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Year End Review  - 1929


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



January 1, 1929 "At Home day at “Y”

New Year Celebration at T.A. Hall.

Variety entertainment by pupils of Mrs Kathleen L Clift."

January 2, 1929 Sir Charles Macara, well known cotton magnate, dead 83.
January 3, 1929 "Bolivia and Paraguay, sign protocol to establish committee of conciliation, in boundary dispute.

Century old Notre Dame Church at St. Hyacinths, Que., badly damaged by fire.

Sixty second session of M.C.L.I opened.

B.I.S. Ladies Auxiliary hold children Party and Dance.

McDonald Fellowship Club entertained fifty children at “Y” .

W. J. Carew Addresses Rotary Club, on “If I were a Rotorian”.

Mrs Annie Ball, original “Mother Machree”, dead , 71.

St. Michael’s Parish form Social Club."

January 4, 1929 "Rebellious Shinwarts tribe of Afghanistan, makes peace.

Mr and Mrs John Hallett, formerly of St. John’s, celebrate Golden Wedding at Whitman, Mass."

January 5, 1929 "Nonia Children Party at Newfoundland Hotel.

Shop and contents of Charles A Williams of Pool’s Cove, destroyed by fire."

January 6, 1929 "Tex Rickard, famous fight promoter, dead.

England wins cricket test against Australia.

Hon. George H Murray, former Premier of Nova Scotia, dead, 68.

Jugo-Slavian constitution suspended, and Chamber of Deputies dissolved by Royal Decree, following Cabinet crisis.

President J.L. Paton, addresses Holy Cross Literary Association, on “The Gates of Leisure”.

Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia dead 72."

January 7, 1929 "United States Army Monoplane, Question Mark, which started endurance flight New Year’s Day at Los Angeles, forced down by engine trouble at 2.12 p.m. today, after being in the air 150 hours, 43 minutes. Plane was re-fueled several times during flight.

Belvedere Ladies Association Concert.

Star of the Sea Celebration.

Cardinal Tosti, Archbishop of Milan, dead.

Henry Arthur Jones, British Playwright, dead."

January 8, 1929 "Winter term of the Supreme Court opens.

High Council of Salvation Army, assembles in London, to discuss and decided future leadership of Army.

Benjamin Duke, American Millionaire, dead.

Installation of officers of Lodge Dudley, S.O.F.

Installation St John’s Lodge, S.U.F.

Commercial Travelers Annual meeting. Vote of $75.00 made to P.M.D.F.

Annual meeting St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Presentation to Rev. R.J. Power, M.A."

January 9, 1929 "Hockey teams have first practice for the season.

Maltese Parliament eliminates power of Senate, in regards to money matters, thus bringing constitution into line with other British Dominions.

Two thousands peasants rise against Government to Mamour village, Japan."

January 10, 1929 "Officially announced that Salvation Army High Council have asked General Booth to retire.

Dr. William Temple, formally enthroned as Archbishop of York .

Earl Howe dead.

Senator Ross, Conservative Leader in Canadian Senate, dead.

Arrangements completed to place 6,000 British trained immigrants, in farm employment in Canada.

Dr. R.T. Stick addresses MacDonald Fellowship Club, on Dentistry.

Rev. Dr. Clark tells story of Jean Val Bean (?) before Llewellyn Club.

Slight fire at Pope’s Furniture Factory.

Annual Dinner, Commercial Travelers Association."

January 11, 1929 "Report from Afghanistan, states that King Amannllah has yielded to the rebels, and withdrawn nearly the whole of his reform plans.

Poincare Government of France, wins vote of Confidence, 325 to 251.

British Board of Trade figures for 1928, show adverse trade balance of £353,000,000.

Lord Day Alliance recognized.

Major Graham Bell, Deputy Minister of Railways and Canals Canada, dead."

January 12, 1929 Hon. F.G. Bradley sworn in, as J.G. Higgins, B.L., addresses Old Colony Club, on Development of Law and Legal Code.
January 13, 1929 "Mrs Babe Ruth, wife of famous baseballer, and of Newfoundland parentage, burned to death in fire at Watertown.

Mr J.A Barron lectures to Holy Cross L.A., on Oliver Goldsmith.

Mr. S.B. Cullen addresses Current Topics Club at “Y”, on Aims and Objective of A.A.A."

January 14, 1929 "King Amanullah of Afghanistan, abdicates.

General Booth rejects suggestion of High Council that he should retire as Head of the Salvation Army.

Long pending Roman question, settled by grant of small territory extension, and cash indemnity.

Inter Club Card Tournament opens T.A. Club rooms.

St. Bon’s Athletic Association Dance.

Installation Rose of Sharon R.B.P.

Prince Inayatullah, elder brother of King Amanullah, crowned King of Afghanistan."

January 15, 1929 "Home of John Adams, Allandale Road, destroyed by fire.

Terra Nova K of C Installation.

Annual installation of Lodge Empire, S.O.B."

January 16, 1929 "London visited by blizzard which disorganized street traffic.

General Bramwell Booth, adjudicated unfit to continue as Commander in Chief of the Salvation Army, by a 55 to 8 vote of the High Command.

Lady Bailey lands at Croyden, completing flight from London to Cape Town and back.

Hockey season opens, St. Bon’s defeat Feildians 11 to 5.

Curling season opens with points game."

January 17, 1929 "King Inaystullah of Afghanistan, surrenders to Rebel Leader Bacha Sakas, who is proclaimed Habbibullah Khan, and thus becomes Afghanistan third Monarch within a week.

Italy has unusual experience of snow storm.

Violent earthquake at Cumans, Venezuela, destroys several buildings.

Mr J.G. Higgins, B. L., discusses, “Salmon Fishing From a Tourists Point of View”, before Rotary.

Mr Reg Harvey, returned from New York, informs the Daily News, that sale of Red Cross Line interest in the steamers Silvia, Nerissa and Rosalind, has been completed, subject to ratification by share holders.

S S. Mauretains breaks trans-Atlantic speed record from New York to Plymouth, completing trip in 4 days, 19 hours and 55 minutes.

Announced Corner Brook wins bowling Challenge Game against “Y”"

January 18, 1929 "Commissioner Haines, Vice President of the Salvation Army High Council, dropped dead during meeting. General Booth asks for High Court injunction to prevent Council nominating successor.

Lucius Littaner, American Millionaire, sets aside $1,000,000 for the purpose of making people happy.

Annual Re union of Royal Stores Ltd.

Dr. Hunter addresses Knights of Columbus, on ‘Humor in English Literature’."

January 19, 1929 "Owen D Yong and J Pierpoint Morgan, appointed American experts on Reparations Commission.

S.P.C.A. Annual meeting.

Million dollar fire at Hull, England.

Miss Morris, speaks on “Old Quebec” at Old Colony Club."

January 20, 1929 "Heaviest gale for years, rages in the City, doing much damage of minor character.

Mr. C.J. Fox. K.C., lectures on, ‘What I saw in Canada’, before Holy Cross Literary Association.

Schooner Lene, belonging to J Rorke & Sons, breaks from her mooring at Carbonear, and drifts to sea in gale."

January 21, 1929 "Bowring’s new sealer ‘Imogene”, launched at shipyard of Smith Dock Co., Ltd., Southbank. Christened by Miss Joan Madeline Bowring.

Sister Mary Columba Glynn celebrates Golden Jubilee.

St. Bon’s defeat Guards, 13 to 2 hockey.

Annual meeting Victoria Chapter.

Annual meeting British Society."

January 22, 1929 "Premier Squires has second interview with Premier of Canada, regarding trade agreements.

Government of Irak resigns, following breakdown in negotiations for military agreement with British.

Calvert lit by electric light first time.

Operetta “Sunrise Land” St. Joseph’s Hall.

Pioncare Government again suspended 327 to 162.

Blue Division wins Victoria Curling Trophy.

Annual meeting Newfoundland Football League.

Annual meeting Bowring Bros. Ltd., hockey Association.

British unemployed begin march on London, in hope of influencing Government to increase assistance.

Annual installation Colonial Lodge, I.O.O.F."

January 23, 1929 "Terra Novas defeat Feildians, 9 to 1.

Mercantile Hockey Association Annual Meeting.

S.U.F. District No. 2, Grand Lodge, meets at Catalina.

Petries’ Hotel and shop of Donald Soper, gutted by fire at Corner Brook."

January 24, 1929 "Rev. A .H. Howitt gives illustrated lecture on, ‘Here and there in England’, to Llewellyn Club.

Annual meeting C.E.I.

Gazetted Extraordinary reserves large section of interior from operations Crown Lands Act.

House occupied by James Green and Joseph Minett, Water Street West, gutted by fire.

Mr C O N Conroy addresses Rotary, on “A Forgotten Hero”."

January 25, 1929 "Mr Justice Eve, High Court London, strongly advises Salvation Army to adjust differences out of Court.

Bulletin re King’s health, states that His Majesty is free from germ infection.

Scotsmen celebrate Burn Nicht.

Terra Nova defeat St. Bon’s 6 to 2."

January 26, 1929 Glynn Mill Inn, Corner Brook, badly damaged by fire.
January 28, 1929 "Annual meeting Board of Trade. R.F. Horwood elected President.

Prince of Wales undertakes tour of distressed mining areas.

Star Club wins inter club card tournament."

January 30, 1929 "Strollera Cabaret at Newfoundland Hotel.

British High Court grants injunction, preventing High Council of Salvation Army from deposing General Booth.

