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Year End Review  - 1908

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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


January 01, 1908 T.A.S. British and L.O.A. Parades.

Reception at Government House.

January 02, 1908 Rev. Dr. Dove died, aged 81; also G.P. Thompson and Dr. Overton, of Exploits.
January 03, 1908 Mrs. Richard McCarthy, mother of the Rev. F.D. McCarthy, of Carbonear, died.
January 05, 1908 Star Society annual dance.

Parade and Prince’s Rinks opened.

January 06, 1908 Meeting of curling clubs.

Reindeer landed at St. Anthony.

January 07, 1908 Dinner in honour of J.S. Munn, at Donovan’s.

Dance at St. Patrick’s Hall, in aid of St. Bon’s College.

January 08, 1908 Capt. Charley Dawe resigns Leadership of Opposition.

Capts. Warren and Carty appointed A.D.C.’s to His Excellency.

January 09, 1908 Legislature opened.

Highest death rate for many years.

Death of Mrs. Garrett Bownrigg.

January 10, 1908 Dam at Grand Falls injured.
January 11, 1908 Holy War declared in Morocco.

Marriage of Miss May McCowan and Mr. J. S. Munn.

January 12, 1908 The Barnsley horror, 16 children burned to death.
January 13, 1908 Address to Bishop Jones from the Canons of the Cathedral.
January 14, 1908 La Grippe epidemic.

S. S. Toleshy ashore near Trepassey.

George White died, aged 73.

January 15, 1908 Trouting season opened.

France amongst Maronites; fire arms used.

January 17, 1908 Miss Edith Weekes, M.D., married at West Somerville to Cyril Buckwell.
January 18, 1908 Elias March died, aged 66.
January 19, 1908 Death to British Attorney-General, Sir John Lawson Walton.

Two brothers Joseph and Stephen Whalen, drowned in Brigus Pond.

Robert C. Hatcher, university student, died at Toronto.

January 20, 1908 Severe gale; considerable damage to shipping.
January 21, 1908 Major Winter’s prize presented to Sergt. John Fagan.

Thomas Doyle, Poor House inmate, found frozen to death in McNeil’s Grove.

Annual meeting Billiard League.

Barque Sunbeam abandoned in mid-ocean.

January 22, 1908 Particulars of Reid’s coastal claim announced. Amount $1,208,000.

Annual meeting of Bricklayer’s Union.

Death of Mrs. Eleanor Pritchard, daughter of Sir William V Whiteway.

January 23, 1908 Mr. Dodd’s Recital.

Funeral of Capt. Westcott at Carbonear.

Y.M.C.A. movement initiated.

Fire at Quidi Vidi school.

William Crocker, of Green’s Harbor drowned.

January 24, 1908 Death of Magistrate Hubert of Harbor Breton, aged 75.

John R. Bennett, M.H.A., crosses the floor of the house.

William White killed at St. John, N.B.

January 25, 1908 Charges made against M.P. Cashin by E.M. Jackman, exploded.
January 26, 1908 “Oudia” dies at Florence.
January 27, 1908 Annual meeting Trades and Labour Council.

Archbishop Howley lectures before Historical Society.

January 29, 1908 Annual meeting City Club.

Imperial Parliament re-opens.

James Hawco, aged 8, drowned at Chapel’s Cove.

January 30, 1908 Annual Jubilee Ball at Brigus.

Death of Miss Cohen, sister of Lady Winter.

Silver anniversary Gower Street W.M.S.

January 31, 1908 Miss Jordan’s Concert .

February 01, 1908 Silver Wedding, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Scott, of Twillingate.

Death of A.O. Hayward, K.C., age 74

King Carlos of Portugal and the Crown Prince Luis Philippe, assassinated.

H.T. McCoubrey died, aged 36.

February 04, 1908 Congregational Sociable.

Funeral of King Carlos and the Crown Prince.

James Gordon, of Baird, Gordon & Co., died in the Isle of Wight, aged 65.

Mrs. Ann Whiteway died at Musgrave Harbor, aged 85.

February 06, 1908 Annual meeting of Historical Society,

Mayor Gibbs lectures on the “Dignity of Labour.”

February 08, 1908 George Harding dies at Grand Bank, aged 78.

Bishop March makes his first pontifical visit to Avondale.

Former American Consul J.T. Barron, died at Brooklyn.

