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Year End Review  - 1918


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



January 1, 1918 Arthur Mews Esq., Deputy Colonial Secretary, receives the C.M.
January 2, 1918 Sir Edward Morris publishes Val (unreadable).

Capt. Westom Keeping and crew of the British schooner Beth Jr., arrived at Liverpool after being rescued from the water logged vessel on Dec 26.

Hon J.R. Bennett, resigns the Portfolio of Militia and from the Executive.

Organ recital in Cochrane Street Church.

January 3, 1918 Resignation of Hons. M.P Gibbs and R.A.S. Squires from the Executive.

S.U.F. installation.

Annual meeting Shipwrights Union.

Presentation Convent concert.

First “At Home” at Government House.

January 4, 1918 Win the War” concert.
January 5, 1918 Sir Edward Morris created Baron.
January 6, 1918 Intercession Day by Royal Proclamation.

Major Abraham leaves for Shang Shi.

January 7, 1918 Installation Atlantic Lodge I.O.C.F.

Week of Prayer.

January 8, 1918 Funeral of Sergeant Sheehan of Blue Putees.

Annual meeting St. Andrew’s Church.

Mr. J.R. Bennett withdraws his resignation, and is appointed Minister of Militia.

Installation Lodge Dudley, S.O.E.

Capt. McLean and crew abandoned schooner Blanche, reach, Bonne Bay.

Sacred Concert at St Patrick’s Church.

Winter term Supreme Court opens.

January 9, 1918 Golden wedding Rev. Canon Noel and Mrs Noel of Harbor Grace.

Loss of schooner E.S. Hocken announced. Crew safe.

Daughters of the Empire entertains at the Presbyterian Hall.

January 10, 1918 Annual meeting Commercial Travelers Association.
January 11, 1918 Funeral of Rt. Rev. Bishop Jones.
January 12, 1918 Hon. W.F. Crocker instituted criminal libel action against Sir W.D. Reid.
January 13, 1918 Annual meeting C.M.B.C.
January 14, 1918 Newfoundland Regiment Depot removed from Ayr to Winchester.

Annual meeting of Newfoundland Poultry Association.

Annual Meeting Bricklayers and Masons Association.

January 15, 1918 Installation Empire Lodge S.O.E.
January 17, 1918 Mount Cashel entertainment at the Casino.

Installation Harbor Grace Lodge A.F & A.M.

Annual meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society.

Department of Shipping created, Hon. J.C. Crosbie, Minister.

January 19, 1918 Annual meeting Hockey League.
January 21, 1918 Governor Harris inspects Brigades.

S.A. Citadel opened, Sir C.A. Harris presides.

Annual meeting Nfld British Society.

Annual meeting of Victoria Chapter, L.O.A.

Capt. Keeping and crew of wrecked schooner Seth Jr., return.

January 24, 1918 Rev. Dr. Kitchen lectures on Louvain.

Captain Courtenary and crew of abandoned barquentine, E.S. Hocken, arrive. Were fourteen days in open boat.

January 25, 1918 Burns Night.
January 26, 1918 Crew of Grand Bank schooner Thomas A. Cornwell, picked up January 10th., 600 miles off Cape Race, landed in Halifax.
January 27, 1918 Annual Meeting Lord’s Day Alliance.

Annual meeting Bell Island Star of the Sea Association.

January 29, 1918 Annual meeting Board of Trade. R.G. Winter President. Presentation of Plate to H.W. LeMesseriur C.M.G.

Annual meeting St. Andrew’s Society.

January 30, 1918 Annual meeting Fireman’s Union.

Barquentine Minnie, Cap. Yard, reported abandoned in mid-ocean. Crew taken to Corunna.

Annual Meeting Tasker Education Committee.

January 31, 1918 Musicale at Masonic Temple.

February 1, 1918 Schooner Emily M Anderson, Capt. Leonard Miller, abandoned in Bay of Biscay.
February 2, 1918 Annual Meeting Current Events, Club.
February 5, 1918 Annual meeting Bible Society.
February 7, 1918 Annual Meeting S.P.A.

Schooner, Albert Young, Capt. Dodman, lost in mid-ocean.

