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Year End Review  - 1920


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



December 30, 1919 Major Nangle, C.F., Lectures on “No Man’s Land, as it is today.”

Christmas treat at the Poor Asylum.

December 31, 1919 Newfoundland Brokers Association and Chamber of Commerce, formed.

January 1, 1920 C.L.B Concert.

Imperial Oil Company tug destroyed by fire.

L.O.A. Parade.

Strikers shut off Montreal water supply.

January 2, 1920 Roundup of Reds in New York and other American Cities.

Admiral Jellicos in New York.

Floods in France.

January 3, 1920 Three hundred Sinn Feiners attack Police barracks in Ireland.
January 4, 1920 J.E. Peters Memorial Service at Gower Street, Rev. Dr. Cowperthwaite officiating.
January 5, 1920 Several deaths from wood alcohol in the United States.

Installation Atlantic Lodge I.O.O.F.

Patriotic Association meeting adjourned, out of respect of the memory of the late Hon. John Harvey.

January 6, 1920 Earthquake in Mexico. Many deaths.

Highlanders Masquerade Dance.

Hon. John Harvey Memorial service at the Church of England Cathedral.

January 7, 1920 Cost of the Russian revolution in life, numbers 30,000,000.

Former Premier Sir Edmund Barton of Australia, dies at Sydney N.S.W.

Patriotic Association adopts joint P.A. and G.W.V.A. War Memorial Resolution.

January 8, 1920 Bryan breaks with President Wilson.

U.S. Steel strike officially called off.

Supreme Court gives judgement against Minister of Customs, in case of Smith and Shipman, and orders issue of Mandamus, also pronounces proclamation by Minister of Marine and Fisheries, illegal.

M.C.L.I. session re opens.

January 10, 1920 The Hawes agreement made public.

Treaty of Versailles officially ratified in Paris at 4:16 p.m. War officially ends. (Except in Newfoundland.)

Supreme Court refuses Government, leave to appeal to Privy Council, on the Smith and Shipment mandamus case.

Spain threatens retaliation unless Fishery Regulations are annulled.

January 12, 1920 President Wilson issues call, for meeting of Council of the League of Nations to be held in Paris.

Nomination Day, St. John’s West bye-election.

Milk advanced from 20 to 24 cents a quart.

Blockade against Germany in the Baltic, raised.

January 13, 1920 Rioting in Berlin, 50 killed, 100 wounded.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterians launch $75,000 Education Drive.

Government prevents fish exportation under the War Measures Act, despite the Imperial Peace Proclamation.

Installation Lodge Dudly, S.O.E., B.S.

January 14, 1920 A $300,000 fire in Ottawa.

Serious frontier engagement in North West India. British loss, 385.

January 15, 1920 Flume placed under the League of Nations.

Local Government elections in Ireland. Strongly Sinn Fein.

Commercial Travelers’ re union.

January 16, 1920 Defeated in caucus of Senators and Deputies by 19 votes, Premier Clemenceau withdraws from candidature for the Presidency of France, and asks his supporters to vote for M. Poincaro.

Permit issued to Smith and Shipman, owing to insistent demands from Washington, protesting the Coaker Fish Policy.

First meeting of the Council of the League of Nations, Leon Bourgeous presiding.

Admiral Sims asserts that “the Morale of the American Navy has been shot to pieces because of flagrant injustice”.

Heavy floods in Germany.

Children of veterans entertained in the Presbyterian Hall, by the Daughters of the Empire.

January 17, 1920 Argentina announces adherence to the League of Nations.

Commercial relations between Allied Nations and Russia, re opened.

The Millerand Cabinet formed in France.

January 21, 1920 Police Commissioner Remond, assassinated in Dublin.

Opening of Hockey season.

January 22, 1920 By election in St. John’s West, Squires and Bowring returned

Holland declines to extradite the ex-Kaiser.

January 23, 1920 Earthquake shocks British Columbia and on the Pacific Coast.
January 25, 1920 Resignation of Rt. Hon. George Nicholas Barnes from the Imperial Cabinet, marks the parting of the ways between Labor and the Coalition Government.
January 26, 1920 Disastrous rear end collision on C.P.E., near North Bay, Oct. 8 killed and many injured.

Attempted assassination of Matthias Erzerber.

Burns Nicht.

January 27, 1920 Announced that 375,000 out of the half million Austro-Hungarian prisoners in Siberia, died from typhus and Smallpox.

General Denckine and staff, take refuge on a British warship in Constantinople.

Lieut-Col and Mrs. Adby, S. A., farewell.

Installation, Newfoundland British Society.

Elections in Hungary show overwhelming defeat of Socialists, and are favorable to Monarchy.

January 28, 1920 Liberal Labor Progressive Party, initiated at a meeting in the Star of the Sea Hall.

L.C.A.S. Sale.

St. Thomas’ Boys’ Club opened.

January 29, 1920 G.W.V.A. Club rooms opened.

Hon. W.B. Grieve publishes a letter, reviewing and adversely criticizing the Fish Regulations.

February 1, 1920 Toronto reports 2, 000 cases of “Flu”.

Maine harbors icebound.

Express arrives from Port aux Basques, having been over three weeks on the road. Brought 25 through passengers.

February 2, 1920 Esthonians and Soviet Russians conclude peace.
February 3, 1920 Board of Trade meeting on Fish Regulations adjourned, after three hours discussion.

S.O.E. Installation Empire Lodge.

February 4, 1920 Red Turks threaten Holy War.

Partial list of Hun War criminals published.

