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Year End Review - 1916


Reprinted courtesy of Robinson-Blackmore Printing and Publishing Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.

The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD and Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

December 20, 1915 Robert Davis Harbor Grace and Miss Beatrice Maud Cox, Bell Island.

Hayward Goddin, New Melbourne, and Miss Jessie Maud Bryant, Brownsdale.

December 22, 1915 Dorman F Noble and Miss Amells F. Batstone, at Nipperís Harbor.
December 26, 1915 Sergeant-Major F.W. Marshall and Miss Emily Vickers, of South Eaton, at London.

Ronald Hubert Legge and Miss Ada Pollard, at Newton Abbot, Devenshire.

December 27, 1915 Harvey Williams and Miss Bella McGrath.
December 28, 1915 John H Rose and Miss Susie Rose, Hermitage.
December 30, 1915 Benjamin Rose and Miss Mable Engram, Hermitage.

January 4, 1916 Roland Starks and Miss Mary E. Noble, Nipperís Harbor.
January 5, 1916 John Weir and Miss Effie May Bursey, Griguet.
January 11, 1916 Edward Roberts and Miss Eleanor Eales Scott, Twillingate.
January 17, 1916 Paul Suzor, French Vice-Consul, and Miss Jeanne Bedel
January 18, 1916 Ernest Stanley Coffin and Miss Elsie May Tetford, Harbor Grace.
January 19, 1916 Edward Leonard and Miss Josie Leonard at St. Leonardís, Placentia Bay.

T. Hammond and Miss J Murphy, Bell Island.

January 21, 1916 Thomas Fiander, English Harbor, and Miss Fanny Ryan, Trinity, at Little Bay East, Fortune Bay.
January 23, 1916 Pte. John McGrath and Miss Annie Cutler of Conception.

Thomas P Finn and Miss Aggie G. McGrath, Carbonear.

January 30, 1916 Thomas Glasco and Miss Margaret Hannaford.

February 5, 1916 Mr. Crawford, R.N.R. and Miss Awrnack of Harrogate, England.
February 7, 1916 Walter Ernest Caze and Miss Beatrice Mary Story.
February 9, 1916 Harry Ingram Soper and Miss Clarice Irene Penney, Carbonear.
February 14, 1916 Capt. Arthur Benson and Miss Leonard Churchill, Southside, Carbonear.
February 16, 1916 T.C. Noel and Miss Florence May Winsor.
February 29, 1916 Pierre Burke, St Jacques, and Miss Katie Smith, Witless Bay, at St. Johnís.

March 1, 1916 Evan Pugh, Heartís Content, and Miss Jessie Rumson, Carbonear.
March 7, 1916 James Downing, Harbor Grace, and Miss Elizabeth Davis, Port aux Basques, at Halifax.
March 8, 1916 Rev. Clement Gaukrodger and Miss Gretta James, at Hantís Harbor.
March 22, 1916 Ralph Fowlow, Kingís College, Windsor, N.S., and Miss A.E. Grouchy, Pouch Cove, at Concord, Mass., USA.

April 8, 1916 George K Osmond, Moretonís Harbor, and Miss Ada Belle Spencer, New Bay, at Gooding, Idaho, U.S.A.
April 11, 1916 J.G. Kelloway, Salmon Cove, Bay de Verde, to Miss Lavinia Clarke.

John Moore of Manitoba, and Miss Nellie Pike of Carbonear.

April 24, 1916 Pte. William McHenry, Grand Falls, and Miss Agatha Keough, Carbonear.
April 26, 1916 Arthur Toms and Miss Flora Thomas, at La Scie.

May 18, 1916 Austin Pomeroy, Merashen, and Miss Bride Davis, Indian Harbor, Placentia Bay.
May 22, 1916 William Knight and Miss Mary Curran.

June 1, 1916 Frederick McKay and Miss Margaret Pike.
June 4, 1916 Harry Gittleson and Miss Minnie Brunstein, at Halifax.
June 7, 1916 Stephen Maddox, Bay Bulls, and Miss Kitty Murphy, St. Johnís.

John Leith Walker and Miss Jessie Russel, Bay Roberts, at Toronto.

June 8, 1916 William Russell and Miss Lizzie Chafe, Petty Harbor.

Capt John Pike, S.A. and Capt. Louise Hiscock, S.A.

June 12, 1916 William Slade, Salmon Cove, and Miss Jessie Kendell, Bradleyís Cove, Bay de Verde.
June 14, 1916 Fred A Maunder and Miss Nellie Skiffington, Gambo, at St. Johnís.

Thomas Dawson, Bay Roberts, and Miss Mary Frances Walsh, Riverhead, Harbor Grace.

June 16, 1916 Edward Butler and Miss Gahanney, Bell Island.
June 18, 1916 N. English and Miss Isabella Power, Branch, Placentia Bay.
June 21, 1916 George Sellers and Miss Bessie Taylor.
June 27, 1916 John B Murphy and Miss Gertrude Lawton, Bell Island.

July 6, 1916 Calvert C Pratt and Miss Agnes Horwood.
July 10, 1916 S.A. Churchill and Miss Edith E. Creswell.
July 11, 1916 W.G. Chafe and Miss Hazel Benneth.

L.J Lawton and Miss Bride Murphy, Bell Island.

July 22, 1916 Rendell W. Jean and Miss Annie F. Templeman.

Rev. A.V. Robb and Miss Annie E Wornell.

July 27, 1916 J.H. Harvey and Miss Gladys M. House, at Catalina.
July 30, 1916 Edward J Kearsey and Miss Katheleen Skinner, at North Cambridge, Mass.

