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The records were transcribed by JOHN BAIRD & SUE O'NEILL.  Formatted by GEORGE WHITE
While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


1 New Year Honors included names of Everard Noel Rye Trentham to be Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, Peter Dauglas Haig Dunn, to be Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Civil Division; Patrick Joseph O’Neill, O. B. E. to receive the King’s Police Medal.
His Excellency the governor and Lady Walwyn “At Home” at government house. Callers also received by His Grace the Archbishop at the Palace and His, Lordship Bishop White at Bishop Court.
2 Rev. A. J. MacGillvray former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, passed away at Guelph.
3 Japanese capture Tian , key city of the Tientsin-Pukow railroad.
The first time Arabic speaking peoples of near East heard program broadcast in Arabic from London.Sr. M. Phillipa, Sr. M. Benedicta and Sr. M Patrick celebrated Golden Jubilee of their profession of the Order of Mercy, at St. Michael’s Belvedere.Newly elected City Council took office. Mayor Carnell, sworn in before Hon. Mr. Justice Kent and Hon. Mr. Justice Higgins.Opening Service Week of Prayer at No. 1 S.A. Citadel.Guards defeated Feildians in overtime play 5-3 Junior hockey
Installation officers St. John’s Lodge No.5 Society United Fishermen.
4 Hon. J.C. Puddester, Vice-Chairman Commission of Government and Commissioner Public Health and Welfare, arrived from England.
5 Special bonspiel at curling Rink won by W. Rodger’s team.
Feildians turned tables on Guards in Junior Hockey, and defeated them by score of 4-1
Annual meeting Royal Oak Lodge No.22 L. O. A,
6 Nearly 100 children guests of His Excellency the Governor and Lady Walwyn at Fancy Dress party at Government House.
Opening session M.C.L.I. debate that this house approves the proposals as outline by the Commissioner of Finance, for broadcasting in Newfoundland, won by affirmative.
Choir-boys of St. Patrick’s Association at party at Holy Name Hall.
Mr. D. J. Van Bommel gave Review of World Polities for 1937 before Rotary Club.
MacDonald Fellowship Club gave Christmas party to number of less fortunate children at Clubrooms.
Annual meeting Leeming Lodge.
7 Feildians won Junior League Championship in overtime play with Guards by score of 3-2.
Grand Council of F.P.U. repudiated “Advocate” as official organ of that Union.
9 Annual meeting George St. Young Men’s Bible class.
St. Patrick’s Hall Choir rendered Christmas Carols before Patricians Association.
First of educational entertainment sponsored by Nfld. Order of Antlers held at Queen Theatre.
Prince Paul of Greece married to Princess Frederica of Brunswick at Athens.
10 Commission of Government announced new policy marketing salt codfish. Regulation of business will be left with trade.
Members of Star of the Sea Association and lady friends held re-union at Star Hall.
Annual meeting Playgrounds Association.
Nfld. Order of Antlers took over two flats in Cashin Building formerly occupied by Guards Club, as new club rooms.
Guards defeat St. Bon’s in opening game of Senior Hockey by score of 3-2 in overtime period.
11 City and Commercial Hockey League held annual meeting at Crosbie Hotel.
Capt. D. Fraser first pilot to land at Newfoundland Airport.
12 House and contents owned by Daniel Frampton, Gin Cove destroyed by fire.
Irish Dail met for first session under new constitution.
Mr. Moses Morgan selected Rhodes Scholar for 1938.
Feildians defeated Maroons 5-2 in second game senior hockey.
Team skipped by Mr. Harry J Duder won special bonspiel at Curling Rink.
13 Members of staff Newfoundland Butter Company held bowling dinner at Sterling Restaurant.
Ex-pupils of Holy Cross Schools assisted by some city leading artistes presented operetta Van De Hum at Majestic theatre.
Capitol Theatre celebrated third anniversary of opening to public.
Miss Elizabeth MacMilan address Rotary Club on work of Jubilee Guild.
M.C.L.I. debate “resolved that free and compulsory education within the denominational system is desirable and practical” won by affirmative.
Miss S. Edgecomber of staff of Prince of Wales College special speaker at weekly meeting of MacDonald fellowship Club.
New Executive of Playgrounds Association held first meeting.
Judicial Committee of Privy Council allowed appeal of Lady Cashin of St. John’s, against judgment favoring her son Peter, setting aside a deed providing for transfer of certain bonds.
14 St. Bon’s defeated Maroons score 3-2, senior hockey.
15 Annual meeting Board of Optometrists.
St. Bon’s won opening game inter-college hockey defeating Prince of Wales College 7-0.
16 Annual meeting George St. Young Ladies Bible class.
W. F. Herman, publisher of the Windsor Star, died at Los Angeles.
China rejected peace proposals issued by Japanese Government.
Annual Triduum Holy Name Society concluded at R.C. Cathedral.
Lord Bishop of Newfoundland presented Deaconess Cook with license to work in Diocese at C. of E. Cathedral
17 Annual Meeting Society for Protection of Cruelty to Animals at Government House.
First annual meeting of Sunshine Camp held at Newfoundland Hotel.
Guards defeated Feildians 4-2 senior hockey.
Prince of Wales College defeated Memorials 3-2.
Annual meeting Church of England Institute.
18 Annual meeting Wesley Literary Association.
19 Royal Oak Lodge held social at Victoria Hall.
Premier Chautemps succeeded in forming new cabinet in succession to that which resigned on the 14th,
St. Bon’s defeated Feildians by score of 7-1 senor hockey.
St. Bon’s college senior team won over the Feildians 9-2.
Presentation of athletic trophies and enjoyable smoker at Holy Name Hall.
20 Lodge Tasker held 5th annual Ladies Night at Masonic Temple.
His Honor Mayor Carnell addressed Rotary Club on Civic Affairs.
Three-act play “Sunshine” presented by St. Andrew’s Players at Presbyterian Hall.
King Farouk of Egypt and Miss Farida Zulficar married at Kubdeh Palace.
Mr. J. A. Cochrane , Principal of Prince of Wales College, addressed MacDonald Fellowship Club on “The Romance of words.”
Annual meeting Ladies College Air society.
Percy Ellsworth of Sussex, England, after living life of hermit for 30 years in little house on Dixie Line passed away at home of Mr. Alex Ruby, Ruby Line.
21 Annual meeting Jubilee Guild held at Government House.
Miss Mercedes Galway gave exhibition of dancing at auditorium of Academy of Our Lady of Mercy.
Maroons defeated Guards 3-2 senior hockey.
M.C.L.I. held discussion on Labor Unionism.
22 Memorials defeated St. Bon’s 3-2.
23 Professor A. M. Fraser, M. A. of the Memorial College spoke to Holy Cross L. A. on “Mary Queen of Scots.”
24 His Excellency the Governor accompanied by Lt. Com. Dicken, R.N., A.D.C., visited factory of Imperial Tobacco Co., Ltd. and United Nail & Foundry Co., Ltd.
17th annual meeting child Welfare Association held at Government House.
Feildians defeated Prince of Wales inter-collegiate hockey.
25 His Excellency The Governor celebrated 59th birthday.
179th anniversary of birth of Robert Burns celebrated at Newfoundland Hotel by Nfld St. Andrew’s Society
Fire at Bell Island destroyed Central of Avalon Telephone Co. and the residence of Mr. Spurrell adjoining.
St. Bon’s defeated Guards senior hockey in play off 5-3.
26 Miss Ethel Noonan accompanied by Mr. Harry Smith gave song recital at Bishop Feild College Hall.
27 Australia celebrated 150th centenary.
Prof. L. W. Shaw lectured on “Scandinavian Countries” followed by concert and sociable at Gower St. Lecturer Hall.
M.C.L.I. debate “that British foreign policy in the past years was short-sighted” won by affirmative.
His Excellency the Governor, accompanied by Capt. Schwerdt, R.N. visited Railway Station.
