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Year End Review  - 1926


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



March 11, 1926 Capt Isaac Lear, of Port de Grave, drowned at Prince Rupert, through falling overboard from his schooner, Cape Spear, 36.
March 17, 1926 Four year old Julia Melay of Great Jervois, Fortune Bay, burned to death through fire at her home.
March 19, 1926 Margaret Kavanagh, Logy Bay, drowned off Wood’s East End wharf, 30.
March 22, 1926 Thomas Ricketts, Valleyfield, died nine days after being lost in the woods, in a great storm, 76.

April 1, 1926 John Martin, 51, S.S. Fairfield, accidentally drowned at St. Pierre.
April 14, 1926 Chief Engineer Perez, dies in General Hospital, from injuries received through explosion on S.S. Seal, five day previously, 43.
April 15, 1926 Moses Seaward and Grandson, drowned at Gooseberry Cove, Trinity Bay.

Michael Keating of Burin, reported by the schooner Electric Flash, on its arrival at Grand Bank, as washed overboard and drowned.

April 28, 1926 Ambrose Kenny, Fermeuse, missing from schooner at Monroe Export Company wharf, and believed drowned. Body found in harbor on June 28th.
April 30, 1926 Thomas Smallcomb, Harbor Grace West, found drowned in the harbor.

May 2, 1926 Samuel Roberts, Bay Roberts, 64, found dead at the wheel of schooner Rubaine, when entering the Narrows.
May 4, 1926 Body of Richary Marry, Salmonier, missing since April 3rd., found in Salmonier River, 65.
May 11, 1926 Four little girls of St. Jones’ Within, Trinity Bay, missing. On search, one, Annie Green, 6, found dead, another, Blanche Penney, not found, two rescued.

An Esquimaux, Tutta, murdered at Kasthiik Island.

May 15, 1926 Paul Quinn, 66, farmer of Searstown, Grand River, accidentally drowned at Channel.
May 24, 1926 Joseph Day and Samuel Tibbo of Harbor Breton, members of the crew of the Banking schooner Christie and Elinor, drowned through upsetting of dory.
May 25, 1926 Reported that Ambrose Price of Brunnette, Fortune Bay, killed by accidental discharging of gun, when bird hunting on the fishing grounds.
May 27, 1926 Llewellyn Walter Harris, of Springdale, Notre Dame Bay, 22, married, accidentally killed in Corner Brook paper mill.

June 5, 1926 Mollie Trenchard, dies from injuries received, when struck by shunting cars in the Railway Yard, on May 1st. 11.
June 6, 1926 A man named Pearcey of Hopedale, Trinity Bay, accidentally drowned at Howley.
June 8, 1926 John House, Port Saunders, reported drowned from schooner Ern Max.
June 10, 1926 William Hanham of Rose Blanche, Chief Mate of S.S. Watuks, drowned in Narrows, when his boat upset, married, 28, body recovered.

Body of Manuel Ralph, 13, found in a store at Flat Island, Bonavista Bay. When swinging, he had become entangled, and strangled resulted.

June 12, 1926 William George Moore, killed in motor accident at Topsail, 25.
June 13, 1926 Henry Morrissey, Grand Falls, dies at New Orleans, result of an accident.
June 16, 1926 George A Ezekiel, Bell Island, drowned at Camden, New Jersey, 27.
June 18, 1926 Aaron Kean, 21, George Kean, 16, and Robert Hunt, 12, all of Goose Berry, Trinity Bay, drowned when swimming in Loop Pond. Bodies recovered.
June 25, 1926 Tragic death of Frederick Anstey, Bluff Head Cove, Twillingate, 55.
June 17, 1926 John House, when sailing to Port aux Choix from Port Saunders, knocked overboard by surging boom, and drowned.
June 19, 1926 James Sharp and two sons, drowned when fishing off Bonavista. One, an Alexander Skeffington, rescued. Bodies recovered.

Eric and George Lockyer of Woody Island, caught in storm while fishing, and supposed drowned.

June 26, 1926 John Kavanagh Sullivan, at Philadelphia, died from results of burns, due to explosion, 18 ½.

