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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD, SUE O'NEILL.  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.





January 1, 1907 DEATH Stephen Andrews Killed. Brakeman Squires killed, through falling between cars, when in motion at Glenwood.
January 2, 1907 DEATH John Lynch, Superintendent Harbor Grace Water Co., dead, age 82.
January 3, 1907 TUG PURCHASED Wrecking tug Petrel purchased by Reid-Nfld. Co.
January 4, 1907 COLLISION Whaler Finn and schooner Cygnet in collision
January 7, 1907 DEATH Richard Bowles of Marystown drowned.
January 8, 1907 SUPREME COURT Supreme Court opens. Appeal case — Crane and Dubois – commenced.
January 8, 1907 HARKINS CO. The Harkins Co., season commences.
January 8, 1907 SCHOONER ASHORE Schooner Britannia of Bay of Islands, ashore at Lunenburg.
January 11, 1907 SAILINGS Sailing of missing Grand Bank vessel, Tabal Cain, from Halifax. H.M.S. Brilliant sailed for Bermuda.
January 11, 1907 FIRE Fire destroyed house of Thomas and Eli Brown, Redcliff, B.B.
January 12, 1907 CHANNEL TUNNEL Imperial Defence Commission decides against Channel Tunnel.
January 12, 1907 DEATH John Marshall died at Burin, aged 65.
January 13, 1907 THE MINNIE Barqt. Minnie arrived from Maceo – 42 days after a very stormy voyage.
January 13, 1907 JOSEPH GREENE Mr. Joseph Green, son of M.K Green Esq., Municipal Council, obtains degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
January 15, 1907 FIRST TRAIN OF 1907 First train arrived from Port aux Basques since Dec. 20th 1906.
January 15, 1907 CHAFE VS COUNCIL Chafe vs. Municipal Council — verdict for plaintiff — $50.00.
January 15, 1907 W.B. PAYNE W.B. Payne appointed Superintendent of Fisheries.
January 16, 1907 DEATH Rev. Lawrence Kavanagh of St. Joseph’s College, dies in Philadelphia.
January 17, 1907 HIGH TIDE Highest tide for twenty years.
January 17, 1907 DEATH Death of Richard H. Taylor, Carbonear aged 82. Death of John Maddock, Harbor Grace, aged 81.
January 17, 1907 SUPREME COURT Supreme Court issues orders for a Commission to take evidence for the State in the Crane-Dubois case.
January 17, 1907 FIRE Fire at Dry Dock
January 17, 1907 STORM Big storm on the West Coast. Bitterly cold day.
January 18, 1907 DEATH Death of Miss Annie Tessier.
January 19, 1907 DEATH Mark Delaney of Bay Roberts, killed in a saw mill accident. Sister Veronica of Carbonear Convent died, aged 68.
January 19, 1907 ARTHUR J. HERDER Arthur J Herder admitted as a Solicitor.
January 21, 1907 HERBERT MACFARREN Mr. Herbert MacFarren’s recital College Hall.
January 21, 1907 ARCHBISHOP HOWLEY Archbishop Howley lectures on “The Calvert Papers.”
January 21, 1907 ST BONS CLOSES St. Bon’s College closes for a week owing to Scarlet Fever.
January 22, 1907 SCHOONER COLUMBIA Schooner Columbia puts in at Trepassey, ten days from Halifax.
January 22, 1907 DEATH George Gilliam drowned at Port aux Basques.
January 22, 1907 WALTER LEROUX Walter LeRoux appointed French Consular Agent at Sandy Point.
January 23, 1907 SUPREME COURT Plaintiff awarded $500 in case of Howlett vs. Reid Newfoundland Co.
January 23, 1907 TASKER COOK Tasker Cook appointed Norwegian Consul.
January 23, 1907 WARRANT ISSUED Warrant issued for arrest of A. H. Bown for embezzlement.
January 24, 1907 SUPREME COURT Thaw trial commenced.
January 24, 1907 ROBERT BARTLETT Capt. Robert Bartlett and Boatswain Murphy return after 18 months with Perry Expedition.
January 24, 1907 WILLIAM WHITELEY William Whiteley, the “Universal Provider” murdered.
January 24, 1907 MR. MARLE Mr. Marle’s lecture course commenced.
January 25, 1907 DEATH Death of Samuel P. Bowden. Death of Hon. A.G. Blair. Death of Sir Francis H. Evans.
January 25, 1907 SHIPWRECK Brigantine Robin lost off Fogo Head.
January 26, 1907 DEATH William A Slattery died. John T. Oakley died at Greenspond, aged 75.
January 28, 1907 DEATH Body of Stewart, James Cameron, of Silvia, found near Harvey’s Pier.
January 28, 1907 SUPREME COURT Verdict for Captain Winsor in case of Blandford vs. Winsor and Winsor vs. Blandford.
January 29, 1907 CONSOLIDATED FOUNDRY Consolidated Foundry declared 10 per cent dividend
January 30, 1907 RESIGNS Sir Alexander Swettenham resigns.
January 30, 1907 DEATH R.J. Hart of Halifax, dead.
January 31, 1907 DEATH Death of Captain Arthur Jackman aged 64. Timothy Eaton of Toronto dead.
January 31, 1907 CURLING Mrs. Will Duder and Miss Prowse tie for the Ladies Curling Trophy.
January 31, 1907 REV. FREEMAN Rev. R.W. Freeman lectures on “Hard Work and not Luck”.
January 31, 1907 AUGUSTUS SWEENEY Augustus Sweeney committed for trial of the wilful murder of Stephen Andrews.

