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Year End Review  - 1917


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



January 02 First day under Prohibition.
January 03 Annual Meeting Hockey League.
January 04 Schooner Harry W Adams, Patten & Forsey, Grand Bank, reported topodoed and sunk off Corunna, also the Spinway of Burin.
January 05 Harvey & Co., Ltd., presents 3˝ acres of land to city, for Tenement Houses.
January 06 Theodore F Thompson appointed District Deputy of the Supreme President S.O.E. in Newfoundland.
January 08 Week of prayer in Nonconformist Churches.

Installation Atlantic Lodge I.O.O.F.

First prohibition test case.

Annual meeting Game Board.

January 09 Mayor Gosling discusses the New Water System and Insurance Rates, at the Board of Trade Rooms.

Installation Dudley Lodge, S.O.E.

January 10 Commercial Travelers’ Annual Meeting.
January 11 Landslide on West Coast Railway.

H.M.S. Corwallis reported torpedoed, several Newfoundlanders in her crew, but none lost.

January 12 Annual Meeting, Bricklayers Association.

Schooner Harry Adams, Nfld to Mediterranean, torpedoed in the Bay of Biscay.

January 14 Opening of Cochrane Street Centennial Church organ, by Arthur Mews, Esq.
January 15 Annual Meeting British Society.

Annual Meeting Victoria Chapter L.O.A.

January 16 T.A. & B.S. Juveniles’ Annual Treat.

S.O.E. Installation.

Annual Meeting Masonic Insurance Co.

First frost for the year. Curling season opens.

January 17 Annual Meeting Cathedral Finance Committee.
January 18 Municipal Council determine to appoint City Medical Health Officer.

Annual Meeting L.C.A.S.

January 19 Shipwrecked crew of schooner Ford River arrived.

Annual Meeting Pharmaceutical Society.

Patriotic Association Meeting.

January 20 Annual Meeting Agricultural Society.
January 21 Funeral of R.N.R. William A. Kirby, of Harbor Buffett.
January 22 Thanksgiving Day.
January 23 Annual Meeting Board of Trade. W.B. Grieve Esq., elected President.

Three bodies from wrecked schooner Hesperian, of St. Jacques, recovered and buried at Langley, Miquelon.

January 24 First drunk for the year arrested.

Funeral of Lance Corporal Ewart Horwood.

January 25 Burns Night at St. Andrew’s Club.

Annual Meeting Bible Society.

Annual meeting City Club, F.H. Steer, President.

Installation Harbor Grace Lodge A.F. & A.M.

17 Newfoundlanders lost, when H.M. Auxillary Cruiser Laurentic was mined or torpedoed, off the Irish Coast.

January 26 Patriotic Association meets. Hon. Dr. McGrath’s Pension Scheme adopted.
January 27 Head on collision near Spruce Brook. No fatalities.

Ashbourne’s premises at Twillingate destroyed by fire.

January 28 Annual Meeting, Lord’s Day Alliance.
January 29 Machine guns, captured on Oct. 12, 1916 by”Ours”, reach the city.
January 30 Annual Meeting Manufactures’ Association.

Annual Meeting St. Andrew’s Society.

Annual Meeting Firemen’s Union.

January 31 St. Bon’s L.A. Disbands.

Vincentian Mission at St. Lawrence, closed.

February 01 Newfoundland Regiment mentioned in dispatches by G.H.Q. in France, “for having specially distinguished itself in the capture of prisoners, in minor operation raids and patrol actions.”
February 03 Schooner Duchess Cornwall of Burgeo, Capt. Otterson, reported sunk by German raider. Crew taken prisoners.
February 05 Railway horror, 10 miles East of Glenwood. Eight burned to death, three injured.
February 06 Premier Morris leaves for Imperial Conference.
February 07 Mammoth parade through St. John’s by Regiment and Reservists. Captured guns drawn through the City.
February 08 Dr. Green’s Night School re-opens in the T.A. Armory.

Marine Insurance rates soar.

Carnival at Prince’s Rink.

February 10 Draft of 320 reach Windsor, N.S., and take up quarters at Mil. Barracks.
February 12 Magisterial Enquiry into the Benton Railway Horror opens.
February 14 Mount Cashel Concert in the Casino.

Curlers’ Charity Day.

Valentine Sociable by Ladies’ Khaki Guild.