New wing of Church of England Girl’s Orphanage, opened and dedicated.

S.S. Kyle returns from fruitless search for steamer George B Cochrane, which left Sydney January 31st for St. John’s.

Sydney Russell, Port Union, injured when piece of metal from electrically driven fish screw, falls from ceiling on his leg.

Eleanor Smith 17, establishes Women’s endurance flying record, 12 hours, 16 minutes, 45 seconds.

Harold Forsey, 23, seriously injured in Paper Shed, Corner Brook."

January 31, 1929 "Mrs Fred Hicken address Rotary on Physical Culture.

Earl of Durham dead."

February 1, 1929 "Auxiliary schooner Maud Thornhill, with Edwin Walsh, Herbert Kirby, John Moulton, Walter Brown, of Newfoundland, among crew, believed lost.

London post office reports theft of fifty thousand dollars worth of valuables.

Salvation Army High Council met again today and requested General Booth to set convention day to plead his cause.

Mr. B.C. Gardener addresses Knight of Columbus on “Banking”.

According to reports to Marine and Fisheries Department, recent storm did damage amounting to $20,000 on Cape Shore.

Britain and China sign protocol, making new tariff treaty effective."

February 2, 1929 Mr. H.B. Wardell, addresses Old Colony Club, on ‘Fragments of Musical History.’
February 3, 1929 "Schooner Emily H Patten, bound from Turk’s Island to Grand Bank, abandoned at sea. Crew rescued.

Martial law proclaimed at Valencia Spain.

Mr Justice Higgins appointed Vice Patron of the Benevolent Irish Society."

February 4, 1929 "Unprecedented storms and cold in Europe, cause death of forty persons.

Thousands reported to have perished of starvation in Bessarabia.

Schooner Enil E Legge, owned by Burgeo and LePoile Export Co., and bound from Oporto with salt, abandoned in mid ocean. Crew safe.

Reign of terror prevails at Valencia, Spain.

Guards defeat Feildians 11 to 8."

February 5, 1929 "United States Senate passes Bill, authorizing construction 15 cruisers.

Slight fire at home of Harry Windsor, Water Street, West.

Mercantile Hockey series begins. Bairds defeat Ayres 2 to 1.

King George signs State Document, first since December 4th."

February 6, 1929 "Daily News Trophy, won by St. Bon’s A.A., formally presented to the College.

Royal Oak Lodge Tea and concert

Greenland basking in sunshine while Europe ice bound.

Starving crowds wreck and sack emergency food stations at Kishenev, Arabia.

Mr and Mrs John Adrian, celebrate Golden Anniversary of wedding.

C.M.B.C. Harbor Mission Tea and Concert.

Cochrane Street Woman’s Association Cafeteria and Concert.

Queen Mother Marie Christina of Spain, dies"

February 7, 1929 "Canadian Parliament opens.

Sir Richard Squires at Washington.

Labor wins another seat from Conservatives, at Battersea.

England wins 4th test cricket match from Australia by 12 runs.

G.W.V.A. Annual Meeting. Lieut. Col Paterson re elected President.

Bowring Bros Ltd. entertain employees, in honor of approaching marriage of Edgar R Bowring, Jr., Director.

Rev. A.A. McLeod, Kentville, addresses Rotary Club.

10,000 dressmakers strike in New York.

Annual tea and concert Llewellyn Club.

Royal Stores defeat Harvey’s Mercantile Hockey 7 to 2.

Annual Ball of Lodge Northcliff, A.F. &. A.M., Grand Falls."

February 8, 1929 "Labor wins by election in Bishop Auckland Division.

Eamon DeValera sentenced to two months imprisonment, for attempting to enter Northern Ireland.

Meeting at Catalina in aid of P.M.D.F."

February 9, 1929 "King George removed to Craigwell House, Bognor, where it is hoped he will benefit from sunlight and sea air.

Dr. Mennie addresses Old Colony Club.

Nell Smith, Springdale, loses left arm in gun explosion."

February 10, 1929 "Unsuccessful attempt on life of President Gill of Mexico, when train on which he was traveling, was dynamited.

Torrential rains cause worst flood in Australia for forty years.

Redemptorist Fathers open Mission in R.C. Cathedral.

Caribou reports thousands of old seals in Gulf.

St. Bon’s defeat United College 11 to 0 inter College Hockey."

February 11, 1929 "Reparations Committee holds first meeting at Paris.

Admiral Sir Edmund Freemantle, dead, 92.

Poultry Association Annual Meeting.

Benevolent Irish Society Preliminary Annual Meeting.

Cathedral Parish Annual Meeting.

Terra Novas defeat Guard 9 to 6."

February 12, 1929 "Bishop Field defeat United College 7 to 3 inter College Hockey.

Bowrings and Bairds draw in Mercantile Hockey.

Peter Peddle, Bishop’s Cove, Harbor Grace, dies suddenly in shed of Avalon Coal Co., Coley’s Point, 71."

February 13, 1929 "Salvation Army High Council, adjudicates Bramwell Booth as unfit for service as General, and elects Commissioner Edward Higgins, Chief of Staff, as successor.

President Coolidge signs Naval Construction Bill.

Ruling Princes of forty Indian States, express unswerving loyally to British Crown.

Memorial Service for the late Mrs (Rev) R.J. Power.

Constantinople reported to be almost panic stricken with phenomenal cold, following eleven days of snow.

Ash Wednesday.

Job’s defeat Consolidated Foundry 11 to 1 City league Hockey."

February 14, 1929 "Zero weather continues to prevail in England and Europe. River Thames blocked with ice.

Labour wins by election at Wensbeck, its fourth straight victory.

Mr Ray Gushue addresses Rotary, on ‘Education in Citizenship.’

Installation of officers Dominion Command G.W.V.A.

Reginald C Dowden, appointed Returning Officer in forthcoming Municipal Election.

Coldest night for season, mercury dropping to zero."

February 15, 1929 "By vote of 114 to 60, Canadian House of Commons refuses to change its attitude with regards to title.

S.S. Silvia arrives, flying flag of Furness Company.

H.J. Duder wins President’s Cup, for points competition at Curling Club.

St. Bon’s defeat Guards 5 to 3.

Martin Hipditch, Clattice, P.B., has hand severed in saw mill."

February 16, 1929 Dr. V.R.P Burke addresses Old Colony Club, on ‘Former Wartime in Newfoundland History.’
February 17, 1929 "L E Emerson, K.C., addresses Holy Cross L.A., on “The Life of Edmund Burke.”

Annual Meeting St. Bon’s Association."

February 18, 1929 "Bishop March, accompanied by Monsignor McCarthy, V.G., leaves for Rome.

British Industries Fair opens at London and Birmingham.

Annual meeting Benevolent Irish Society.

Terra Novas defeat St. Bon’s 6 to 3, League Hockey."

February 19, 1929 "The Tiet River in the heart of the Coffee District in Brazil, is experiencing worst flood in 40 years, five thousand houses are under water.

Opposition to the principles of Rotary, withdrawn by Roman Catholic Church authorities.

Guards defeat Feildians 3 to 2 League Hockey."

February 20, 1929 "Sir Austin Chamberlain states in Commons, that British Government has no intention of issuing invitations to a new conference on naval armaments.

Rev. A.H. Howitt lectures to L.O.A."

February 21, 1929 "Australia organizes Antracitic Expedition under Sir Douglas Mawson, who will sail on “The Discovery.”

Y.M.C.A. building Sydney, valued at $40,000., destroyed by fire.

General Sir John Maxwell dies.

St. Bon’s defeats Feildans 7 to 6 league hockey.

Sir John Middleton Curling Cup won by James Edwards."

February 22, 1929 "Canadian House of Commons ratifies Kellogg-Briand peace treaty.

Religious rioting breaks out between Hindus and Moslems at Bangalore, Southern India.

Presentation of tea service to ex Manager Oldfield of Imperial Oil Co.

Terra Novas defeat Guards, 8 to 6, league hockey.

D.P. Duff win Allardyce Curling Cup.

Home of William Moulton, Pouch Cove, completely destroyed by fire."

February 23, 1929 "Dr. Hunter lectures on the “Holy Grail” to Old Colony Club.

Body of Richard Coady, missing since February 15th., found in the harbor, off Horwood’s wharf.

Capt Thornhill and crew of six, schooner, ‘Hiram D MacLean’ owned by Penny & Co. of Ramea, picked up by steamer ‘Swift Scout’, after having abandoned their ship off Norfolk, Virgina.

United College defeat Feildians 10 to 5 inter-college hockey."

February 24, 1929 "Temperance gathering in Pitts Memorial Hall, passes resolution asking for modification of ‘Bottle a Day Act.’

Sir Vincent Meredith dies, Montreal.

Reports from China, state that from twelve to twenty million people are starving

Cardinal Vico died at Vatican City.

Foreign legations evacuate Kabul.

Presentation Convent Association annual meeting.

James Neil, St. John’s, who said he intended to enter University of Maine, returned to Canada, because he was without passport.

Shop and Dwelling of Robert Dyke, Rocky Harbor, Bonne Bay, destroyed by fire."

February 25, 1929 "Army estimates for forthcoming year, totals £40,545,000, a reduction of £505,000.

St. Bon’s win Tie Cup defeating League hockey. [sic]"

February 26, 1929 "Mr J V O’Dea appointed Member of Legislative Council.

Marine Engineers hold Annual Banquet, and makes presentation to Mr Justice Higgins.

