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Year End Review  - 1927


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



December 31, 1926 Henry George Mews and Vera Olga Sparling, at Toronto.

January 09, 1927 Lawrence Byrne and Bridget Byrne, Bell Island.

Neil Master and Ada Upshall, at Hr. Buffett.

January 12, 1927 Albert Hollett, Spencerís Cove, and Ella Hollett, Sound Island.

Mr Budgell and Miss Pretty, at Grand Falls.

January 17, 1927 Austin L Collett and Jessie B Marshall, Harbor Buffett.
January 18, 1927 Thomas Normore Rees, Bell Island, and Harriett Hetty Middleton, Nipperís Hr.

Thomas Tucker and Mary D Hillier, at Griquet.

January 19, 1927 Charles Bertram Penney and Margaret Hartery.
January 25, 1927 Rev. G.S. Templeton and Gladys Oke, Harbor Grace.
January 26, 1927 Patrick Carroll and Mollie Keough, Carbonear.
January 31, 1927 Malcolm Squires, and Julia Gertrude Seymour, Spaniards Bay.

Wallace Parsons and Josephine Flemming, Bar Haven.

February 06, 1927 Frank Johnson, Northern Bay, and Patience Pynn, Quirpon, at St. Johnís.
February 17, 1927 Richard Green and Mary Flynn, Bar Haven.
February 20, 1927 Frank Norris, Bay de Verde, and Alice Duggan, Grates Cove, at Bay de Verde.
February 23, 1927 William Hopkins of S.S. Caribou, and Ida Butler, St. Johnís, at Channel.

Ralph C Pike of Grand Falls, and Hilda Simpson, at Edinburgh, Scotland.

February 26, 1927 Sir Marmaduke Winter, and Mrs Harrison Hayward.
February 28, 1927 Thomas J Power, and Maud Aylward.

Thomas Brewer, and Marjorie Fitzgerald.

March 01, 1927 Capt. William Bartlett, and Mary Norris, Harbor Grace.
March 17, 1927 John J Saturley, and Bride Connolly.

April 05, 1927 Austin Somerton, and Sophie Grant, Trinity.
April 16, 1927 Charles L Noseworthy and Bessie J Godden, both of Harbor Grace, at Boston.

Chesley M Mercer of Bay Roberts, and Annie N Lodge, of St. Johnís, at New York.

April 17, 1927 Bernard Doyle, and Bride Tremblett, Gull Island.
April 23, 1927 Rev. W Maxwell Parsons, and Edith Duncliffe, at Toronto.
April 25, 1927 Stephen Flynn, Harbor Main, and Elsie Tobin, Ship Cove, P.B., at Ship Cove.
April 26, 1927 E Ramsay Green, of London, and Emma Macpherson, St Johnís, at London.

Robert Warren Baldwin, and Dorothy Lightbourn, at Toronto.

April 27, 1927 Dr. Scott, and Nurse McLeod, at Grand Falls.
April 28, 1927 Charles H Ballem, and Maria Baggs.

May 07, 1927 John Haliburton, Bonne Bay, and Myrtle Garland, Humbermouth, at North Sydney.
May 09, 1927 Patrick Whalen, and Nellie Walsh, Bell Island.
May 12, 1927 Alfred Rogers, Wesleyville, and Elizabeth May Noseworthy, at Harbor Grace.

John Wilfred Croucher, and Mildred Rose Marie Hutchins, at Boston.

May 30, 1927 Richard P Fleming, St. Johnís, and Gertrude Payne, of Fogo.
May 31, 1927 Obediah Benson, and Bertha Benson, both of Grateís Cove, at Old Perlican.

June 01, 1927 Hon. C.P Ayre, and Mrs Carlotta Greene, at Bournemouth, England.

Arthur Mawer of Scotland, and Helen Louise Hutchings, St. Johnís, at Montreal.

June 02, 1927 M.A. Doody, and Florence M.O'Neil.
June 14, 1927 Neil Campbell Davidson, St. Johnís, and Estelle Louise Dwyer, Bay Roberts.

Robert Grimes, St. Johnís, and Mary Stuart Cron, Harbor Grace, at Harbor Grace.

June 15, 1927 George Edmund Bemister, New Perlican, and Myrtle Marion Moore, St. Johnís.

Abram J Rose, Grand Bank, and Marie Bennett, Molliers, at Buffalo, N.Y.

June 16, 1927 William R Down, and Delphine Parsons, Grand Falls.

Patrick J Power, and Anna Teresa Chafe, both of St. Johnís, at Brooklyn, N.Y.

June 18, 1927 Gilford S Parsons, and Susie Oldford, Grand Falls.
June 20, 1927 Robert Andrews and Elizabeth Hookey.
June 23, 1927 Patrick J Crotty, and Annie M Sage, Kilbride.
June 24, 1927 Graham F Crossman, and Rose B Ivamy.
June 27, 1927 Lt-Col James Theodore Janson, of Epson, England, and Susan Mildred Crane, St. Johnís.
June 28, 1927 Rev. C De Wolfe White, of Arichat, Cape Breton, and Gladys E Blackall, St. Johnís.

Roland Kent, and Freda Ardelia Scott, of Ramore, Ont., at Spaniardís Bay.

July 06, 1927 A.E. Peet, and Florence Marshall.
July 07, 1927 Hedley George Windsor, and Daisy Payne, Fogo.