February 3, 1907 HARKINS CO. Harkins Co. left.
February 3, 1907 DEATH Lady Victoria Grenfell, daughter of Earl Grey, died.
February 4, 1907 ARCHBISHOP MACDONALD Archbishop Macdonald leaves Harbor Grace.
February 5, 1907 JUDGE PENNY Judge Penney's decision in C.O.D case over-ruled by Supreme Bench.
February 6, 1907 DEATH Robert Burt of Musgrave Harbor dead, aged 82.
February 8, 1907 DEATH Death of John Callahan.
February 11, 1907 PHILIP BRADY Philip Brady’s term increased by a year, owing to his escape from gaol.
February 12, 1907 DEATH Death of Mrs. A.J.W. McNeily.
February 12, 1907 PREMIER'S ATTACT Premier’s attack on Capt. Anstruthor in the House of Assembly.
February 18, 1907 ARCHBISHOP HOWLEY Archbishop Howley lectures on “The Holy Sepulchre.”
February 18, 1907 HOCKEY DINNER Hocky dinner at Wood’s Restaurant.
February 18, 1907 FIRE Fire at Bay Roberts, Piccott and Dawe’s premises.
February 18, 1907 DEATH Death of Patrick Fin, Carbonear. Edward Chapman, died at Westminister, B.C.
February 19, 1907 KING VS SWEENEY Jury in King vs. Sweeney, disagreed
February 21, 1907 OPENHALL Openhall, B.B., decides against saloons.
February 22, 1907 ARCHBISHOP HOWLEY Archbishop Howley installed Bishop of St. John’s, 1895
February 24, 1907 VAAL RIVER COLONY First ministry for Vaal River Colony announced.
February 25, 1907 DEATH Death of Mrs. (Rev.) Edwin Moore at Shoal Harbor.
February 25, 1907 DR. LLOYD Dr. Lloyd lectures on “The British Constitution.”
February 25, 1907 SHIPWRECK Whaler “Finn” lost in Red Sea.
February 27, 1907 LOCAL OPTION Local option election, Harbor Main. Harbor Main votes against saloons 998 to 267.
February 27, 1907 FIRE Hochelaga Protestant school Montreal, destroyed. Miss Maxwell and a large number of the children burned to death.
February 27, 1907 FOG FREE ZONE “Fog Free Zone” Bill introduced.
February 27, 1907 FIRE Mrs. Eva. Bursell’s property at Bay Roberts burned.
February 28, 1907 DEATH Mary Phalen fatally burned.
February 28, 1907 CANON SMITH Rev. Canon Smith lectures on “Trinity in the old days.