St. Bon’s wins inter-collegiate hockey by defeating Feildians 8 to 6.

Terra Novas win League Championship in 4 to 3 game against Feildians.

House occupied by Frank Gunn, Grand Falls, destroyed by fire."

February 27, 1929 "Nova Scotia Legislature opens. Speech forecasts referendum on prohibition.

St. Bon’s win Tie-Cup, defeating Terra Novas 4 to 3."

February 28, 1929 "S.U.F. Club dinner.

Ernest R Marett address Rotary, on ‘Ophthalmic Lenses’.

Professor Hatcher lectures to M.C.L.I. on, “The Origin of the Universe.”

Hockey team from St. Francis Xavier College, Antigonish, arrive. First game played at night, results in win for City by 3 to 2."

March 1, 1929 "French Parliament ratifies Kellogg Treaty.

St. Francis Xavier defeat City team 8 to 6."

March 2, 1929 "Great Britain and Dominions, deposit with Washington State Department, documents ratifying Kellogg Peace Treaty.

Commission appointment to an enquiry into loss of dirigible Italia, in Arctic, places blame on General Noble.

Mr C J Fox speaks at the Old Colony Club, on ‘System of Government in Britain and the United States.’

Terra Nova and Thetis sail for the Gulf Seal Fishery.

Admiral Sir Edward Seymour dies.

Another revolution breaks out in Mexico."

March 3, 1929 Mission for men closes at Cathedral.
March 4, 1929 "Herbert Hoover inaugurated as President of United States. In his inauguration address, President Hoover dedicates himself and his administration to the promotion of world peace.

Marconi Laboratories announce world marvel, which establishes beam radio short wave stations, to function both for telephone and telegraph purposes.

Guards Athletic Association entertain visiting St. Francis Xavier Hockey team.

St. Frances Xavier defeat City in final hockey game 4 to 1.

Fifty fourth sitting of League of Nations Council opens at Geneva.

De Valera released from jail."

March 5, 1929 "Mr J F. Downey, Minister of Agriculture and Mines, addresses Board of Trade, on Mines and Minerals in Newfoundland.

Announced that Prince of Wales will act as Deputy for King, at this year’s investitures.

Guards defeat Feildians 3 to 1 in final game of hockey series."

March 6, 1929 His Excellency the Governor, visits sealing steamers.
March 7, 1929 "Balance of sealing fleet left for the ice fields today.

Major Inkpen speaks at Rotary Luncheon.

Annual meeting of Game association.

Grand Lodge S.U.F. visits Middle Bight, and forms Council of Ladies Auxiliary."

March 8, 1929 "M.C.L.I. and Dalhousie debate won by former.

Rev. Groffrey-Studdar-Kennedy (Woodbine Willie) dies at Liverpool.

Annual Meeting Shannon Chapter."

March 9, 1929 "Miss Leathes speaks to Old Colony Club, on “The Isle of Dogs.”

S.S. Cairngowan reaches Port in disabled condition."

March 10, 1929 "Committee of experts advocate International Bank to handle Reparations.

Fire does considerable damage to smoke house of William Davis Company, at Corner Brook."

March 11, 1929 "For the first time in four months, King George was out of doors today.

Major Seagrave made 231 miles a hour, in speed test at Daytona Beach, establishing new record.

Annual meeting Masonic Club.

Marquis of Zetland dies, 86.

Bowrings defeat Royal Stores 3 to 2, mercantile hockey.

Cathedral Branch W.H.M.A. annual meeting."

March 12, 1929 "T.A. Ladies’ Auxiliary Annual Meeting.

First concert for season, broadcast from Newfoundland Hotel.

Hon. R.B. Job, radio station address on Seal Fishery.

Crew of fishing boat, Elsie B Young, terribly frost bitten, when boat was totally wrecked at Francois,

Railway Welfare Association wins Championship City Hockey, by defeating Parker & Monroe 5 to 1.

Lee Bible, driver of American car, while attempting to exceed Seagrave speed record, killed at Daytona Beach.

Lord Phillimore dies at London."

March 14, 1929 "Malcolm Russell addresses Rotary, on the “Drama”

Fish and Game Protection Association elect Executive.

Home of Robert Grant, Springdale, destroyed by fire.

House of late Charles Power, Brigus, destroyed by fire."

March 15, 1929 Annual Meeting Railway Employees Welfare Association. Silver Tea Service and Salver presented to Secretary.
March 16, 1929 Rev. A.H. Howitt addresses Old Colony Club, on “Books and Reading.”
March 17, 1929 Home of Leslie Carter, Hamilton Street, completely gutted by fire.
March 18, 1929 "Announced that Prince George will join staff of Foreign Office.

B.I.S. Annual Parade

President D.M. McFarlane and Mrs W.J. Edgar, presented with Silver Service and Hand Painted Tea Table respectively, by Masonic Entertainment Committee."

March 19, 1929 "German Reichstag formally disapproves of use of poison gas in warfare.

Bowring Bros. defeat Ayre & Sons, winning the Mercantile League Championship.

Town Hall at Grand Falls completely gutted by fire."

March 20, 1929 "Marshal Fock dies.

Hockey Benefit for G W.V.A. Relief Fund."

March 21, 1929 "Hon. F.C. Alderdice returns from trip to England.

Crown Prince Olaf of Norway, and Princess Martha of Sweden, married.

Annual dinner of MacDonald Fellowship Club."

March 22, 1929 "Newfoundland Bishops received by His Holiness the Pope, at Vatican City.

Redistribution Bill receives third reading in Nova Scotia Legislature.

Danish schooner Gerda, which left here January 16th., for Rose Blanch to load codfish, arrives at English seaport, much damaged.

Harvey & Company team win Commercial Bowling League Championship.

Lunenburg schooner “Tug Along”, commanded by Captain John Rendell, formerly of Trinity, sunk by United States Coastguard, with loss of one man."

March 23, 1929 "Mr C.E. Hunt addresses Old Colony Club, on ‘An hour in Court’.

Cambridge defeats Oxford in boat race.

Unoccupied house on Portugal Cove Road, owned by Professor McCarthy, destroyed by fire."

March 25, 1929 "Playground Association Annual Meeting.

Building owned by Roland Boland, Curling, used as Custom House, destroyed by fire."

March 26, 1929 "Marshal Foch, France’s Great Soldier, buried in the Invalides.

British Prime Minister announces impartial enquiry into economic aspect of Channel tunnel project.

Dowager Marchioness of Cambridge, sister-in-law of Queen Mary, dead.

House owned by Arthur Manuel, at Bluff Head Cove, Twillingate, destroyed by fire."

March 27, 1929 "Sir Wilfred Grenfell cancels engagement, because of heart strain.

King appoints Duke of York, Lord High Commissioner of Church of Scotland.

Dr. W. Stanley Curtis, Boston, addresses Clinical Society on Diabetes.

Open warfare again develops in China."

March 28, 1929 "Sir Lomer Gouin, Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, dies suddenly while proroguing Provincial Legislature.

Prince of Wales holds second investiture at St. James’s Palace.

Guards A.A. Annual Meeting.

Mr R.T. Bevan addresses Rotary, on ‘Music’."

March 30, 1929 "Auxiliary schooner ‘Swile’ at Port Union, with 1,206 pelts. First arrival from seal fishery.

Air mail service with India is inaugurated by Imperial Airways.

Rev. T.B. Meyer, leading nonconformist Divine, dead, London. "

April 1, 1929 "“Y” Hippodrome.

Terrible famine reported in Ruanda District, Province of Congo.

Installation Officers Whitway Lodge A.F. &. A.M.

Annual meeting St. Michael’s Parish.

Annual installation Ladies’ Auxiliary Council No. 1, St. John’s Lodge S.U.F.

S.S. Neptune and S.S. Eagle arrive from ice fields. Neptune 18,838 pelts, Eagle 10,957.

Horses race on Humber Arm."

April 2, 1929 "Sagona arrives at Port Union with 8,516 pelts.

Ensign Mabel Payne, lectures on Missionary Work in China and India, at S.A. Citadel.

Industrial Home Sale opened by Lady Middleton.

S.S. Terra Nova arrives from seal fishery with 16,302 seals."

April 3, 1929 "British Independent Labor Party, instructs its members in Parliament to vote against all war credits.

Prince George joins staff of Foreign Office.

Seipel Cabinet, which had governed Austria since May 1927, resigns.

G.W.V.A. lady workers, elect officers.

His Excellency the Governor, visits sealing plants.

House of Douglas Leonard, near Railway Station, Grand Falls, destroyed by fire."

April 4, 1929 "Announced Earl of Balfour retires from public life.

Chinese revolt collapses.

Davidson Lodge L.O.B.A. concert and sociable.

Rotarians hold Father and Son Banquet. J.L. Paton speaks, on “Home and School”.

Annual Meeting Toc H.

Annual concert 3rd St. John’s Troop Boy Scouts.

S.S. Florencia arrives from seal fishery, 2090 seals."

April 5, 1929 First England to India sail voyage completed.
April 7, 1929 Ron O’Toole leaves to compete in Boston Marathon.
April 8, 1929 Championship Billiard Tournament.
April 9, 1929 "Toc H decides to close Sudburry Hospital.

Viking arrives from seal fishery, 2204 seals."

April 10, 1929 "Case against Captain Randell, and three of crew of the Tug Along, dismissed by United States authorities.

Centenary of birth of William Booth, Founder of Salvation Army.

