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Year End Review  - 1927


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



 January 01, 1927 Sir George Frampton, designer of Peter Pan, sends greeting through His Excellency the Governor, to Peter Pan at Bowring Park.

Concert St. Joseph’s Hall in aid of St. Joseph’s Athletic Association.

 January 02, 1927 Twenty British Marines stem attack of 1,000 Coolies, on British Concession at Hankow, without firing a shot.

New Year fete at T.A. Hall.

Stiff fighting between Liberal and Conservative forces at Managua, Nicaragua, 300 killed.

 January 04, 1927 Flue epidemic reported sweeping Central Europe.

B.I.S. dance.

 January 06, 1927 Duke and Duchess of York en route to Antipodes.

M.C.L.I. opened 60th session.

Rev. Dr. Curtis delivers New Year Message to Rotary.

Try out of passenger airplane service to India, successfully accomplished by Sir Samuel Hoare and wife, who arrive on scheduled time.

Mr. D. Baird offers house on Circular Road, to City Council as Children’s Hospital.

 January 07, 1927 Radio telephone service opens between London and New York.

Prince of Wales sprains ankle, when thrown from horse while steeple chasing.

Execration of women and children from Hankow successfully completed.

 January 09, 1927 Star of Sea Society celebrates 55th anniversary, by parade to St. Patrick’s Church.
 January 10, 1927 Star of Sea Annual Reunion at Club Rooms.

10th annual meeting of Newfoundland Poultry Association.

Annual meeting of Commercial Travelers Association.

Annual meeting of Bricklayers and Masons Union.

State of revolution declared in Mexico.

 January 11, 1927 Chinese bandits massacre whole population of town of Wang-Chikpao.

Annual meeting St. Andrew’s Church.

 January 12, 1927 Union Jack again flies over British concessions at Hankow.

New L.S.P.U. Hall formaly opened.

Bessie Nugent, Grand Falls, announced as winner of G.W.V.A. scholarship.

 January 13, 1927 Hon. J A. Robinson and Mr. E. Sinnott, M.H.A., Newfoundland Delegates to the Imperial Conference gathering at Australia, arrive home by Nerissa.

Premier Monroe addresses Rotary, on work of Imperial Conference.

British Industries fair opens.

 January 14, 1927 Annual meeting of Nfld Nurses Association.

Dictatorship of King Albert of Belgium, instituted to rehabilitate the country treasury ends.

“Ma” Ferguson resigns Governorship of Texas.

 January 15, 1927 Capt Kean reports collecting $450.00 for dependents of crew of schooner Rudolph.

St. Bon’s ex pupils form Association.

Annual meeting Presentation Convent Association.

 January 17, 1927 College of Defence, to train officers, instituted at London.

Annual meeting of Newfoundland British Society.

Annual meeting of Victoria Chapter L.O.A.

Chinese Coolies attack Japanese concession at Hanlow.

 January 18, 1927 Empire Parliamentary delegation leaves England on a visit to Malta.

Wm. Duff wins by election in Antigonish — Guysboro County, N.S.

Annual meeting St. John’s Lodge No.5 S.U.F.

Mail couriers report unusually wild weather in interior of country.

New United Church at Freshwater, B.D.V., dedicated.

 January 19, 1927 Queen Charlotte, ex Empress of Mexico, dies at Brussels.
 January 20, 1927 Commercial Travelers’ Association re union.

Enquiry into British General Strike opens.

 January 21, 1927 U.S. Marines leave for Philippines, for service in China, if needed.

Action of Trade Union Congress, in calling off general strike, endorsed by executives of various Trade Unions.

L.C.A.S. annual meeting.

 January 22, 1927 Duke and Duchess of York, at Jamaica.

New Dock at Liverpool, opened.

 January 23, 1927 Annual meeting, Holy Name Society.

Annual meeting of Board of Trade.

 January 25, 1927 Burns Night at Newfoundland Hotel.

All Missionaries of United Church in China, ordered to safety. 

 January 26, 1927 Skating and Curling rinks open for season.

T.A. Card Party for Belvedere Orphanage.

 January 27, 1927 Homes of Mrs Power and D Pynn, at Crossroads, destroyed by fire. Thirteen homeless.

New York reports zero weather.

Dr. Baker addresses Board of Trade, on Geology of Peninsula of Avalon.

Dr. Mennie addresses Rotary, on the Philosopher’s stone.

C.E.I. annual meeting.

 January 28, 1927 Homes of Moses Noseworthy and James Gullage, South Side, gutted by fire.

Hurricane sweeps England causing twenty deaths.

Chancellor Marx of Germany, forms new Cabinet, with Stresemann as Foreign Minister.

Mrs Margaret Polson Murray, founder of Imperial Order Daughters of Empire, dies at Montreal, 82.

Playground Association annual meeting.

 January 29, 1927 Jugo-Slav Minister resigns, following defeat in National Assembly.
 January 31, 1927 Scientific and Medical circles claim to have discovered Influenza germ.

Girl Guides and Boy Scouts annual meeting at Government House.

“Uncle Josh” presented by Holy Cross Dramatic Troup.

 February 01, 1927 General Sir George Higgineson, Crimean veteran dies, age 100.

Annual meeting Old Collegians Association.

Annual reunion Royal Stores Ltd.

Amalgamated Fishermen’s annual meeting.

 February 02, 1927 Hockey season opens – Guards vs. Feildans.

Text of British proposal presented to General Chang, Cantonese Foreign Minister, who questions right of British to despatch troops to Shanghai.

 February 03, 1927 Mrs Pinsent addresses Rotary on “Japan.”

18 below at Gaff Topsail.

Guards win in inter-town hockey at Grand Falls.

 February 04, 1927 Capt. Malcolm Campbell, in Napier Campbell car, attains speed of 174.843 M.P.H., breaking world’s record at Pendine Sands, Carmasthenshire.
 February 05, 1927 Military uprising in North Portugal.

G.W.V.A. annual meeting.

 February 06, 1927 Gower Street Church New Building, opened for service.
 February 07, 1927 Overflow of river causes machines to close down at Bishop’s Falls.
 February 08, 1927 British House of Parliament opens.

Statue of Joseph Chamberlain unveiled by Lord Balfour.

British warships ordered to Lisbon and Oporto, to protect British interests.

S.U.F. Club annual meeting.

Commercial Cable Staff entertains American visitors.

 February 09, 1927 Memorial service at Westminister Abbey, for Japanese Emperor.

Severe fighting in Lisbon, 200 killed.

Studio recital by pupils of Miss Mews.

George Street Mission Circle “At Home.”

 February 10, 1927 Portuguese revolution ends.

President Coolidge advocates further limitation in Naval Armament’s.

Public meeting at Casino, to discuss city’s acceptance of Mr D Baird’s offer, of home for children’s Hospital.

Springdale Street school Sale of Work at Synod Hall.

Hon. Dr. Robinson addresses Rotary on, “The Island Continent and Some of its Problems.”

 February 11, 1927 Official opening of rebuilt Holy Name Hall.

Cooper Shop of Ashbourne Ltd., of Twillingate, destroyed by fire.

 February 12, 1927 King and Queen of Belgium, visit London.

First draft of British troops reach Shanghai.

 February 13, 1927 Rev. Samuel and Mrs Soper, Newfoundland Missionaries in China, reach Shanghai.
 February 14, 1927 Columbus Ladies Association Valentine Dance.

T.A. Valentine Dance.

G.W.V.A. Day at Curling Rink.

 February 15, 1927 Temperance meeting at Victoria Hall, for resuscitation of Sons of Temperance.

St. Margaret’s Guild Social at Canon Wood Hall.

Gower Street Ladies’ Aid tea and concert.

Baird’s Association annual Dance.

Knowling Athletic Club Dance.

Star Valentine Card Party and Dance.

 February 16, 1927 Densest fog in English Channel for fifty years. Mail and passenger services suspended.

M. Leon Morin appointed French Consul to Newfoundland.

St. Michael’s Faith Class annual social.

 February 17, 1927 Mr. W.J. Carew before Rotary, on “A Little Nonsense.”

B.I.S. 121st anniverary.

