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Year End Review  - 1922


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



December 30, 1921 Smuggler, Capt. Eli Parsons, driven ashore at Catalina.
December 31, 1921 Schooner Bohemia, Sydney to Burin, wrecked in St Pierre Harbor.

January 3, 1922 Capt. Picco and crew of wrecked schooner Kinsman, return. Injured in Railway wreck at Rapid Pond.

Captain and Crew of wrecked schooner Amy B Silver, arrive home.

January 4, 1922 Schooner Jean McKay from Barbados, reported in collision with the Japanese steamer Tasmania Maru, in the Yucatan Channel, and badly damaged.
January 9, 1922 Capt. Burden and crew of wrecked Carbonear schooner Olwen, landed at St. John, N.B., by S.S. Metagama.
January 12, 1922 Schooner Mark H, Gray, breaks anchor at Lark Harbor, drives to sea and breaks to pieces on Buckís Head.
January 15, 1922 Schooner Rose M, Capt. J Kenpatrick, Fogo to Oporto, total wreck at the Azores.
January 17, 1922 Capt. Charles Forward and crew of abandoned schooner Ruby W., arrive at Boston from Genoa.
January 18, 1922 Schooner General Rawlinson, strikes the rocks at Lexios, near Oporto.
January 19, 1922 Schooner Agnes P Duff, Capt. Snow, ashore 3 miles South of Renews. Total wreck. Crew landed at Cappahayden.

Schooner Eileen Lake, Capt Noseworthy, of Fortune, abandoned at St. Pierre Shoals.

January 22, 1922 Schooner Asquith, from Bonanza, Spain, to St. Johnís, Capt. Carnell, abandoned in mid ocean. One man drowned. Crew rescued.
January 23, 1922 Open boat of schooner Eileen Lake, reported by radio, rescued by the Belgian steamer Persian. The shipís Cook died the second night. Crew saved.

Norwegian 5000 ton steamer Modd, abandoned in mid ocean. Crew saved.

January 28, 1922 Schooner Optimist, Bonanza to St. Johnís, abandoned. Crew rescued by the Tanker Ampelico, and later landed at Antwerp.
January 29, 1922 S.S. Rosalind proceeds to rescue of the disabled Swedish steamer Thyra; 2635 tons, 350 miles from Halifax. Tow line breaks, S.S. Eastern Cross joins Rosalind in standing by. Shortage of fuel oil causes Rosalind to abandon efforts, after 3 days.

February 3, 1922 Barqt. Gaspe, Capt Wakeham, abandoned in mid ocean. Crew reach Bermuda.
February 7, 1922 Schooner Bessie A White, Newport News to St. Johnís, abandoned at Smithís Sound, N.H.

Danish schooner Felix, St. Johnís to Oporto, reported lost at Lexios.

February 8, 1922 Schooner Norma B Strong, Capt. S. Penney, abandoned at sea off the Azores.
February 11, 1922 S.S. Lubly reports Barquentine Czarina, dismasted on February 1st., and working her way to Barbados or Bermuda.
February 13, 1922 Seven members of crew of Rose M. from Fogo, reported washed ashore at Fayal, Azores, arrive at Providence, R.I.
February 16, 1922 Crew of schooner Asquith, rescued by S.S. Arcturus, arrive at Plymouth, England.
February 19, 1922 Capt. Wakeham and crew of wrecked barquentine Gaspe, arrive by S.S. Kyle.
February 20, 1922 Schooner J.N. Rafuse, Capt. George Harvey, abandoned off the Newfoundland Coast. Crew rescued by Norwegian steamer Terrier. Lifeboats capsized. Capt Harvey, Mate, and Cook, with Chief Officer of the Terrier, drowned.
February 25, 1922 Schooner Isobel Moore, Capt. Tibbo, towed in by S.S. Sagona, after 50 days passage from Gibraltar, under terrific weather conditions.

Schooner Lowell F Parks, Capt. W. Robinson, lost at sea. Captain and crew row in open boat, a distance of 100 miles, and reaching Barbados, find Captainís brother, Capt David Robinson, with the crew of his wrecked schooner, Elizabeth Rodway.

February 28, 1922 Capt. Kendrick, and crew of wrecked Rose M., arrive by S.S. Kyle, from Fayal.