February 8, 1918 Schooner Lottie Silver, Capt. Ryan, reported abandoned.
February 10, 1918 Schooner Lucania, Capt. Norris, wrecked in Ferryland Bight.
February 11, 1918 Newfoundland Highlanders annual “At Home”.

Annual Meeting C. of E. Orphanage supporters.

92nd Annual Meeting Mechanics Society.

February 16, 1918 Judge Morris acquits Sir. W.D. Reid in the Coaker Criminal Libel Suit.
February 17, 1918 Schooner Wynott total loss at Hermitage.
February 18, 1918 112nd Annual Meeting B.I.S.

Methodist Convention opens at Gower Street Church.

February 19, 1918 Capt. Romars and wrecked crew of schooner Lottie Silver, arrive.

S.S. Florizel arrives with a case of smallpox aboard.

Sale of molasses regulated by Board of Food Council.

February 20, 1918 Whole holiday, and one of the severest storms on record.

Schooner Bessie, total wreck at Point La Haye.

Draft which left St. John’s January 29th., arrived in England.

February 21, 1918 Another attempt at Voluntary Enlistment decided by Government and Recruiting Committee.

Hockey Games. Windsor and St. John’s. Home team wins by 7 goals to 2.

February 24, 1918 S.S. Florizel wrecked off Cappahayden; 94 lost, 44 saved.
February 27, 1918 Canadian steamer Acadia, recently reported disabled in Plancentia Bay, given up as lost.

March 1, 1918 Annual meeting C.E.I.

Announced Capt. Chambers, well known Liner Captain, received D.S.O.

March 2, 1918 Florziel Marine Court of Enquiry appointed.
March 3, 1918 Memorial services for Florziel victims in City Churches.
March 4, 1918 Heaviest snow storm for season.
March 10, 1918 Rt. Rev. Bishop White consecrated by Archbishop of Halifax and Bishop of Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa.
March 11, 1918 Sealing fleet leaves.

Luncheon to and reception by visiting Relates.

Severe 80 miles an hour storm.

March 12, 1918 Accident to Gas Plant causes suspension of Daily Papers, Herald only publisher.
March 13, 1918 War Bread Exhibition.

Annual Meeting Masonic Club.

March 14, 1918 Carnival at Princes Rink.

O.B.E. Honour List Published; P.T. McGrath Knighted, J.A. Clift, C.B.E.

March 16, 1918 Rescued crew of abandoned Progressa II which left port on Thursday, brought in by an oil-tanker.

Worst storm for half a century.

Capt. J Nunns invested with M.C. at Buckingham Palace.

March 17, 1918 Enthronement Installation and Induction of Bishop White.
March 18, 1918 Installation Tasker Lodge A.F. & A.M.
March 19, 1918 S.S. Batiscan, Capt. Scanlan, reported lost with all hands off Yarmouth, N.S.
March 20, 1918 Royal Newfoundland Regiments services at Ypres and Arrae, warmly commended in War Cabinet report.
March 25, 1918 Capt. Moores and crew of the Maid of Harlech, torpedoed in the Mediterranean, reach the city.
March 26, 1918 S.S. Sable I., Capt. Farquhar, first arrival for the successive years 11,260 seals.

Annual Meeting Boot and Shoe Workers Union.

March 27, 1918 Industrial workers at Reid-Nfld Co. Strike.
March 28, 1918 S.S. Fogota, Capt. Dalton, arrives, 9,303 seals.

S.S. Eagle, Capt E Bishop, arrives, 20,375 seals.

March 29, 1918 S.S. Erik, Capt. John Parsons arrives, 14,979 seals
March 30, 1918 May-O-Lind appeal.
March 31, 1918 S.S. Thetis, Capt. W. Winsor, arrives with 16,875 seals.

S.S. Diana, Capt. Jacob Kean arrives, with 13,118 seals.

S.S. Terra Nova, Capt Abram Kean, arrive with 20,297 seals.

April 1, 1918 Strike at Anglo-American Bakery.

Miss Armorel Harris appeals for “A Shower of Socks.”

Grand Jury returns “No Bill” in Coaker-Reid Criminal Libel Case.

News received that crew of schooner Archie Crowell, Capt. Sam Taylor, over 100 days out, has arrived at Monte Video.

S.S. Seal, Capt. Randell, arrives at Harbor Grace with 11,682 seals.

April 2, 1918 Grand Bank Chapter, L.O.A. opens at Curling.