Annual meeting Newfoundland Horse Association .

Duke and Duchess of York at Fiji.

 February 19, 1927 Strike outbreak in Shanghai, 12 leaders beheaded.

Chen and O’Malley sign agreement, resulting in British concession at Hawkow.

 February 21, 1927 Duke and Duchess of York reach Auckland.

Annual meeting Juvenile British Society.

Soviet Minister states his Government’s readiness to resume negotiations for establishment of normal relations with Britain.

 February 22, 1927 Hockey League annual meeting.

Poultry House at Altsdena, partly destroyed by fire.

Masonic - B.I.S. billiard dinner at B.I.S. Hall.

 February 23, 1927 Britain sends note to Russia, threatening severance of relations, unless propaganda discontinued.

Major Bert Tait broadcasts from K.D.K.A., on “Unknown Newfoundland.”

Marine Engineers annual banquet.

Cathedral and Bible Class annual tea and concert.

Wesley Choir concert and social.

 February 24, 1927 Foreign residents of Shanghai called up to form defence guard.

22nd anniversary of Rotary International, J.W. Morris and H. E. Cowan speak at local club luncheon.

“Trial by Jury” at Casino.

Strike at Shanghai ended.

Labor wins by election in Southbridge Division of Worcestershire.

 February 25, 1927 Diplomatic body at Pekin, warns waring Chinese against disturbing foreign concessions at Shanghai.
 February 26, 1927 London and San Francisco talk by Radio, longest distance since trans atlantic radio phone inception.

St. Bon’s wins 1927 school hockey championship.

 February 28, 1927 Britain accepts President Coolidge’s invitation for further Naval Limitation Conference.

Trotsky returns from exile.

Sir P.T. McGrath addresses Knights of Columbus on Labrador Boundary dispute.

 March 01, 1927 Newfoundland wins Labrador Boundary decision with only two minor reservations, in judgement by Privy Council.

Nomia revels at Newfoundland Hotel.

Dr. Haden Guest leaves Labor Party, because if its attitude on Chinese question.

 March 02, 1927 Feildians win Senior League Hockey Championship.

6th St. John’s Troop Boy Scouts concert.

 March 03, 1927 Motion in Quebec House to abolish Privy Council appeals.

Capt. A. Kean addresses Rotary on “Sealfishery.”

 March 04, 1927 Annual meeting C of E Cathedral Parish.
 March 05, 1927 Sealing steamers leave for ice.

Premier Taschereau voices disappointment over boundary decision.

 March 08, 1927 Jonas C Barter announced as Government Candidate in St. John’s East by election.

Annual meeting T.A. Ladies Association.

Annual meeting Spencer Club.

Father and Son banquet of Gower Street Bible Club.

 March 09, 1927 Duchess of York ill with Tonsillitis at Wellington, New Zealand.
 March 10, 1927 Sir P.T. McGrath addresses Rotary, on “The Labrador Territory and its Value.”

London and Cuba exchange greeting by wireless telephone.

 March 12, 1927 Vexed question of Saar Valley solved. Troops reduced to 400.

Soviet Russia recognizes Cantonese Regime at Harkow, as the de facto Government of China.

 March 13, 1927 Bible Society annual meeting.
 March 14, 1927 Sealers report first kill.

Newfoundland Poultry Association annual meeting

Day of mourning for war dead in Germany.

 March 15, 1927 National Trust Company motion, for winding up of Besco, before Nova Scotia Supreme Court.
 March 16, 1927 St. Bon’s wins hockey championship.
 March 17, 1927 St. John’s Mechanics Society Centenary.

Annual parade B.I.S.

Annual Horse Race, Mundy’s Pond.

“A Daughter of Erin” at Casino.

Leeming Lodge annual tea and concert.

Cochrane Street Mission Circle annual sale.

W.M.S. Concert, Canon Wood Hall.

T.A. St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

St. Joseph’s concert.

K of C School Concert.

Wesley Ladies Aid concert and social.

Holy Cross St. Patrick’s Day social.

Star of Sea card party and dance.

 March 18, 1927 Duncan Report accepted by Canadian Parliament.
 March 19, 1927 Scotland wins international rugby trophy.
 March 20, 1927 Pipe Organ C of E Cathedral, dedicated.
 March 21, 1927 Chinese Nationalist troops occupy Shanghai. Bitter street fighting.

Judge Chisholm grants winding up order of Besco.

Girl Guides Association annual meeting.

Bowring’s team win Mercantile hockey championship.

 March 22, 1927 Duke and Duchess of York leave New Zealand for Sydney.
 March 23, 1927 British Naval Airmen destroy pirate den at Bias Bay.

Congregational Ladies Aid concert and social.

 March 24, 1927 Massacre of British and American residents at Nanking, creates serious crisis.

Ayre and Sons team win City League Hockey championship.

 March 25, 1927 Coal seam struck at St. George’s at dept of 345 feet.
 March 26, 1927 Duke and Duchess of York arrive at Sydney, N.S.W.
 March 27, 1927 Royal Bank open new West End Branch in Angel Building.

Disarmament Conference fails.

Guards A. A. annual meeting.

 March 29, 1927 Major Seagrave make world’s speed record in motor racing car Sunbeam, at Dayton Beach Florida, attaining speed 207 M.P.H.

Sir Robert Bond’s will probated. Grange left to people of Newfoundland for Model Farm.

 March 30, 1927 Typhoid epidemic Montreal, reaches serious proportions, 1578 cases.

 April 02, 1927 Cambridge defeats Oxford in eight oar boat race.
 April 04, 1927 Cochrane House taken over by W.S. Stirling.

Schooner, Guide, Capt Seeley, arrives at Port aux Basques with 1500 seals.

C of E East End School dedicated.

 April 05, 1927 Cantonese attack swings to Pekin, foreigners fleeing.

S.S. Wolsum, first steamer out of Quebec for Spring.

Schooner Young Harp, arrives from seal fishery with catch of 4,200 seals.

Drillers at St. George’s Coal field, cut seam of 9 feet and 2 inches, at dept of 141 ½ feet.

Twelfth annual meeting of the Grenfell Association.

 April 06, 1927 Plane on which De Pinedo making international flight, destroyed at Roosevelt Dam.

“Princess and the Pirate”, given by Parade Street School at Pitts Memorial Hall.

 April 07, 1927 Dr. Koo resigns as Premier, at Pekin.

M.C.L.I. annual meeting.

 April 08, 1927 S.S. Neptune, with 21,557, and S.S. Eagle with 21,610 seals, arrive from the ice fields.
 April 09, 1927 Anglo Greek War Debt agreement signed.

S.S. Sagoma arrives from seal fishery, with 14,175 seals.

 April 10, 1927 Nomination Day in St. John’s East bye election.

Winston Churchill introduces budget, showing deficit of 35 million pounds.

173 ships, of eight countries, in Chinese waters to protect foreign lives.

 April 13, 1927 Lunerburg schooner Alsatian, fishing on Banks, struck by tidal wave. One member of crew killed.
 April 14, 1927 American aviators, Acosla and Chamberlin, set record for constant flight of 51 hours, 11 minutes and 20 seconds.

Roy Wolvin issues plans of reorganization of Besco, with preferred shareholders.

 April 15, 1927 Good Friday.

Thetie arrives from seal fishery with 15,930 seals.

 April 17, 1927 Nancopie arrives from seal fishery with 37,852 seals.
 April 18, 1927 Chen’s reply to notes of Five Powers, regarding Nanking disasters, unsatisfactory.

Application by National Trust Co., for winding up of Besco, dismissed.

William Heughan, Actor, Singer, at Pitts Memorial Hall.

 April 19, 1927 Clarence DeMar wins Boston Marathon for fifth time.

General Chang Kai Shah breaks from Cantonese Communists, and forms new national party.

Britain’s latest census shows population of 37,750,000.

Viking, with 10,379 seals, and Terra Nova with 22,808, arrives.

 April 21, 1927 Polling Day in St. John’s East. Brophy (Opposition) wins by 552 votes.

Ranger arrives with 10,470 seals.

Llewellyn Club annual flipper supper.