February 09, 1908 Inspector-General McCowen, I.S.O., dies at Montreal, aged 64.
February 10, 1908 Dr. W. F. Kennedy died in the Canary Islands.
February 11, 1908 Fatal coasting accident, five year old child crushed to death by street car.

M. F. Smyth , Singer Sewing Machine Co., died, aged 63.

Hon. J. M. Kent appointed Minister of Justice.

February 12, 1908 L.O.A. Grand Lodge meets at Lewisporte.

William H. Blackler, formerly of Chicago, died on the Southside, aged 62.

H.F. Shortis lectures at Brigus.

February 13, 1908 E. M. Jackman attacked Judge Emerson and Mr. Archibald in the House.
February 14, 1908 Funeral of late I.G. McCowen, I.S.O.
February 17, 1908 Annual meeting of B.I.S.

Courier Drodge drowned at Northern Bight.

February 18, 1908 Funeral of late James Gordon.

Annual meeting of St. Vincent de Paul Society.

General Election in New Brunswick. Liberal Government defeated.

The Legislature closed.

Ball at Bell Island.

February 19, 1908 Presentation from his congregation to Rev. J. Thackeray.
February 20, 1908 Salvation Army Concert in College Hall.

Annual meeting of Tasker Lodge.

February 23, 1908 Miner John Walsh killed at Wabana.
February 24, 1908 Mr. Shortis lectures at British Hall, on the Seal Fishery.

James Waterman dies at Fogo.

February 25, 1908 Another fatal accident at Bell Island .

M.C.I.I. and St. Andrew’s hold joint debate

February 26, 1908 Annual meeting of Church Institute.
February 27, 1908 Harbor Main declares for local Option by 791 to 305.

Annual Ball New York Terra Nova Club.

February 28, 1908 Anti-Tuberculosis Society formed at large meeting in British Hall, presided over by His Excellency.
February 29, 1908 Terrible fatality at Bell Island, 4 killed, 2 injured, due to mis-holes.

March 01, 1908 Simeon Parsons died, aged 64.

Stanley Pitcher dropped dead on Hayward Avenue, aged 24.

C.E.T.S. annual sermon by Canon Saunders.

March 02, 1908 Mr. Allan’s first annual concert.

Mrs Philpot, eldest daughter of the late Sir Frederick Carter, died at Bedford England.

March 03, 1908 Annual meeting of Mechanics Society.

C.H. Hutchings appointed Deputy Minister of Justice.

March 04, 1908 School horror near Cleveland Ohio. 150 children burnt to death.

People’s Party formed. Sir Edward Morris issues preliminary manifests.

Governor makes presentation to Capt. Bartlett and Newfoundland North Pole crew.

Old Englishman burnt to death at Cobb’s Arm, aged 80; also a young girl.

March 05, 1908 Monster Sealers’ meeting in British Hall, addressed by Sir Edward Morris.
March 06, 1908 Philip Lewis dies at Holyrood aged 76.

Magistrate McGrath of Oderin, dies, aged 87.

March 08, 1908 William Moss of Salvage Bay died, aged 79. 
March 09, 1908 C.E.T.S. annual meeting.

Francis C Payne dies suddenly.

W.C. Earl died at Bay Roberts, aged 62.

March 10, 1908 B.I.S. wins Billiard League championship.

Annual meeting Rifle Club.

March 11, 1908 Masonic Club annual meeting.
March 12, 1908 Train accident, 6 injured.
March 13, 1908 Startling presentment of Grand Jury in which they referred to Poor House as, “The saddest place in Newfoundland.”
March 14, 1908 S.S. Silvia ashore at Vineyard Sound and becomes a total wreck.

Joseph Powell, Carbonear, died, aged 87.

March 17, 1908 St. Patrick’s Day.

B.I.S. Parade.

Tasker Lodge installation and children’s festival.

March 18, 1908 Tasker Educational Sermon at Kirk, Rev. Dr. Robertson preacher.

S.S. Panther lost.

March 20, 1908 Funeral of Dr. Kennedy.
March 21, 1908 R. G. Johnston died after brief illness.
March 22, 1908 Thomas J Forman died, aged 62.

Conformation Service at Cathedral.

March 23, 1908 Sudden death of Henry J Mabin, aged 64.
March 24, 1908 Duke of Dovenshire died , aged 75.
March 25, 1908 John Day killed, age 69.
March 26, 1908 Rev. C.H. Barton, M.A., Principal of Queen’s College, arrives.