Rotarian J. M. Barbour gave discussion on “The Rotarian” before members at weekly luncheon.
St. Bon’s defeated prince of Wales College 9-0, inter-collegiate hockey.
28 His Excellency the Governor visited Standard Manufacturing Co., and Newfoundland Clothing Company.
Lord Atholstan, publisher of the Montreal Star died, 89.
St. Bon’s won Tie-Cup Series when they defeated Guards, 5-3.
30 Rev. Bro. P. M. Egan addressed Holy Cross L. A. on “Gray’s Elegy.”
Annual meeting Newfoundland Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society.
Children of Mary Sodality of the Presentation Convent, Cathedral Square, held election of officers.
Prince of Wales Junior Hockey team won from Feildians 4-3
Memorial defeated Feildians 3-1
31 Violent week-end gale caused big destruction in United Kingdom.
Annual meeting congregation George St. Church.
Holland rejoicing over the birth of a daughter to Prince Julianna.
Annual meeting Board of Trade. Mr. Geoffrey Milling elected President.
Senior hockey team Bishop Feild College defeated Prince of Wales College 5-1
St. John’s Presbyterian of the Women Missionary Society held Conference in Gower Street Church.

1 Great Britain called Italy and France to emergency conference under Nyon Anti-Piracy Accord.
British House of commons meet after long recess.
Maroons defeated Feildians 5-3, senior hockey.
Mr. E. L Hickman won Sir J Middleton Cup at Curling Rink.
0.2 His Excellency the Governor visited Newfoundland Brewery.
Team of Messrs. James Baird Ltd., won Commercial Bowling League championship.
Pupils Bishop Spencer College gave entertainment at Bishop Feild College Hall.
3 St. Bon’s won championship Inter-college league, defeating Feildians 5-3.
St. Bon’s Seniors defeated Maroons, 2-1.
Prof. L. W. Shaw spoke to MacDonald Fellowship Club on “Life of Bobbie Burns.”
Mr. H. Nibecker spoke to rotary Club on the “Herring Industry.”
4 Annual meeting Gower Street United Church.
Feildians defeated Guards 1 goal to nil, senior hockey.
5 Memorial College team won from St. Bon’s in College hockey, 3-0.
Prince of Wales Junior defeated Feildians 5-3.
6 Dr. A.C. Hunter of the Memorial University College lectured to Holy Cross L.A. on “Impressions” of a holiday in the United States.
Patrician Association held musical.
7 His Excellency the Governor visited White Clothing Co., and Imperial Manufacturing Co. premises.
8 Mr. Evan Whiteway assisted by Mrs. E. P. Ryan, violinist, and Mr. Walter Curtis, pianist, gave song recital at Pitts Memorial Hall.
His Excellency the Governor visited Lawrence Bros. factory.
St. Bon’s defeated Feildians 7-4 senior hockey.
Prince Nicholas of Greece passed away, aged 66.
St. Bon’s won inter-Collegiate Junior championship, when they defeated Prince of Wales College 3-1.
Wesley Literary Association held debate in “Euthanasia”.
London, New York & Paris Association of Fashion Ltd., won first place in Section B, in commercial Bowling League series.
9 Concert and sociable at Victory Hall under auspices of Edith Cavell Lodge, L.O.B.A.
Atlantic Lodge I. O. O. F. Held installation Officers.
10 Annual meeting Y. W. C. A. Lady Walwyn present.
Annual meeting League of Mercy
Aksel Sandemose famous Danish novelist, here on visit.
Preliminary annual meeting Benevolent Irish society. Officers elected.
Dr. Miron Crista, Patriarch of Rumanian Orthodox Church, became Premier of Rumania succeeding Premier Octavia Gogo, whose cabinet resigned.
Feildians defeated “Old Timers” 7-3, hockey.
Dr. V. P Burks, M.A., B.Sc., addressed Rotary Club on “The last Invasion of Newfoundland by a foreign power.”
Annual meeting St. Andrew’s Society.
11 Skating exhibitions given by Miss Marjorie Mews and Mr. Douglas Duffy, Mrs. Marrett and Mr. Eric Jerrett.
St. Bon’s defeated Junior Feildians 2 - 1, hockey.
Mark Marshall won Old timers race; Harold Bolger won three mile race.
Miss Nita Green and Mrs. W. Tobin declared most graceful skaters.
William Maher won barrel jumping contest at ice program at Arena.
Schooner Flossie and Mary, Capt. John Rose, and owned by Garland Ltd. Gaultois, ashore at Rose Blanche, crew taken off by Malakoff. Schooner Eric and Jack, owned and operated by Capt. Wm. Dunford of Francois, total loss.
12 Final game inter-collegiate hockey. St. Bon’s Champions of League, defeated Prince of Wales, 15-2.
13 Mr. Gordon Higgins addressed members Newfoundland Order of Antlers at Club Room on “Are We Around the Buoy.”
Rev. J. D. Savin conducted interesting hour from “The Scrap Book” before Holy Cross L.A.
His Excellency the Governor, Lady Walwyn and Comm, Dicken, attended Devine Service at George Street Church.
14 “Valentine Tableux” in aid of funds for Newfoundland Institute of the Blind held at Feild College Hall.
St. Bon’s defeated Guards 3-2 senior league hockey.
15 First civil Service Card Party , Supper and dance held at Newfoundland Hotel.
Good Companions Club held annual dinner at Y.W.C.A. Rooms.
Valentine party at Columbus Hall.
Hon. J.C. and Mrs. Puddester gave luncheon in honor His Excellency the Governor and Lady Walwyn. About 40 guests present including members of Commission of Government and their wives.
Mr. W. Rodger won George C Crosbie Cup at Curling rink.
16 “The Admirable Crichton” presented at Memorial University College.
Cafeteria Tea at Cochrane St. United Church Lecture Hall.
“Ladies Night” at Lodge MacKay, Bay Roberts, Presentation made to Mrs. Arthur George.
17 House covering main hoist to No. 4, Bell Island, destroyed by fire. 300 employees laid off.
Store and shop employees form association.
Mr. J. H. Gorvin, G.B.E. of Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, England, appointed as advisor to the Department of Rural Reconstruction.
Mr. H. B. Quarton spoke to Rotary Club on “Vocational Service.”
132nd Annual Meeting of the Benevolent Irish Society T. H. O’Neill President. Memorial Plaque unveiled to memory of late P. F. Moore.
M.C.L.I. debate “That this house approves the intervention of the Church in secular affairs” won by affirmative.
St. Bon’s defeated Maroons 6-3 in opening game of play downs.
Daily News bowling team topped City League in play off with Light & Power Co.
Members of C.E.I. held reunion at Club Rooms.
MacDonald fellowship Club held enjoyable musicale at Club Rooms.
Mr. J.H. Parsons, Commissioner for Finance spoke to Board of Trade members on the Budget.
18 Annual meeting St. John’s Masonic Mutual Life Insurance Association.
S.S. H. A. Walker en route to this port from Carbonear, caught in ice and destroyed off Pouch Cove. Crew landed at Pouch Cove.
His Grace Archbishop Roche celebrated 64th birthday.
Feildians defeated Guards 5-1 senior hockey.
Bowring Bros., team defeated Baird 8-5 City Commercial league Hockey.
19 His Excellency the Governor and Lady Walwyn sailed on S. S. Fort Amherst on holiday trip.
20 Session of Partician Association took form of conference on Moral Education.
King Carol proclaimed new constitution for Romania.
Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden resigned from cabinet.
Variety program given to members of Holy Cross L. A. by Professor Hutton, K.S.G., and McCarthy, and Mr. Ignatius Rumboldt.
21 Rt. Worshipful Brother David M. MacFarlane appointed to office District Grand Master of Scottish Constitution.
A. F. and A. M. in place of late Hon. Sir Tasker Cook.
Annual meeting Holy Name Society, St. Patrick’s parish.