Presentation Convent Bazaar opened by Archbishop Roche.

Recruiting campaign opens in Casino, H.E. The Governor presiding.

April 4, 1918 Annual meeting M.C.L.I.
April 5, 1918 S.S. Kite, Capt. A. Parsons, arrives at Harbor Grace with 3,069 seals.
April 6, 1918 S.S. Diana, Capt. Jacob Kean, sails on second trip – the first for many years – with 80 men.

Captain and crew of schooner Moran, lost on the way to Barbados, reach St. John’s.

April 7, 1918 S.S. Neptune, Capt. George Barbour, arrives with 14,428 seals.

S.S. Ranger, Capt. S.R. Winsor, arrives with 12,177 seals.

April 9, 1918 Baron Morris takes his seat in the House of Lords.
April 10, 1918 American Night at Cochrane Street Church.

Annual Easter Meeting, Cathedral Parish.

April 12, 1918 Soldiers’ Day Mammoth procession.

Announced Private Moyle Stick escaped from Germany.

Government prohibit unmarried men between 20 and 35 leaving the country.

April 15, 1918 Strike of Reid-Nfld employees called off.
April 16, 1918 Annual session Grand Lodge, S.U.F. meets at Harbor Grace and declares for Selective Conscription, J.T. Philips, Grand Master.
April 17, 1918 Elliston sealers numbering 21, adrift on ice, reach safety.

L.C.A.S Sale at Crosbie Hotel.

April 22, 1918 Executive Committee Diocesan Synod endorse Conscription.

Presbyterian Session declares for Conscription.

April 23, 1918 Legislature opened by Governor Harris. Hon. W.J. Higgins, Speaker.

Trinity College of Music results published.

Annual Meeting Baseball League.

Wesleyan Theological College, Montreal, confers D.D. Degree on Rev. Jebez Saint.

April 25, 1918 Annual Festival Girls’ Friendly Society.

Annual C.L.B. Presentation.

Secret Session of Legislature.

April 27, 1918 S.S. Viking, Capt. W. Bartlett, arrives with 861 seals.

S.S. Diana, Capt. Jacob Kean, arrives 2,827 seals.

Government closes Plaindealer Office on account of anti-Conscription articles.

April 29, 1918 Installation Shannon Chapter, A.F. & A.M., R.N.S.
April 30, 1918 Hon. D.A. Ryan gazetted M.D.C.

“Sunset Pantaloon and Rosallind” at the Casino.

May 3, 1918 Meeting of Civil Servants at the T.A. Armoury to demand increased salaries.

Governor gives formal assent to Daylight Saving Bill.

Newfoundland regiment withdrawn from the 29th Division because of absence of reserves.

May 4, 1918 Liverpool Chamber of Commerce presents Newfoundland with an aeroplane for use in the war.
May 5, 1918 S.S. Louisburg, coal-laden, lost in St. Mary’s Bay.
May 6, 1918 “The Sorcerer” at the Casino.
May 7, 1918 Corporal Moyle Stick, escaped from Germany, returns.
May 11, 1918 Parliament Extension Bill Passes the Legislature Council.

Minister Cashin’s 10th and 6 1/2 million budget introduced.

Military Service Board appointed.

May 12, 1918 First Aid classes formed by returned soldiers.
May 13, 1918 Patriotic Association meets H.E. Sir C Alex Harris elected President.

Income Tax proposal introduced in Assembly.

May 14, 1918 S.S. Ethie ashore at Mistaken Point.
May 15, 1918 Dr. J.S. Tait lectures on Child Health and Welfare in College Hall.

Minister of Militia, Bennett, leaves for England.

King vs. Dooloy for murder. Jury disagree.

May 16, 1918 Increased Postage Rates come in to operation, also War Telegram Stamps.
May 17, 1918 War Veterans Association demand return of Minister Militia, in view of Conscription.or Cadiz, torpedoed. 
May 18, 1918 Industrial Worker, M.J. James, Editor, issues first number.
May 20, 1918 Returned Soldiers Association adopt Constitution.

Sir Edgar Bowring and Mrs. J.S. Munn, purchases Steer’s Farm and property on Long Pond Road, for presentation to C of E as orphanage.

S.S Ethie refloated and towed to Trepassey.

