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Year End Review  - 1909

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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


January 01, 1909 C.L.B. Band Concert

British Orange and T.A. & B. Society parades.

Reception at Government House

January 03, 1909 Kirby — LeMessurier Wedding.
January 04, 1909 Local option Campaign opened at British Hall.

Fire at the Ropewalk, damage, $80,000.

Installation Avalon lodge, I.O.O.F.

Stephen Kean dies suddenly.

January 05, 1909 Installation S.U.F., Lodge, No. 5.
January 06, 1909 Carbonear Lodge, A.F. &. A.M. opened.

M.C.L. re-opened.

Star of the Sea Parade.

January 07, 1909 Election Petition filed in Harbor Main and Carbonear, Subsequently withdrawn.

Harbor Grace Masonic installation.

January 08, 1909 Smart — Widland wrestling match.
January 10, 1909 C.M.B.C. annual meeting.
January 11, 1909 Hockey season opened.

Littledale entertainment and tableaux.

January 12, 1909 C.L.B. dance, British Hall.

O’Dea — Coady wedding.

Rev. A.O Birchenough’s Lecture at Cochrane Street.

Parsons — Yates wedding.

January 13, 1909 S.S. Portia arrives with 2 small pox cases.

Leah Kleschna at the T.A. Hall.

January 14, 1909 Annual meeting Terra Nova Curling Club.

St. Andrew’s L.A. re-opens.

Shipwrights’ annual meeting.

Annual meeting Royal Scarlet Chapter.

Annual meeting District Grand Lodge, A.F. &. A.M., R.S.

January 15, 1909 Inspector I G Sullivan and Supt. Grimes gazetted.

Mr. Payne appointed Governor Saving Bank.

Annual meeting Curling Club.

Smart Oppelt Match.

January 16, 1909 T.C. Kennedy run down by catamaran and killed.

Slight fire at Mechanics Hall.

Centenary of death of Sir John Moore.

January 17, 1909 Hon. J.M. Kent leaves for Washington.

Schooner Swallow lost with all hands, off Long Island.

January 18, 1909 Klark Urban Company open.

British Society Annual meeting.

January 19, 1909 Board of Trade discussion at St. Andrew’s L.A.
January 20, 1909 C.E.T.S. Sale of Work

Prize giving at St. Thomas’s Sunday School.

January 21, 1909 Congregational Aid Sociable.

Crew of Lolita, lost in mid ocean Dec. 21st, arrive.

C.C.C. Armoury Sports.

January 22, 1909 Local Option Petition presented.
January 23, 1909 J C Strang dies, age 51.

Rev. Father Clarke takes action against Pain Dealer, for libel.

Mother L O’Donnell, Presentation Convent, dies.

January 25, 1909 Mr. Mawer’s recital St. Andrew’s.

Rev. G.J. Bond, B.A., lectures in College Hall.

St. Mary’s S.S. Prize giving.

January 26, 1909 Daily News announces agreement reached, with reference to case before Hague Tribunal.

Cathedral S.S. prize giving.

Annual meeting City Club.

January 27, 1909 St. Bon’s L.A. Ball.
January 29, 1909 Mount Cashel entertainment in British Hall.

Annual meeting District Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M.

Annual meeting Tasker Educational Committee.

S.S. Florizel arrives from Scotland.

January 30, 1909 Smoker at City Club.

Mr. John Baird died at Montreal, aged 72.

February 01, 1909 S.S. Bonaventure arrives from Glasgow.
February 03, 1909 Brigus Hocky Team vs. City.

Miss Hilda Jardine dies.

Alex Ewlng dies, aged 57.

Harbor Grace Fire Brigade Ball.

February 04, 1909 Methodist College Guild Sociable.

Annual meeting Historical Society.

Penney — Gould , Stentaford — Gould weddings.

Annual Sociable St. Thomas’s M.B.C.

February 06, 1909 “An Englishmen’s Home” takes England by storm.

Thunder and Lighting storm in Trinity Bay.

February 08, 1909 Annual meeting Albert Edward Branch, N.B.S.
February 09, 1909 Provincial Grand Orange Lodge opens at Bay Roberts.

King Edward VII visits Berlin.

February 10, 1909 Nind-LeMessurier marriage in England.

Judge Oke, Harbor Grace, appointed.

Hawkins — Lush wedding.

February 11, 1909 Pro—Saloon Meeting in British Hall.

C.M.B.C. Sociable.

February 12, 1909 Abraham Lincoln Centenary.

Presentation to Pres. Mullins of Bricklayers’ Union.

“Wee MacGregor” at St. Andrew’s Children hour.

February 14, 1909 Bishop Spencer Memorial Window unveiled in the Cathedral.
February 15, 1909 Fire at Capt. Scanlon’s, Dicks’ Square.
February 16, 1909 Mr. Anderson’s Annual concert in College Hall.