Annual meeting of St. Andrew’s Club.

Annual meeting of Bible Society.

March 29, 1908 Anarchists active in New York

Annie Mullins murdered in Boston. Murderer still at large.

Hy. Camp of Pushthough dies, aged 47.

March 30, 1908 Capt. Charles Dawe, former Leader of the Opposition, died, aged 63.

J.B. Mitchell selected as Rhodes Scholar.

March 31, 1908 Bonspiel Dinner.

April 01, 1908 Capt. Dawe buried at Bay Roberts.

Sir William Whiteway’s eightieth birthday.

Death of Mrs. E.A. Scott.

April 02, 1908 Mr. Dodd lectures on “The South African War.”
April 03, 1908 Golf Club annual meeting.

Shooting affray at Holyrood, John Kelly shot by his nephew.

S.S. Walrus lost.

Death of Head Constable Freeman at Harbor Grace, aged 58.

April 04, 1908 Cambridge wins University Boat Race.

Grand Lake lost with 21,000 seals.

Premier Campbell-Bannerman resigns.

April 05, 1908 Confirmation at St. Thomas’s
April 07, 1908 S.S. Adventure arrives with 27,255 seals.

Capt. Bonis appointed Road Inspector.

Art Exhibition opened.

Col. Sir Howard Vincent died at London.

April 08, 1908 Methodist Guard’s concert.

Premier Asquith sworn in at Biarriz.

Mr. P.H. Knowling and Miss Evans married in Wales.

Virginia Lake arrives with 19,685 seals.

April 09, 1908 M.C.E.I. annual dinner.
April 10, 1908 Death of Samuel J Boone, aged 74.
April 12, 1908 Newfoundland reaches port with 441 seals

Disastrous fire at Chelsea.

April 13, 1908 Chief Urquhart and Detective Byrne arrive in connection with Mullins murder

Selman Stock Company arrive.

April 14, 1908 Ranger reaches port with 9,647 seals.

Football League annual meeting.

Prof J.W. Nichols awarded Carnegie pension.

Bloodhound with 18761 seals, and Vanguard with 8,068 seals reach port.

Death of James Finn of Carbonear.

April 15, 1908 Eric arrived with 16,778 seals.

Centenary Hall Prize distribution.

Algerine arrives with 7,448 seals.

Rev. W. Kirby dies at King’s Cove.

Viking arrived with 20,439 seals.

Iceland arrived with 7,234 seals.

April 17, 1908 Fire at Imperial Tobacco works.

Minnie Harris of Grand Bank, lost.

April 20, 1908 “Old times” Concert in College Hall.
April 21, 1908 Importers Association meet to arrange holidays.
April 22, 1908 Death of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, aged 72.
April 23, 1908 C. E. I. dinner.

Glee concert at Canon Wood Hall.

Miss Story’s Recital.

Installation Shannon Chapter.

April 24, 1908 St. Andrew’s L.A. dinner.

Death of Campbell Macpherson at Cannes.

Bach Choir at College Hall.

April 25, 1908 Wedding of Miss Jean McNeil and Mr. Blackburn.
April 26, 1908 S.S. Kite arrived from Gulf with 5,159.
April 27, 1908 Southern Cross arrives Harbor Grace with 570 seals.

Aurora arrives with 13,625 seals.

April 28, 1908 Incendiary fires on Frestwater and Pennywell Roads.

Easter meeting Cathedral Parish.

April 29, 1908 Fire at Post Office.

Address and presentation to Mr. E.H. Skill.

May 01, 1908 Canon Saunders leaves for England.

Terra Nova reached port with 13,962 seals.

Opera “Pinafore” at British Hall.

Wrecked crew of S.S. Norwood arrive.

May 02, 1908 Labrador arrives with 1,982 seals.

Eagle arrives with 2,787.

May 03, 1908 Great Catholic demonstration in New York.
May 04, 1908 Gas Company declares 8 per cent dividend.

Neptune returns with 23,814 seals.

May 05, 1908 Star dinner.

Ed Maher killed at Harvey’s wharf.

May 07, 1908 John Connors stabbed near the Long Bridge.

Diana arrives with the key of the fishery and 14,100 seals.

May 10, 1908 Fire at Soper & Moore block.

Rev. Canon White inducted as Rector at the Cathedral.

May 11, 1908 Funeral of Campbell Macpherson.

Mrs. (Rev.) Anthony Hill, daughter of the late Hon. John Rorke, died at Victoria Road, Ontario.