Sterling falls to $3.19 in New York.

Shop of George Shears, Robinson’s, destroyed by fire. Loss $6,000. No insurance.

Installation Dalton Council, K. of Columbus, Harbor Grace.

February 5, 1920 Adjourned meeting of Board of Trade on Fish Regulations again adjourns.

Three weeks Demarest Evangelistic campaign at Carbonear, closes.

Residence of Benjamin Ducey, Sr. at Marystown, destroyed by fire - loss $6,000.

Main building of King’s College, Windsor, destroyed by fire, loss $100,000.

Installation Harbor Grace Lodge A.F. and A.M.

February 6, 1920 New York snow bound. Trains and transport demoralized.

Marine Engineers’ strike settled.

Former Premiers Asquith and Paisley, state the 2,000,000(pounds) is Germany’s ultimate possible indemnity.

Rising in Korea.

February 8, 1920 West bound express reaches Port aux Basques after 23 days on the road — the record to date.

Demarest Evangelistic Campaign opens in Gower Street.

February 9, 1920 Board of Trade pass resolutions condemning restriction of trade.
February 11, 1920 San Toy opens in Casino.

St. Bon’s Prize Day.

Imperial Parliament opened in State for the first time since 1914, the King accompanied by the Queen and Prince of Wales.

An Italian Socialist – wise man — introduces a bill to tax laziness. Needless to say if found support lacking.

Schleswig Plebiscite results in favor of Denmark by a three to one vote.

Council of League of Nations, representing 8 countries, meets in London.

Armistice between Letts and Bolshevists.

February 12, 1920 Silver Jubilee of Brigus Jubilee Club.

Secretary Lansing resigns.

Forward movement campaign at St Andrew’s, commences.

Congregational Sociable.

February 14, 1920 Children’s carnival at Prince’s Rink.
February 15, 1920 Lenten Pastorals issued.
February 16, 1920 Wives of veterans entertained at Spencer College Hall.

Clerical Round Table, St. John’s, urge Church Reunion.

Fancy Dress Carnival at Harbor Grace.

February 17, 1920 Mad Mullah’s power destroyed.

Annual Tea and Entertainment A.E. branch B.W.A.

Imperial Service Order conferred on Andrew J Pearce, late H.M.C., Twillingate, Thomas Cornick, late Lighthouse Department, St. John’s, and Robert Sparrow, late District Inspector, Newfoundland Constabulary.

February 18, 1920 Paul Deschanel installed President of France.

State funeral of Hon. A.F. Goodridge.

Residence of Mr. John Bartlett, Signal Hill, destroyed by fire.

February 19, 1920 Judge Morris gives judgement against defendant in alcoholic essences case, Head Constable Byrne vs. Soper.
February 20, 1920 Rear Admiral Robert E Peary, died at Washington.

Presbyterian drive closes. Objective $100,000 exceeded by $4,855.

Lloyd George Home Rule Bill introduced.

W.S. Monroe resigns from the Fishery Board.

February 21, 1920 Turkish rejoicing because Constantinople is left in the Turkish Empire.

Eric A. Bowring resigns from the Fishery Board.

February 22, 1920 Demarest mission closes.
February 24, 1920 Attempted assassination of the Crown Prince of Serbia.
February 25, 1920 Paisley election results announced, Mr. Asqith returned by 2,884 majority.

S.S. Orion libeled by A. Harvey & Co.

February 26, 1920 Canadian Parliament opens at the New Building.
February 28, 1920 Great railroad strike in France.

Horseman’s Association formed.

February 29, 1920 Col. and Mrs. Martin, S.A. Provincial Officers, arrive.

March 1, 1920 Flume under blockade.

Ovation to former Premier Asquith on his return to the House of Commons.

“The Wrong Mr. Right” at the Casino.

March 2, 1920 Halifax hockeyists “All Vets” arrive.
March 3, 1920 Public welcome to Col. and Mrs Martin, S.A., at the Methodist College Hall. Governor Harris presides.

City Halifax Hockey. City wins 9 to 6.

Horse races on Quidi Vidi Lake.

March 8, 1920 King George receives Sir Auckland Geddes, on his appointment as Ambassador at Washington.

Disastrous earthquake at Tiflie.

March 10, 1920 Commander Fenn, R.N., launches Nations Fund for Nurses, appeal.

Prince Feisal proclaimed King of Hedjaz.

March 11, 1920 Earl Curzon states that the United States is largely responsible for delay in Turkish settlement.

Last Labor member in coalition resigns, E.J. Wardle, Under Secretary.

Funeral Obsequies of the late Bishop Power at St. Georges.

Patriotic Association meets. Memorial Committee appointed.

March 12, 1920 Anti-Prohibitionist organized.
March 13, 1920 Viceroy Lord Devonshire, sails for England.

Revolution in Germany. National Assembly dissolved. Pan-Germans under Chancellor, General Director Von Knapp. Von Sueltwitz appointed C.O.

March 14, 1920 Prohibition meeting in College Hall.

Second zone Schleswig-Holstein, votes overwhelmingly for German, 11 to 2.

March 15, 1920 G.W.V.A. executive, unanimously adopt resolution, condemning publication of conduct records by Premier’s organ, as a gross breach of faith, and demanding that repetition be rendered impossible. [sic]
March 16, 1920 Prince of Wales leaves London to join H.M.S. Renown, on Australian visit.

Old Comrades fete C.C.C.

March 17, 1920 Allied forces occupy Constantinople. British forces command both sides of the Bosphorus.

