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Year End Review  - 1922


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



December 25, 1921 Thomas Dooly and Miss Josephine Fahey, Bay Bulls.

Arthur Southcott and Miss Ethel Ireland, Grand Falls .

December 31, 1921 Ellswoth Chapam Alvord, and Miss Katheryne McLean, at Virgina Beach, U.S.A.

January 4, 1922 George Diamond and Miss Lucy Patten, Grand Bank.

Peter Gabriele, New York, and Miss Madeline (Minnie) McCrudden, at Brooklyn.

January 10, 1922 Peter Prunty and Miss Elizabeth Brown.

Victor W Blackmore and Miss Thelma Sheppard, Bell Island.

Nathan C Andrews and Mrs. Mercer, Bay Roberts.

January 11, 1922 Capt. Frank Rodway and Miss Lily Slade, at Kingwell, P.B.
January 12, 1922 William McCarthy, Carbonear, and Miss Matilda Thomey, Bristolís Hope.
January 17, 1922 Edmund Taffe and Miss Elizabeth Moore.

Andrew Hennessey and Miss Maud Lambert.

January 19, 1922 Capt. Hugh Grandy and Miss Mary Wood.

February 1, 1922 Fred Snow and Miss Ethel Ralph, Clarkeís Beach.

Capt. Christopher Riley, M.C., and Miss Betty Hanbury, at Hitcham Berks, England.

February 4, 1922 Eliot Morgan, North River, and Miss Maud Norman, Clarkeís Beach.
February 7, 1922 Frank Seymour and Miss Marta May Winsor.
February 12, 1922 Golden Wedding of H.W. Le Messurier, C.M.G., and Miss Elizabeth Arnett.
February 22, 1922 George T Walsh and Miss Margureite OíBrien.
February 28, 1922 F Regis Burke and Miss Mary Morris, at Los Angeles.

March 3, 1922 C.B. Simmonds and Miss Jean H. Trepnell, at Covian, California.
March 14, 1922 James Branscomber and Miss Florence Cowan.
March 21, 1922 Hobart F Hopkins and Miss Anna Jeanette Hoffman, at Harrisburg, Pa.

April 12, 1922 Willis Milley and Miss Mary Follett, Western Bay.

Herbert Allen, H.M.S. Cambrian, and Miss Bessie Bellows.

April 17, 1922 John Costello, Spaniardís Bay, and Miss Margaret Collins.
April 19, 1922 W.R. Fanning and Miss Annie M OíBrien, Witless Bay.
April 23, 1922 E.G. Paour and Miss Mamie Marie Noah.
April 29, 1922 Benjamin Howard Gainfort, Georgetown, Demerera, and Miss Annie Pilot.

Peter Stokes and Miss Laura Mabel Hamlyn, at Montreal.

May 4, 1922 Reuben Vardy, Hickmanís Harbor, and Miss Millie Maddcock, Carbonear.
May 21, 1922 Pedro Gomez Cueto and Miss Mary McCarthy, at New York.
May 23, 1922 George H Durban, R.N., and Miss Margaret Chancey Parsons.
May 30, 1922 Stanley Hodkinson and Miss Sadie Martin.
May 31, 1922 Augustus Garland and Miss Lizzie Pike, South Side, Carbonear.

June 1, 1922 Golden Wedding, Richard Ysbsley and Rosanna March.

Sulwyne Fenton and Miss Agnes M Neary, of Portugal Cove, at Dorchester, Mass.

June 2, 1922 Henry B. Ball, Bonne Bay, and Miss Ethel Hefferman, at Halifax.
June 3, 1922 Cecil W Hawes and Miss Ethel Barr, at London.
June 14, 1922 James Bertram Evans and Miss Ethel Janes, at Carbonear.
June 15, 1922 George Coish and Miss Victoria Jacobs.
June 17, 1922 William J Robinson, C.E., and Miss Edna Blair.

Samuel A Francis, M.A., and Miss Katherine Lewis, at Berkela, Calfornia.

June 22, 1922 William F. Day and Miss Gladys G. Clarke.
June 26, 1922 Ex Sergt Matthew Collins and Miss May Mooney, Placentia.
June 27, 1922 Fred Mercer and Miss Eleanor Luscombe, at New York.

July 1, 1922 Edward M Noonan and Miss Jessie M Murdel, at Brooklyn, N.Y.
July 5, 1922 W.F. Hutchinson and Miss Carrie Isable Storey.
July 6, 1922 Capt George Hicks, Grand Falls, and Miss Olive Farnham, Heartís Content.
July 10, 1922 Vincent Flemming, St Vincentís, and Miss Annie May Robertson, Richmond, Cape Breton.
July 11, 1922 Michael A Kean and Miss Marion Skinner.
July 12, 1922 Harold Brazil, Garnish, and Miss Sarah Parsons, Grand Bank.
July 14, 1922 Rev. Warwick F Kelloway and Miss Georgina Parsons, Freshwater, at Montreal.

Arthur S Bremner and Miss May M Ferguson, at Southampton, England.

July 16, 1922 Capt. John J Whelan, Placentia, and Miss Marcella Burke, St Jacques, at Port au Port.
July 17, 1922 T John Watts, Harbor Grace, and Miss Marion Dawe, Bay Roberts, at Freshwater, B.D.V.
July 19, 1922 William Henry Hayes and Miss Sarah Hiscock, Winteron, at Halifax.

