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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

"The Daily News"   - Year End Review - Necrology - 1931

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Transcribed by John Baird and Sue O'Neill  While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

December 1930
20 Hilda MEHANEY, Carbonear, 21.
27 Samuel BROMLEY, Twillingate, 60.
28 Mrs, George BLANDFORDS, Twillingate.
30 Mrs. James HEARN, Petty Harbor .
31 Charles SHEPPARD
Richard Archibald SQUIRES, St. Phillips, 81.
1 Mrs. A. R. RIDEOUT at Twillingate.
Mrs. Rossana CORNICK, 78
John ADRAIN, 81
3 Captain Joseph ROACH, Coley’s Point, 36.
Ethelwyn BEST, formerly of Tack’s Beach, at Brooklyn, N.Y.
Dr. W. PROCUNIER at Toronto.
4 Mrs. Sarah Harriet CLARKE, formerly of this city, at Verdum, N. Y.
5 Robert H. PIKE, formerly of Carbonear, at Portsmouth, Mass. 33
6 Clarence WHITEWAY , Musgrave Harbor, 12.
Mrs. Catherine WALSH, 63.
Thomas MOORE, formerly of Bay de Verde at Everett, Mass , 77.
7 Joseph YOUNG Twillingate, 82.
Mrs. Mary A KEOUGH , formerly of Ferryland at Melrose, Mass. 77
8 Margaret POWER.
10 Richard James IVANY, 67.
Mrs. Catherine DUNN, of this city at Carbonear.
Joseph M WISEMAN, 56
12 Rev. Charles W. TILLER. formerly of Wesleyville, at Oklahoma U. S. A.
Richard Cornell CODY, 22.
13 Stella Mary DONNELLY, 7 months.
15 Andrew WILSON, late secretary of Council of Higher Education , 63.
16 Ernest KELLY, 13
Mrs. Theodore F. THOMPSON.
Mrs. Priscilla PERRY, formerly of Seldom.
Hilda BROWN, Fogo, 23.
17 Jack S. O’FLYNN, at New Orleans.
Mrs. Eliza MOORE, Avondale.
Mrs. Margaret Branscombe FORDE, formerly of this city at Brooklyn, N. Y.
18 Arthur Louis BENSON, 5.
22 Mrs. Elizabeth S. HUTCHINGS, 87.
Patrick WHITTY, Torbay, 71.
23 Mrs. Agnes KEPPIE, 75
George M. GODDARD, formerly of Epworth, Burin at Medicine Hat, Alberta 87.
24 Mrs. Clara Burton GOODLAND, formerly of this city at West Somerville, Mass.
Richard POWELL, Carbonear, 70
Patrick DELANEY, 81
Albert Edward Clarence NEWHOOK, Old Perlican 6 weeks.
Florrie ASHBOURNE, Twillingate.
25 Mrs. Priscilla BROWN, Brownsdale, T. B. 67.
Henry PARSONS, Gooseberry Island, 80.
Ivy KING, formerly of Lamaline, at Brooklyn, N. Y.
25 Mary Margaret KIELLEY.
Martha LOCKYER Point Aux Gaul.
Mary FITZPATRICK, Bell Island.
27 John Quinton SYME, formerly of this city at Chicago.
28 John FITZPATRICK , Bell Island.
Michael BRIAN, Fortune Harbor, 31.
30 Edward NICHOLL, Carbonear, 77.
Henry HARRIS, Canaille, Bonavista
Mrs. Thomas CAHILL, Avondale.
31 Elizabeth POWER, 10 months.
Mary Theresa PENNEY, 14 ½
Mrs. Elizabeth FOWLER , Kelligrews, 50
Rev. Dr. T. H. JAMES, formerly of the Newfoundland Conference, at Whiting Indiana.
1 William WELLS, Goulds, 74
Mrs. Anne POWER, Tor’s Cove.
Grace HARRIS, Bonavista, 15.
Mrs. Elizabeth MILLEY, Burnt point, 60.
Francis STUCKLESS, Coachman’s Cove 99.
2 Robert Cyril PITCHER, formerly of Green’s Harbor T. B. at Cambridge, Mass, 25.
3 Agnes DILLION, 2 months.
Mrs. Sarah J DOTCHON, Brigus.