B.I.S. Parade.

Tasker Installation A.F. &. A.M.

President Ebert returns to Berlin.

March 18, 1920 Complete collapse of the Dr. Knapp five day revolution. Ebert Government again in power.

Petition against return of W. Woodford for Harbor Main, unexpectedly withdrawn, and his resignation announced.

Chancellor Bauer quotes von Knapp as saying that the revolution was, “To prepare for a war of revenge.”

March 19, 1920 Prohibition amendment meeting in the Casino.
March 20, 1920 Assassination of the Lord Mayor of Cork.

U.S. Senate again reject the Peace Treaty, and refer it back to the President.

Essen in the hands of the Socialists.

March 22, 1920 Wireless Press service via Cape Ray, commences.

Demobilization Canadian Naval Organization, ordered.

Major L.C. Outerbridge wins the Canadian Tennis championship at Toronto.

March 23, 1920 Hon. W.F. Coaker returns from European Tour.

Supreme Court reverses judgement, in the Vanilla Extract case.

Byrne vs. Soper.

Affidavits of Howley, K.C., Higgins, K.C., Jno A Barron, and petitioner Kelly, filed in Harbor Main election withdrawn case.

March 24, 1920 Ernest Button house at Lead Cove, destroyed by fire.

William Woodford filed affidavit, charging R.A. Squires and M.P. Gibbs with having purchased his resignation for a $2,500 job.

Mrs. Humphrey Ward, celebrated Novelist, died in London.

March 25, 1920 Baier Government established in Berlin.
March 26, 1920 Grand Lodge L.O.A , closes session at Cupids.
March 27, 1920 Odessa occupied by the Ukrainians.

Winnipeg Bolshevists, Ivens & Co., convicted of seditious conspiracy.

Cambridge wins the boat race by four lengths. Time - 21 mins. 11 sec.

March 28, 1920 Disastrous tornado in Illinois and vicinity - many killed.
March 29, 1920 Round table, Interdenominational Lenten Service at Board of Trade Rooms, commences.

Patriotic Association meets. Hon. J.A. Clift, K.C., succeeds Sir Joseph Outerbridge as Vice-Chairman.

Sir Neville MacReady appointed Military Commander in Ireland.

March 30, 1920 Silver anniversary as Priest, of Very Rev. H.T. Renouf.

Vardy’s premises, Hickman's Harbor, destroyed by fire. Loss $30,000.

March 31, 1920 Revolution in Turkey directed against Allies.

Premier Lloyd George resents U.S. Senate’s insult, in adoption of the Irish Resolution.

Home Rule Bill passes second reading by 348 to 94.

April 1, 1920 Whiteway Lodge A.F. & A.M. installation.
April 2, 1920 Sir Hamar Greenwood succeeds Sir Ian Macpherson, as Chief Secretary for Ireland.
April 3, 1920 Incendiary outbreak in Ireland.

Cattle driving resumed.

Early morning fire at G.T. Hudson’s Dry Goods Store. Fireman use gas-helmets for the first time.

Portugal ratifies the Treaty of Versailles.

April 5, 1920 Casino Theatre re-opens with “The Butterfly on the Wheel.”

Exchange passes $4.00 mark for the first time since December.

C.L.B. Band concert.

April 6, 1920 French Army crosses the Rhine and enters Frankfort, Darmstadt, Offenbach, against German violations of the treaty of Versailles.

Canada population estimated at 9,000,000.

April 7, 1920 Clash of arms at Frankfort, between colored French troops and German civilians.
April 8, 1920 At annual meeting of Reid Nfld. Company, Messrs Thompson and Forbes succeed Sir W.D. Reid and Mr. Hunter, as Directors.

Requiem High Mass for Bishop Power. Archbishop Roche preaches.

Reunion Ayre & Sons Ltd.

April 9, 1920 Near crisis, marks independent action of France in sending Colored troops to Frankfort.

Mass meeting of women in Casino, inaugurates Beaumont Hamel Battlefield movement.

April 10, 1920 Belgian battalion 500 strong, joins French forces in Rhineland.

Narrow escape of Mr. Percie Johnson from asphyxiation, due to escaping gas.

April 12, 1920 Sonors and fourteen other states, secured from Mexico.

Methodist national campaign opens.

April 13, 1920 Revolution in Guatemala.

St Joseph’s Hall, Hoylestown, opened by His Grace Archbishop Roche.

April 14, 1920 Beaumont Hamel collection.

Monchy-le-Preux aniversary, 1917.

Cathedral Parish Easter meeting.

G.F.C. annual Sale.

April 15, 1920 Longshoremen’s strike. Offer of 20 per cent increase by merchants, rejected.
April 16, 1920 St. Andre’s Sale.
April 17, 1920 Over all Campaign in U.S.A.
April 19, 1920 Daily News announces appointment of Royal Commission, to investigate the Woodford Charges.

Mass meeting to protest in the Star Hall, demanding probe of Woodford charges, and protesting against Squires opening Parliament, whilst under a cloud. Very stormy night, but feelings so high, that at least 1,000 took part in procession of protest, to Government House.

M.C.L.I. annual dinner.

April 20, 1920 Hon. Geo. Shea, Dr. Campbell, John Bowring, and Frank Steer, appointed members of the Legislative Council.

Stabbing affair. Boy 12 stabs a boy of 13.

Girls West End Club sale opened by Lady Crosbie.

W.F. Penney M.H.A., elected Speaker. Opposition withdraws before the election, in protest against the indignity, of the House being led by a man under a criminal charge.