March 1, 1907 SNOW CLEARING Judgement is reference to snow clearing, given in favour of Company.
March 1, 1907 CROWN, WRIGHT, MEDALS A.H. Salter wins Crown Medal and F.W. Hayward and J.W. Shirran, tie for Wright Medal.
March 1, 1907 UNION BANK Union Bank declares final dividend.
March 2, 1907 WILLIAM J. MARTIN Silver wedding William J Martin of Martin Hardware Co.
March 2, 1907 PREMIER'S STATEMENT Premier Bond’s extraordinary statement concerning the critical condition of Newfoundland Commerce.
March 3, 1907 MINE EXPLOSION Mine explosion at Scranton, Pa. Thirty were killed.
March 4, 1907 DEATH Seven year old son of Tidewaiter Collins, drowned at Placentia.
March 4, 1907 GOVERNOR SWEETENHAM Governor Swettenham’s resignation accepted.
March 7, 1907 SNOW STORM Severe snow storm.
March 7, 1907 SHIPWRECK Wreck of the steamship Leopard at Blackhead.
March 10, 1907 DEATH John Alexander Dowie — Elijah II — died.
March 11, 1907 SEALING FLEET Sealing fleet sailed.
March 12, 1907 AVALANCHE Avalanche at Foot’s Cove, Burin.
March 12, 1907 ARCHBISHOP HOWLEY Archbishop Howley lectures on the Labrador Boundary Dispute.
March 14, 1907 JAMES P HOWLEY James P Howley, F.G.S. lectures on the Boethucks.
March 15, 1907 FOREIGN TRADE Report on the Foreign Trade, 1905-06, by Sir William MacGregor, issued.
March 15, 1907 SHIPWRECK Schooner Lucile, Capt. Kennedy, lost in mid-ocean.
March 16, 1907 DEATH John Butler and Robert Courage die at Harbor Grace.
March 17, 1907 DEATH Death of J Rogers, Greenspond, aged 98.
March 18, 1907 SHIPWRECK Wreck of the White Star Liner. “Suevic” near Lizard. Wreck of the Elder-Dempster steamer “Jabba” near Paul Point.
March 18, 1907 FIRE Fire at Bennett’s Brewery.
March 19, 1907 HARRY WINTER Harry Winter chosen Rhode Scholar.
March 21, 1907 SHIPWRECK “Jessie L Smith” sinks at Corsbie wharf.
March 21, 1907 DEATH Death of Katherine Gaul. Death of Peter Samways, Twillingate, aged 85.
March 22, 1907 M.P. CASHIN Mr. M. P. Cashin censured by party vote.
March 22, 1907 DEATH Death of Matthew Jackman, Sr., Bell Island.
March 23, 1907 DEATH Death of Thomas W. Gaden, aged 60
March 24, 1907 LIGHTNING Lighting does damage in Conception Bay.
March 24, 1907 DEATH Death of Mrs. Thomas Bearns, aged 92.
March 24, 1907 SHIPWRECK S. S. Greenland lost.
March 25, 1907 TRAIN HELD UP Shore train held up by tramps.
March 26, 1907 BAY OF ISLANDS MEETING Monster Meeting at Bay of Islands, to protest against Government’s herring policy.
March 27, 1907 GRAND LAKE Grand Lake arrived with 10,739. (seal skins)
March 30, 1907 ALGERINE S. S. Algerine arrives with 640 (seals skins)

April 1, 1907 SIR WM. WHITEWAY Rt. Hon. Sir. William Whiteway, 79th birthday
April 1, 1907 SEALING REPORT S.S. Virginia Lake arrives, 21,569. S.S. Neptune arrives, 30,985.
April 2, 1907 STORM Commencement of a week’s storm railway tied up.
April 2, 1907 DR. DUNCAN Dr. Duncan appointed Resident Physician at the Insane Asylum.
April 5, 1907 SEALING REPORT Adventure and Panther arrive with 24,522 and 7,964 respectively.
April 5, 1907 FIRE Engineering Building at McGill University burned.
April 5, 1907 SIR ROBERT BOND Sir Robert Bond leaves for Colonial Conference.
April 7, 1907 DEATH James Brown, of Lance au Loup died. Elsworth Brothers frozen to death near Carmanville.
April 7, 1907 SHIPWRECK Job’s schooner Jessy, wrecked in Fortune Bay.
April 8, 1907 STORM Week’s storm reached climax.
April 8, 1907 SEALING REPORT S.S. Newfoundland arrives with 12,729.
April 9, 1907 WEDDING Laracy — McCarthy wedding.
April 10, 1907 GENERAL BOOTH General Booth’s 78th birthday.
April 10, 1907 PRINCE'S RINK Prince’s Rink declares 15 per cent dividend.
April 11, 1907 SEALING REPORT Eagle arrives with 11,762.
April 11, 1907 DRAMATIC COMPANY Harbor Grace Dramatic Company produces Comedy “Jane” in T.A. Hall.
April 12, 1907 THAW JURY Thaw Jury disagree.
April 13, 1907 MILLIGAN ARRESTED G. S. Milligan arrested and sentenced to two years.
April 14, 1907 DEATH Death of Michael O’Dea, aged 74.
April 16, 1907 FIRE Medical Building McGill University, destroyed by fire.
April 17, 1907 SEALING REPORT Ranger, Vanguard, and Bloodhound arrive with 13,497, 8280, and 16,543 respectively.
April 18, 1907 SEALING REPORT S.S. Terra Nova arrives with 18,785.
April 19, 1907 DEATH Death of Hon. Captain Philip Cleary, aged 82.
April 19, 1907 PROTESTS Bonne Bay protests against Government’s Herring policy.
April 23, 1907 FIRE Fire at Myler Blockmaker’s, loss $2,000.
April 25, 1907 DEATH Death of J.W.W. Spry, aged 65.
April 25, 1907 SEALING REPORT Southern Cross, with 3,650.
April 26, 1907 SEALING REPORT Aurora arrived with 3,090.
April 29, 1907 SEALING REPORT S.S. Walrus arrives with 10,253.
April 29, 1907 RECITAL Miss Adela Verne’s Recital at College Hall.
April 30, 1907 DEATH Death of Mrs. (Dr.). McLeod, Bay Roberts.

