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Year End Review  - 1916


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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.



January 1, 1916 President W. D. Reid of the Reid-Nfld. Company Knighted.

S.S. Adventure, Capt. Wilson, reaches Alexandrovsk.

Patriotic Pierrettes at the College Hall.

January 2, 1916 S.S. Coban refloated at Placentia, towed into St. John’s.
January 3, 1916 Installation Atlantic Lodge I.O.O.F.

Annual meeting Conception Bay British Society at Harbor Grace.

Installation Bonavista Lodge, No. 9, S.U.F.

January 4, 1916 Newfoundland Clothing Company reunion.

St. John’s Lodge, S.U.F., Installation.

January 5, 1916 N.J. Vinnicomb filed petition to declare Prohibition Plebiscite Election void.
January 6, 1916 M.C.L.I. Session re opens.

S.S. Bellaventure, Capt. Cross, reaches Alexandrovsk.

January 7, 1916 Crew of the Rostand from Oporto to Fortune, Capt. Lake, rescued in mid ocean by the S.S. Blemfontein, after drifting 11 days. The vessel burned before abandonment.
January 8, 1916 Hockey League Annual Meeting.

Fire at Carbonear, near Rorke & Sons. Total loss about $25,000.

January 9, 1916 Annual meeting C.M.B.C.

Silver Jubilee of J.L. Slattery’s connection with R.C. Cathedral Choir.

Annual meeting Star of the Sea, Holyrood.

January 10, 1916 Coal Committee appointed.

Annual meeting Carbonear V.F. Bridage.

Commercial Traveler’s Association of Newfoundland formed.

Annual meeting of St. Andrew’s Church.

January 12, 1916 Annual meeting of St. Andrew’s Society.
January 16, 1916 S.S. Retlaw, Capt. George Hiscock, in port for repairs.

Annual meeting of the Lord’s Day Alliance.

January 17, 1916 Methodist parsonage, Trinity, destroyed by fire.

Annual meeting of Nfld Clothing Company.

Annual meeting of Golf Club.

January 18, 1916 Annual meeting of Masonic Life Insurance Association.
January 19, 1916 Fire at A. Thompson’s Store, Duckworth Street. Arrested for arson, subsequently convicted.

Girl’s Guide Concert Congregational Church.

Annual Meeting of Bricklayers’ Union.

January 20, 1916 Fire at Ayre’s Bakery.

Supreme Court sustains Judge Johnson’s decision in Prohibition Count.

Annual Meeting of L.C.A.S.

January 24, 1916 Thanksgiving Day.

Curler’s raise $1,025 for Patriotic purposes.

St. John’s Lodge, S.U.F. Sociable.

St. Margaret’s Guild Sociable.

January 25, 1916 Prohibition re count commences.

St. Andrew’s Club “At Home”.

Annual meeting Board of Trade. R.B. Job elected President.

January 26, 1916 Annual meeting St. Bon’s L.A.

Annual meeting Harbor Grace Literary Institute.

Danish steamer Ontaneida arrives short of coal. Is refused supply and compelled to remain in port for several weeks.

S.S. Bellaventure, Capt. Cross, arrives at Archangel.

January 27, 1916 Annual meeting of the Bible Society.

Daily News announces offer of Sir Edgar Bowring of a Convalescent Home for Wounded.

City Club Annual Meeting. W.R. Warren, K.C. President.

January 28, 1916 Danish steamer Lexa Macrsk, enters port in damaged condition.
January 30, 1916 Basha’s Hotel Grand Falls, destroyed by fire.
January 31, 1916 British Society Installation.

Annual Meeting Newfoundland Manufacturers’ Association Assurance Aassociation.

February 2, 1916 Fire at Grand Falls, whole plant threatened. Loss about $100,000.

Silver Shell and Takala Maru in collision off Cape Race. Latter sunk.

Boy Scouts concert in Canon Wood Hall.