April 21, 1920 Capt. Levi Diamond’s 86th birthday.

Legislature opened by H.E. Sir C.A. Harris.

Electrical scientists attempt to intercept alleged message from Mars and fail.

April 22, 1920 Joseph Caillaux, ex-Premier of France, found guilty of, “Commerce with the Enemy” and sentenced to loss of civic rights.

Installation Shannon Chapter R.N.S.

Rear-Admiral Brittain, U.S.N., suicides.

April 24, 1920 Olympic Games at Antwerp.
April 25, 1920 Flume again bombarded.
April 26, 1920 Declaration of Unity and Instance upon the carrying out of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, by the Allied Power at San Remo.
April 27, 1920 Sir Michael Cashin delivers an eight hour speech in the House of Assembly.
April 29, 1920 Sacred Concert in the R.C. Cathedral, by united city choirs.

May 2, 1920 Crown Princess of Sweden, daughter of the Duke of Connaught, dies.
May 3, 1920 250th anniversary of the Hudson’s Bay Company.
May 4, 1920 Sacred Concert of United Church Choirs repeated, on behalf of the Permanent Marine Disasters Fund.
May 5, 1920 A.H. Moore, Canadian Marconi Company, address Board of Trade, on Wireless Telegraphy.
May 8, 1920 Poles enter Kiev.
May 9, 1920 Rev. Dr. Hugh Pedley assumes temporary charge of Congregational Church pastorate.
May 10, 1920 Mexican Revolution successful. President Caranza in flight.

Asquith amendment to Home Rule Bill, defeated by 239 to 55.

May 11, 1920 First cross-country train for the season, arrives from Port aux Basques.

William Dean Howells, Novelist, died at New York.

Reid Newfoundland Carpenters and Painters on strike.

May 12, 1920 Lieut. General Sir Arthur Currie, becomes Principal of McGill University.

L.S.P.U. Strike Ballett held at night, that two thirds opposed, but strike continues.

Flour reaches $18.25 a barrel.

May 14, 1920 L.S.P.U. Strike ends.
May 15, 1920 Report and statement of Municipal Council, published.
May 18, 1920 Meeting of citizens, followed by organization of Consumers League in the Casino. (Business done nothing.)
May 19, 1920 Minister of Justice, Warren, announced in the House of Assembly, that a commission issued to the Judge and R.K. Bishop, to investigate the Woodford charges, were willing to take evidence, but not to pronounce a decision.

Capt Fenn, R.N., lectures on the British Navy in the Synod Hall.

May 21, 1920 Child Welfare meeting in the Casino, the Governor presiding .

House of Representatives adopts the United States Senate peace resolution.

President Caranza of Mexico, assassinated.

May 22, 1920 De La Huerta elected provisional President of Mexico.
May 24, 1920 Opera “Dorothy” at the Casino.
May 25, 1920 Corner stone of the new Church at Portugal Cove, laid by the Bishop of Newfoundland.
May 26, 1920 British Ambassador Sir Auckland Geddes, presents credentials to President Wilson.

C.W.A. sociable at Synod Hall.

George Street A.B.C. Banquet.

Prince of Wales at Melbourne, Australia.

May 27, 1920 President Wilson vetoes U.S. Congress peace resolution.

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, turns down President’s proposals to accept American mandate for Armenia.

May 28, 1920 W.H. Cave unseated by Bay de Verde, on scrutiny and recount. Seat not awarded to complainant A.E. Hickman.
May 29, 1920 St. Quentin, N.B., and Londonderry, N.B., partially destroyed by forest fire.

Numerous forest fires in Newfoundland.

May 30, 1920 Ordination Service at C of E Cathedral.
May 31, 1920 Italian Aviators accomplish flight from Rome to Tokio.

Interdenominational Education meeting at Methodist’s College Hall, J.W. Withers, Chairman, Drs. Englehardt and Hart, speakers.

Forest fires in St. George’s District.

June 1, 1920 Newfoundland branch W.M.S., opens at Cochrane Street.
June 3, 1920 Postal Telegraphers banquet and dance at Smithville.

Unveiling of Placentia War Memorial by Archbishop Roche.

Companionship of the Imperial Service Order, conferred on R.H. O’Dwyer, Esq., Commissioner of Public Charities.

Presentations of the George W.B. Ayre gifts, to Seaman Leander Green, D.S.M., and Pte Ricketts, V.C., at Government House.

Prince Albert created Duke of York.

June 4, 1920 Treaty of Peace with Hungary, signed at Versailles.

W. Woodford, the resigned Member of Harbor Main, self-unseated, also unseated by the Court. Dr. Jones, M.H.A. for Harbor Main, also unseated, but freed from all charges of personal bribery.

June 6, 1920 Tasker educational Sermon at Gower Street, Preacher, Rev. Douglas B Hemmeon, B.A.

Church and Presbytery of St. Kyrans, destroyed by fire.

June 8, 1920 Republican Convention opens at Chicago.
June 9, 1920 Installation Carbonear Lodge A.F. & A.M.
June 10, 1920 Women Suffrage Bill turned down on second reading, by solid Government party vote.

No salt in the city.

First Infant Welfare Centre opened by Lady Harris.

Big 27 day battle along the Bersina River, results in complete victory for the Poles.

June 12, 1920 Senator Warren Harding of Ohio, nominated at Republican Convention, for Presidency of the United States, also Governor Coolidge of Massachusetts, as Vice-President.
June 13, 1920 Essad Pasha assassinated in Paris, by a young Albanian, afterwards executed.
June 14, 1920 Nomination Day, Bay de Verde by-election.