Feildians and Maroons played to a 3 goal draw, Senior hockey.
Harold Bulger won quarter mile race in 58 seconds.
Their Majesties King George and Queen Elizabeth, visited the Newfoundland stand at the British Industries Fair.
22 House of Commons voted confidence in Premier Chamberlain’s policy of friendship toward Italy, after a bitter two day debate.
Dinner under auspices of St. Bonaventure’s Old Boys’ Association held at Newfoundland Hotel. His Grace the Archbishop attended function and made an address.
Guards defeated Maroons 3-2 senior hockey.
Annual meeting and election of officers of Good Companion Club at Y.W.C.A.
Mr. C.E. hunt K.C., addressed Wesley Literary Association on “Great Men who fought for freedom of speech, justice, emancipation, and uplifting of Human Society.”
23 Championship Bowling team of London, New York and Paris Association of Fashions Ltd., tendered dinner at Sterling Restaurant by the firm.
Annual Tea and Entertainment of Cathedral Mens’ Bible class at Bishop Feild College Hall.
Annual Meeting Inter-Club bowling League at Holy Name Hall.
24 Rotary Club celebrated 33rd anniversary of founding of movement. President Darroch MacGillivray gave address.
Annual meeting St. John’s Branch War Veterans Association.
Annual Dinner of Marine Engineers Association at Newfoundland Hhotel. Sir Wilfred Woods special guest.
St. Bon’s defeated Guards 1-0 senior hockey.
M.C.L.I. debated “That the Truck System as practiced in Newfoundland should been abolished” won by the affirmative.
25 S. S. Dromore, Magnhild and Senef, held at Bay Bulls by ice blockade.
Rev. J. E. Bell gave lecture on “Two glorious weeks in the Canadian Rockies” at Gower Street Church.
Mr. W. A. Munn gave address before Historical Society on The Spanish Armada and how Newfoundland was represented in the great fight.
St. Bon’s defeated Feildians 6-0 in final game of third round of hockey.
26 Children’s Dress Carnival held at Arena.
Red division won Victoria Trophy at Curling Rink.
27 Three European spies arrested in New York for attempting to steal military secrets at the United States airbase.
Patrician Association held discussion under title of “An Unreasonable Young Man.”
Hon. M. P. Gibbs, K.C. delivered address to Star of the Sea Association on “Simon Bolivar, Patriot, solider, Statesman.”
Holy Cross Literary Association held pre-Lenten Musicale.
Second annual meeting of St. Bon’s Old Boys’ Association.
28 Schooner Hazel Myra, Capt. F. Acker, on fire off Bermuda. Crew taken off by British steamship “Cavalier.”
Conception Bay championship series opened at Arena. Bay Roberts defeated Harbor Grace, 2-1; Bell Island defeated Carbonear, 8-0.
General Post Office team No. 1, won Bowling Championship of Civil Service Bowling League when they defeated the Auditors.

1 Gabriele d’Annunzio, warrior poet, of Italy, dead, 74.
Patrician Dramatic Troupe presented “A study in Dramatic Art” to members of K of C at their Hall.
Bay Roberts defeated Carbonear 3-0 and Bell Island won over Harbor Grace 2-1 in Conception Bay Championship series.
2 Ten days ice blockade of port of St. John’s ended.
Great Britain revised arms program and voted increase of $100,000,000 for Royal air Force
S. S. Ranger first ship to sail for seal fishery.
Bell Island defeated Bay Roberts 2-0 and Carbonear defeated Harbor Grace 3-2 in Conception Bay hockey series
Mr. J. W. Allen won G.W.V.A. trophy at Curling Rink.
Bay Roberts “Roverines” defeated St. John’s Ladies ’hockey team 3-1 at Arena.
“All-Star” players of former days of hockey in Bay Roberts, defeated team made up of Old Timers and Public School boys at Arena in playoff 6-5.
3 German Pastor Niemoeller arrested for second time, and taken to concentration camp.
Election of officers St. John’s Branch G.W.V.A. at Holy Name Hall.
Harvey & Company team won Winter Cup in Commercial Bowling League.
4 Mr. P. J. Fortune celebrated diamond jubilee of his entrance into dry good business.
Guards defeated Feildians 4-3 in Championship hockey play downs.
White Division won final game for Captain’s prize at Curling Rink.
5 Steamers Imogene, Beothic, Ungave, Terra Nova, Eagle and Neptune sailed for seal fishery
6 Hon Mr. Justice Higgins addressed Holy Cross L. A. on “Traffic Signals.”
French fishing schooner ITC went ashore near Lighthouse Head, Rose Blanche and is total loss.
7 Official opening inter-Club Bowling League at Special Tournament Alleys.
Guards defeated Feildians 5-3 thus winning way into finals for Boyle trophy.
8 Arthur Brown, 12, Gerald Osmond, 6, in Hospital, suffering from injuries received when slide on which they were riding, collided with motor car.
Natural Resources team won Fraser Cup in Bowling series.
10 Newfoundland Building and Loan Association annual meeting at Sterling Restaurant.
Guest speaker at Rotary Rev. A.A. Rogers, M.A. luncheon subject “Our Imperial Responsibility.”
Mons. Leon Blum endeavoring to form new French Government of Radical Socialist, Premier Chautemps , which resigned.
Fire, which broke out in building owned by Austin Neary, at Bell Island, destroyed four buildings, with property damage amounting to $15,000.
St. Bon’s won Senior League Championship and the Boyle Trophy when they defeated Guards, 2 goals to 1. Andy Cahill, of St. Bon’s team, won Royal blend Trophy as most valuable player to his team during the season.
12 Austria capitulated to Chancellor Hitler, bowing to Germany’s military power, and giving up its five year fight against German domination. German troops entered Austria and take control. Chancellor Schuschnigg resigned.
Grand Falls won championship of Western Division, when they defeated Corner Brook, 3-2
Bell Island won Conception Bay Championship when they defeated Bay Roberts 3 to nil at the Arena.
13 New French Cabinet formed. M. Leon Blum, Premier and Foreign Minister; M. Paul Boncour Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Rev. Gerald Murphy, S.J. of New York addressed Holy Cross L. A. on “The Spanish Crisis.”
Mission for women conducted by the Jesuit Fathers concluded at the R. C. Cathedral.
Patrician Association held Irish Musicale.
14 Hitler made triumphal entry into Vienna.
Heads of all departments of Railway met at General Manager’s officer and presented Mr. Joseph Guy, with cheque in recognition of his invention, in developing a device for attaching to wheels of push plows, to be used in emergencies.
Dr. Louis Conroy spoke to Nfld. Graduate Nurses Association on “Spondylitis” dealing with know diseases of the spine.
St. Bon’s defeated Bell Island 4-3 on overtime play in opening game for championship of Eastern Division.
15 Grand Falls defeated Bell Island 3 to 2 in first game for Newfoundland Championship at Arena.
16 St. Bon’s won All-Newfoundland championship when they defeated Grand Falls 9-1.
Mr. F. R. Emerson, K. C. gave address on Irish Music and song before Rotary Club.
17 Carnival and Ice Gymkhana at Arena.
Lodge Tasker held Investiture for Senior Scottish Masonic Lodge.
St. Patrick’s Hall School Choir presented “Bits of Blarney” at Holy Name Hall.
Irish Night at Columbus Hall.
“Patty Makes Things Hum” presented at K of C Memorial School.
Poland sent “Ultimative” note to Lithuania demanding resumption of diplomatic relations and demanding reply within 48 hours.
Dog Derby at Port Hope Simpson . (NWT)
18 Great Britain and Italy entered into new trade agreement. Newfoundland retains present quota for shipment codfish.
More than 1000 people attended meeting of Clerks Union at Queen Theatre.
Feildians Senior Team defeated Grand Falls C.L.B. 5-3.