February 3, 1916 Cantala, “Britannia and her Daughters,” at College Hall.
February 4, 1916 Silver Wedding of Dr. And Mrs. Duncan.
February 5, 1916 Schooner Mabel D. Hines, Gibraltar to St. John’s, abandoned at sea. Crew taken off by Dutch Steamer Alphard and brought to New York, arriving there Feb. 18th.
February 7, 1916 Annual Meeting Pharmaceutical Society.
February 8, 1916 C.W.A. Sociable at Synod Hall.
February 9, 1916 Sale of work of C.of E. Ladies at Quidi Vidi.
February 10, 1916 Silver Shell with crew of Takala Maru, arrived safely at Plymouth.

S.S. Mshogu drags anchors and goes ashore at King’s Head. Released and damaged the following day.

February 11, 1916 Annual Meeting Fireman Union.

S.S. Alconda arrives with 7000 tons of coal, consigned to Government.

February 13, 1916 Intensely cold weather for about 4 days.
February 14, 1916 Silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Tasker Cook.
February 15, 1916 Horse Races at Quidi Vidi.
February 17, 1916 Board of Trade discusses tonnage Problems.

Annual meeting of B.I.S.

Ottawa announces crew of Golden Belle of English Harbor, Fortune Bay, picked up at sea by S.S. Stratarrly, and on the way to France.

Catalina forms Branch of Overseas Club.

First metal smelted in Newfoundland by Mr. W.A. Mackay.

February 18, 1916 Capt. Hearn informs Baine Johnstone & Co. that schooner Idaha has been abandoned off Western Island and crew brought to Galveston by the S.S. Cuthonet.

Funeral of M.W. Furlong, K.C.

February 20, 1916 Redemptorist Mission opens at Harbor Grace.
February 22, 1916 The black listed Otaneda sails for Norfolk, Va., after several weeks detention, through refusal of coal supplies.

Presentation to Rev. A. Clayton by St. Thomas’ Parish.

February 23, 1916 Annual meeting U.T. Electrical Co. at Harbor Grace.

Annual entertainment C.M.B.C.

February 24, 1916 Red Cross Carnival at Prince’s Rink.

Adjourned Annual meeting Marline Disasters Committee. Former Mayor Ellis elected President.

February 26, 1916 Annual Meeting S.P.A.

Cochrane Street Centennial Church completed and keys handed over to the Trustees.

February 28, 1916 Bank of Nova Scotia new building opened for business.

Annual Meeting Masonic District Grand Lodge, E.C.

February 29, 1916 Annual Meeting Church of England Orphanage Committee.

C.C.C. “At Home.”

Annual Meeting Church Institute.

Annual meeting Harbor Grace Dock Co.

March 1, 1916 Concert Congregational Church.

Mount Cashel Annual entertainment.

March 2, 1916 Justice Johnson gives costs against petitioner in Prohibition Re Count.
March 3, 1916 89th annual Meeting Mechanics Society.
March 4, 1916 Children’s Carnival at Prince’s rink.
March 6, 1916 Terra Nova’s win Hockey Championship.
March 8, 1916 Tonnage Conference in Board of Trade rooms.

Schooner Alma Harris of Grand Bank in collision with schooner Stanley and Frank, near Rose Blanche. Crew saved.

Annual Meeting Masonic Club.

March 9, 1916 Capt. Bob Bartlett’s house at Brigus, destroyed by fire.

Parade Rink Carnival.

Gulf Sealing fleet sails.

March 13, 1916 S.S. Florizel the only steamer to sail from St. John’s, leaves for icefields.
March 14, 1916 Sock Sociable.

Annual meeting Alexandra Workers.

March 15, 1916 Publication of the Saunders and Sweetman letters commenced in Daily News

Passionist Fathers arrive.

Bellaventure’s Captain and Crew return from Russia.

Boy Scouts concert.

Hon. P.T. McGrath appointed President of the Council.

March 16, 1916 Legislature opens.
March 17, 1916 Banker George Rose of Grand Bank wrecked at Rose Blanche.

B.I.S. Parade

Tasker lodge A.F. & A.M. installation.

