. Annual meeting Basketball League.
March 13, 1941 M.C.L.I. concluded debating season. 14th annual meeting Railway Employees Association. Men’s bowling Team Ayre and Sons Ltd. held re-union at Sterling Restaurant. Lady Walwyn paid visit to Grand Falls W.P.A.
March 14, 1941 Annual Meeting Historical Society. Mr. M.J. De Carvalhas and his brothers Armardo, and Carles of Bahia, sent contribution of $300.00 to Patriotic Fund. Mr. W.J. Eaton of the Supply Division of Department of Public Works, seconded to Newfoundland Militia with rank of Captain and Quartermaster. Annual meeting of Sergeant’s Mess.
March 15, 1941 James Baird Ltd. won Winter Cup Commercial Bowling when they defeated Daily News 2-1.
March 16, 1941 Holy cross L.A. hold all-Irish program. Mr. J.G. Higgins spoke on “Gaelic Literature.”
March 17, 1941 Members Benevolent Irish Society observed St. Patrick’s Day by attending Mass at the Cathedral, making calls at Government House, where they were received by His Lordship the Chief Justice in the Absence of His Excellency, at the Palace, where they were received by His Grace the Archbishop. Grand Irish Ball at night. Midnight frolic at Arena. “Molly Machee” presented at Pitts Memorial Hall under auspices Patrician Association. All star special bowling game won by Commercial League. His Excellency Rt. Rev. J.M. O’Neill, Bishop of Hr. Grace, paid official visit to Carbonear. Variety concert Wesley Lecture Hall. St. Patrick’s Dramatic troupe presented “You can’t beat the Irish.”, at the Parish Auditorium.
March 18, 1941 Mission for children opens at R.C. Cathedral. Terra Nova and Eagle report seeing seals. Annual meeting Presentation ladies Association. Royals defeat Canadians 14-3 in special serious. Official opening Inter-Club bowling league. Inter-College basketball seasons opens. Prince of Wales wins junior and St. Bon’s senior game.
March 19, 1941 St. John’s United General Workers Union formed. Men’s Service Club formed at Wesley Church. 9th Artillery Contingent arrive in England. Feildians defeated St. Bon’s juniors in basketball series 30-8. Capt. John Hearn, 70 year old veteran Mariner, and native of Hr. Grace, awarded Imperial Service Order by the King. “For faithful and meritorious service rendered” during his many years in the Canadian Civil Service.
March 20, 1941 New $4,000,000 Sulphite Pulp Mill at Corner Brook officially opened by His Excellency the Governor. Rev. James McNeill, formerly of St. Andrew’s Church here, Inducted as Minister of Parkdale Presbyterian, Toronto. Mr. John E. Farer of Australia, member Mercantile Marine, addressed Rotary Club on “Sinking of the Graf Spree”. A.D. MacNeill elected Governor of Rotary District which includes Newfoundland. Royals defeated St. Bon’s 6-1 in special series curling. Prince of Wales College defeated senior and junior Feildian teams in Basketball.
March 21, 1941 Hon. Mr. Justice Higgins and Messrs. Boyd Baird, and Senior and F.W. Bradshaw, members of Board of Compensation, returned to City from Argentia. Prince of Wales College defeated Junior and Senior from St. Bon’s in college basketball. Joe Lewis won over Abe Simon by technical K.O in 13th round.
March 22, 1941 Lindy Anderson and Lady Hastings Anderson visited 59th Nfld Regiment heavy Artillery.
March 23, 1941 Day of Prayer for Victory observed in all city Churches. Mr. Robert J Power addressed Patrician Association on “Old St. John’s in Song and Story”. Miss Mary O’Neill and Mr. Hugh O’Neill J.P., gave program of music and elecution to Holy Cross L.A.
March 24, 1941 Eugene A. Forsey, Lecturer in Economies and Political Science at McGill University and native of Nfld., awarded $2,500 Fellowship by John Simon Guggenheim Foundation of New York. First game of Inter-Club tournament at T.A. Club rooms. Mr. Eric Jones appointed as adult teacher, with Mr. C. Mercer, for men of armed forces in Newfoundland. Bell Island defeated Feildians in both senior and junior college basketball.
March 25, 1941 Nfld. National Association held election of officers. Royals defeated Bell Island 9-3 in second game All Newfoundland series. Feildians won junior and Prince of Wales senior in college basketball.
March 26, 1941 Fire which broke out in building occupied by Gray and Goodland, did much damage. Salvation Army presented fully equipped mobile canteen No. 55 to Canadian troops serving in Newfoundland. Enlisted men of Nfld. Base Command held dance on board U.S.S. Edmund B. Alexander, attended by some 800. All sealing ships jammed in ice. Prince of Wales wins Junior and St. Bon’s senior College basketball games.
March 27, 1941 Mr. T.P. Halley spoke to MacDonald Fellowship Club on “Some Aspects of Democracy” as applied to our own country and political life. Regular fortnight dance of MacDonald Fellowship Club for members of Forces, held at Caribou Hut. Dr. J. St. P. Knight, O.B.E., addressed Nfld Historical Society on “Hospitals in Newfoundland since 1813.” Mr. Ian Fraser, Regional Secretary to Toc H in Canada and Newfoundland, gave address to Rotary Club on “Birth and Growth of Toc H.” St. Bon’s won championship in senior college basketball and Prince of Wales junior championship.
March 28, 1941 U.S. Sergeants and W.O.’s Club take over spacious building, corner Duckworth and Holloway Street. C.L.B. team wins championship darts tourney. “B” Co. defeated “D” Co. 3-0 Canadian Army hockey
March 29, 1941 Test agreement to lease Bases to United States published.
March 30, 1941 Mr. T.H. O’Neill addressed Patrician Association on “Stores of the St. John’s Stage.” Dr. A.C. Hunter addressed Holy Cross L.A. on “Federation –a Twelve Month Review.”
March 31, 1941 Bell Island team won All Newfoundland championship and the Herder Memorial Trophy when they defeated Royals 6-5. Opening games Senior league basketball. Wanderers defeated St. Bon’s 31-17 and 4th St. John’s defeated Collegians 47-15.

April 1, 1941 Installation of Officers Whiteway Lodge, A.F. and A.M. Mr. R.J. Power addressed members of K of C on “Reminiscences”. Skating Frolic and Ice Dance at Arena. Beothic-Rifle Club won over two U.S. teams by one point at Bishop Field College. Mazda Rifle Club defeated Canadian Riflemen by 12 points.
April 2, 1941 Highroad from St. John’s to Carbonear opened. Mission for men opened at the R.C. Cathedral. Press Communication states that report of plane crash at Musgrave Harbor will be published. Rev. Fr. Sullivan, Chaplain Forces, conducted Mission for men of Nfld. Militia at St. Bon’s College. St. John’s War Service Committee held meeting to discuss summer sport for troops. His Excellency the Governor inspects Newfoundland Militia.
April 3, 1941 Annual meeting Shannon Chapter. Mr. F.. Emerson addressed Rotary Club on “Travel in Republic of Colombia.” Dr. H.L. Smith, guest speaker at MacDonald Fellowship Club, subject: “Music”. “B” Co. won Eakin trophy when they defeated “D” Co. Canadian army hockey. Annual meeting Intermediate Basketball League.
April 5, 1941 Hon. L.E. Emerson, K.C. Commissioner for Justice and Defense, and Hon. J.H. Penson, Commissioner for Finance, arrived in New York by “Yankee Clipper” from England.
April 6, 1941 Closing ceremonies Men’s Mission at R.C. Churches. Chief of Police P.J. O’Neill, M.B.E., addressed Holy Cross L.A. on “The Police and the Public.” Informal program Patricians Association Speeches by Rev. Br. Keane, Messrs. Gerald Angel and P.F. Brogan.
April 7, 1941 "Announced that Hon. J.H. Gorvin, C.B.E., Commissioner for Natural Resources, will retire July 4th 1941 Some 4,000 people visit troopship “Edmund B. Alexander” on Army Day. Band concert given."
April 8, 1941 Special meeting for discussion new wage scale held by Nfld. Protective Association of Shop and Office employees, at Pitts Memorial Hall. Special meeting Truckmen to discuss New Highway Act. His Majesty the King, has graciously accepted copy of song “Marching Together”. Centenary Hall School won C.C.M. Cup in Secondary School Hockey League.
April 10, 1941 Hon. Sir Wilfred Woods, Commissioner for Public Utilities, returned to Newfoundland Airport. By same train, Colin Gilson M.C., Canadian Minister of National Revenue, and Capt. H.A. Dyde, special Assistant, also arrived. Annual meeting and election of officers Avalon Bowling Club. Three Clubs, Beothic, United States, and Canadian Forces, take part in rifle Shoot, at Bishop Field College. Won by Beothic. Rev. Canon Howitt addressed Rotary Club on “Jerusalem and the Temple.”
April 11, 1941 Handel’s Messiah rendered by George Street United Church Choir.
April 13, 1941 Prisoners at Penitentiary started noisy demonstration; three Policemen received minor injuries. Police used hose to quell disturbance. S.S. Neptune, Capt. W.C. Winsor, first arrival from the seal fishery with 12,581 seals. Holy Cross L.A. held musicale at closing session. Musicale and short address by Capt. L.C. Murphy concluded weekly session Patrician Association.
April 14, 1941 Strike averted in U.S. Steel industry. Wages increased granted. Fire which broke out in building occupied by Patrick Costello, caused damage to that, and building occupied by Dr. Harry Roberts. Great War Veterans Easter Dance at Newfoundland Hotel. Feildian Ball at Bishop Feild College. Holy Cross Easter Week program begins.
April 15, 1941 S.A. Red Shield Service for men of Canadian Army in St. John’s, officially opened. Mexico shaken by heavy earthquake. Half city of Colima laid in ruins. L.O.A. Convention opened at Corner Brook. Annual meeting Marine Engineers.
April 16, 1941 "Strike called in Cape Breton Coal Mines, as protest against executive action in signing working agreement. Holy Cross ladies’ Association held At Home.” Annual Tasker Celebration for children of Freemasons at Bishop Field College Hall. Inaugural Dance at Guards Club. Fourth St. John’s win championship Sr. basketball when they defeated St. Bon’s 40-22."
April 17, 1941 Old-time Re-union at Holy Cross. S.S. Terra Nova, arrived in port with 9,421 seals.