Disastrous fire at Curling destroyed house and shop occupied by Harold Davis, shop and dwelling of Mrs. E. Thorne, and Wm. Verge, and building owned by Bay of Islands Light and Power Co.
19 William Glynn of Bay Bulls, found guilty of Manslaughter and sentenced to one year imprisonment.
20 Mexicans seized foreign oil industry, 17 British States companies affected.
Hon. L.E. Emerson, K. C. gave address to Holy Cross L. A. On “A couple of characters in History.”
Number of officers, teachers and scholars of Cochrane St. Church gathered at Lecturer Hall to honor memory of Miss Bradbury and unveil portrait of her.
Rev. J. D. Savin gave address on “The Scrap Book”, before Patricians Association.
Alexander Malinoff, formerly Bulgarian Prime Minister died of heart attack.
21 Sydney Millionaires and Guards Split honors in opening games at Arena 7-7.
Baron George Frankenstein for 17 years Austrian Minister to London ordered to leave by German Ambassador.
22 St. John’s No.1 Corps S. A. celebrated 52nd Anniversary.
Concert and lecture by Mr. C. E. Hunt K. C. subject “Friendly Sandy” at Presbyterian Hall.
Meeting of Aerated Water, Brewery, Butterline, Confectionery and tobacco workers under auspices of St. John’s Executive Newfoundland Trades and Labor Council held at T. A. Armoury.
Sydney Millionaires defeated Bell Island 8-2 at Arena.
23 “The Hoodoo” presented at Congregational Lecture Hall.
Sydney Millionaires defeated Guards 10-5 in return game at Arena.
Annual sport Caribou Club held at St. Anthony.
24 Lithuanian Cabinet resigned with widespread protests over nation’s capitulation to Poland.
Dr. A. G. Hatcher, President of the Newfoundland Memorial College spoke to Rotary Club on “Life of Lord Rutherford.”
Millionaires defeated Guards in third game of series at Arena.
26 Sydney Millionaires defeated City all-Stars 8-4 at the Arena.
All bakery workers assembled at L.S.P.U. Hall to form Bakery Workers Protective Union.
27 One of the worst storms of season experienced in City.
Hon.M.P. Gibbs, K.C. lectured to Star of the Sea Association on “Life and career of Philip H. Sheridan”.
Prof. Alain Frecker lectured Holy Cross L. A. on life of Pope Pius XI.
28 St. John’s visited by worst blizzard for year. Drifts piled 13 feet high. Shipping and railway traffic interrupted by snow and ice.
Radio auction opened under auspices Sunshine Camp.
30 Extravaganza under auspices of Child Welfare Association held at Newfoundland Hotel.
Inmates of Home for Aged and Infirm given entertainment by Committee of Wesley Church.
Sacred Concert by St. Andrew’s Choir under direction of Mr. H. L. Smith B. Mus. (Lond.) A.R.C.M., held at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Rev. J. E. Bell, B. A. gave illustrated lecture on “Through the Canadian Rockies” in Lecture Hall of George St. Church.
General Sea Foods granted 60 days extension by Commission Government
31 S.S. Ranger arrived in port with 19,068 seals.
H. R. H. the Duke of Gloucester celebrated 38th birthday.
1 St. Bon’s won senior Inter-mediate basketball Championship.
Great Britain and United States officially announced their decision to build bigger battleships because Japan refused to give information as to size of battleships building under her present naval program.
Installation of Master and Officers bearers of Whiteway Lodge and banquet at Masonic Temple.
Spanish Insurgent authorities said city of Lerida has been abandoned by Loyalist troops.
3 S. S. Terra Nova with 23,151 seals and Neptune with 16,899 arrived from seal fishery.
Fire did damage to residence of Messrs. Charles Byrne and J. W. McNaily , Prescott St.
Mr. R. S. Furlong addressed Holy Cross L. A. on “Reever C. J. First Chief Justice of Newfoundland.”
Present pupils and graduates of St. Patrick’s Hall held debate on Industrial Revolution.
4 Senior Basketball series officially opened by His Honor Mayor Carnell. Felidans defeated C.L.B. 47-34.
36th meeting Teachers’ Seminar at Memorial University College.
5 Fifth Annual Widows and Orphans flipper dinner under auspices St. John’s Lodge No. 5 held at S.U.F. Hall.
Annual Masonic Church Service under auspices of the Tasker Educational Fund held in Gower Street Church, Rev. J. E. Bell, B. A. Preacher.
Job Bros. and Co., ladies Bowling team won Championship of Business Ladies Bowling League when they defeated team of T McMurdo and Company.
Wanderers defeated Old Memorials 55-17 Senior Basketball.
Opening game inter-Club Billiard Tournament C.E.I. defeated K of C in both games.
6 Mount Cashel Band gave entertainment for members of Community Centre.
Community Centre team defeated Old Memorials 42-19 Senior Basketball.
Annual meeting Intermediate Basketball League.
United Nail and Foundry Hockey team won championship in section B when they defeated Daily New 2-0.
Official opening Bowling Tournament between members B. I. S. And Masonic.
7 Ladies College Aid held Easter Musicale at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Mr. Moses O’Neill veteran treasurer of Truckmen’s Union, honored by T.P.U. on occasion of his 91st birthday.
Annual meeting Nfld. Automobile Association held at Newfoundland Hotel.
Mr. I. J. Samson, Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Education, spoke to Rotary Club on “What is Man?’.
8 Government of Premier Blum tendered its resignation to President Lebrun following rejection of the Financial Bill by the Senate.
S. S. Ungava arrived in port with 47,534 seals.
Feildians defeated 4th St. John’s Seniors Basketball 42-25.
9 Male employees Purity Factories Ltd. held flipper dinner at Donovan’s.
C.E.I. and K. of C. secured one game each in Billiard tourney.
Railway won championship in Civil Service Hockey league when they defeated Police team 7-1
10 Mons Daladier, leader of the French Radical Socialist party formed a National Defense cabinet . Paris workers Parade streets with red flags.
S.S. Imogene arrived in port with 37,880 seals.
Agreement reached on terms of Italy-British Treaty.
Rev. G.J. Murphy, S.J. lectured to large gathering at Nickle Theatre under auspices of St. Bon’s Alumni and Patrician Association on “The Catholic Revival.”
11 36th General meeting Newfoundland Graduate Nurses Association. Dr. Grieve addressed gathering on treatment of Mental Diseases.
Annual meeting Civil Service Association Holy Name Hall.
Greater Germany gave Adolf Hitler more than 99 per cent approval of his annexation of Austria.
Senior Oratorical contest St. Bon’s College, Winners, Robert Evans, first; John Murphy, second; James Halley and Charles Crouchy, third.
Community Centre defeated C.L.B. , 24-21 senior Billiards tourney.
Masonic players defeated B.I.S. in both games in Billiard tournament.
12 Annual meeting Nfld. Permanent Investment and Loan Association at Holy Name Hall.
Mr. Leonard C. Hawco admitted as Solicitor of the Supreme Court.
Feildiands defeated Wanderers 24-22 Senior Basketball.
Richard Whitney , former, New York Stock Broker sentenced to term in Sing Sing prison.
13 Chamber of Duputies by vote of 508 to 12, approved Premier Daladier’s request to govern France by Cabinet decree for the next three months.
Wanderers defeated C.L.B. 53-34 and 4th St. John’s defeated Community Centre 28-22 senior basketball.
Premier Daladier used powers granted by Parliament and sent thousands of strikers back to work.
14 Hon. J. C. Puddister, Commissioner for Public Health and Welfare, addressed Rotary Club on Government’s Public Health program.
17 R. C. Church and Presbytery at Coachman’s Cove destroyed by fire.
Final session for 1937-38 season of Patrician Association.
Holy Cross L. A. held Musicale under direction of Mr. T. P. Halley B. L.
