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Year End Review  - 1911

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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


January 01, 1911 Premier leaves for Washington,

Reception at Government House.

L.O.A., N.B.S. and T.A. & B. Society parade.

January 02, 1911 Edward F Mylius arrested for slandering the King.
January 03, 1911 James J Kielly died, age 56.

Explosion at Sydney Mines, 6 Newfoundlanders killed.

Golden Jubilee of Rev. Mother O’Dowd.

Wilding Cole – Harvey wedding.

January 04, 1911 C.E.T.S. At Home.

J. Fox elected Rhodes Scholar.

Medical Society issue new scale of fear.

January 05, 1911 Premier at Boston.

W.S. Bendell died, age 54.

January 07, 1911 Capt. Henry Thomey died at Harbor Grace, age 91.
January 08, 1911 Star of the Sea Parade.
January 09, 1911 Fishery Conference at Washington.

L.S.P.U. Hall opened.

January 10, 1911 Annual meeting St. Andrew’s Church.
January 11, 1911 Dinner in honor of the Outerbridge — Shea wedding.
January 13, 1911 Thomas Cullen, Henry Street, died aged 65.
January 14, 1911 Annual meeting St. John’s Agricultural Society.
January 15, 1911 John Cook, J.P., Hearts Content, died.
January 16, 1911 Annual meeting Board of Trade, Hon. W.C. Job elected President.
January 17, 1911 Annual meeting Nail Factory.
January 18, 1911 Annual meeting Pharmaceutical Society.
January 19, 1911 Premier returns from Washington.
January 20, 1911 Dr. LeDrew’s residence, Twillingate, destroyed by fire.

J.E. Rendell died at Montreal.

Mt. Cashel Concert.

Two boys smothered in snow storm near Fogo.

January 21, 1911 Typhus Fever outbreak.
January 22, 1911 Dennis Shea, Hr. Grace, died age 92.
January 24, 1911 Harkins Company at T.A. Hall.
January 26, 1911 Mullins Murder Case re-opened at Boston.
January 27, 1911 Annual meeting St. Bon’s L.A.

Sir Charles Dike died, age 68.

Leeming Lodge, L.O.A. Dinner.

Annual meeting City Club, Hon. R. Watron elected President.

January 29, 1911 Death Miss Knowling.
January 30, 1911 Oppelt defeats Olsen.
January 31, 1911 Annual meeting District Grand Lodge A.F. and A.M., R.E.

February 01, 1911 Myillus tried and sentenced to 12 month imprisonment.
February 02, 1911 Congregational sociable.

Annual meeting Poultry Association.

J M Munro died, age 30.

Regulus Golden Arrow Fund closed.

February 03, 1911 Fire at Rope Walk.

Steamship Home beached at Rushoon.

Knights of Columbus Installation.

February 06, 1911 Imperial Parliament opened
February 07, 1911 Dickens Centenary.
February 08, 1911 Legislature opened.
February 09, 1911 Dunlop convicted for shooting Dr. Pritchard.
February 10, 1911 Lord Charles Beresford retires from active service.

Death of Rev. John C Sidney in British Columbia.

February 11, 1911 Harkins season closes.
February 12, 1911 Cold Storage Resolution introduced.
February 14, 1911 Annual session L.O.A. Royal Black at Botwood.
February 15, 1911 Annual session Grand Lodge, L.O.A. opens at Botwood.
February 16, 1911 Annual meeting Tasker Lodge, A.F. & A.M.
February 17, 1911 105th Anniversary of B.I.S.
February 20, 1911 Rev. Mother Patrick Maher died at Placentia.
February 21, 1911 Veto Bill introduced by Premier Asquith.

King George holds his first levee.

Dunlop appeal rejected.

February 22, 1911 Vito Bill passed first reading.

Death of Alexander F Sherran, age 78.

February 23, 1911 McRae — Noel wedding at Harbor Grace.
February 24, 1911 C.E.I. Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting District Masonic Grand Lodger, R.S.

February 25, 1911 Sudden death at St. John’s of Mailman McNeil, of Carbonear.

Jesse Parsons, Divinity student of Newtown, B.B., drowned at Durham, England.

February 26, 1911 Death of Lord Wolverhampton the first Methodist Peer.
February 27, 1911 Death of C.W.H. Tessier at Rochester, Minn.
February 28, 1911 Harris — Burnhan wedding.

Big fire at Norris Arm

Mullins murder re-trial refused at Boston.