Annual C.C.C. “At Home”.

February 15 Mr. Mews’ first Organ Recital at Cochrane Street.

Annual Meeting C of E Orphanage.

Rescued crew of the Little Secret, lost at sea, arrive at New York.

February 16 Schooner Percy Roy, Smith Co., Ltd., St. John’s to Gibraltar, announced torpedoed, crew safely landed at La Paloma.
February 17 Sealing owners announce “No berths for slackers.”

Children’s Carnival at Prince’s Rink.

B.I.S. 111th Anniversary.

February 19 Methodist Convention opens in Gower Street.

Annual Dinner, Poultry Association.

February 20 Lady Davidson addresses St. Margaret’s Guild.

Annual Carnival at Prince’s Rink.

February 21 S.S. Sagona ashore on mud bank near Louisburg. Refloated.

Premier and Lady Morris arrive in England.

H.Y. Mott, appointed Press Censor.

Worst snow storm of season.

Capt. Peter Otterson, Navigator on the Duchess of Cornwall, returns from German war prison.

February 22 Carnival at Parade Rink.

Annual Tea and Entertainment of Albert Edward Branch of the N.B.S.

February 23 Edith Cavell “Home of Rest” appeal, launched.
February 24 Annual Meeting, S.P.A.
February 25 Rev. Capt. Wilfred Stenlake, C.F., ordained at Grand Bank.
February 26 Annual Meeting, District Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M.

Coldest night for the winter.

February 27 Annual Meeting C of E Institute Patriotic Association meets.

March 01 George Street A.B.C. Annual “At Home.”
March 03 Annual Meeting Mechanics Society.
March 04 Fire at Bay Roberts’ Methodist Church.
March 05 Schooner Mauna Loa, Capt. Davis, reported abandoned at sea.
March 06 Naval Reservist Hancock, survivor of the Laurentic, returns home.
March 07 Recruiting Station opened in T.A McNab’s premises.
March 08 Schooner Flirtation, reported lost, and Mate Herbert Reid drowned, also two American seamen.
March 09 Solders’ and Sailors Employment Committee initiated.

Supreme Court declares Judge Penney, S.M.A., competent. Court to try prohibition case.

March 11 Presentation of portrait of Hon. Patrick Morris to B.I.S.

S.S. Pere Marquette lost, Parcel Post sinking in the vessel.

March 12 Fire at Quidi Vidi destroys two dwelling houses.
March 13 Schooner Lucy House, J. Smith, Harbor Breton, reported torpedoed. Crew landed at Gibralter.
March 14 Annual Meeting Masonic Club, T.J. Duley, President.
March 16 Mechanics’ Society make presentation to Treasured Myrick.
March 17 St. Patrick’s Day.

Installation Tasker Lodge A.F. & A.M.

March 18 Annual meeting, Holy Name Society.

Gower Street Methodist Church celebrated its freedom from debt. Addresses by Rev. Dr. Cowpwethwaite, J.E.P., Esq., and Hon. R.K. Bishop.

March 20 Sessions of L.O.A. Black Chapter, at Grand Falls closes. A.R. Martin re-elected Grand Master.

Crew of wrecked schooner Artizan arrive.

Sir Edward Morris and Sir Edgar Bowring in France.

March 23 Annual Meeting St. John’s Ambulance Association.

Annual Meeting Seal Skinners Association.

Orange Grand Lodge sessions at Grand Falls close. J.C. Puddister, Grand Master.

Patriotic Association meets.

March 24 S.S. Sable I., Capt. Joe Kean, arrives with 25,110.
March 26 Capt. Bradbury and crew of torpedoed schooner Rose Dorothea, arrive.

Home Rule resolution by B.I.S.

Announced schooner Mayola torpedoed.

March 27 SS Seal, Capt. Murley, arrives with 16,024.

Recruiting appeal by H.E. Sir Walter Davidson.

March 28 S.S. Terra Nova, A. Kean, arrives with 23,313.

S.S. Erik, Capt. John Parsons, arrives with 21,643.

Military Medal won by Lieutenant Harold Barrett, presented to his father by His Excellency.

March 29 Judge Morris revives the use of the birch for incorrigibles.
March 30 Surgeon-Major Macpherson lectures before St. John’s Ambulance Association.

S.S. Thetis, Capt. W. Winsor, arrives with 22,538.