April 18, 1941 "Cape Breton Miners agreed to return to work, but demand resignation of Union President and Secretary. Opening games in Club Billiards Tournament, Masonic vs. B.I.S. "
April 19, 1941 Leslie Pawson, of Pawtuckert, R.I. won Boston Marathon for third time, in 2 hrs. 30 mins, 38 secs. Entertainment for Blind, sponsored by Ladies ’Auxiliary held. Dinner and presentation of prizes Nfld. Curling Assoc. at Newfoundland Hotel.
April 20, 1941 State funeral for late W.R. Howley, C.M.G., K.C. S.S. Eagle arrived from seal fishery with 11,922 seals.
April 21, 1941 Pupils St. Patrick’s Hall present Operetta and Entertainment at Holy Name Hall. Rev. Canon Bolt, M.A.D.C.L. addressed Newfoundland Historic society on “Recollections and Reflection relating to St. John’s of the Past.” International basketball series opened by Mayor Carnell. Second annual meeting Nfld. Graduate Nurses Assoc. at Feild Hall.
April 22, 1941 O.M.A. Ball at Newfoundland Hotel. Nfld. Protective Assoc. of Shop and Offices Employees held dance at St. Mary’s Hall for purpose of buying smokes for boys overseas. Pte. D. Fillier, victim of shooting accident, buried with full Military honors. Darts Club held annual dinner at Donovans.
April 23, 1941 C.E.I. held Billard Dinner at Donovans. Terra Nova Club sponsored by United and Presbyterian Churches for men of service, opened by Lady Walwyn. Sixth annual S.U.F. Widows’ and Orphans” Flipper Dinner. Hon. L.E. Emerson, K.C. Commissioner for Justice and Defense, Hon. J.H. Penson, Commissioner for Finance, and Mr. E.C. Price, Chairman Board of Customs, arrived home.
April 24, 1941 Ladies of St. Andrew’s Society guests of Society at dinner at Presbyterian Hall. S.S. Ranger arrived in port with 8,792 seals. Enlisted men of Canadian Forces held dance at Arena. R.E. Tanner, Esq., B.Sc. spoke to Rotary Club on “Thoughts on St. George’s Day.”
April 25, 1941 N.G.I.T. held “A Sea Program” at Gower St. Lecture Hall. Board of Trade forward resolution to Commission of Government re appointment of successor to Hon. J.H. Gorvin, C.B.E., as Commissioner for Natural Resources in Newfoundland.
April 26, 1941 Nfld. Federation of Labor makes official statement and asks for retention of Hon. J.H. Gorvin, C.B.E., Commissioner for Natural Resources. Hon. J.H. Penson M.C., Commissioner for Finance, relative to the Base lease agreement recently signed.
April 28, 1941 British Government asks for additional 400 men for Forestry Unit. Sergt. Pilot George Randal White, first Newfoundlander selected for Commission in Royal Air Force. Annual flipper Supper under auspices Atlantic Lodge, held at Victoria Hall. Semi-annual Re-union Sergeants Mess at Stirling Restaurant. “Ten Nights In A Bar-room” presented by Patrician Players. Election of Officers Municipal Workers’ Union. Dairy Farmers form Association at general meeting.
April 29, 1941 Canadian Budget introduced, most drastic in history of Dominion. Annual Masonic Service at St. Thomas’ Church. C.L.B. Officers “At Home” at Bishop Feild College. Old Spencerians hold dance at Bishop Spencer College Hall. Fashion show under patronage of lady Walwyn and auspices of Ladies’ College aid Society, at Pitts Memorial Hall. Hon. L.E. Emerson K.C., Commissioner for Defense, in radio address, reviewed Newfoundland’s war Effort, and gave personal impression of visit to Newfoundland boys overseas.
April 30, 1941 Announced that three Newfoundlanders Claude Sheppard, Lewis Brookes and William Black had received their Commissions. Hon. J.H. Penson delivered radio address on the subject “Britain speaks to Newfoundland.” Annual dinner MacDonald Fellowship Club at Newfoundland Hotel. Special guests: Lady Walwyn and Mr. H.A. Messacar, Secretary “Y” War Service. Snowstorm and very cold day. “Young April” presented at Memorial College by students Dramatic Group. “M” Co. of U.S. Base Command won championship and Daily News cup in International Basketball league, when they defeated 4th St. John’s 59-39. Corp Seacotte won Mayor’s Trophy as most valuable player, while Bill Malone of the 4th St. John’s, won W.A. Neal trophy. The C.W. Press trophy won by 4th St. John’s. “A wild Flower of the Hill” presented at Wesley Lecture Hall by Young Women’s Evening Auxiliary. “Ladies Night” of Avalon Lodge A.F. and A.M. at Masonic Temple.

May 1, 1941 Bungalow on Portugal Cove Road, where some American soldiers resided, destroyed by fire. Privates Sadenks, Nelson, and Winters, and Corporal Warnak of the U.S. Newfoundland Base Command, badly injured. Important change in British Cabinet. Lord Beaverbrook will direct war economy. Installation officers Shannon Chapter. St. John’s United General Workers Union held election Officers. Star of Sea Association held enjoyable Social.
May 2, 1941 Dramatic Troupe of MacDonald Fellowship Club presents Twelfth Night” at Prince of Wale College.
May 4, 1941 C.M.B.C. Harbor and Wharf Mission reopened for 48th consecutive year. President Roosevelt dedicating birthplace of Woodrow Wilson at Staunton, Virginia, said Americans are Every Ready to Fight for Democracy. Prime Minister Churchill broadcasted message of “Hope and Encouragement” to Polish people.
May 5, 1941 Annual St. Bon’s May Dance at Newfoundland Hotel. Annual Prize Debate, Holy Cross Schools “That the movies are more harmful than good.” won by affirmative. Master William Barron best speaker. Brigadier Joseph Acton appointed to succeed Lieut.-Col Tilley as Divisional Commander Salvation Army in Newfoundland. Col Tilley resigning owing to ill-health. Celts won Championship Intermediate Basketball when they defeated C.L.B. 30-22. George Street Y.P.U. held banquet. Rev. H.G. Kirby lectured before Newfoundland Historical Society on Island Postal History in Newfoundland.
May 6, 1941 Josef Stalin takes over Russian Premiership, replacing Molotof. United General Workers Union held Dance at S.U.F. Hall. Annual meeting Carpenters Protective Association at Victoria Hall. Tasker Celebration Committee entertained ladies who helped in children function. Old Feildians smoker. Mr. C.E. Hunt, K.C., guest speaker. Test blackout held in City. Prof. A. Fraser addressed members Newfoundland National Association on “Democratic Association form of Government.”
May 7, 1941 "Mrs. Edward Moakler, nee Joyce Downs, given presentation by former co-workers of Avalon Telephone Co. 4th annual meeting of Newfoundland Permanent Savings Investment and Loan Association Ltd. Rev. A.T. Barr D.D., inducted as Minister of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Lady Bowlers of Ayre & Sons Ltd., held dinner and dance at Newfoundland Hotel. Annual Meeting District Grand Lodge A.F. and A.M. "
May 8, 1941 Dr. Templeman, Prof. of Biology at Memorial College, addressed Rotary Club on “Natural History of the Seal”. Closing session W.M.S. Presbyterial. Mrs. W.J. Morris elected President.
May 9, 1941 Eugene Collins, 13, has face burned when gasoline exploded in boat. Mr. Ernest Fox, Manager Confederation Life, honored by Field Force, on return from business trip to Canada. Lady Bowlers James Baird Ltd., won championship in Business Ladies League. Regatta Committee meeting, decided to hold Regatta first Wednesday in August.
May 12, 1941 Official opening C.L.B. fair by Mayor Carnell.
May 13, 1941 Newfoundland Graduate Nurses’ Association held 7th annual meeting. Mr. John Ashley addressed Terra Nova council K of C on “Oxford".
May 14, 1941 City Council’s Housing Plan rejected by Commission of Government. H.C. Lodge of Bishop’s Falls, winner of W.T. MacClement Prize at Queen’s University. Memory held at War Memorial, in memory of the Military personnel who lost their lives in ship recently sunk. Third annual Re-union employees Steers Ltd. at Bergvilla.
May 15, 1941 "Rev. Dr. Barr, new Minister Presbyterian Church, and Mrs. Barr given reception. Miss Syretha Squires, R.N., Director of Departmental Nurses, address Rotary Club on “Florence Nightingale — The Administrator.” Lady Bowlers of Imperial Tobacco Co. dinner and dance at Robinson’s Hostelry, Donovans. Ladies’ Civil Service Bowling League held dinner at Newfoundland Hotel. Mr. C.E. Hunt, K.C. addressed Macdonald Fellowship Club on “Some Famous Macdonalds”"
May 16, 1941 Annual Mock Trial under auspices Holy Cross Literary Association held. Annual Meeting Congregation St. Thomas Church. Yacht Club opens for season. His Excellency the Governor and Lady Walwyn visited C.L.B. fair. Masonic Club won billiard tournament in Inter-club tournament, defeating B.I.S. by 96 points.
May 18, 1941 Men’s Service Club of Cochrane St. Church took part in service, Rev. E. C. Knowles, Preacher.
May 19, 1941 St. Bonaventure’s College Orchestra, assisted by city artists, gave annual concert Pitts Memorial Hall.
May 20, 1941 Centenary of laying of Corner Stone of R.C. Cathedral. Job Bros. & Co. refrigerator ship, arrived in port with No. 1 hole on fire. Oratorical contest on Newfoundland topics by pupils of grade 9, St. Bon’s College. First place Basil Hickey; 2nd John Mahoney; 3rd Francis M. O’Leary. “Father and Son” Banquet held by Kirk Men’s Service Club. Pupils Bishop Spencer and Bishop Field Colleges present entertainment at Bishop Field College.
May 22, 1941 Hon. James Alexander Winter K.C. appointed Chief Clerk and Register of the Supreme Court, to succeed late Wm. R. Howley, Esq., C.M.C, K.C. Mayor LaGuardia of New York, took up duties as Guardian of Nation’s Civilian Defense. Dr. H.M. Mosdell gives Empire Day address to Rotary Club, subject “The Freedom”. Gower St. N.G.I.T. hold Mother and Daughter banquet. Annual meeting Murray’s Pond Fishing Club. Annual meeting L.S.P.U. Charles E. Martin elected President.