 April 22, 1927 Prince of Wales and Prince George, visit King and Queen of Spain, at Madrid.
 April 23, 1927 St. George’s Day Societies Parade.
 April 25, 1927 St. George’s Day Banquet at Newfoundland Hotel.

Beothic arrives with 26,178 seals.

 April 26, 1927 Raid on Soviet Embassy at Pekin, shows Soviets behind anti foreign activities in China.
 April 27, 1927 M.C.L.I. sixtieth anniversary banquet, at Pitts Memorial Hall.
 April 28, 1927 Annual meeting of Wesley Literary Association.
 April 29, 1927 St. Thomas Parish annual meeting.

Earl Beatty succeeded by Sir Charles Madden, as First Lord of the Admiralty.

“Y” Lady bowlers hold banquet at Y.M.C.A. rooms

 May 01, 1927 Oddfellows celebrate 108th anniversary, by service at Wesley Church.
 May 02, 1927 2nd St. John’s Boy Scouts troop concert at Wesley Hall.

First ore shipment from Bell Island to Rotterdam, 1927.

Second reading Trade Union Bill, British Commons, Jack Jones Laborite, ordered to leave House.

 May 03, 1927 C.L.B. indoor sports.

St. Thomas W.H.M.S. sale of work and concert.

 May 04, 1927 International Economic Conference opens at Geneva.

Cochrane Street Bible Class, Father and Son Banquet.

St. Michael’s Parish annual sale.

 May 05, 1927 W.R. Howley, K.C., addresses Rotary on, “Today and Tomorrow.”
 May 06, 1927 First “Y” exhibition at C.L.B. Armoury.
 May 07, 1927 Field Marshal Viscount Allenby, dedicates memorial at Mt. Sopus, to those who fought and died during Palestine Campaign.
 May 08, 1927 Nungesser and Colf, French aces, hop off from Paris on nonstop flight to New York. Not since heard from.
 May 09, 1927 Duke and Duchess of York arrives at Canberra, on last lap of Australian tour.

Annual Banquet “Y.W.” basketballers.

 May 11, 1927 Legislature opens for fourth session of 26th assembly.
 May 12, 1927 Scotland Yard raid, on Soviet London Headquarters.

Dr. Howlett before Rotary on, “Rambling on the Riviera.”

Feildians champion hockey team at Newfoundland Hotel.

 May 13, 1927 Feildian’s, bowling champions 1927.
 May 14, 1927 Annual meeting football league.
 May 16, 1927 President Doumergue of France, visits King George in London.

Liberal Government of Premier Taschereau, sustained in Quebec Provincial Election.

Rod Wanamaker offers $25,000 for finding Nungesser and Colf.

 May 17, 1927 British representative withdrawn from Hankow.

Cathedral Women’s Association and Girl Guides sale, in the Synod Hall.

 May 18, 1927 Congregational sale and concert.

Commander Pinedo leaves Montreal for Trepassey. Forced to returned to Quebec.

 May 19, 1927 Al Smith before Rotary on, “The Y.M.C.A., yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Commander Pinedo at Shippegan, New Brunswick.

Annual meeting Woman’s Frangan League.

Schooner Young Harp, arrives at Twillingate from second sealing voyage, with 650 seals.

Annual meeting L.S.P.U.

 May 20, 1927 Commander Pinedo, Italian flyer, reaches Trepassey.

Charlis A Lindberg, American flyer, passes over city at 8.45 p.m. summer time, on successful non stop flight from New York to Paris. Makes trip in 33 hours 29 minutes, at average speed 113 m.p.h.

British Airmen Carr and Gillman, started on 4,000 mile flight to India, are forced down in Persian Gulf, after flying 3,400 miles.

 May 23, 1927 De Pinedo leaves Trepassey for Horta, Azores, forced down when within 200 miles of destination.

Duke and Duchess of York leave Australian for home.

 May 24, 1927 Britain severs diplomatic relations with Soviet Russia.
 May 25, 1927 Official opening of Fulforts pleasure resort at Placentia.
 May 26, 1927 British Commons sustains Government severance of relations with Soviet Russia, by vote of 367 to 118.

Rev. W.E. Godfrey before Rotary on, “India.”

Fire in the boiler room of H.M.S. Renown, on which Duke and Duchess of York are returning to England.

Animal meeting Employers Protective Association.

W and N.C. Officers, C.L.B., hold exhibition at Armoury.

 May 27, 1927 Premier Baldwin states that repture of diplomatic relations, does not imply war against Russia.

Southern Chinese Army suffers severe reverse on Honan front.

Premier J.T. Land, New South Wales, resigns, and is commissioned to form a new ministry.

Sir John Willison, noted Canadian Journalist, dead, 71.

 May 28, 1927 Annual meeting Junior Football League.

Newfoundland Schooner Noxall, with liquor cargo, seized off P.E.I.

General Herman Von Stein, Prussian Minister of War, 1916-18, dies, 73.

 May 29, 1927 Capt Lindbergh arrives in England.
 May 30, 1927 British battleships ordered to Egypt, because of excitement caused by refusal of British Government to withdraw Sirdas.

Norway consents to take charge of British interests in Russia.

Frank Hodges resigns Secretaryship of International Miners Federation.

French Naval Squadron reaches Spithead, on five day visit, at invitation of British Admiralty.

 May 31, 1927 Lindbergh received by King George at Buckingham Palace, decorated with Air Force Cross.

Spanish Dictator, Primo De Riviera, announces National Assembly for September 13th., to draw up a new constitution.

W.M.S. Convention opens at Gower Street Church.

Civil Service Bowling League Champions. Auditor General Department, dined at Newfoundland Hotel.

Avalon United Sports Club Union in Star Hall.

 June 01, 1927 Lord Curson’s “Call Boy” wins derby.

By election at Bosworth, results in return of Sir William Edger, Liberal win from Conservatives.

Nomination Day Irish Free State.

Liquor Control Act becomes effective in Ontario.

Valadivostok closed to British shipping.

 June 02, 1927 House of John Ludlow, Cookstown Road, gutted by fire.

Sir William Allardyce receives G.C.G.M., Dr. D.J. Davis, C.B.E., in Birthday Honours.

Mr Sydney Bennett addresses Rotary on, “Aviation.”

W.M.S. Convention closes.

Rear Admiral Perot, Commanding French squadron, received by King George.

 June 03, 1927 Austin Chamberlain, slightly injured in motor accident.

Rumanian Cabinet resigns.

Victoria Lodge, L.O.B.A., sale and concert.

 June 04, 1927 Marquis of Lansdowne dies.
 June 06, 1927 Bellanca plane “Columbia”, which left New York at 6.05 a.m. on the 4th, lands at Paderdorn, Westphalia, Germany, at 9.50 a.m. Plane was piloted by Clarence D Chamberlin, accompanied by Charles A Levine.

Battalion of British troops leave.

K of C Billiard Tournament celebrations.

Dwelling of Silas Moores, Freshwater, B.D.V., totally destroyed by fire.

Forest fires reported at North Harbor, P.B., between Clark’s Beach and Bay Robert’s, and between Hillview and Ivany’s Cove.

 June 07, 1927 Soviet Minister to Poland, M. Wojkoff, assassinated at Warsaw by young Russian monarchist student. It was Wojkoff who signed death warrants of Czar Nicholas and family.

Besco reorganization plans announced.

A.A. Parsons addresses Toc. H. Founders Day at Bishop Feild College.

British Cooperative movement approves political lineup with Labor Party.

 June 08, 1927 Address in reply passes Legislature, 17 to 12.

Twenty-six injured, when bomb thrown in Communist Club at Leningrad.

Chamberlin and Lervin received by Presidnet Hindenburg of Germany.

St. Bon’s sports day.

B.I.S. Ladies Auxiliary dance.

T.A. card party and dance.

First half holiday for season.

Installation ceremony of Lodge Harbor Grace, A. F. & A.M., L.A. Whitman R.W.M.

 June 09, 1927 Polling Day. Irish Free State Elections result in virtual deadlock.

Major Cotton arrives by Silvia with monoplane, to search for Nungesser and Colf.

Delegates to St. John Conference report to Rotary.

 June 10, 1927 Albanian Minister ordered to withdraw from Belgrade.