May 2, 1907 SEALING REPORT Diana arrives with 12,948. Iceland arrives with 4.522.
May 2, 1907 SHIPWRECK French fishing schooner burned off St. Bride’s, one man died.
May 3, 1907 SEALING REPORT Eric arrives with 8,250. Kite arrives with 184.
May 5, 1907 DEATH Emile Sundman of steamer St. Gothard, drowned.
May 5, 1907 SEALING REPORT Labrador, Capt. Hann, arrives with 7,054.
May 6, 1907 WAGE DISPUTE Longshoremen wage dispute settled.
May 6, 1907 DEATH Ian MacLaren dies at Burlington, Iowa.
May 7, 1907 SEALING REPORT Viking, William Bartlett, arrives with 13,912. Nimrod, Baxter Barber, arrives with 2,508.
May 9, 1907 SUICIDE James Buckley suicides.
May 9, 1907 BENEFIT Benefit to Mr. W.J. Myler at T.A. Hall.
May 9, 1907 BIRTH Birth of the Prince of Asturias.
May 11, 1907 SHIPWRECK “Vesta Pearl” lost near Cape Gregory.
May 14, 1907 SHIPWRECK “Mary May“ lost in the Narrows.
May 14, 1907 DEATH James Rogers died, aged 68. W.H. Maddick died, aged 54.
May 15, 1907 LORD NORTHCLIFF Winston Churchill flays Lord Northcliff.
May 15, 1907 BOND SCENE The Bond scene in Colonial Conference as the Mail reported it.
May 15, 1907 HARBOR MAIN Harbor Main election appeal case commences.
May 15, 1907 DEATH Bishop Kelly dies at Inverness, aged 75.
May 19, 1907 DEATH Michael Donovan dies, aged 70.
May 20, 1907 VISIT Sir William and Lady MacGregor visit Placentia.
May 21, 1907 DEATH Mrs. William O’Neil drowned at Manuels, aged 80.
May 25, 1907 DEATH Death of Frank D. Lilly, K.C.
May 26, 1907 DEATH R.H. Collins dies in Boston.
May 28, 1907 FREE PRESS Carbonear Edition “Free Press” issued.
May 28, 1907 ACCIDENT Accident to Nurse Edgar at Montreal.
May 28, 1907 FIRST SOD ST. BON'S First sod turned in site of New St. Bon’s.
May 28, 1907 SHOOTING William Hayes accidentally shot at Lewisporte.
May 28, 1907 DEATH Two men, Barker and Evilley, drowned at Burin.
May 30, 1907 CHURCH DEDICATED Church of the Presentation dedicated at the Goulds by Bishop Jones.
May 31, 1907 SHIPWRECK Schooner Guardian of Greenspond, sinks off Sydney.
May 31, 1907 DEATH Death of Mrs. Katherine Lynch, of Harbor Grace.