May 23, 1941 Music pupils of Academy of Our Lady of Mercy give recital.
May 24, 1941 Empire Day observed as General Holiday. Annual State Convention Knights of Columbus.
May 25, 1941 Special service at R.C. Cathedral mark centenary of laying of corner stone, May 20th 1841. His Grace the Archbishop delivers address.
May 26, 1941 Recruiting campaign opened. His Excellency the Governor broadcasted speech. Prime Minister Churchill sends message to Newfoundland.
May 27, 1941 Annual Assembly Presbyterian Church at Toronto.
May 28, 1941 Appointment of Mr. Harry Anderson Winter K.C., to be a member of the Commission of Government of Newfoundland, in succession to Mr. J.A. Winter K.C., announced. Indoor sports 1st St. John’s Troop Boy Scouts at C.L.B. Armory.
May 29, 1941 Mr. D.W. Gray, acting Forest Officer, addressed Rotary Club on “ Forest Fire Prevention.” Dinner at Donovams concludes Masonic - B.I.S. billiard Tourney. Annual card party and bridge under auspices S.P.A. at Bishop Field College Hall.
May 30, 1941 Memorial Day in United States. Employees at Base Command here, given holiday. Worst storm for years experienced in city. Snow storm impedes traffic and puts utilities out of order. N.G.I.T. Group of St. Thomas’s, St. Andrews, Gower Street Wesley, and George St. Churches and girl Club of Y.W.C.A. held meeting at Gower St, Church. Guest speaker Mrs. Hand.
May 31, 1941 Former King Prayadhipok of Siam, passed away at Virgina Water, Surrey. Sir Hugh Walpole, famous English Novelist, dead. F.A.G.A. annual meeting. W.W. MacDonald wins Beothic Club championship at Rifle Range.

June 1, 1941 Pope Pius XII broadcasted address on the Rights of Man. Canada’s six hundred million dollar victory loan goes on market. Prime Minister Churchill says contribution gives heart to Britain.
June 2, 1941 Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, resigns from U.S. Supreme Court at age of 86. Lou Gehrig, famous ball player, died at New York.
June 3, 1941 Business Ladies Bowling League, held presentation of prizes, supper and dance at Newfoundland hotel. The Friendly Club of the Battery School held banquet. Mr. and Mrs. John Condon, Topsail Road, celebrated Golden Jubilee of their wedding. Flannel Dance at B.I.S. Club rooms. Ex-Kaiser Wilhelm, passed away at Doorn, 82. Installation Officer Bearers Lodge Harbor Grace. Mr. and Mrs. James O’Reilly of Bond Street celebrated Silver Jubilee of wedding at Ryan’s Hostelry, Torbay.
June 5, 1941 Annual Sports Day, Prince of Wales College and Holloway Schools. Homes of Messrs Lewis, Rogers, and Garland, Lower Battery, destroyed by fire. Sergeant Morton, Canadian Soldier, rescued a small child from the Lewis home. St. Bon’s College hold annual Sports Day.
June 6, 1941 Sergt. Major Whiting of Canadian Forces, who died suddenly, given Military funeral. His Excellency the Governor and lady Walwyn, paid visit to Toc H. Club.
June 7, 1941 Sixteenth annual Graduation, Memorial College at Pitts Memorial Hall.
June 9, 1941 Bowling team of Guards A.A. won second place in championship Series of Inter-Club league in play-off with R.E.A.W.
June 10, 1941 Paul Suzor, some time French Council in Newfoundland, died at Tangiers, Morocco.
June 11, 1941 17th session United Church Conference, opened Gower St. United Church. Rev. S.J. Hillier of Grand Falls elected President, Rev. W.B. Perry Secretary.
June 12, 1941 His Majesty’s Birthday marked by parade, Canadian and Newfoundland Forces as well as War Vets. Salute taken by His Excellency the Governor. Right Rev. Dr. A.S. Tuttle, Moderator of the United Church of Canada, arrived on visit to Conference. Following honors conferred by His Majesty the King; DR. H.M. Mosdell, Lady Julia Horwood, and Mr. Thomas S. Devine, to be members of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (Civil Division). Annual, Eastern District Conference of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland, convened at Clarke’s Beach.
June 13, 1941 Rotarian Charles Hunt, K.C., delivered Patriotic Address to Club. Mrs. Massaear gave several patriotic songs. Rev. John B. Nute, B.A. new Minister, Queen’s Road Presbyterian Church. Revs. A.J. Barrett, A.S. Butt, and Fred Guy, ordained to Ministry of United Church at Gower St. Church.
June 14, 1941 "Miss Edwina Dingle, R.N., given presentation at Headquarters of Departmental Nursing Service in honor of her approaching marriage. Mr. Michael Power appointed Chief Agent S.P.A. in place of late Dr. D.J. Smith. Constable A.L. Spracklin retiring, on account of ill-health, given presentation by members of Police Headquarters Staff, Department of Justice. Lend Lease Agreement formally signed in Newfoundland."
June 16, 1941 Prime Minister Churchill given honorary degree by University of Rochester, New York. Stirring patriotic rally at Bell Island, to raise funds and cigarettes for boys serving overseas. His Grace the Archbishop administered sacrament of Confirmation at R.C. Cathedral.
June 17, 1941 Closing session United Church Conference. Annual Sports Day, Holy Cross School. Major General H.D.G. Crerar, Chief of Canadian General Staff, accompanied by Major General H.P. Elkin, General Officer Commanding the Atlantic Command, and Col. Colin Gibson, Minister of National Revenue, arrive by aeroplane from Halifax. Major Crerar on visit of inspection of Canadian Units.
June 18, 1941 Annual Sports Day St. Patrick’s Hall School. Bishop Spencer College Sports Day. Installation Office Bearers Lodge, Carbonear, A.F. and A.M.
June 19, 1941 United States Consul General, Harold B. Quarton, transferred to Washington. Rev. K.J. Beaton, Secretary of Department of Missionary Education, of the United Church of Canada spoke to Rotary on “China”. Holy Cross, winners Championship Bowling.
June 20, 1941 First issue of “Command News” published by U.S. Forces appears. Rev. Edwin Moore celebrated Golden Jubilee of Ministry in Methodist Church. Canadian Victory Loan oversubscribed by $31,000,000.
June 21, 1941 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Pike LeMarchant Road, celebrate Silver Jubilee of Wedding Day.
June 23, 1941 Brigadier Joseph Acton, new Commander of Salvation Army in Newfoundland, with Mrs. Acton, arrived by express.
June 24, 1941 Mr. Thomas F. Foley, Division Traffic Superintendent of Western Union Telegraph Co., visited here on tour of inspection. French Consular Post in St. John’s, closed as result of present struggle. Avalon Regional Cooperative Credit Society, and Avalon Co-operative Insurance Society, formed in meeting held at Brigus.
June 25, 1941 Installation Officer Bearers Avalon Lodge, Messrs James G. Dwyer, George E. Motty, Nathaniel Snow and John Calver, honored by Masonic brethren on celebrating Golden Jubilee as members of the lodge. Fire which broke out in shed at Botwood, destroyed 8,000 tons of paper.
June 26, 1941 Major F. W. Marshall, M.B.E., President Dominion Command of Great War Association, spoke to Rotary Club on Commemoration Day.
June 27, 1941 "Closing exercises Holloway School. Operettas, “Musical Village” and “King Catharrs” presented by pupils. Reunion of Staff of Prince of Wales College. Presentation made to Miss M Fraser, on occasion of her approaching marriage to the Principal, Mr. J.A. Cochrane. Lieut. General Hugh A. Drum, Commanding the First Army United States Forces, paid official visit to men of U.S. Forces here. Inspection at camp Alexander, Colonel Welty held luncheon in his honor. Albert N. Williams appointed President of Western Union Telegraph Company."
June 29, 1941 Large crowd citizens attended ceremony at National War Memorial and Sergeant Memorial Day at City Churches. War Veterans, Men of Merchant Marine, Brigades, Scouts, Guides together with Band, attended various Churches in separate units. Ignace Paderewski, aged 82, former Premier of Poland, and world famed Pianist, passed away at New York. Mr. Harry Batten, appointed Secretary N.T.A. in succession to Mr. R.H. Richards. School closing and presentation of prizes at St. Patrick’s Sports.
June 30, 1941 Closing Excerises R.C. School, Nagles Hill. Distribution Prizes to Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 at Academy of Our lady of Mercy.

July 1, 1941 Summer weather features first day of July. Members of Dominion Command of St. John’s Branch of G.W.V.A., laid wreaths on Soldiers’ plot in city cemeteries. U.S. Soldier on Portugal Cove, wounded in thigh when gun he was carrying exploded.
July 2, 1941 "Official Opening Playgrounds by His Worship Mayor Carnell. Representatives of Federation of Labor and the Avalon Co-operatives, make presentation to retiring Commissioner J.H. Gorvin, at Newfoundland Hotel. Visiting football team won over St. Bon’s 4-1."
July 3, 1941 Two forest fires, one on Torbay Road and the other in “Bakeapple Marsh”, did much damage. Hon. J H. Penson, Commissioner for Finance, presenting Budget at Board of Trade Rooms, reveals surplus of $700,000. $500,000 will be donated to Britain for Newfoundland Fighter Squadron for R.A.F. Hon. J.H. Gorvin, retiring Commissioner for Natural Resources, spoke to Rotary Club on “Reconstruction Deferred”.
July 4, 1941 Barn on Pennywell Road, owned by Norman Bastow, destroyed by fire. Independence Day in United States. MacDonald Fellowship Club held dance at Caribou Club for members of various forces. 800 Soldiers and city Fire Department, fight bush fire near Higgins Line. All Whitbourne Fire Fighting equipment fight fire on Hodgewater Line.
July 5, 1941 Mr. J.H. Gorvin, honored by members and staff of Department of Natural Resources, and some friends, on eve of his departure. Opening assembly annual Summer School. Nearly 400 teachers attending. Miss Winnifred Kennedy of Kilbride, knocked down and injured by hit and run driver. Presentation of electric stand lamp to Mr. J.G. Channing, in honor of his approaching marriage, by staff of Department of Natural Resources. Canadian Army football team defeated city 2-0.
July 6, 1941 Fire Department had busy day. Several calls from city and out of town. 18 month old baby fell from arms of Teresa Dillon, 8 year old daughter of Mr. James Dillon, Duggan Street, to Street below, a distance of 18 feet.