Premier Karl Trumborn succeeds Premier Braund, in Germany.

E.L. Ashbourne, B.A., Toronto University, selected as Rhodes Scholar.

City football season opens.

June 15, 1920 Estimates introduced, and show an increase of $1,868,751.08.
June 16, 1920 St. Bon’s annual sports.
June 18, 1920 Samuel Gompers elected President of the American Federation of Labor, for the 39th time.
June 20, 1920 Londonderry Riots.
June 21, 1920 Sugar rationing in the United States.

Supreme Council meets at Boulogne

Lolanthe at the Casino.

June 22, 1920 Earthquake in California, considerable damage at Los Angeles and neighborhood.

Dedication of Clift Lodge A.F. &. A.M. at Wabana.

June 23, 1920 Methodist Conference opens at Wesley Church.
June 24, 1920 Installation Avalon Lodge A.F &. A.M.

Bay de Verde by election results, Cave 1334, Puddester 913.

Graduation Day at Littledale.

June 25, 1920 Minister Bowring introdouces his eleven Million dollar budget. All Night session.

Ordination Service Wesley Church. Rev Benjamin Mallaliou and Thomas Pitt, ordained.

June 29, 1920 Methodist Conference closes.
June 30, 1920 Prince Arthur of Connaught, appointed Governor General of South Africa, at request of General Smuts.

Term of Municipal Council concludes, Commission of seven appointed.

July 1, 1920 Beaumont Hamel Day.

Forest fires all around the city. Narrow escape of Jensen Camp and Virginia Water

St. Joseph Garden Party.

Canadian Parliament prorogues.

Premier, Sir Robert Borden resigns.

July 4, 1920 Memorial Day. Memorial tablet unveiled by His Excellency Sir C.A. Harris in the Congregational Church.
July 5, 1920 Fire motortruck tests.

Spa conference opens.

July 6, 1920 Governor Cox of Ohio, nominated as Presidential Candidate at Democratic Convention, San Francisco.

Franklin Roosevelt nominated Vice-President.

July 7, 1920 C.C.C. Sports.

Woodford affidavit Commission, Hon. J.D. Ryan and Lieut-Col R.G. Rendell, sitting open sessions.

July 8, 1920 Allies at Spa offer Germany extension of six months, to complete disarmament.

Shiprights’ strike.

The $800,000 seventeen inspector.

Education Bill passes through the Assembly in a brief sitting Eheu.

First meeting of the Municipal Commission 1920.

Sir Lomer Gouin resigns as Premier of Quebec.

July 9, 1920 Hon. L.A. Taschereau sworn in as Prime Minister of Quebec, Vice, Sir Lomer Gouin.

German delegates at Spa, sign “Allies” compromise disarmament terms under protest.

July 10, 1920 Hon. Arthur Meighen sworn in as Canadian Prime Minister.

New Brunswick votes to retain Provincial Prohibition.

Death of Admiral Lord Fisher.

July 11, 1920 Death of Senator Dennis of the Halifax Herald, aged 65.

Empress Eugenie died, aged 94.

L.O.A. Parade to St. Mary’s. Sermon by Rev. A.B.S. Stirling.

July 12, 1920 Teachers’ Convention opens.

Allies present coal ultimatum to Germany, 2,000,000 tons monthly.

Motor Association elects officers.

Legislative Council throw out the Municipal Charter.

July 13, 1920 Municipal Commission Councillor Mullally, expected tender resignation, effective July 31st.(later with draw)

Anglo Japanese Treaty renewed for a year.

July 14, 1920 Germany accept allies coal demands.

Garden Party at Kilbride.

Installation Mackay Lodge, A.F. & A.M., Bay Roberts.

St. Bonaventure Reunion.

July 15, 1920 Accident to Resolute, gives Shamrock first win at Sandy Hook.
July 17, 1920 Police Commissioner Smyth, R.I.C., shot in the Cork County Club.
July 18, 1920 Princes Joachim commits suicide at Potsdam.

Annual requiem Mass at Mount Carmel.

Funeral of George Makinson of British Columbia at Harbor Grace.

July 19, 1920 Duke of Devonshire arrives at Port aux Basques.
July 20, 1920 Shamrock IV wins triangular course yacht race, beating Resolute by 2 min 28 sec.

Empress Eugenie entombed at Franborough.

Governor Harris at Fogo.

July 21, 1920 Resolute beats Shamrock on time allowance.

Methodist College Ayre Athletic field Garden Party.

T.A.B.S. Juvenile Picnic at Donovans.

St. Mary’s Picnic on Lester Field.

July 22, 1920 Greeks enter Adrianople.
July 23, 1920 Resolute beats Shamrock.

Marconi telephone, Signal Hill, in touch with S.S. Victoria, with press delegated aboard, 1,200 miles distance.

July 26, 1920 Supreme President Carter, S.O.E.B.S. arrives.
July 27, 1920 Sir Thomas Lipton’s Shamrock IV finally loses America cup races by 2 to 3.

Murray Government gain returned for Nova Scotia by 29 to 14.

Signal Hill in wireless telephone communication with Sydney N.S.

Duke of Devonshire at Humbermouth.

July 28, 1920 Elihu Root formerly presents at Gardens, Statue of Lincoln to the British people. Erected in Canning Square.

Mount Cashel Garden Party.

S.O.E.B.S. Banquet at Victoria Hall.

U.S.A. refuses approval of Japan’s occupation of Saghalien.