Poincare wins vote of conference, 370 to 148, on Government program of stern repression on radical activities in France.

First electrical storm of season.

Soviet communique announces execution of twenty persons, including two Princess, for alleged espionage.

Ex German cruiser “Moltke”, sized at Sacpa Flow.

League of Nations takes over policing of Saar Valley.

Washington suggests to France, treaty of perpetual peace.

De Pincedo arrives at Lisbon, and accorded official welcome.

Revs H Torraville, and F Michael, ordained as Priests, at C of E Cathedral.

New Chapel at Mount Cashel, consecrated.

Rebecca Smith, 16, Bishop’s Cove, badly burnt when dress catches fire.

Football season opens. C.L.B. defeats C.E.I. 1 to nil.

 June 12, 1927 British Parliament reassembles.

Germany notifies Allies, work of destruction of fortresses in Eastern Germany, completed.

 June 14, 1927 Flight Lieutenants, Carr, and Mackworth, begin 500 mile flight to Calcutta.

Jerome K Jerome, Novelist and Author, dies.

 June 15, 1927 Spencer College Sports.

Arbor Day festival, Methodist Orphanage.

Mr and Mrs A.H. Christian, celebrate 40th anniversary of wedding.

Masonic installation at Carbonear, William Clarke, W.M.

Masonic installation at Bell Island, L Sheppard. W.M.

 June 16, 1927 United Church Conference opens. Rev. C.R. Blonut elected President, and Rev. G.B. Pickering, Secretary.

Principal Clarence McKennon, of Pine Hill, addresses Rotary.

King George awards Air Force Cross to De Pinedo.

 June 17, 1927 Conservatives win Westbury by election.

Chang Tso Lin, accepts dictatorship of Northern Chinese Allies

S.S. Cobin, wrecked at Partridge Island, New Brunswick.

 June 18, 1927 Naval Disarmament Conference opens at Genova.

Lord Chancellor Cave, submits proposal for sweeping changes, in Constitution of House of Lords.

Shop of Horatio Guy, Corner Brook, destroyed by fire.

 June 20, 1927 Revs W.B Perry, Harvey Rusell, James Sweetapple, and Roland Vatcher, ordained Ministers of United Church.

Putman Expedition schooner, Effie M Morrissey, arrives at Brigus.

 June 22, 1927 Avalon Lodge installation. H.M. Maddick, W.M.

Joan Bratiano, heads Rumanian Government.

 June 23, 1927 Governor and Lady Allardyce sail from Liverpool, for St. John’s.

Trades Union Bill passes 3rd reading in British House of Commons.

George C Mackenzie addresses Rotary.

Sir Ralph Williams, former Governor, dies in London, 70.

 June 24, 1927 Postal excursion to Harbor Grace.

William S Cosgrave, re elected President Dail. 25 P.E.I. Government defeated on Prohibition issue; Liberals win 24 out of 30 seats.

Graduation exercises at Memorial College.

 June 26, 1927 Garden Party, Outer Cove.

Double house, 32 Stephen Street, gutted by fire.

 June 27, 1927 Railway Telegraphers Convention opens at Grand Falls.

Duke and Duchess of York, arrive home from Australian tour.

Conservatives win Brixton by election.

 June 28, 1927 First annual meeting of Y.M. and Y.W.C.A.’s. H.E. the Administration, presides.

French schooner Fillcliff, total loss, off Tor’s Cove.

U.S. Army aviators, complete 2,400 mile flight from California to Honolulu.

 June 29, 1927 Governor and Lady Allardyce arrive home.

Finance Minister tables estimates.

“Forget-Me-Not” Day.

 July 01, 1927 Sixtieth anniversary of Canadian Confederation.

Commander Byrd, U.S. Flyer, lands at Ver-sur-Mere, France, 43 hours, 21 minutes, from New York.

G.W.V.A. Sports.

 July 03, 1927 Memorial Day.

Rev. Hammond Johnson, farewell at Gower Street.

 July 04, 1927 King Fuad of Egypt, arrives in London on visit.
 July 05, 1927 Summer School opens at Memorial College, 140 teachers in attendance.

Beam wireless service, between England and Africa, opened for public traffic.

Carbonear Boy Scouts join Wesley Camp at Round Pond.

Revised Prayer Book given final approval by Church Assembly.

Annual Garden Party Belvedere Orphanage.

St. Thomas Sunday School picnic.

St. Andrew’s Sunday School picnic.

 July 08, 1927 J.H. Thomas, Labour Leader, warns Russia, that revolt in Britain is impossible.

Harold Thompson of Toronto, addresses Board of Trade.

Salvation Army Congress opens, Lieut. Commissioner Maxwell presiding.

Grand Chapter of Nova Scotia Royal Arch Masons, meets in annual session here. 30 Nova Scotia visitors present.

Oddfellows installation, E. Ebsary, N.G.

 July 10, 1927 Kevin O’Higgins, Irish Free State Minister of Justice, assassinated.

House of Mr Gosine, East Wabana, destroyed by fire.

 July 11, 1927 Miss Marjorie Hutching’s Recital.

Serious forest fire near Carmanville.

H.M.S. Wisteria, goes to help fight fires.

Schooner Maggie and Eric lost at Bell Island.

 July 12, 1927 Besco shareholders turn down Roy Wolvin reorganization plan. Petition of National Trust Company, for winding up of Dominion Steel Corporation, granted by Mr. Justice Chisholm, in Nova Scotia Supreme Court.
 July 13, 1927 Congregational Sunday School picnic.

St. Patrick’s Parish Garden Party.

First outing, Avalon Sport Club.

House and barn of Mr. Tucker, Nagle’s Hill, destroyed by fire.

First Cricket match for season. Guards defeat Nondescripts.

Kevin O’Higgins buried, half million people attend funeral.

Store of Charles Martin, Grate’s Cove, destroyed by fire.

 July 14, 1927 Dr Forbes address Rotary on, “Newfoundland Medical Problems.”
 July 15, 1927 Grand Black Chapter opens in annual session, in Corner Brook.

Dr. Baker makes glowing report of St. George’s Coal Field area.

Forty killed, many injured, in Communist riot at Vienna.

 July 16, 1927 L.O.A. Provincial Grand Lodge, annual meeting at Corner Brook.

N.P. and P. Company, meet interest on B. Debentures, reliving Government of payment.

Medical Convention closes. Dr. Anderson, Heart’s Content, elected President.

 July 18, 1927 L.O.A banquet at Corner Brook.

Summer school at Shoal Harbor, opens.

 July 20, 1927 King Ferdinand of Rumania, dies. Prince Michael, son of Carol and Princess Helena, succeeds. Regency Council sworn in.

Japan and Germany sign Commercial Treaty.

C. of E. Orphanage Garden Party.

Wesley Sunday School picnic.

Cochrane Street Sunday School picnic.

Kilbride Garden Party

L.O.A. Grand Lodge session ends. R.J. Smith, Cupids, Grand Master.

 July 21, 1927 Cape Breton and Newfoundland Presbytery, of Presbyterian Church, meets here.
 July 22, 1927 Royal Garden Party, Buckingham Palace.

Crews enter for Regatta.

Hudson Bay Company steamer, Bay Rupert, ashore, 14 miles North of Cape Harrigan.

 July 23, 1927 Prince of Wales, Prince George, and Premier Baldwin, leave Southampton for Canada.

Menin Gate, Memorial to 56,000 soldiers, who died in Ypres, unveiled.

D.F. Meaney, Harbor Grace, writes to Daily News, that “White Bird” of Nungesser and Coll, was seen to fly over Gull Island on May 9th.

Admiral Beatty made Privy Councillor.

Governor and Lady Allardyce at Coachman’s Cove.

 July 24, 1927 Street car No. 15, runs wild down Theatre Hill, jumps track at Alelaide Street, smashes two telephone poles, damages the front of two houses.
 July 25, 1927 St. Anthony Hospital opened, Dr Grenfell knighted.

T.A. and B. Juvenile picnic.

Guards sports, Grand Falls.

Deputy Minister of Public Works take libel action against Advocate.