July 7, 1941 Annual Medical Convention opens. Representatives of Canadian and American Army Medical Corps, as well as Royal Navy welcome. Miss Elizabeth McCrindle, and Mr. Steve Butler, given presentation by members of Newfoundland Hiking Club, in honor of their approaching marriage. “Lilac Time” presented in garden of Miss Gertrude Costello, Patrick Street, in aid of W.P.A. Lt. Col. Allen of U.S. Army, assigned to duty as Acting Executive Officer, Newfoundland Base Command. Two houses owned by John Drew, Bay Bulls, destroyed by fire. Forest fires reported on Avalon Peninsula, Gambo Watershed, Gull Island, B.D.V., and Cape Spear. Military men and civilians gave valuable aid to fire companies. Canadian Army football team defeated by Navy 8-0.
July 8, 1941 Rt. Rev. Michael O’Reilly, Parish Priest of Lourdes, appointed Bishop of Roman Catholic Diocese of St. George’s. Recruits now in training, held muster parade in C.L.B. Armory, Addressed by Rev. E.R.W. Canon Higham. Rev. McDMurphy addressed R.C. recruits at Holy Name Hall.
July 9, 1941 New General Protestant Cemetery, known as “Mount Pleasant Cemetery” in Blackmarsh Road, dedicated by Rev. E.J. Bell. Mr. Ira Wild, new Commissioner for Finances, arrived from England. Medical Convention closed with annual dinner at Newfoundland Hotel. Election of officers, Terra Nova Council K. of C. Bro. A M. Duffy, Grand Knight. His Majesty the King, has been pleased to approve for further year term of office, of Vice-Admiral Sir Humphrey Walwyn, K.C.S.I., K.C.M.G., C.B., D.S.O., as Governor-in-Chief of Newfoundland. Canadian Army team and city team played to 2 goal draw.
July 10, 1941 First band for season given by Mt. Cashel Band at Bannerman Park. Mr. George D. Hopper appointed new American Consul General for Newfoundland. First game of softball since 1939. Visiting team defeated City 10-2. Tuffy Cleet won from Red Mephisto in wrestling match at Arena. Auxiliary “Lone Flier” owned by Ashbourne Ltd., Twillingate, ashore at Penguin Islands. Crew safe. Lieut. Commander R.B. Stannard, V.C., spoke to Rotary Club on “Battle of the Atlantic.”
July 12, 1941 "Annual Parade L.O.A. at Pouch Cove. His Excellency and Lady Walwyn returned from visit to West Coast. Great Orange Rally of Royal Oak and Leeming Lodges at Victoria Hall. 55th Annual Congress of Salvation Army opened by Commissioner Orames, Commander of Salvation Army in Canada, Newfoundland and Alaska, who was accompanied by Brigadier Keith, Territorial Young Peoples Secretary. Snipe racing season opens at Long Pond. Dr. Frank Hogan trophy, won by Don Clouston in the “Idler”. Summer School picnic Mount Pearl Park."
July 13, 1941 Ordination Service C. of E. Cathedral, Mr. T.E. Smith made a Deacon and Revs. N.W. Prosser. W.D. Mercer, R.B. Babb and J.W. Taylor, ordained to Office of Priesthood.
July 14, 1941 Canadian Club of St. John’s holds dinner at Woodstock. Mr. John Walsh appointed Director Harvey & Co., Ltd. Commissioner B. Orames, A.A., conducted commissioning of Cadets in New Gower St. Citadel. 132 nd. Annual Session, Ladies Orange Benevolent Association, held at Victoria Hall.
July 15, 1941 "Graduating exercises of Salvation Army Grace Hospital at Pitts Memorial Hall, 20 nurses graduate. United States Naval Air Base formally opened at Argentia by Lieut. Stephens, acting as Commanding Officer. Discharge of coal steamer, halted by strike. Longshoremen demand wage increase. Visiting softball team defeat city 12-9."
July 16, 1941 Annual Garden Party Church of England Orphanages. Max Miles of Garnish, and Archibald Rideout of same place, who strayed from their vessel “Beatrice and Grace” on the 14th, reached port after rowing 175 miles. Men resumed work discharging coal steamer. Tribunal set up under Defense Regulations, decides Longshoremen entitled to additional 10 cents per hour. Visiting Cricket team beat locals in exhibition at Ayre Athletic Grounds. Installation Office Bearers Lodge McKay, Bay Roberts. Sun life trophy won by Dr. Frank Moores in Pippin, at Snipe boat races, Long Pond, Manuals. Religious Reception and Profession at St. Bride’s College, Littledale.
July 17, 1941 Commissioner Orames of the Salvation Army, spoke to Rotary Club on the “Work of the Salvation Army behind the Lines.”
July 20, 1941 His Grace the Archbishop, celebrates Mass and delivers address at annual Re-union of St. Bon’s Old boys at the College. Annual Requiem Mass Mount Carmel Cemetery. Capt. Rev. T.W. Jones, M.A., D.D., of the Canadian Y.M.C.A. War Service, who is Making a tour of men of the Forces of Canada and Newfoundland, special speaker at the Kirk in the morning, and Gower St. United Church in the evening. C.L.B. Sunday at Topsail.
July 21, 1941 Ashes of the late Sir Wilfrid Grenfell, K.C.M.G., M.D., brought to St. John’s by Rev. Theodore A. Grieve, D.D. Memorial service held at Church of England Cathedral. Ashes to be interred at St. Anthony. Brigadier General Henry W. Harmes, newly appointed Officer Commanding Newfoundland Base Command, arrives in city. Mr. Herbert Ryan, a Newfoundlander who has resided in England for many years, offers his service as Welfare and Publicity Officer to assist Newfoundlanders overseas.
July 22, 1941 General Harmes, who has been assigned by the U.S. War Department to command Newfoundland Base Command, called on His Excellency the Governor, accompanied by Colonel Welby, Consul General G.B. Hopper, and Consul General H.B. Quarton. Summer School Garden party on grounds of Colonel and Mrs. Crawford. Sergt. Frank Smith R.A.F. of Brigus, dies in English hospital.
July 23, 1941 Hon Charles J Burchell, K.C., High Commissioner to Australia for past year and a half, appointed Canadian Commissioner to Newfoundland. Units of U.S. Base Command, parade at O’Dwyer’s Field to do honor to Warrant Officer Ferguson, Director of the band of the Newfoundland Base Command, who retires from Service on November 30th. Able Seaman William Jordan Pike of Harbor Grace, awarded D.S.M. for gallantry, in connection with the withdrawal from Greece, under fire and in face of many difficulties. Labor Day parade at Corner Brook. Snipe racing at Yacht Club. “Jiffy” wins Readicut trophy.
July 24, 1941 Mr. J.C. Ellis inaugurates new industry in Newfoundland, and first shipment of bleached Irish Moss goes to United States next week. Nurse Green, who recently returned after service in St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, spoke to Rotary on “Glimpses of War Time London.” Company “L” U.S. Base Command, defeated local team baseball game at Ayre Athletic Grounds.
July 25, 1941 Forest fire reported in vicinity Red Bridge, Thorburn Road. Members Nfld. Militia, United States and Canadian forces, helped fight fire. Catholic Teachers attending Summer School, guests of His Grace the Archbishop, Revs. Frs. O’Mara and McGrath special lecturers.
July 27, 1941 Religious Reception and professions at the Presentation Convent, Cathedral Square.
July 28, 1941 Harrington bus overturned near Brigus, injuring 5 persons, Ronald Moore, driver, seriously injured. Union Municipal Workers held meeting. Labor Day celebrated at Grand Falls. Screen star Judy Garland, married to Composer David Rose. Navy beat Headquarters softball team 12-11. Company “M” defeated Company “I” by score of 5-3.
July 29, 1941 "Hon. Sir John C. Puddester, Kt. Commissioner for Public Health and Welfare, arrived South West Coast. Annual re-union of Firing party of Great War Vets Association held. Visiting team No. 1 defeated City team No.2 by score of 3 to nil. House owned by Leo Rose, Grand Falls, partly destroyed by fire."
July 30, 1941 Kinsmen Club make official presentation of cheque for $2,906.52, net proceeds from Annual Kinsmen Peanut Day, to provide smokes for Boys overseas. City electric system disrupted for some hours, when a cat caused short circuit at Sub-Station. Tinsmiths who were on strike, returned to work after temporary settlement was arrived at –an increase to 55 cents per hour. Three survivers of banking vessel Andvoka, which was cut down on July 9th, arrived in port. Visiting Navy Cricket team defeated City by 6 runs. Avalon team defeated Army No. 2 softball. Annual outing St. Patrick’s Altar Boys Association.
July 31, 1941 Mount Cashel founded 43 years ago today. City team defeated Avalon 2, 3-1 football.

August 2, 1941 Garden party at Government House. Large number enlisted for Auxiliary Fire Service. Company M beat Company L of U.S. Army, 11-5 baseball, at Ayre Athletic Grounds.
August 6, 1941 "History made in revival of day races. Truckmen make best time for day. Nfld Militia wins Governor’s Cup. Sergt Jim Templeton, Canadian Air Forces, missing since July 28th. Later reported safe in Algiers where he made forced landing. Members of the Municipal Workers, hosts to three crews of that organization who competed in the race, and delegates to annual convention at the Nfld. Federation of Labor, at banquet at Ryan’s Torbay."
August 7, 1941 "Trade dispute between Buchans Mining Co., and its Workmen develops – Union rejects all offers of mediation. Government acts under Defense Regulations. Body of Police Constables dispatched to scene. Victorians won over Army team 1-0 softball at St. Georges’ Field. Canadians defeated St. Bon’s in baseball. Rev. Tom Cornish, District Governor, visits Rotary Club and gave interesting address. Number of Newfoundland Loggers arrived safely in United Kingdom. Sergt. Air Observer Thomas Cyril Gallant of Stephenville, lost his life in aircraft accident."
August 8, 1941 5th Annual Conference Nfld. Federation of Labor comes to close. Tribunal consisting of Hon. Mr. Justice Dunfield, Mr. George P. Bradney, C.B.E. Controller and Auditor General, and Prof. A. M. Fraser, M.A., setup deal with labor trouble at Buchans. Football game between City Nr2 and visitors No.2 won by visitors 7-0. Patients of Sanatorium enjoyed musical comedy, under direction of Mrs. Flora Massacar.