July 29, 1920 Dominion Café opened.

Trans-Continental air mail service established between Long Island and San Francisco.

Opening session of the Council of the League of Nations at San Sebastian, Spain.

July 30, 1920 Woodford affidavit commission adjourns indefinitely.

August 1, 1920 Rumania presents ultimatum to Soviet Russia.

A.C. Ross of Sydney, N.S., challenges for the America Cup.

Archbishop of Tyre, Assyrian, in the city.

Premier and Attorney General leave for England, latter on Labrador boundary business.

August 4, 1920 Regatta Day.

Canada West Indian Trade agreement announced.

August 5, 1920 War again imminent over Poland. Strong statement by Lloyd George. General European crisis happily announced.
August 6, 1920 Irish Crimes Bill passes third reading, 206 to 18.

Warsaw bombarded.

August 7, 1920 Governor Cox declares for League of Nations with interpretations.
August 8, 1920 Col. Martin, S.A., lectures on Germany and the war, at the College Hall.
August 9, 1920 Peace Treaty with Turkey, signed at Severs, France.

Archbishop Roche lays corner stone of Church at Red Island, P.B.

August 10, 1920 The warmest day, 112 on Water Street in the sun, and 99 in the shade.

S.A. Congress closes.

August 11, 1920 Broad Cove, St. Phillips, Regatta.

France recognized General Wrangel as Head of the de facto Government in South Russia. Intente strained.

C of E Orphanage Garden Party.

Archbishop Roche at Burin.

August 12, 1920 Attempted assassination of Premier Venizelos of Greece.

Treaty signed between Russia and Letvia.

St. Lawrence River makes new low water record.

August 13, 1920 North Sydney Longshoremen’s strike against Reid Nfld Co., settled after 7 weeks.

Residence of Mr. Garrett Byrne almost destroyed by fire.

August 14, 1920 Armistice signed between Russian and Finland.

Preliminary Peace Treaty, between Russia and Armenia, signed.

Derby Day at Bell Island.

August 16, 1920 Half yearly meeting, Board of Trade, resolved itself in to a meeting protesting against the Fishery Regulations.

First meeting of Railway Commission, Hon. W.F. Coaker appointed Chairman.

August 17, 1920 Famous cruiser Vindictive, sunk at the mouth of Ostend Harbor in May, 1918, raised.

Sydney base ballers dined at Wood’s.

Meeting of Patriotic Association re Memorial. Business done — nil.

August 18, 1920 Poles win, their Marine, Danzig, corridor cleared. The Battle of Warsaw.

B.I.S. outing and picnic. Many in pouring rain.

August 19, 1920 Adjourned meeting of Board of Trade on Fishery Regulations.
August 20, 1920 C H E associate results published.
August 21, 1920 Publication of correspondence between His Excellency the Governor, and Sir Michael Cashin, in which His Excellency, categorically denies the truth of a statement made by Premier Squires, on oath before the Royal commission, on the Woodford affidavit.

Sydney victorious in Baseball.

August 22, 1920 Sydney defeats Grand Falls in baseball.
August 24, 1920 Poland almost cleared of Bolshevist. Soviet troops retreat in panic.

Poles invade Silesia.

August 26, 1920 Announced that King's College, Windsor, confers D.C.L. on Canon Bolt, de honoris causa.

Poles capture Grodno, the Soviet headquarters.

August 27, 1920 Mr. Gilbert Scott’s plans for the Cathedral spire, approved.
August 28, 1920 Railway Telegraphers and Agents organize.
August 30, 1920 International coal strike threatened.

No papers appear in Glasgow, for the first time in 112 years, due to Printers’ strike.

August 31, 1920 British Miners vote for strike by large majority.

Prince of Wales in Honolulu.

Imperial Service Medals conferred on Mr. John Trapnell, ex-goaler, Harbor Grace; and Mrs. Mary Rendell, ex-PM at Port Rexton.

Prohibition Act Commission Gazetted.

September 1, 1920 France demands reparation from Germany because of attack by Breslau mob on French Consulate.

Sir John Crosbie resigns from Fish Exporters Board.

September 2, 1920 Fish exporters discuss regulations within closed doors and under ten minute rules.

Turkey sends Minister to the Vatican.

September 3, 1920 Knowling’s firm defies sugar prices and cuts Government rate from 32 to 28 cents.
September 4, 1920 A.B. Morine, K.C., applies for Mandamus, to compel acting Collector of Customs to admit sugar imported by A.E. Hickman & Co. Ltd., Mandamus issues.

Capt Evan Edwards addresses Board of Trade on Empire Trade.

September 5, 1920 Germany apologizes to French for assault on French Consulate.

Rev. Dr. Pedley closes his ministrations at the Congregational Church

Flower service at C of E cemetery.

Baroness Macdonald of Earnecliffe, dies in London.

September 7, 1920 Earthquake in Italy.

Premier Lloyd George returns from Lucerne.

Governor Harris at Cartwright, where he placed the corner stone of the Gordon undenominational school.

September 9, 1920 D’Annunizeo declares Flume an independent state.

Chartered Association of Fish Exporters, discussed.

September 10, 1920 The Herald, London’s Labor Daily, admits receiving $75,000 of Bolshevist gold.
September 11, 1920 Trieste in revolt.

Fish export and standardization regulations for 1920-21, published.

September 12, 1920 Archbishop unveils memorial windows at St. Joseph’s Church.

Queen’s College Forward Campaign initiated, in C of E Churches.