Imperial Parliament opens.

Pike vs. Evening Herald. Verdict for plaintiff - $100.00 and costs.

February 17, 1909 B.I.S. 103rd anniversary

S.S. Beothic reaches port from Glasgow.

February 18, 1909 Barqt. Lavina wrecked at Chance Cove.

M.G.B. concert.

February 19, 1909 Terms of Anglo-American Treaty announced.
February 20, 1909 Fatal accident at Ropewalk, James Whalen, killed.

Prospero crew released from quarantine.

Children Carnival, Prince Rink.

Capt. Fred White dies at Greenspond.

February 22, 1909 Mr. Dodds recital.

Municipal Council and Fire Underwriters meet.

Mrs. Azariah Dawe dies at Bay Roberts.

February 23, 1909 Daily News Italian Disaster Fund closed. Amount realized 41,147.00.
February 24, 1909 Premier Bond seeks a dissolution.

John Sharpe dies, aged 74.

February 26, 1909 C.E.I. annual meeting.

Sir Robert Bond resigns.

February 27, 1909 Local Option election.
February 28, 1909 Mrs. Virtue Spracklin dies at Whitbourne, aged 84.

March 01, 1909 Organ recital at George Street Church.

City Hocky team defeats Truro 12 to 2.

March 02, 1909 J.F. Collier dies, aged 26.

Robbery at Cochrane St. Church.

March 03, 1909 Sir Edward Morris becomes Premier.

Brig. Grace arrives, 91 days from Bristol.

New Ministry Gazetted.

Local Option Results announced, lost by 4,647 to 3,167.

Truro defeated by 4 to 1.

March 04, 1909 President Taft installed.

Truro team dined.

March 05, 1909 Sealers’ mass meeting in British Hall.
March 06, 1909 Two women and three men Baptized by immersion at Britannia Cove.

Truro team dined at Donovan’s.

March 07, 1909 Mrs John G Munn dies at Harbor Grace.
March 08, 1909 Rev. J Line lectures at Wesley.

Death of Hon. Captain Blandford, aged 68.

March 09, 1909 Highland Sports at Armoury.
March 10, 1909 Masonic club annual meeting.
March 11, 1909 Temple of Fame at College Hall.
March 13, 1909 Preliminary Meeting for formation of Board of Trade. Glouston’s tanned fish skin exhibited.
March 15, 1909 Mayor Gibbs lectures on Socialism.
March 17, 1909 St. Patrick’s Day. B.I.S. Parade.

Archbishop Howley denounces Fishermen’s Union.

Installation of Tasker Lodge, A.F. and A.M.

Tasker celebration.

Wesley church social.

March 19, 1909 John Grace killed by jumping from train near Colliers.
March 21, 1909 Reuben Sparkes dies, aged 65.

Mrs. Joseph O’Reilly dies.

Mrs. Bartlett, relict of late George Bartlett, dies, aged 85.

March 22, 1909 Shamrock Club annual meeting.
March 23, 1909 Congregational Sociable.
March 25, 1909 Crown Prince of Servia abdicates.

Dominion Steel and Coal quarrel settled.

Medical men meet A.P.C. executives.

March 26, 1909 Sir Ralph Williams appointed Governor of Newfoundland.

Teachers Association interviews the Premier.

Mr. W.G. Gosling lectures in Presbyterian Hall on American right to Newfoundland Waters.

March 28, 1909 Hon. J.A. Clift appointed Grand Master A.F. and A.M.
March 29, 1909 Tasker educational Lecture by J.W. McNeily, K.C.
March 30, 1909 S.S. Ulunda arrives with wrecked crew of Jessie L Smith.

Legislature opened but failed to elect Sspeaker.

Annual meeting of St. Andrew’s Club.

March 31, 1909 Feild–Spencer Association formed.

Annual meeting C.E. Men’s Society.

April 01, 1909 C.L.B. winter sports.
April 02, 1909 St. Bon’s Prize Debate.

Bible Society’s annual meeting.

Mantir and Delorey arrested in Cambridge for Mullins murder.

April 03, 1909 Oxford and Cambridge University boat race. Oxford wins.

Evening Telegram’s 30 Anniversary.

April 04, 1909 Harlaw arrives at Channel with 21 seals.
April 06, 1909 Archbishop Howley lectures on Rome.
April 07, 1909 M.C.L.I. annual meeting.

Rev. D.M. McRae at St. Andrew’s.

April 08, 1909 M.C.L.I. annual dinner.
April 09, 1909 Henry V Borne dies, age 79.
April 10, 1909 Virginia Lake Lost.

General Booth’s 80th birthday.

Legislature dissolved.

Florizel arrives, 30,488.

April 11, 1909 Bellaventure arrives, 26,758.

Beothic arrives, 34,837

Eagle arrives, 20,425.

Poet Swinburne dead, aged 72.