August 9, 1941 Visitors No. 1 defeated Avalon by score 3-0 football.
August 11, 1941 No change in strike situation at Buchans. Hon Sir Wilfred Woods and Mr. A.J. Walsh K.C., left for Buchans. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Woods meets Union Executive at Buchans to discuss strike. Strike ended at Camden N.J. and work in defense orders resumed. Lady Walwyn presents prizes won at Regatta, to Canadian crews at Government House.
August 12, 1941 Rev. Alfred Wood celebrates his 94th birthday. Hon. Sir Wilfred Woods, Commissioner for Public Utilities, returned from Buchans, Labor dispute still unsettled. Because of weather conditions, Requiem Mass held at Cathedral instead of Belvedere. Anzacs team, winner of recently conducted table tennis tournament at Cottage Gardens. Tea Rooms given dinner at Donovan’s.
August 13, 1941 Lord Willingdon, former Governor-General of Canada, and one time Viceroy of India, dead. Annual championship Sports at Bell Island, Bell Island won junior Trophy and United States Command carried off trophy in Senior Division. G. Hutchings of Bell Island, entered seven events and won seven. Staff No. 1 Warehouse of Nfld. Base Contractors, Quidi Vidi, gave farewell dinner to Mr. Tom London, Head Store-Keeper, who has severed his connection with the Base. Annual installation ceremony of Lodge Heart’s Content No. 1275 S.C.A.F. and A.M. at Heart’s Content.
August 14, 1941 Asst. Secretary for Justice ordered to issue summonses against strikers at Buchans. Tribunal left this afternoon. Robert Bradbury of Shearstown, arrested under warrant, and charged with intent to do bodily harm to Rt. Rev.Mgr. Dinn, V.G. of North River. Buchans Workmen, at urgent request of Tribunal, returned to work. Action withdrawn. Supt. Codner gave talk on use of fire fighting equipment, to members of Zone “H” Auxiliary Fire Service. Visitors win football game from Victorias 2-0. Rev. W.B. Martin of Ontario, Chaplain in Last Great War, spoke to Rotary Club on “Sky Trails of the Empire.”
August 15, 1941 M Co. of U.S. Base Command defeated K Co. in afternoon, and City team in evening, in Baseball games at Ayre Athletic Grounds.
August 16, 1941 Mr. and Mrs. John Fahey, Carter’s Hill, celebrated silver wedding anniversary. His Excellency and Lady Walwyn visited Marystown vessels “Oderin” and “Emerley” which have just completed trial runs. Forty fishermen Grate’s Cove, form Co-operative Society.
August 17, 1941 Rev. W.O. Nugent of Argentia, Preacher at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Mundy Pond Regatta started but had to be called off on account of rain.
August 18, 1941 Co. M defeated I in baseball game at Ayre Athletic grounds.
August 19, 1941 "United States will loan $2,000,000 for improvements to Railway. Agreement initialed today. Loan repayable 15 years. Sergt. Arthur Edward Earle R.A.F.of this city, reported missing. Augus J. Neary, St. Bonaventure College, winner of Junior Jubilee Scholarship of $500. “M” Co. defeated “L” Co. by score of 17-7 at Ayre Athletic Grounds. Stanley Duggan, a Naval Rating, hit and injured by motor car that did not stop. Prof. C.H. Hutton, O.B.E., K.S.G., celebrated 80th birthday. George Morris, driver of Bavarian Brewery truck, and two passengers, injured when truck left the Kilbride Road. Installation of W.M. and officers of Clift Lodge, E.C., at Bell Island. Five races run at postponed Mundy Pond Regatta. Best time made by Newfoundland Militia. K Co. defeated I Co. 17 runs to 3 at Ayre Athletic Grounds. Capt. Philip and Mrs. Jackman given surprise party on occasion of 25th wedding anniversary."
August 21, 1941 President “Billy” Allen gave Rotary Club report of District Assembly. Bowring Park Sport Club defeated Mount Pearl in Tennis Tournament. Visitors No.2 beat Victorias 8 goals to 1.
August 22, 1941 Charles, Donald and Robert, triplet sons of Mr. and Mrs. R. Hapgood, Craigmillar Avenue, celebrate first birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cleary, Avalon Terrace, celebrate 25th anniversary of wedding.
August 23, 1941 Duke of Kent arrives at Hyde Park home of Pre. Roosevelt, to spend weekend. St. John’s Trade Labor Council elects officers for ensuing year. Fine card boxing bouts at Camp Alexander. Stanley Boone, 6, of Clarke’s Beach, had leg amputated at Grace Hospital as result of being run over by truck, driven by Mr. Delaney and owned by Wm. Dawe & Sons. Unoccupied car, owned by Mr. J. Pike, Springdale Street, plunged down hill, and injured Mrs. Jefford, of Long Pond, breaking her ankle, and killed the horse owned by Mr. R. Jefford. Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, etc., of Old Colony Lodge, No. 443, tendered complementary dinner at Donovan’s, to winners of Union Race at the Regatta.
August 24, 1941 Three Sailors, two of them from United States, one from Canada, and a Canadian Soldier, stole schooner owned by John Coady, of Cape Broyle, and ran her on rocks outside Cape Broyle. They were placed under arrest.
August 25, 1941 Tribunal consisting of Hon. Mr. Justice Dunfield and Mr. M.P. Bradney and Prof. A.M. Fraser, returns from Buchans. Laborers at Fort Pepperell, Quidi Vidi, went on strike, but return later, having been granted an increase of 5 cents per hour. Some fifty or more citizens representing business and commercial life of the city, tendered farewell dinner to Mr. J.H. Penson, late Commissioner for Finance, at the Newfoundland Hotel. Lady Walwyn, Mrs. Norbury and Miss Eva Parsons, Field worker, visit Jubilee Guild at St. Vincent, Gaskiers, Point LaHaye and Peter’s River.
August 26, 1941 Lloyd Eugene Bragg, of Curling, admitted to bar of Nova Scotia. C. C. Eberts appointed Vice-Consul and Acting Consul at St. Pierre. 1941-42 Nfld. Scotch cure herring pack contract, awarded to Vita Food Products Inc., of New York. Official farewell luncheon, given to Mr. J.H. Penson, ex-Commissioner for Finance. Hon. Sir J.C. Puddester presided, and proposed toast to guest of honor. 3,206 children attended playground picnic at Bowring Park. His Excellency the Governor paid visit to Newfoundland Militia at Bell Island.
August 27, 1941 Bowring Park Tennis Club defeated Mount Pearl 3 games out of 5. Snipe racing at Long Pond. — Avalon Yachting Club wins from H.M.S. 76 by 6 points.
August 28, 1941 Special service at Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Cookstown Road. Victor Rumsey, Bennett Ave. and Gordon Francis, Oxen Pond Road, injured when truck was demolished as result of brakes giving out on Blackhead Road. Victoria Park Children gave annual broadcast over VONF. Hon. J.H. Penson, retiring Commissioner for Finance, addressed Rotary Club on “Thoughts on Leaving Newfoundland.” Annual meeting Bowring Park Sports Club.
August 29, 1941 Australia’s new Premier, A.W. Fadden, sworn in to succeed Mr. R.G. Menzies, who has resigned. Disclosed that Hitler and Mussolini just concluded a 5 day conference on military and political developments on the Eastern Front. “Strokers” defeated Navy 3 goals to nil, and won trophy presented by Mr. F.J. Phean. Rev. Bro. J.B. O’Sullivan, native of Newfoundland, attains Golden jubilee in service of Christian Brothers, at St. Mary’s, Marino, Dublin.
August 31, 1941 Stars and Strips raised over U.S. Army Base at Argentia. Program of festivities continued three days to mark occasion. Annual Blackhead Road Garden Party. Brigadier and Mrs. Acton, S.A., paid first visit to Bell Island.

September 1, 1941 Mr. and Mrs Alex Foster entertained children of Colinet at the summer home “The Highlands.” Enjoyable outing under auspices St. John’s Trades and Labor Council held at Donovan’s.
September 2, 1941 Flood caused much damage in Wisconsin; 2,000 people rendered homeless. Entertainment at Caribou Hut under supervision of Mrs. A.C. Holmes, for children whose fathers are overseas. Ranger D. Bragg, in charge of Nain Detachment, and accompanied by Gilbert Saunders and James Saunders, drivers, successfully located campsite of H.J. Kohler, J. Connel, both of United States, and James Martin, Guide from Cartwright, and definitely identified skeleton as that of H.J. Kohler. Party lost in summer of 1931. Dorthy Moores, Blackhead B.D.V., Jean Woodman, Grand Falls Academy, and Cyril Brophy, St. Patrick’s Hall, St. John’s, winners of King George V. Scholarships for 1941.
September 3, 1941 "Concert by Canadian Band, and address by His Honor Judge Browne, mark second anniversary of War. Influenza epidemic reported at Davis Inlet; 2 Nascopie Indians dead. Assistance ordered. Miss Alison O’Reilly of Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, winner G.W.V.A. Scholarship for 1941."
September 4, 1941 President Roosevelt’s special envoy to Vatican City, Myron C. Taylor, leaves for Italy, after an absence of nearly a year. Rotarian “Ray” Gushue spoke to Club on “The King of Fishes.”
September 6, 1941 His Excellency Most Rev. Illedebrando Antoniutti, Apostolic Delegate to Canada and Newfoundland, accompanied by Rev. Fr. Grespan, arrived in city.
September 7, 1941 Mrs. Sarah Delano Roosevelt, mother of the President of the United States, died at the Roosevelt home, aged 86. Rev. John E. Bell preached farewell sermons at Gower St. United Church. Ceremonies of Intercession at R.C. Cathedral. His Grace the Archbishop presided at Mass. Mr. Charles W. Hutton and Mr. Joseph W. Allen, invested as Officers of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and Miss Nora E. Rendell, a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, by His Excellency the Governor, at Government House.
September 8, 1941 Firm of John J Henley, mattress manufacturers, celebrates Golden Jubilee. People of Northwest Coast protest inadequate coastal service, and present petition to Commission of Government requesting measures to remedy conditions. Installation Officers Atlantic Lodge, I.O.O.F., for year. Rev. E.J.O’Brine broadcasts message to Indians at Davis Inlet, who are threatened with epidemic.