May 22, 1918 First Press dinner at Government House.

C.L.B. Annual indoor sports.

May 23, 1918 Red Cross Tag Day.
May 24, 1918 Empire Day.
May 25, 1918 Daily News announces appointment of Premier Lloyd to Privy Council.

S.S. Ethie returns from Trepassey under her own steam.

May 27, 1918 Major Buchan C.E F., lectures in Grenfell Hall on “The reestablishment of discharged Soldiers in civil Life.”
May 28, 1918 Forizel Enquiry, Judgement of Judge Blackwood published. Captain’s certificate as Master, suspended for 21 months.

Schooner Commander of Great Burin, lost at Port au Port.

May 30, 1918 Office of Daily Star raided and plant closed down under War Measurers Act.
May 31, 1918 Announced that the new schooner Rith Hickman, 20 days outward bound for Cadiz, torpedoed.

June 4, 1918 W.M.S. Convention at Gower Street.

Coady estate presented to Methodist College by C.P. Ayre, Esq.

June 6, 1918 Daily Star wins case against Government for suppression under War Measures Act.
June 7, 1918 Corporal Molye Stick and Capt. Kevin Keegan, M.C. and Bar, lectures in Casino, on Escape from Germany and Monchy.
June 10, 1918 Daily Star resumes publication after suspension.

Monsignor Dimaria succeeds His Excellency Mgr. Tagnf, as Apostolic Delegate for Canada and Newfoundland.

Governor Harris inspects troops at Fort William.

June 12, 1918 Squires vs, Union Publishing Co., Verdict for Plaintiff. $250.00 and costs.

Clift Lodge A.F. & A.M., Bell Island Installation.

June 17, 1918 Mount Allison Quartette at College Hall.
June 18, 1918 Newfoundland Victory Loan launched.

Corporal Moyle Stick at Methodist College Hall.

Annual Meeting Football League.

June 19, 1918 Baseball season opens.

Life Insurance Men for Association. C.A.C. Bruce , first President.

Newfoundland Society established in Chicago.

June 21, 1918 Y.M.C.A. initiation meeting in Grenfell Hall.
June 24, 1918 Installation Avalon Lodge, A.F. &. A.M.
June 26, 1918 Methodist Conference opens. Rev. Dr. Curtis elected President.

Annual meeting District Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M. 

June 27, 1918 Royal Geographical Society awards the Admiral Sir George Bach medal to Capt. R.A. Bartlett.
June 30, 1918 Memorial service in City Churches.

July 1, 1918 Commemoration Day. Mammoth parade.

Ordination service at Gower Street Methodist Church.

Recreation Hut opened.

July 2, 1918 Diocesan Synod opened by Bishop White.
July 4, 1918 Rev. Prof. Falconer lecture in Jerusalem.
July 6, 1918 Editor of Daily News leaves as Representative of Newfoundland Press, on tour of Britain and the Western Front.
July 8, 1918 Diocesan Synod declares in favour of Compulsory Education.

Installation Atlantic Lodge I.O.O.F.

Summer School for Teachers opens.

July 9, 1918 Corporal Shea lectures in the Casino on Newfoundland’s play in the Battle of the Somme.

His Excellency and Miss Harris at Bonavista.

July 10, 1918 Food restriction come into effect.
July 11, 1918 Motor Association formal F.W. Ayre, Esq., President.
July 14, 1918 L.O.A. Anniversary Service at Wesley Church.
July 15, 1918 Holyrood R.C. Church destroyed by fire.
July 16, 1918 French Red Cross Night at Bannerman Park.
July 18, 1918 Annual meeting and reunion of St. Bon’s Alumni Association.
July 26, 1918 Patriotic Association meets.
July 27, 1918 C.C.C. in Camp at Bell Island.
July 31, 1918 C.L.B. in Camp at Topsail.

Mount Cashel Garden Party.

Decoration for Newfoundland and Anzac Gallipoli troops approved by King George.

August 2, 1918 Professor Judd M.A. of Columbia University addressed Board of Trade on Education.
August 4, 1918 Church of St. Edward, Kelligrews, dedicated by Archbishop Roche.

Remembrance Day. Fourth anniversary of the outbreak of war.