S.S. Vanguard lost.

April 12, 1909 Premier Morris issues his Manifesto.

“Liberty Hall” at T.A. Hall.

Bonaventure arrives with 31,188.

Baird, Gordon and Co. becomes James Baird, Ltd.

April 13, 1909 Curlers Dinner.

Viking arrives, with 19,145.

April 14, 1909 Highlanders Ball.

Pritchard – Smith wedding.

April 15, 1909 N.B.S. Annual soiree.

J Higgins selected as Rhodes’ Scholar.

April 16, 1909 John Boggan dead, aged 68.
April 17, 1909 Sir Robert Bond issues his manifesto.
April 19, 1909 Oppelt-Smart wrestling match. Oppelt the victor.
April 20, 1909 Algerine arrives with 9,023.

T.A. Billiard dinner.

April 21, 1909 Bloodhound arrives disabled with 10,167.

Diana arrives with 6,682.

C.L.B. Bazaar closes.

April 22, 1909 Annual meeting Game Fish Protection Society.

Criminal libel suit instituted against W.B. Grieve.

April 23, 1909 Premier institutes libel action against Telegram; damages $50,000.
April 26, 1909 J.F. Downey exposes the Crown-Confederation plot.
April 27, 1909 Rifle Club Annual dinner.

Adventurer arrives with 17,046.

Schooner Roanoke lost, near Fayal.

April 28, 1909 Nomination Day.

C.M.B.C. Conversazione.

Capt. Tizzard drowned.

April 29, 1909 Thompson — Chaplin wedding.

Booth — Crowdy Wedding.

Lloyd – George introduces the budget.

April 30, 1909 Bond meets a mis-adventure at Western Bay.

Heir born to Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands.

May 01, 1909 Terra Nova arrives with 15,468.
May 02, 1909 Neptune arrives with propellor gone and 4,721.

Newfoundland arrives with 1,192.

May 03, 1909 Mrs. Fox died, aged 78.

Aurora arrives with 12,826 seals, Ranger with 6,817, Eric with 9,213, and Kite with 2,278.

May 04, 1909 Sir Edward Morris at Carbonear.

Capt. George Soper died at Carbonear, aged 86.

Mrs. Wilkinson died, aged 89.

Southern Cross arrives, with 1,242.

May 05, 1909 Labrador arrives with 2,685.
May 06, 1909 Annual meeting Rifle Club.
May 08, 1909 Election Day. People party returned 26 to 10.

Sir Edward Morris 50th birthday.

Patrick Flynn, William Street, dies aged 74.

May 11, 1909 Iceland arrives with 7,108.
May 12, 1909 Sealing voyage wound up. Total catch, 289,337; value $458,020.45.
May 14, 1909 C.E.I.A.A. annual meeting.

Ennis and Stoppani indicated.

May 15, 1909 Proceedings in criminal libel suite withdrawn, defendant apologizing.
May 16, 1909 T.A. &. H. Society’s 50th anniversary.

Mr. W.J. Herder leaves to attend Imperial Press Congress.

Mrs. J.J. Vey died.

May 17, 1909 Hon. J.A. Clift installed as District Grand Master, A.F. and A.M.
May 18, 1909 P.W. Jordon dies.
May 19, 1909 Demonstration in honour of People Party.

Millionaire H.H. Rogers dies. Buchanan – Leonard marriage.

May 20, 1909 Annual meeting L.S.P.U.
May 23, 1909 Joint Parade of Brigades.

Baradine arrives with bow damaged, 18 days from Cadiz.

May 24, 1909 Empire Day.

C.E.I. Annual dinner.

Pansy Club Dance.

T.R. Charles died, aged 65.

Capt Wollard released.

May 25, 1909 Death of Mrs. W.B. West.

Souris Belle lost.

May 26, 1909 Miss Inkpen of Great Burin, presented with Humaue Certificate by Governor MacGregor.

King Edward wins the Derby with Minoru.

Timothy Wall dies, aged 76.

Milroy — Thorburn wedding at Halifax.

May 27, 1909 Schooner Electra, Capt. Cave. crushed in ice floes.

Mrs.William Finn, mother of Rev. W. Finn, P.P. died at Carbonear.

May 28, 1909 Case against Hon. J.C. Crosbie, in connection with Western Bay incident, dismissed.

Hon. P.H Roy, Pre. of the Banque St. John, sentenced for 5 years, for issuing false returns.

A.P.C. interview Government.

Committee of Diocesan Synod interview Government on educational matters.

Rev. Mother Germaine, of Carbonear Convent, died.

May 29, 1909 Mrs Michael Collins died.

Death of Miss I Peet.

First Inter- Collegiate Cricket match.

May 31, 1909 Legislature opens.

Francis Knight, H.M.C., died, aged 62.

W.R. Warren, M.H.A., elected Speaker.