September 13, 1920 Chief Justice grants pre-emptor mandamus in Hickman sugar case.

Exhibition of Northern Nfld. and Labrador work, at Grenfell Hall.

September 14, 1920 Queenstown Harbor closed to Eastern traffic.
September 15, 1920 Opening of Biennial Diocesan Synod.

Jugo-Slava Parliament ratifies Peace Treaty with Bulgaria.

September 16, 1920 Bomb outrage at J.P. Morgan’s building in New York, 35 killed and 300 injured.

Governor Harris returned from Labrador trip.

President Deschanel presents resignation.

September 17, 1920 Prince of Wales at Trinidad.
September 18, 1920 Biennial reunion of Queen’s College Alumni.
September 20, 1920 Meighen Government sustained in by elections at St. John, N.B., and Colchester County, by large majorities.

Elevation of Very Rev. H.T. Renouf to the Bishopric St. George’s, announced.

September 23, 1920 Miners’ Federation refuses second ballot on strike. Britain coal rationed.

W.P.A. meeting to discuss Children’s Hospital.

September 24, 1920 Wheat prices slump in Chicago market.

Miners postpone strike for a week.

Appeal in Sugar Mandamus case, unanimously dismissed by Supreme Court.

September 26, 1920 French Premier Leygues receives vote of confidence 507 to 80. President Millerand delivers first message to Parliament.

Corner stone of Topsail Church laid by Archbishop Roche.

September 27, 1920 King Victor Emmanuel, signs Treaty of St. Germain’s.
September 28, 1920 James Gordon Bennett air race, starts. French aviator Ldi Lconte winner. Raynhan withdrew after first lap. Hawker did not contest.
September 29, 1920 Reported 4 ft coal seam discovered, near Grand Lake, by Geologist Hatch.
September 30, 1920 Poles capture Minsk.

October 1, 1920 Prince of Wales at Bermuda.

Coal strike postponed for another fortnight.

Gibbs and Barron file claim by Royal Trust Co., as executors of Sir R.G. Reid, against the Reid Nfld. Co., for $711,398.48.

Tango, former German possession, passes to France.

October 2, 1920 Poles and Lithuanians arrange armistice.

Revolutionary signs in Russia.

Earl Curzon notifies Soviet Russia, that any Russian submarines encountered at sea, will be attacked at sight.

October 3, 1920 Archbishop Roche unveils stained glass window, presented by Hon. J.D. Ryan, K.C.S.G., in Portugal Cove Church.

Panama Canal tolls for month of September, exceed $1,000,000. — a record.

October 5, 1920 Sinn Fein lecture by Miss Hughes, in the College Hall.
October 6, 1920 Armistice between Soviet Russia and Poland, signed.

G.W.V.A. decide to dispose of Club Rooms.

October 7, 1920 Poles and Lithuaniaus cease fighting.

Vegetable sale at St. Joseph’s.

President Wolvin arrives.

October 8, 1920 Britain presents ultimatum to Russia, demanding release of British prisoners.
October 9, 1920 New Brunswick election. Premier Foster, 24 seats out of 48.

Poles occupy Vilina.

October 10, 1920 Prince of Wales arrives at Splithead after Australian tour.
October 11, 1920 Prince of Wales makes triumphant entry into London, after his tour.
October 12, 1920 Funeral of John L Slattery.

Preliminary peace between Soviet Russia and Poland, signed at Riga.

British miners reject Government proposal.

Queensland Australia elections, Premier Theodore sustained.

Attempted assassination of Crown Prince of Serbia.

Wrangel launches new offensive.

King thanks Dominions and States, for Prince's reception on recent tour.

October 13, 1920 Revolution in China, Monarchy proclaimed.

Children’s Hospital discussed in College Hall.

Roller skating rink opened.

October 14, 1920 Plot uncovered to blow up Kingston, Ont. Penitentiary.

H.R. Brooks gives astounding interview to Montreal Press.

Four hundred persons killed in Chinese mine disaster.

October 15, 1920 Criminal session of Supreme Court opens — no business.

Revolt reported in Moscow.

Outport nursing scheme launched at Government House.

October 16, 1920 British Miners’ strike begins.

First Irish hunger striker succumbs.

October 17, 1920 Foundation stone of K of C Memorial Hall, laid by Archbishop Roche.
October 18, 1920 Disorders in Whitehall by unemployed.

British coal industry at a standstill.

October 19, 1920 Austrian election. Christian Socialists victorious.

“Lolanthe” at the Casino.

October 20, 1920 Wesley Church League sale, opened by Hon. J. Anderson.

Railway wreck at Erle, Pa., 7 killed, 20 injured.

October 21, 1920 Smith and Shipman takes action in Supreme Court against Government, on the fishery regulations.
October 22, 1920 Vilna incident referred to League of Nations.

Smith and Shipman granted writ of mandamus.

October 23, 1920 General Booth arrives at New York.
October 25, 1920 Klark-Urban Co. opens in Casino.

Dr. W.H. Parsons appointed Supt. of Asylum for Insane.

McSwiney, Lord Mayor of Cork, died of hunger strike in Brixton jail.

Four Provinces of Canada, Alberta, Sask., Manitoba, and Nova Scotia, vote dry.

October 26, 1920 Russian-Polish Treaty ratified.

Greek throne offered to Prince Paul.

Ethel Dickenson Memorial unveiled by Lady Harris.

October 27, 1920 R.S. Janes of Glovertown, B.B., reported dead in Baffin Land last April.

Cathedral Bazaar opens in C.L.B. Armoury.