Ariel John Lambert, and Dinah Jane Barens, at Old Perlican.

July 13, 1927 George Heber Inkpen, of Burin, and Charlotte Ann Anstey, Garnish, at Burin.
July 20, 1927 John Hickey, and Adelaide Fortune, both of St. Johnís, at Pouch Cove.

Roy Oldford, formerly of Musgravetown, and Ivy Irene Bonner, of Toronto, at Toronto.

July 22, 1927 Cyril Fuller, of Toronto, and Phyllis Herder, of St. Johnís, at Toronto.
July 29, 1927 Harold Drover Archibald Lindsay, St. Johnís, and Myrtle Owen Steeves, of New York, at Cos Cobb, Conn.

August 09, 1927 D.C. Whiteway, and Elizabeth Sheppard, Harbor Grace.
August 10, 1927 Cecil Power, and Nellie Rose, at Grand Falls.
August 16, 1927 John A McGrath, M.C., and Margaret Doyle.
August 17, 1927 Leo Buckley and Ester Horwood.
August 18, 1927 William A Grace, and Bride Maher.
August 22, 1927 Selby Crane, and Mary Strickland, at Spaniardís Bay.
August 25, 1927 Raymond C Manning, and Laura Mary Barnes.
August 26, 1927 Rev. T.W. Tyson, of England, and Margaret Inez Hillyard, of Carbonear, at Winnipeg.
August 31, 1927 Ross Charles Gulliford, and Marjorie Lodge.

September 01, 1927 Ronald Orlando Janes, of Deer Lake, and Marion Laura Covell, of St. Johnís, at Corner Brook.
September 06, 1927 Harold Kirk Pike, and Marion Mildred Bartlett.
September 08, 1927 James J Kelly, and Hannah Lahey.
September 12, 1927 Ernest Noseworthy, Wabana, and M Smith, Trinity, at St. Johnís.
September 17, 1927 George Foote, and Sarah Patten, at Grand Bank.
September 19, 1927 Thomas Bown Goodridge, and Mary Kennedy.

October 05, 1927 Frederick W Brown, and Clara S Thistle.

Hayward Archiblad Snow, and Elizabeth Violet Snow, at Bay Roberts.

George Penny of Ramea, and Marie Smart, at Port au Basques.

October 08, 1927 Thomas A Lench of Brigus, and Gertie Penney of Carbonear, at Brookline, Mass.
October 12, 1927 Patrick J Walkins, and Josephine Walsh.

John T Walsh, and Mary Maddigan.

M.J. Mackay of Hr Grace, and J.M. Kelly, at St. Johnís.

October 14, 1927 Max Adams, and Marion Peyton, at Botwood.
October 15, 1927 Albert Ralph of Clarkeís Beach, and Grace A. Dawe of Coleyís Point, in Lynn, Mass.
October 19, 1927 Churnside Bishop of Wesleyville, and Mary Goodyear, at St. Johnís.
October 20, 1927 Donald Bert Love, Lexington, Mass., and Edith Cleary, St .Johnís, at St. Johnís.
October 25, 1927 Bennett Blake, Peterís Arm, and Lily Wall, at Botwood.
October 26, 1927 Wm. R. Smith, and Jose M Hartigan, at Recontre East.
October 27, 1927 Edward Pond, and Hazel Foot, both of Botwood, at St. Johnís.

November 05, 1927 W.J. Cummins, and Mary Connors, at Bell Island.

Capt Peter Roberts, Wesleyville, and Mrs Eliza Harding, Greenspond, at St. Johnís.

November 10, 1927 Reuben Higgins, Spaniardís Bay, and Annie Greeley, Portugal Cove, at Bell Island.
November 13, 1927 Christopher Murphy, Kitchuses, and Jane Harvey, Wabana, at Bell Island.

Peter Conway, Turks Gut, and Annabelle Byrne, at Bell Island.

November 15, 1927 Moses Butt, Wabana, and Daisey Mitchell, Portugal Cove, at Bell Island.

Lemuel Barett, and A. Smith, at Spaniardís Bay.

November 21, 1927 Frederick Molloy, and Bernadette Sharpe, City.
November 23, 1927 James Butler, and Julia Kelly, at Bell Island.

John Rice, and Maud Hogan, of Red Head Cove, at Bay de Verde.

November 24, 1927 John Kearney, and Christina Kehoe, at Hr Grace.
November 25, 1927 Arthur Ash, Hr Grace, and Mabel Godwin, at New Melbourne.
November 26, 1927 John J Ryan, and Amy Bailey, at Torbay.
November 28, 1927 Alhius Doyle, and Lizzie Oliver, both of Gull Island.
November 30, 1927 Michael Bowland, and Nellie Kenny, at Bell Island.

December 05, 1927 Llewellyn Upshall, and Alice Peddle, at Hr Buffett.
December 11, 1927 Joseph Yates of Los Angeles, and Ella E Hollett, of Burin, at Los Angeles.
December 14, 1927 Joseph W Boone, Grand Falls, and Gladys Garland, at St. Johnís.

Charles Gould, and Susie Horlick.

December 15, 1927 John C Watts, and Mary Ellen Boyle, formerly of Carbonear, at Everett, Mass.
December 20, 1927 Herman Taylor, and Viola Gertrude Roberts, at Brigus.

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