June 01, 1909 Osmond — Collins wedding.

Public meeting A.P.C.

St. Thomas’s A. A. Formed.

June 02, 1909 John Donnelly H.M.C., Bell Island, died.
June 04, 1909 Capt. John, died.
June 06, 1909 McCarthy — Walsh wedding.

Schooner Geisha lost off Cape Spear.

June 07, 1909 Dr. Robertson lectures on “An English Home”.

League Football Season opens.

Telegram apologizes to Premier, withdrawing all imputations, Libel suit withdrawn.

June 08, 1909 Hon. M.P. Cashin first Budget Speech.
June 09, 1909 Feildian Club Dinner.

Limsden — James wedding.

Carter — Brownrigg Wedding.

King — Baggs Wedding at blackhead, B.D.V.

Mrs. (Dr.) Kendall died at Sydney.

June 10, 1909 Edward Everett Hale died at Boston.
June 11, 1909 Legislature Prorogued.
June 12, 1909 Lady MacGregor’s farewell “At Home.”
June 13, 1909 John Curran died, aged 80.

Corpus Christi Procession.

Const Coady died at Bay Bulls.

June 14, 1909 Mr. Dodd’s farewell recital.

Thomas Kearsey died, aged 66.

June 15, 1909 W.M.S. Convention opens.

Seamen’s Union formed.

June 16, 1909 Feildian Sports.

Owen Steel wins 20 mile walking match.

June 17, 1909 Trade Commissioner Grigg addresses Board of Trade.
June 18, 1909 Willa — Roberts Wedding.
June 20, 1909 O’Neil — Gibbs Wedding.

Callahan — Ryan Wedding.

S.S. Dromedary arrives, 9 days from Gflasgow.

June 21, 1909 Rev. H. Godfrey delivers Theological lecture.

Citizens farewell address presented to Governor MacGregor.

Walking match Dinner at Smithville.

June 22, 1909 Methodist conference opens.

Sir Edward Morris leaves for London to attend Imperial Defence Conference.

June 23, 1909 Governor and Lady MacGregor leave.
June 24, 1909 First Meeting of Regatta Committee.

Avalon lodge A.F. and A.M. installation.

St. Mary’s Jubilee Anniversary.

Connolly — Allan Wedding.

Hill — McDougall Wedding.

Patronal Festival at Anglican Cathedral.

June 26, 1909 King’s Birthday Celebrated.

I.S.O. conferred on Inspector O’Reilly.

Johnson Shield Competition, won by St. Bon’s.

June 27, 1909 Annual Procession at Littledale.
June 28, 1909 Officers Board of Trade elected.
June 29, 1909 Capt Delaney appointed Ship's Husband, Reid Nfld. Co.

Cochrane Street organ opened.

Macpherson — McNeilly wedding.

June 30, 1909 St. Bon’s Annual sports.

Littledale Prize giving.

Canning — Clatney Wedding.

Anderson — Knowling wedding at Heart’s Content.

July 01, 1909 McNamara — Kelly wedding.

Death of R.G. Gear, Engineer of Fiona, aged 58.

Sir Curson Wyllie assassinated in London.

July 02, 1909 Walter England died at Curling.

Three Outer Cove fishermen drowned.

Inter Brigade Shoot Dispute settled. Guards win.

Manager Templeton, Bank of Nova Scotia, held up at Rainy River.

July 03, 1909 Mr. St. George’s Musicale.

Trinity College music results announced.

Carson — Bradbury Wedding.

July 04, 1909 Hon. G.T. Rendell dies, aged 82.
July 05, 1909 Henley Regatta opens.

Annual meeting Newfoundland Teachers Association.

July 06, 1909 The big coal strike at Glace Bay commences.

Rev. Harry Royle and Miss Oldford married at Hant’s Harbor.

July 07, 1909 C.E.I. - C.L.B. Sports.

Rev. J.J. Durrant and Miss King married at Fortune.

July 08, 1909 Rev. R.J. Bennett lectures in British Hall.

Anniversary of the Great Fire of 1892.

Douglas Herder dies.

July 09, 1909 Annual meeting St. Bon’s Association.

Church Ship Lavrock, lost on West Coast.

Guards win Montgomery Cup.

July 12, 1909 C.C.C. Band tour commences.

Address and Presentation to Rev. A.O. Birchenough.

Commercial Cable Co. cable landed at Cuckold’s Cove.

July 14, 1909 Manuels Garden Party.

L.O.A. outing at Hopewell.

July 15, 1909 Tessier — Bursell Wedding.

Royal Store outing.

Goodridge — Jackman wedding at Tilt Cove.

July 18, 1909 Clergy’s retreat at St. Bonaventure’s.

Annual Requiem Mass at Mount Carmel.

Rev. Fr. O’Donovan, S.J., at the Cathedral.