August 5, 1918 Gower Street Enworth League reception to Rev. E.W. Forbes M.A., B.D.
August 6, 1918 Schooner Gladys J Hollett of Burin, torpedoed off LaHave, N.S. Crew safe.
August 7, 1918 C.L.B. Camp Day Sports.
August 8, 1918 Second draft of Blue Puttees return on Furlough.
August 12, 1918 Food Controller H.B. Thompson of Canada launched by Board of Trade at Woods’. Lecture at night at Casino.
August 16, 1918 Victory Loan shares announced. Total subscribed, $3,509,000 by 1,838 persons.
August 19, 1918 S.S. Kite, Capt. House, total loss off Gaspe Coast.
August 23, 1918 Mass Labour meeting in Casino addressed by Visiting Delegates Bastine and Moore.
August 24, 1918 S.S. Erik, Capt. Lane, torpedoed, 70 miles N.W. by N. of Gallartry Head, St. Pierre. Crew saved.

Schooner Bianca, Capt Burke, raided by Huns off Sambro. Crew saved and ship afterwards towed to Halifax.

August 29, 1918 Colonel and Mrs. Otway, S.A., leave for Toronto.

Rev. Bro. Cashman, Principal of Mount Cashel, leaves for Seattle.

August 30, 1918 Capt. Aine Mayer and crew of Norwegian steamer Bergsdalers, torpedoed 20 miles off Cape Race, reach St. John’s.
August 31, 1918 Colonel and Mrs Adby, S.A., installed.

September 2, 1918 S.A Congress opens.
September 4, 1918 Sunshine entertainment at Victoria.
September 8, 1918 St. Joseph’s school, Hoylestown, opened by Archbishop Roche.

Flower Service at C. of E. Cemetery.

September 9, 1918 Crew of torpedoed “Fisherman” reach Carbonear.
September 10, 1918 Community Nurse Rogers addresses meeting at Casino.
September 12, 1918 Annual Meeting Journeymen Coopers Union.
September 14, 1918 S.S. Gordon C. destroyed by fire in Baccalieu Tickle.
September 19, 1918 Lord Northcliff addresses Nfld Forestry Companies at Kenmore Camp, Scotland.

Schooner Armorel launched at Harbor Grace.

September 22, 1918 Rev. W.H. Thomas, Congregational Church, with family leaves for Toronto.

“Million Dollars for Missions” Campaign inaugurated in Methodist Churches of Canada and Newfoundland.

September 24, 1918 Major Kennedy, R.A.F., lectures on Aviation in the College Hall.

Railway tragedy at Mount Moriah, Curling. One killed.

September 26, 1918 Annual Meeting Ladies’ Khaki Guild.

October 1, 1918 S.S. Fiona sold to James Baird Ltd., for $13,000.
October 2, 1918 Increase of Civil Service Salaried announced.

Annual Meeting Llewellyn Club.

Mrs. Charlotte Hounsell, Nipper’s Harbor, reaches 100th birthday.

October 4, 1918 More O.B.E. decorations announced: Hon. P.J. Cashin, Knighted.
October 6, 1918 Silver Jubilee of Rev. Bro. Strapp.
October 7, 1918 Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Bradshaw.

Annual Meeting Truckmen’s Union.

October 9, 1918 Annual Meeting St. Margaret’s Guild.
October 11, 1918 Prohibition Enforcement Committee formed.
October 12, 1918 N.I.W.A. Co-Operative Store opened.

Annual meeting Newfoundland Teachers Association.

October 13, 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic. All schools, assemblies, and theatres closed.

Convent of St. Edward opened at Bell Island by Archbishop.

October 14, 1918 William Snow arrested for manslaughter of John Jeans.

Star Hall, Bell Island, opened by Archbishop Roche.

October 15, 1918 Governor leaves, Sir W.H. Horwood, Administrator.
October 19, 1918 Presentation to district Inspector Peet from R.N.C., on his removal to Curling.
October 20, 1918 Corner Stone of St. Francis Church, Outer Cove, laid by Archbishop Roche.

Churches closed on account of influenza.

October 21, 1918 Premier Rt. Hon. W.F. Lloyd returns from England.
October 24, 1918 Capt. Abraham Kean and the late Capt. Joe Kean’s appointment as Skippers in the Royal Naval Reserve announced.
October 30, 1918 S.S. Beverley enquiry opens.
October 31, 1918 Cornerstone, Bonavista Methodist Church, laid by Mr. Charles Saint, the oldest Church member.