St. Andrews “At Home.”

L.O.A. Sociable.

St. Bon’s L.A. Entertainment.

Convalescent Home Entertainment.

March 19, 1916 Cochrane Street Centennial Church opens for service.

Annual Meeting Holy Name Society.

St. Andrew’s new organ dedicated.

Passionist Father Mission commences in the Cathedral.

March 20, 1916 Seal skinners’s annual meeting.
March 21, 1916 Hon. Mr. Justice Kent Meeting.
March 23, 1916 Children’s Ballet Entertainment at the Casino.
March 24, 1916 Mr. Justice Kent takes his seat on the Supreme Court Bench.

Hon. R.A. Squires, K.C., re-elected Grand Master L.O. A., at Bay Roberts.

March 25, 1916 Dr. Lloyd assumes leadership of the Opposition in the House, and of the Liberal Union Party.

L.O.A. Convention at Bay Roberts closes.

Annual Meeting of Baseball Club.

Raggs Island Light House at Fogo, destroyed by fire.

March 27, 1916 Annual Meeting of St. John Ambulance Association in the Grenfell Hall.
March 28, 1916 Lady Davidson leaves for England.
March 29, 1916 S.S. Fogota takes crippled steamer Farley in tow, 230 miles off Halifax.
March 30, 1916 S.S. Sable I., Capt. Jacob Kean, arrives with 23,816 seals.

S.S. Bloodhound, Capt. George Whiteley, arrives with 18,593 seals.

S.S. Neptune, Capt. George Barbour, arrives with 34,929 seals.

Curling Trophy night.

April 1, 1916 F.J. Hunter appointed a Director of the Reid Nfld. Company.
April 2, 1916 S.S. Florizel, Capt. A Kean, arrives with 46,481 Seals.
April 4, 1916 Premier Sir Edward Morris addresses The St. Margaret’s Guild.
April 5, 1916 S.S. Erick arrives with 18,377 seals.
April 6, 1916 Citizens Meeting to discuss proposed City Charter. Citizens committee formed.
April 7, 1916 A.B. Morine's valedictory in the Assembly
April 10, 1916 Annual Meeting S.U.F.
April 11, 1916 S.S. Samuel Blandford arrives with 20,503 seals.
April 12, 1916 Citizens Committee hold first meeting.
April 13, 1916 M.C.L. I. Annual Dinner Memorial Table unveiled

C.L.B. 13th Annual Indoor Sports.

A.H. Allens Sacred Concert.

April 17, 1916 Shannon Chapter, A.F. &. A.M. Installation.
April 18, 1916 Minister Cashin Eigth Budget Speech.
April 19, 1916 Fire at Royal Stores Clothing Factory. Loss $70,000.

Nellie Louise, Capt Burk, ashore at Barbados.

Sealing Captains present gold watch to James Murphy.

April 24, 1916 Passionsit Father Mission at Argentia.

Annual Meeting Importers Association.

Annual Meeting St. Thomas’ Parish.

April 26, 1916 Annual Sociable L.O.B.A.

Hon. P.T. McGrath receives LLD from St. Francis Xavier University.

April 27, 1916 Annual Meeting Red Lion Baseball Club.

May 1, 1916 Annual Meeting St. Mary’s Parish.

Landslide on South Side, due to rainstorms.

May 2, 1916 S.S. Viking arrives with 9,427 seals.

S.S. Diana arrives with 6,178 seals

S.S. Ranger arrives with 2,745 seals. Total of Voyage 241,302 seals.

May 3, 1916 Sporh’s Last Judgement at St. Andrew’s.

Annual Meeting Cathedral Parish.

Annual Outerbridge Sheild presentation.

May 4, 1916 Legislature prorogued by His Excellency.
May 5, 1916 S.S. Bonaventure’s Captain, Officers and Crew, return from Russia.

Annual Meeting Wanders Baseball Club.

May 7, 1916 Hon. C.H. Emerson appointed Acting Chief Clerk and Registrar at Supreme Court.