March 01, 1911 Admiral Curson Howe died.

Death of Capt. J Macdonald, age 65.

March 02, 1911 Death of Miss Mary Edens at Luxemburg, Germany.
March 03, 1911 2nd Anniversary of Sir Edward Morris call to Premiership.

84TH Anniversary Mechanics Society.

March 04, 1911 Death of Rev. Canon Dunfield.

Death of J J Pittman, Barrister.

March 07, 1911 Fire at Frew’s Dry Goods.

Sealers meeting at T.A. Hall.

March 09, 1911 Swastika Hockey Team in the City.
March 10, 1911 Death of E.H. Davey, M.H.A. Assembly closes as a tribute to his memory.
March 11, 1911 Capt. Jacobs fatally injured, age 60.
March 13, 1911 Swastika dined.
March 14, 1911 Sir Edward Morris introduces Old Age Pensions resolutions.

Tasker Lecture at Masonic Temple by Mr. W.J Edgar.

March 15, 1911 Sunday School Convention at Brigus.
March 16, 1911 First Marconigram received from sealing fleet.

Death of Mrs. C.R. Ayre. Age 90.

March 17, 1911 Annual Sociable Leeming Lodge, L.O.A.

Tasker Celebration.

B.I.S. Parade.

March 18, 1911 Death of Alex D Frazer at Sydney, age 37.
March 19, 1911 Death of Rev. Mother Joseph Theresa Halpin of Presentation Order.
March 21, 1911 Budget Speech by Hon. M.P. Cashin.
March 22, 1911 Annual meeting Bible Society.

Monster early closing of saloons petition introduced.

March 23, 1911 At Home at Government House.

Death of John (Jack) Martin, age 93.

March 24, 1911 Wreck of S.S. Bruce at Main a Dieu.
March 27, 1911 Early Closing Bill passed Assembly.

Charles D Sheldon “get rich quick” Financier, arrested at Pittsburg.

March 28, 1911 First Arrival from seal fishery, S.S. Bonaventure, with 26,290.

Early Closing Bill passes Legislative Council.

March 29, 1911 Legislature prorogued.

April 01, 1911 University boat Race Oxford winning.
April 02, 1911 J.T. Phalan died.
April 03, 1911 Premier at Grand Bank.
April 04, 1911 William Camp, Pushthrough, died age 48.
April 06, 1911 C.L.B. Annual indoor sports.
April 07, 1911 S.S. Harlaw lost.

Peter Matthew, J. P. of New Perlican, died.

April 09, 1911 Vincent Murphy, age 9, drowned near the Battery.

Beothic arrives with 35,767.

April 11, 1911 Newfoundland arrives with 11,122.

Bloodhound arrives at Hr. Grace with 23,810.

Southern Cross arrives, 13,531.

April 12, 1911 Viking arrives with 18,052.

Florizel arrives with 28,129.

Adventure arrives with 30,518.

April 14, 1911 Crew of wrecked Harlaw arrived.
April 15, 1911 Erection of building for smallpox observation commenced.

Labrador arrives with 12,147.

April 18, 1911 St. Thomas’s Easter meeting.
April 19, 1911 T.A. Club annual dinner.

Highlander Ball.

Bellventure arrives with 23,802.

Boston Marathon, Bob Fowler came fourth.

April 20, 1911 Death of John Strathie at Whitebourne, age 83.
April 21, 1911 Annual Highlander’s At Home.

Levi Thorne killed at Burin.

April 22, 1911 Aurora arrives with 8,984.

Neptune arrives with 8,710.

Algerine arrives with 4,435.

April 23, 1911 Rev. G. Ross Godden inducted as Rector of St. Thomas’s.
April 24, 1911 Patriotic concert at B.F.C. Hall.
April 25, 1911 Annual meeting Cochrane Athletic Association.
April 26, 1911 Installation Shannon Chapter A.F. & A.M.

H.V. Tuff’s farewell concert.

Annual Bonspiel dinner.

April 28, 1911 C.F.S. Annual Festival.

Premier and Lady Morris leave for England.

May 01, 1911 Olsen – Nedoff wrestling match.

B.I.S. Billiard Dinner

S.S. Egal arrives with 6,836.

May 02, 1911 Veto Bill passed committee stage in the House of Commons.

Ranger arrives with 14,332.

May 03, 1911 Diana arrived with 14,332.

Erik arrived with 17,200.

May 04, 1911 A.P.C. Meeting in British Hall. Governor presides.

