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"The Daily News"  Year End Events  - Marriages 1930

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Transcribed by John Baird and Sue O'Neill  While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

1 George G. RUBY and Miss Ethel Durgan PAFFORD of Harbor Buffett.
Charles Maxwell FEAVER and Miss Amelia I BUTT, both of this city, at New York.
7 Pearce BREADLEY of Eastport, B. B. and Miss Bertha BURDEN of Savage, B. B.
8 Eugene WARREN and Miss Rebecca BRYANT at New Perlican.
9 Michel Francis KELLY and Miss Mary Patricia WOOD.
Nathaniel CASSELL and Miss Jessie SAUNDERS at Jacksonís Arm.
14 James Elton WRIGHT and Miss Florence McCOUBERY at Glendale, Los Angeles
15 Leo BRAZIL of this city and Miss Emily TURPIN of St. Lawrence.
Rev. Samuel Robert COOPER and Miss Frances Christian STAPLES, at Montreal.
20 Harry P CATER and Miss Mary ROGERSON.
Francis M. CHANNING and Miss Kathleen PHIPPARD Placentia.
22 Reuben MILLEY and Miss Beccy MILLEY at Burnt Point, B. D .V.
25 Arthur Charles RENDELL and Miss Agnes Elizabeth CLARK
Leo FARDY and Mabel DILLON.
29 James GALE and Miss Ellen KELLY , Placentia.
12 Fred POWELL and Mrs. Violet HOWELL, Carbonear.
15 David Cecil JOHNSTON, of St. Johnís and Miss Muriel Isobel MacKENZIE, at Montreal.
19 Arch. POWER and Miss Lydia JACKMAN, Bell Island.
20 John HENRY of South Shields England, and Miss Lavinia CLIFT, city.
Thomas POWER and Miss Marie BRIEN, Bell Island.
27 A BISHOP and Miss Bride HEFFARAN at Placentia.
1 R. Graham KELLY and Miss Bride J KEARNEY.
3 James CREW and Miss Ella TEMPLMAN at Bonavista.
4 Ernest MARCH and Miss Annie E ROWE, Greenís Harbor.
5 Victor SIMMONS Greenís Harbor and Miss Jessie G. CHISLETT , Islington.
11 John SLADE and Theresa May SLADE, Salmon Cove.
21 Robert BLAKE and Miss Margaret SOMERTON, Bell Island.
27 Frank SAUNDERS Carbonear and Miss Leah FOX, Harbor Grace.
7 Capt. W. BARTLETT, Jr. Brigus and Miss Edith HYDE, New York.
21 Ronald Ernest BISHOP of Hamilton, formerly of Burin, and Miss Annie Violet PERRY, formerly of Indian Island.
22 Hubert MASION and Alice McKELLOP.
25 Chesley James MARTIN and Miss Elizabeth WHITE, at New Perlican.
30 Arthur Robert LeDREW and Miss Neta Russell MARTIN.
12 George William COLLINS Spaniardís Bay and Miss Eliza Marjorie SIMMONDS of this city at Salmon Cove.
16 George MARTIN and Miss Susie COOPER of Howley.
Lorne BARNES Belleoram and Miss Sophie BELMORE, North Sydney.
21 Patrick TOBIN and Miss Gertrude HICKS, Curling.
27 Eugene FARNHAM, Heartís Content, and Miss Barbara CALPIN, Bay Roberts, at St. Johnís.
1 Michael J McCORMACH, formerly of Kilbride, and Mrs, Jessie MULLINS, formerly of St. Johnís at Lexington, Mass.
3 Thomas J OíROURKE and Miss Sophia WHEELER.
Walter BALDWIN, Pouch Cove and Miss Mary HEWARDINE, St. Johnís.