Annual Meeting B.I.S.A.A.

C.M.B.C. Harbor Mission resumes work.

May 10, 1916 Star of the Sea Billiard Club Annual Dinner.

Empire Day Red Cross Fund launched.

May 14, 1916 First C.L.B. Parade for the season.
May 16, 1916 Prohibition Proclamation from January 1 1917, issued in Royal Gazette.

Third Annual Reunion Baseball League.

Schooner Reciprocity, Capt. P. Blackwood, sinks in the Narrows after striking a rock.

May 17, 1916 Operetta Agatha at the Casino.
May 20, 1916 S.S. Cranley arrives at Heart’s Content to take the first load of Grand Falls paper from that port to England.
May 22, 1916 B.I.S. Annual billiard dinner.
May 23, 1916 Red Cross Tag Day in St. John’s.
May 24, 1916 Empire Day and Red Cross Day.

Boy Scouts Sports.

Macpherson Stock Show on Parade Grounds.

Red Cross Tag Day at the Casino.

Milestone at the Casino.

May 30, 1916 First annual Meeting, Newfoundland Branch, W.M.S. at Cochrane Street Centennial Church.
May 31, 1916 I.O.O.F. Celebration in honour of P.G.M. Craig.

June 1, 1916 S.S. Lyngford ashore at St. Vincent’s.

Silver Wedding Rev. Frank and Mrs. Smart at Heart’s Content.

June 3, 1916 C.M.G. Conferred on H.W. LeMessurier, Deputy Minister of Customs.

Levee at Government House.

June 5, 1916 Annual Meeting Football League.
June 6, 1916 Rex vs. Hickman Verdict of Acquittal.
June 7, 1916 Private Kennedy and Lance Ewing, rescued by Volunteers after wandering 5 days and 4 nights in the woods at Mahar’s, Brigus Junction, without food.

Golden Wedding Mr. And Mrs. Peter Dillon, Prospect Street.

June 8, 1916 Annual Meeting Cowan Mission.
June 11, 1916 Cemetery Collections in R.C. Churches.
June 12, 1916 Harry A Winter, B.A., assumes Editorship of Evening Telegram.
June 13, 1916 Pass List Trinity College of Music issued.
June 14, 1916 Baseball Season opened by Mayor Gosling.

Comrades’ Glee Club Concert, part proceeds for Our Blinded Defenders.

June 15, 1916 St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Votes of Church Union.
June 18, 1916 Cochrane Street Centennial Church dedicated.

Rev. Geo. Robbins ordained at Harbor Grace.

June 19, 1916 Municipal Election, Nomination Day.

Soldiers and Sailors Club Grenfell Institute, opened by Sir William Horwood.

S.S. Arachine ashore at Point Platte, Little Miquelin.

June 20, 1916 Premier Morris arrives in London
June 23, 1916 N. Vinnicombe's Prohibition Plebiscite Petition dismissed.

Rev. T.H. James awarded D.D. by Taylor University.

June 24, 1916 Jubilee of Rev. Canon Noel’s Ordination.

Colonel Jacobs, S.A., arrives.

June 25, 1916 Natal Day Service in Church of England Cathedral. Preacher, Rev. Canon White.
June 26, 1916 C.H.E. Examinations commenced.
June 27, 1916 Avalon Lodge A.F. & A.M. Installation.
June 28, 1916 Methodist Conference opens at Grand Bank. Rev. Edwin Moore elected President.
June 29, 1916 Rev Father Dontney appointed Dean of the Arch-Diocese.

Municipal elections.

W.C.T.U. Annual Picnic.

July 1, 1916 William Gilbert Gosling elected Mayor of St. John’s. Majority 464.
July 2, 1916 Sir Edger Bowring returns.

Bell Island’s “Welcome Home” to Rev. Fr. McGrath.

July 3, 1916 Topsail presents address to Sir Edgar Bowring.
July 4, 1916 Diocesan Synod opens.

Lady Davidson addresses W.P.A. at British Hall.