S.S. Njord arrives at Harbor Grace with 14,797.

March 31 Lornina Commission of Enquiry report, Finance Minister exonerated. Bounty system condemned

April 01 S.S. Eagle arrives with 18,180.

S.S. Diana arrives with 8,737.

April 02 Private Philip Jensen appointed Hon. Captain by Canadian Military Authorities.

Whiteway Lodge, A.F. &. A.M. Installation.

April 03 Newfoundland Forestry Battalion initated.

Archbishop Roche returns from United States.

April 04 Crew of the torpedoed Percy Roy and James Burton Cook returned.
April 05 Municipal Council pass Home Rule resolution.
April 06 S.S. Bloodhound arrives at Harbor Grace with 10,156.

S.S. Neptune arrives with 15,951.

S.S. Ranger arrives with 9,503.

April 09 C.C.C. Masquerade Ball

Rev. J Antle at the Methodist College Hall.

April 10 Curling Trophy night.

St. Joseph Sale of work opens.

April 11 Annual Meeting S.U.F.
April 16 Returned Soldiers and Sailors club formed.
April 17 Easter meeting, St. Thomas’s Parish.
April 18 M.C.L.I. Golden Jubilee.

S.S. Viking the only Gulf steamer, returns with 10,726.

Government arrange for cost of passage from England, of wives and children of Sailors and Soldiers.

April 19 Tasker lecture by Rev. Dr. Jones.
April 21 Fire at Norris’ Arm, Dominic Richards’ premises destroyed. Loss $10,000.
April 23 Schooner Mary and Mildred, sinks off Davey’s Wharf.

Easter Meeting of Cathedral Parish.

Government announces better pay for Reservists.

Food Commission appointed.

Torpedoing of S.S. Annapolis announced. Ten bags and baskets of mail lost.

Schooner Thomas, Capt. Keeping of Belleoram, reported torpedoed.

April 24 Export of potatoes prohibited.

L.S.P.U. increased scale of wages begins.

Coinage of Newfoundland quarters gazetted.

St. Margaret’s Guild Concert.

April 25 St. Mary’s Sale of Work opened by Acting Premier Bennett.
April 26 Rev. Dr. Bond at Oddfellows Hall.

First meting of High Cost of Living Commission.

April 29 St. Thomas’s Church commemorates entry of United States into the war.
April 30 Windsor draft arrives in England Brigantine Clementine, Capt. G.W. Soper, ashore at Renews.

May 01 C.L.B. sports in the Armory.
May 02 Channon Chapter A.F. & A.M., R.N.S. Installation.
May 06 Thompson’s Pharmacy, Bay Roberts, destroyed by fire.
May 07 Masons strike.
May 09 Plumbers strike.
May 10 Windsor University confers D.C.L. Degree on Principal Blackall.
May 12 Laborers strike at Port aux Basques.
May 13 Corner Stone of Bell Island Convent, blessed by Archbishop Roche.

Rev. Alfred Rogers at Gower Street.

May 14 Coal steamer, William Edwards, foundered off Cape Race.
May 15 Forestry Commission announced. Major Sullivan in command.
May 16 Comrades Glee Club concert in College Hall.
May 17 Annual Meeting L.S.P.U.

C.L.B. Presentation.

May 19 First news of prisoners of April 14th raid in Germany, received.

Premier Morris returns from Imperial War Council.

May 22 Mount Allison University confers degree of Doctor of Law, on P.M.G. Robinson.
May 24 Schooner Elsie Burdette, Capt. Cluett, lost with all hands, six in number.
May 30 Legislature opened by H.E. Sir Walter Davidson.

White Elephant Sale.

May 31 Annual meeting Football League.

June 01 Meeting of Patriotic Association.
June 04 King’s Birthday Levee at Government House. Medals distributed.

Funeral of Edward O Joy, of the United States Navy, who died in General Hospital.

June 05 W.M.S. Branch sessions open at Carbonear.
June 06 Annual meeting Gas Company.

Annual Meeting Typographical Union.

June 10 Daylight Saving gun fires.

Fire at Callahan and Glass Factory, Loss $50,000.

Funeral of Pts. Gerald Huelan of Crabbe’s.

June 11 S.S. Njord wrecked 40 miles North of St. Pierre. Crew saved.
June 13 Supply Bill introduced.
June 14 Organist Allen’s farewell.