September 9, 1941 Able Seaman John Joseph Emberley, Sagona, F.B., “mentioned in Despatches.” Most Rev. M.J.O’Reilly D.D., recently appointed by His Holiness the Pope to the Diocese of St. George’s, in succession to the late Most Rev. Henry T. Renouf D.D., raised to the Bishopry at R.C. Cathedral by Most Rev. Illedebrando, Apostolic Delegate to Canada and Newfoundland. Archbishop Roche delivered sermon. Dominion Conference Great War Veterans Association opens at Corner Brook. Installation of Office Bearers Lodge Northcliffe at Grand Falls.
September 10, 1941 Mr. P.R. McCormac, Managing Director Cousins (Nfld.) Ltd., host to employees and number of guests at “Pop Inn”. Fort Pepperrell Post No 9, Quidi Vidi, organized.
September 11, 1941 "Hon C.J. Burchell, High Commissioner from Canada to Newfoundland and Mrs. Burchell, arrived by express. Major General C. Brant, Officer Commanding the Air Corps Training Center at Randolph Field, Texas, appointed as Chief of Newfoundland Base Command, succeeding Brigadier-General Henry W. Harms. Mr. C.D. Hart, Manager of Bank of Montreal spoke to Rotary Club “On War Financing.” Annual meeting City Bowling League. Mr. Edmund Joseph Ryan of Trinity, received from hands of His Excellency, Most Rev. Illedberando Antoniutti, Papal Delegate to Canada and Newfoundland, insignia of Knight of St. Silvester, at St. Claire’s Mercy Hospital."
September 12, 1941 His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent, landed at Bay Bulls Big Pond in amphibian plane, and was met at landing by His Excellency the Governor, members of Commission of Government, Mayor Carnell, and other distinguished officials. Crowds lined streets and cheered Royal Guest. Duke attended Military review at Feildian Grounds and took salute, then toured city and visited Caribou Hut. After a brief stay at Government House, His Royal Highness left again by air. Dominion Command officers of Great War Veterans elected at Corner Brook. Annual meeting Commercial Bowling League. Meeting Bowring Park Sports Club.
September 14, 1941 Plane missing 2 years, reported found by Canadian Pilots on West Coast, are identified as “Reoena Plane” which was piloted by Tommy Smith of Clarksburg. No trace of Pilot. Medical aid has now reached Davis Inlet Indians, who were stricken with influenza. Mr. Peter J Maher, representative of St. John’s Office of North American Life, appointed President of Eastern Division of his company’s sales Club.
September 15, 1941 Anglo-Newfoundland Development Co. Ltd., starts scholarship plans for boys leaving school in Grand Falls area; 2 scholarships to value of $2,000 each, awarded yearly.
September 16, 1941 Rev. J.F. Nute , B.A., Lib., inducted as Pastor of Queen’s Road Presbyterian Church. Hiking club at Bac Roc lodge. Annual conference of Co-operative Field-workers.
September 17, 1941 Mr. Geoffrey Shakespeare M.P., Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, accompanied by Mr. J.J.S. Garner of the Dominion Office, arrived in City. L.S.P.U. held emergency meeting to discuss wages. Annual bicycle Race (20 miles) – 1st place R. Thorne of Canadian Navy, 1 hr. 28 4/5 secs; 2nd John Clarke, of the Navy; 3rd E.R. Olsen also of the Navy. First local boy home, was T.G. Cooper.
September 18, 1941 "Mr. Geoffery Shakespeare M.P. Under Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, spoke to Rotary Club and stated “Britons are united for decisive victory.” Mr. P.D.H. Dunn. Commissioner for Natural Resources Designate, arrived in City. Rev. D.K. Burns, M.A. Ph.D. inducted as Minister of Gower St. United Church. DR. J.B. Murphy, Surgeon of St. Claires Mercy Hospital, and visiting Surgeon at the General Hospital, honored with Fellowship of American College of Surgeons. Newfoundland Protective Association of Shop and Office Employees gave dance at St. Mary’s Hall. Annual meeting Business Bowling League."
September 19, 1941 Mr. Geofrey Shakespare delivered radio address, giving Britain’s message to Newfoundland. Later was guest of honor at luncheon at Newfoundland Hotel, given by Government. Formation of a Parent-Teacher Association, discussed by large gathering at Pitts Memorial Hall. Mr. P.D.H. Dunn sworn in by His Excellency the Governor, and assumed the office of Commissioner for National Resources.
September 20, 1941 Mr. David Howley given presentation by staff of Department of Natural Resources, on occasion of his being accepted for the R.A.F. Mr. and Mrs. MacMillan, guests of members of Shannon Chapter at dinner at Woodstock. Annual Outing Choir Boys St. Patrick’s Hall. Capt. Max Blandford, who for over 30 years served the Railway, resigns position and left for Halifax, to take position with the Halifax Pilotage Commission.
September 21, 1941 Victoria Ann Warren, daughter of Lieut. A and Mrs. Pratt Warren, first child born to member of U.S. Forces stationed in Newfoundland.
September 22, 1941 Opening games of Commercial and City Bowling League.
September 23, 1941 Derek Smith, Canadian Naval Rating, and James Whitehead of Liverpool, convicted of attempting to escape from Penitentiary, sentenced to 12 months imprisonment. Recruits now in training for Royal Navy, inspected by Governor at C.L.B. Armory. Lodge Dudly No. 227, S.B.E., B.I., held election of officers.
September 24, 1941 Mr. R.J. Kent of T. McMurdo & Co., Ltd., given presentation on occasion of his completing 25 years with the firm. Joe Hayes, King’s Bridge, given surprise party. Schooner “George B. Cluett”, Capt. Gay of Bonavista, ran aground at St. Paul’s Island. Annual meeting Carbonear Presbytery at Blackhead.
September 25, 1941 "High Commissioner, Mr. C.J. Burshell, K.C., spoke to Rotary Club on “Canada”, Australia and the War.” Members of Orange Lodges tendered dinner to Mr. W.R. Dawe, Past Master of Royal Oak Lodge, and President of the G.W.V.A. Dominion Command, at Crosbie Hotel."
September 26, 1941 Queen Elizabeth chats with Edwin White, St. John’s, Royal Artillery, at King George and Queen Elizabeth Club, London.
September 28, 1941 Sir Hurbert Holt, noted Canadian Financier, passed away at Montreal, 85. George St. Church held Sunday School Rally. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Woods, Commissioner for Public Utilities, and Mr. H.J. Russell, General Manager of Railway, with Mr. W.J. Robinson Government Engineer, left by plane for Stephenville. This plane, first to use runway there.
September 29, 1941 Opening session of Ice Season at Arena attended by large crowd. Joe Lewis retains heavyweight boxing title when he defeated Lou Nova in 8th round. William I Bishop, President of Wm. I. Bishop Ltd., passed away at Montreal.
September 30, 1941 Mr. W.T.G. Hackett, of Toronto, a native of Newfoundland, appointed Secretary to Wartime Industries Control Board of Canada. Concert at Terra Nova Club for men of the Service. Graduates Dalhousie University, gather at Newfoundland Hotel to do honor to Dr. R.A. MacKay, Professor of Political Science at the University. Opening Game Business Ladies Bowling League. Annual Convention Young People’s Presbyterian at Jackson Memorial, Western Bay.

October 1, 1941 "Fall term of Supreme Court opens. Right Rev. Frank Patridge, formerly of St. John’s, Bishop of Portsmouth, passed away. Yankees won first game in Work Baseball Series. Farewell party tendered to Douglas Bennett and Robert Hussey at residence, Masonic Temple, prior to their departure for R.C.F. in Canada. Opening meeting of Macdonald Fellowship Club at Synod Hall. Dr. R.A MacKay of Dalhousie, spoke to Rotary Club on “The British American Partnership and Newfoundland.”"
October 2, 1941 Tea concert and Sale under auspices of Women’s Association, at Gower St. Hall. N.P.A.S.O.E. held dance for members of forces at Caribou Hut.
October 5, 1941 75th anniversary of Juvenile T.A. & B. Society. Louis Brandies, retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice, passed away at Washington, 84. His Lordship, Bishop O’Neill of Harbor Grace, visited Carbonear and administered Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
October 6, 1941 Newfoundland Society for the protection of animals holds meeting at City Hall. Annual re union Blue Puttees at Donovan’s; 45 members answer roll call. McGill Graduates celebrate100th anniversary of their University’s charter, by dinner at Newfoundland Hotel. Mr. W.H. Phillips of Ottawa, 3rd Vic-president of the Order of Railway Telegraphers, visited City.
October 7, 1941 Playground Executive hold meeting at Newfoundland Hotel. 22,000 Newfoundlanders now working on Bases in Newfoundland. Installation Officers Lodge Empire at Victoria Hall.
October 8, 1941 Wesley Ladies’ Aid Sale of Work opened by Lady Walwyn. “The Safety Magazine” issued by U.S. Engineer’s Office.
October 9, 1941 Mr. Ian Fraser, Secretary for “Toc H” East, Canada and Newfoundland, spoke to Rotary Club on our “Merchantmen.”
October 10, 1941 Postponed annual meeting, Newfoundland Building and Loan Association at Sterling Restaurant. Mr. T.R. Jackman, managing Director, Messrs Jackman & Greene, honored by members of the staff with presentation, on occasion of his birthday.
October 11, 1941 Constable Short doing traffic duty on New Gower Street, knocked down and injured by runaway car.
October 12, 1941 "Meeting British and Foreign Bible Society, Pitts Memorial Hall, Rev. J.B.M. Armour addressed gathering. T.A. Society and Juvenile Branch join in religious commemoration of centenary of establishment of Temperance work in Newfoundland, by Rev. Fr. Kyran Walsh, and 75th anniversary of foundation of Juvenile Branch."
October 13, 1941 “Northern Lights” first picture magazine of America forces in Newfoundland, presented by Base Contractors and Army Engineers, Argentia. Knight of Columbus commemorate Columbus Day with social, card party, and dance at club rooms. Opening game College Football won by St. Bon’s when they defeated United College 2-1. Opening meeting George St. Church, Young People Union. Rev. D.K. Burns guest speaker.
October 14, 1941 Annual meeting Truckmen’s Union. L.S.P.U. declined offer, that dispute between Employers’ Association and them, be referred to an Arbitration Board. Annual meeting Feildian Club. United College junior team defeated Bishop Feild 6-2 in opening football game. Battery “D” C.A. winner first “Little World Series” baseball of Newfoundland Base Command defeating G.M.