July 19, 1909 Golden wedding of Judge and Mrs. Prowse.
July 20, 1909 Bryce — Woods wedding.

Dowden — Payne wedding.

Furlong — Healey wedding.

Death of J J Flannery, Clerk of the Peace.

Labrador Court re-established.

July 21, 1909 Inter-Colonail Shoot, St. John’s and Sydney.
July 22, 1909 Taylor — Sexton wedding at Topsail.

Regulus arrives damaged by collision with iceberg.

July 23, 1909 Mr. Dallas addresses Board of Trade on Brazilian market.
July 24, 1909 John J Cowan dies.
July 25, 1909 Bleriot flies across the Channel in monoplane.

Bonavista strikes iceberg.

Rev. E.J. Peck, the veteran Esquimaux Missionary, preaches at the Cathedral.

July 26, 1909 Ropewalk outing.

Highlanders return from Conception Bay.

Barcelona strike. Martial law declared.

Bristow — Mercer wedding.

July 27, 1909 Fox Trap Parsonage burnt.

Harbor Grace British Society Excursion arrives.

July 28, 1909 Mt. Cashel Garden Party.

Janes wins 6 mile Marathon.

Son of John Hann, aged 9, scalded to death at Musgrave Town.

July 30, 1909 Osaka Japan, swept by fire.
July 31, 1909 Rifle Match, St. John’s vs. Brilliant, St. John’s, victorious.

August 02, 1909 Czar Nichol at Cowes Regatta.
August 04, 1909 Regatta Day.
August 05, 1909 Lord Kitchener succeeds Duke of Connaught as Inspector general of Mediterranean fleet and is made Field Marshal.
August 06, 1909 Tennyson Centenary

Forest fires near the city.

Coxswain Day honoured by Highlanders.

Pilot Leary Died.

August 09, 1909 Prince of Wales made Admiral in Russian Army.

Houdon at the T.A. Hall.

M.G.B. in camp at Topsail.

Mrs. Philip Hanley dies.

August 10, 1909 Springhill miners strike.

Morison – Duff Wedding at Carbonear.

August 11, 1909 Littledale Garden Party.

Larkin – Hackett wedding

Littledale dance.

August 12, 1909 Musgrave Town Telegraph Office opened.

Ryland — Winter wedding.

Tobias Tremlet of Bonavista, drowned in British Columbia

August 13, 1909 Crew of Myrtle belonging to Grand Bank, rescued by Sygns and brought to Bell Island

Methodist Guards at Bell Island.

Harbor Grace Regatta.

August 14, 1909 Miss Jean Monroe dies.
August 15, 1909 Annual meeting St. Patrick’s Club.

Robert Taylor formerly of Port de Grave, died, aged 88.

August 17, 1909 Lal Dhingra, murderer of Sir Curson Wyllie, and Doctor Lslaaca hanged in London.

Presentation to J.L. Noonan by Regatta Committee.

August 18, 1909 Labour Day

Congregational picnic at Rostellan.

Gower Street Picnic.

Picnic at Brookfield.

Dr. MacDonald of St. George’s wins 20 mile marathon.

Gloucester schooner Orinoco, two Newfoundlanders drowned.

August 19, 1909 Annual Picnic at Lunatic Asylum

Imperial Defence Conference closed.

Edward Penney, J.P. of Keels, B.B., dies.

August 20, 1909 C.L.B. and C.C.C. return from camp

George Scarlet dies, aged 77.

Lady Reid presents ambulance to Hospital.

August 21, 1909 George Woodford killed by lighting at Herring Neck.

Commercial Cable Company’s contract and correspondence published.

August 22, 1909 Sudden death of T.J. Morrissey.

G.J. Rose, Mus. Bac., dies at Bermuda.

Sylvester Murphy dies, age 44.

August 23, 1909 Bro. Kennedy appointed Superior of Christian Brothers.
August 24, 1909 Charity Football Match.

Capt. Turner dies.

Mrs. John Baird dies.

Address and Presentation at Sydney to Capt. Delaney.

August 25, 1909 Highland games

Maynard wins 15 mile Marathon.

August 26, 1909 League Football match prizes given.
August 27, 1909 George Manville Fenn, the Novelist, dies at Isleworth.
August 28, 1909 Bell Island Regatta.
August 29, 1909 Oliver Wendell Holmes Centenary.

Rowe Memorial Service at Cathedral.

Annual Flower Service at C. of E. Cemetery.

Disastrous cyclone in Mexico.

August 30, 1909 B.I.S. football and rowing dinner.

William Knowling dies at Codroy, aged 75.

September 01, 1909 Ethel Feild drowned in Quidi Vidi Lake.

Portugal Cove Garden Party.

C.H.E. results arrive.

September 02, 1909 Dr. Cook claims to have discovered the North Pole.

Premier Morris returns from England.

September 03, 1909 Councillor Carew dies.