Former Vice President Dawson, appointed United States Ambassador to Britain.

Feilidans Association sale of work."

April 11, 1929 "Aeroplane “Southern Cross”, which had crashed in Western Australia while making flight to England, located at Roptene. Crew safe.

Archbishop McNeil of Toronto, formerly Bishop of St. Geroge’s, celebrates half century as ordained Priest.

Sir Patrick McGrath, Sir William Lloyd, and Inspector General Hutching, named as Commission to enquire into unemployment situation.

Mr J.A. Winter address Rotary, on Scout Jamboree.

Annual Bonspiel dinner.

Annual meeting M.C.L.I. Mr J M Barbor reelected President."

April 12, 1929 "Major Henry Segero, who had land speed record, Knighted.

S.S. Ranger arrives from seal fishery, 12,762 seals."

April 13, 1929 "Miss MacDonald addresses Old Colony Club, on “Hawaiian”.

S.S. Theits arrives from seal fishery, 12,762 seals."

April 14, 1929 S.S. Imogene arrives from seal fishery, 25,511 seals.
April 16, 1929 "Twenty seventh General Assembly of Newfoundland convenes. A.J. Walsh, M.H.A. for Harbor Main, elected as Speaker.

Information Conference, on ‘Safety of Life at Sea’, opens in London.

B.I.S. Billiard Dinner."

April 17, 1929 "Legislature officially opened by His Excellency Sir John Middleton.

St. Mary’s Women’s Association Sale.

Father and Son Banquet Y.M.C.A.

Annual meeting Newfoundland Game Fish Protection Society.

Curling prizes presented at special meeting of Association."

April 18, 1929 "Premier Baldwin outlines Conservative policy.

Attempted assassination of King Boris of Bulgaria, frustrated.

Reparations Conference reaches deadlock.

Annual Flipper Supper, Llewellyn Club.

Mount Cashel band concert Majestic Theatre.

Post Office, Hant’s Harbor, destroyed by fire."

April 19, 1929 "Boston Marathon won by Johnny Miles. Ron O’Toole, of St. John’s, eighth.

Tasker Educational Fund Service at St. Thomas’ Church.

Lord Revelstroke, Banker and co leader of British delegation to the Reparation Experts Committee, died suddenly."

April 20, 1929 "League of Nations Preparatory Committee on Disarmament, adopts clauses against the use of gas or bacteria in war time.

Prince Henry of Prussia dead, 66.

Old colony Club holds first meeting."

April 21, 1929 "T.V. Hartnett, late Manager Imperial Tobacco Co., leaves for Montreal.

S.S. Beothic arrives. 23,325 seals."

April 22, 1929 "Hugh Gibson, United States Representative to Commission on Disarmament, declares his Country ready for further Naval reduction. Lord Cushendon, speaking for Britain, declares his Country ready for reduction also.

Bankers dance.

St. Joseph’s Convent School entertainment.

Sergeant's Mess semi-annual Dinner.

T.A. Billiard dinner.

T.A. Hall, R.H. Reid, R Murphy, and R Hibbs, new Highroads Commission.

Annual dinner C E Institute."

April 23, 1929 "United Societies parade to St. Thomas’s Church to celebrate St. George’s Day.

St. Margaret’s Guild sale of work."

April 24, 1929 "King George addresses letter of thanks to people everywhere, for sympathy and goodwill during his illness.

Fire at Carbonear destroys two blocks of buildings, with estimated damage of $200,000. Included, were stores of F.P. Beminster, J & W. Moores, Camerons, Mrs Kielly, Bank of Nova Scotia, Anglo Office, Telephone and Electric Substation.

S.S. Florencia crushed by ice and sinks. Crew rescued by Nascopie.

Royal Air Force monoplane, left Cranwell aerodrome, Lincoinshire, on non stop to India.

Canada accepts offers of United States, to arbitrate I'm Alone Case."

April 25, 1929 "Danish Liberal Cabinet resigns, following defeat in election by Labourites.

Animal Festival Girls Friendly Society.

For the first time in five months, Royal assent to an Act of Parliament was given by the King, and signed by his own hand.

Persia accords recognition to Irak."

April 26, 1929 "First non stop flight from Britain, covering 4303 miles, completed by Squadron Leader Jones, Williams, and Flight Lieutenant Jenkins of the R A F.

Captain Malcolm Campbell, British racing motorist, established record, when he covered 5 miles at an average speed of 217 miles per hour.

Baseball League Annual meeting.

Sir Tudor Vaughan, British Minister to Sweden, dies while addressing Banquet.

Y.M.C.A. Basketball league annual dinner."

April 27, 1929 Glossop Harris Company’s engagement closes.
April 28, 1929 "Nascopie arrives from seal fishery. 27,229 seals.

Ungava arrives from seal fishery. 23,546 seals."

April 29, 1929 Viscount Younger of ?? dies suddenly, 77.
April 30, 1929 "General Bramwell Booth, made Companion of Honour, by the King.

Annual meeting C.E. Orphanage.

Ron O’Toole, tendered reception at Majestic Theatre.

Rev. Father Thihault, of North River, recipient of address and presentation at Salmon River, Digby County, N.S., where he was born."

May 1, 1929 "St. Joseph’s Troop Boy Scouts hold concert.

Resignation of Canon Jeasen as Rector of Cathedral, announced."

May 2, 1929 "Annual Father and Son Banquet Gower Street Bible Class.

J.F. Downey, Minister of Agriculture & Mines, addresses Rotarians, on “Forest fires Patrol”

G.F.S. Annual Sale Synod Hall.

British and Egyptian Government reach agreement upon irrigation of Sudan.

C.L.C. Annual Sports.

S.S. Neptune arrives from seal fishery (second trip) 1,547 seals."

May 3, 1929 "Royal Ulster Yacht Club issues challenge for America Cup, on behalf of Sir Thomas Lipton, to be effective September 1930.

Annual Meeting St. Thomas’ Parish."

May 4, 1929 Terra Nova arrives from second trip to seal fishery, 1393 seals.
May 5, 1929 "Daylight Saving Time comes into effect.

C.M.B.C. Harbor Mission opens.

Oddfellow’s attend Divine Service, Gower Street United Church.

T.A. Athletic Association Annual Meeting."

May 6, 1929 "Minister of Finance introduces estimates, showing increase over previous uear.

Denis Clancy, Aldershot Street, falls into hold of S.S. Plute, and badly injured."

May 7, 1929 "Third Annual Meeting Newfoundland Branch of W.M.S. of United Church, opens.

Government refuses clearance of ore ship, Bell Island, pending settlement of royalties.

Store of George Cook, Quidi Vidi, destroyed by fire."

May 8, 1929 "British Press aroused over report, that Spa scheme of reparations is being departed from, at the expense of Great Britain.

Mr and Mrs William Duggan, Field Street, recipients of surprise gift of chinaware, from “Broadway Boys Revue”

Bishop Spencer College pupils hold entertainment.

John Maher, of the Star of the Sea Association, wins 1929 Billiard Championship."

May 9, 1929 "Winston Churchill announces in the House of Commons, that the terms of Reparations settlement, foreshadowed by the Committee of Experts, would not be acceptable to Great Britain.

S.S. Boulder Pool, held at Bell Island, pending settlement of royalties, sails, them giving company giving bond for payment of same.

Election of Officers and close of session of W.M.S., Mrs Eugene Lindsay elected President.

Captain Abraham Kean addresses Rotary, on ‘Sealfishery’."

May 10, 1929 "Dissolution of British Parliament takes place at Bognor, where the King met the members of the Council on the lawn, at Craigwell House.

British Press unanimously approves Churchill's stand on reparation question, and Labourite Party also sympathetic.

Tableaux presented to Pitts Memorial Hall, under Mr. H Gordon Christian."

May 12, 1929 "Lieut Col Henry, Chief Secretary of Salvation Army in Canada, holds service here.

Rotarians and 3 Rotary Anns, leave by express to attend International Rotary District Convention at Halifax.

Mother's Day."

May 13, 1929 "Formation of Robinson Memorial, P.M.D.F. Chain, announced. Clean up week begins.

Premier Baldwin opens election campaign at London.

City Council refuses to consider proposal of Railway Company to increase fare to 7 cents, and street railway extension abandoned for the present.

Hon. P.J Cashin, Minister of Finance and Customs, presents budget for 1929-30, showing estimated revenue $10,956,000, and expenditure $11,142,000.

Dwelling house of Paul Higgins, Harbor Grace, totally destroyed by fire."

May 14, 1929 "Prince of Wales opens industrial exhibition from North of England, at Newcastle.

St. John’s Rotarians welcomed at Sydney.

Motor ship Paiale, from Rotherham to Bell Island, put int port for repairs, damage caused through ice."

May 15, 1929 "Prince of Wales rescues workman from being drawn into machine, at Newcastale.

Sir Alan Cobham starts on flying tour of British Isles, and will give free flights to 100,000 children, during course of his journey.

New Department of Secretary General, created by special bid, in House of Assembly.

Petries Hotel at Point Placentia, Bay of Islands, destroyed by fire."

May 16, 1929 "9 doctors and 120 patients dead, following explosion of films, at Cleveland Hospital.

Airship Graf Zeppelin, attempting Trans Atlantic flight, compelled to return, with all her engines but one out of commission, before getting clear of the European Coast. Loan Bill introduced into Assembly to raise $6,000,000 .

Liner Fort St. George arrives, substituting for Nerisse, which was damaged on coral reef in the West Indies."