May 12, 1908 T.A. Club Dinner.

Governor MacGregor at Bonavista, distributes medals granted by Norwegian Government for service in connection with the wreck of the schooner Snorre.

May 13, 1908 Anglican Cemetery Consecration.

Printers Union formed, officers elected.

Annual meeting Game Fish Society.

Billiard Dinner at St. Patrick’s Hall.

May 15, 1908 James Guy died at Carbonear, aged 83.
May 16, 1908 The little steamer Victor, which had been missing for five days, towed in by the John Green, all well.
May 17, 1908 Campbell Macpherson memorial service at Gower Street.
May 18, 1908 East End incendiary fire.
May 20, 1908 Sir Edward Morris and Mr. Morrison at Carbonear.
May 21, 1908 King vs. Tobin. Verdict “not guilty.”

Monster meeting Spaniard’s Bay. Address by Sir Edward Morris and Mr. Morrison.

May 22, 1908 Large People’s Party meeting at Bay Roberts.

Josephine Broderick asphyxiated in Boston.

May 23, 1908 Zebedee Green’s body recovered from Harbor.
May 27, 1908 Steamer Aggie lost on the Brandies.

The Boston fishing schooner Fame, lost with seven Newfoundlanders.

May 28, 1908 Governor MacGregor leaves on visit to Micmac Indians at Bay D’Espoir.
May 29, 1908 Tennis Club Annual meeting.
May 31, 1908 Rev. Hy Uphill inducted as Rector of St. Mary’s.

Mrs. G.H. Dickenson died.

June 01, 1908 Mr. Arthur Hiscock appointed Manager of the Robinson Export Company.

Death of Gen. Sir Redvers Buller, aged 69.

June 02, 1908 F.J.W. Rendall dies, aged 21.
June 03, 1908 Sir Robert Reid dies at Montreal.
June 05, 1908 James G. Hunt dies, aged 53.
June 06, 1908 Funeral of Sir Robert Reid. All enterprises connected with the Company, stopped from 11 to 11.25 a.m. and all business places closed from 11 to 11.30 a.m.
June 08, 1908 First League Football match for the season.

Mr. Dodd’s Recital in college Hall.

June 09, 1908 Joseph Reid died at Battery.

Capt. Bartlett and crew of Roosevelt leave for New York.

General Election in Quebec, Liberal Government sustained.

General election in Ontario. Conservative Government returned with increased majority.

King Edward meets the Czar at Revel.

June 10, 1908 Knowling outing at Smithville.
June 11, 1908 George Street Church re-opened and dedicated, Rev. Dr. Morton preaches.

Feildian Athletic meeting.

Annual meeting Avalon Lodge, A.F. & .A.M. 

June 13, 1908 Passing of Mrs. Campbell MacPherson.
June 14, 1908 Otto Oppelt defeated. Pius the Handcuff King.
June 15, 1908 Pan-Anglican Conference opened.
June 18, 1908 William Pynn wins St. Andrew’s walking match.

A young man named Lahey, killed by falling over a cliff at Bell Island

June 21, 1908 Rev. Dr. Moore of North Dakota preached at George Street Church.

Rev. Carl Garland visiting the city.

June 23, 1908 H.M.S. Cornwall arrives.
June 24, 1908 Thank offering ceremony at St. Paul’s.

Pan-American Congress closed.

First Regatta Committee.

Methodist Conference opens, Rev. George Paine elected President.

Death of the Rt. Hon. Sir William V Whiteway in his 81st year.

June 26, 1908 King’s Birthday celebrated.

Wesley Church opened and dedicated by Rev. Dr. Carman.

Ball at Government House.

June 27, 1908 Serious fire at Brigus.

William Adams drowned at Petty Harbor, Motion.

Funeral of the late Sir William Whiteway.

June 29, 1908 Avalon Lodge installation.

Garden Party at Government House.

Ordination Service Gower Street. .

St. John—O’Brien marriage at Avondale.

June 30, 1908 Henley Regatta opened.

Strang — English marriage.

July 01, 1908 Incendiary fire at G.M. Lash’s.

Snow — House wedding.

July 02, 1908 St. Bon’s College Sports.

S.U.F. excursion.

July 04, 1908 Lambeth Conference opened.

Independence Day.

July 05, 1908 Great fire at Hayti.

Forest fire Octagon and Donovan’s in danger.