5 Mr. Juan LAZO, well know here as a Merchant and fish buyer , dies at Seville, Spain.
6 Alexander HOLLOWAY,
7 Mrs. Mary Hooper BUTLER, 87
Edward O’NEILL, 49
Mrs. Albert TAYLOR, Bristol’s Hope, 76.
Martin COSTELLO, formerly of Avondale, at Richmond.
8 Mrs. Matthew KENT, 72
Mrs. Elizabeth MOORE.
Mrs. Jemima WILTON, Bonne Bay
9 Joseph WALSH, 21
Jimmy CLARKE, 14 months
Mrs. Jessie HALLETT, formerly of this city , at Whiteman, Mass.
James QUINLAN, North Arm, Holyrood, 64
Capt. F. W. CHAMBERS, Reygate, Surrey England.
10 Gerald HORWOOD, 2.
John Robert DOWDEN, 84
James D DUNN, Harbor Grace, 80.
Mrs. Annie GILLETT, Carbonear, 80.
11 Tommie CLUETT, 2 years, 9 months
Mrs. Eliza FROUDE, 86.
12 Frederick O’KEEFE.
Mrs. Druscilla Green AUSTIN, 84
Mrs. (Rev. Canon) FIELD.
Miss May Eliza ROBINSON, at Grange Park, Ealing, 93.
13 Rev. Charles LENCH.
14 Evelyn HIBBS, Bell Island, 5 months.
Mrs. Thomas ABBOTT, Rolling Cove, B. B. 25.
15 Mrs. Thomas FISHER, Bonavista.
Arthur RICE, Red Head cove, 2 years.
16 John WORNELL, formerly of Greenspond.
Barbara Florence RIDEOUT, Bell Island
17 Mrs. Sarah BRENMAN, 52.
Mrs. Margaret BUCKLEY.
William J HALLEY, 60.
Mary O’GRADY, formerly of Carbonear , at Bonavista, at Providence , R. I.
18 Alice MULROONEY, 48.
Mrs. Mercedes (Healey) RYAN, 28.
Flora Beatrice HUNT , Bell Island, 6.
19 John J. St. JOHN.
Mrs. Mary MILES, Bonavista, 89.
Joseph RUSSELL, Bay Roberts 79.
20 John CRANE, 30.
Thomas McDONNELL, 70
John COLE, Bacon Cove, Conception.
21 Adam McCOUBREY, 56.
William DUNN (Carpenter), 81.
Mary NEWTON, Bell Island, 22.
Mrs. Anthony CUMMINGS, Bell Island, 67.
22 Michael Francis CANTWELL, Cape Spear, 22.
23 Michael Erin DEMPSEY, 5 months
Mrs. Robert St. John McKAY, formerly of Bell Island, at Medford, Mass.
24 Mrs. Martha Ford ELLIS, 84.
Henry Thomas ROSE, Salmon Cove, dist. Carbonear.
Charles MATTHEWS, New Perlican, 46.
25 Mrs. Anastatia WALSH, 90
Edna Louis BROWN King’s Cove, 23.
Patrick HANNON, Low point, B.D.V.. 55.
26 Israel GOLDSTONE, of New York
Hugh P BROWNE, 22.
Thomas ROSE, Ochre Pit Cove, 17
James GILLESPIE, Fortune Harbor, 73.
27 Mrs. Katherine (Roche) GRIFFEN, 52
1 Mrs. Mary Louise WINSLOW, at Detroit Mich.
Mrs. Thomas PENNEY, formerly of Brigus, at Everett, Mass.
2 Mrs. Henry O’DELL, Bell Island, 46.
4 Thomas F. GRACE, formerly of this city at Newark, N. J.
Mrs. Mary KERRIVAN, 68.
Mrs. Amelia KING, Broad Cove, B .D. V. , 64.
5 Mrs. Katie MILLER, at Medford Mass.
6 James Parsons, OTTERBURY, Freshwater,
7 Mrs. Cicely NOSEWORTHY, 78.
Cyril COLBOURNE, 12.
8 Mrs. Sarah MILLER, 47.
Andrew THOMSON, native of Glasgow, 59.
Norman SHIRRAN, Canaille, Bonavista, 7.
10 John ROWE, 82.
Dr. William A MORRIS, formerly of this city , at Puerto Plato, Santo Domingo, 66.
William NOFTALL.