 July 26, 1927 Teacher's “At Home” at Summer School.

Oddfellows installation.

 July 27, 1927 George Street Sunday School picnic.

Mount Cashel Garden Party.

C.H. Tranfield, Western Union Superintendent at Heart’s Content Cable Station, retires.

 July 28, 1927 Dr. Rendell addresses Rotary on, “Tuberculosis Infection.” Declares no increase in “T.B” mortality.

Home of Mr Shano, Flower's Hill, gutted by fire.

Schooner A.L Frampton, John Halley, Master, lost at Long Tickle, Labrador.

 July 29, 1927 Admiral Beatty retires as First Sea Lord.

Horatio Bottomley released from jail.

 July 30, 1927 Guards Athletic Association returns from Grand Falls. Inter town cup won by Paper Town.
 July 31, 1927 Princes and Prime Minister Baldwin, arrive in Montreal.

Annual Flower Service in C of E Cemetery.

Rev. Father McGarth, Editor of “China, preaches at R.C. Cathedral.

Admiral Startin preaches at St. Thomas’ Church.

Lady Lauder dies.

 August 01, 1927 Clarence D Chamberlin, flies from Leviathen to shore, with mails, thus shorting time of delivery.

Premier Baldwin addresses Canadian Club at Montreal.

 August 02, 1927 President Coolidge announces that he does not “choose to run “ at next election.

Prince of Wales and Premier Baldwin made members of Canadian Privy Council. S.S. Nova Scotia picks up two French fishermen, who had been adrift in dory for eight days.

Meeting of baseball fans in an endeavor to revive game.

 August 03, 1927 Prime Minister Baldwin celebrates sixtieth birthday.

Commander Champness, H.M.S. Wisteria, addresses Rotary on, “Socialistic Unrest”.

International Paper Company Agreement introduced in House, by Prime Minister.

United Church Garden Party, Clarke’s Beach.

C of E Garden Party, Carbonear.

 August 04, 1927 Regatta Day

Geneva Naval Limitations Conference, fails.

 August 05, 1927 Rev. Dr. Clarke, inducted as Pastor of Gower Street United Church.

John Dillon, famous Irish Nationalist Leader, dead.

 August 06, 1927 Severe earthquake in Northern Japan.
 August 07, 1927 Garden Party, Conception Harbor.

“Peace Bridge” between Canada and United States, dedicated. Prince of Wales and Premier Baldwin participate.

 August 08, 1927 Centenary anniversary of the death of George Canning, British Foreign Secretary, and Premier.
 August 09, 1927 Serbian War debt funded.
 August 10, 1927 St. Joseph’s Garden Party.

Gower Street Sunday School picnic.

Harbor Grace Regatta.

United Church garden party, Carbonear.

S.S. Sebastopol, seized off New York, with $300,000 liquor cargo.

Heavy floods in North of England from torrential rains.

 August 11, 1927 Several houses destroyed and Government wharf badly damaged, by fire at St. George’s.

De Valers party take oath of allegiance, and sit in Dail.

Greek Government resigns.

 August 12, 1927 Attempt to overthrow Portuguese Government fails.
 August 13, 1927 Spanish National Assembly convoked. First meeting since 1922.

German Airships Bremen and Europa, leave Desasu for trans atlantic flight. Europa forced down by engine trouble, and Bremen stopped by bad weather. Flight subsequently abandoned.

 August 15, 1927 H.M.S. Calcutta concert and dance at Y.M.C.A.
 August 16, 1927 Want of Confidence Vote, Irish Free State Government, results in tie - 71 to 71.

International Paper Company resolutions, pass House of Assembly.

2400 mile air race, from Oakland, California, to Honolulu. Woman flier and four other competitors, loose their lives.

Installation ceremony, Lord Northcliff Lodge, Grand Falls, H. Baird, W.M.

 August 17, 1927 United Church garden party, Old Perlican.

Roman Catholic garden party, Portugal Cove.

Ball at Government House in honor of Admiral Cowan.

 August 18, 1927 Sir John Crosbie presents budget.

Premier Baldwin sails from Sydney.

Premier Oliver of British Columbia, dead.

Guards entertain city boxers at Topsail.

Electric storm damages railway station and home of John Delaney, at Broad Cove, B.D.V.

 August 19, 1927 Public meeting in Casino, against Humber and Gander contracts.

Lieut-Commander Donald MacMillian returns from Nain, by Kyle.

 August 20, 1927 Curling lit by electric light for first time.
 August 21, 1927 R.C. Garden Party, Bay Bulls.

Rev. Dr. E.P. Powell, St. Margaret’s Church, New York, preaches at St. Thomas.

 August 22, 1927 Albert Felin, killed in street row at Ship Cove, Port au Port.

Edward Lace of Rencountre, Fortune Bay, crushed between schooner and wharf at Holyrood, dies.

International Paper Company agreement passed second reading.

Inspector Newhook, presented with address and gift by members of Police Force, on occasion of his retirement.

 August 23, 1927 By election in Dublin City and County, won by Government.

Sacco and Vanzetti executed.

T.A. Champions Junior League football.

 August 24, 1927 Premier Baldwin arrives home.

Irish Free State Legislature dissolved.

C. of E. Garden Party, Portugal Cove.

R.C. Garden Party.

C.E. Garden Party, Pouch Cove.

Rev. Dr. Clark addresses Rotary on, “Building a City”.

Military control of Hungary lifted.

Junior Matriculation pass list published. Jubilee Scholarship won by Ethel King, U.C. College.

 August 26, 1927 Plane, “Pride of Detroit”, flown by Brock and Schlee, reaches Harbor Grace from Orchard, Maine, on round the world flight.

Home of Michael Tobin, Carbonear, destroyed by fire.

 August 27, 1927 “Pride of Detroit” leaves Harbor Grace.
 August 28, 1927 Flat Rock garden party.

“Pride of Detroit” reach Coryden safely.

Tablet on Mole, Zeebrugge, unveiled to memory of Lieut Sandford, and crew of Submarine C-3, who blew up Mole during war.

 August 29, 1927 Grenfell Mission yacht Maraval, blows up at Sydney.

Hon. C.J. Coghian, Premier of South Rhodesia, dead.

Monoplane Sir John Carling, takes off from London, Ont., for London, England, but compelled to return.

Fire at Bennett's Brewery.

Viscount Cecil resigns from British Cabinet.

 August 30, 1927 R.C. garden party, Holyrood.

R.C. garden party, Torbay.

Baird’s employees hold annual outing at Donovan’s.

British flyers, Minchin and Jamilton, with Princess Lowenstein Werhelm in airoplane, St. Raphasel, leave Upanon Wiltshire, for Ottawa, Canada. Not since heard from.

Five swimmers attempt swim from Fort Amherst, to dock, forced to abandon attempt, by loppy sea and cold water.

Sir Auastin Chamberlain receives “Golden Book” from France.

British Naval Forces carry out punitive expedition against Chinese Pirates, at Bias Bay.

 September 01, 1927 First flower and vegetable show of St. John’s Horticultural Society, in Gaiety Hall.

Ladies Day at Rotary. Address on Girl Guide work by Miss Behrens.

London to London and Windsor flights, again fail.

46th session League of Nation Council, opens.

Chinese steamer Kochow, flying British flag, seized by Chinese pirates who shoot Captain and Chief Engineer.

 September 02, 1927 Miss French, swims from Fort Amherst to Dock.
 September 03, 1927 Captain E.F. Courtnry leaves Plymouth, on trans Atlantic flight. Bad weather forces dessent at Corunna, Spain, and flight abandoned.

Loss of Lunenburg schooner Joyce C Smith, in recent storm, with 19 Newfoundlanders in crew, confirmed.

Board of Trade presents farewell address to Mr. W.G. Gosling.

 September 04, 1927 Wm. Joy and Wm. Kean, swim from Fort Amherst to Dock.
 September 05, 1927 Monoplane Sir John Carling, from London to London, reaches Harbor Grace.

Stores of Messrs Pennell (?) & Goodyear at Deer Lake, destroyed by fire.

 September 06, 1927 Legislature prorogues, closing one of longest sessions.

Schools reopen.