Dr. Strapp’s residence, Harbor Grace burnt.

July 06, 1908 Mrs. Neil Campbell died.
July 07, 1908 Fire at Vail Building.

Principal Blackall gazetted Superintendent of C. of E. Schools.

July 08, 1908 Cabman Sage has serious smash-up.
July 09, 1908 O.E.I. — C.L.B. Sports.

S.S. Regulus ashore near Petty Harbor.

W.J. Bryan nominated Democratic Candidate for President.

July 11, 1908 Edward E. Colley dies at London.
July 12, 1908 Orangeman celebrate L.O.A. Parade in city.
July 13, 1908 Olympic Games commenced.
July 14, 1908 Marriage in England of Chief Justice Horwood and Miss Hutchinson.
July 15, 1908 Rev. C.R. Blount and Miss Pardy married at Grand Bank.
July 16, 1908 Burke — Mulcahey wedding.

L.O.A. outing at Hopeall.

Death of Rev. Father Jackman.

Hon. J.S. Pitts. C.M.G., left for Quebec Ter-centenary.

George St. L.A. Excursion.

Hollway Club visit Carbonear.

July 17, 1908 Lord Roberts arrives at Quebec.

John J. Ashley dies at Blind River, Ont.

Privy Council dismiss Reid-Nfld Co. appeal against taxation of Express Companies.

July 18, 1908 Presentation to Mr. James Campbell by Postal Officials.

Charles and Kenneth Roberts drowned at Assizes Harbor.

July 19, 1908 Rev. A.O. Birchenough commences work in the city.
July 20, 1908 Quebec Ter-centenary festival commences.
July 21, 1908 Peary Expedition at Hawk’s Harbor.
July 22, 1908 Prince of wales lands at Quebec.

Death of Paul Carty, retired Inspector of Police.

July 23, 1908 George Street Picnic.

Cochrane St. excursion to Black Head.

Fred Rennie dies at Cape Ray Lighthouse.

July 24, 1908 Hayes wins Olympic Marathon.
July 25, 1908 Olympic games closed.

Kings wharf collapses.

July 26, 1908 Annual Requiem Mass at Mt. Carmel.

Terrible storm on Labrador, 39 schooners lost.

July 27, 1908 Modus Vivendi renewed.

Peace Conference opened at London.

Ropewalk Picnic at Octagon.

St. Patrick’s Altar Boys outing.

International Art Congress opened in London.

July 28, 1908 Olympic Regatta opened at Henley.

Cathedral S.S. outing at Mt. Pearl.

July 29, 1908 Nathaniel Rabbitts, Brigus, dies.

Nomenclature Board meet.

July 30, 1908 Mount Cashel Garden Party.

Conception Bay British Society Excursion to city.

Anglo Company win telegraph case in Privy Council.

James Dooley, shipwright, dead.

Mrs. John Murphy of Carbonear died.

July 31, 1908 Presentation to John D. Matheson by Ayre & Sons Employees.

West Coast Football Team arrives.

Solomon LeDrew dies at Cupids.

August 01, 1908 John Burden and John Squires drowned at Salvage.

Fernie destroyed by fire.

Robert Weekes and two children burned to death at Fair Islands.

August 02, 1908 Rev. Theodore Clift preaches at St. Thomas’s.

William R. Prowse, Tinsmith, dead.

August 03, 1908 Death of Bailiff Landy.

Teacher’s Convention opened at College Hall.

Joseph Johnston drowned off the Narrows.

August 04, 1908 Miss Lottie Pratt and Mr. George C. Harris of Grand Bank, married.

Mr. Alex M Wilson lectures on ant-tuberculosis movement at Teachers Convention.

Virginia Lake arrives at Tilt Cove with 25 wrecked crew.

Jacoubet — White married at St. Piere.

August 05, 1908 Regatta postponed.

Miss Nutting addresses Convention.

“Western Star” changes hands.

Mrs. Sarah Bingham dies at Carbonear, aged 82.

August 06, 1908 Regatta Day. Daily News crew win first Press Race.
August 07, 1908 B.I.S. wins 1908 Football Championship.

Teachers Convention closed.

Rev. Mr. Peck visits St. John’s.

August 08, 1908 Remains of Arthur Moore, who was drowned on Sept. 8, 1907, found at Grand Falls.
August 09, 1908 Sir E.P. Morris and Mayor Gibbs leave for West Coast.
August 10, 1908 Sir E.P. Morris at Birchy Cove.
August 11, 1908 News dinner in honour of winning crew.