Ortorio “Messiah” at College Hall.

Annual meeting C.L.B., Warrant and N.C. Officers.

June 18 Capt. Clayton, C.F., at the College Hall.
June 19 “Peg O’ My Heart” Commences a three night run at the Casino.
June 20 The Pldlars Parade.

Governor and Lady Davidson at St. Mary’s.

Annual Meeting Red Lion Baseball Club.

June 22 Cheer-O-lind campaign opens.
June 23 Bi-centenary English-Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. Sermon by Rev. Bro. Canon Bolt. M.A. in the Cathedral.

St. John’s Day. United Society Parade.

June 25 Bi-centenary celebration at the Masonic Temple.
June 26 Ministerial Session Methodist Conference opens.
June 27 Methodist Conference opens in Cochrane Street.
June 28 Strike at Reid’s Machine Shops.

Installation Avalon Lodge, A.F. & A.M.

Schooner Oriental, Capt. Bragg, wrecked off St. Vincent.

June 30 Big Cold Storage Plant at Dock opened.

July 01 Confirmation service at R.C. Cathedral.
July 02 Teachers’ Summer School opens.
July 04 St. Bon’s annual sports.
July 11 Presentation Convent Garden Party at Smithville.
July 14 Co’s grocery destroyed by fire.

Norwegian steamer Kristianiafjord, ashore 7 miles West of Cape Race. Total wreck.

July 15 Annual Meeting St. Bon’s Alumni.

S.S. Bloodhound ashore at point La Have.

Archbishop Roche re-opens Flat Rock Church..

L.O.A. at St. Mary’s.

Requiem Mass at Mount Carmel.

July 16 Coalition Government announced.
July 17 C.C.C. in camp near the Octagon.
July 18 Archbishop Roche holds reception for Teachers.
July 20 Sympathy strike by Municipal Council employees.
July 21 Archbishop Roche at St. George’s.
July 22 Schooner R.J. Owens, Capt. Connolly, lost off Stag Rock. Crew saved.
July 25 C.L.B. in Camp Topsail.

Mount Cashel Garden Party.

August 02 Sunshine entertainment at Vigornia.

Professor John Line of Mount Alison, lectures on the War, in Victoria Hall.

August 03 W.A. O’D Kelly’s Bungalow in the Kenmount Road, destroyed by fire.

Patriotic Association meeting.

August 04 Third anniversary of the declaration of War. Mass “Win the War” meeting at Colonial Buiding.

Summer School Closes.

August 05 S.O.E. Decoration Day
August 07 Business Profits Bill defeated in Legislative Council.
August 08 C. of E Orphanage Garden Party.

Fifth session of Legislature prorogued. Bar to D.M.C. presented to Mrs Jenkins, sister of Lieut C Gardner of Trinity, after the prorogation ceremony.

August 09 Hon. J.R. Bennett, Minister of Militia.

Official visit by Commissioner Richards, S.A. 

August 10 Outbreak of Infantile Paralysis.

Patriotic Association meeting.

August 15 Kilbride Garden Party.

St. Joseph’s Garden Party.

August 16 Sixth session of Legislature opened.

Presentation to Hon. Dr. Skelton on reaching his 90th birthday.

August 17 Grenfell Association petition for equity.
August 19 Rev. J.W. Barrett at George Street.

Dedication of the Rev. G. E. Godden Memorial at Christ Church, Quidi Vidi.

August 20 Child Welfare exhibition in Grenfell Hall.
August 21 Board of Food Control gazetted.
August 22 Special (6th) Session prorogued.
August 24 Ordination of Rev. Robert St. John.
August 27 MacMilian expedition in Neptuned.

Capt. Robert Bartlett arrives at Sydney N.S.

August 28 S.S. Durange reported torpedoed.
August 31 Capt Robert Bartlett arrives from the Arctic via Sydney.

September 01 Reid-Nfld freight shed at Norris Arm, destroyed by fire.
September 03 Archbishop Roche St. Joseph’s Salmonier.
September 04 Passengers engine on Bonavista Railway, breaks through burning bridge at Seal Cove. No fatalities.

Separation allowance announced by Minister of Militia.

C.H. Hutching, J.P. appointed Inspector General, Vice Inspector gen. Sullivan. retires. Frank Norris, K.C., Judge of the District Court; J.P. Summers, K.C. Deputy Minister of Justice; Hon. S.D. Blandford, Sheriff; and Hon. John Goodison, Purchasing Agent.