May 17, 1929 "Graf Zeppelin makes landing in South France, with 58 passengers and crew, some of whom were shaken up, but no one was injured.

Annual meeting of Y.M. and Y.M.C.A.

Governor visits Railway and Dock premises.

House of James Blackmore, Grand Falls, gutted by fire."

May 19, 1929 "Relatives of crew, of schooner “Mack Lake” of Wesleyville, caught in storm, apprised by radio, vessel had been towed into Port Union, with Captain and one of crew injured.

C.L.B. hold first parade of season at St. Mary’s Church."

May 20, 1929 "King appoints June 10th as Thanksgiving Day, for recovery from illness.

Lord Roseberry dead, 66.

House of Assembly holds night session."

May 21, 1929 "Duke of York opens General Assembly of Church of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Hon. F.C. Alderdice entertains members of his party, candidates, and friends, at Donovan’s

Announced Miss Mona P Loder to succeed Miss Anderson, as Superintendent of Child Welfare Association."

May 22, 1929 "Complete register of British electorate in England and Wales, shows total of 25,992,563 voters, of which 13,225,156 are women, thus giving women majority of 1,267,776 votes.

Legistlature adjourns out of respect to late Mr. M S. Sullivan. Tributes paid by leaders of both sides.

“Y” organization hold final social session for the season.

Rev. M.P.G. Leonard, D.S.O., second in command at Toc H headquarters in London, arrived in city."

May 23, 1929 Church of Scotland and United Free Church, complete union after half century of reconciliations.
May 24, 1929 "Empire Day celebrated in Britain, and throughout the Empire.

K of C State Convention opens at Corner Brook."

May 25, 1929 Funeral rites of late M S. Sullivan at Belvedere Cemetery, largely attended.
May 26, 1929 "United States Monoplane Fort Worth, makes 17 ½ hours of sustained flight.

Five ordained to Priesthood at C of E Cathedral: – Revs W.A Anderson, W.E. Brown, J. A Rees, F.H. Ross, A.F.C Rowe.

Lodge Dudley and Empire S.O.B.E S., attend Divine Service at St. Thomas’s

Evangeline Booth, head of Salvation Army in the United States, suffering from concussion of the brain, following motor accident."

May 27, 1929 "Legislative Branches elect (Norman —?) Empire Parliamentary Associates.

Welsh Imperial Singers open successful engagement in Pitts Memorial Hall.

Government takes over S.S. Earl of Devon, for Lewisporte to Cooks Hr Service.

Former Premier Monis of France, dies, 82. "

May 28, 1929 "Duke and Dutchess of York attend 60th Anniversary of Graduating Charter in Edinburgh City, by Robert the Bruce.

Schooners Vernie May, and Emblem Of Hope, sank in collision just before midnight, Monday, just off Sugar Loaf. Both crews totaling 10, rowed to port.

Opposition secure amendment of Bottling Clause in new Bill."

May 29, 1929 "Annual Meeting of Girl Guides Association shows most satisfactory year.

Legislature Council gives Silk and Wool Mills Bill, six months hoist.

Sixty two pound salmon, taken at Cape Broyle, exhibited in New Gower Street store window of P.F. Malone.

French plane ‘Yellow Bird’, which took off on trans- Atlantic flight, returned twenty minutes later with leaky gas tank."

May 30, 1929 "First returns from British election, gives Labour lead.

King again confined to bed, suffering from emphysema.

Ayre Memorial plaque unveiled at United Church College Gymnasium.

MacDonald Fellowship Club visit Daily New Office.

Bell Island has record week of ore shipment, eight shipments loading in five days."

May 31, 1929 "Eugene Newson, of Durham, North Carolina, new President of Rotary International.

Hon. D.A. Ryan made Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great, given cross by His Holiness the Pope.

King George suffers slight relapse.

Bowling Championship series won by Y.M.C. "

June 1, 1929 Legislature prorogued
June 2, 1929 Sir Henry Seagrave, driving motor boat Miss England, wins German motor boat speed championship.
June 3, 1929 "Harbor Grace Diocese formally welcomes the return of Bishop March.

Premier Baldwin resigns, following defeat of Government in the elections."

June 4, 1929 "Annex to Girls Industrial Home, Cook Street, opened by Prime Minister.

Lady Middleston becomes I.O.O.D.E. Patron.

Duke of Gloucester, King’s third son, breaks his collar bone while playing Polo in Vancouver.

Captain Laurence and Officers of aircraft carried “Eagle”, who reach Spanish airmen, accorded enthusiastic reception at London."

June 5, 1929 "Ramsay McDonald accepts task of forming new Government.

Japanese steamer Yugo Maru, reported lost. Crew and 700 passengers believed drowned.

St. Bon’s Annual Sports."

June 6, 1929 "Liberal Government defeated in Saskatchewan.

Secretary of Agriculture Bailey, address Rotarians on, ‘Agricultural Backwardness in Newfoundland.’

Commander R.A. Howley appointed Dominion Secretary G.W.V.A. "

June 7, 1929 "Bishop Feild College, formally opened and dedicated.

Annual meeting, Mount Carmel Cemetery Committee.

Regatta Meeting. C.J. Ellis appointed President. Retiring President, Mr. Justice Higgins, presented with clock."

June 8, 1929 "New Labor Cabinet announced. 13 of 19 members were members of the former Labor Government.

Imperial Singers close tour.

S.S. Seirstad arrived in port badly damaged, as result of collision with iceburg off Cape Race.

Bliss Carman, Canadian Poet, dead."

June 9, 1929 New United Church building at Old Perlican, dedicated.
June 10, 1929 "Major Noah Pitcher, S. A., appointed as General Secretary for the sub-territory of Newfoundland.

R.M. Lester, representing Carnegie Foundation, discusses matters with Bureau of Education and Faculty of Memorial College.

Guards banquet to K of C billiardists.

Bishop Feild College educational drive begins.

Queen’s Road Congregational Young Men’s Bible Annual Banquet.

Tender of Bank Montreal for new loan at 96 3/4 accepted.

Bishop Field Rugby team win Inter-College Championship."

June 11, 1929 Schooner “Glide", Bonavista, totally wrecked at Ochre Pit Cove, B.D.V.
June 12, 1929 "Guards and B.I.S. play opening game baseball series. Win for Guards.

United College Sports.

General Elections in South Africa. Premier Hertzeog sustained.

Annual Session of United Church Conference opens. Rev. W. B. Bugden, B.A., President; Rev. J. G. Joyce, B.A., S.T.B. Secretary."

June 13, 1929 "Rev. Norman Guy addresses Rotary, on ‘Our Colonial Heritage.’

Entertainment by junior pupils of Academy of Our Lady of Mercy."

June 14, 1929 "Aeroplane “Yellow Bird “, manned by French airmen, successfully completes trans-Atlantic flight from United States to Spain.

Tenth Anniversary of Alcock-Brown trans-Atlantic aeroplane flight.

Final returns from English elections, gives Labor 289 seats, Conservatives 360, Liberal 58, Independents 8. Popular vote: Conservative 8,590,154, Labor 8,521,480, Liberals 5,257,596, Independents 269,711, Communists 50,614.

Canadian Parliament closes."

June 15, 1929 Bramwell Booth, former Commander of Salvation Army, dead.
June 16, 1929 Imperial Airways liner crashes in Channel, seven passengers losing their lives.
June 17, 1929 United Church Conference closes.
June 18, 1929 "15 perish in Earthquake in New Zealand.

Annual Meeting B.I.S., A.A.

Heavy monsoon rains cause deaths of 100 people in West Equatorial Africa."

June 19, 1929 "Belvedere Garden Party.

Arbor Day at United Church Orphanage. Tree planted in memory of Hon. J Alex Robinson."

June 20, 1929 "Thousands starving in Syhiet British India.

Commencement Day at St. Bride’s College, Littledale.

Hospital Nurses receive diplomas. Nurse Kennedy wins Crowe Scholarship.

S.S. Cairngownan collides with iceberg, 103 miles South East St. John’s, and receives considerable damage.

Spencer College Sports."

June 22, 1929 "Grand Lodge S.U.F. visits Heart’s Content, and organizes Ladies Auxiliary.

Hon. W.S. Fielding, former Canadian Minister Finance, dies."

June 24, 1929 "Zane Grey, famous author, visits Newfoundland on fishing trip.

St. Patrick’s Hall Sports.

Convent of the Sacred Heart at Saint Ste. Recollet, valued at $1,000,000, destroyed by fire."

June 25, 1929 "Queen Mary broadcasts from new Y.W.C.A. building in London, when opened.

British Parliament assembles. Captain Fitzroy re-elected as Speaker.

Salvation Army Cadets dedicated and commissioned."

June 26, 1929 "Memorial University and Normal School Convention.

Body of unknown man found in harbor, believed to be that of a Danish sailor, Jens Nejrup, of schooner Gerda.

St. Patrick’s Hall Prize Day."

June 27, 1929 "Holy Cross School Prize distribution and sports.

St. John’s Amateur Athletic Association Annual Meeting."

June 28, 1929 Avalon Lodge Installation A.F. &. A.M.
June 30, 1929 King George returns to London for first time in five months, and receives enthusiastic welcome.

July 1, 1929 "Spanish Ambassador officially thanks British Government for rescue of airmen.

Annual outing Christian Doctrine Society, St. Patrick’s Parish.

Crosbie Hotel taken over by new management — Mr. W.A. Mackey, Manager."