5 Joseph D. WILLIAMS , Tralee, Ireland, and Miss Marcella LEE , Carbonear at Carbonear.
8 Michael SINNOTT , J. P. and Miss Mary MOONEY, Placentia.
10 Michael STACK, Petty Harbor and Miss Elizabeth WALSH, Kilbride.
11 George JARDINE and Mrs. N HIORLIHY both of Bay Roberts.
13 William MOSS of Plate Cove and Miss Bertie LONG , at Openhall.
19 Dr. Wm. A. J. BLACKLER, Nipperís Harbor and Miss Florence SOPER, Grand Falls at Grand Falls.
20 Clifford E. BISCHOLL of Superior Wisconsin, and Miss V. Neil DWYER of Bay Roberts.
22 Raymond ENRIGHT of Pelham, U. S. A. and Miss Joan MURPHY of this city at North Pelham.
23 Wm. C. SEYMOUR and Miss Murtel. WHITE both of this city, at Portugal Cove.
24 Geo. Spear SMITH and Miss Mildred Blanche CORMICK.
25 Thomas POWER and Miss Mollie MURPHY.
Arthur L. ROGERS , Harbor Grace and Miss Carrie FORWARD Carbonear, at Carbonear.
26 James Makinson BAIRD and Miss Elizabeth Upham KNOWLING.
Robert G. MERCER and Miss Pricella HILLYARD, Grand Falls.
27 Samuel HARRIS and Miss Florence May MILLEY
28 Howard J. S. REID of Heartís Delight and Miss Imogene Roxanna DAVIS of New Hampshire. at Arlington Mass.
29 John J OíREGAN of Flat Rock, Ireland, and Miss Ursula FLYNN, Harbor Grace, at Bishop Falls.
30 Maxwell McCRINDLE and Miss Dorothy HYNES.
1 Robert James NEIBLER of Far Rockaway, New York, and Miss Dolly McMallum SCOTT of Twillingate, at Rockaway Beach.
2 P. J. FITZGERALD and Miss Aileen OíD. KELLY.
Charles L. COFFIN and Miss Gertrude GOOBIE.
4 James Francis BUTLER and Miss Mildred CLARE, formerly of this city, Brooklyn N. Y.
6 Thomas COLFORD, Jersey City, N. J. formerly of Carbonear and Miss Mary KELLY of St. Johnís, at Jersey City.
9 Charles SAUNDERS of Random T. B. and Miss Hazel DICKS, Little Hr. East.
11 Alfred Joseph ADAMS and Miss Beatrice, OíDELL, Bell Island.
Edward FUREY and Miss Mary EZEKIEL, Bell Island.
12 Robert LANE and Miss Lizzie IVANY Bell Island.
14 Edward BUTLER and Miss Madeline SILVER , Bell Island.
16 Charles Herbert GREENE of Tory, Pennsylvania and Miss Sarah Winnifred MOORE, of Carbonear at Carbonear.
20 Victor J COLBOURNE and Miss Mabel KING both formerly of Newfoundland, at Melrose, Mass.
23 Regional SPARKES, Heartís Content and Miss Hannah Budlen PETLEY, at Petley.
2 James LAKE of Placentia and Miss Bessie BOLANO, Riverhead St. Maryís Bay at St. Johnís
5 Harold James PEET and Miss Stella Mary ELLIOTT.
7 Thomas A BRIEN of Brigus and Miss Edith Constance HOWARD of Bay Roberts, at Brigus.
9 Roy Augustus ADAMS of Botwood and Miss Lillan Gerta MERCER of Twillingate at Twillingate.
16 Patrick FLYNN and Miss Agatha DOHERTY both of Carbonear at Carbonear.
20 James E PIERCEY and Miss Louisa TAYLOR both of Heartís Content at Heartís Content.
21 Thomas MANNING and Miss Mary CAHILL.
27 Eric McKenzie ROBERTSON and Miss Gertrude Isobel OAKE.
1 Walter Melvill MARSHILL and Miss Gertrude Morris BOLT.
2 Rev. N. S. NOEL and Miss Elsie HYDE, Change Islands.
Peter JACKMAN and Miss Mary FITZGERALD , Bell Island
11 Douglas SHUTE and Miss Doris Mary WILLS.
15 Stephen A KENNEDY and Miss Dorothy MEANEY Harbor Grace.
16 Patrick COLFORD and Miss Gertrude RYAN both of St. Johnís
Fred Nevlan PASSMORE of Toronto and Miss Olive Geraldine THOMPSON St. Johnís.