18 Pupils of Prince of Wales College under direction of Mr. H. L. Smith, B.Mus. (Lon.) A.R.C.M. presented Pirates of Penzance at Pitts Memorial Hall.
His Excellency the Governor and Lady Walwyn arrived by special train from Port Aux Basques and given enthusiastic reception at railway station.
Crosbie and Co., appointed sole agent for Montgomery and Ward of Chicago.
Feildian Easter Ball at Bishop Field College Hall.
G.W.V.A. Easter Dance at Nfld. Hotel.
Easter Dance at Columbus Hall.
Card Party in both afternoon and night at Spencer College auditorium
Pupils of Grade X Presentation Convent, Cathedral Square, presented entertainment at Convent Auditorium.
19 Members of Rotary Club gave entertainment to patients of Sanatorium under direction of Mr. William Duggan and his minstrel troupe.
Annual flipper dinner held in hall of St. Michael’s Church.
Citizens turned out in large members to participate in welcome to His Excellency and Lady Walwyn. Address given by his Honor the mayor Lady Walwyn presented with bouquet.
Leslie Pawson of Newtucket, R. I. won Boston Marathon in 2 hrs, 35 min. 34 4/5 secs.
Pat Dengis, of Baltimore, 2 Johnny Kelly of Arlington, 3rd; Pat Kelly, Nfld representative finished in 39th position.
Masonic and B.I.S. divided honors in Billiard tournament.
Feildians defeated Memorials 44-7 and community Centre defeated Wanderers 38-34 Senior League basketball.
4th St. John’s defeated Celts Intermediate league basketball 24-22.
20 Chancellor Hitler of Germany celebrated 49th birthday.
Tasker Celebration for children of Masonic at Bishop Field College Hall. dance tonight.
Annual flipper supper under auspices Llewellyn Club at Cannon Wood Hall.
Wesley Star Mission Circle staged comedy “There’s a man in the house” at Lecturer Hall.
C.L.B. defeated Memorials 36-32 and Wanderers defeated 4th Rovers 47-30 senior basketball.
21 Princess Elizabeth celebrated 12th birthday.
Norwegian sealing steamer “Ora” sent S.O.S. saying boilers leaking and crew on ice. S.S. Eagle rescued crew.
His Lordship Bishop White addressed Rotary Club on Christian Citizenship’ at weekly luncheon.
22 Radio Ball in aid of Children’s Playgrounds Association at Newfoundland Hotel.
23 “Bits of Blarney” and “His Secret” presented at Auditorium of Presentation Convent by pupils of St Patrick’s Hall School.
Inter-Club team won from Commercial bowlers in all-Star Bowling game.
24 St. John’s Corps No. 2 Salvation Army celebrated Golden Jubilee.
S.S. Eagle arrived from seal fishery with 19,298 seals, and crew of ill-fated Norwegian sealer “Oga” which sank off the Funks.
Final session Holy Cross Literary association, Rev. J. D. Savin gave “Scrapbook” address.
25 Great Britain and Ireland ended 6 years tariff war, Britain forces to be withdrawn from Irish Coast defense ports.
4th St. John’s Rovers defeated Memorials 62-14 senior basketball.
Ladies Civil Service Bowling League brought season to close with dinner at Nfld. Hotel.
T. A. Club won Barron and Lewis Trophy in inter-club tournament, Presented with prizes at Club rooms by Hon. M. P. Gibbs, K.C.
26 Sir John Simon in budget speech, revealed increased taxation and showed deficit approximating $150,000,000 with income tax increased by sixpence.
Independent Order of Odd Fellows celebrated 119th anniversary with flipper supper at Club Rooms.
“Ladies” Night at Masonic Temple Avalon Lodge.
Some 15 men employed by the Island Timber Co., at Cox’s Cove, North Side of Bay of Islands, on Strike.
Mr. W.A. Neal. Coach of Old Spencerian Association Basketball, made presentation by members.
4th St. John’s Boy Scouts defeated C.L.B. 36-18 Feildians defeated Community Centre 43-25 senior basketball.
Celts defeated Guards 3-26 Intermediate League basketball.
Employees City Council met at S.U.F. Hall and formed union.
27 Mr. J.C. Phillips celebrated 50th year as employee of H. J Stabb and Co.
28 Dramatic troupe presented two plays at Assembly Hall, Memorial College.
William Pearce, railway track, at Hhospital in unconscious condition as result of being hit by motor cycle.
MacDonald Fellowship Club celebrated 10th anniversary by dinner at Nfld. Hotel.
Mr. T. H. O’Neill spoke to rotary Club on “Nfld. Anecdotes”.
Annual meeting Terra Nova Tennis Club at K of C Hall.
Duchess of Atholl resigned as National Government Whip.
29 Mr. T.P. Halley addressed Historical Society on “Interesting Parts of Newfoundland History.”
30 Bonspiel Dinner of Curling association held at Nfld Hotel.
St. John’s Masonic Joint Stock Co. Ltd. Annual meeting.

1 Cathedral Men’s Bible class re-opened Harbor and Wharf Mission work.
Missionary Sunday at Gower St. United Church.
2 Education Week observed all over country.
Swiss Government made request to League council to be relived of necessity of taking sanctions.
Head Constable Walsh given address and presentation by members of Criminal Investigation Dept. on eve of departure to take charge of the Western section of the Police with Headquarters at Corner Brook.
Grand Dance under auspices of St. Bon’s Old Boy’s Association held at Nfld. Hotel.
Wanderers defeated 4th St. John’s Rovers , 55-32 basketball.
Drama of Academy of Our Lady of Mercy began Education Week with instructive lecture by Rev. R. McD. Murphy.
3 Premier Mussolini welcome Chancellor Hitler to Rome with gigantic display of friendship.
Annual banquet Wesley Bible class at Wesley Lecture Hall.
Comets defeated Bulldogs 30-17 intermediate basketball.
Feildians defeated Community Centre 36-26 senior basketball.
4 Third annual bowling dinner and dance by lady bowlers of Ayre and Sons, Ltd. at Nfld. Hotel.
“Parents and Friends” night held at St. Bonaventure’s College as part of Education week.
Masonic Entertainment Committee held first of three social functions at Masonic Temple.
Dr. Douglas Hyde elected as first President of Eire.
George St. United Church Sunday School held variety entertainment at Lecture Hall.
“Spring Sale” held at St. Mary’s Hall.
Liner Lafayette almost completely destroyed by fire at La Have.
5 Golden Anniversary of the International Association of Machinists celebrated by Cabot and Beothic Lodges of Newfoundland by banquet at St. Mary’s Hall.
Weekly meeting MacDonald Fellow Ship Club. Election of officers for ensuing year.
Mr. J. A. Cochrane, B.Sc., Principal of Prince of Wales College, spoke on subject of youth conditioning before Rotary Club.
Community Centre defeated 4th St. John’s Rovers 29-27 in overtime play senior basketball.
Pupils of St. Patrick’s Convent gave a variety entertainment as part of education week program.
6 Owaissa Club of Y.W.C.A. produced 3 act play “The King Jester” in Canon Wood Hall.
Annual meeting parishioners C. of E. Cathedral.
Feildians defeated Wanderers 30-29 thereby winning championship in senior League Basketball.
Exhibition of work and Gymnastics at Prince of Wales College given as part of Education week program.
9 Comets won championship in Intermediate Basketball League when they defeated 4thSt. John’s Rovers.
10 Mr. Malcolm MacDonald, Secretary of the Dominion, announced in house of commons that Responsible Government will not be restored to Nfld. for some time to come.
Pat Kelly, Newfoundland representative in Boston Marathon, arrived by the S.S. Newfoundland.
11 Glee Club presented “Springtime in Song” at memorial University College.
C.E.I. winners in Billiard Tourney guest of Knights of Columbus at dinner at Donovan’s.