March 2, 1922 Norwegian freight steamer Grostofy, sunk with all hands, 500 miles S.E. of Cape Race.
March 6, 1922 Capt Penney and crew of wrecked Norma B Strong, arrive at New York.
March 8, 1922 Norwegian Steamer Siato, Capt. Grau, arrives after three weeks detention in the ice pack.
March 10, 1922 Capt. John Evans, and crew of shipwrecked schooner Optimist, arrive at St. John, N.B. from Antwerp, on S.S. Corsican. Also Capt. Noseworthy and crew of wrecked schooner Eileen Lake.
March 19, 1922 Capt Penney, and crew of wrecked schooner Norma B Strong, arrive by S.S. Rosalind.
March 20, 1922 Capt. Jensen, and crew of schooner Waleria, arrive at St. John, N.B., on S.S. Metagama.
March 22, 1922 Schooner Morning Bloom, Hermitage Trading Company, runs ashore at Burgeo.
March 27, 1922 Sealing steamer Diana, formerly S.S. Hector, abandoned at the ice fields and burned. Was 52 years old.
March 30, 1922 Schooner General Currie, of Grand Bank, grounds on Dog Island, St Pierre.

April 11, 1922 S.S. Prospero, arrives from North, having been ice bound for 3 months and 8 days.
April 29, 1922 S.S. Winnifredian, arrives with disabled S.S. Oxonian in tow.

May 10, 1922 S.S. Arbeeco, Capt. A Cameron, from Liverpool to Quebec, runs on Renews Rock. Total loss, all saved.
May 11, 1922 Schooner Dallas B., of Hillview, T.B., abandoned in Conception Bay. Crew landed at Bauline. Vessel subsequently towed to St. Johnís by tug, John Green.
May 24, 1922 Schooner Victoria Reid, of Bonavista Bay, Eli Humby, Master, ashore at Topsail. Total wreck.

June 4, 1922 Schooner Elva Blanche, Sydney to Bay Roberts, ashore off Cape Pine. Total wreck. Crew saved.
June 8, 1922 French Hospital ship Jeanne Arc, towed in disabled three masted French Fishing schooner Rouzie, for repairs.
June 16, 1922 Schooner Beatrix of Heartís Content, Capt. Synyard, towed into port by tug Hugh D., in sinking condition.
June 21, 1922 Schooner Mary E., Sam B. Winsor, ashore in Straits of Bell Isle in dense fog. Total loss.
June 22, 1922 Schooner Jessie, MacCarthy, Master, of Carbonear, with 27 aboard, ashore at Peckfordís Island in dense fog. Vessel total loss but no lives lost.
June 30, 1922 French barquentine Vinna, 33 days from Oporto to St. Pierre, in distress at Portugal Cove, and towed to St. Johnís by tug John Green.

July 5, 1922 S.S. Notburn of Matane, P.Q., to Liverpool, makes port after collision with growler, in deep fog.
July 10, 1922 S.S. Millpool, Barry to Montreal, arrives to land seaman with fractured leg.
July 18, 1922 Schooner Doris L, Corkum, runs ashore at Small Point, near Cape Ballard. Total wreck.
July 21, 1922 Schooner Holmes A., Frank, total wreck at Quirpon in dense fog.
July 22, 1922 Boat Prospero, Thomas Dover, Spanish Rooms, Burin District, sinks off St. Maryís. No lives lost.
July 25, 1922 S.S. Canadian Pioneer, strikes iceburg in Strait of Bell Isle, and proceeds to Sydney for repairs.
July 27, 1922 Schooner Havana, total wreck at West St Modiste. Crew landed safely.

August 3, 1922 French Barquentine, Viana, destroyed by fire at St. Pierre.
August 7, 1922 H.M.S. Raleigh, ashore at Point Amour. Total wreck. Six lives lost.
August 16, 1922 Schooner Happy Jack, Capt. E. Sampson, lost 50 miles from Hopedale. Crew saved. Date approximate.

Schooner Jim and Max, lost at the Farmyards, Labrador, crew saved.

August 27, 1922 Schooner L Morton, Thomas Sturge, Master, lost at Port Manners, Labrador.

September 11, 1922 S.S. Home, ashore at Barge Point, Labrador side of the Straits, but is speedily floated.
September 12, 1922 French Banker, Bernado, founders off Cape Race.
September 15, 1922 All crew of wrecked Banker, Berardo, reported to have safely landed.
September 29, 1922 Barque Madeline Constance, Job Bros. & Co. Owners, afire and abandoned in Lat. 48.50 , Long., 37.05. Crew taken off by S.S. Joseph Seef.

October 2, 1922 S.S. Strathcoma of the Grenfell Mission, Capt. Simms, sinks off Cabot Island. Crew taken off by schooner Grace, Capt. Roberts.
October 5, 1922 Schooner Helen Jean, owned by Howell Bros., Burin, sinks at her moorings at Turkís Island. Total loss.
October 22, 1922 Schooner Mariner, of Bell Island, goes ashore at Langley, Miquelon.
October 23, 1922 Schooner Isabelle, lost at Domino, Labrador.
October 24, 1922 Schooner Annie W Mulling, of Jersey Harbor, Fortune Bay, ashore near Ferryland Head.
October 29, 1922 S.S. Kyle, tows into Port aux Basques, disabled steamer Bethlehem, bound from North Sydney to Wabana.
October 31, 1922 Schooners Arkona, of Harbor Breton, and Catherine Moulton, of Burgeo, in collision, during gale at North Sydney. Arkona sinks, but is refloated a fortnight later.