July 2, 1929 "Medical Convention opens.

British Parliament convenes."

July 3, 1929 "St. Andrew’s Sunday School Picnic.

Official opening of Playgrounds."

July 4, 1929 "Summer school opens.

Rotarians hold first of summer meetings at Smithville. Annual reports presented."

July 5, 1929 New constitution presented to Spanish National Assembly.
July 6, 1929 Medical Convention concludes. Dr. Freebairn, Ferryland, new President.
July 7, 1929 Remembrance Day. Thanksgiving Service held in all Churches for King's recovery.
July 9, 1929 "British submarine H-47, sinks after collision, with loss of 22 lives.

New re-fueling endurance flight, set by Aviators Mendell and Reinhart.

Trans Atlantic aeroplane ‘Pathfinder”, which took off from Old Orchard, Maine, for Rome, landed at Santander, Spain, at 8.30 G.M.T.

Sunshine Camp Pound Day.

Agreement between Government and Bell Island Companies reached."

July 10, 1929 "Captain Smith, and three companions, arrived at Croyden, after completing flight from Australia in 13 days, beating previous record by two days.

Comilien Houde, Mayor of Quebec Conservatives."

July 11, 1929 "Forty five Scouts go into camp, preparatory to leaving for England to attend Jamboree.

Rotarian Arthur Mews, addresses Rotary, on “The Dallas Convention.”"

July 12, 1929 "L.O.A. Parade to Gower St Church.

St. Thomas’s Choir picnic.

Fire at store occupied by Anthony Noah, New Gower Street."

July 13, 1929 Three hundred and fifty killed, several villages wiped out by floods, following cloud burst in Persia.
July 14, 1929 "Major Ludwick Iszikowski severely burned, when plane in which he was attempting to fly across Atlantic, crashes near the Azores.

Belgium and Germany reach agreement, on long standing marks question.

St. Bonaventure’s Day observed by Alumni."

July 15, 1929 "King George undergoes another operation.

Rev. Edgar and Mrs Taylor, celebrate Golden Wedding at Stratford, Ont."

July 17, 1929 "Russia severs diplomatic relations with China.

Rev. J.G. Joyce presented with purse of gold.

Church of England Sunday School picnic.

St. Mary’s Sunday School picnic.

Wesley Sunday School picnic.

St. John’s Lodge S.U.F. outing.

Railway Employees annual outing."

July 18, 1929 "T.P. O’Connor, Father of House of Commons, receives annuity from Parliamentary friends.

Dr. Tom Acker addresses Rotary, on the subject of treatment for crippled children.

Prince Edward Island votes to retain prohibition."

July 19, 1929 "Jamboree Troop Boy Scouts sail for England.

Mr. C.J. Fox fills place on Employment Commission, made vacant by death of Sir P.T. McGrath.

Annual Session of Provincial Grand Lodge L.O.A. opens at Grand Bank."

July 20, 1929 Henry J Abbott, Bonavista, elected Grand Master of the Grand Bank Chapter of Nfld.
July 22, 1929 William Garland wins 20 mile walking race.
July 23, 1929 F.C. Archibald elected Grand Master of L.O.A. at Grand Bank.
July 24, 1929 "Lord Lloyd resigns High Commissionership of Egypt.

C of E Orphanage Garden Party.

George St. S.S. Picnic.

Cochrane St. S.S. Picnic.

Kilbride Garden Party.

South Western Iceland shaken by most severe shock in 50 years."

July 25, 1929 "Colonel Renouf of Montreal, addresses Rotary.

Outing of City Playground children, Bowring Park.

Monoplane Bluenose with owner, Mr. R.D. Archibald on board, arrives at Harbor Grace from Sydney.

Voluntary imprisonment of the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, ended today, when the first Pontiff emerged from the Vatican, since 1870.

Dwelling of Stanley Pine [sic], Point Leamington destroyed by fire."

July 27, 1929 Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen entertain First Vice President James Murdock, at banquet at Donovan’s.
July 29, 1929 Hans Lunbery lectures on methods of electrical prospecting, at Memorial University College, under auspices of Daily News.
July 30, 1929 "Momoplane St. Lewis Robin, piloted by Dale Jackson and Forest O’Brien, establishes new endurance flight record, by remaining aloft 420 hours, 21 minutes, more than seven days in excess of any previous record.

First Russian airplane arrives in England since the war."

July 31, 1929 "Board of Trade judgement injunction with the loss of the liner Vertris, was that vessel was not in fit condition when she left port, to encounter the perils of the voyage.

Sir William Jowitt, British Attorney General, who resigned on his entry into the Labor Government, after his election as a Liberal, re-elected for Preston, with majority of 6,449.

Great Scout Jamboree opened at Birkenhead, by Duke of Connaught.

Mount Cashel Garden Party.

Congregational Sunday School picnic.

Gower Street Sunday School picnic.

C.L.B. Annual Sports at Topsail Camp.

Grand Falls wins inter-town baseball series."

August 1, 1929 "Discussion between British and Russian representatives, on subject of reparation of diplomatic relations, reached deadlock.

Sir Robert Baden Powell, Head of Scouts Movement, raised to the Peerage.

Dr. Herbert Frecker, Conductor of the Mendelessoin Choir, Toronto, address Rotary, on “Art of Music.”

Summer School ends. Lady Middelton presents diplomas.

Annual baby show at Bannerman Park."

August 4, 1929 Graf Zeppelin, arrives at Lake Hurst, N.J., completing third Atlantic crossing this year.
August 6, 1929 New treaty between Great Britain and Egypt, foreshadows British with drawl from African States.
August 7, 1929 "Regatta Day, but races postponed because of stormy weather.

Sir Robert Baden Powell, cables His Excellency the Governor, that Newfoundland contingent at Jamboree, greatly admired for smartness and efficiency."

August 8, 1929 "Dr. Drummond addresses Rotary, on the value of Cod Liver Oil.

Lord Morris received public welcome on arrival.

Rev. H Gordon Peile of All Saints, London, elected as Rector of Cathedral Parish.

Philip Snowden, British Chancellor of the Exchequer, refuses to agree to Spa percentage on war debts.

Three Swiss Aviators, attempting to cross Atlantic by flight to New York, believed lost."

August 9, 1929 Postponed Regatta held today.
August 10, 1929 Garden Party at Government House.
August 13, 1929 Guards win Baseball Championship.
August 14, 1929 "Annual Regatta St. Joseph’s Parish.

Pouch Cove Garden Party.

St. Phillips Garden Party.

Garden Party and Boat Races at Lower Island Cove."

August 15, 1929 "British Cotton Mill strike ends.

St. Thomas’s Sunday School Picnic.

Lord Horne, famous war General, dies."

August 18, 1929 Mrs John Hann, Wesleyville, celebrates 109th birthday.
August 19, 1929 "Board of Trade luncheon to Lord Morris.

First “Talkie” in Newfoundland, heard at Majestic Theatre.

Lancashire Cotton Mills re opens today, after three week strike.

T.A. &. B banquet to Lord Morris."

August 20, 1929 R.C. Garden Party at Bishop’s Falls.
August 21, 1929 White Clothing Co. Employees outing at Donovan’s.
August 22, 1929 "Rev. John Semple, Thd of Smith Falls, Ontario, addresses Rotary.

United Church Garden Party Old Perlican."

August 23, 1929 "Ramsay MacDonald, British Prime Minister, receives the freedom of Elgin, Capital of his native Country.

St. Bon’s Alumni Breakfast to Lord Morris.

Inter-town Championship games begin, Grand Falls defeats St. John’s 10-3 baseball."

August 24, 1929 Martial Law proclaimed at Jerusalem, following riots between Jews and Arabs.
August 25, 1929 Schooner Centenary, Capt Robert Rowsell, Pushthrough, with 800 quintals fish, lost at entrance to Codroy Harbor.
August 26, 1929 "Jamboree Scouts arrive home by S.S. Nova Scotia.

Joe De Champain, declares he has authority from Newfoundland Government, to open negotiations for sale of Labrador to Canada.

Masonic Installation Ceremony, Corner Brook, A.R. Stansfield Worshipful Master."

August 27, 1929 "Premier Squire denies that Joe de Champain had any authority to discuss sale of Labrador.

R.C. Garden Party, Harbor Main."

August 28, 1929 "K of C Children picnic at Power Court.

B.I.S. outing at Donovan’s.

Snowdan, Britain Chancellor of Exchequer, forces amendment of Young plan of distribution of reparation of (— ) securing Britain additional £2,000,000 yearly.

Outstanding question between France and Germany, relative to evacuation of unoccupied areas, settled."

August 30, 1929 "Guards A.A. dines Baseball and Track Teams.

Grates Cove lighted with electricity.

Championship Sports ended. Daily News Trophy won by Guards."

September 1, 1929 "Torbay Garden Party.

S.S. Aarvoid runs ashore at Cape Pine."

September 4, 1929 "Labor Day.

K of C outing at Donovan’s

L.S.P.U. excursion to Ferryland.

Annual Garden Party and Regetta R.C. Parish, Portugal Cove."

September 5, 1929 "Mr. Towsend addresses Rotarians, on the “Importance of Personnel as Applied to Modern Business.”

General and Mrs Higgins of the Salvation Army, arrive."

September 6, 1929 "Liberal Government of Saskatchewan resigns, following defeat in Legislature.

Welcome meeting to General and Mrs Higgins at C.L.B. Armoury."