11 Jessie REID.
Mrs. Annie (Anderson) DICK of Dundee, Scotland, at Clarenville, 63.
Stewart PARSONS, Harbor Grace. 86.
Annie GOSLING, Bonavista, 13.
12 Elizabeth NORTHCOTT.
14 Guy HALIDAY, of this city, at Gravenhurst, Ont., 25.
Mrs. Charlotte HARVEY, 90.
Mrs. William FLEMMING, Spillar’s Cove, Bonavista, 90.
Absalom RYDER, Lance Cove, Bonavista, 73.
Mrs. Susannah BURDEN, Carbonear, 62.
15 Mrs. Agnes BENNETT.
Thomas CROTTY.
16 John C. OKE, 74
Mrs. Catherine HARRIS, 82
18 William A. BASTOW, formerly of this city, at Detroit Mich. 38.
19 Mrs. Elizabeth BOWERS, 49
Mrs. Matilda ALLAN, Topsail 83.
23 Simeon Robert PIKE,85
John J ROGERS, 19 ½
25 Jonas LeDREW
William CALLAHAN, 46.
Michael PEDDLE, 63.
26 Andrew ANSTEY, Little Bay Islands, 77.
28 R. Grahan FREEMAN, 31.
Mrs. Catherine WALSH, 65.
Pauline SQUIRES , St. Phillips, 18
29 William J ABBOTT, Bonavista, 22.
30 Sadie A QUINTON, Southern Bay, 5.
31 Mrs. Sarah ROWE, Heart’s Content, 73.
1 Nathaniel A CHAFE, Port Blandford, 86.
Simeon SELLARS, Bonavista.
2 Mrs. Margaret STEVENS, 58.
3 Mrs. Annie Jane SQUIRES,St. Phillips.
Mrs. Laura Muri DUDER.
4 Sr. M Teresa LEE.
Gregory FLOOD.
Mrs. Thomas FLEMMING, Spillar’s Cove.
Mrs. John McGRATH, Bonavista.
George HUTCHINGS, Spaniard’s Bay.
5 Patrick HOWLETT, Petty Harbor, 75
Mrs. Patrick HOWLETT, Petty Harbor.
6 Margaret H SINNOTT, 22.
Mrs. Robert RYDER, Bonavista.
8 Denis J BURKE, St. Jacques, 62.
Mary (Minnie) CAREY.
10 Denis Hanna BUTT.
11 John B. McGUIRE, 93
12 Denis Joseph POWER.
Mrs. Catherine MOORE.
Albert JONES.
13 Charles DAWE, Upper Gullies
Mrs. James J COADY.
Mrs. Mary Jane BUTLER, Middle Bight, Kelligrews, 81
Silas WIDGER, Carbonear, 84.
14 William Harris JACOBS, Ochre Pit Cove, 54.
16 Philip KIRBY (Cooper)
Mrs. Mary SNOW, 82.
18 John O’BRINE, Bay Bulls.
Mrs. Amelia BAXTROM, 73.
R. T. SAINTHILL, of North Sydney, formerly of St. John’s at Toronto.
Mrs. Julia Ann BAGGS, Broad Cove B. D. V.
21 John COOMBS, Old Perlican , 81
A. S. DUBOURDIEU, collector of Customs, at Port au Port.
22 Joseph CUFF 97.
24 Thomas Joseph BARTLETT, Bell Island, 3
25 Andew NASH, Holyrood, 26
Henry T. TUCKER, Burnt Point, 78.
Mrs. Fred DYKE, Bonavista, 37.
26 James BYRNE, 85
Mrs. Johannah FOLEY, 84
Richard GRIFFITH, 86.
Maxwell LEWIS, 9
Mrs. Francis YOUNG, Tilton, 52.
Mrs. Susanna BARRETT, Bear’s Cove, Harbor Grace., 93
27 Philip CHAFE, 80.
28 Lady BENNETT, 64
Mrs. Sadie CLARKE formerly of Victoria, at Montreal, 26
29 Walter DICKS native of Stirlingshire, Scotland.
George Edward RUSSELL, Bay Roberts.
Albert RODGERS, Harbor Grace
Sam R RHODES, of Stoney Creek., New York, at Corner Brook General Hospital, 37.