Feildians Senior Basketball champions for 1938 tendered dinner by Mr. W. A. Neal, former member of the team at Nfld Hotel.
Annual Newfoundland Conference Women’s Missionary Society at Carbonear.
12 Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth celebrated first anniversary of their Coronation.
Haile Selassie lost fight before League Council to save Ethiopia from being recognized as part of Italian Empire.
Mr. Norman White, Financial Editor of the Financial Post, addressed Rotary Club on the “Rowell Commission.”
Members of the Police Force who attended Coronation Ceremonies at London last year, hosts to members of G.W.V.A. who were also present at dinner at Bella Vista.
University of King’s College conferred degree of Honorary Doctor of Laws on Rt. Rev. Philips S. Abraham, Anglican Coadjutor Bishop of Newfoundland.
Oratorical contest at St. Bon’s college, Grades 3 and 4. first place James Green; 2nd P. Halley; 3rd Patrick Brogan’ Grade 5 and 6 1st, Gilbert Higgins, 2nd Basil Hickey, 3rd Joe Kent.
13 Mexico severed diplomatic relations with Great Britain. Trouble arose over payment Civil War debts.
Bowater-Lloyd Co., announced Gander scheme off. Expect to announce purchase of Corner Brook plant in 2 weeks.
Inter-College and C.L.B. indoor sports held at C.L.B. Armoury. Team trophy won by C.L.B.
Card party held at Spencer College Auditorium.
14 General meeting of Electrical Telephone and Allied Workers Association at T. A. Armoury.
Painting and Allied Trade Workers held meeting and election of officers.
15 Rev. Harold Tompkinson, Minister of Cochrane St. Church, tendered resignation to Official Board.
Brick building, owned by Mrs. Sarah Smith, New Gower Street, damaged by fire, water and smoke.
16 35 anniversary foundation of Longshoremen’s protective Union.
Premier Chamberlain announced Cabinet changes; Kingsley Wood, succeeding Lord Swindon, who resigned, and Mr. Malcolm Macdonald to the Colonial Office, Lord Stanley now Dominion, Secretary.
Constable Frank Murphy of East End Barracks, made presentation on eve of his departure from that station to the Central Police Barracks.
17 Pupils of Bishop Spencer College gave exhibition of dancing, elocution and dramatics at Field College Hall.
18 Sunshine Bible Class of Gower Street Sunday School celebrated 21st birthday, with social and tea at Lecture Room of Church.
Annual meeting Longshoremen’s Protective Union.
19 Premier Hertzog’s Government won decisive victory in Union of South Africa, winning 45 of 63 seats.
Colonial Development Advisory Committee expressed strong disapproval of the way in which loan of 205,000 pounds for road development in Newfoundland was expended.
Annual dinner Business ladies Bowling League at Nfld. Hotel.
Guards won championship Inter-Club Bowling when they defeated C.L.B. by 7 pins.
Oratorical contest of Grades 7 and 8 St. Bon’s college won by Masters T. Halley first, T. Bindon, second and S. Neary 3rd.
20 Japanese announced that their troops had completed occupation at Suchow.
Annual meeting Feildian athletic Grounds Association.
Music and Elocution pupils of United Church College gave entertainment at Pitts Memorial Hall.
21 Members of Mazda Rifle Club enjoy shoot and social at their range.
22 Newfoundland schooner “Myrtle’ from Fortune, with cargo of fresh herring for Nova Scotia ports, ashore at Whiteman’s Point, near Canso.
23 Bungalow owned by Andrew Gillard, Corner Brook, destroyed by fire.
Cigarette Department of the Imperial Tobacco Co.. (Nfld.) Ltd., entertained by management of the Company
24 House in Buckle’s Valley occupied by several families, destroyed by fire.
Conversion of John Wesley commemorated at Gower St. United Church.
Schooner James Jones,Capt. Gideon Bown, of Pool’s island and schooner Gladys Mosher, of Pelly’s Island, in collision off Cape St. Francis. Both vessels damaged, but made port under own power.
Annual State Convention Knights of Columbus held at rooms of Terra Nova Council.
Joint parade of Loyal Orange Association and Lodges of Conception and Trinity Bays held at Carbonear.
25 Premier De Valera’s Government defeated by one vote in Dail, the first set-back in five years of office.
Eucharistic Congress opened at Budapest.
C.L.B. track team entertained by C.L.B. athletic association at Sterling Restaurant.
Meeting of Guards Football Association at Club Rooms.
26 Fire at North Point, Portugal Cove, destroyed house of Clement Greeley and Jacob Hibbs.
Mr. Eric Cook gave address on Company Law before Rotary Club.
Queen Mary celebrated 71st birthday.
27 Annual meeting parishioners of St. Thomas’s Church.
Blackwood Studio of Dancing presented program at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Dance at T. A. Armoury under auspices of T. A. Athletic Association.
First St. John’s Troop Boy Scouts held sports at C.L.B. Armoury.
James Baird Ltd. champions of Championship bowling series.
28 Executive of Railway Employees Association tendered banquet at Donovan’s to directors of Sick Benefit Fund, and the local committee, as mark of appreciation for work done.
Bishop Feild College held Inter-House Cross Country races.
29 34th Eucharistic Congress closed in the city of Budapest.
Dionne Quints celebrated 4th birthday at Callander.
30 Hon. Sir Wilfred Woods, Commissioner for Public Utilities, informed Daily News that General Sea Foods were seeking further extension of time.
Lady Walwyn. accompanied by Miss Alderdice, returned to St. John’s after two weeks at Corner Brook, where they reviewed Girl Guide troops.
Brotherhood Club of Ccongregational Church closed season activities with banquet.
31 His Holiness Pope Pius XI celebrated 81 st birthday.
Santa Cruz Oil Co. plant at Argentia closed. Government requested to extend time for operation of factory ship.
1 Annual sports day St. Bon’s College
Annual sports day Bishop College held at Feildian Grounds.
Fire destroyed residence and part contents of house owned by Ambrose Wheadon, Bradley Cove.
Flannel dance held at B.I.S. Club Rooms.
Prince of Wales College Sports at Ayre Athletic Grounds.
2 Annual meeting Mount Carmel Cemetery Committee.
Withdrawal of foreign fighters from Spanish war made prospects for settlement of volunteer question brighter. Britain may act as mediator.
Election officers Rotary Club at Weekly meeting.
R. J. Cullen, President of International Power Company, announced that agreement was concluded with Bowater Paper Mill Ltd. of London for the purchase by Bowater of the entire common share capital of the International Power & Paper Co. of Newfoundland Ltd.
Second Coronation re-union of the Sergeants Mess at Sterling Restaurant.
Employees and friends of St. John’s Gas, Light Co. and Newfoundland Fuel and Engineering Co. gathered at Octagon Pavilion to celebrate 25th anniversary of service to the Company.
3 Duke and Duchess of Windsor, celebrated first wedding anniversary, and were recipient of gift album, in which outstanding editorial of St. John’s Newfoundland Daily News, occupied prominent place.
Forest fires in progress on Peninsula of Avalon and at Rencontre East.
Miss Annie Boggan honored by fellow workers of Avalon Telephone Co. on occasion of her approaching marriage, by “shower” at Donovan’s.
Annual meeting Regatta committee.
4 Between 1200 and 1600 men of Bonavista made orderly protest against present dole ration.
5 Patients of Markland Hospital evacuated as forest fires menaced the settlement.
7 St. Bon’s Orchestra gave third annual broadcast.
Public meeting held at Harbor Grace for purpose of forming labor union at that place.
Annual sports Day Bishop Feild College.
Graduation Ceremony at Memorial University College. His Excellency the Governor and Lady Walwyn in attendance. His Excellency gave address.
Annual banquet N.G.I.T. Group Gower St. Church at Church Hall.
Mr. Edward Skiffington completed 45 years of service as Night Watchman.