June 1, 1907 DEATH Charles Day of Old Shop killed at Bell Island.
June 1, 1907 LOCAL OPTION Local Option Election voided for irregularities.
June 2, 1907 CONCEPTION HARBOR Local Church at Conception Harbor dedicated by Bishop March..
June 3, 1907 DEATH John E.A. Furneaux, Proprietor “Evening Herald”, died.
June 6, 1907 WEDDING Somers-MacNeily wedding.
June 6, 1907 SIR WILFRED LAURIER Sir Wilfrid Laurier received in audience by Pope Pius.
June 6, 1907 CONFEDERATION Chamberlain urges Confederation of Newfoundland and Canada.
June 7, 1907 DEATH Rev. Fr. Bryan, S.J., dies at Montreal
June 9, 1907 DEATH Death of Capt. Levi Noseworthy aged 61. Meshach Stares of Brooklyn, B.B. dead, aged 88.
June 10, 1907 DEATH Robert T Charles died, aged 22. Death of Mrs. T Parker.
June 11, 1907 WEDDING McKay — Campbell wedding. Pritchard — Whiteway wedding.
June 11, 1907 W.H. MARTIN S.O.E. Presentation to Mr. W.H. Martin.
June 12, 1907 LABRADOR First news received from Labrador by Munn’s “Louise”.
June 14, 1907 DEATH Death of Mrs. (Dr.) Milligan, aged 81.
June 15, 1907 DEATH Sudden death of Edgar J Hook.
June 15, 1907 WEDDING Jackman – Norris wedding at Three Arms.
June 16, 1907 DEATH Private Burgess, C.L.B., died at the Hospital
June 18, 1907 BIRTH A daughter to Lady Viti Paget eldest daughter of Sir William MacGregor.
June 19, 1907 GEORGE BOYD George Boyd Memorial unveiled at Harbor Grace.
June 20, 1907 MISS NICHOL Miss Nichol Memorial unveiled at Carbonear.
June 20, 1907 WALKING RACE Bert Hayward wins Twenty mile Walking match.
June 24, 1907 WEDDING Hall — Robinson wedding.
June 25, 1907 WALKING RACE B. Mercer wins Ray Roberts Walking match.
June 26, 1907 DEATH Death of Mrs. J.C. Toussand, aged 95.
June 26, 1907 KNIGHTED Sir Robert Reid Knighted. Sir W.B. Bowring Knighted.
June 26, 1907 GCMG Hon. James S. Pitts made G.M.G. His Excellency Sir William MacGregor made a G.C.M.G.
June 27, 1907 DEATH Three Presque men drowned off Gull Island.
June 30, 1907 ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH St. Michael’s Church, Bell Island, dedicated by Archbishop Howley and Bishops March and McNeil.

July 1, 1907 NICKLE THEATRE Nickle theatre opens.
July 1, 1907 DEATH William Gould of Carbonear died, aged seventeen.
July 3, 1907 WEDDING Tuff — Parsons wedding.
July 3, 1907 SUPREME COURT Judgement handed down in case of Anglo Co. vs. Reid Company.
July 5, 1907 DEATH Timothy Donovan died aged 82.
July 6, 1907 DEATH Jack Moore aged 6, killed by a passing cart.
July 8, 1907 WEDDING Rev. Sidney Bennett and Miss Winsor married at Wesleyville.
July 8, 1907 FIRE Anniversary of the fire of 1892.
July 9, 1907 WEDDING Collingwood — Petley marriage, Harbor Grace. Cox — House wedding, Gooseberry Island.
July 11, 1907 WEDDING Ash — Mackenzie wedding.
July 11, 1907 DEATH James Hearty of Turk’s Cove, died aged 83.
July 13, 1907 DEATH Fatal fire on Colonial Street, Mrs Fitzpatrick burnt to death.
July 16, 1907 DEATH Capt. Joseph C. Taylor died at Carbonear.
July 17, 1907 DEATH Death of Clare Whiteway. Mrs. Jane Burke, Brigus, dead aged 95.
July 21, 1907 DEATH Robert A Slater dead.
July 24, 1907 WEDDING MacGregor – MacDonald marriage.
July 27, 1907 RESIGNATIONS Resignation from Cabinet of Sir Edward Morris. Mr. P.T. McGrath leaves the Herald.
July 31, 1907 DEATH Jonathan Parsons dies Harbor Grace, aged 85.

August 1, 1907 APPOINTED Mr. R.A. Anderson succeeds Mr. W.W. Watson as Manager of Bank of Nova Scotia.
August 4, 1907 APPOINTED Hon. J.M. Kent, B.A., Appointed Minister of Justice.
August 12, 1907 GOVERNOR Governor visits Cape Broyle.
August 12, 1907 DEATH Death of Andrew Parsons at Harbor Grace.
August 14, 1907 SHIPWRECK S.S. Micmac wrecked at Broad Cove.
August 14, 1907 WEDDING O’Mara – Kenney marriage.
August 18, 1907 DEATH Maurice Malone dies at Carbonear.
August 21, 1907 BOWCOCK FARM The Bowcock farm purchased for Government purposes.
August 23, 1907 DEATH Death of Richard McCarthy, Carbonear, age 88
August 24, 1907 CHARLES DAWE Captain Charles Dawe returned from England.
August 24, 1907 HAGUE TRIBUNAL Daily News announces Newfoundland Question to be referred to the Hague Tribunal.
August 24, 1907 DEATH Capt. John Hogan dies. H.T. Pearce dies at Twillingate, aged 74.
August 27, 1907 DEATH Mrs. W.T.S. Carter dies at Ferryland.
August 28, 1907 DEATH Hubert Parsons, aged 8 , killed by a street car.