August 1, 1922 Francis J Brown, and Miss Isabelle Cooper.
August 2, 1922 Charles A Ellia Jr., and Miss Eleanor Bartlett, St. Johnís, at Carbonear.

Thomas Lee and Miss Bride Mooney, Placentia, at St. Johnís.

August 9, 1922 Vivian Leslie Rendell, Port Rexton, and Miss Bessie Rose, St. Johnís.

G.S. Bacon, M.Sc., St. John, N.B., and Miss Jennie Chancey Moore, Pouch Cove.

August 10, 1922 Dr. W.H. Hatcher and Miss Pearl Paterson, at Magog, Quebec Province.
August 12, 1922 Ralph Kennedy and Miss Hilda Meek.

Adam Flight, Small Point, and Miss Lucy Edgecombe, Ochre Pit Cove.

August 15, 1922 Major B.C. Gardner and Miss Jean Elizabeth Milley.
August 16, 1922 Charles Thomas and Miss Rose Donnelly.

Horbert Whitten and Miss Edith Gertrude Knight.

August 17, 1922 Arthur J Skinner and Miss Florence M Cave.
August 19, 1922 D Taylor, Toronto, and Mrs Bertha Chafe, Curling, at St. Johnís.
August 22, 1922 Robert Dugald Munn and Miss Ray Kendell [sic[.

Patrick S Summers and Miss Ellen Frances Brace.

August 23, 1922 William Wooley French, Harbor Grace, and Miss Annie Elizabeth Forward, Southside, Carbonear.

September 3, 1922 R OíReilly and Miss P Byrne.
September 6, 1922 Rev. W.S. Mercer, Fogo, and Miss Mary Evangeline Longley, of Pardice, N.B.
September 8, 1922 Capt. Michael Murphy and Miss Eliza Collins, Placentia.
September 9, 1922 Arthur E Hayward and Miss Jessie Bulley.
September 11, 1922 John Hogan and Miss Agnes Mary Buckley.

Charles Bird, Cartwright, and Miss Amy Astbury, of Liverpool, England.

September 12, 1922 Fred Roberts, Change Islands, and Miss Marie Sceviour, Exploits.

Herbert Ebsey and Miss Grace Chafe, Petty Harbor.

September 16, 1922 William Stevenson and Miss Alexandra Ethel Snelgrove.
September 23, 1922 Sidney Torraville, Fogo, and Miss Isabel Mary Best, Broughty Ferry, Scotland.

William Bolt, M.D., C.M., and Miss Kathleen May Woods Sligo, at Windsor, Ont.

September 26, 1922 Walter Parsons and Miss Mabel Mufford, of Twillingate.
September 27, 1922 Sydney C Mifflen, B.Sc., and Miss Tessie Power, Bell Island.

Francis P Pike and Miss Winnifred Moore, Carbonear.

Dudley Mark Garrett and Miss Audrey Bradford Morine, at Toronto.

September 28, 1922 Charles Rendell, Heartís Content, and Miss Clara Baggs, Broad Cove, B.D.V.

October 4, 1922 Horward Cutler and Miss Bessie Anthony.

Joseph Seaward, R.N.C., and Miss Maggie Cummins.

John Hunt and Miss Ellen Searle, Bell Island.

Mr. Roberts and Miss Atkins, Bell Island.

October 9, 1922 Peter Murphy, East Wabana, and Miss Maggie Fahey, Lance Cove.
October 11, 1922 Martin Gowans and Mrs Jessie Archibald Snow.
October 17, 1922 Ewart G. Hall and Miss Wilhelmina Long.
October 19, 1922 Golden Wedding, Capt. Abram Kean and Miss Caroline Yetman.

Roland Barrett and Miss Irene Brown, both of Blaketown, at Revere, Mass.

October 24, 1922 William E Campbell and Miss Flora Mews.
October 26, 1922 B. Holland and Miss Kathleen Sceviour.
October 27, 1922 Charles A White, St Georgeís, and Miss Mary Howard Archibald, Harbor Grace.

November 1, 1922 Capt. Charles O Butler, S.A., and Miss Elzie Blackmore, East Wabana.

William Frederick Guy and Miss Gladys Susie Parsons, Bay Roberts.

November 4, 1922 Hudson Benson, Hillview, and Miss Madeline Miller, of Brooklyn N.Y. at Brooklyn.
November 7, 1922 Jack Noel, Victoria, B.C., and Miss Margaret LeMesserier, at Vancouver.
November 8, 1922 Vincent McCarthy, Carbonear, and Miss Brace, Humbermouth.
November 14, 1922 James Hogan and Miss Veronica Fahey, of Western Bay.
November 15, 1922 Joseph Halbott, St Georgeís, and Miss Annie Barron, Placentia.
November 20, 1922 Capt Freeman C White, B.A., Moretonís Harbor, and Miss Winnifred Emma Gillingham, Twillingate, at St. Louis, Mo.
November 26, 1922 Peter Corey of Syria, and Miss Elizabeth Sphire.
November 29, 1922 M.A. Doody and Miss Nellie Kenney.

December 8, 1922 Rev. Dr. W.T.D. Dunn and Miss Emma E Scott, at Grand Falls.
December 14, 1922 Harold Gillingham, City, and Miss Maud Street, Epworth.
December 16, 1922 C Ashley Hibbard and Miss Isabel Victoria Delgado.

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