Feild-Spencer annual meeting.

May 05, 1911 Lionel J Benning died age 36.

Kite brings the key of the Seal fishery with 3,579.

May 06, 1911 First anniversary of King Edward’s death.

Court mourning ended for King Edward’s death.

Prowse’s Folly burnt to the ground.

May 08, 1911 Judgement for Government in Commercial Cable Company Cases.
May 09, 1911 School of Art Exhibition opens.

At Home at Government House.

First sod turned on Trepassey Branch.

May 11, 1911 Rev. H.C. Hatcher, B.D., died at Catalina.

Rev. M.F. Power nominated Bishop of St. George’s.

May 12, 1911 Festival of Empire opened.
May 14, 1911 Engineer James Gellatley died.

Emperor and Empress of Germany visit England.

May 15, 1911 Clean up Day in the City

Schooner Minerva turns turtle off Torbay Head.

May 16, 1911 Queen Victoria Memorial unveiled in London.
May 18, 1911 S.S. Aurora sold.
May 22, 1911 Imperial Conference opens.

Reid Company purchases S.S. Solway.

King entertains Colonial Premiers at Buckingham Palace.

May 23, 1911 Annual meeting Game Fish Protection Society.
May 24, 1911 Rev. Bro. Byrne of St. Bon’s dies.

Feildian annual dinner.

Daily Mail Empire Day Shoot.

May 25, 1911 Death of five Nfld fishermen on Banks, reported.

Robert Walsh killed at Fermeuse through bursting of canon.

Bishop Jones returns from Bermuda.

Death of Mrs. Bishop, wife of the Hon. R.K. Bishop.

May 28, 1911 President Diaz resigns.
May 29, 1911 Olsen–Berry wrestling match.
May 30, 1911 Sir W.S. Gilbert drowned.
May 31, 1911 Death of W.G. Pippy.

June 02, 1911 Fatal landslide, Cape Cove, P.B., one man killed.
June 03, 1911 The King’s birthday.

Death of Absalom Driscoll, aged 81.

Official Dinner and At Home at Government House.

June 06, 1911 Moroccan situation grows acute.
June 07, 1911 Great earthquake in Mexico City.
June 09, 1911 Annual meeting Cowan Mission.
June 10, 1911 President W.D. Reid returns after 5 months absence.
June 11, 1911 Carrie Nation died.
June 12, 1911 Oxford University confers D.C.L. Degree on Premier Morris.
June 14, 1911 Bishop Jones lays corner stone at St. Mary’s Church.
June 15, 1911 Beothic brings first news from Labrador.
June 16, 1911 Death of the Rev. Father Roe at Harbor Main.
June 17, 1911 Avondale Church destroyed by lighting.
June 19, 1911 Sir E.P. Morris appointed Privy Councillor.

Lieut. Col. Pitts, C.M.G., resigns from Methodist Guards.

Death of Head Const. Peter McBay, aged 88.

June 20, 1911 Imperial Conference closed.
June 22, 1911 Coronation Day.

Gower St. Flag unfurled.

State service at Church of England.

United Methodist service at Gower.

Levee, At Home, and State Dinner at Government House.

Foundation stone Seamen’s Home, laid by King.

June 23, 1911 Foundation stone of Nurses Home laid.

Parade of Naval men and Brigades.

Brigades Sports.

Rink concert.

Royal progress through London.

June 24, 1911 Review of the fleet at Splithead.

Children’s Coronation Festival.

Rev. F.W. Colley and G.H. Bolt appointed Canons.

June 25, 1911 Rev. John Reay lectures on “Forty years in Newfoundland”.

Installation Avalon Lodge.

Amos Moore dies, aged 55.

June 27, 1911 Methodist Conference Ministerial Session opens.

Mr. Allan’s annual Concert.

June 28, 1911 Methodist Conference joint session opens.

Big fire at Musgrave Harbor.

Governor and Lady Williams leave for England.

Rev. A.A. Holmes elected President Methodist Conference.

James P Bradbury died, age 75.

W. Duff wins 20 mile walking race.

June 29, 1911 Motor Cycle annual dinner at Topsail. Sir William Horwood Administrator.
June 30, 1911 Children Festival Crystal Palace.

July 02, 1911 Rev. Dr. Moore at Gower St.

Steamship Solway arrives from London.

July 03, 1911 Germany sends gunboat to Agadir.

Teachers Convention.

I.O.G.T. Grand Lodge Annual Meeting.