30 Mrs. Bridget FARDY Harbor Main.
1 Rev. R. J. POWER, former , Pastor of the Presbyterian Church here, at Dublin.
Mrs. Elizabeth DOWLING, formerly of Newfoundland, at North Sydney, 68.
2 Israel HYNES, Petries, 57.
Mrs. W. H. CULLEN.
Mrs. Mary PICCO, 68.
3 Isaac SNOW a native of Bay Roberts, 68
Harry E. GREAVES, 76.
Mrs. Annie STREET, 57.
4 John PEDDLE (Carpenter) 80
5 John J PENNEY, (Pilot) 68.
Benjamin SQUIRES, St. Jones within, 87.
6 Mrs. John R BOONE, formerly of St. John’s, at Almeda. Calf, 56.
Samuel PYE, Lethbridge.
8 Mrs. John DODGE, at Pittsburgh, Pa.
9 Mrs. Joseph DALE, Northern Bay, 76.
Mrs. Eliza BERRY of Bonavista Bay, passed away on S. S. Caribou.
Miss Margaret Campbell MacPHERSON, at Versailles , France.
Thomas ROBERTS. Sr. Wild Cove, Twillingate, 73.
10 Albert TAYLOR, 77
11 Albert O’Neil CONROY, City Solictor, 31.
William J CONNOLLY, 78.
Martin RYAN, Argentia, 81.
13 Mrs. Virtue Ann THOMAS 81.
Lillian FRY, 28
Mrs. Mary (Hally) MURPHY.
Mrs. Mary Ellen KELLY, 67.
Rev. Bro. EYMARD (James Patrick Duffy) formerly of this City at Peabody, Mass.
14 Maxwell F BUTLER, 24.
Mrs. Martha WILLIAMS, Goulds 76.
Gergory J BRUFF, 60.
Annie McCORMICK, Grand Falls.
Alfred Francis BUTLER, formerly of Newfoundland, at Newport Naval Hospital, Rhode Island, 33
15 John J MULCAHY, 54.
Mrs. R PLOWMAN, George’s Brook.
16 William HOPKINS, at Notre Dame Junction, 64.
17 Joseph PETERS 64.
William H NORMAN, of Brigus, 77.
18 Mrs. Margaret A WADDEN.
Frank REDMOND, 254
Robert BURTON, 25
19 Mrs. Ellen SCURRY, 80
Thomas SEARS.
Mrs. Laura Louise TAYLOR, of Carbonear, at Heart’s Content
Sarah DEWLING, 74
20 Mrs. Julia BURKE, Bay Bulls.
21 Patrick J VINICOMBE
Mrs. Anastasia O’TOOLE, 76
22 John BALDWIN Orr, at New York, 66.
Reuben REES, 86.
Mrs. Rosannah NOSEWORTHY. Southsid, Harbor Grace. 72.
23 Robert A PERRY, 24.
Mrs. James HISCOCK, 96.
Mrs. Mary FRENCH , 77.
24 Thomas MIRON, 75.
25 W.. E. LADLEYat Howell Mich.
William R BECKHAM, formerly of Harbor Grace at Chicago, Ill.
26 James DUNN, 85.
Peter O’NEILL, 69.
Mrs. Elizabeth A DAVIS, Harbor Grace, 89.
27 H. W. LeMESSURIER, C. M. G. ex-Deputy Minister Customs, 83.
Mrs. Theresa CAHILL
Mrs. Bridget CLARKE, 85.
Agnes WARDE.
JosephYETMEN, Bryant’s Cove.
28 Patrick J GUINAN
Mrs. Alice J. M. FRENCH, 83
Madam Mary HAYES, at Sacred Heart Convent, Bogota Columbia, South America
30 Mrs. Elizabeth NEARY, Portugal Cove Road.
George COLLINS, Spaniards Bay 80.
31 Mrs. Annie HAND.
Lydia WAY, Bayley’s Cove B. B.
2 George E TURNER, organist Wesley Church.
John McLAUGHLAN, of Catalina, 79.
Silvanus YOUNG, 66.
Mrs. P SAXTON, Bonavista.
3 Patrick ENGLISH, 28
Mrs. Dinah BRAZIL, Spaniard’s Bay, 79
4 Mrs. Mary Ann (Devine) McGRATH
5 Mrs. Stephen PHILLIPS, Bonavista.
Samuel ETSELL, Spillar’s Cove, 29.