Albert Bradbury dies at Harbor Grace, aged 60.

King Edward and Emperor William met at Kronberg.

B.I.S. Football dinner at Smithville.

Sir E.P. Morris at Wood’s Island.

August 13, 1908 Gower Street S.S. picnic.

King Edward and Emperor Francis-Joseph meet.

Sir Edward Morris and Mr. Gibbs at Little River and Codroy.

August 16, 1908 Bishop Weldon preaches at the Cathedral.

Michael Walsh dies at Sirstton’s Island, Hudson Bay.

August 17, 1908 Mr. R.R. Wood, B.A., appointed Head Master of Bishop Feild College.
August 18, 1908 Leader of People’s Party of Channel

Eugene Taylor dies at Carbonear, aged 73.

Governor MacGregor reached Nain from Rigoulette, thence to Cape Chidley.

August 19, 1908 Death of the Rev. R.W. Freeman.
August 20, 1908 Broad Cove Regatta.

Garden Party at Portugal Cove.

Field Day at C.C.C. camp.

Bishop Weldon visits C. L. B. Camp at topsail.

I.O.G.T. picnic at Smithville.

St. Patrick’s Amusement Club’s excursion to Octagon.

August 21, 1908 Sudden death of Ethelbert Colton.

Death of Mrs. Rev. H.P. Cowperthwaite.

Death of Lady Winter.

Death of Miss M Barron.

August 22, 1908 Bell Island Regatta.
August 23, 1908 Freeman Memorial Service at Wesley Church.
August 26, 1908 Regatta at Bay of Islands.
August 27, 1908 Ball at Government House in honour of Miss Fox.
August 30, 1908 First public parade of Newfoundland Highlanders.

American Fleet at Melbourne, Australia.

August 31, 1908 C.H.E. results received.

September 01, 1908 John Casey appointed Clerk of the Peace at Harbor Grace.
September 02, 1908 Hynes — Furneaux wedding at Fox Trap, C.B. Kennedy — O’Neil marriage in Bay de Verde.
September 03, 1908 Methodist Guards presentation.

Death of Major Stabb, aged 70.

Sudden death of Dr. McCulloch, near Presque.

September 04, 1908 Football presentation at St. Patrick’s Hall.
September 07, 1908 Labour Day Parade.

Address by Mayor Gibbs.

September 10, 1908 Salvation Army Congress opens.

Battleship St. Vincent launched.

Typographical Union dinner

Harbor Grace Regatta.

September 11, 1908 Sir William MacGregor returns from Labrador.

Eucharistic Conference opens.

Mulai Hafid overthrows his half brother Abdul Aziz.

Death of Mrs. F.J. Doyle.

September 12, 1908 Winston Churchill marries Miss Hozier.
September 14, 1908 Mrs. Dove, widow of Rev. Dr. Dove, dies aged 72.

S.A. College opened.

Mrs. Leonidas Hubbard married in Toronto.

September 11, 1908 Const. Raymond dies at Catalina.

Sir Edward Morris at Grand Falls.

September 16, 1908 Women’s Missionary Convention opens at Gower Street.
September 17, 1908 Fish commences a steady downward fall.
September 18, 1908 Oppelt defeats Renwick in wrestling contest.
September 19, 1908 Presentation to Chief Justice Horwood by Bar Society.
September 21, 1908 Mrs. Joshua Pike dies, aged 78.

Bishop Carmichael of Montreal, dead.

Big fire in Chelsea.

September 23, 1908 “Manoeuvres” of Jane at B.I.S. Hall.

Synod opened.

Hollaway monument in General Protestant Cemetery, unveiled.

Mercer — Mercer wedding at Brigus.

September 25, 1908 Typhoid Fever outbreak.
September 26, 1908 4th Anniversary of Governor MacGregor’s arrival.
September 27, 1908 Death of Rev. Dean Ryan.

Edward Earl killed on the I.C.R. at St. John, N.B.

September 29, 1908 Funeral of Dean Ryan.

Bond’s Manifesto issued.

September 30, 1908 Canrata “Ruth” at Wesley Church.

October 01, 1908 Prize giving at Littledale.

Sir Edward Morris opens — missing— in St. John’s.

October 02, 1908 Death of the Hon. L. O’B. Furlong

Peter Benteau dies at Lories, aged 65.