July 5, 1916 Municipal Council Election results announced. Isaac Morris, Deputy Mayor, Dr. Tait, G. Brownrigg, J.J. Mullally, C.P Ayre and N. Vinnicombe.

Reception by His Grace Archbishop Roche at the Palace.

St. Bon’s Annual sports.

July 8, 1916 Silver Jubilee of Mr. And Mrs. Ward at Harbor Grace.
July 9, 1916 Silver Jubilee of Rev. A.A. and Mrs. Holmes at Harbor Grace.

Annual Meeting St. Bon’s Old Boys’ Association.

July 10, 1916 First meeting of New Municipal Council.
July 13, 1916 N.S.S. & G. Directors here on annual visit.

22nd Biennial Synod Closes.

July 14, 1916 St. Bon’s Old Boys’ Annual reunion.
July 17, 1916 School for the Blind Concert, first of three.
July 18, 1916 Cochrane Street presentation to Rev. C.A. Whitemarsh, M.A.
July 21, 1916 Dr. Thompson of Lynn, Mass., astray on West Coast.

Patrotic Association meets.

July 22, 1916 S.S. Matatua ashore at Holyrood, St. Mary’s Bay.
July 26, 1916 Mount Cashel Garden Party.
July 27, 1916 Funeral of E.M. Jackman.
July 31, 1916 Colony wins Commercial Cable Company Appeal case.

August 2, 1916 C.L.B. Camp at chamberlains.
August 3, 1916 S.S. Samuel Blandford from New York, strikes on The Keys, near St. Mary’s. Total wreck.
August 4, 1916 Intercession Day

Mass meeting of citizens at Court House. War Resolutions passed. Governor presides.

August 7, 1916 Rossley Pantomime Company returns from prolonged tour.
August 9, 1916 C of E Orphanage Garden Party at Government House.
August 10, 1916 H.W. LeMessurier, C.M.G., invested at Government House with Insignia of the Order.
August 13, 1916 S.O.E. Decoration Day.

Alexander Garland’s premises at Lower Island Cove, destroyed by fire.

August 14, 1916 Board of Trade establishes an Employment Bureau for returned Soldiers and Sailors.
August 19, 1916 Bishop of Newfoundland at Bell Island.
August 20, 1916 Archbishop Roche at Marystown.
August 23, 1916 Kilbride Garden Party.
August 24, 1916 S.S. Hump rammed and sunk by A.A. Argyle, in fog, off St. Lawrence. Crew saved.

Council decided to extend South Side water service.

J A Cliff, K.C., Parliamentary Delegate, returns from visit to the Front.

August 25, 1916 Copper strike by W.A. Mackay at Sleepy Hollow, Little Bay, reported.

Memorial School, Curling, destroyed by fire.

August 26, 1916 Arrival of Commissioner Richards, S.A.

Governor and Lady Davidson at Bonne Bay. 

August 27, 1916 S.A. Congress meeting at Methodist College Hall.
August 30, 1916 Gas Company notifies a further 10 per cent increase in cost of gas.

Garden Party at Silvertone under auspices of Daughters of Empire.

September 1, 1916 Governor and lady Davidson at Cartwright, Labrador.
September 3, 1916 Rev. Bro Kennedy leaves for New Rochelle, N.Y. Presentation and address from old pupils.
September 4, 1916 C.H.E. Pass Lists published.
September 7, 1916 Paivy Council decision in Commercial Cable Company vs. the Government of Newfoundland published.

Crew of schooner Maggie U., Capt. Kennedy which foundered 25 miles N. E. of Sydney, rescued by schooner Ataba, and brought into Little Bay Islands.

September 8, 1916 Baseball series at Grand Falls commences.
September 10, 1916 Street car dashes into Soper and Moore’s Grocery, in violation of the Sunday Observance Act.
September 13, 1916 Last whole holiday for the season.

Hon. R.K. Bishop Parliamentary Delegate, returns from visit to the Front.

