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Year End Review  - 1919


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



January 7, 1919 Schooner Kimberley, ashore on the West Coast of Langley.
January 8, 1919 Schooner G. Blanche, St. Pierre, reported abandoned.
January 11, 1919 Schooner Benevolence, St. Pierre to Grand Bank, ashore. Total Loss.
January 17, 1919 S.S. Manchester Brigade, arrives with S.S. LeCoq in tow.
January 21, 1919 Capt. Porter and crew of the Barqt. John, abandoned 100 miles South West of Cape Race, brought into Portland, Maine, by S.S. Bayno. Crew frostbitten.
January 23, 1919 Rescued crew of schooner Minnie Harris, reach Grand Bank.
January 28, 1919 Capt. C.H. Lake, and crew of Frances B Mesquits, arrive at Baltimore.
January 29, 1919 Crew of the wrecked schooner Helen Stewart, arrive at New York.
January 30, 1919 Capt. Porter and crew of wrecked barquentine John, arrive.

February 17, 1919 S.S. J.M. Guffey, towed to port by S.S. Ramore Head.
February 18, 1919 Capt. Keeping and crew of the wrecked schooner William Morton, lost on Jan 5th., arrived in New York on S.S. Freshwater, from Seville.
February 23, 1919 Capt Lee, and crew of five, of wrecked schooner Theresa Maud, of Grand Bank, arrived at New York, aboard the S.S. Glen Eden.

March 1, 1919 Schooner Gladys Fearn, Burin to Oporto, reported abandoned in mid ocean.
March 3, 1919 Shipwrecked crew of Danish schooner Abba, reach port from Cape Broyle.
March 4, 1919 S.S. Appenine, Lewisporte to St. Johnís, aground near Witless Point.
March 26, 1919 Schooner Cecil Fearn, Capt. J. Whealan, reported lost off Spain.
March 28, 1919 Seaman Coady, of the schooner Eddie Therault, reported lost on voyage to Barbados.

April 3, 1919 Benjamin Tibbo, Grand Bank, drowned while trawling on the Banks.
April 5, 1919 Disastrous boiler explosion on S.S. Cape Breton off Cape Spear, 5 men killed. Chief Engineer McArthur, Second Engineer Scott, Donkeyman Moores of Kelligrews, and two Chinamen.

Schooner Jennie E Ritcey, reported lost off Sicily.

April 6, 1919 S.S. Wellington returns after two days, with bow stove in.
April 7, 1919 Gasoline explosion on schooner Edward Fry of New Perlican, 3 men injured.
April 8, 1919 Schooner Margaret, arrived at Fortune, and reports death of Richard Martin, Cook, from pneumonia.
April 11, 1919 Disabled steamer Ranger, towed in by S.S. Eagle.
April 14, 1919 Schooner Caribou Hill, Harbor Grace, reported abandoned at sea.

May 14, 1919 William Cluett of Fortune, lost in motor boat, when returning from St. Pierre.
May 25, 1919 S.S. Cassandra arrives in leaky condition, caused by striking a growler.

Schooner James N. Stanley, arrives at Grand Bank, and reports the loss of two men belonging to Jacques Fontaine, on May 16th.

May 27, 1919 News received, of the loss of schooners Phileon, Capt Kendrick, and Annie M. Nadean, Capt. Steward, at sea.

June 7, 1919 Schooner Albert J, Lutz of Catalina, capsized in a squall, off Renews. William L Johnson, married, drowned.
June 12, 1919 Capt. Stewart, and part of crew of the wrecked Annie M. Nadeau, arrived from Liverpool.
June 22, 1919 Wrecked schooner Ferm, refloated and towed into Kingís Cove.

Brigantine Callidora, destroyed by fire at Carbonear.

July 2, 1919 Schooner General Currie, from Lisbon, arrives at Marystown with shipwrecked crew of schooner Burleigh.
July 3, 1919 Schooner Thomas W., Capt. Hann, reported lost, 60 miles off Barbados.
July 10, 1919 Damaged Allan Liner Grampian, reaches port. Two men killed in collision.
July 12, 1919 Disabled steamer Oniven Ardrossen, to Campbellton, N.B., towed into port.
July 19, 1919 John Johnson and George Harris of Fortune Bay, drowned from the dories of the banker Preceptor.
July 31, 1919 Five masted schooner Jane Palmer, towed to port by S.S. Thetis, after springing a leak.

August 5, 1919 Capt and crew of wrecked schooner Ninn L C , reached port.
August 6, 1919 S.S. War Witch, and schooner Gullia, collied off St. Pierre, 19 lost.
August 18, 1919 Banking schooner Flora S. Nickerson, arrives at Grand Bank, reporting Samuel Poole of Corbin, drowned at sea. Married.

September 7, 1919 Crew of wrecked schooner Dellecnac, arrived.
September 23, 1919 S.S. Rosallnd ashore in Long Island.