October 04, 1908 C.M.B.C. re-opens.
October 05, 1908 Morris manifesto published.

Judge Seymour resigns.

October 07, 1908 Sir Edward Morris leaves on Northern tour.
October 08, 1908 Sir Edward Morris addresses mass meeting at Bonavista.
October 12, 1908 Tinsmith’s annual meeting.
October 13, 1908 Presentation to Miss Carmichael by pupils and teachers of Presbyterian College.

Symphonic Trio at College Hall.

October 16, 1908 Gymnastic Naval Exhibition at T.A. Hall.
October 17, 1908 Dawe – Fox wedding at Shanghai, China.
October 18, 1908 Death of Mrs. M.T. Knight.
October 20, 1908 Cabman O’Neil dies at the age of 75.
October 22, 1908 Suffragettes imprisoned in England.
October 23, 1908 Nomination Day.
October 24, 1908 Goodwin — Greaves marriage.
October 25, 1908 Premises of James Baird, Baird Gordon & Co., Frew and Garland, destroyed by fire. Loss over one half million.
October 26, 1908 General Election in Canada. Laurier sustained.
October 28, 1908 Rev. W. Graham lectures on “Jamaica” in Presbyterian Hall.

Emperor William’s celebrated interview, published in London Daily Telegraph.

October 30, 1908 Prize presentation at St. Bon’s.

November 01, 1908 William A Culleton died.

Capt. Roberts, of Grenfell’s schooner Lorna Doone, drowned at sea.

November 02, 1908 Polling Day, resulting in a tie, 18 to 18.

Port de Grave and Carbonear counts received.

Fishermen's Union formed at Herring Neck.

November 03, 1908 Emmanuel Chafe, Petty Harbor, died, age 79.

Resignation of Archbishop Machagan of York, accepted by the King.

November 04, 1908 Presidential Election in United States. Republicans victorious, Taft returned.
November 05, 1908 The Bennett double wedding at Bell Island.
November 08, 1908 T. Moore died suddenly in the R.C. Cathedral.

Magistrate Berteau of Twillingate dies, aged 85.

November 09, 1908 King Edward’s 67 Birthday.
November 10, 1908 Annual meeting of Carpenters and Joiners Union.

Returns from St. Barbe received, thus finalizing election.

November 11, 1908 Nickel theatre re-opened.

Huntriss — Pooke wedding at Grand Falls.

Rev. E Moore of Grand Bank, married to Miss Lillian Angel.

Collingwood — Petley nuptials at Topsail.

Six men drowned near Fredericton, N.D.B.

Rev. T.W. Temple dies in Sussex, England, aged 64.

November 12, 1908 MacFarren Recital.
November 13, 1908 Emperor of China died, aged 36.

Rev. Dr. Withrow died at Toronto.

November 14, 1908 Gen. Gomez elected President of Cuba.
November 15, 1908 Capt. William Pye dies at Brooklyn, B.B., age 63.

C.L.B. anniversary.

Annual meeting T.A.A.A.

Empress Dowager of China dies.

November 16, 1908 Bishop Cosmo Lang of Stepney, appointed Archbishop of York.

Golden Jubilee of Pope Pius X.

November 17, 1908 Harbor Grace re-count commences.

Famous Conference between German Emperor and Chancellor Von Buelow.

November 18, 1908 St. Michael’s Sale of Work

General Election in Prince Edward Island

Parker — Hooke marriage.

Anderson — Butt wedding at Heart’s Content.

November 20, 1908 Harbor Grace re-count finished, confirming election of Hon. Eli Dawe by 3 votes.
November 21, 1908 New York “World” publishes sensational interview with Emperor William.
November 22, 1908 Schooner Sea Gull, lost near St. Juliens.

Death of Mrs. Archibald Lindsay.

Death of Rev. Rural Dean Bayly at Bonavista.

November 23, 1908 S.S. Bellaventare launched.

Lord Roberts in House of Lords, warns Empire against German aggression.

November 25, 1908 C.E.T.S. Concert Synod Hall.

Dean Farthing elected Bishop of Montreal.

November 26, 1908 Dr. Parsons and Miss Flora Pike, married at Carbonear.

Michael Lundrigan of Peters River, dies at Hospital through injuries received from falling over P.O. steps.

Capt. William Downer of Fogo, died.

November 29, 1908 Mate Young, of Water Witch, lost at sea.