October 15, 1941 Carbonear Presbytery holds meeting at Western Bay. Old Time Sociable at St. Patrick’s Auditorium.
October 16, 1941 T.A. & B. Society celebrate 151st anniversary of Father Matthew, Rev. P.J. Kennedy addressed gathering, followed by social evening. His Excellency and Lady Walwyn returned from visit to Gander, Botwood, and Bishop’s Falls. Friends of His Worship Mayor Carnell, C.B.E., tendered him complementary dinner at Woodstock. Dr. S.A. Saunders, guest speaker at Rotary Club, subject “The Economic Factor of the Present War.” Ladies’ College Aid Society held “At Home” at Pitts Memorial Hall.
October 17, 1941 Newfoundland tuna and sword fish Club formed. Official opening Civil Service Bowling League.
October 18, 1941 Earl Gilson of U.S. Army, found guilty of manslaughter, in case of Maud Bragg, and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment. Major General C. Brant, newly appointed Commanding Officer of Newfoundland Base United States Forces, arrived in City. Hon. Ira Wild, Commissioner for Finance, returned from Montreal, where he attended a meeting of Bowater Newfoundland Pulp and Paper Mills Ltd.
October 20, 1941 Schooner “Julia A. Johnson” ashore at Seal Cove, C.B., total loss. Large Crowd attended opening session of C.L.B. Carnival. Able Seamen Reg. LeGrow, given dinner at home of Messrs William and Lester Peckford, Kimberly Row. Mr. G.B. Hefferton given dinner and presentation, at Liddy’s Hotelry, Torbay, in honor of his approaching marriage. Navel Rating Cecil Byrne, home on leave, given party at home of Mrs. B. Downs, Mayor Avenue.
October 21, 1941 Michael O’Rourke found “Not Guilty” of murder of Thomas Flemming at Supreme Court. Col. Maurice D. Welty appointed Professor of Military Science and Tectics at College Station Texas. Lady Walwyn, Dominion Commissioner, presented colors to 3rd St. John’s Girls Guide Companies at Prince of Wales College.
October 22, 1941 Trial of 7 men, charged with rioting and doing malicious damage to H. M. Penitentiary, ended in acquittal of accused. Government of Iceland resigned. Series of colored, hunting and fishing films shown, by Mr. Lee Wulff at K. of C. Hall. Hon. Sir John C. Puddester, Commissioner for Public Health and Welfare in Newfoundland, met Mr. Malcolm MacDonald, British High Commissioner to Canada, and Canadian Officials at Ottawa, and discussed problems relating to Newfoundland. House and contents of George Rice, Burnt Arm, destroyed by fire. Annual bowling dinner and Presentation of Trophies at Newfoundland Hotel.
October 23, 1941 T.A. & B. Society celebrated the Centennial of Temperance organization in Newfoundland, and the 75th anniversary of Branch, with banquet. Photo of late Spiritual Director, Rev. Fr. J.F. Pippy unveiled. Presentation by Rev. P. Kennedy of a framed photo of His Grace the Archbishop.
October 24, 1941 Beothic Rifle Club hold annual meeting. Members of Union employed with St. Lawrence Fluorspar Corporation, on strike.
October 25, 1941 Sir John R. Bennett K.B.E., laid to rest with solemn service at Masonic Temple and C. of E. Cathedral. His Lordship the Bishop officiated.
October 26, 1941 70th annual meeting, Newfoundland Fishermen’s Star of the Sea Association.
October 27, 1941 Small group of citizens meet and form Association to further improve civic conditions. “The Country Store” under auspices Patrician Association, opened at Cadet Armory. Mr. Michael Malone and Miss Bessie Martin badly injured by car owned by U.S. Engineers and driven by R.F. Gornall, Area Engineer at Fort Pepperell. Hallowe’en Party held by Anglican Young People’s Association at Canon Wood Hall.
October 28, 1941 Annual meeting Spencer Club. 3 year old Canadian Liberal Government returned to power by decisive majority. Members of Regatta Committee hold enjoyable reunion at Robinson’s Hostelry, Donovan’s. Cochrane St. Men’s Service Club held opening meeting. Successful C.L.B. Carnival concludes with Amateur Show. Hubert Miller, Springdale St., has hand amputated at Hospital, as result of being caught in machinery at premises of Cashin & Co., where he was working. Mr. D Hogan, retiring Manager of Connors Drug Store, given presentation at residence of Mr. Stan Lynch, Colonial St. Mr. Gordon Butler, late of Newfoundland Rangers, given farewell dinner at the Octagon before leaving to join R.A.F.
October 29, 1941 Jumble Sale Tea and Concert, under auspices of VOWR Radio Board, held at Wesley Lecture Hall. Board of Governors A.A.A. held first re union at Woodstock. Car driven by Clarence Moore, Clarke’s Beach, left road North of Colliers. One passenger, John Fowler, received head wounds and was taken to Hospital.
October 30, 1941 "Hallowe’en Ball at Knights of Columbus Hall. Annual Dinner, Truckmen’s Union, held at Donovan’s Hostelry. Canadian Regimental Band gave Concert at “The Country Store,” at the Cadet Armory. “No Bill” reported by Grand Jury, in case against Thomas M. Mullaly of Northern Bay, charged with manslaughter. James Hayden, 42, of Petit Forte, Master of schooner “Mary James Hayden”, found near Railway, Southside Road, with foot off. St. Bon’s won Championship College Football when they defeated Feildians one to nil. Mr. J.A. Cochrane, Principal Holloway School, spoke to Rotary Club on “Educating for Democracy.”"
October 31, 1941 Pupils of Prince of Wales College and Holloway School donate $100.00, to buy chocolate bars for our artillery men overseas. Lieut.-Col. Devitt, Asst to General Purchasing Agent, Canadian Department of Munitions and Supply, Ottawa, opened office in Law Chambers. Hon. J.A. Ralston, Canadian Minister for National Defense; Major Gen. H.D.R. Crerar, Chief of General Staff; Major Gen. P.J. Montague, Senior Officer Commanding Military Headquarters, London; Col. George Currie, Executive Asst. to Minister National Defense, and Col. H.L. Cameron of National Defense Headquarters Ottawa, pay unexpected visit to St. John’s.

November 1, 1941 “Country Store” at Cadet Armory, closes with show by Uncle Tim’s Barn Dance troupe. Newfoundland Militia, first champions in international forces series, when they defeated U.S. Army team in overtime period. Bishop Spencer College won field Hockey Championship, Prince of Wales College runners-up.
November 2, 1941 Rev. P.J. Kennedy and His Honor Judge Browne, addressed T.A. Juveniles at monthly meeting.
November 3, 1941 Canadian Parliament reassembled.
November 4, 1941 Annual Sale of Work C. of E. Women’s Association at the Parish Hall. Kirk Men’s Service Club reopens. Dr. S.A. Saunders guest speaker, subject “Danger Spots in social Thinking.” Members Topsail and Island Pond Association, held reunion at Robinson’s Hostelry, Donovan’s. Mayor Fionella La Guardia, re-elected Mayor of New York City with majority of 140,000. Dr. Gerald A Strapp, of Harbor Grace, and Medical Officer to Nfld. Militia, passed away suddenly at Montreal, following heart attack. Installation Officers Terra Council, Knights of Columbus. Hon. C.J. Burchell, K.C., High Commissioner for Canada in Newfoundland, gave illustrated lecture on “Australia” at Gower St. Lecture Hall.
November 5, 1941 Queen’s Road Ladies’ Aid Annual Sale in Lecture Hall. Women’s Auxiliary of the Institute for the Blind held sale of work at Presbyterian Hall. Presentation Convent Association sale of work at Auditorium. Re-union of East End Stores bowling team, which won second place in Commercial Bowling league series 1940-41, held at Robinson’s Hostelty Donovan’s.
November 6, 1941 Major General Victor W. Ollum, appointed Canadian High Commissioner to Australia. Annual meeting Sergeant’s Mess at G.W.V.A. rooms. Hon. P.H.D. Dunn, Commissioner for Natural Resources, spoke to Rotary Club, subject “What of the Future.” Entertainment by pupils of Model School in conjunction with Book Week.
November 7, 1941 Swedish freighter “Gudmundria”, Capt. H. Hanson, ran ashore near Little Miquelon, total wreck. Crew saved.
November 8, 1941 Staff of Robinson & Co., Ltd., guests of management at dinner tendered at Jack Robinson’s Hostelry, Donovan’s. Hon. Sir John Puddester, Commissioner for Public Health and Welfare, returns from Ottawa after conference with Canadian Cabinet Ministers. Fire at Connor’s Drug Store caused much damage.
November 9, 1941 Sealing steamer “Ungava” of St. John’s, Newfoundland, ran ashore off Pasque Isle, Vineyard Sound. Armistice Day service at Wesley Church, under direction of Men’s Service Club. Motor vessel “Betoine” Capt. Pelley, foundered while on route from Barbados to Newfoundland with cargo molasses. Crew saved.
November 10, 1941 Fifth annual Agricultural Exhibition at Eastport.
November 11, 1941 "Remembrance Day ceremonies at War Memorial. Armistice Banquet at Newfoundland Hotel under auspices Great War Veterans Association. People of St. Francis Parish held successful Bazaar. Victory Bowling League held social evening at Holy Name Auditorium. Mine Worker’s Union, Bell Island, held parade and laid wreath on War Memorial."
November 12, 1941 Hon. Arthur Meigen accepts leadership Canadian Conservatives, in succession to Hon. R.B. Hanson. Annual Dinner Canadian Club at Newfoundland Hotel. Hon. C.J. Burchell, K.C., Canadian High Commissioner to Newfoundland, special speaker. Amateur contest under direction of Mr. Al Vardy for members of the forces, held at Terra Nova Club.
November 13, 1941 Drs. E. P. Morres and J.B. Murphy, arrive by express from Boston where they were both invested with degree of Fellows of the American College of Surgeons. Dance for members of forces at Caribou Club, under direction of Ladies’ Auxiliary of Newfoundland St. Andrew’s Society. Labor troubles spread in the United States. 900,000 railway men reject board terms. Mr. J.R. Smallwood addressed MacDonald Fellowship Club at weekly meeting, subject “People”.