July 05, 1911 Littledale Garden Party.

Labour Day.

July 07, 1911 R.R. Wood, B.A., elected President of N.T.A.
July 09, 1911 Naval Reservists return from Coronation.

Canons Coley and Bolt installed.

July 10, 1911 King George and Queen Mary in Dublin.

McCarthy – Howley wedding.

July 12, 1911 Birchby — Pinsent wedding.

Corner stone of New School at New Perlican laid by Sir William Horwood.

July 13, 1911 Fire in the Evening Herald office.

Prince of Wales invested at Carnarvon.

July 14, 1911 St Bonaventure’s Day.
July 16, 1911 Rev. Dr. Cowperthwaite completes a half century of active work.
July 17, 1911 P.J.O’Reilly of Placentia died at Saranac Lake.
July 18, 1911 Centennial of Bowing Bros. Limited.

Marshall — Robertson Wedding.

Annual meeting Colonial Cordage Co.

July 19, 1911 St. Andrew’s Garden Party.
July 20, 1911 Rev. Dr. Rogers assumes Pastorship of Gower St.

White — McDougall wedding.

July 21, 1911 His Excellency Msgr. Stagni, Papal Delegate, arrives.

S.S. Amethyst in Trepassey Bay.

Lloyd George famous war speech.

Anglo-German relations greatly strained.

July 22, 1911 Premier returns from Coronation.
July 24, 1911 Reception by Papal Delegate.

Rev. Dr. Rogers welcomed by Epworth Leaguers.

Presentation to Bishop Power.

Marshall outing to employees.

Bedlam at Westminster.

July 25, 1911 Consecration of Bishop Power.
July 26, 1911 Mt. Cashel Garden Party.
July 27, 1911 Atlay – O’Dwyer wedding.

Apostolic Delegate at Hr. Grace.

July 30, 1911 Dominion Parliament dissolves.

Papal Delegate leaves.

August 01, 1911 Cruiser Niobe wrecked at Clarke’s Harbor.
August 02, 1911 Regatta Day..

Dock Laborers strike, Britain.

August 03, 1911 Anglo American Treaty signed.
August 04, 1911 Jacob Tucker. Broad Cove, died age 74.
August 06, 1911 Annual meeting St. Bon’s Old Boys.
August 08, 1911 Mrs. Pinsent returns to Mission Work in Japan.
August 09, 1911 City Hall opened by Administrator Horwood..

Big fire at Botwood..

Methodist Guards at Carbonear.

August 10, 1911 Murphy – Berteau wedding..

Veto Bill passes House of Commons.

August 13, 1911 Rt. Rev. Msgr. Brown died aged 64.
August 15, 1911 Capt. James Murphy of Placentia dies..

Serious strike situation at Liverpool..

Cabman’s fares agitation..

Argentia Garden Party.

August 16, 1911 Cottage Hospital for Consumptive opened.

Eleven year old boy killed on train at Harbor Grace.

August 17, 1911 Sudden death of P.R. Bowers, aged 67.

Death of A.C. Skiffington at Tickle Cove.

August 18, 1911 Big railway strike in England.
August 19, 1911 Bell Island Regatta..

Premier leaves for Burin.

August 20, 1911 Big railway strike settled.

Rev. Dr. Pringle at the Kirk.

August 25, 1911 William Daymond died, aged 89.
August 26, 1911 Button — Thistle wedding at Little Bay Island.
August 27, 1911 T. J. Green died.

Alexander A Lush died, aged 47.

August 31, 1911 C.H.E. Results arrive.

September 01, 1911 Death of Edward McHale.

Arrival of Signor Marconi, Hon. Mrs. Marconi and suite.

September 02, 1911 First locally built engine made trial run.
September 04, 1911 Young Olsen wins the belt from Anderson.

Death of Justinian Dowell J.P., at Change Islands.

September 05, 1911 First Trans-Atlantic wireless of any length, received by Premier at Fort Amherst.
September 06, 1911 Garden Party at Torbay.

Northcliffe Masonic Lodge opened at Grand Falls.

British Society Variety Sale.

September 07, 1911 The Marconi party returned to England.

First cargo of Labrador lumber received.

Barque Cordelia sold.

September 10, 1911 Methodist Guards Anniversary Parade.
September 11, 1911 Chinese rebellion commences.
September 13, 1911 Garden Party at Holyrood.

First through passenger car arrives at Bonavista.