August 3, 1916 J Kielly, Bay Roberts, and Miss Agnes Summers, Military Road.
August 8, 1916 Roland C Goodyear and Miss Florence Cornick.
August 14, 1916 Thomas S Keats and Miss Mary Lawlor, Argentia.
August 22, 1916 Richard C Cleary and Miss Minnie Baker.

L.G.T. Crummey and Miss Hilda May DuTot.

August 24, 1916 Artno Winsor, Wesleyville, and Miss Annie Eliza Abbott, Musgrave Harbor.

September 1, 1916 Adjutant Sexton, S.A., and Capt Jones, S.A.
September 2, 1916 Joshua Nardean, Yarmouth, N.S., and Miss Elizabeth Broderick.
September 3, 1916 Alfred J.T. Donnelly and Miss Mary Noonan at Topsail.
September 5, 1916 Marcus Farnham and Miss Mary Gertrude Moore, at Heartís Content.
September 6, 1916 Alexander Mitchell, St. Johnís. and Miss Gertrude T Targett, Hantís Harbor.
September 13, 1916 Hubert F. Hudson and Miss Annia M Meadus.
September 26, 1916 Joseph Reid and Mrs. Jessie Targett.

October 1, 1916 J.W. Keough and Miss Agnes Darcy.
October 3, 1916 T.A. Winsor, Grand Falls, and Miss Rachel Andrews, St. Johnís.
October 4, 1916 Lieut. Lanclot Heygate and Miss Edith Marjorie Rennie, in England.
October 10, 1916 Dr. O.F. Wellman, Terre Haute, Indiana, to Miss Isabelle S Caldwell, St. Johnís, at San Francisco.
October 11, 1916 Thomas W.S. Sparkes and Miss Doris Robinson Martin.
October 12, 1916 Daniel J Wall and Miss Mary Burke.

Dr. J.P. Mcloughlin and Miss Worsley.

October 18, 1916 George Dawe, Port de Grave, and Miss Marion Isabelle Ayre, at Topsail.
October 26, 1916 James McCarthy, Trinity, and Miss Bride Fitzgerald, St. Johnís.
October 30, 1916 Corporal Lewis Bartlett and Miss Clara Thompson, Brigus.
October 31, 1916 Allan Collins and Miss Irene Gale, both of Fogo, at St. Johnís.

November 1, 1916 J Charles Moulton and Miss Ida Dymond, at Pouch Cove.
November 2, 1916 Walter Ingham Vey and Miss Muriel Ellis.
November 4, 1916 Eli Cooper, Western Bay, and Miss Jane Parsons, Ochre Pit Cove.
November 9, 1916 Thomas Marks and Mrs. Emma Allen, Carbonear.
November 14, 1916 Donald Cameron and Miss Jessie Diamond.

Lieutenant Edward Jeffery and Miss Joyce Davis, in England.

November 16, 1916 John Carey, Witless Bay, and Miss Madge Coady.
November 17, 1916 Walter Barnes and Miss Jennie M Bursey, of Old Perlican.
November 18, 1916 Michael Hurley, Bell Island, and Miss Elizabeth Adams, Harbor Grace.
November 21, 1916 William Follett and Miss Lucy Vaughan, Small Point.

Cecil Carter of London and Miss E.A. Butler St. Johnís, at Brooklyn New York.

November 22, 1916 Thomas Hickey and Miss Cammella Sullivan, Harbor Main.
November 25, 1916 George Murphy and Miss Susannah Fewer, Harbor Main.
November 28, 1916 H.A. Winter, B.A., and Miss Frances Winter Goodyear.

Michael Power, S.S. Florizel, and Miss Margaret Morry.

S.A. Kindahl, St. John N.B., and Miss Grace Pincent Trapnell, Harbor Grace.

November 30, 1916 William Bray, Harbor Grace, and Miss Clara Buckley, Northern Bay.

December 4, 1916 Frank McNeil, Sydney, and Miss Catherine McGrath, at Halifax.
December 6, 1916 Capt. W Foote, Burin, and Mrs. Hiscock, Grand Bank.

W. Collins, Burin, and Miss Susan Inkpen, Burin.

December 7, 1916 Frederick Hibbs, Portugal Cove, and Miss Violet Andrews, Upper Gullies.

Albert Burden, Salvage, and Miss Lizzie Stead.

Austin Maddock, Carbonear, and Miss Henrieta Tibbo, Grand Bank.

December 12, 1916 Allan Cameron, Carbonear, and Liss Louisa Garland.
December 16, 1916 Capt. Charles Ayre and Miss Shelly Lewis, of Montreal.
December 20, 1916 Herbert J Adey and Miss Eleanor V. Campbell.

Jefferson B. Courtney and Miss Gladys Duley, Rennieís Mill Road at Orange, U.S.A.

December 21, 1916 Capt. George B Dean and Miss Lillian Garland, Carbonear.
December 25, 1916 Joseph Tilley and Miss E. Taylor, Foxtrap.
December 26, 1916 George Seabright, Botwood, and Miss Jessie M. Ivany.

Ernest Sullivan and Miss Violet Moulton, Pouch Cove.

December 27, 1916 Raymond Murray and Miss Alfreda Forward, Carbonear.
December 28, 1916 Baxter Whiteway and Miss Fannie Abbott, Musgrave Harbor.

William Moulton and Miss Emma Gould, Pouch Cove.

A.J. Lacey, Odell, Oregon, U.S.A., and Miss Linnie Morris, St. Johnís.

December 31, 1916 William Akerman and Miss Lillian E Clarke, Cupids.

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