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Year End Review  - 1917


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
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January 01, 1917 Robert Dunn, Humber Bay, and Miss Florence Hudson, Lower Island Cove, at Toronto.

Anthony English, Branch, and Miss Rose Smith, Argentia.

January 02, 1917 P.G. Hann, Allanís Island, and Miss Alice A. Bonnell, Lamaline.
January 03, 1917 Samuel G.H. Holmes, and Miss Beatrice Harnett, at Seldom-Come-By.
January 06, 1917 George Hunt and Miss Agnes M. Hancock, Forest Gate, Essex, at London.
January 09, 1917 Arthur W Miller and Miss Jeanne May Knight.

Patrick Murphy, Portugal Cove, and Miss Kathleen Murray, Argentia.

January 11, 1917 Charles Bruch Schiff and Miss Helen Carson Job, in New York.

John J Murphy and Miss Katherine Finn, Carbonear.

Charles Wicks and Miss Beatrice Winsor at Wesleyville.

Michael Fitzpatrick and Miss Mary A Crane, Argentia.

January 12, 1917 Herbert Agustus Herder and Miss Mollie Carter.
January 17, 1917 William Murphy and Miss Margaret Dwyer.

Walter R Smallwood and Miss Mary H. Joyce.

January 21, 1917 Capt. T. Doyle and Miss Nora Walsh.
January 23, 1917 Regional M Hallett and Miss Isabelle E. Barry, of St. Johnís, at London, Ont.
January 31, 1917 Harry J Pope and Miss M.C. Morris.

Thomas Power and Miss Lizzie Rose, Placentia.

James Lahey and Miss Bride Murphy, Bell Island.

February 03, 1917 Frederick Inkpen to Miss Ida Ronah Brushett, both of Burin, at Edmonton.
February 04, 1917 Albert Ryan of Presque, and Miss Josie Collins, of St. Annís at St. Kyranís.
February 07, 1917 Michael Gaul, Brigus, and Miss Bride Kennedy.
February 12, 1917 Edmund J. Ryan, Trinity, and Miss Mary Ryan, Baccalieu, at Conception.
February 15, 1917 A Sphire and Miss Lilian Peters, at Campbellton, N.B.
February 17, 1917 James Keating and Miss Stella Squires.

Edward Casey and Miss Claire Vinnicomber at Brooklyn, New York.

February 19, 1917 Arch Wilson and Miss Lilla Wadden, at Sydney.

March 26, 1917 Stanley Gordon Goudie and Miss Florence May Chancey.

April 09, 1917 John Noseworthy and Miss Elsie Clarke.

Thomas Leonard and Miss Mary F Collins, St. Kyranís.

April 11, 1917 John Ashworth and Miss Elizabeth M. Petrie.

Harold Rowsell and Miss Glady Miles, Bonavista.

April 12, 1917 Stephen Brown and Miss Mary O. Ford, Bonavista.
April 17, 1917 Frederick C. Sercombe and Miss Minnie C. Norris.
April 24, 1917 Nathan Yetman and Miss Ethel Yetman, Bryantís Cove.

May 03, 1917 J. H. Jones, Heartís Content and Miss E Smith, New Harbor.

Lieut. C.F. Garland and Miss Maisie Ethel Stevenson, at Ayr, Scotland.

May 15, 1917 S.M. Walsh and Miss G Kavanagh.
May 17, 1917 William Gillingham and Miss Jane Parsons, Ochre Pit Cove.

J.W. Whalen, Bradleyís Cove, and Miss Louise Hodder, Burin.

May 23, 1917 James Rorke Jr., and Miss Kathleen Forward, Carbonear.
May 29, 1917 Willis Cooper and Miss Sadie Kelly, Irelandís Eye.
May 31, 1917 Walter E Long and Miss Barbara M Angel, North Sydney.