October 11, 1919 Five masted schooner Selene, of Cape Town, South Africa, lumber laden from Halifax, puts into port with Captain badly injured.
October 19, 1919 S.S. Woundrichen, 15 days from Dartmouth, England, to Sandy Hook, towed into port by S.S. West Cressy, with rudder gone.
October 20, 1919 Reported, S.S. Toronto rescued crew of schooners General Knox and Alice M. Moulton, in mid ocean. Philip Fitzpatrick, Cook of the Knox, drowned at sea, Oct. 14.
October 29, 1919 S.S. Tioga, and schooner Helbert Foarm, Capt. Kemp, reported in collision on way to Barrie, from Fleetwood. Schoonerís crew picked up by another steamer.

November 2, 1919 Schooner J.R. Bradley, abandoned. Crew landed at Barbados.
November 4, 1919 Seven seamen from foundered schooner Nertte, of Bonavista, landed at Sydney, from S.S. Cermanicus, from Holland to Montreal.

The McL Borden, Capt. W Shepherd, reported burnt at sea and abandoned, crew landed in Spain.

November 6, 1919 Schooner J.J. Moulton, Capt. OíNeill, lost at Henley Harbor; also schooners belonging to Jerrett, Brigus, Munn, Harbor Grace, and Simmons, Harbor Grace.
November 8, 1919 Schooner Louisa A.W.B., of Freshwater, driven ashore on rocks near LaScie.
November 9, 1919 S.S. Polar Land, with crew of 51, lost off Nova Scotia. Ralph Penney of Trinity, a victim.

Schooner Gigantic of St. Johnís, Lisbon to Harbor Buffett, reported abandoned at sea. Crew taken to New York by S.S. Craigmore.

November 10, 1919 Schooner Florence, reported lost at Indian Tickle, Labrador.
November 11, 1919 S.S Avondale, Philadelphia to Plymouth, towed into port disabled, by S.S. Lake Elenora.
November 12, 1919 Bowring schooner Blanca, reported abandoned in mid ocean, and crew taken to Charleston, S.C. by an American steamer.
November 14, 1919 Barqt. Olinda, Carbonear, lost at French Harbor Bight.

Schooner Faustina, found bottom up and towed into Bay Bulls, crew of 6 lost.

November 15, 1919 Schooner Arabia, total wreck at entrance to St. Peterís Canal, Cape Breton.
November 22, 1919 Captain and Crew of abandoned schooner Blanca arrive.
November 23, 1919 S.S. Monmouth, 8 days from New York to Manchester, towed in by S.S. LeQuonsoy, for repairs.
November 24, 1919 Schooner Haskel, of Bonavista, reported missing since leaving Griquet, three weeks previously.
November 27, 1919 Capt. Sheppard and crew of the schooner William McL Borden, burnt off the coast of Spain on Oct. 30th., return.

December 4, 1919 Four vessels driven out of Carbonear Harbor and lost.
December 7, 1919 Message received, saying that the bodies of four men from wrecked schooner Minnie J, had been washed ashore at St. Pierre.
December 14, 1919 S.S. Meroin, Boston to Manchester, puts in with fire in her hole.

Reid steamer Ethie, total wreck off Martinís Point, Bonne Bay.

Schooner Grace Darling, sunk at Clarkeís Beach, Herring Neck.

Three masted schooner Barbara McDonald, driven ashore off Blackhead near Cape Race, Captain drowned in storm of previous Wednesday.

December 16, 1919 Schooner Rose M., Capt. Hamilton, driven ashore at Lewisporte.
December 17, 1919 Schooner Gundola, Capt Gillingham, reported ashore at Fleur de Lys.

Schooner Primus, reported total loss at St. Anthony.

Mate and crew of Barbara McDonald, reach town.

Schooner Misty Star, Capt. Fudge, reported wrecked on French Coast.

December 19, 1919 D.I. & S. Co., Hochelaga, Rotterdam to Louisburg, puts into port for repairs.
December 20, 1919 Schooner Sordelle, Capt. Stanley Duder, driven ashore at Rocky Bay, Fogo, subsequently refloated.

Schooner Carl Tibbo, total wreck at Apcey Cove.

Schooner Louis H., driven ashore at Stone Cove, and lost.

Schooner F Rosa, Capt Keeping, ashore at Ramea.

Auxiliary schooner F.P.U., ashore at Woody Island, Gander Bay. Passengers and crew have narrow escape.

December 22, 1919 Crew of Burgeo schooner Milnorini, reported taken off their foundering vessel in mid Atlantic.

Schooner Lady Mabel, Capt. Comerford, ashore at Mall Bay.

Capt Edgecombe and crew, of wrecked S.S. Westerian, arrive.

Capt. Brushett and crew, of wrecked schooner Gertrude, returned.

Schooner Humming Bird, of Twillingate, with 1400 qtls fish, wrecked at Blackhead Bay.

December 26, 1919 S.S. Dundee, towed into port in damaged condition.

Schooner Winifred, with 500 qtls fish, Western Bay to St. Johnís, ashore at Carbonear.

December 29, 1919 Dutch steamer, Auton Von Driel, lost with all of crew but three, at St. Shottís.

S. S. Home, frozen in at Lewisporte.

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