November 6, 1918 Erna Disaster Committee meets. J.C. Hepburn elected Hon. Secretary, vice G.C. Fearn resigned.

C.H. Trafeld, Heart’s Content, appointed General Superintendent over all Newfoundland cables controlled by Western Union.

November 7, 1918 Verdict for Daily Star in its libel case against the Advocate.

Corner Stone of St. Agnes Church, Pouch Cove, laid by Archbishop Roche.

November 12, 1918 Peace celebration in Newfoundland. Public Holiday announced. Military parade in the morning and monster Great War Veterans’ Parade at night.
November 14, 1918 Government Dinner to Officers and Men of the Regiment.

Tidal wave at Channel.

Washout on the Railway.

November 16, 1918 Governor Harris returns after a five week flying visit to England.

Numerous Constabulary promotions. Head Constable Peet, Newhook and Sheppard, appointed District Inspectors.

November 17, 1918 Churches re-open after Spanish influenza epidemic. Peace, Thanksgiving service at all the Churches.

C.L.B. Anniversary Parade, 26th year.

November 19, 1918 Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Parsons, Bears’ Cove, Harbor Grace.

Klark-Urban Company opens at Casino.

November 20, 1918 Ferryland R.C. Presbytery destroyed by fire.
November 21, 1918 Golden Wedding of Capt John and Mrs. Randell at Port Rexton.
November 24, 1918 Honour Roll unveiled at Gower Street Methodist Church, by J.E.P. Peters, Esq.
November 25, 1918 S.S. Seal on last trip for the season, returns from Labrador.

Coastal steamer Susu, wrecked at Pilley’s Island.

November 26, 1918 Father Matthew celebration.

Crew of wrecked steamer Cascapedia, landed at Plymouth.

November 28, 1918 Sir Michael Cashin’s dinner at Smithville.
November 30, 1918 Eighty eight birthday anniversary at Government House to E.T. Gardner of Petley, Trinity Bay, a veteran school teacher.

Last day for the unrestricted importation of Bay Rum.

December 1, 1918 Cochrane St. Centennial Church whirlwind Campaign, exceeded $12,000.00.
December 2, 1918 Installation St. Andrew’s Lodge A.F. &. A.M.

Annual meeting Curling Club.

December 4, 1918 Annual Meeting Royal Oak Lodge, L.O.A.
December 5, 1918 Annual Meeting Leeming Lodge, L.O.A.

St. Patrick’s Sale closed.

December 7, 1918 Schooner Mary Lloyd, Capt. Penny, reported burned at sea.
December 8, 1918 Annual Meeting T.A. and B. Society.

Conception Council Knight of Columbus formed at Bell Island.

December 9, 1918 Crown vs. Rose, for Manslaughter Case dismissed.

Announced schooner, Success, Capt. Rafus from Marystown, lost whilst entering Oporto.

Annual Meeting Rose of Sharon R.B.P., L.O.A.

St. Margaret’s Sale.

December 10, 1918 F.P.U. Convention at Catalina.

O.B.E. Decoration presented at Government House.

Schooner Paragon, Capt. Kean, reported abandoned in mid-ocean. Crew saved.

December 11, 1918 Congregational Church Sale.

N.L.W.A. Sale.

Schooner Eva, Capt. Lodge, from Cadiz to St. John’s, reported abandoned in mid-ocean. Crew picked up by S.S. War Cobra.

December 12, 1918 Evening Herald Office destroyed by fire. Loss $50,000.

Highlanders Annual “At Home.”

Annual Meeting Ladies’ Curling Club.

Major R.F. Goodridge succeeds Lieut-Colonel R.G. Rendell as C.O. of the C.L.B.

December 14, 1918 Schooner Winifred of Grand Bank, wrecked. Crew saved.

Teachers’ Conference at Bay Roberts.

December 16, 1918 Browning Bakery Strike settled.
December 17, 1918 Schooner Donald Hollett of Burin, reported abandoned at sea.
December 18, 1918 F.A. McKenzie, “Chester” War Correspondent, lectures on the Great World War.
December 19, 1918 Second lecture by War Correspondent McKenize.
December 20, 1918 Schooner Pauline Martin, Cadiz for St. John’s, reported abandoned in mid-ocean.
December 21, 1918 Newfoundland Press dine “Chester” McKenzie at Wood’s Restaurant.