Diamond Jubilee of St. John’s Lodge A.F. & A.M., No. 579, R.E. Service in Congregational Church

Pulitzer of New York “World” admits interview with Emperor William to be misleading and mischievous, and expresses regret.

November 30, 1908 80th birthday of James Baird.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations at Masonic Temple.

Schooner Shamrock lost near Baccalieu.

Severe gale, much damage to fishing.

December 01, 1908 Drowning accident at Great Burin, two lives lost.

Death of Stephen Hartery aged 74.

W.J. Herder elected Nfld's representative at Imperial Press Conference.

American - Japanese understanding completed.

December 02, 1908 L.C.A.S. bazaar in College Hall.

Annual meeting Royal Oak Lodge, L.O.A.

Revolution in Hayti, Nord Alexis deposed.

Annual meeting Empire Lodge, S.O.E

Diamond Jubilee Dinner at Osbourne House —St. John’s Lodge.

December 03, 1908 Annual meeting Leeming Lodge, L.O.A.

Annual meeting S.G.C. of the C.E.A.A.

December 04, 1908 Annual meeting of St. John’s Lodge A.F. & A.M.
December 05, 1908 Col. Mann and Lieut-Col Gaskin, S.A., arrive.

Michael E. Fitzgerald dies at Fogo.

Mrs. Thomas Harris dies at Bonavista, aged 87.

December 07, 1908 T.A. Club annual meeting.

Wreck of S.S. Soo City picked up at Cape Ray.

C.E.I. presentation to Mr. Fred Harris.

December 08, 1908 Annual meeting Lodge Dudley, S.O.E.
December 09, 1908 Schooner Helen Stuart takes fire.
December 10, 1908 St. Joseph’s Bazaar opened.

Bishop Jones leaves for Bermuda.

December 11, 1908 Lawyer Pittman arrested.

S.S. Fritjoff Nansen arrives badly damaged.

December 12, 1908 Gambo declares for local option.

Kean — Barbour marriage at Safe Harbor.

December 13, 1908 Death of J McL. Fraser, aged 77.

Big fire at Fortune, Lake’s premises destroyed.

December 14, 1908 Annual meeting Rose of Sharon, R.B.P.

Schooner Robin Hood, lost at Wood’s Island.

St. Bon’s Hockey Team dinner.

December 15, 1908 H.F. Shortis lectures at Carbonear.

Annual meeting Typographical Union.

Christmas Edition “Free Press” published.

Admiral Aube disaster at St. Pierre. 7 men lost.

December 16, 1908 Hawke’s Bay Pulp Company commenced work.

Schooner Jennette of Exploits, lost on the Straight Shore, Fogo.

Claudus Watts died at Harbor Grace in his 98th year.

December 17, 1908 Longboat defeats Dorando of Marathon fame at New York.

Prize giving at Central training School.

December 18, 1908 Bi-centenary of Charles Wesley.

Douglas Parsons dies, aged 25.

December 19, 1908 S.S. Pretoria 13,234 tons gross, enters port.
December 20, 1908 Ant-treating Association formed at St. Patrick’s.
December 21, 1908 Methodist College Prize distribution.

Guy’s Ter-centenary Committee formed at Cupids and Toronto .

Castro overthrown. Gomez becomes President.

December 22, 1908 Bishop Feild Speech Day.

Historical Society arranges for Guy’s Ter-centenary.

Thomas Hynes of Bay L’Argent died suddenly on Virginia Lake.

December 23, 2008 Imperial Parliament prorogued .

Chas. Squires burnt to death at Grand Falls.

Springdale St. School prize giving.

Bishop Spencer presentation Day.

December 24, 1908 Fire at Mercy Convent.

Pat Fox of Outer Cove, dies aged 75

December 25, 1908 Christmas Day.
December 28, 1908 Disastrous earthquake in Calabria and Sicily.

Messina destroyed by fire.

Reggio almost wiped out.

Installation in St. John’s Lodge.

Commission of Inquiry concerning Reid Telegraphs opens.

December 29, 1908 Otto Oppelt wins wrestling match with Smart.

Lawyer Pittman committed to Supreme Court.

James H Watson dies at Torquay, aged 64.

December 30, 1908 Death of S.H. Knight, Inspector of Savings Bank, aged 73.

Death of Mrs. Howell, aunt of Chief Justice Horwood.

News received of abandonment of Lolita A in mid ocean.

Annual meeting Court Avalon I.O.F. 

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