September 1, 1907 DEATH George Larner dies aged 83.
September 2, 1907 SHIPWRECK Micmac looting cases dismissed.
September 2, 1907 DEATH Peter Bray Killed at Bell Island.
September 5, 1907 DEATH Wilson Tibbo drowned at Garnish.
September 6, 1907 DEATH Captain Winsor dies at Wesleyville.
September 10, 1907 APPOINTED Dr. McCulloch appointed Magistrate to Oderin. Lunacy Commission appointed.
September 12, 1907 WEDDING Canning – Knight marriage.
September 13, 1907 DEATH Death of Rev. T.E. Wilson, M.A., England.
September 14, 1907 MORAVIAN SHIP HARMONY Moravian ship Harmony returns with broken shaft.
September 14, 1907 SHIPWRECK Schooner Maria Jane sinks off Cape St. Francis.
September 15, 1907 DEATH Death of Mrs. Annie Dicks Roper.
September 18, 1907 DEATH Miss Cochrane dies suddenly on the Propero.
September 18, 1907 WEDDING Wedding of Rev. Henry Earle and Miss Mildred Shears.
September 18, 1907 STORM Disastrous storm, several schooners lost and damaged.
September 19, 1907 DEATH Live wire accident –William Bailey killed.
September 19, 1907 STORM Disastrous storm.
September 19, 1907 SHIPWRECK Duchess of Fife wrecked at Lance Cove. Schooner Hobson, total wreck at Seal Cove. Effie M. disaster — All hands lost.
September 23, 1907 AYRE & SONS Ayre & Sons new building opened for business.
September 25, 1907 WEDDING Miller – Martin marriage.
September 28, 1907 SS ERIC S.S. Eric returns from Hudson Bay.
September 28, 1907 DEATH John and Stephen James loose life while attending traps.
September 29, 1907 DEATH Death of Robert Oakley, lighthouse keeper, Denier Island, aged 82.
September 30, 1907 WEDDING Alyward – Dalaney wedding.