S.S. Corsican arrives with 250 War Veterans.

December 22, 1918 Methodist Church at Carmanville destroyed by fire.
December 24, 1918 Edward Doyle, Registrar General, retires. William Martin succeeds him.
December 26, 1918 S.S. Trevanion and S.S. Roanoke, in collision off Cape Race.
December 27, 1918 Spanish Brgtn. Andres Roca, abandoned off Cape Race.

Private R.T. Ricketts, of Middle Arm, White Bay, awarded the Victoria Cross, Distinguished Conduct Medal, and the French Corix de Guerre.

S.S. Trevanion reaches St. John’s.

Installation of St. John’s Lodge A.F & A.M. 

December 28, 1918 Annual Meeting, Grenfell Association.
December 29, 1918 Resignation of Major Montgomerie Macpherson and Paterson, from Militia Department, announced.

Fatalities of the Year

January 1, 1918 Sectionman, Joshua Peddle of Humbermouth, killed by a snowslide near Shelbird Island, Bay of Islands.
January 2, 1918 Drowning of ex-R.N.R. Edward Quigley, Pleasant Street, while on outward voyage, announced, 20.

Loss of Seaman James Elliott from a Burin schooner, reported. Washed overboard 45 miles from Burin.

Schooner Lizzie M Stanley of Burgeo, reported lost with crew of 6. Left St. Pierre for Catalina on December 4th, 1917.

January 5, 1918 William Welch, 33, drowned in Boston Harbor.
January 12, 1918 Patrick Kelly, Bell Island Engine Driver, accidently killed.
January 18, 1918 Joseph G. Strowbridge, Chambers, P.B., drowned.

February 4, 1918 Samuel Parsons, Blacksmith, Burin, crushed to death when boarding S.S. Prospero.
February 14, 1918 William Smith, 43, and Samuel Yarn, Mose Ambrose, drowned through upsetting of dory.
February 17, 1918 Michael Kehoe, Riverhead, Harbor Grace, 85, burned to death when house destroyed.
February 21, 1918 Body of Joseph Allado(?) Picked up off Paradise.
February 22, 1918 S.S. Florizel wrecked at Cappahayden. Amongst the lost were: Passengers — F.C. Smythe, 44; Jas. H. Baggs, William Butler, W.F. Butler, Mrs. W.F. Butler, Patrick Laracy, Edgar Froude, James McCoubrey, 40, Robert Wright, 40, James Miller, 28, James Daley, 45, Miss Annie Dalton, Miss M. Barrett, Thomas McNeil, Frank Chow, Fred Snow, Edward Berteau, Jack C. Parsons, Newman Sellars, 21, Gor Massie, Mrs Massie, Miss Massie, William E Bishop, Chas H. Miller, 45, G.P. Belleveau, George Moulton, Master Moulton, F. Gerald P. St. John, William Moore, Michael Connolly, John Connolly, George Parmiter, 25, Capt. Jos Kean, 44, John S Munn, 37, Wm. Earle, Michael O’Driscoll, Miss B. Beaumont, Miss Munn, 3 1/2, Miss Trechard, Jos. Maloney, Mrs Maloney, Miss Maloney, 28, P.J. Fitzpatrick, A. Power, John Costello, Wm. Guzzwell, Miss Eliz Pelley, Peter Gullfoyle, Edward Greening, George Long, R.J. Fowler, Geo. Puddister, 41, Mrs. John Lynch, 54, W. Richard, 26, Leonard Nicholle, Jas. Crockwell, 50, Herbert Pearcey, 28, Jas. Bartlett, 43, Chas Howell, J. Forrest, Mr. Stevens, returned passenger to New York.

