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Year End Review  - 1918


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.







(Those marked with an asterisk * are Newfoundlanders in other Regiments or Service)

The title of Royal has been conferred upon the Newfoundland Regiment by His Majesty, King George.
Lieut-Col James Forber-Robertson, V.C., D.S.O., M.C.

Private R.T. Ricketts, V.C., D.C.M., Croix de Guerre.

* Lieut-Col. Wm. Hodgson, Franklin.

* Major Wighton.

Lieut-Col Forber-Robertson.

* Lieut-Colonel Charles A. Peters, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., C.A.M.C.

Capt. B. Butler, M.C. and Bar.

* Lieut. Col Henry Shea, R.A.M.C.

Lieut-Col Woodruffe.

Captain James John Donnelly.

Captain Bertram Butler and Bar.

Surgeon-Captain William H Parsons, R. A. M. C.

Major Adolph Ernest Bernard.

Captain John Brine Mitchell.

Major Weston March.

Captain Arthur Raley.

Captain Reginald S. Rowsell.

Second Lieut. Gerald Guy Byrne.

* Major Alexander M. Jackson.

Captain James W. Tacher, R. A. M. C.

Captain Rupert Wilfred Bartlett and Bar.

Lieutenant Kevin Joseph Keegan and Bar.

Lieut-Colonel Forbes Robertson

Lieutenant Jack Turner.

* Private Michael Harvey.

Captain R Grant Paterson and Bar.

* Lieutenant John A. McGrath.

Lieutenant Ronald Ayre, R. F. C. (Captain)

Captain Bert Tait.

Captain Joseph Nunns.

Second Lieutenant Hicks.

Second Lieutenant Chafe.

* Lieut A. R. Batson.

Lieut. Stanley Goodyear (Posthumous).

* Capt. Charles Fenwick, C.A. M. C.

Second Lieutenant G. Whitty.

Captain Herbert Rendell.

Lieut. James Mifflen.

Captain John Clift.

* Capt. H. R. Oke Royal Scots.

* Lieut. Gerald Goughlan, M. M.

Capt. Charles Frost.

Second Lieutenant Harry Williamson.

Second Lieutenant Albert Taylor, D.C.M. , M.C. and Bar.

* Lieutenant Commander John T. Rendell, R.N.R.

* Lieutenant A.G. Dodman, R.N.R.

Arthur Somerton, Bell Island.

Leander Green, R.N.R.

Albert Gregory, R.N.R.

Martin Pottle, R.N.R.

Sergeant William Martin Greene.

Private Richard Hynes.

* Sergeant Albert George Duffett.

Private William J. Gladney.

Sergeant Peter Samson.

Sergeant Cyril Gardner and Bar, (Second Lieutenant).

Lance Corporal William Benoit.

* Company Sergt. Major Arthur Hancock.

Private Martin Picco.

* Sergeant William Lewis.

Sergeant T.J. Dunphy.

Corporal H.R. Raynes.

Sergeant Murphy.

Sergeant Spurrell.

Sergeant Purcell.

Corporal Hollett.

Private Sutton.

Company Sergeant Major Albert E. Janes.

Sergeant Albert Davis.

Sergeant Leo J. Fitzpatrick.

Pte. Thomas Pittman.

Sergt. Ernest Gullicksen.

* Pte. William J. Russell.

Sergt. Major Albert Taylor, M.C. and Bar.

Sergt. Albert Rose, M.M.

Sergt. Reginald Standford.

Private Richard Powers.

Private James O’Quinn.

Corporal C.S. Carter.

Private Wm. Anthony.

Private R.T. Ricketts, V.C. Croix de Guerre.   ****See Errata Table below

* Corporal George Tremaine Cowan.

Private Stewart Dewling.

Lance Corporal John Cox.

Private George Phillips.

Private Thomas White McGrath.

Second Lieutenant Harold George Barrett.

Corporal John Joseph Morrissey.

Private Matthew Collins.

* Sergeant Ralph Lewis.

Sergeant Richard Neville.

Lance Corporal Arthur Webber.

Private Alfred Manuel.

Private David Brown.

Private Oliver Goodland.

Private Bernard Carroll.

Private J.P. Lewis.

Sergeant A. Gooby.

Sergeant J.R. Waterfield.

Sergeant Charles Parsons and Bar.

Corporal J. Hillier.

Lance Corporal W. Pitcher.

Private D.W. Curran.

Private J. Hounsell.

Private S. Rose.

Lance Corporal Harold Lidstone.

Lance Corporal Thomas Joseph Hackett.

Corporal F.G. Best.