November 14, 1941 Rev. D.K. Burns addressed Rotary Club on “Our World Tomorrow.” Superior Council C.E.W.A. meets at Carbonear. Meeting of Central Advisory Committee on Education held at Mt. Allison University, Sackville, attended by Dr. A.C. Hunter, President Memorial University College, City. Mr. L.W. Shaw, Secretary for Education, and Dr. H. Pottle, Department of Education.
November 16, 1941 Commission of Government announces personnel of Trades Dispute Board, Sir Lionel Warner, Kt. C.B.E., Judge J.J Ryan and Albert J. Walsh K.C.
November 17, 1941 Winter makes first appearance in City. Seaman Patrick Joyce of Royal Navy, and Sergt. Robert Owen Newbury, R.A.F.
November 18, 1941 Meeting of Citizens Committee held at Board of Trade Rooms. Dr. L. Miller addresses gathering subject “ Public heath in St. John’s.” Fire in store of E.W. Gaze Ltd., causes much damage.
November 19, 1941 Victor H. Krans of Astoria, Queens, former employee, sues Argentia Base Contractor for $50,000, charging unsanitary living conditions. Annual sale of work St. Patrick’s Parish. Shop and Office Employees Association reported a “Trade Dispute” to Hon. Sir Winfired Woods, Commissioner for Public Utilities. Ladies College Aid Society Annual Sale at Pitts Memorial Hall. Fort Pepperell Post No. 9 the American Legion St. John’s, held first dinner-dance at Newfoundland Hotel to celebrate Thanksgiving.
November 20, 1941 Rotary Club celebrates 20th birthday, by holding “ladies’ Day”. Annual meeting St. John’s Senior Hockey league at Crosbie Hotel.
November 21, 1941 Col. Will H. Franklin, C.M.G., C.B.E., D.S.O., who commanded first Newfoundland Regiment at Pleasantville, died at Nairobi, South Africa. Canada opened battle with inflation. Established price control.
November 24, 1941 Robert Leuthwaite, of Canadian War Service, Halifax, appointed Business Manager of New Y.M.C.A. Hostel in St. John’s. First Company of U.S. Troops stationed in St. John’s, move from Camp Alexander to new barracks at Fort Pepperell. 28th Annual Convention of F.P.U. opened at Port Union. Annual conference West Coast Co-operative Council at Corner Brook.
November 25, 1941 Ceremony of Investiture by His Excellency the Governor, at Government House, Sir Vincent St. John’s received Knighthood, Insignia of Commander of British Empire, Dr. Harris M. Mosdell Insignia of Officer of British Empire, given to lady Horwood, Insignia of Member British Empire to Mr. Thomas S. Devine.
November 26, 1941 Fieldians Ladies Association Sale of Work and Card Party. Lodge Tasker No. 454 S.C.A.F. and A.M. celebrated 75th anniversary. Men of Newfoundland Fluorspar Co. of St. Lawrence, go on strike. Annual Benefit Performance for Jubilee Guilds of Newfoundland, at Capitol Theatre. Rt. Hon. Ernest Lapointe, Canada Minister of Justice, passed away at Montreal.
November 27, 1941 Mr. John Crosbie, President of local branch Kinsmen’s Club, spoke to members of Rotary on subject “Milk for the Children of Britain”. “Milk for Britain” Campaign opened. Kinsmen’s Club started fund with donation of $500.00.
November 28, 1941 Annual memorial Service for deceased Knights of Columbus held at Club. Trappers, Eric Rhymes, and Frank Bennett Jr., discovered plane named “Baby Clipper” North of Grand River, but no sign of flier Smith, who was flying from United States to England in 1939, and was forced down by ice storm. An Arena, city chief winter sports centre, and Curling rink, destroyed by fire. Loss estimated at over $100,000. Annual Ball, St. Andrew’s Society held at Newfoundland Hotel.
November 29, 1941 Hon. L.E. Emerson K.C., Commissioner for Justice and Defense, returned from tour of inspection of Home Guards and Military Units at Grand Falls, Botwood, Corner Brook, and Stephenville.
November 30, 1941 Opening session Patrician Association. Judge Higgins presides. Rev. Fr. Savin guest speaker. Subject “Under Nazi Rule.”

December 1, 1941 Annual sale of work of pupils and ex-pupils of Academy Our Lady of Mercy. C.N.R. refused to accept freight for Newfoundland, as all sidings from Truro to North Sydney are blocked with freight for here.
December 2, 1941 Dance at Columbus Hall concludes sale of Academy of Our Lady of Mercy. Santa Clause Day for staff and pupils of Bishop Spencer College. Recital by Mrs. H.A. Messacar, L.C.C.M. soprano, Miss Merica V.. Tibbs, L.R.C.M., L.R.A.M., violinist, Mr. Stuart Godfrey, sponsored by Canadian Club of St. John ‘s, for Toc H given at Pitts Memorial Hall. Installation Office Bearers Lodge St. Andrew at Masonic Temple. Advisory Board of Food Control dissolved, and members of Commission Government substituted. Annual meeting Newfoundland Fire Patrol. Mr. L.R. Cooper retired from secretaryship after thirty years of service.
December 3, 1941 St. Mary’s Fall Fair opened by Lady Walwyn. “Ladies Night” with Kirk Service Club.
December 4, 1941 Premier Oatullo of British Columbia, announced resignation. Plans for proposed road from Fort Pepperrell to North Battery, submitted to City Council. Service in memory of late Grand Master Bro. W. H Cave, held by Leeming Lodge L.O.L. Photo unveiled. Truck owned by Newfoundland Base Contractors skidded on New Gower Street and mounted sidewalk, injuring Archibald Petten and James Jeans, and seriously injured George White, on Bond Street, who were walking on the sidewalk.
December 5, 1941 Sixteen candidates nominated for Municipal honors. Two for office of Mayor and 14 for that council. District Grand Lodge A.F. and A.M. presented Mr. William N. Gray, with silver salver in appreciation of his 25 years of service to Grand Lodge and the craft. St. John’s Lodge made presentation to Secretary Albert G. Miles, who has been transferred to Montreal.
December 6, 1941 Mr. Percy Harmont, President of Imperial Optical Co., of Toronto, tendered dinner at Newfoundland Hotel, in honor of Mr. Ernest Merrett, Manager of local branch, who has completed 25 years of service.
December 7, 1941 Annual meeting Juvenile T.A. and B. society.
December 8, 1941 Annual meeting Girl Guide Association at Government House.
December 9, 1941 Second annual meeting Women’s Patrictia Association. Carpenters Protective Union held meeting at Pitts Memorial Hall, and reject offer of new wages scale.
December 10, 1941 Grace Hospital annual sale of work. Mr. D.S.L. Paterson, retiring Manager of Imperial Oil Ltd., given luncheon and presentation by his friends at Newfoundland Hotel.
December 11, 1941 Fort Pepperrell Post 9 American Legion, forms Home Defense force. 600 present volunteered service.
December 12, 1941 Special meeting of S.P.A. at City Council Chamber. Mr. J.R. Smallwood addresses Rotary Club on “How Newfoundland Became Settled.”
December 13, 1941 Meeting of Executive of Nfld Teachers’ Association at Memorial University College, asks for increase in salary of 30 per cent. Annual meeting Holy Cross Literary Association.
December 15, 1941 Polling Day Municipal Election. Mayor Carnell returned for third term, with majority of 1885 votes over opponent. Premier King announced appointment of Mr. Humphrey Mitchell as Minister of Labor, and transfer of Hon. Mr. McLarty as Secretary of State in Canadian Cabinet.
December 16, 1941 New K of C Hostel and Recreational Center, Harvey Road, Blessed and dedicated by resident Chaplain Rev. FR. Hugh MacDonald R.C.N. Fire destroyed Men’s Residence Mt. Allison University, Sackville N.B. Two bodies recovered, one missing, ten taken to Hospital.
December 17, 1941 Poll declared in Municipal Election. New Council; Mayor A.G. Carnell , C.B.E., Councilors; Eric Cook, Edward Lawrence, O.L. Vardy, J.J. Spratt, John P Kelly and JT. Meaney. Pupils of Model School entertained 300 members of the fighting forces at Caribou Hut.
December 18, 1941 Speech Day Bishop Feild College.
December 19, 1941 “Salute to Newfoundland” broadcasted over American radio station, clearly heard here. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Adey of LeMarchant Road, celebrated Silver Jubilee of wedding day at Guard Club Room. 1200 underprivileged children, given Christmas party by employees of the United States Newfoundland Base Command, and also of the Engineers, at York Theatre. Trade Dispute Board set up by Commissioner for Public Utilities.
December 20, 1941 New Y.M.C. Center Water Street West, opened its doors to men of the service.
December 21, 1941 Mr. P.K Devine addresses Holy Cross L.A. on “Old Time Christmas Customs in Newfoundland”.
December 22, 1941 Annual “Speech Day” Bishop Spencer College.
December 23, 1941 Annual Christmas closing St. Thomas’s School.
December 24, 1941 Royal Navy Carol Singers make tour of Residential district, and as result of their efforts, $65.00 was handed to General Hospital. Salvation Army gives Christmas dinners to city poor. Lady Walwyn, Mayor Carnell and Mr. C.E. Hunt present at distribution. Mr. Charles Hutton O.B.E.,N.S.G., Celebrated sixtieth anniversary of his work as Organist of Roman Catholic Cathedral. Christmas Message broadcast by His Holiness Pope Pius XII from Vatican City. Mr. Percey H. Mores, Chief of Police, Fort Pepperrell, given address and presentation by men under his command.
December 25, 1941 Christmas message broadcast to Empire by His Majesty King George VI. Christmas Day marked by ideal weather conditions. Members of Constabulary and Firemen, give annual Christmas dinner to 1,000 city children. Imperial Café, Water Street East, completely wrecked by large body of Naval men. Parents of Royal Canadian Naval Hospital had merry Christmas, with Christmas dinner and concert at night. Mr. P.J. Neville, Superintendent of Streets Department, given presentation by members of staff.
December 26, 1941 Wesley Men’s Service Club held Christmas concert in Lecture Hall.
December 27, 1941 Major -General I.F. Page D.S.O. New Commander of Canadian Army Troops in Newfoundland, arrived in the city.
December 29, 1941 Lieut. John Creighton, R.N. registered missing.
December 31, 1941 Rev. Thomas Liddy of Windsor, Vermont U.S.A , formerly of Newfoundland, celebrates silver jubilee of his ordination to the Priesthood.

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