Mrs. Bridget PINEL, native of Newfoundland, at North Sydney.
James BROWN, Bishop Harbor, Salvage.
6 Miss Florence VAIL, Lower Island Cove.
7 John HAMPTON , Grand Falls.
Sarah Jane HUTCHINGS, Spaniard’s Bay, 71
8 James BARNES, Carbonear.
9 Thomas HANN, 74.
10 Mrs. Mary J SMART, Outer Cove, 71.
11 William HICKS, Bayley’s Cove , B.B
14 George MAUDER, 74
Mrs. Margaret, FOLEY.
Uriel Thomas TULK, J. P. Ladies Cove.
15 Richard TAYLOR Carbonear.
16 Mrs. Mary KING, Broad Cove, B. D. V. , 74.
17 John Cuthbert CHANNING,
18 Julia M. KENNEDY, Avondale.
19 Mrs. Mary (Browne) MOORE, 62
20 John T. JOHNSON.
21 Cyril GRIFFITHS, 4 ½
23 Mrs. Mirian C. HORWOOD, of the city, at Grand Falls.
24 Thomas MULLALY, Northern Bay
Herbert HAYWARD, 49
26 Mrs. Emily PELLEY, Hant’s Harbor
Mrs. Lillian MILLER, formerly of this city, at Corner Brook.
28 Richard WALSH, 88.
Mrs. Jessie J (Day) WATERFIELD at Dartmouth, N.S.
29 S .C HUSSEY, Burin.
Annie WAKELY, Haystack, P. B. 29.
Nurse Maud MIFFLEN, Bonavista.
30 Mrs. Ellen HAWE, of Bristol’s Hope
Henry PEDDLE ,Spaniard’s Bay, 72.
1 John CARTER, 78
Alfred CREWE, of Elliston.
James KING,
Mrs. Hanna HORWARD
Mrs. Jessie ANTHONY, 42
4 Archibald TARGET, ex-M. H. A. At Hant’s Harbor.
Mrs. John PUGH , Hearts Content
5 Rev. Patrick HEARN, P.P. Coachman’s Cove.
John J KEAN, (Shoemaker)
John MORGAN, 61
Margaret BYRNE, 18.
6 Mrs. Bridget KENT formerly of Lance Cove , Bell Island at Sydney.
Mrs. Johanna Fahey SULLIVAN, Western Bay
8 Katherine COURISH, 19
9 Mrs. Ronald BISHOP, Bonavista.
11 Robert ASH, 79
Mrs. Henry MOULAND, Bonavista.
12 Mother M Teresa SLATTERY, Belvedere. Convent.
Mrs. William DUNN
Danial MURRAY, Argentia, 75.
13 Jessie Emerson CARTER.
Mark HICKS, Rolling Cove, B. B.
Mrs. George SNOW, Woodford’s Cove, Little Bay, 26
16 Patrick O’NEIL, 68
Ananias MARCH , Old Perlican, 74
Denis O’SULLIVAN, at Halifax, N. S.
Capt. John PHILLIPS, Twillingate, 74.
17 John STAPLETON, Hr. Grace, 87.
Mrs. May J (Joy) HOMER, formerly of Carbonear, at Arlington , 87.
John MANNING, Oderin.
Michael BYRNE, Waldron’s Cove, Lewisporte, N. D. B. 76.
18 Mrs. Mary Joseph (Hackett) O’REILLY, of Placentia.
William R. HORWOOD, Carbonear, 73.
20 Mrs. Lydia de Gruchy BERTEAU, formerly of Twillingate,
22 John BUTT, 78.
24 Sr. M Seraphina KENNY, formerly of this city, at St. Vincent’s Hospital , New York
25 Mrs. Dinah ENGLAND.
Obediah STRICKLAND, Hant’s Harbor, 81.
Mrs. Lillian JEWER, formerly of Moreton’s Harbor, at Los Angeles.
26 Mrs. Roy OLDFORD. at Toronto
27 Mrs. Mary A (Cis) O’GRADY.
28 Isabela BLAIR.
John CURRAN, 16.
Robert HAYES, Foxtrap, 65
31 Mrs. Flora L ROBINSON, 70.
Levi John HOPKINS, Old Perlican , 43.