September 05 Flatrock Garden Party.
September 06 Sir Edward Morris leaves for England.

W.P.A. Garden Party at Government House.

Grenfell enquiry opens before Magistrate Squarey.

September 09 Bank Head. Dominion No. 1 Colliery, Sydney, destroyed by fire.
September 10 Belgian relief steamer Eburoom, ashore at Portugal Cove, near Cape Race.

E. Leo Carter appointed City Solicitor.

Steamer Haakon VII, reported torpedoed.

September 11 Sir Walter Davidson announces his promotion to the Governorship of New South Wales.

S.S Haakon VII and Job’s Minas Queen, reported torpedoed.

September 12 Last general holiday.
September 13 Revs Ernest Davis and Joseph Joyce ordained at Harbor Grace.
September 15 Wonderland Circus opens.
September 16 Stained glass window at Placentia Church, unveiled by Archbishop.
September 18 Disastrous forest fire in Trinity Bay. Anglican Church, three mills, and several houses, destroyed at Britannia and Hickman’s Harbor.

Corner Stone of St George’s new Church at Robinson’s Head, laid by Rev. C Jeffery.

September 24 New Convent, Curling, opened by Bishop Power.

New Convent School at Bell Island opened.

September 26 St. Joseph’s vegetable sale.
September 27 Grand Falls gardening exhibition.
September 28 Annual Meeting Master Coopers’ Association.

Rossley troupe return from Maritime tour.

September 29 Sheffield presents Aeroplane to Newfoundland.

Annual meeting W.P.A. 

October 01 Fall session of Supreme Court opens.

Annual meeting of T.P.U.

John P. Power C.E. Appointed Director and General Superintendent of the Reid Nfld Co.

October 02 Annual Meeting of St. Margaret’s Guild.

Installation Terra Nova Council K of C.

October 03 Sir Charles Alexander Harris appointed Governor of Newfoundland.
October 04 Rev. Capt. Nangle, C.F. returns on Furlough.
October 05 Basha’a store at Benoiett’s Cove destroyed by fire.
October 06 S.S. Norge wrecked at Western Head, St. Shott’s.
October 08 Social Service Congress opens.

Corner Stone of S.A. Citadel laid by Lieut. Col. Otway, S.A.

Annual meeting Daughters of The Empire.

October 10 Special Session of diocesan.

Synod opens presentation to Bishop Jones.

October 11 Requiem Mass for those killed Oct 11 and 12.

Last Volunteer call issued.

First passenger train lit by electricity, leaves St. John’s Station.

Annual meeting W.C.T.U.

Schooner Peerless, Capt. J G Gushue, runs on rocks at Quirpon, Captain drowned.

October 12 Capt. Nangle presents War Souvenirs to B.I.S
October 13 Rev. Canon White elected Bishop of Newfoundland.

Benediction of Corner Stone of Presentation Convent extension.

October 14 Rev Dr. Neil at the Kirk.
October 17 Rev Father Turquelt and Bro. Gerard, oblate Missionaries from Hudson Bay, visit St. John’s, en route to Montreal.
October 18 Tag Day. Over $24,000 raised.

Capt. Nangle C.F., lectures in the T.A. Hall on “The Trail of the Caribou.”

Governor and Lady Davidson’s farewell “At Home.”

Shoemakers strike.

October 19 Patriotic Association. Address and presentation to His Excellency.
October 21 Capt. Nangle C.F., returns to the Front.

Mr. King’s organ recital at St. Andrew’s.

Children Day at C of E Cathedral.

October 24 Nfld Shipbuilding Co., at Harbor Grace, charters special train to convey members of Government and press on Inspection tour.
October 25 L.O.A. present address to Governor Davidson.
October 27 H.E. Governor Davidson and family leave en route to New South Wales.

Hon. Sir W. H. Horwood, administrator.

Argentia new Church opened by Archbishop Roche.

October 28 Annual meeting Star of the Sea Association.
October 29 Sir W.D. Reid arrives in the city.

Windsor University confers D.D. degree on Bishop-Elect White.

Rev. W.J. Lockyer of Port Morrien, becomes Canon of Halifax, Cathedral.

November 01 G.F.S. Bazaar opened by Lady Horwood.