St. Andrew New Club Rooms opened.

W.M.S. Convention opens in George St. Church.

October 28, 1920 British Miners strike settled.

Kiel Canal declared an International Waterway.

Reunion of train men in C.L.B. Armoury.

Admiral Coundouriotis appointed Regent of Greece.

October 29, 1920 Reid Nfld. Co. Directors Report, published.
October 31, 1920 New R.C. Church at Caplin Bay, blessed by Archbishop.

November 2, 1920 Presidential election in United States, Harding, Republican candidate, wins by great majority.
November 3, 1920 St. Andrew’s sale of work opens.
November 5, 1920 South African political parties, unite under Smute.
November 9, 1920 Sugar falls to 6 1/4 cents per pound at New York.
November 10, 1920 Adriatic question settled, Flume independent.

Fire on Water Street, Simon Levitz’s store badly gutted.

C.L.B. Old Comrades dance.

Motor Association dinner at Donovans.

November 11, 1920 Armistice day, complete silence at 11 o’clock for two minutes throughout the whole Empire, out of respect for the gallant dead.

Historic ceremony in Whitehall, body of unknown soldier interred at Westminster Abbey.

G.W.V.A. Dinner.

Air ships for seal fishery, arrive at Botwood.

Mr. Sebastian Young of Curling, chosen as Rhodes’ Scholar for 1921.

November 12, 1920 Peace Treaty between Italy and Jugo Slavia, signed.
November 14, 1920 General Wrangel’s army reported wiped out.

Hon. W.B. Grieve arrives home from an extended trip to England and Scotland.

Disastrous fire at 46 Gower Street.

General elections in Greece, Premier Venizalos defeated.

November 15, 1920 Meeting of League of Nations at Geneva, Paul Hymans of Belgium elected President.
November 17, 1920 Anniversary of swearing in of the Coaker-Squires Government.

Mass meeting of fishermen in C.C.C. Hall, protests against fishery regulations.

C.L.B. Old Comrades dinner.

B.I.S. Ladies Auxiliary sociable.

War Aide Bazaar in Presbyterian Hall.

November 18, 1920 Blue Puttee reunion at Smithville.
November 24, 1920 Wesley Ladies Aid sale opened.
November 25, 1920 Home Rule bill passes second reading in Lords.
November 28, 1920 Christian Brother collection break’s all records.
November 30, 1920 Lodge St. Andrew’s installation.

Sale of work in aid of C of E orphans.

St. Andrew night celebration.

December 1, 1920 D’Annunzo declares war on Italy.

Home rule Bill passes Lord’s.

L.C.A.S. sale of Work opens.

Annual poultry show opens.

Special session of Grand Orange Lodge, opens in Victoria Hall.

General election in British Columbia, Oliver Government sustained by majority of one.

Jubilee celebration of Rt. Rev. Mons. Donnelly, at Conception.

December 2, 1920 Dominion Building Association houses officially opened.
December 4, 1920 L.O.A. resolution published.

Board of Trade formed at Grand Bank.

December 5, 1920 Greek plebiscite favours Constantine’s return to throne of Greece.
December 7, 1920 Trade Bakery totally destroyed by fire.
December 8, 1920 Consecration of Rt. Rev. H. Renouf, as Bishop at St. George’s.

Bulgaria admitted to League of Nations.

December 9, 1920 Hon. W.R. Warren, Minister of Justice, returns from England.
December 13, 1920 B.I.S. Football dinner.

Bible Society Tea.

December 15, 1920 Announcement of three new companies incorporated, viz. St. John’s Light and Power Co. Ltd., Nfld Dockyards, Ltd., Mines and Forest Ltd. (Newfoundland), incorporates Harry Duff Reid, Robert Gillespie Reid and Chas O’Neil Conway.
December 16, 1920 A.E. Hickman Co., and J & F Moore, defy regulations, and sell four cargoes of fish in Italy.
December 17, 1920 Several towns in the Argentine Republic destroyed by earthquake.
December 18, 1920 Smallpox Hospital destroyed by fire.
December 19, 1920 Constantine arrives in Athens.
December 20, 1920 Home Rule Bill passes Lords (final).
December 21, 1920 Flume blockaded from rest of world.

N.W. Rowell announces League of Nations successfully launched.

American exchange reaches 19 3/8 per cent.

House and contents of Thomas Ducy, Marystown, destroyed by fire.

Warships presented to Canada, arrive at Halifax and are received by the Governor General and Hon. C. Balantyne.

December 22, 1920 Several hundred persons killed and injured in railway accident near Petrograd.
December 23, 1920 Britian and France sign convention re Persia and Palestine.

Star Hall destroyed by fire, loss $50,000.

December 25, 1920 Funeral of reserve Fireman Harvey.
December 26, 1920 Star of the Sea Association decides to erect new hall on site of old one.

Gospel Mission Hall, Adelaide St., dedicated by the President of the Methodist Conference, Rev. Dr Fenwick.

December 27, 1920 Lt-Col (Rev.) Nangle writes Canada, asking for help on War Memorial.
December 29, 1920 Appalling famine in China, Canada asked to help.

D’Annunzio’s territory surrendering to Italians.

Four persons die at Rive Fall River, Mass., from asphyxiation, as a result of a holiday drinking bout.

Russian-Polish peace negotiations at Riga, definitely broken off.

Importers association meet to discuss retrenchment.

Elks Lodge No. 1. Elect officers.

St. John’s Lodge A.F. & A.M. Installation of Officers.

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