September 14, 1911 Methodist Guard’s Anniversary celebration.

Cable Company merger effected.

Burin District S.S. Convention at Fortune.

September 15, 1911 Nomination Day in Canada.
September 18, 1911 Botwood Masonic Lodge consecrated.

House Conference.

Premier Stolypin dies from wound inflicted by assassin.

September 20, 1911 Partridge season opened.

Blennial Avalon Deanery S.S. Board.

Anna Parnell. sister of the great Irish Leader, drowned.

September 21, 1911 Canadian elections, Laurier Government defeated.

Death of Arabi Pasha, aged 72.

Lady Napler abandoned at sea.

September 25, 1911 The Liberte disaster at Toulon.

Italy presents ultimatum to Turkey.

September 26, 1911 T.W. Gale died, aged 64.
September 27, 1911 St. Bon’s L.A. Variety Sale.
September 28, 1911 Collegian Old Boys Dinner.

Presentation to W.J. Higgins from Football league.

September 29, 1911 W.M.S. Annual convention.

Italy declares war against Turkey.

September 30, 1911 Major — Templeton wedding.

Austin Ga., Dam burst, hundreds killed.

October 01, 1911 Portugal Cove Sunday.

Death of Thomas Hayes, Furrier, aged 87.

William Howlett killed at Petty Harbor.

October 02, 1911 Edward Gaul died, 84.

Death of Robert Wright, Sr., 62.

Johnson — Wells fight abandoned.

October 05, 1911 Annual meeting C.L.B.

Samuel Small of Moreton’s Harbor died, age 82.

October 06, 1911 John Maddigan, aged 14, accidently killed at Bowring’s Bakery.
October 07, 1911 Hon. R.L. Bordon becomes Premier of Canada.

Death of Sir James Winter, K.C. M.G., aged 66.

The Premier in Fortune Bay.

Job Brother’s and Co.’s Netherton launched at Hotterdam.

October 09, 1911 Death of Alexander J.W. McNeily, K.C., aged 66.

Municipal Council adopt schedule for cab fares.

October 10, 1911 Bordon Cabinet announced.

Father Matthew celebration, 121st anniverary.

October 11, 1911 Burin exhibition opened by the Premier.
October 12, 1911 Amanda Howell reaches Hospital after eleven days and nights spent in the woods, living on roots and berries. Life saved, but both legs amputated.
October 13, 1911 Duke and Duchess of Connaught arrive at Quebec.
October 14, 1911 State funeral for Sir James Winter.
October 15, 1911 Prince Ghika of Roumania arrives in Newfoundland.

Ordination at St. Thomas.

October 19, 1911 Premier opens Agricultural Exhibition at St. George’s.

W.C. Hawker, J.P., died at Carbonear aged 80.

October 20, 1911 S.S. Erik returns from Hudson Bay.
October 21, 1911 Annual meeting Daughters of Empire.
October 23, 1911 First sleeping car built in Newfoundland, makes trial trip.

Hon. D.J. Green elected President of the Law Society.

Licensing Board meets.

Klark-Urban season opens in T.A. Hall.

October 24, 1911 Imperial Cabinet reconstructed.

Churchill becomes First Lord Admiralty.

October 25, 1911 Annual meeting W.C.T.U.

Patrick Murray died at Winsor Lake, aged 77.

Carbonear Agricultural Exhibition.

October 26, 1911 Chamberlain — Rankin wedding.
October 31, 1911 Governor and Lady Williams returns from England.

Agricultural Exhibition at Harbor Grace opened.

November 01, 1911 Annual Torbay celebration.
November 03, 1911 Moroccan dispute settled.
November 04, 1911 S.S. Clyde strands at Little Bay.
November 06, 1911 Russia presents ultimatum to Persia.
November 07, 1911 Fletcher — Kinsman wedding.

St, Mary’s Bazaar.

November 08, 1911 Resignation of Rt. Hon. A.J. Balfour.

Bonavista Branch Railway opened.

November 09, 1911 Cameron — Gould wedding at Carbonear.

Newfoundland Clothing Factory’s new building opened.

Death of Elijah Lanning at Leading Tickles, aged 62.

November 10, 1911 Methodist win inter-Col football championship.
November 11, 1911 Their Majesties start for the Dunbar.
November 12, 1911 Robert Green of Plaentia, died aged 83.

20th Anniversary C.L.B. commenced.

St. Mary’s Church extension opened.

November 13, 1911 Andrew Turner died, aged 72.