Mrs. Bridget JOY, Bonavista, 93
1 Mrs. Maude (Bartlett) ADAMS.
2 Richard ENGLISH, Job’s Cove, B .D. V. 84
4 Miss Bridget ENNIS
Moses SPURRELL, 74
Mrs. Sarah WHITTEN.
5 Mrs. Minie (Barron) MURPHY, 54
Mrs. Ellen FAHEY, 83.
6 William Joseph WADDLETON, 20.
7 William KNOX.
8 John PICCO, 33
9 George BUCHANAN, 80
10 Mrs. Ellen (Kavanagh) MADDIGAN.
11 George E. MOORE, formerly of Blackhead, B.D. V.
12 Mrs. Annie SMITH, Cupids, 81.
15 Sergt. Thomas MURPHY.
Mrs. Frank MACKEY, Riverhead, Harbor Grace,39.
16 Mrs. Carolin TULK, 74
Mrs. Gladys Frances DAWE.
Mark MOORES, Sandy Cove, Twillingate. 88
Roy Allison CREASY , B. A. , formerly of Elliston, at Toronto.
17 Mrs. Robert BARKER, Grand Falls
19 Heber PORTER
Augustus T. BEARNS, formerly of this city , at Montreal.
20 Jonas BARTER, founder of the Truckmen’s Union and S. P.A. Inspector, 77
Captain William BARTLETT, Noted seal killer, Brigus, 80.
Mrs. Mary Emily (Warren) WHITE, formerly of this city, at Montreal.
Mrs. Julia A. DOYLE, Gull Island, B. D .V 82
21 Mrs. Lavina TAYLOR, 79
23 Alma Gertrude AUSTIN, 13
Mrs. Harriett A SOOLEY, Heart’s Content.
Mrs. Alex PARSONS, formerly of Scotland, at Bell Island.
24 Mrs. Phoebe BUTLER, Topsail
Mrs. Ann YETMAN, St. Mary’s, 84
John MURPHY, Colliers.
25 Mrs. Margaret MAHON
Patrick J Reardon (H.M.C.), 74
Thomas BULLEY, 77
26 Mrs. Gladys (Kelland )TIBBO.
John BURSEY , Catalina 76
Gertie TEMPLEMAN , Bonavista.
27 Mrs. Mary (Christian) Scott KNIGHT, 94.
31 Mrs. Robert TAYLOR, Carbonear,
Patrick KELLY, Hr. Grace, 76.
1 Thomas HOLDEN, 22
Corbet PITTS, Lance Cove, Bell Island.
2 Mrs. J. D. FORD, formerly of Hr. Grace at Malden , Mass.
Mrs. Georgina HUGHES, Moreton’S Harbor, 83
Mrs. Mariah HUGHES, Moreton’s Hr. 83,
Mrs. J. J. CURRAN, Brigus.
3 William LANDER, Bonavista.
4 Mrs. Katherine DENTLER, formerly of Low Point B. D. V. , 78.
Mrs. Marguerita A RASMUSSEN, 54
Mrs. Loyal RUSSELL, formerly of Port Union, at Winterton, T. B.
5 Mrs Elizabeth COURTNEY, 74
Mrs. Martha MARSHALL, Bay Roberts. 72.
8 Miss Catherine MORRIS, 79.
Mrs. Mary Ann LILY, Hr. Grace.
John SEXTON, Bonavista.
9 Isabela Margaret BLACKMORE
Olive BANKS, Fogo, 24.
10 Mary MURPHY.
Mrs. Helena CREASER, Riverport, N. S. 62
11 Mary MARTIN, 15
Mrs. Bessie E. GRIMMER, at St. John N.B.
12 William CLARKE, Bonavista, 40.
Cora Pearl MEADOWS, Loreburn, 5
13 Madeline Jean BISHOP, 22
Mrs. James DUNN,
14 Andrew BUTT, Tizzard Harbor, 74.
Nellie DOOLEY, Carbonear, 18
Mrs. Stewart WHITE, Cottle’s Island, at Little Bay , 32.
17 Bobbie LANE, Catalina, 9.
18 Mrs. Susannah (Carter) PAYNE.
19 Emanuel OLIVOUS
20 Mrs. Mary GATES, Summerford, 82.
Michael RYAN, Kilbride, 64
Mrs. Minnie C SIMMONDS, formerly of Harbor Grace.
21 Howard PARSONS,
Joseph GRIBBLE, 77.