Exploits Lodge No. 2, I.O.O.F. opened at Grand Falls.

September 04, 1909 Three men drowned at Cartwright.
September 05, 1909 Governor and Lady Williams arrive.
September 06, 1909 Peary announces discovery of North Pole.

Laurentian ashore at Mistaken Point.

September 07, 1909 Sunday School convention at Blackhead, B.D.V.
September 08, 1909 Peary denounced Cook as a “fakir”
September 09, 1909 54th anniversary Consecration R.C. Cathedral.

Millionaire Harriman dies.

Governor holds first levee.

Mrs. Emily Atwill dies aged 75.

Presentation to Canon Pilot by C of E Teachers.

September 10, 1909 Ryan’s Viginia sails from Batteau with first shipment new fish.
September 12, 1909 Big fire on Higher Levels.

Rev. Chas. Comben dies at St. John N.B., age 77.

September 14, 1909 Earl Crew wires congratulation to Capt Bartlett and Newfoundland crew.

Avalon Deanery Sunday School Conference.

Mrs. Eliza Horwood died, age 78.

September 15, 1909 St. Michael’s concert at Synod Hall.

Fire in Tank Lane.

September 16, 1909 Lady Williams holds first reception.

Annual meeting George Street Y.M.C.A. 

September 17, 1909 Olsen — Lapoine Wresting match. Olsen victor.

Mrs. Ford Winsor dies, age 70.

September 19, 1909 Ice-breaker “Earl Grey” arrives.
September 20, 1909 Rufua Tremain suicides at Log Cabin.

Marshall — Murray wedding.

Mrs. Samuel Collier drowned at Port au Port, husband and stepson subsequently arrested.

September 21, 1909 Governor Johnson of Minnesota dies.

St. Bon’s L.A. Concert.

William O’Toole died aged 77.

September 22, 1909 White — Knight wedding.

C.L.B. dance in British Hall.

Ex-Premier Balfour declared in favour of Tariff reform.

September 23, 1909 Governor and Lady Williams visit Bell Island.
September 24, 1909 Rev. J. Line lectures at Wesley Church.

J.G. Higgins, Rhodes Scholar, leaves for Oxford.

Presentation of prizes at Guard’s Armoury.

Matriculation results received.

Annual meeting L.C.A.S.

New York gives the freedom of the city to Dr. Cook.

Pitcher — Cornick wedding at Montreal.

September 25, 1909 Jennie arrives at Indian Harbor with Snowdrop’s crew.
September 26, 1909 Lord’s Day alliance meet in British Hall.

Magnetic Survey yacht Carnegie, arrives.

September 27, 1909 Epworth League Convention opens.

Jack Fox wins Jubilee Scholarship.

G.B. Harris dies.

September 28, 1909 C.L.B. Dinner.

Schooner Jennie with Harry Whitney on board, arrives.

King — Campbell Wedding.

Mercer — Norberg wedding.

September 29, 1909 C.C.C. Band concert.

Tooton — Peddle wedding.

September 30, 1909 Mr. King’s first concert.

C.L.B. Presentation.

W.D. Reid returns from 3 months European tour.

October 01, 1909 Rev. E.J. Peck returns from visit to Baffin Island.
October 02, 1909 Collier and son arrested, in connection with the death of Mrs. Collier at Port au Port.

Labrador Circuit Court Judge, Morris, arrives.

Sir J.S. Winter returns from England.

Address and Presentation to Mr. A Macpherson by Royal Store employees.

William Walsh died suddenly on board Florizal.

October 03, 1909 Portugal Cove Sunday.

Anti Lord’s Day Alliance meeting.

J.T. Lawlor dies at Portugal Cove, aged 38.

Douglas Cook dies at Montreal.

October 04, 1909 Annual meeting Truckman’s Union.
October 05, 1909 Star A.A. Dinner.

Mrs. W.O.D. Kelly dies.

Schooner Ophir lost on South Penguin.

October 06, 1909 Revs. E.J. Peck and S.M. Stewart at British Hall.

New York Herald attacks Harmsworth Enterprises.

Rev. Egerton Ryerson Young died at Bradford, Ontario, age 69.

October 08, 1909 Grand Falls Mills Opened by Lord Northcliffe.
October 09, 1909 Celebration at Grand Falls.

Bob Fowlow, Marathon runner, arrives.

October 10, 1909 Roosevelt’s crew return by Rosalind.

Miss M Barron dies.

October 11, 1909 Governor and Suite at Bay of Islands.

Nfld. Members of Arctic’s crew, (Capt. Bernier) arrive.

Annual meeting Tinsmith’s union.

October 12, 1909 Official notification of renewal Nfld. American Modus Vivendi.
October 13, 1909 A Pantomime Rehearsal at T.A. Hall.

Northcliffe Party at Millertown.

Execution of Franciso Ferre at Barcelona.