September 14, 1916 Annual meeting Cooper’s Union.
September 17, 1916 Stained glass window in memory of Sir Robert Reid and Hon. James Baird, unveiled in St. Andrew’s Church.
September 18, 1916 Fire at Premier’s residence, Rennies Mill Road.

Skeleton of a man found. 17 miles inland from George Pond, St. George’s.

September 21, 1916 Fire in Freshwater Road. Damage not great.

Second annual meeting of the International Grenfell Association.

September 22, 1916 S.S. Thetis, recently bought by Job Bros & Co., Ltd., returned to St. John’s after 33 years absence.
September 23, 1916 Grand Fall Agricultural Show.
September 24, 1916 Record wind and rain storm. Electric Light and Power Plant closed downed from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. Wind velocity exceeded 60 miles per hour.

Schooner Bonnie Lass, lost off Trepassey Bay with all hands.

Dr. McDonald appointed Medical Officer of T.A. Society.

September 25, 1916 Electrician Perrine disappears from Bay Roberts.
September 26, 1916 Municipal Plebiscite on Ward System, 15 per cent, vote. Proposal negatived.

Meeting of Patriotic Association.

September 28, 1916 St. Joseph’s fruit and vegetable sale.

October 1, 1916 Premier and Lady Morris reach Port aux Basques.

Corner stone of Argentia Church laid by Archbishop Roche.

October 5, 1916 Premier and Lady Morris return.

Annual meeting Llewellyn Club.

October 9, 1916 Rev. J. S. Sutherland bids farewell at the Presbyterian Hall.

Actelyne explosion at J.B. Martin’s, Bell Island.

October 10, 1916 Rev. J.S. Sutherland and family leave for Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Highlanders Shooting presentation at Smithville.

Firemen’s Strike.

Patriotic Association addressed by Hon. Dr. McGrath on Pensions for Soldiers and Sailors.

Father Mattew Celebration at T.A. Hall.

October 11, 1916 Golden Jubilee of Rev. John Reay’s arrival in Newfoundland.

H.C. Thomson lectures on “Shortage of fish in the United Kingdom.”

October 12, 1916 St. John’s Harbor closed from Sunset to Sunrise.

Columbus Day Knights of Columbus celebration.

October 16, 1916 First sod turned in foundation of St. Joseph’s Church by Archbishop Roche.
October 17, 1916 Fire at Ayre & Sons, Ltd., damage about $10,000.

Codner High School opened by Bishop Jones.

October 18, 1916 Premier Morris lectures in the Casino on Newfoundland's part in the War.

Annual convention of W.M.S. opens in George St.

St. Margaret’s Guild Sale of Work.

October 22, 1916 Ordination at the C of E Cathedral. Four Deacons ordained to the Priesthood.
October 23, 1916 St. Andrew’s Church extends invitation to Rev. Gordon Dickie, M.A.

Hon. C.H. Emerson becomes Chief Clerk and Registrar of Supreme Court.

Annual meeting St. Margaret’s Guild.

October 25, 1916 Hon. J Alex Robinson resigns Editorship of Daily News and Free Press. John S Currie, M.H.A., Succeeds him.
October 26, 1916 White Elephant Sale at British Hall.

Licensing Board renews licences for year.

October 28, 1916 S.S. Sagona leaves on last Labrador trip.

Dominion Club, Bell Island, destroyed by fire.

October 29, 1916 Annual meeting Star of the Sea Society.
October 31, 1916 Presentation of Plate to Hon. J. Alex Robinson by Daily News Staff.

Halloween Sociable at St. Andrew’s.

Governor and Lady Davidson leave on visit to Bonavista Bay.

W.M.S. Convention at Lower Island Cove.

November 1, 1916 New Bell at All Saints, Torbay, blessed by Archbishop Roche.

Governor and Lady Davidson at Catalina.

Hon. J Alex Robinson becomes Postmaster General.

November 2, 1916 Premier Lectures at Llewellyn Club.

Governor and Lady Davidson at Trinity.

November 4, 1916 Premier denies that any sale or merger of Bell Island properties is under consideration by the Companies.
November 7, 1916 City Recruiting Campaign opens.