September 7, 1929 S.A Corps parade.
September 8, 1929 British Airmen win Schneider Trophy.
September 9, 1929 Holy Cross wins Football League Championship.
September 10, 1929 General Higgins addresses Rotarians, on S.A. Progress.
September 11, 1929 "Employees, James Baird Ltd., hold outing at Donovan’s.

Sir Gilbert Clayton, High Commissioner of Iraq, dies suddenly at Bagdad."

September 12, 1929 Presentation of prizes won at Father Nolan’s Garden Party, takes place at Donovan’s.
September 15, 1929 "Five thousand inhabitants of West Indies, petition for self government.

First contingent of Army of Occupation, arrives in London from Rhineland."

September 16, 1929 Major Seagrave’s “Miss England”, wins Volpi Trophy Race, at speed of 228 miles per hour.
September 18, 1929 His Excellency the Governor, leaves on official visit to points in Bonavista, Trinity, and Conception Bays.
September 20, 1929 3,000 Moslems massacred by Chinese, in Central Kanau Province.
September 22, 1929 "William Ash completes 50 years as employee of Ayre and Sons Ltd.

Reid Newfoundland Company, reported to have effected arrangement with Hearst’s International, for development of Gander area."

September 23, 1929 "Newfoundland Light and Power Co. Ltd. demonstration, at Newfoundland Hotel.

Sergeant’s Mess Annual Banquet.

Ore shipments from Wabana reach one million tons.

Humber Hearld written for libel."

September 24, 1929 "Masonic Installation at Botwood.

St. Patrick’s Convent Garden Party."

September 25, 1929 "William Barfitt receives severe injury, by falling through hatch of S.S. Imogene.

Alex Duggan of St. Joseph’s, Salmonier, severely injured by becoming entangled with fly wheel of saw mill."

September 27, 1929 Annual meeting of Nonia.
September 28, 1929 "Halifax Marathon. Newfoundland runners win 2nd., 3rd., 5th., 8th., 9th. places.

Sir William Waterlow elected Lord Mayor of London.

Baron Tanaka, distinguished Japanese soldier and statesman, dies suddenly, 66.

Flags and Colours presented to Jamboree Troop Boy Scouts, deposited in Memorial University College.

Archbishop Roche leaves for Rome.

George Noseworthy, Bell Island, loses foot when ore car runs over limb."

October 1, 1929 "Soviet Government of Russia adopts new calendar year, of 75 weeks of 5 days each.

Shooting season opens.

Ramsay MacDonald, British Prime Minister, leaves on visit to President Hoover.

Dr. and Mrs Mansbridge, noted British Educationalist, arrive.

Y.W.C.A. luncheon at Newfoundland Hotel, Miss Hayward reports on Banff Convention."

October 2, 1929 "Dr. Mansbridge addresses L.S.P.U. on Adult Education.

Spencer Club Sale."

October 3, 1929 "Gustav Stresemann, German Statesman, dies suddenly.

Reception at Memorial College for Dr. and Mrs Mansbridge.

Dr. Mansbridge addresses Rotary, on adult education.

Marathon team receives hearty welcome home.

Ramsay MacDonald receives Royal Reception at New York."

October 4, 1929 Dr. Mansridge addresses Knight’s of Columbus.
October 5, 1929 "L.S.P.U. dinner and dance at Donovan’s.

Home of Frank Fagan, Lamb’s Lane, destroyed by fire."

October 7, 1929 "British Prime Minister addresses United States Congress.

Tenth Anniversary celebrated by Edith Cavell Lodge, L.O.B.A.

Home of Albert D White, Stephenville, destroyed by fire."

October 8, 1929 Invitations to Five Power Naval Conference, in London, in January, issued by British Government.
October 9, 1929 "U.T. Diteman of Billings, Montana, lands here. Subsequently discovered, his purpose was to make Trans-Atlantic flight.

United States Secretary of State issues statement, that conversation between Premier MacDonald and President Hoover, has been most successful, and lived up to all expectations.

Scout Master Ivany lectures at Wesley, on the World Scout Jamboree.

Bazar in aid of Cathedral Tower Fund, opened by the Lord Bishop.

United States Senate, by vote of 44 to 36, refuses independence to the Philippines.

Bauline lit up by electricity."

October 10, 1929 Rev. S.M. Stewart addresses Rotary Club, on his labors among the Esquimaux.
October 11, 1929 Earl of Meath dies, 68.
October 12, 1929 "Annual meeting Law Students.

Simeon Butt, of Lead Cove, T.B., had left arm badly shattered in gunning accident."

October 13, 1929 "Labor Party wins decisive victory in Australian General Elections.

House owned by Mr Ches Murcell, Torbay Road, destroyed by fire.

Shop owned by Leo Roland, Petries Crossing, destroyed by fire."

October 14, 1929 "British airship R-101, makes successful trial flight.

T.A. Bazaar opens."

October 16, 1929 New school at Lower Island Cove opened.
October 17, 1929 "C.E. Hunt addresses Club, on Rotary Education.

Railway Station at Woodford’s, robbed."

October 21, 1929 Schooner Veda McKown, fish laden for Halifax, strikes submerged rock and sinks. Crew escaped in boats to Point Maurier.
October 24, 1929 "Panic in New York stock market. Nearly thirteen million shares changes hands.

Sergeant Thomas Ricketts, V.C., leaves for England.

Spencer Club Halloween Dance.

Committee of Enquiry into recent disorders at Palestine, opens at Jerusalem."

October 25, 1929 Edward Tucker, Pouch Cove, injured when gun explodes.
October 26, 1929 British air liner crashes in Mediterranean, near Spezia, and seven passengers drowned.
October 27, 1929 "Rev. Henry Gordon Peile, installed as Canon of the Church of England Cathedral.

Annual Meeting of the Star of the Sea Association."

October 29, 1929 "Annual Dinner of Truckmen, at Donovan’s.

British Parliament reassembles.

Disastrous fire at Montrago.

Lady Middleton opens Industrial Home Association Sale.

Another sensational crash in stock market.

Conservatives win sweeping victory in Ontario election, gaining 91 out of 112 seats."

October 30, 1929 "St. Bon’s wins Inter-College Sport’s Championship.

Nova Scotia votes for Government control of Liquor."

October 31, 1929 "Inspector General Hutchings, addresses Rotary, on “Matters of Civic Interest.”

C.E.I. Billiardists, dine at Donovan’s."

November 3, 1929 John O’Neill suicides.
November 4, 1929 “Eliza comes to Stay” staged by local artists.
November 5, 1929 Terra Nova Council, K of C, installs Officers.
November 6, 1929 "Congregational Ladies Aid Sale.

His Excellence the Governor, makes Poppy Day appeal.

German air liner crashes in flames at Marden, Surrey, England. 7 perish.

Wesley Church Choir re union at Smithville.

Annual meeting W.M.S. Presbyterian of the United Church.

C.L.B. Old Comrades dine at Donovan’s.

Presentation Convent Ladies Association annual sale."

November 7, 1929 "Second annual poultry and vegetable exhibition at Carbonear.

Rev. Canon Peile addresses Rotary, on Christmas Legends.

Star Athletic Club hold Halloween party.

Schooner Saucy Arehusa, total wreck on Sambro Head, N.S."

November 8, 1929 Dr. A.V. McFarlane dies suddenly on S.S. Kyle.
November 9, 1929 Three hundred and twenty-one holders of Victoria Cross, entertained by Prince of Wales in London.
November 10, 1929 "Thanksgiving Day.

Schooner Grace lost at Silver Fox Island, crew saved."

November 11, 1929 "Armistice Day Service at War Memorial, marked by simplicity and earnestness.

G.W.V.A. Armistice Dance.

Fair opens at Crosbie Hotel.

Hon. J A Robb, Canadian Minister of Fnance, dies."

November 13, 1929 Feildian Ladies Association sale, opened by Bishop White.
November 14, 1929 "J.J. McDougal, General Superintendent, Basco Mines at Sydney, dies.

President Paton, addresses Rotary, on World Peace.

Capt John and Mrs Goobie, Pleasant Street, celebrates Golden Jubilee of wedding."

November 15, 1929 Carnegie Corporation, continues grant of 425,000 a year to Memorial College.
November 16, 1929 S.S. Mary, driven ashore at Port de Grave, becomes total loss.
November 17, 1929 "Officials of Gower St. United Church, present silver salver to Mr. John Leamon, who for 22 years, has served as Recording Steward.

Belvedere Ladies’ Association annual meeting.

House of William George, Millertown Junction, destroyed by fire."

November 18, 1929 "T.P O’Connor, father of the House of Commons, dies, 81.

S.U.F. Grand Lodge meets in 56th session.

Furness Withy & Co., opens restaurant for employees, on premises.

Russian Cabaret at Newfoundland Hotel.

J G Latham, succeeds Bruce, as leader of the Australian National Party.

Mr. D MacGillivary, General Manager of the Eastern Trust Company, visits St. John’s.

Privy Council declared women eligible for appointment to Canadian Senate.

Freedom of London, granted to Viscount Baden Powell."

November 19, 1929 "Prime Minister MacDonald, created member of Canadian Privy Council.

Crew of missing schooner Helen Vair, rescued by S.S. Terne, when schooner in sinking condition. One man has broken arm."

November 20, 1929 "Rev. H.G. Prile, inducted as Rector of Church of England Cathedral.

17th annual Poultry Exhibition opens in C.L.B. Armoury.

L.C.A.S. annual sale.