Monoplane Old Glory, left Orchard, Maine, on non stop flight to Rome. Forced down about (?) at sea. 3 flyers lost. Part of plane subsequently picked up by S.S. Kyle.

Rev. Father Walker, dies suddenly whilst celebrating Mass at St. Clare’s Hospital.

Terra Nova Council K of C, elects officers. J.A. Barron, Grand Knight.

 September 07, 1927 Monoplane, Sir John Carling, took off from Harbor Grace at 10.30 a.m. for London. Not since heard of.

Monoplane Royal Windsor, bound from Windsor to Windsor, lands at Harbor Grace at 3.15 p.m. Bad weather prevents continuation of flight, and flyers subsequently recalled.

T.A. Football Club defeats Bell Island 1 – nil at Bell Island.

Memorial window to Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Bond, unveiled in Church of St. John the Baptist at Whitbourn, by Sir William Horwood.

 September 08, 1927 British Labor severs relationship with Soviet Labor Movement.

Bishop Mowell addresses Rotary, on China.

 September 09, 1927 Daughter born to Emperor and Empress of Japan.

Sir Halford McKinder addresses Board of Trade, on problems of the fishery.

Bishop and Mrs Mowell address Missionary meeting at St. Thomas.

 September 12, 1927 Members of Mining and Metallurgical Congress arrive, banqueted at Newfoundland Hotel in evening.

Wreckage of Old Glory, found by S.S. Kyle.

House occupied by James Critch and Harry Snow at Quidi Vidi, destroyed by fire.

 September 13, 1927 Members of Mining Congress visit Bell Island.

Monoplane Royal Windsor, flies from Harbor Grace to Orchard, Maine.

 September 14, 1927 Prince of Wales and Prince George, arrive home after Canadian tour.

Customs steamer Daisy, runs ashore at Muddy Hole Head, near Exploits.

First annual outing of Newfoundland Light and Power Company employees, at Donovan’s.

J G. Lawn, C.B.E., addresses Rotary, on diamond mining in South Africa.

Members Mining Congress return to Canada.

Election Day, Irish Free State.

Schooner George Tibbo, Snow, Master, of Bay Roberts, lost at Ragged Islands.

 September 16, 1927 Captain MacIntosh, leaves Dublin to fly to New York, but forced down on West Coast of Ireland.
 September 17, 1927 For fifth day, England deluged with rain and floods, in many parts of Country.

S.S. Daisy refloated.

Treaty between Great Britain and Hejaz Nejd, ratified at Jeddah.

 September 18, 1927 Memorial service at Brigus for Rev. James Nurse.

Rev, J.B. Elliott resigns as Rector of St. Thomas.

Nonia annual meeting.

 September 20, 1927 Bell Island football team visits city, as guests of T.A.

Final returns from Irish Free State elections, give Government 61, De Valeraites 57, Farmer Independents 18, Labor and others 16.

 September 21, 1927 Last whole holiday for season.

Kyle returns from search for Old Glory.

Nineteen boys burnt to death at Bearval, Sask., when R.C. Mission destroyed.

Prof. Adrain Stokes, eminent Pathologist, died of Yellow Fever, at Lagos.

Farewell presentation to Rev. W.F.R. Cracknell, at Grand Falls.

 September 22, 1927 Legislative Council of Sierra Leone, abolishes slavery in Protectorate.

Presentation Convent Garden Party.

Rev. J Line addresses Rotary.

Annual Dinner Sergeants’ Mess.

Miss Millicent House commissioned as Missionary to Africa, at Gower St. Church.

Gene Tunney successfully defends boxing championship.

Lord George Hamilton dies, 82.

 September 23, 1927 Germany signs compulsory arbitration clause, of Permanent Court of International Justice.

Baron Von Maltyan, German Ambassador to U.S. A., killed in air crash in Thuringia.

 September 24, 1927 L.S.P.U. Excursion Committee annual dinner, at Donovan’s.
 September 25, 1927 Statue of St. Teresa, blessed at Corpus Christi Church at Waterford Bridge, by Archbishop Roche.

League Assembly at Geneva, adopts resolution submitted by Poland, outlawing war.

Annual Belvedere Collection.

Road Master Lannon, of Trepassey Branch, injured when track motor on which he was riding, jumped rails.

 September 26, 1927 British seaplane won Schneider Trophy, in great airplance race at Lido, at average speed of 280.8 m.p.h.

Schooner Maggie and Lucy, Barfield, Master, ashore at Jersey Point, Lance au Loup.

 September 27, 1927 Masonic Installation of Corner Brook Lodge A.F. & A.M. Kenneth MacDonald, W.M.
 September 28, 1927 Spencer Club sale.

Lieut. Bently, R.A.F., completes 9,000 mile flight from Corydon to Cape Town.

 September 29, 1927 District Governor Don Buckley, makes official visit to local Rotary Club.

Sir Charles Batho elected Lord Mayor of London.

 September 30, 1927 Trotsky expelled from Russian Communist Party.

Pouch Cove lit by electricity.

John Hudson, Adam’s Cove, injured in No 3 submarine, Bell Island.

 October 01, 1927 Nova Scotia Supreme Court divides equally on appeal of Dominion Steel Corporation, from winding up order of Justice Chishlom.
 October 02, 1927 Summer time ends.

Harvest Festival at St. Thomas.

New R.C. Church at Corner Brook, dedicated.

Political revolt in Mexico.

 October 03, 1927 “Y” membership drive opens.

Store and dwelling of Mrs D Joseph, at Deer Lake, destroyed by fire.

 October 04, 1927 Blue Puttee annual reunion.

Presentation to Mr and Mrs Harold Pike, of Silver Tea Service, at Wesley Sunday School.

Section Foreman Wells, of Western Division of Railway, breaks leg and two ribs, by falling over dump.

Mining town of Worthington, Ontario, partly drops into mine of Mond Nickle Company.

 October 06, 1927 C.L.B. Ladies Auxiliary Sale.

British Conservatives in convention at Cardiff, favors giving vote to women of 21 years.

Graduating exercises 1927 class, Grace Hospital Hall.

Sir Wilfred Grenfell presents lifesaving medals to Y.M.C.A. Members.

Mr. R Stevenson, of Memorial College, addresses Rotary on Meteorology.

Inauguration evening classes Memorial College.

City Engineer reports Windsor Lake at lowest level on record.

 October 07, 1927 General Kevachevitch of Serbian Army, assassinated by Bulgars. Bulgarian Government formaly expresses regret.

Earl of Iveagh, head of Guinness, dies.

Memorial to Indian Troops, unveiled by Lord Birkenhead, at Neuve Chapelle.

France demands recall of Soviet Ambassador, Christian Rakovsky.

Sir Wilfred Grenfell broadcast from 8WMC., about his work on Labrador.

The late Sir Robert Bond’s collection of caskets, natural history specimens, etc., presented to Museum, by Rev. Dr. Bond. Received by His excellency, the Governor.

 October 08, 1927 New South Wales election, results in defeat of Labor Government. Nationalists under Premier Bavin, succeeds.

Russell Scott, seven times in shadow of gallows, suicides.

B.I.S. presentation to W. B. Skinner, who leaves for New York.

N.Y. Yankees win baseball series, by defeating Pittsburgh Pirates in four straight games.

Mercedes Gleta, London girl, swims Channel in 15 ½ hours.

 October 09, 1927 Feast of Father Matthews celebrated by T.A. and B Society.
 October 10, 1927 Dail Eireann meets Cosgrave elected President.

Stirling at 4.87- 1-16. Highest since 1914.

Labrador fishermen memorialize Premier, re price of fish .

Store of Kalleem Noah damaged by fire

Spencer College Lodge consecrated by Bishop White.

 October 11, 1927 Hon. R.B. Bennett elected leader of Canadian Conservatives.

Mr C Townsend, of Hudson Bay Company, delivers — “Wake Up” address before Board of Trade.

Schooner Garland, Captain Nicholas, of Carbonear, fish laden, total wreck at Hilliard’s Hr.

Ruth Elder and George Haldeman, in monoplane “American Girl”, hopped off from New York for Paris. Broken oil feed pipe forced them down, 320 miles from the Azores. Picked up by Dutch Tanker.