Annual Presentation Church Lads Brigade.

R.J. Devereux, M.H.A., appointed Liquor Controller.

W.M.S. District Convention at Wesley.

Moose sighted in the Humber.

November 03 Title of Honourable, conferred for life on Judge Morris, Sheriff Blandford, and C.C. and Registrar Emerson.

Methodist centenary celebration at Burin.

November 04 Annual meeting Christian Doctrine Society.
November 06 Sunday School Convention at Carbonear.

Concert for St. Joseph’s at Quidi Vidi.

November 08 Major Rendell lectures on the “Making of the Soldier” before Llewellyn Club.
November 11 Silver anniversary of the C.L.B. celebrated at St. Mary’s Church.
November 12 Grand Falls votes for conscription.
November 13 F.P.U. Convention opens at Catalina.

First snowfall on Railway line for season.

Export of butter, oleo and molasses prohibited.

November 14 Vegetables and Home Work Sale St. Thomas, opened by Lady Horwood.
November 15 Schooner Hilda R., of McRae & Sons, Harbor Grace, reported torpedoed off Cape St. Vincent.

Rex vs. Strickland for manslaughter. Verdict “Not Guilty”.

Road Board election.

F.P.U. Convention closes.

November 17 Schooner Maple Leaf, abandoned in mid-ocean.
November 18 St. Joseph’s Church opened by the Archbishop.

Rev. Henry Uphill of St. Mary’s, announces his resignation as Rector.

November 21 St Margaret’s Guild sale.

Poultry exhibition opened.

November 22 Schooner Mary Duff of Carbonear, total wreck at Bay de Verde.
November 24 S.S. Beverley ashore in St. Mary’s Bay. Subsequently refloated.
November 25 Schooner Angela Marie, wrecked near St. Lawrence.
November 27 St. Joseph’s Bazaar opens.

Congregational Sale of work.

Annual Tea Wesley’s Ladies Aid.

November 29 H.W. LeMessurier, C.M.G., completes twenty years as Assistant Collector.

“Elijah” at the Kirk.

C.L.B. “At Home.”

November 30 St. Andrew’s Night.

Installation Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Intercession Service W.M.S. at Gower Street.

Schooner Bonanza, total wreck at Holyrood.

December 02 Christian Brother collection.
December 03 City stores open at night.

Annual meeting Curling Club. Joseph Peters President.

New Choral Society formed.

Minister of Militia promises investigation of charges made in Daily Star re Regimental appointment.

December 04 Annual meeting S.O.E., B.S.
December 05 L.C.A. Sale.

Annual meeting Royal Oak Lodge, L.O.A.

December 06 S.S. Stella Maris blown to pieces in Halifax Harbor.

Annual meeting Leeming Lodge, L.O.A.

Corner Stone of Methodist Church at Heart’s Delight, laid by President Saint.

Several Newfoundlanders injured and some killed, in Halifax disaster.

December 07 Annual meeting St. John’s Lodge A.F. & A.M.
December 08 Municipal Council and Board of Trade, unite for purpose of Halifax relief.
December 10 Small-pox reported in the City.

Government votes $50,000 for Halifax relief.

Schooner Maggie Sullivan, total loss at Golden Bay, C.B.

December 11 Minister of Militia leaves for Halifax.

C.W.A. Sale of work at Synod Hall.

Drs. Fraser and Scully appointed as Health Officers during the absenced of Dr. Brehm, R.A.M.C. on active service.

Capt. Yetman, survivor of the torpedoed schooner Hilda R., returns.

December 12 St. Mary’s Sale opened in Botwood Hall.

Women’s Conservation of Food meeting, in Casino.

December 13 Annual Meeting Ladies Curling Club.
December 14 Former Governor Davidson, presented with Gold Watch on behalf of Citizens at Automobile Club, London.
December 15 Schooner Olive May, total wreck at St. Anthony.
December 17 His Excellence Sir Alexander Harris, and daughter, arrive.
December 19 Newfoundland Regiment granted the prefix “Royal” by the King.
December 20 Annual meeting Reid-Nfld Co. H.D. Reid elected President, Vice., Sir W.D.Reid, retired.
December 24 Diamond Wedding of Capt. and Mrs Levi Diamond — 1857 - 1917.
December 29 Installation of St. John’s Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Poor Asylum Treat.

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