October 14, 1909 Supreme Council Fishermen’s Union meet at Change Islands.
October 15, 1909 Liberty Hall at T.A. Hall.
October 16, 1909 Newfoundland Society banquets Captain Bob Bartlett at Astor House.
October 17, 1909 Golden Jubilee T.A. Society.

Mrs. George E. Joyce dies at Boston.

October 18, 1909 Work on Bonavista Branch Railway commences.

Willie Dunne, age 14 months, dies from effects of burns.

Fowlow – Maynard 10 mile race, Folow wins.

T.A. celebration at Hall.

October 19, 1909 Jarvis — Winter wedding.

Launch Nercus, lost.

October 20, 1909 Peary submits records to National Geographical Society.

Mr. Beach Thomas addresses Board of Trade.

Captain Solling arrives.

October 21, 1909 Beach - Thomas addresses C.H.E.

Spanish Cabinet resigns.

October 23, 1909 Sinnot — Jones wedding.

Northcliffe Party at Botwood Harbor.

October 24, 1909 Ordination at St. Mary’s.

Mrs. R. Callahan dies.

October 25, 1909 Formal opening Board of Trade by His Excellency the Governor.

Barqt. C.B. Whidden lost at Peter’s River.

Bell Island presented Archbishop with pair of horses.

October 26, 1909 Willis Button crushed to death by schooner Stanley C Barbour.

Marquis Io assassinated at Harbin.

October 27, 1909 St. Mary’s Bazaar.

Fire at Manuels.

Lady Northcliffe lays foundation stone of Grand Falls Hospital.

W.C.T.U. Annual meeting.

October 28, 1909 P.J. Summers assumes editorship of Evening Herald.
October 29, 1909 St. Bonaventure’s Prize giving and opera.

Captain Solling at Rose Blanche.

October 31, 1909 Annual Meeting Star of the Sea.

November 01, 1909 Northcliffe Party leave for England via Canada.

T.A. Celebration at Torbay.

November 02, 1909 Robinson Opera Co. opened.

Firth the Artist, dies in London, aged 91.

Presentation to Mrs. Richard White by George Street Choir.

November 03, 1909 The Governor at Harbor Grace.
November 04, 1909 Cheap freight rates for local produce, announced.

C E.T.S. protests against action of Licensing Board.

The Governor at Carbonear.

Terra Nova Lodge, I.O.G.T. annual meeting.

Lord Northcliffe roasts I.C.R.

Budget passed House of Commons, 379 to 149.

November 05, 1909 Miss Bertha Jardine of Bay Roberts, dies at Hospital.
November 06, 1909 Bos’n Murphy presents Archbishop with skin of musk ox, killed at Annatook.

Pearce — Foote Wedding.

Town Council Elections at Grand Bank and Fortune.

November 08, 1909 Rev. M.J. Clarke vs. Plain Dealer. Verdict for plaintiff, $3,000.

Capt. Solling addresses Board of Trade.

November 09, 1909 King birthday.

Official dinner at Government House.

Loss of Little Jap.

November 10, 1909 Annual meeting Carpenter’s Union.

Disastrous storm in West Indies.

November 13, 1909 Commissioner Coombs arrives.

Mrs. Catherine Cross dies, aged 75.

Attempted assassination of Lord Minto.

November 14, 1909 Dr. Robertson’s Farewell Sermon at the Kirk.
November 15, 1909 Commissioner Coombs at the College Hall.

R.C. Church at Bay Roberts dedicated.

Addresses and Presentation to Rev. Dr. Robertson.

King Manuel of Portugal, visits England.

Rev. Bro. Slattery dies in Ireland, aged 62.

Northcliffe banquets Bartlett in New York.

November 16, 1909 Discovery of gold at Cat Harbor.

Episcopal Jubilee of Pope Pius X

Consecration of Hopewell Church by Bishop Jones.

Great Cherry, Illinois, Mine Disaster.

James Murphy dies at Harbor Main, aged 65.

November 17, 1909 Mantir and Delorey convicted on charge of murdering Annie Mullins.
November 18, 1909 Wesley Sale in Victoria Hall.

Schooner Phoebe lost in Narrows.

Clooney — Malone marriage.

Pelican arrives from Ungava.

Local Black Hand Scare.

Dr. Grenfell C.M.G., and Miss MacClanahan, married in Chicago.

November 20, 1909 Discovery of “Potato Canker” announced.

Adjutant Moulton, S.A. Dies.

November 21, 1909 Stack — Williams marriage at Petty Harbor.

Thanksgiving Sunday in Newfoundland Diocese.

November 22, 1909 Address and Presentation to Bro. C.S. Pinsent by District Grand Lodge, A.F. and A.M.

George Neville, late Inspector of Light Houses, dies, aged 86.