October 1, 1907 ALEXANDER ST CHURCH Corner Stone of Alexander Street New Church laid.
October 1, 1907 GOWER ST CHURCH Gower Street Congregation pledge themselves to remove debt—$8,000 raised in a few minutes.
October 1, 1907 FIRE Malone’s house, Torbay Road, destroyed by fire.
October 1, 1907 PRICE OF MILK Price of milk raised to ten cents a quart.
October 2, 1907 DEATH Death of Dr. Frederick A Stabb.
October 2, 1907 STORM Severe North East storm swept entire Coast, causing considerable damage.
October 2, 1907 SHIPWRECK Schooner Anna lost in mid-ocean.
October 4, 1907 ORDAINED Rev. J.O’Callaghan ordained to the Priesthood by Archbishop Howley, at the Cathedral.
October 4, 1907 GUNNING ACCIDENT Gunning accident at Britannia Cove – William King of Bonaventure, T. B., severely injured.
October 5, 1907 REV J. McNEIL Rev. J. McNeil arrives at Harbor Grace from Nova Scotia, to supply for pulpit Presbyterian Church there.
October 6, 1907 FIRE House of Joseph Judge, Torbay, destroyed with contents.
October 8, 1907 ACCIDENT Arthur Moore of St. John’s, Lewis Kelly and Oswald Bursey, of Clarenville, and William Butt, of Norris Arm, lost their lives by drowning at Grand Falls, through accidental lowering of the scale board, while crossing the Exploits River.
October 8, 1907 DEATH Capt. Messervey, one of the first settlers of Bay of Islands, passes away at the age of 78 years.
October 10, 1907 MARTIN BROTHERS ESTATE Meeting creditors Martin Brothers, T. Winter appointed to wind up the estate.
October 10, 1907 DEATH Edward chafe, aged 80 of Petty Harbor, gets astray while in the woods and loses his life.
October 10, 1907 NEW CHURCH New church Wesleyville opened.
October 11, 1907 SS LUSITANIA S.S. Lusitania arrived at New York flying the blue ribbon of the sea, having made three records while crossing the ocean in 4 days, 19 hours, 53 minutes.
October 14, 1907 SHIPWRECK Schooner Alma of Scilly Cove, reported lost on Triton Island, with crew of six men – Capt George Piercy, Arthur Piercy, William J Andrews, Henry Pitcher, John Coats, William Brandon.
October 15, 1907 WEDDING Wedding at Harbor Grace of Mr. C.A. Manuel, of Exploits, and Miss Mary Frost.
October 16, 1907 DEATH Death of John X Cameron. Rev. Dr. Potts, General Superintendent of the Methodist Church in Canada and Newfoundland, died at Toronto in his 70th year. Arthur J Torraville, killed at Ashmount, Mass.
October 17, 1907 DEATH Robert Simpson of Hutching St., found dead in cell at Penitentiary. Death of Hon. J.J. Rogerson, veteran Temperance and Moral Reform worker, in his 88th year.
October 18, 1907 DEATH William Smart of Logy Bay Rd., accidentally killed at New York.
October 19, 1907 FIRE Dwelling house on Logy Bay Rd. owned by Mr. Stevens, destroyed by fire.
October 19, 1907 DEATH Clement Soper, of Freshwater, killed on board the Emily.
October 21, 1907 FISHERMAN'S MEETING Indignation meeting of Fishermen at Conception Harbor to protest against low prices offered for Labrador fish.
October 21, 1907 SHIPWRECK Lady Effie total loss at Kettle Cove.
October 21, 1907 DEATH George Jure of Botwoodville drowned.
October 22, 1907 PRESENTATION Presentation to Organist Clapp by St. Thomas’s Church.
October 23, 1907 SHIPWRECK Schooner Grace lost near Teignmouth, Devon.
October 28, 1907 SHIPWRECK Banker Orion missing with all hands.
October 28, 1907 FISHERMAN'S MEETING Mass meeting of fishermen at Carbonear.
October 28, 1907 SALVATIION ARMY Salvation Army Congress.

November 1, 1907 DEATH John Skiffington, Quidi Vidi, died, aged 80.
November 2, 1907 FISHERMAN'S MEETING Another mass meeting at Conception Harbor.
November 2, 1907 DEATH Young man named Parks, fatally injured at Railway Station.
November 6, 1907 WEDDING Marriage of Rev. H.G. Coppin and Miss Beatrice Janes at Glovertown,
November 8, 1907 SS LUSITANIA Lusitiania cuts her own record by 1 hours and 12 minutes.
November 10, 1907 DEATH James Hedderson Killed at Logy Bay through the busting of a gun.
November 13, 1907 DEATH Mrs. Gilbert Browning dead.
November 14, 1907 WEDDING Wright – Boone wedding. Burt – Milley wedding.
November 14, 1907 DEATH Death of Sir Lewis Morris the Poet.
November 16, 1907 WEDDING Bourbon-Orleans marriage.
November 19, 1907 SHIPWRECK Schooner Dictator lost in mid ocean.
November 20, 1907 EVENING CHRONICLE Evening Chronicle published.
November 20, 1907 JUDGE'S REPORT PUBLISHED Judge Conroy’s report re live wire and Grand Falls tragedies, published.
November 22, 1907 DEATH Death of Walter S March at one time Editor Daily News
November 23, 1907 SUPREME COURT Supreme Court on circuit, opens at Brigus.
November 23, 1907 DEATH John Wall killed at Glace Bay.
November 24, 1907 DEATH Zebedee Green, of Scilly Cove, disappears from schooner Veronica.
November 25, 1907 DEATH Edward Pendergast of Harbor Main killed at Bell Island
November 28, 1907 WEDDING English – O’Driscoll, and Furlong – Burke marriages.
November 28, 1907 SHIPWRECK Schooner Ohio wrecked near St. Lawrence.
November 29, 1907 JURY DISAGREES Jury disagrees in Sharpe Case.