“Y” membership campaign ends with objective reached.

 October 12, 1927 Merchants agree to give $3.80 for Labrador Fish.
 October 13, 1927 William Le Queux, famous Novelist, dead.

Municipal Council appeals to citizens, to conserve water supply, owing to shortage at Windsor Lake.

Mr. R.H. Taif addresses Rotary, on “Tourist and Publicity Bureau.”

Presentation by Avalon Lodge to S.G. Collier, P.M., on completion of his fiftieth year as a Mason.

 October 14, 1927 Cena Beg, Albanian Minister, assassinated at Prague.

Mrs W. Janes and Mrs F Noftall, suicide at Broad Cove, B.D.V. 

 October 15, 1927 Russia abolishes capital punishment.

Crew of schooner Flower Dew, owned by W. Forsey, of Grand Bank, rescued by Italian schooner Brenta II, two hundred miles off Savannah, Georgia.

Semi-official opening of New Feildian grounds.

 October 17, 1927 Inter-Collegiate football opens. St. Bon’s and Feildians draw.
 October 18, 1927 League session at Geneva, for Trade Restrictions discussion, opens.

Premier Minister Monroe, announces Government unable to accept Whitbourne property of Sir Robert Bond, as Model Farm.

Mr Llewellyn Cooley lectures at Canon Wood Hall, on “Three Great American cities.”

 October 19, 1927 Rev. M P Dwyer, P.P., greeted by new parishioners at Harbor Main.

Sale of work at C of E School, Merrymeeting Road.

T.A. Club entertains victorious athletics.

Pantomime Sunshine Parade at Newfoundland Hotel, in aid of Child Welfare.

 October 20, 1927 Lloyd George unveils statue “La Deliverance”, presented by Viscount Rothermere.

G.W.V.A. reunion at Gaiety Hall.

Birmingham University confers Honoury Degree of Doctor of Laws on Premier Baldwin. Students present Premier giant pipe.

New Wing of Cowan Home opened by Lady Allerdyce.

Nfld Fair opened by His Excellency the Governor.

Gower Street Mission, Circle Sale and Tea and concert.

 October 21, 1927 Sunshine Parade Pantomime repeated.
 October 22, 1927 Halifax Marathon Shield comes to Newfoundland for keeps. Newfoundland runners take 4th., 5th., 6th., 11th., and 15th. places.

Belvedere Association annual meeting.

 October 24, 1927 Marquess of Cambridge dies, aged 54.

Alaska severely shaken by earthquake. No serious damage done.

S.S. Pas Dinam, coal laden, goes ashore while entering Fogo Harbor. Subsequently refloated.

 October 25, 1927 South Africa flag controversy ends in compromise.

Sixth birthday of King Michael of Rumania.

Proprietors of Montreal Theater, Laurier Place, found guilty of Manslaughter, in connection with January fire which cost lives of 78 children.

Rev. J Brinton lectures to W.H.M.S. on, “Centers of Literature, History and Religion in England.”

St. Joseph’s vegetable sale.

 October 26, 1927 Meeting under auspices of Board of Trade, authorizes Council to nominate Committee, to organize Trade Development Board.

Cochrane Street Women’s Association sale and tea.

George Street Mission Circle sale and tea.

 October 27, 1927 Public reception to Halifax Marathon runners. Trophy presented to City.

Mr. W.D. Swope addresses Rotarians on, “Albania.”

Elevation Windsor Lake four feet below normal. City water supply restricted to 5,000,000 gallons daily.

Fourth annual reunion Mount Cashel Old Boys.

 October 28, 1927 Spencer Club Halloween Dance.
 October 29, 1927 Owen Sawlor of Darthmouth, wins 25 mile walking race at Halifax. Grant Burned, second, ten yards behind him.

Old Colony Club Annual meeting.

 October 30, 1927 Belvedere Men’s Association annual meeting.

Star of the Sea Association annual meeting.

 October 31, 1927 Princess Mary opens New Royal Air Force Hospital at Halton, Buckinghamshire.

 November 01, 1927 Mustapha Kemal Pasha, re elected President of Turkey.

Revolutionary plot uncovered in Calcutta and North East Bengal.

Arthur Samuel succeeds Ronald McNeill, as Financial Secretary to the British Treasury.

Alexander Marshall, presented with gold watch by friends and customers of the Royal Bank, on the occasion of his joining the Bank.

Bowring’s Athletic Association hold fall gathering in Gaiety Hall.

Corner stone of new Church at Bishop’s Cove, laid by Bishop White.

Mr. Lewis Norman, ordained Deacon at Bay Roberts, by Bishop White.

T.A. Ladies hold Cauld Cannon Party.

Bunglow of Maxwell Upshall, Mundy Pond Road, destroyed by fire.

Congregational party at George Street Church.

 November 02, 1927 Wesley Ladies Sale and Tea.

The Fair closes.

St. Thomas East end School, Sale of work.

Feildian Club dance.

 November 03, 1927 France refuses to submit notice of departure of liquor cargoes, from St. Pierre to United States waters.

Rutland, Vermont, swept by flood waters, causing great property damage but small loss of life.

St. Bon’s 1927 Collegiate football champions.

Harbor Grace Masonic Lodge celebrates Golden Jubilee.

 November 04, 1927 Grant Burnell feted at Donovan’s.

Flood storm in Quebec and New Brunswick, caused great damage and several deaths.

 November 05, 1927 Queen of Spain arrives in London.
 November 06, 1927 Presentation by St. Thomas’ Sunday School, to retiring Superintendents, H.Y. Mott and H.J. Burnell.
 November 07, 1927 Concert at St. Joseph’s Hall.
 November 08, 1927 Anti foreign boycott revived at Canton.

Columbus Ladies Association annual sale.

Flatrock lit by electricity for first time.

Business premises of James Sullivan, Brent’s Cove, destroyed by fire.

 November 09, 1927 Princess Mary has exciting escape from fire, at Manor of Lord Allendale.

St. Thomas Women’s Association Sale and concert.

Congregational Ladies Aid Sale and concert.

 November 10, 1927 Storm of wind and rain sweeps over Newfoundland, causing considerable damage.
 November 11, 1927 Armistice Day.

G.W.V.A. Armistice Dance.

 November 12, 1927 Rev. Canon Howitt accepts call to St. Thomas.
 November 13, 1927 German Hydroplane D122, collapses shortly after departure from Horts, for Hr. Grace.

Toc H. celebrates Birthday in Memorial College Hall.

Holy Cross literary institute opens.

Bishop Brewing preaches at Cochrane Street Church.

Mount Cashel Old Boys’ Association annual meeting.

 November 14, 1927 Bishop Brewing, lectures at Pitts Memorial Hall.
 November 15, 1927 India Commission Bill, favorably received by British Commons.

Professor Landry, lectures on International Poultry Congress, at Presbyterian Hall.

Gower Street Ea-Gi Class, plays host for inmates of Methodist Orphanage.

Lady Allardyce presents certificates to first aid workers, St. John’s Ambulance Association.

 November 16, 1927 Lord Hugh Cecil, resigns from British Cabinet.

Lord Cushendun, (formerly Ronald McNeil) succeeds Lord Cecil, as British Representative to League of Nations.

Disorder in British Commons, when Ramsey MacDonald calls for vote of censure of Baldwin Government, for neglect of employment situation.

Commander De Oinedo, Major Zapelloni, and Ruth Elder, made honorary members of Spanish Air Force, by King Alfonso.

Fifteenth annual poultry show opens.

Feildians Ladies’ Association annual Sale.

Sergeant's Mess supper and dance.

Old Fashioned song and sketches at Gower Street Hall.

 November 17, 1927 St. Andrew’s Ladies Annual Sale.
 November 18, 1927 United States sympathizers present gift of $418,000 to dependants of Nungesser and Coll.

Anglican Church rejects movement for “Set Easter.”

Mulai Mohamed Ben Annaish, third son of Mulai Yuseff, proclaimed Saulton of Morocco, at age of 14.

Clifford Stone defeats George Irwin, in 5 mile race at Prince’s Rink. Time 27.08.35.