July 3, 1926 John Mullowney, St. Joseph’s, P.B., drowned through capsizing of dory.
July 7, 1926 Frank Kearley, 60, struck by auto at Glace Bay, and died shortly after.

Schooner Harold Conrad, arriving at Ferryland, reports loss of Eli Thornhill of Little Bay East, Fortune Bay, washed overboard.

July 28, 1926 Thomas Finander, drowned at Montreal, when he fell from the deck of the coal boat Turret Cape, in the Lachine Canal.

August 1, 1926 Patrick Moore, 8, and Thomas Moore, his cousin, 14, of Avondale, drowned whilst swimming in Lee’s Pond.
August 3, 1926 Miss Alice Gillan, 17, of Crabb’s, killed when riding on a car from Deer Lake to South Brook.
August 8, 1926 John W Shirran, Point Leamington, died through blow received from a capstan bar, the previous day.
August 10, 1926 Lunenburg schooner Sylvia Mosher, wrecked on Sable Island, 25 of crew drowned.
August 11, 1926 Eva M Oliver, 17, Burnt Point, B.D.V., killed by falling over cliff.
August 14, 1926 Edward M White, H.M. Customs, died from broken neck while swimming at Gloucester, Mass.
August 15, 1926 Mrs Andrew Wood, of Bay Roberts, killed when motor car plunges over cliff, at French’s Cove.

William Mullins, 26, Rencontre, drowned from schooner Dorothy O.

August 17, 1926 Annie Butcher, 4, killed by falling tomb stone, in C of E Cemetery, Forest Road.
August 19, 1926 Rev. Bro. Sheridan, succumbs to injuries received in motor accident.

Jeremiah Wall, 63, of Cape Ray, killed himself with shot gun while insane.

August 20, 1926 Augustus Morgan, 26, Seal Cove, killed by accidental discharge of gun, while partridge shooting on Witless Bay Barrens.
August 24, 1926 Thomas Costigan, 34, Harbor Main, drowned.
August 27, 1926 Samuel Porter, 8, Long Pond, burnt to death when home of his father, George Porter, destroyed by fire. Ronald Porter, a brother, badly burned but recovered.
August 30, 1926 Thomas Billard and William Neil, fishermen, Grand Bruit, drowned.

September 13, 1926 Horatio Beck, 49, of St. Lawrence, killed by falling into dock, here.
September 25, 1926 Thomas Mullowney, 60, Light Keeper at North Head, Bay Bulls, killed by falling over cliff.
September 30, 1926 John Kehoe, Bell Island, killed.

October 2, 1926 John Bungay, of Fortune Bay, Cook of schooner Vinches, killed in motor car at railway crossing, Chesterton, N.S.
October 9, 1926 Herbert Squires, of Fortune Bay, succumbs to burns.

Isaac Chard, 16, Archibald Fudge, 23, drowned through upsetting of motor boat, at Cape Ailik, Labrador.

October 12, 1926 William George Menchions, Bishop’s Cove, near Spaniard’s Bay, dies from wounds, received through accidental discharge of gun at Horse Harbor, Labrador.
October 14, 1926 James Edison, 11, Botwood, crushed to death between coal cars.
October 26, 1926 Capt. James H Chard, wife and two sons, perish when their ship, the Nelson Y. Macfarland, foundered in the Bay of Fundy. The Captain and his wife had been sailing up and down the Bay for forty years.

November 21, 1926 Body of William Anderson, 84, who was missing since December 3, 1922, found near his home.

December 3, 1926 Mrs Reuben Davis, Harbor Grace, drowned.
December 6, 1926 Schooner Emma M Rudolph, wrecked at North Head, Catalina. Only one of nine on board saved. Victims of disaster were; Eleazer Blackwood, Master, Walter Atwood, Joseph Vivian, Samuel Carter, Henry Blackwood, Noah Vivian, Albert Blackwood, and Mary J Abbott.
December 25, 1926 French Barque, after collision with British freighter, sank in English Channel. Only four of crew saved.

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