Miss Rita Mullowney ex-pupil of Littledale, winner of Senior Jubilee University Scholarship.
Dr. L. R. Wheeler, M. Sc. Ph.D. London gave address to Rotary Club on “Malaya”.
9 Liberal Government Premier W. J. Patterson returned to power in Saskatchewan.
Birthday of His majesty the King celebrated with historic ceremony of the “Trooping of the colors” on the Horse Guards parade.
Mr. Horace Phillip and Miss Kathleen Norris employees of T. McMurdo & Co., Ltd. gained first and second place respectively at Maritime College of Pharmacy, Halifax.
10 Birthday honors included the names of the following: William Richard Howley, K.C. to be Champion of the Most distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George; Michael Sinnott to be Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (Civil Division); and Miss Elizabeth Rose to be a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.
City of Chenchow, once prosperous railway centre held by Chinese, reduced to ruins by Japanese Bombs.
Dinner at Bishop Feild College Hall under auspices of Feildian Club to honor champions senior basketball team and junior hockey team.
Miss Mercedes Galway’s dancing pupils gave entertainment at Academy of Our Lady of Mercy.
12 Church of St. Teresa Mundy Pond, formally opened by His Grace the Archbishop.
Ordination Service at C. of E. Cathedral. Five Deacons raised to Priesthood by the Lord Bishop of Newfoundland. Namely Revs. J. Pike, J.W. Young, J. Buckwell, G.W. Wareham, and O.C. Dickenson. G.H. Earl admitted to Deaconate.
13 Members of Carpenters’ Protective Union on strike for higher wages.
Annual meeting Mount Allison Association at Memorial College. Dr. Trueman, Principal Mt. Allison, and Miss Constance Young, Principal, Mt. A Girls’ School, gave address.
Graduate Nurses enjoyed musicale at regular meeting at Crosbie Hotel.
Opening Game football series. B.I.S. defeated Mount Cashel by 1 goal.
Annual meeting Pharmaceutical Society held at Board of Trade rooms
14 Schooner Mary Sabena, with load of herring from Fortune to Canso, foundered at sea. Crew safe.
Guards defeated C.L.B. 1 to nil second game League Football.
Opening Session Diocesan Synod.
15 Opening Session of the Newfoundland Conference of the United Church of Canada Rev. W. J. Woolfrey elected President.
R.W. Bro. D.M. Macfarlane installed District Grand Master of Scottish Free Masonry in Newfoundland at Masonic Temple.
St, Patrick’s Hall sports.
Holloway Schools Kindergarten Department at Pitts Memorial Hall.
16 Closing exercise and distribution of prizes St. Bride’s College Littledale
Enjoyable dinner under auspices of United Nail and Foundry Athletic Association held at Donovan’s.
Mrs. C.E. Hunt. K.C. addressed Rotary Club on appeal for the blind.
Mrs. Robert Laird and Miss Constance Young given welcome at Memorial Hall, Gower St. United Church, by Nfld Branch of the Women’s Missionary Society of the United church.
Feildians won third game in Maritime Life Trophy series when they defeated Holy Cross by one goal.
Diocesan Council of C.E.W.A. met in session.
New R.C. Church at Northern Bay officially opened by His Lordship Bishop March, of Harbor Grace.
17 Miss Constance young of the Mount Allison School for Girls, addressed United Church Conference.
Feast of Corpus Christi observed at R.C. Cathedral.
Memorial Service held by the United Conference in memory of Revs. O. Jackson, W. Harris, and W.J. Morris.
18 Presentation made to Misses Dawe and Samson and Mr. L H, Baxter, retiring members of staff of Bishop Feild College.
19 Special ceremonies of Corpus at New Church of St. Teresa at Mundy Pond.
20 Rev. Donald Macodrum recently elected Moderator of the Presbyterian Church died at Brookville, of heart attack.
Annual Prize debate at Holy Cross School “Resolved that was is necessary to civilization.” won by affirmative. Award for best speaker won by Master P Maddigan.
Ordination Service at Cochrane St. Centennial Church four candidates being John Ball, Walter Davis, Robert Green, Frank Mitchinson. Charge delivered by Rev. Robert Laird D. D.
Garden party at Government House, Lord Bishop of Newfoundland, and Mrs. White, Co-Adjuror Bishop and Mrs. Abraham and delegates to Biennial Synod guests.
B.I.S. defeated Guards 2-0 thereby winning their way into finals for Maritime Life Cup.
21 His Excellency the Governor and Lady Walwyn entertained President of the UC. Conference, Rev. W.J. Woolfrey, B.D., Rev. DR. and Mrs. Laird, of Toronto and other members of the Conference at Garden party at Government House grounds.
Hon. J.C. Puddester, Commissioner Public Health and Welfare, entertained at luncheon at Newfoundland Hotel in honor of Rev. Dr. Laird, and Rev. D.G. Rideout, R.F.G.S., included in guests were Hon. Sir Wilfred Woods, hon. J.H. Pinson and prominent Clerics and Laymen of the United church.
22 Storehouse and garage owned by John Bourne, Torbay Road destroyed by fire.
Countess Strathmore the Queen’s mother passed away at London, aged 76.
23 Feildian and B.I.S. played to scoreless draw in final game for Maritime Life Cup.
Rev. Robert Laird, D.D., spoke to Rotary Club on “The Orient.”
Prize giving and entertainment at Holloway School.
Junior pupils of Miss Mercedes Galway gave exhibition of dancing at Academy of Our Lady of Mercy.
24 Installation office bearers of Avalon Lodge at Masonic Temple.
St. John’s Day observed in city.
Dr. James McGrath appointed as Senior Medical Officer in charge of the new Health Unit.
Annual Meeting Boy Scout Association at Government house.
C.L.B. and Guards play to scoreless draw in first game for championship.
25 Hon. R.B. Ewbank, Commissioner for Natural Resources, returned to city after spending a week in the Exploits watershed and Airport.
First regular meeting of the Cordage, Twine and Allied Workers Protective Union held.
27 Meeting Newfoundland Adult Education Association. Reports show successful year.
1938 Annual convention of the Medical Association opened at General Hospital.
Holy Cross defeated Feildians 2-0 in second game for Maritime trophy.
Capt Bob Bartlett left Nantucket on his 40th voyage to the Arctic.
Closing exercises Model School.
B.I.S. defeated Mount Cashel 2-1 in champion series.
29 Garden Fete at “Ormac” Kings Bridge Road to help provide funds for work of Y.M.C.A.
Phillip Osmond, of Bonavista Bay, his daughter and three sons, Newfoundland bound from Toronto in 31 foot motor boat, arrived at Quebec.
Religious Reception and Holy Profession at St. Bride’s College, Littledale.
30 New Church ship “Arqouant” dedicated by the Lord Bishop of Newfoundland accompanied by the Rev. J. Briton, Chaplain, at Job Bros. wharf.
Rotarian Alan Fraser spoke to Club on his coming visit to Sydney, Australia.
Mortal remains of Rev. Dean McGrath, P.P. of Bell Island, laid to rest in Priest’s Plot at Belvedere Cemetery.
Hon. R.B. Ewbank in broadcast, dealt with ills and cures of Newfoundland fishery problems.
Guards defeated Holy Cross 2-0 in championship series.
Pope Pius XI received new Spanish Nationalist Ambassador to Holy See at His summer residence.
Annual distribution of prizes Grade III to VII at Academy of Our Lady of Mercy.
1 Dwelling house of J Dinn, Blackmarsh Road destroyed by fire.
Executive of Dominions Command and St. John’s Branch of G.W.V.A. laid wreaths of Forget-Me-Nots at War memorial, Mount Carmel, Church of England, Belvedere, Salvation Army and General Protestant cemeteries.
3 Annual Memorial Service at National War memorial largely attended.
Religious Reception and Profession at Oratory Presentation, Cathedral Square.