June 01, 1917 G. R. Ashley and Miss Louise Richardís, Heartís Content.
June 03, 1917 Charles S. McNulty and Miss Margaret C Foote, Carbonear.
June 04, 1917 Samuel Pretty and Miss Ida Stewart.
June 05, 1917 Lieut. Edward Dickie and Miss Gwendolyn Munn, at Montreal.
June 12, 1917 Ernest Frederick Ewing and Miss Ada Mary Chafe, of Rose Blanche.
June 16, 1917 Herbert J Gendrin of Penetang, Ont., and Miss Levine E. Way of Bonavista, at Toronto.
June 17, 1917 Richard OíLeary, formerly of Brigus, and Miss Cenie Timmons, formerly of St. Johnís, at Charleston, Mass.
June 18, 1917 William Thompson and Miss Josephine Grace Duncan.

Rev. E.P. Coish, B.A., and Miss Mabel Cook, Fogo, at Toronto.

June 19, 1917 Capt. Carey Evans, brother of Mrs. P.H. Knowling, and Miss Olwen Lloyd George, daughter of Premier David Lloyd George.
June 20, 1917 Arthur Diamond and Miss Jennie Vey.
June 25, 1917 Frederick Duffield Smith and Miss Mary Bradley Patten.
June 26, 1917 J.J.H. Evans, Philadelphia, and Miss Lulu G Bowden, at St. Anthony.
June 27, 1917 H Roy Smith, Moncton, N.B., and Miss Gerldine Tessier.

Richard T Joy and Miss M Paula Moore.

Chester Addison Hurd and Miss Jessie Miller of St. Johnís, at Malden, Mass.

July 02, 1917 Lieut. Lloyd Woods, and Miss Jean Miller, at Belfast, Ireland.

Lathrop Whitman and Miss Belle Watts, Harbor Grace.

July 03, 1917 Rev. Samuel Baggs and Miss Laura Lorenzen of Garnish.
July 04, 1917 R.J. Bemister and Miss Hilda Jardine, Bay Roberts.
July 16, 1917 Arthur N Wilson and Miss Effie Godden of Bell Island, at Sommerville, Mass.
July 17, 1917 Lieut. Hugh A Anderson and Miss Sibil Bartlett, at London.

Lieut. Black R.N., and Miss Winnie Ellis.

July 18, 1917 Frederick Cuff and Miss Mary Saint, Bonavista.
July 19, 1917 Chesley B Stevenson and Miss Zela Watts, Harbor Grace.
July 29, 1917 Pte. Whittier, and Miss Alice Hodding.

William H Greene and Miss Dorothy Hunt at Montreal.

August 01, 1917 Herbert John Russell and Miss Jean Campbell.

Reginald Hearder and Miss Delphine B English.

Thomas Morris and Miss Minnie Mulcahey.

Nathaniel Pushie and Miss Mary Piercy, Heartís Content.

August 08, 1917 Roydon Pidgeon and Miss Alice Bradshaw.
August 12, 1917 William Cooper and Miss Gertrude OíBrien.
August 14, 1917 P.J.Hynes and Miss Hanlon at Portugal Cove.
August 15, 1917 J M Darcy and Miss Isabel M Kelly.
August 18, 1917 G Ralph Dwyer and Miss Daisy Skinner.
August 22, 1917 Robert H Hudson and Miss Grace E.V. Holloway, at Carbonear.
August 27, 1917 Charles Cull and Miss Grace Reid.

September 05, 1917 Michael J Fitzgerald and Miss Bridget Murphy.

T.J. McGrath and Miss B. Buckley.

Lieut.-Col G.E. Armstrong and Miss Jessie Reid, at Paddington, London.

September 12, 1917 Capt. Llewellyn Blandford and Miss Jane Raymod.

William Spencer Hills, R.N., and Miss Idelia Learning, at Halifax.

