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Year End Review  - 1920


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



December 17, 1919 Engineer Thomas Dunphy, S.S. Manxman, drowned at sea when ship keeled over in a heavy sea.
December 31, 1919 James and Samuel Hunt, Harbor Breton, drowned by capsizing of dory. Both married.

January 6, 1920 Ignatius Grant, Lawn, found drowned in the landwash.
January 7, 1920 Janet Daley, St. Joseph’s, in fire at residence of Mr. T.H. Carter.
January 15, 1920 Mark Hicks, Veteran, accidently shot at Bonavista through gun explosion.
January 18, 1920 Two sons of Adolph Alexander, Matt’s Point, St. George’s, aged 14 and 15, lost in storm.
January 26, 1920 Nellie Ashford, 5, burnt to death through clothing igniting, at Grand Bank.

February 7, 1920 Thomas Hatcher, Red Island, Burgeo, died from exposure in the country, 18.
February 15, 1920 Body of newly born infant found on the incoming express.
February 16, 1920 George Crew, Point Crew, accidentally shot himself while gunning.
February 21, 1920 Thomas Smith, Carbonear, instantly killed by fall into hole of S.S. Ranger in St. John’s Harbor, 58.
February 26, 1920 George Royal, found dead on the Carbonear-Victoria road, aged 75 years.

March 27, 1920 Only son of Ishmal Tucker, Burnt Point, Bay de Verde, drowned.
March 29, 1920 Body of Margaret Ivany found in a pond at Wabana.

April 3, 1920 Five year old son of George Wells, Wesleyville, accidentally shot and killed by his brother, aged 12.
April 6, 1920 Thompson Cribb, Grole, Hermitage Bay, drowned.

Frank Tapper, Torbay, and Michael Drake, St. Lawrence, lost on the trawler N.S.B.

April 14, 1920 Robert Mews, South Branch, disappears from S.S. Kyle, between Channel Head and wharf.
April 16, 1920 Schooner Valoria, North Sydney to St. Pierre, caught in ice floes. Five of the crew lost, including James Miller and Angus Moore of Newfoundland.
April 23, 1920 Samuel Hawker, Grand Bank, and Wilson Bungay, Mose Ambrose, drowned by sinking of their dory, when fishing on Grand Banks, from schooner Maud Thornhill.
April 27, 1920 Charles Prowse, 60, drowned in Long Pond.
April 30, 1920 Tragic death of Capt. Wilfred Pippy in Crosbie Hotel, 38.

May 3, 1920 Hector Abbott, R.N.R., Bonavista, drowned when bird hunting, 22.
May 5, 1920 Robert J. Lundrigan, killed by explosion at Bolorel, P.Q.
May 9, 1920 John Legrow, Broad Cove, Bay de Verde, dies from injuries resulting from accident at Bell Island.
May 13, 1920 John Greening of Summerford, B.B., drowned in Roebuck River, Indian Lake, 22.
May 18, 1920 Mate Brown, of the schooner Frank Adams, drowned whilst on the way from St. John’s to Boston.
May 20, 1920 Drowning at Barbados of a man named Kennedy, of the schooner Admiral Drake, reported.
May 22, 1920 George Kennell, Blacksmith, Western Bay, killed at sawmill there.
May 27, 1920 Adolph Simon, Cape George, drowned by capsizing of his dory.

June 3, 1920 Oscar Parsons, 7, Salmon Cove, B.D.V., drowned through upsetting of boat.
June 6, 1920 Albert Warren, Gull Island, near Tickle Harbor, drowned.
June 28, 1920 Louis Way, 23, drowned at Cape Freels.
June 30, 1920 Mrs. Crane, burnt to death in a forest fire, in her house at La Manche Bridge, 75.

July 6, 1920 John Coady, Outer Cove, drowned through falling overboard from his dory, 17.
July 8, 1920 George Makinson, instantly killed at Arrow Lake, B.C. 39.
July 16, 1920 John and Peter Mullett, and Llewellyn Best, all of Westeyville, drowned.
July 18, 1920 Cecilia Fitzpatrick, St. Lawrence, drowned whilst bathing, 18.
July 24, 1920 Eight year old daughter of Arthur Elms, Stone Cove, P.B., died from burns received the previous day.
July 27, 1920 Hubert Fiander, drowned from schooner Rita M. Cluett, of Belleoram.
July 29, 1920 John Northover, accidentally shot in his boat, by gun explosion, at Red Island, P.B.

August 2, 1920 Lad named Noftall, 12, run over by train at Broad Cove, B.D.V.
August 20, 1920 Reginald Moores, South Side, 3 ˝, crushed to death in express truck accident.
August 30, 1920 Capt. P. Wiseman, and James Locke, of schooner, D.N. Owens, Little Bay Islands, drowned on Labrador.

September 3, 1920 James Murray, 46, died as result of accident on previous evening, when moving a barn.
September 17, 1920 Body of little George Miller, aged 2 years and 8 months, missing from his home at Portugal Cove since May 23rd., found in Duck Pond.
September 27, 1920 James Kenny Cooper, falls from ladder, badly injured, died from injuries the following night.

October 2, 1920 James Doyle, killed at New Waterford Mines.
October 21, 1920 Francis Walsh, drowned on S.S. Rosalind.
October 26, 1920 Tragedy at Conche, four men, Leo J Fitzpatrick, veteran, M.M., D.C.M., Francis Power, Michael Kersey, and John Kersey, drowned from motor boat.

November 14, 1920 Catherine Callahan, aged 78, burned to death in fire at 46 Gower Street. Miss Culleton, John Callahan, Mrs. Mahon, James Edwards, and J Hanks, taken to Hospital suffering from injuries.
November 15, 1920 Body of Emma Allen, picked up on Topsail Beach.
November 17, 1920 John French, burned so badly at his home, 32 King’s Road, that he dies later in Hospital.
November 30, 1920 Fatal mining accident at Bell Island, Samuel Penney killed, and Thomas Spracklin severely injured.

December 5, 1920 Tobias Howell, burnt to death at Carbonear.

Two lads, Lam and Hayward, drowned while skating at Red Island, P.B.

December 23, 1920 Star of the Sea Hall destroyed by fire. Reserve fireman, William Harvey, killed; Richard Adams, Andrew O’Neil, William Walsh, and Capt. Winsor, injured.
December 29, 1920 William snow of Fogo, perished in the woods. His body found with his two dogs standing by.

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