Officers and Crew: John R. King, Second Officer, Arichat, N.S. J.V. Reader, Chief Engineer, Halifax, N.S., 45. Charles Snow, Second Stewart, St. John’s. Miss Margaret Keho, Stewardess, St. John’s. Fred Guthrie, Second Cook, Liverpool. J McKinnon, Baker, Glasgow. Ramon Rez, Messroom Stewart, Spain. P. Lynch, Waiter, St. John’s. Gordon Ivany, Waiter, St. John’s. Austin Whitten, Waiter, St John’s. Stan Squires, Waiter, St. John’s. Stan Foley, Waiter, Grey Islands. Ml Dunphy, Waiter, St. John’s. Thomas Hennebury, Oiler, St. John’s. A Moody, Butcher, New Hampshire. Geo Crocker, Sailor, St. John’s. Wm. Walter, Sailor, Trinity. Chas Bailey, Sailor, Port Rexton. John Power, Sailor, Paradise, P.B.

March 1, 1918 Body of Seaman, Lendgren of Cardiff, victim of Acadia’s loss, picked up at Tack’s Beach.
March 12, 1918 Joseph Sheppard and wife, found frozen to death on ice, about two miles from their home in Twillingate.
March 20, 1918 Returned soldier, Robert Penney, dies after serious assault on previous day.
March 23, 1918 Edmund Mercer, 7, Upper Gullies, near Spaniard’s Bay, scalded to death.

April 20, 1918 Seaman Scotty Walsh, missing from schooner Eva C.
April 23, 1918 James Flynn, Section Man, killed at Whitbourne.

May 1, 1918 Victor Croucher, 21, accidentally shot at Battle Harbor.
May 2, 1918 Patrick Percy, Summerside, Bay of Islands, drowned at Gillam Brook.
May 20, 1918 Patrick Powers, Seaman, reported drowned amongst those when the Gloucester schooner Benjamin A. Smith was run down by a Norwegian steamer.

June 20, 1918 Fireman Hartwell, of S.S. Sus, drowned near Paquet.
June 24, 1918 Harry and Arthur Minty, Durell’s Arm, drowned.

George Picco drowned at Peite Forte.

June 28, 1918 Tragic death of George Chafe, Back Harbor, Twillingate.
June 29, 1918 Robert Irving, Patrick Street, drowned in Mesopotamia, 44.

July 3, 1918 James Chant of Elliston drowned in a brook.
July 6, 1918 Brakeman Stockley, killed at Botwood.

August 13, 1918 Miss Nellie Dunn of Harbor Grace drowned off Makkovik, Labrador, 16.

September 3, 1918 Tragic death of Mrs Penney, Salvage Bay.
September 5, 1918 Charles Stevens, returned wounded soldier, drowned at Coley’s Point.
September 7, 1918 Belle of Burgeo, lost off Sambro Ledge with all hands, including George Martin, Mate, and Peter Bennet, Port au Port, 37.
September 21, 1918 Elihu Hefferman killed in train accident at Halifax, 62.
September 23, 1918 Henry Neil, 65, killed by W.H. Tasker’s motor car.
September 24, 1918 Miss Philomena O’Neil, Holyrood, killed, and 22 injured in derailing accident at Mount Moriah, Bay of Islands.
September 28, 1918 House of John Power, Jerseyside, Placentia, destroyed by fire, and his little daughter aged 3 burned to death.

October 10, 1918 John Jeans, Veteran, Freemason, prominent citizen, killed by an automobile, 85.
October 16, 1918 Edward T Barnes, Harbor Grace, accidently killed at Bell Island.
October 19, 1918 John Shea, married, and Patrick Benteau, single, Lamaline, drowned when returning from St. Pierre.
October 28, 1918 Robert Burden, Bay de Verde, drowned in St. John’s Harbor, 44.

November 14, 1918 William Rogers of Marystown, reported drowned off schooner Swan, when coming out of Georgetown, P.E.I.
November 24, 1918 Frederick Hillier of Sydney, New South Wales, accidently killed by falling down the elevator shaft at the Grenfell Hospital, 36.

December 9, 1918 Schooner Emily Belleveau, ashore Arichat. Boatswain William Nicholle, Cook Richard McCarthy and Seaman William Cole of Carbonear, drowned.
December 22, 1918 Schooner Mooanam arrives at Burin, and reports death of the man William Strong, on the passage to Oporto.
December 23, 1918 Death by drowning of Capt. A.N. Pardy at Pernambuco reported.
December 25, 1918 James Kelt, Master Draftsman, Reid-Nfld Co., died from gas poisoning, 40.
December 29, 1918 John Kelly, 50, found dead on Salmonier Road.

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