Schooner Bell Franklin, lost in a gale at Giquet.

November 3, 1922 Schooner C.C.C., belonging to James Norris and Sons, Conche, drives ashore at Coachmanís Cove. Total wreck.

Schooner Marrimac, Capt. Smallcombe, total loss at Square Island. Crew saved.

Severe gale. S.S. Silvia, moored at Harveyís, parts her hawsers.

November 8, 1922 S.S. Meigle, reaches drifting S.S. Canadian Seigneur.
November 14, 1922 Schooner Hattie A Hickman, wrecked at Exploits.
November 15, 1922 Italian Freighter Monte Grappa, abandoned in mid ocean, 500 miles N.E. of Cape Race.
November 20, 1922 W. Breenís schooner, lost in storm at Bearís Cove, St. Barbe.

Schooner belonging to Jas. Adams, Jackson Ar,, totally wrecked in storm.

November 22, 1922 S.S. Nordfjeld, Sunderland to Gaspe, with coal, ashore at Flowerís Cove Ledge.
November 24, 1922 After being rudderless and at mercy of wind and sea for 25 days, the big Merchant Steamer, Canadian Seigneur, arrives in tow of the Canadian Sapper, with cargo of 100 tons pig iron, bound for Liverpool at Montreal.
November 25, 1922 Tern schooner Winnifred, owned by Eugen Lindsay, fish laden from Bonne Bay, picked up in sinking condition by schooner Catherine Moulton, 90 miles N.W. of St. Pierre. Crew saved. Vessel set on fire to prevent danger to navigation.
November 28, 1922 Schooner Mirian H., Cpt. Dove, ashore on Bell Island, having dragged her anchor during heavy night storm.

December 2, 1922 Schooner Catherine Moulton, 8 days from North Sydney, arrived with crew rescued from schooner Winnifred.
December 4, 1922 S.S. Canadian Gunner, on fire. Cargo of hay, flour and oats. Removed from dry dock to Furness Whity Pier at 6 p.m. on the 3rd. Men worked for 53 hours before flames extinguished. Loss about $100,000.
December 7, 1922 Schooner August la Blonde, sunk in Lat. 49.15., Long. 45.25. Crew rescued by S.S. Nieis Nielsen.
December 8, 1922 S.S. Sagona lands S.S. Nordfjeidís crew of 82, at Curling. Crew proceeds to Halifax.
December 10, 1922 S.S. Cragness, 14 days from Middlesborough to New York, arrives, storm swept and badly battered, with steering gear out of order.
December 12, 1922 Schooner Colonia, Capt. Blackmore, ashore at Seal Cove, White Bay. Crew saved.
December 16, 1922 S.S. Prospero, Capt. Field, runs ashore at Greenspond. Afterwards refloated. S.S. Portia despatched to her assistance.
December 17, 1922 Schooner Maggie Wilson, driven ashore at Herring Cove, Petty Harbor.
December 19, 1922 Schooner Snowdrift, E. Walsh, Master, driven ashore in snow squall on the North Side of St. Maryís Bay.
December 20, 1922 Schooner Bastain, 15 days from St. Johnís to Fogo, arrived in Seldom Come By.
December 21, 1922 Schooner Gordon C Fudge, of Harbor Breton, abandoned at sea and set on fire. Crew rescued by S.S. Menominee, in exhausted state, arrived at New York on the 26th.
December 23, 1922 Schooner Utowana, ashore on Wig Rock, Twillingate.

Schooner Emblem of Hope, ashore on Pearceís Rock, Twillingate.

December 24, 1922 Schooner Sebastopol, Capt. S.B. Winsor, ashore at St. Jacques. Afterward refloated.
December 26, 1922 S.S. Prospero, under command of Capt. Connors, and accompanied by S.S. Daisy, arrives from Greenspond, badly damaged, bringing reports of serious looting.
December 27, 1922 Delayed News from St. Lawrence, announces the arrival there on Christmas Day, of Capt. John Doody and crew of the schooner A.G. Isnor, abandoned in mid ocean. The Isnor was bound for Red Island, Placentia Bay, to St. Johnís, and driven to sea in terrific storm, and nothing heard of her for three weeks. Crew rescued by schooner, Frank R. Forsey..

S.S. Digby, Capt. Chambers, D.S.O., arrives, 14 days from Liverpool, after battling with continuous hurricane. Considerable damage done.

Weather on Atlantic for previous fortnight, severe. Numerous casualties reported, and shipping reaching North American harbors daily, in badly crippled condition.

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