 November 19, 1927 Lady Iveagh wins Southland by election — seventh woman member in House of Commons.
 November 21, 1927 George S Campbell, 76 President of Bank of Nova Scotia, dies.

S.U.F. Grand Lodge Annual Meeting.

 November 22, 1927 T.A. Ladies Association Annual Sale.

Richard Nurse, of Pool’s Cove, Fortune Bay, shot by Charles A Williams, of same place.

Clifford Stone defeats George Irwin, in 10 mile race at Prince’s Rink, breaking indoor record. Time 55.10.

 November 23, 1927 1,000 British Isles Clergy protest changes of Prayer Book.

60,000 members of Seamen’s Union, suspended by Trade Union Council, because of gift to non union miners.

Premier Baldwin declines see 250 miners, who walked from Wales to lay their troubles before him.

Student music recital at Pitt’s Memorial Hall, in aid of Ayre’s athletic grounds.

 November 24, 1927 1500 convicts stage rebellion Fulsom Prison, California, but are finally overcome by Militia.

Llewellyn Club annual meeting .

Child Welfare Sale Presbyterian Hall.

B.I.S. celebrate Regatta (?) Athletic Victories at Club Rooms.

Joan Bartiano, Premier of Rumania, dies, 64, succeeded by his brother Vintela.

 November 25, 1927 Sir Robert A Hudson dies in London, 64.

Owen Sawlor, Darthmouth, defeats Grant Burnell, in seven mile walk race at Prince’s rink. Time 58.38.35

 November 26, 1927 Schooner Admiral Drake, total wreck on Scatarie. No loss of life.
 November 27, 1927 Annual Memorial Service of Tera Nova Council, K. of C.

Tasker celebration for children.

 November 28, 1927 Spencer pupils act Santa Clause, for poor children.

Annual sale of work and Christmas tree, in aid of St. Joseph’s Convent.

 November 29, 1927 Royal Oak Lodge concert.

Mrs McNeil Art Exhibition opens at Old Colony Club.

Young People Mission Choir, Cannon Wood Hall.

 November 30, 1927 Cholera epidemic in Bengal Province, assumed serious (?) (Proj tions) 2139 deaths.

Soviet Representative throws “Peace bomb” at session of preparatory, by proposal for total elimination.

“Y” campaigners hold partridge supper.

St. Michael’s Parish annual fair.

St. Andrew’s Society hold annual fete at Newfoundland Hotel.

Fourth session of disarmament Conference opens at Geneva.

 December 01, 1927 Carnival Dance by S.S. Newfoundland’s staff, at Gaiety Hall.

Leeming Lodge, L.O.A., annual meeting. J. Wheeler, elected W.M.

 December 02, 1927 Chinese Bandits seize British steamer Siantu, on Yangtse River, killing some of the crew, and holding Capt. Lalor for ransom .

St. John’s Lodge, A.F. and A.M., annual meeting. J.A.W. McNeily elected W.M.

Annual meeting Newfoundland Fire Patrol, at Agriculture and Mines Office.

Miss Morris spoke to Rotary, on Newfoundland Heros.

 December 03, 1927 Preparatory Disarmament Conference adjourns till March 15th.

Newfoundland Society of Arts formed.

 December 04, 1927 Annual meeting, Nfld T.A. and B. Juvenile Society.

Schooner Occident, John Morris, Master, wrecked at Point Verde.

 December 05, 1927 Annual sale of work, of senior pupils of the Academy of Our Lady of Mercy.

Annual meeting of Curling Association. Fred V. Cheseman elected President.

Body of Count J De Lesseps, who left Gaspe, Quebec, in hydro-plane for Valbrilliant, October 18th., washed ashore near Clam Bank Cove, St. George’s.

 December 06, 1927 Wesley Mission Band concert.

C.W.A. sale and concert Synod Hall.

Annual meeting Terra Nova Lodge B.R.T., A.J. Crawley elected President.

Annual meeting Lodge Duddley S.O.E.B.S., H.E. Long, elected President.W.P.

C.L.B indoor sports.

 December 07, 1927 Western Canada and the United States in grip of blizzard.

C of E Orphanage Concert, Canon Wood Hall.

L.C.A.S. sale.

Women’s Association and Sanctuary Guild of St. Mary’s, sale.

 December 08, 1927 Fire breaks out in Royal Stationary Building, and damages premises of W.J. Clouston Ltd., F.V. Cheseman, Dr. C.J. Royal, Walter Clouston, Dr. M Power, and others.

Annual meeting B.I.S. Ladies Auxiliary.

Mr. J.L. Paton addresses Rotary Club, on the Memorial College.

 December 09, 1927 Store of George Trainor, gutted by fire in early morning.

Sacred Concert by United Choirs of Gower and Wesley Churches, at Gower Street.

Boy Scouts indoor sport First St. John’s Troop.

 December 10, 1927 League of Nations, satisfactorily adjusts Polish Lithuanian dispute.
 December 11, 1927 Annual meeting Bible Society.

Annual meeting T.A. and B Society.

 December 13, 1927 Capt Lalor of British Steamer Siangtu, released through efforts of Presbyterian Minister.

Annual prize distribution, Presentation Convent.

Chinese Nationalists rid Canton of Communists.

 December 14, 1927 Revised Prayer Book measures, passes House of Lords by 214 to 88.

Col. Charles Lindbergh completed 2,000 mile trip from Washington to Mexico City.

School of St. Charles at Quebec, destroyed by fire, and 44 orphan Children perish.

 December 15, 1927 House of Commons rejects revised Prayer Book Measure, by 217 to 208.

St. Bon’s College Speech Day.

Springdale Street School closing exercises.

 December 16, 1927 Quebec declares five years closed season for caribou.

Corner Stone of new Church at Bishop’s Cove, laid by Bishop White.

Store of Ray Cave, Bay Roberts, destroyed by fire.

 December 17, 1927 U.S. Submarine S–4, sunk by destroyer Paulding, off Provencetown, Mass, with loss of 40 lives.
 December 18, 1927 400 Communists executed by Chinese Nationalists, at Canton.
 December 19, 1927 Hockey Association annual meeting.
 December 20, 1927 Chinese Nationalists sever relations with Soviets.

S.J. Moore of Toronto, elected President of the Bank of Nova Scotia.

Bishop Feild College Speech Day.

Residence of Fred Butler, Lemarchant Road, gutted by fire.

Graduation Day, Presentation Convent.

 December 21, 1927 Spencer College Speech Day.

1600 accidents in London, due to sleet.

Model School Kindergarten Christmas Tree.

United College Kindergarten closing exercises.

 December 22, 1927 United Church, Nipper’s Harbor, destroyed by fire.

British Parliament prorogues.

Annual Prize Giving, United College.

Kindergarten closing Spencer Street School.

St. Mary’s Day School Christmas Tree and Tea.

East End School closing exercises.

 December 23, 1927 Mrs Grayson, in amphibian plane “Dawn”, hops off from New York for Harbor Grace, still missing.

Centenary Hall prize giving.

Italy returns to Gold standard.

 December 24, 1927 Newfoundland schooner Retour, Capt. LeBlanc, with $100,000 liquor cargo, seized by Canadian Customs.
 December 25, 1927 Christmas Day.
 December 27, 1927 Worst blizzard since 1891, experienced throughout England.
 December 28, 1927 St. Andrew’s Young People’s Association annual Christmas party for poor.

Hon. Tasker Cook appointed Norwegian Consul.

British warship Seraph, rescues three Roman Catholic Priests and seven Nuns, from Chinese Communists.

Col Charles Lindbergh hops off from Mexico City, on good will flight over central America. Reaches Guatemala city safely.

George Street Women’s Guild Musicale.

Spencer Club Christmas dance.

 December 29, 1927 Acute food shortage feared in England, because of snow blockade.

Hon. Philip Snowden severs connection with Independent Labor Party.

Dr. Wu, Foreign Minister, and Dr Fo, Finance Minister, resign from Nanking Nationalist Government.

Annual Rotary Dinner to underprivileged boys.

Newfoundland Power and Paper Company shareholders, approve of transfer of Corner Brook interests, to International Paper Company.

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