Sergeant A. Hammond.

Lance Corporal John Rose.

Private J.H. Simms.

Private Patrick O’Neil

Private George Mullett, and Bar.

Private Arthur Murray.

Private Thomas J. Meaney.

Private John J. Peddell.

Private H. Spurrell.

Private E. Wiseman.

Private Frank Dawe.

Private George B Lacey.

* Corporal Gerald D Coughlan.

Sergeant Aithen, and Bar.

Sergeant Boutcher.

Corporal Butler.

Corporal Tannsley.

Corporal Fitzpatrick.

Lance Corporal Nichol.

Private Alex Adams, and Bar

Private Abbott.

Private Bowden.

Private Bulgin.

Private Moore.

Private McDonald.

Private Goudie, and Bar.

Private Davis.

Lance Corporal Dunn.

Private Hennebury.

Private Paddick.

Private Reese.

Private Jewer.

* Sergeant T. Moriarity.

* Private Alfred Andrews.

Sergeant M.G. Winter.

Corporal E.B. Cheeseman.

Corporal Edward Joy, and Bar.

Corporal J.J. Collins.

Lance Corporal T. Cook.

Private L. Moore.

Private J. Loveless.

Private J. Hennebury.

Private H. Dobbin.

Private W. Fowlow.

Private T.A. Pittman.

Corporal Ralph B. LeDrew.

Private J.G. Hogan, and Bar.

Private Henry Knee.

Private Pierce Power,

Private Alfred J. Stacey.

Private Manuel J. Bennett.

Sergeant Charles Curnew.

Lance Corporal Matthew Brazil.

Lance Corporal Peter Sullivan.

Private Freeman Bendell.

Private John Cross.

Private William Roy Saunders.

Private Henry Snow.

Private Gordon Snow.

Private Samuel White.

Private Matthew Yetman.

Sergeant Gregory Green.

Corporal William Joy.

Lance Corporal John O’Rourke.

Lance Corporal N.L. Woolfrey.

Private James Mooney.

Private Michael Walsh.

Private Bramwell Reid.

Private Newman Gough.

Late Private Albert Lee.

Private John Murphy.

Corporal T.C. Mews.

Private Andrew Smith.

Private Heber Trask.

Private Edward O’Brien.

Private William King.

Private Richard Powers, D.C.M.

Sergt. Thomas J. Dumphy, D.C.M.

Corp. Levi Hollett, D.C.M.

Private William Sutton, D.C.M. 

Major Weston March.

Major A.E. Bernard.

Corporal H.R. Raynes.

Capt. Victor Sydney Bennett, R.A.F.

Private R.T. Ricketts, V.C., D.C.M.


Name Description of Error My Name
Private R.T. Ricketts Tommy Ricketts won the Victoria Cross and the Croix de Guerre.  He did not win the Distinguished Conduct Medal.  Now that is not to say it was not recorded  that he did, because I have seen records written by "Joey " Smallwood that has Tommy winning the D.C.M. I believe that the memorial to him on Water Street in St. John's also has it initialled after his name.  But I had reason to research records of Tommy Ricketts and my grandfather some years ago at the Archives.  You see my grandfather is Matthew Brazil who was Tommy Ricketts section commander on that MONDAY, October 14, 1918 when Tommy received the V.C.  !  My grandfather Corporal Matthew Brazil was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal  for the very same act of bravery!  Just as I was told Tommy won the D.C.M. (which he did not) it had been reported among fellow troops of my grandfather that he won the V.C.! (mind you he did not).   Now that is not to say that family members such as my maternal Uncle have been researching this "fact" for decades.  But I digress.

I have seen Tom Ricketts war record.  My grandfather you have him noted as winning the Military Medal which he did,  Now here is where the omissions are located (so to speak.)  My grandfather Matthew Brazil also won the Distinguished Conduct Medal  and the Croix de Guerre from the French Government.   (There is an interesting story here which my Uncle Michael (MIKE) Brazil can elaborate upon.  You see my grandfather never did "physically" receive the Croix de Guerre.  He died in February 1958  and although he spoke of winning it to the family, he never received it.   Through the research of my Uncle, and through his contacts with Veteran's Affairs, etc.  finally in October 1983  TWENTY FIVE AND A HALF YEARS  after my grandfather died, my Uncle Mike Brazil, on behalf of the family,  received my grandfather Brazil's Croix De Guerre in a ceremony at Sir Humphrey Gilbert Building.  There is a write up in the same DAILY NEWS paper in October of 1983.

So my grandfather's D.C.M. and C de G   are at least two omissions that I know of.

Michael Ryan

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