December 1, 1907 SHIPWRECK Schooner Canopus of Grand Bank, ashore at St. Pierre.
December 3, 1907 SHIPWRECK S.S. Coban wrecked off Cape Breton.
December 4, 1907 DEATH Death of Mrs. Chas. Hutchings, Sr.
December 4, 1907 MAYOR ARRESTED Mayor Burchess, of Sydney arrested.
December 5, 1907 DEATH Sudden death of Captain Edgar Penney, of Carbonear.
December 8, 1907 JURY DISAGREES Second disagreement in King vs. Martin Sharpe.
December 10, 1907 DEATH Death of Mrs. Ryan, of Spaniard’s Bay, aged 89.
December 11, 1907 SWEENEY ACQUITTED Sweeney acquitted of manslaughter of Stephen Andrews.
December 11, 1907 SHIPWRECK Schooner Argo of Carbonear, wrecked on the Guysboro Coast.
December 14, 1907 SHIPWRECK Seven-masted schooner Thomas W Lawson capsizes.
December 15, 1907 DEATH John Saxton dies, aged 83.
December 17, 1907 WINSOR VS DAWE Winsor vs. Dawe Sealing case, verdict for plaintiff of 100 seals.
December 19, 1907 DEATH Deaths of William Donnally and Lloyd’s Surveyor Wheatley.
December 22, 1907 DEATH Joseph Daly drops dead at Mars.
December 25, 1907 WEDDING Gunn – Davidson wedding.
December 28, 1907 SHIPWRECK Ashbournes schooner Penobscot lost on Cann Island.
December 30, 1907 FIRE Fire at Termont hotel.
December 30, 1907 STORMY TRIP Cordella 41 days out from Glasgow, puts into Azores, injured.

  A QUEER SUPERSTITION There are queer superstitions connected with the celebration of New Year’s Day, but they are not much known or observed in America, where the first day of the year passes like any other, save for the current expression of good wishes. “Ex-Attache “ related, that in the Ancient Church of St. Michael at Schwariz in the Tyol, the sacred edifice is invariably kept securely closed on the evening before the New Year, and the people of the district are firmly convinced that on these occasions, when no one is present, an immense toad comes crawling before the Altar, where it kneels and prays, weeping bitterly. No one ever hurts a toad in the Tyrol, for the population is imbued with the belief that toads are, for the most part, good Christians, who have made vows to go on pilgrimages, and who have died without fulfilling their obligations in this respect. So the creatures go hopping about bewildered and perplexed, trying to fine their way to shrines, which perhaps, have long ceased to exist. It will strike the humane that this is a good idea, since it prevents much cruelty to despised lowly toads. It is to be wished that some other legends as good as this, might animate the prosaic world of today, and keep it from showing unkindness to dumb animals. — Exchange.
  THE NEW YEAR Let us walk softly friend,
For strange paths lie before us, all untrod,
The new year, spotless from the hand of God,

Is thine and mine, O friend!
Let us walk straightly, friend,
Forget the crooked paths behind us now,
Press on with steadier purpose us on our brow,

To better deeds, O friend.
Let us walk gladly, friend,
Perchance some greater good than we have known
Is waiting for us, or some fair hope flown

Shall yet return, O friend!
Let us walk humbly, friend,
Sight not the heartease blooming round out feet,
The laurel blossoms are not half so sweet

Or lightly gathered, friend.
Let us walk kindly, friend.
We cannot tell how long this life overpast;
How soon these precious years be overpast,

Let love walk with us, friend.
Let us walk quickly friend.
Work with our might while lasts our little stay,
And help some halting comrade on the way.
And may God guide us, friend!.


  THE PASSING OF THE YEAR On the threshold paused the grey Old Year,
E’er he sped on his long, long flight.
And the parting words he sadly spoke
Were caught by the listening night.

“I did my work as well as I could,
But alas! many flaws crept in.
There were so many unseen foes to fight,
And so many wreaths to win.

Alack that the fates may not permit
Me another year to reign.
So many things were mine had I
But my chances o’er again.

But time once spent forever is gone,
And my passing time is near.
When I must yield my transient throne
To yonder glad New Year”

Then he took a scroll from his vestment grey,
And said to the youthful King,
“Take this, my experience — use it well,
And prosperity it will bring.”

Then sadly, the Old Year said “Good Bye”
The last word he would speak —
And as he passed, a shining tear
Trickled slowly down each cheek.

He bore his burden of months away,
Full heavy with weal and woe,
He bore them away to the far Cloud Land,
Wither each Old Year must go.

And the Young Year fell on his knees and prayed:
“O Time! Thou monarch of king’s,
Teach me to prize every feathery hour
That falls from thy ceaseless wings.

Let not one moment escape its use,
Throughout my fast-fleeting reign;
So let me say at my passing time.
My life is not lived in vain.”

—Yorkshire Poet

© John Baird, Sue O'Neill,  George White  and NL GenWeb