September 15, 1917 Rev. E Davis and Miss Florence Parsons at Harbor Grace
September 19, 1917 Alan Noel and Miss Stella Hann, at Grand Falls.
September 22, 1917 Private Kenneth Sheppard, Harbor Grace, and Miss Maud Adams at St. Johns.
September 24, 1917 Sergeant Herbert J Dewling and Miss Gabrielle Isable Geddes Morris, at Kensington, London.
September 26, 1917 Joseph J Eavens, Jr., and Miss Elizabeth Murphy.

Jacob Hefferman, Petty Harbor, and Miss Margaret English, North River.

Jeremiah Payne, Cow Head, and Miss Mary E Blackhouse, at Halifax.

Rev. Herbert MacKay, Channel, and Miss Dorothy Bishop, Petty Harbor.

September 28, 1917 Lorenzo Ash and Miss Eleanor Penney, Carbonear.
September 29, 1917 Capt. William Marcy, R.A.M.C., and Miss Maysie Parsons, Army Nurse, at Montreal.
September 30, 1917 Dr. Bertrand McGrath and Miss Kathryn C Sheehan

October 02, 1917 Dr. M.F. Sallon and Miss Anna E. Burke, of Grenfell Mission, at St. Johnís.

Allison Rowe and Miss Marion Rendell at Heartís Content.

October 09, 1917 Arthur Pretty and Miss Jessie Pike.
October 11, 1917 Donald Noonan and Miss Mable Parsons of Harbor Grace at West Lynn, Mass.
October 12, 1917 Ernest Janes and Miss Mary Ellen Young.
October 17, 1917 Llewellyn A Field Jones and Miss Mable LeMessurier.
October 20, 1917 William R. Dawe, R.N.R., Coleyís Point, and Miss Minnie Rosamond Edgecombe, St. Johnís.
October 23, 1917 Robert Roswell and Miss Jennie Roswell, both of Pushthrough. 
October 24, 1917 Capt. Albert J Edgecombe and Miss Belle Butt.

Rev. Stephen J Pike, Chelsea, P.Q., and Miss Alice M Knight.

October 27, 1917 Charles F. Bennett and Miss Florence A Scott.
October 30, 1917 Malcolm Rabbitts, Heartís Content, and Miss Laura Leslie, Whitbourne.

November 07, 1917 Sergeant W.T. Lever, and Miss Jennie Godley.
November 08, 1917 Andrew Marshall and Miss Georgina Homer Penney, Carbonear.

A.W. Picot and Miss Mamie D. Collins.

November 14, 1917 Rev. D.R. Bailley, B.A., Port de Grave, and Miss Gertrude E Blandford, Twillingate.
November 17, 1917 Eric H Collier and Miss Elsie W. Mott.
November 20, 1917 Nicholas Peddle, Harbor Grace, and Mrs. Selina Lundrigan, Upper Island Cove.

Edward Skeans, Bell Island, and Miss Maud Sheppard, Harbor Grace.

November 21, 1917 Jacob Garland, Pushthrough, and Miss Gertrude Miles, Bonavista.

H Pike and Miss Maud Fowler.

November 29, 1917 H Gordon Christian, L.R.A.M., and Miss Olive Taylor.

Thomas Tobin and Miss Bride Hickey, Bell Island.

Philip Morrissey and Miss Annie OíLeary, North River.

December 01, 1917 Myles Loveys and Mrs Thomas Dalton, Western Bay.

Richard Dober and Miss Laura Coady, Spanish Room.

December 02, 1917 Capt. Harold Bowring, R.A.M.C., and Miss Margaret Doris Smith, at Knutsford, England.
December 05, 1917 William G Saunders and Miss Florence Layman.
December 18, 1917 Maxwell LeGrow and Miss Pearl Antle.
December 19, 1917 Sergeant Harold C. Janes and Miss Irene Bowden.
December 23, 1917 Dr. Joseph Graham, U.S.A.C., and Miss Ernestine Dempster at Newark, New Jersey.
December 25, 1917 Hon. John Anderson and Mrs. Clymena March.
December 26, 1917 Capt. Samuel Gosse, Spaniardís Bay, and Miss Lillian Adams, Harbor Grace.

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