22 Austion P ROCHE, Argentia 27.
William Merrill MITCHELL, J. P. Sound Island, 82.
Mrs. Carl WARR, Purcell’s Harbor, 20.
23 Mrs. Elizabeth HARDING, Holyrood, 66.
25 Mary HEALEY Blackhead, 22.
Mary DURDLE, Bayly’s Cove, Bonavista
Joseph LORD, Fogo.
26 Lloyd Tocque CHANCEY (Barber), 66.
Audry WHITEWAY, Musgrave Harbor, 6.
Mrs. George ASH, Red Bay, 68
27 Boyd BUTLER, 9 ½ months.
Mrs. Emily MARTIN, 90.
28 Mrs. Levi MARCH, Bonavista.
29 Annie DOWNEY, 23.
Mrs. Thomas HOPKINS. Heart’s Content.
30 Benjamin BATES, Port au Port.
Mrs. Arthur JACKMAN, formerly of this city at Montreal.
2 Maxwell John GRANDY, Garnish, 26.
J OSMOND, Fogo, 70
Mrs. Janie STARKS, Nipper Harbor
3 Mrs. Ralph MARTIN, Bell Island, 31.
Mr. D. SARGENT, Fogo
John HUNT, Catalina, 64
4 Gerald JOHNSON, 7
Richard BARRON, 58.
John KELLY, 68
Robert TAYLOR, Carbonear. 77.
James ELMES, of Stone’s Cove, T. B. member of the crew of the schooner “Lavinia” died onboard vessel.
5 William SQUIRE, St. Phillips.
Frank TAYLOR, Southside, Harbor Grace.21
6 Mrs, Anastasia Chidley HODGERS. 69
Lawrence Joseph WHITTLE.
Patricia Mary Delemere HOWLEY 14
7 John FLYNN, 70
Thomas Frederick ENGLAND (shoemaker), 49
Mrs. Leah THISTLE, Pouch Cove.
9 Mrs. Margaret Summers McNELLY
Mrs. Catherine BISHOP
Mrs. Bridget RYALL Job’s Cove.
10 Mrs. Adam HARRIS, Bonavista.
Walter FISHER , Bayley’s Cove.
11 Mrs. Denis ROSE, Wabana, Bell Island.
12 James Lawrence MURPHY, 21
Joseph SNOW, Bell Island.
13 Mrs., Annie KING formerly of Ayr, Scotland.
Mrs. Bella LeDrew McNEILL, formerly of Cupids at Vancouver, B. C.
14 W. J. HODDER.
Mrs. Margaret BATES.
15 John KNIGHT, 11 months.
16 John McGRATH, East Wabana.
Mrs. Bertha MacKILLOP, formerly of this city, at Dorchester, Mass.
17 Mrs. William FLEMING,
John McLEAN , Bell Island 19.
Mrs. Edna KING , Little Catalina, 75.
18 Captain Thomas PHILLIPS, formerly of Wales.
Helena D KILPATRICK, Whitebourne
Mrs. Thomas CUFF, Bonavista, 82.
19 A. D. WETMORE, Truro.
20 Mrs. Margaret D. BARNES.
Mrs. Selby CRANE, Spaniard’s Bay, 24
21 Mrs. Johanna COX, 70.
22 Mrs., Emma GARRETT, 94
23 Mary Ann WEIR, 85
24 George Albert POOLE, Custom officer , Channel, 70.
25 Andrew GLENDENNING, 63.
Francis PYNN, 36
27 Jabez KELLOWAY, Salmon Cove, 19
Blanche PRITCHARD, formerly of Gambo, at Deer Lake 23.
28 John S. CRUMMEY, Western Bay, 73.
29 Kenneth BELLOWS, Child’sPoint, Corner Brook.
Mrs. Robert LINTHORNE, Bonavista.
30 Eric BARRETT, Curling.
Charlotte Mitchell MARCH, 84
31 Alex J LACEY, formerly of this city, at Anaconda, Montreal, 42.
Mrs. Patience CRANE, Bay Roberts, 77.
1 Thomas F KAVANAGH (druggist) , 73
Thomas CHURCHILL,Gilesporte, 65.
Mrs. Selina Snow CLARKE, formerly of Newfoundland , at Halifax, 86.