Bible Society workers meet in Gower St. Hall.

MacDonald Fellowship Club, amateur theatricals, Y.M.C.A.

Bill Graland wins 5 mile walking race in Prince of Wales Rink, defeating Fred Duggan of Yarmouth, by 14 ½ laps."

November 21, 1929 "First reports of Burin tidal wave disaster, received in city. Supplies rushed to relief of suffering, by S.S. Meigle.

Bruce Government of Australia resigns. Labor Leader forms new Ministry.

Fiftieth anniversary of perfecting incandescent lamp, by Edison."

November 22, 1929 "Poultry show closes. Lady Middelstone presents prizes.

U.F. Diteman takes off from Harbor Grace, in attempt to fly across Atlantic. Not since heard from.

Llewellyn Club annual meeting.

Hon. G.A. Bartlett, Rev. Fr. Miller, and Capt. Wm. Hollett, arrive from Burin, seeking assistance for tidal wave sufferers."

November 23, 1929 "Reception to Rev. H.G. Peile, in Synod Hall.

Judge Morris rescinds permission for housie-housie. (Bingo)

General meeting Board of Trade, to discuss relief measurs Burin suffers.

Annual Tasker celebration for children.

Georges Ciemanceau, former Premier of France, dies."

November 25, 1929 "Public meeting at Pitts Memorial Hall, nominates South Coast Disaster Committee, to solicit subscriptions.

Mercy Convent sale opened by Monsignor McDermott.

Schooner Grace, coal laden, owned by Joshua Meade, Channel, drifts from her moorings at Lake Brook, and becomes total wreck."

November 26, 1929 "Hon. Charles Dunning sworn in, as new Canadian Minister of Finance.

Annual meeting Dudley Lodge S.O.E.

Concert and Operetta by pupils of Presentation Convent.

Annual reunion Victoria Club.

Cliff Stone defeats Billy Tylor of Sydney, in 10 mile race. Time 56 minutes 4, 2.5 seconds."

November 27, 1929 "St. Thomas’s Ladies Association sale.

“Handels Messiah” given at St. Andrew’s choir.

Professor Hogg lectures on Earthquake at Memorial College."

November 28, 1929 "Rev. E.C. French lectures on recent trip to Palestine, at Victoria Hall.

Cliff Stone defeats Billy Taylor of Sydney Mines, in 5 mile race, by 15 seconds, in indoor Championship sports, at rink.

Lady Middlestone broadcasts appeal for relief of Tidal Wave suffers."

November 29, 1929 "Prime Minister appoints official Earthquake Relief Committee.

Congregational re union at George St. Church.

Commander Byrd flies over South Pole.

C.L.B. Officers Mess dance, Spencer Hall.

Annual meeting Newfoundland Fire Patrol Committee.

Customs team wins Civil Srvice League bowling championship.

K of C celebrate 20th anniversary."

November 30, 1929 "Severe storm sweeps over East Coast. Anxiety felt for eight schooners which left port previous evening.

Mr. Fraser of Memorial College, addresses Old Colony Club, on “Modern History.”"

December 1, 1929 "Sacred Concert in aid South Coast Disaster Fund.

Britain and United States unite in reminding Chinese and Soviet Government, of their duty under the Kellogg Pact."

December 2, 1929 "Daughters of the Empire Annual Meeting.

Steamer Transeyleania, arriving in New York, reports striking change in ocean bed, since earthquake."

December 3, 1929 "Slight Earthquake shocks felt in vicinity of New York.

World speed records have been granted to British Airmen.

Salvation Army Concert in aid of Tidal Wave Disaster Fund.

Installation Lodge St. Andrews’s A.F. & A.M.

Lodge Empire S.O.E.B.S. annual meeting.

Reported that Russian and Chinese representatives have reached agreement re Eastern railway."

December 4, 1929 "Schooner Walter Sprite, one of the missing vessels, reaches port.

Concert under direction of Mrs. Baxter, in aid of South Coast Disaster Fund, in Pitts Memorial Hall."

December 5, 1929 "British Islands swept by worst storm in many years.

Professor Hogg lectures to Rotary, on “Earthquake.”

Leeming Lodge L.O.A. annual meeting.

Bond Street United Church School, annual sale."

December 6, 1929 "Annual meeting, St. John’s Lodge, A.F. & A.M.

Reports from cable steamers, indicate that fishing banks were shifted, by earthquake of November 18th.

Schooners George K, Catherine B, Gander Deal, Merry Widow, Northern Light, missing in recent storm, abandoned, and crews taken off by steamers.

Rex Parsons, 21, member of Northern Light, drowned."

December 7, 1929 Public reception to Ricktts, V. C.
December 8, 1929 "Annual meeting, T.A. &. B. Society.

Junior Branch of Presentation Convent Association, formed."

December 9, 1929 "Polling Day in Civic Election, 4734 votes polled.

For five days in succession, storms devastate British Iles.

Annual meeting, Rose of Sharon R.B.P.

Schooner Evelyn, ashore near Bonavista, total wreck.

Gloucester schooner Georgina D Arsenault, ashore at Marche’s Point, Bay of St. George."

December 10, 1929 "Crew of schooner, Gander Deal, arrive at New York, on liner.

Dr. C.J. Howlett elected Mayor, receiving 2436 votes, against Hon Tasker Cook’s 2226.

Sergeants’ Mess dinner to T. Ricketts, V.C.

Schooner Effie May Petite, after battling against storms for 11 days, towed to port by S.S. Farnorth.

Annual meeting of Curling Association.

National Government of Victoria, Australia, defeated on vote of want of confidence.

Floods follow storms in England, Portugal, and France.

Crew of schooner Northern Light, reach New York on S.S. Baltic."

December 11, 1929 "Labor Government suffered defeat in House of Lords, when by vote of 36 to 12, condemnation of Government’s policy in Egypt, was recorded.

New Hydro Electric Plant ofo United Towns Electrical Company, put in operation, and lights turned on at Lawn."

December 12, 1929 "Last British troops leave Rhine territory.

Miss Cherrington speaks to Rotary, on “Some Aspects of Education.”

Llewellyn Club hold informal smoker, in honor of Ricketts, V. C.

Crew of schooner Jean E Blackwood, rescued by S.S. Nova Scotia.

Another slight earthquake felt in Nova Scotia.

Public school building at Deer Lake, destroyed by fire."

December 13, 1929 "Municipal Election Poll declared, Messrs Carnell, Kelly, Barter, Chalker, Churchill, and Ryan, elected as Councillors.

White Star Liner Cedric, reports Neptune 725 miles of here, all well."

December 14, 1929 Allan Gillingham selected as Rhodes Scholar for 1930.
December 15, 1929 "St, Mary’s Men’s Bible Class, elects officers.

T.A. &. B Society elects Guardians for Juvenile Society.

Christmas Tree Spencer Lodge."

December 16, 1929 "Prince’s Rink opens for hockey practice. Earliest date for some years.

Airship R-100, makes successful maiden flight."

December 17, 1929 "Prize Day at St. Pat’s.

Bishop Feild College Speech Day.

Uruguayau flyers, Borge and Chell, after flying Atlantic from Sveille, Spain, injured in forced landing on Coast of Brazil."

December 18, 1929 "Schooner R.L. Borden, total lost at Deadman’s Cove, Harbor Breton.

Nurse Cherry, presented with resolution of appreciation and silver clock, by Executive and Advisory Committee of Nonia.

Annual banquet of Faculty and Undergraduates of Memorial College.

Speech Day Spencer College.

Announced King George will open first session of five power naval conference.

Speech Day United College.

Springdale Street School closing exercises.

Closing exercises Academy of Our Lady of Mercy."

December 19, 1929 Schooner Lloyd Jack, arrives at Burin, last of 100 vessels which left here on the 29th November, to be accounted for.
December 20, 1929 Russian Ambassador presents his credentials to British Foreign Office.
December 21, 1929 White Clothing employees make presentation to Mr. W. White.
December 22, 1929 "Mrs. W.T. Pippy, Hayward Avenue, celebrates 90th birthday.

Bomb wrecks Railway Carriage of Victoria of India. No one injured."

December 23, 1929 "Prize giving East End School, at Canon Wood Hall.

Employees Royal Stores Ltd. make presentation to Mr. Harold Macpherson.

Presentation to Mr James Ashley, by fellow employees of Newfoundland Consolidated Foundry."

December 24, 1929 "Home of H.W. Quinton, M.H.A., damaged by fire.

Members of Ropewalk Staff, make presentation to Mr. F.C Alderdice.

Central Committee of Indian Legislature, demands full Dominion Status, and end to commissions."

December 25, 1929 "Attempts to assassinate President of Argentina, fails.

Crew of schooner Lloyd Jack, arrives in the City.

Presentation to Miss Gwen Edwards, by Mayor Elect."

December 26, 1929 "Retiring City Council hold last meeting.

Christmas Dance B.I.S. Club

Crew of Helen Vair arrive by Rosalind.

St, Francis Xavier Hockey Team arrive by Nova Scotia.

Presentation to J P Luscombe, by members of St .Michael’s Mens Club.

Rotarian dinner to under privileged Boys."

December 27, 1929 "Fire at White House, Washington.

Soviet Ambassador hands note to British Foreign Minister, that his Government would refrain from Communist activities in the British Empire.

Installation St. John’s Lodge, A.F. &. A.M.

United Church Orphanage Christmas Tree.

Hockey season opens. St. Francis Xavier defeats City 6 to 2."

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