Patricotic Association meets.

November 8, 1916 S.S. Rappahannock torpedoed by U boat. Crew drowned.
November 9, 1916 Disastrous storm does damage at Pouch Cove.
November 11, 1916 American Tea in Presbyterian Hall.
November 13, 1916 S.S. Nascopie returns from Hudson Bay.
November 14, 1916 Carpenter’s Union Annual meeting.

Volunteers Sports at C.L.B. Armoury.

November 15, 1916 Address by lady Morris at Annual meeting of the W.P.A.

Employers Protective Association voluntarily gives 15% increase in wages.

November 17, 1916 Fish and Bruise Fund launched

St. Bon’s Annual Prize giving.

Funeral at Harbor Grace of Miss Margaret Allan, who died at Montreal.

November 19, 1916 25th Anniversary of founding of C.L.B.

Archbishop Roche lays Corner Stone of St. Joseph Church.

November 20, 1916 Lady Davidson addresses Gower Street Epworth League.
November 21, 1916 Hon. J.J. Murphy, Parliamentary Delegate to India, leaves.
November 22, 1916 Annual sale of work at Congregational Church.
November 25, 1916 Fire at L.J Channing’s, New Gower Street.
November 26, 1916 Rev. Dr. Dickie at the Kirk.
November 28, 1916 St. Joseph’s sale of work.
November 29, 1916 Poultry Exhibition opened by Governor Davidson.

Mr. Allen’s Concert.

Wesley Sale of Work.

Schooner Rupert J. Vardy, whilst crossing Trinity Bay, takes fire and sinks.

November 30, 1916 Installation St. Andrew’s Lodge A.F. and A.M.

Schooner, Roma, St. John’s, Nfld., torpedoed in Mediterranean.

December 1, 1916 Induction of Rev. Gordon Dickie, M.A., as Minister of St. Andrew’s.

Mr. J.C. Puddester becomes Business Manager of the Daily News.

December 3, 1916 Christian Brothers collection again eclipses its records.
December 4, 1916 Reception in Presbyterian Hall to Rev. Gordon and Mrs Dickie.

Annual meeting Curling Club.

Kelligrew’s bids a warm home welcome to Canon Colley.

December 5, 1916 Fire at Springdale Street School.

Annual meeting of Lodge 5, S.U.F. 

December 6, 1916 Major Green of Canada, discusses fresh fish industry before Board of Trade.

Annual meeting Royal Oak Lodge, L.O.A.

December 7, 1916 Annual meeting Leeming Lodge L.O.A.
December 10, 1916 Annual meeting T.A. & B. Society.
December 11, 1916 Capt. Christopher Riley, M.C., A.D.C., and Private Secretary to the Governor, arrives.
December 12, 1916 Annual meeting Lodge Dudley, S.O.E.

Rescued crew of the Earl Kitchener, arrives here.

“The Liars” at the Casino.

Ronald Kennedy, Principal of Harbor Grace Academy, gazetted Superintendent of R.C. Schools in that diocese.

December 15, 1916 Schooner Ford River lost. Crew landed on the Azores.
December 17, 1916 T.A. &. B. Society, Guardian Juvenile Branch, appointed.
December 18, 1916 Annual Speech Day, Bishop Feild College.
December 19, 1916 Khake Guild Sale at Presbyterian Hall.
December 20, 1916 Presentation to Nursing Sister Bowden, by Nurse.s Association.

Closing exercises at Bishop Spencer College.

Methodist College prize giving.

December 21, 1916 William Cochrane, Janitor of the Supreme Court, completes 50 years of service. Presented with a purse of gold by the legal fraternity.

Prize Day at the Mercy Convent.

December 23, 1916 Salvation Army Christmas Picnic.
December 28, 1916 Annual meeting Grenfell Association.
December 31, 1916 S.S. Yarrowdale taken into German port as prize, with crew of several sunken ships – including that of the Duchess of Cornwall, of Burgeo.

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