2 Mrs. Emma Eunice REID, 79.
William Joseph HURLEY, formerly of this city, at Chelsea, Mass.
3 Fred BEST, Westeyville.
William Edwin PARSONS, Harbor Breton, 25.
4 Captain William HAYNES, Catalina
Alice Mary SMITH, 14.
Mrs. Ellen NANGLE, 67.
John HISCOCK, 56.
5 Mrs. Louisa WILCOX, Harbor Grace, 59.
Mrs. Ettie BRAGG, Channel.
6 John SHEA, Riverhead, Hr, Grace, 84
John CUFF, formerly of Bonavista, at Sydney, 84.
7 Mrs. Elizabeth CARBERRY.
Adam AVERY, 58
Walter G. BAGGS, Blackhead, B. D. V. , 34.
8 Jonas SEWARD, Heart’s Content 77.
9 Mrs., Sarah Ann BALL, Grand Falls.
Eli MARTIN, Hr. Grace, 74.
10 Chesley ASH, Crocker’s Cove, Carbonear, 22.
11 Josephine Mary FOLEY,
12 Myra Frances PARSONS, 22.
13 George BUTT, Heart’s Content, 75.
17 Magistrate J. W. JANES, Greenspond.
Michael A DUNN, Bell Island, 53.
18 John DOHERTY , Carbonear, 73.
19 Mrs. George ROWE, Fogo, 48.
Thomas CURRAN, formerly of Charlottetown, P. E. I. 76.
21 Mrs. Thomas H.SHEPPARD, Southside Hr. Grace, 71.
Mrs. Emma J DAWE, Clarke’s Beach, 68
Mrs., Elizabeth REDMOND, Avondale, 81.
Captain Thomas BARBOUR, Newtown, B. B. , 82.
22 Mrs. Isabella BROWN, formerly of Harbor Grace, at Boston.
Elleen McDONALD, 10 ½
Mrs. Catherine WHITE, 92.
24 Mrs. Jane OLIVER, 53.
26 James PIKE, Hr, Grace, 74
Mrs. Selby NOSEWORTHY, Harbor Grace.
27 Lewis G. GRUMMEY, formerly of Western Bay, at Boston.
28 Mrs. John REES, Bell Island, 29
Samuel A. JANES, 35.
30 Mrs. Patrick SKANES, West Wabana, 44.
1 Michael J. O’NEILL, Bell Island, 49.
Bessie Fraser TAYLOR, at Ottawa,
Samuel DAWE, Coley’s Point.
2 Helen SMITH
Mrs. Susannah CALPIN.
3 John PELLEY, Bishop Falls.
Andrew COADY, 21
4 Stanley CRANE.
6 Mrs Elizabeth PARSONS, formerly of Bay Roberts East, 79.
Mrs. N. B. BRAGG, Howley, 32.
Mrs. Mary WHITTLE, Baine Harbor, 76.
8 James H. WHITELEY, 60.
Mrs. Henrieta WHITTEN, Petty Harbor, 52.
9 Mary GLADNEY, 18
Mrs. Mary (Mills) DAY, 65.
10 Mrs. James EARLE, Trinity.
11 Mrs. Ann Eliza TAYLOR, Harbor Grace, 90.
12 John CORNICK, 81.
13 Mrs. William CUFF, Bayley’s Cove, Bonavista.
14 James BOWDRING, Bell Island.
Mrs. Robert LITTLE, Canaville, Bonavista.
Mrs. Thomas RYAN, Grand Falls
17 Mrs. Bridget FLEMING.
18 Mrs. Catherine FLYNN.
Miss Ella DELANEY, Bay Roberts, 67.
Alice GODSELL, Cross Roads, Bay Roberts, 5.
19 John DUNPHY, formerly of Placentia Bay 81.
20 Mrs. Fred WHIFFEN, Bonavista.
21 Adam MOULAND, Sr. Rolling Cove, Bonavista, 92.
22 Walter SHEPPARD, formerly of Harbor Grace, at Montreal, 46.
24 Lorenzo NOSEWORTHY, Spaniard’s Bay
25 Marion (Minnie) WINSBORROW.
26 William IVANY
Mrs. Emma Dawe DOYLE,
27 Alan DAVIS, 12.
28 William CLARKE, Greenspond, 55.
29 Leo A DUFFY, 30.
30 Thomas ARMSTRONG.

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