November 23, 1909 1st meeting of St. John’s Choral and Orchestral Society.
November 24, 1909 Terra Nova Night in New York.

C.E.T.S. concert in Synod Hall.

Work on Grenfell Seaman’s Home started.

Miss Pauline Furlong married to Lieut. Cooper-Key in London.

November 25, 1909 Congregational Sale of Work.

Rifle Club dinner.

Miss Emma Parsons dies.

Pierce J Brien died.

Conservative sweep in British Columbia.

November 26, 1909 Rev. Fr. Hayden dies in Michigan.

Lundrigen — Foley Wedding at St. Bride’s

November 28, 1909 Christian Bro. Collection.

Dr. Cook disappears.

November 29, 1909 Dalton Lodge Knight of Columbus opened at Harbor Grace.

Mrs. M.E. Gill dies.

Rev. Dr. MacRae died at Calgary, aged 77.

November 30, 1909 Presentation to Drs. Shea and Rendell by Hospital staff.

Lodge Terra Nova, Knights of Columbus, opened in St. John’s.

Mrs. Swann, wife of Rev. W. Swann, dies at Fortune.

Core paper manufactured at Grand Falls.

December 01, 1909 Financial Column started in Daily News.

Dr. Keegan succeeds Dr. Shea at General Hospital.

L.C.A.S. Sale of work opens in College Hall.

Budget rejected by House of Lords 350 to 75.

Annual meeting Royal Oak Lodge L.O.A.

Reduced postage rate on magazines and papers inaugurated.

Church burned down in Burgeo.

December 02, 1909 Annual meeting Leeming Lodge, L.O.A.

Imperial Parliament prorogued.

Bro. Slattery Memorial Fund started.

December 04, 1909 Little Jap disaster fund started.
December 05, 1909 Great Trafalgar Square Budget Demonstration.

Capt. William Butt drowned at Harbor Grace.

December 07, 1909 Free Press Christmas Edition issued.
December 08, 1909 St. Joseph’s Sale of Work.

Grand Jury returned true bill against Solomon Collier, for murder of his wife.

Dr. Cook’s proof reaches Copenhagen.

Death of Mrs. Woodford.

T.A. Lawrence dies at Windsor , N.S.

December 09, 1909 C.L.B. Sale of work.

Annual meeting Mic Mac Curling Club.

December 10, 1909 Clutha arrives from Pernambuco with smallpox.

Walter B West dies in Hospital.

Mrs. D. Bishop dies at Burin.

December 12, 1909 T.A. & B. Society annual meeting.

Death of H.B. D?yer.

December 13, 1909 Annual meeting R.B. Precentor, L.O.A.

Christmas Tree at Synod Hall.

Oppelt – Olson Wrestling bout.

December 14, 1909 M.J. Crotty dies at Sexbury, Mass, aged 52.
December 15, 1909 Capt. Bartlett receives Gold Medal from National Geographical Society at Washington.

Gilbert Snelgrove dies, aged 54.

Lord Northcliffe appointed Newfoundland Representative at Festival of Empire.

Capt. Bob Bartlett lectures at Boston.

Annual meeting Dalton Lodge, K of C at Harbor Grace.

December 16, 1909 Dr. Rendell lectures at Littledale.

Fearn — Curtis Wedding at Halifax.

December 17, 1909 King Leopold II of Belgium dies, aged 74.

President Zelaya of Nicaragua resigns.

Mrs. Frederick Squires dies at St. Philips, aged 78.

December 18, 1909 Death of Mrs. Ellen White.

Johnston — Gordon wedding.

December 19, 1909 Mrs. Sarah Gough dies, aged 84.

Gidon Baggs and his father Arch Baggs, buried at Broad Cove, B.D.V.

December 20, 1909 Bishop Spencer Prize giving.

Bert Tait elected Rhodes Scholar.

A.W. Knight appointed J.P. and Clerk of the District Court.

Henry Williams drowned at Pouch Cove.

December 21, 1909 Prize giving at Bishop Feild.
December 22, 1909 Premier of Corea Assassinated.

Presbyterian College Prize giving.

Prize giving at Methodist College.

Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Hawker at Carbonear.

December 24, 1909 Wind and rain Storm.

Presentation to Mr. Branscombe by Harvey & Co.’s employees.

Diphtheria at General Hospital.

December 25, 1909 Christmas Day– A green one.

Mrs. Thomas St. George died, aged 75.

December 27, 1909 Christmas Tree at Portugal Cove.

St. John’s Lodge A.F. and A.M. installation.

Schooner Ceylon lost at Oporto.

Miss Gertie Noonan dies.

December 28, 1909 Michael Dooley dies suddenly.

T.M. Simpson dies, aged 64.

J.E. Burgess died at Burin.

December 29, 1909 Gladstone Centenary.
December 30, 1909 Poor Asylum Festival.

Wind and Rain Storm of exceptional severity.

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