17 Charles H. TOBIN and Miss Catherine OíDONNELL.
20 Joseph F KENNY and Miss Eileen KELLY , Curling.
30 Chester E DAWE , Bay Roberts and Miss Phyllis CARSON, St. Johnís.
4 Wilbur C. WOOLFREY, formerly of Moretonís Harbour and Miss Electa GREENING, formerly of Musgrave, B.B. at Everett Mass.
5 George MURPHY formerly of St. Johnís and Miss Evelyn GIBBONS of New York , at New York.
7 Leslie M MARSHALL and Miss Hilda Jean SPURRELL
8 Harold T PARSONS of St. Johnís and Miss Georgina H FISHER, Corner Brook, at Corner Brook.
12 Albert J ROACH of Cambridge, Mass, and Miss Daisy CARNELL formerly of this City at Jamaica, Plain.
15 David DOODY and Miss Bride MULLETT.
Eric STONE and Miss Mary GORMAN, Bell Island.
16 Elden S. JOHNSON of Campello Mass, and Miss Annie B. NEWMAN of Twillingate at Campello, Mass.
18 Lawrence V CASHIN of St. Johnís and Miss Anna HEARN, Bay Bulls.
21 Leo McCRUDDEN and Miss Alice PEDDLE.
22 Walter G WESTCOTT and Miss Mary GRILLS.
William STONE and Miss Gerogina STEELE Bell Island.
Raymond J WHELAN Placentia and Miss Annie HUNT, at Argentia.
25 Wm. Grant WEBBER of Bishopís Falls and Miss Hester Mary CONSTABLE of Alderbum, Nfld. ,Vancouver.
31 Rev. Kenneth Borrows COADY of Binghanrton, New York and Miss Velva LAWIN formerly of Nfld. at Brooklyn.
5 James DOVE of St. Johnís and Miss Nan GRISWORLD of East Orange, N.J. at East Orange.
7 Harold ABBOTT and Miss Eva HOUSE both of Bonavista.
10 John Frederick DAWE and Miss Anne CARTER at Grand Falls.
13 John BUTTON of Lead Cove and Miss Blanche SPARKES, of Sibleyís Cove, at Sibleyís Cove.
17 Angus McNEIL and Miss Mary Alice McISAAC, both formerly of Newfoundland, at New Waterford.
18 Wesley Bramwell THOMPSON and Miss Elvina STRICKLAND at Curling.
Wm. J KING and Miss Ruby DOMINEY, both formerly of Newfoundland at new Waterford
20 Eugene GRADY and Miss Mary MURPHY, Carbonear.
Graham POWELL and Miss Elizabeth LUNDRIGAN, Carbonear.
Eli PARSONS and Miss Mary EVELY, Carbonear.
25 Frederick Joseph MURPHY and Miss Bessie PARSONS, Curling
Thomas TRIPPLE and Miss Mary JACKMAN.
29 Michael J KEN and Miss Victoria GARDNER-Missing
Felix FITZGERALD, Bonavista and Miss Bride FLEMMING, Spillarís Cove.
3 Rev. Ernest Barrett, NEWHALL, England and Miss Winnie BURSEY, of Change Islands at St. Johnís
11 Cecil JOHNSON of Catalina and Miss Alice HENDELL of Curling at Curling.
20 Henry George Edmunds DAWE and Miss Elizabeth Hope PHITCHARD, Bay Roberts
Donald DURDLE and Miss Blanche CUFF, Bonavista.
22 Alfred TEMPLEMAN, Bonavista and Miss Muriel PAGE of this city.

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