C.L.B. Torchlight procession.

Bonar Law elected Unionist Leader.

November 14, 1911 The Charlotte Butler seizure.
November 15, 1911 C.C.C. Sale of work.

Yuan Shi Kai accepts Premiership of China.

P.E.I. Government defeated.

November 16, 1911 At Home at Government House.
November 17, 1911 Niobe Court Martial sits at Halifax.
November 18, 1911 Crystal Palace bought by Earl Plymouth.

Longshoremen’s strike at Montreal closed.

60 mile-an-hour gale.

William Mosdell, Bay Roberts, died aged 89.

November 19, 1911 Riseover wrecked on Muddy Shag Rock.
November 20, 1911 Olsen defeats Anderson, retaining the belt.

Premier Borden announces repeal of Laurier Naval Plans.

Sudden death of J.W. Caldwell.

November 22, 1911 Suffragotte Battle at Westminister.

Snow blockade.

November 23, 1911 Congregational sale.
November 24, 1911 Oil Shale industry initiated

Iron Horse enters Ferryland for first time. 

November 25, 1911 Another Hurricane.
November 27, 1911 Death of Alexander Marshall, aged 76.

Colonel Rees fares well.

Thomas LeFeuvre elected M.H.A. by acclamation, for Burin.

November 28, 1911 Sir Edward Grey’s historic speech.
November 29, 1911 Admiral Bridgeman appointed First Sea Lord.
November 30, 1911 Highlanders dance.

Isaac Kessopp of St. Jacques, died suddenly, aged 45.

December 01, 1911 The McNamaras pleaded guilty to dynamiting Times Office at Los Angeles.

Insurance Bill passes House of Commons.

December 02, 1911 Trinity Enterprise re published.
December 04, 1911 Annual meeting Curling Association.

Royalty at Bombay.

December 05, 1911 Government decides to grapple with Tuberculosis problem.

The McNamaras sentenced; one to life imprisonment, the other to 15 years.

New P.E.I Cabinet announced.

December 06, 1911 Annual meeting Royal Oak lodge, L.O.A.

L.C.A.S. Sale of Work.

December 07, 1911 Cable rates reduced.

Sealing steamer Nascope launched at Newcastle on Tyne.

Annual meeting Leeming Lodge, L.O.A.

December 08, 1911 King and Queen arrive at Delhi.
December 09, 1911 Nicholas Wadden dies, aged 95.

S.S. Bruce launched at Glasgow.

December 10, 1911 Celebration of Methodist Centenary at Western Bay.

T.A. & B.S. Annual meeting.

December 11, 1911 Brigadier Morehen arrives.

Conservative Government re elected by large majority in Ontario.

December 12, 1911 Death of the Hon. D.J. Greene, aged 61.

Dudley Lodge, S.O.E. Annual meeting.

Naval Prize Bill rejected by the Lords.

The Durbar proper a spectacular success.

Delhi declared Capital of India instead of Calcutta.

Nina L lost in mid ocean.

December 13, 1911 St. Andrew’s Ladies annual sale.

Wreck of the Delhi with Princess Royal and family aboard.

December 14, 1911 State funeral for ex-premier Hon. D.J. Greene.
December 17, 1911 Imperial Parliament prorogued.

Lloyd George assaulted by male Suffragist.

Terra Nova sailed from Christ Church, N.Z., for South Pole.

December 18, 1911 Professor Landry of Nova Scotia lectures on poultry.
December 19, 1911 Michael J Cooney died, aged 81.
December 20, 1911 Trial trip of engine 112, Newfoundland’s second locally built engine. Pierson Curtis elected Rhodes Scholar.
December 21, 1911 Robert Wells dead, aged 74.

Postal Telegraphs announce Cable reductions.

Death of J L Murphy of Trepassey.

December 23, 1911 Teachers’ Contributory Pension Scheme announced.
December 25, 1911 Christmas Day.

Shuster, Persian Treasurer General, dismissed on demand of Russia.

December 26, 1911 Steamship Renwick lost off Green Island.
December 27, 1911 Installation at St. John’s Lodge, A.F. & A.M.
December 28, 1911 Mongolia declared a Kingdom.

Reid Nfld Co. absorbs Angel Engineering Supply Co. Ltd.

Wood — Henderson wedding.

December 30, 1911 Daily News issued from present offices for the last time. Removal to the News Building, Duckworth Street, commenced. OFFICES CLOSED TILL WEDNESDAY MORNING.

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