4 Publish meeting held at Harbor Grace to consider possibilities of employment.
Japanese bombers killed an estimated 300 persons at Swatow.
Second Annual Fair and Outdoor Musical of Holy Cross Schools.
Hon. JH Pinson, Commissioner of Finance delivered Budget speech at Board of Trade Rooms.
Dr. E.P. Moores entertained his yachting friends when his new boat of the snipe class was christened “The Jeffy” by Dr. H. Rendell.
Mount Cashel defeated C.L.B. 1 to nil.
5 Canadian Fascists from National Unity party will contest next election.
B.I.S. defeated Feildians 5-1. Championship football series.
6 Opening Assembly of summer school. Some 400 teachers in attendance,
Bomb explosion in business section of Haifa, Jerusalem followed by gun battle between Jews and Arabs. 21 killed and 60 wounded.
Commissioner and Mrs. Carpenter, distinguished Salvation Army Officers arrived in City to attend S.A. Congress and given enthusiastic welcomes.
Softball season officially opened by His Honor the Mayor.
Cubs defeated maroons 17-11.
Annual Outing White Clothing Company at Donovan’s .
Corner Stone of new Church at Northern Bay laid by Hon. J. C. Puddester, Commissioner for Public Heath and Welfare.
7 Sino-Japanese was entered into second year.
Official opening Playgrounds and Swimming Pool.
Hon. R. J. Manion elected Leader of Canadian Conservatives.
Annual report of Rotary Club presented. Mr. Max Barbour elected President for coming year.
Summer school formally opened at Memorial College.
Holy Cross defeated Mount Cashel by one goal in Senior football League championship series.
New Gower St. Eight Cadets Commissioned as probationary Lieutenants.
8 Two fishermen, Henry Smith and James Kelly, of Marystown, members of crew of banker Badcock, who went astray June 20th, picked up by schooner Merril G. Maxwell, and landed at Beau Bois.
Guards and B. I. S. played to scoreless draw senior football.
T. A. defeated Feildians 30-11 Section B. softball League.
9 Coaster Fogota owned by Earle Sons & Co. Ltd. destroyed by fire off Cape St. Francis.
10 Schooner Nellie T. Walters, owned by R. T. Sainthill, of Sydney, lost at Point Lance.
Boat which Mr. M.G. Basha purchased at Port aux Basques, lost en route to Curling.
11 Howard Hughes, Millionaire sportsman, with four companions, took off from Floyd Bennett Field on non-stop flight to Paris.
H.M.S. Orion arrived in port.
Feildians defeated C.L.B. 4-0 senior league football.
12 Terra Nova Tennis and Country Club successfully defended Avalon Trophy at Harbor Grace.
Snipe Boat racing season opened at Avalon Yacht Club. Race won by “Romar” in charge of G.C. Giannou and W.A. Neal
. Dominion Secretary, Lord Stanley, denied press reports and stated in House of Commons that poverty is no reason for Newfoundland children not attending school. Governor Walwyn reported to him that lack of school accommodations is blamed for early with drawl.
Avalon Pavilion at Long Pond officially opened by His Honor Mayor Carnell.
John Shang, native of Hi Ping, Canton, 30 years old, arrested under warrant and charged with murder of Eng. Wing Kit, whose lifeless body was discovered, July 3rd.
City team defeated team of H.M.S. Orion, 2-1.
13 Team from H.M.S. Orion defeated city team 2-1 in football.
Rev. Wilfred J Butcher, B.A. arrived in city to take up duties at Queen’s road congregational Church.
14 Announced that Mr. Joseph Clouter, formerly of Catalina, now of Boston, who last year opened Library at Catalina, now proposes to open librarys in King’s Cove Bonavista, Elliston, Little Catalina, Port Union and Port Rexton.
Howard Hughes, Multi-millionaire sportsman and four companions flight of 14,824 miles in 3 days, 19 hours, 17 minutes.
Junior team H.M.S. Orion defeated Junior team of City, 2 – 1. Guards defeated B.I.S. 17-16 Softball.
15 Election of officers of Grand Lodge, L. O. A. at Botwood. Grand Master Bro. P.W. Crummey; Secty, Bro. R. T. Smith, P.G.M
First 11 of H.M.S. Orion defeated City team 4-1.
Wabana fire Brigade celebrated 25th anniversary with outing at Kellgrews.
17 Annual Requiem Mass Mount Carmel Cemetery.
Samuel Insull, former head of $4,000,000,000 utilities empire, created in the United States, died of heart attack in a Paris subway. He made history in 1932 when a grand jury indicted the brothers on charges of embezzlement and larceny from two financing companies.
Rev. C. L. Mitchell B.A., B.D., Minister of Vernon Presbyterian Church, Ontario, a former Newfoundlander, given welcome at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, where he was Preacher.
Mr. Alton Wm. Fudge of Queens College, admitted to Order of Deacons by the Lord Bishop of Newfoundland, at All Saints Church , Pouch Cove.
Feast of St. Bonaventure celebrated by College Alumni. His Grace the Archbishop celebrated Mass in College Oratory, and was speaker at breakfast, presided over by Hon. L.E. Emerson, K.C. Pres. Old Boy’s Association.
His Excellency and Lady Walwyn attended Rally of Jubilee Guilds of Codroy Valley.
18 Dowager Queen Marie of Rumania passed away aged 82.
Douglas G. Corrigan, 31 years old California, landed at Dublin from New York in a 9 year old plane, without radio or instruments, in 28 hours, 13 minutes.
B.I.S. defeated Holy Cross 4-1 senior league series.
T. A. softball team defeated Antlers 32-6.
Rev. C. R. and Mrs. Blount, given address and presentation by U.C. congregation,
Harbor Grace.
19 Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, left on state visit to France, and given warm greeting in French Capital. King George and President of France reaffirmed Anglo-French friendship. Replying to speech of welcome by the President Albert Lebrun, King George declared “It would be impossible to recall a period in which our relations were more animate.”
Constable John Brocklehurst honored by his officers and men of East End Station on occasion of his approaching marriage, by presentation of beautiful wedding cake, work of Mrs. Walter Day, Chief of the station.
Guards defeated Mount Cashel 2-0 senior football.
20 Carbonear Tennis Club guests of Riverdale Club. Senior and Junior Tournaments held and victory divided.
Bally Hally club won Eastern title and right to play at Grand Falls for the Lever Cup when they defeated Hr. Grace in all games.
Annual outing of Railway Employees Welfare Association held at Donovan’s.
Mr. Thomas Lodge, CB former member of Newfoundland Commission of Government arrived by S. S. Nova Scotia on visit.
Sons of England and friends held enjoyable outing at Woodstock, Topsail.
Union Employees of Messrs, Browning Harvey Ltd., Purity Factory and Mammy’s Bakery went on strike following breakdown of negotiations with employers.
Hon. J.A. Winter, K.C. Commissioner for Home Affairs and Education, arrived from England where he had been in connection with new education program outlined by Commission Government and other matters of state.
Mr. V.S. Bennett arrived from England where he had been, in connection with negotiation proceedings between Bowater’s Lloyd Ltd., and the Reid Newfoundland Co.
Flying boat Mercury left Foynes, Ireland, carrying first Atlantic commercial cargo.
Prof. A. M. Bryan arrived by S.S. Nova Scotia to examine deposits at Bay St. George.
Annual Garden Party Regatta of Portugal Cove held at Kent’s Pond.
Cubs defeated B.I.S. 14-7 and Feildians defeated Antlers 3-14 softball.
21 Great Britain’s flying boat “Mercury” ended trans-Atlantic flight to New York, landing at Port Washington to complete this year’s first survey flight of project commercial routes across North Atlantic.
Holy Cross defeated C.L.B. 1 to nil senior football.
Mrs. Gerald Collins, of New York, given farewell party and presentation by number of friends at Sterling Restaurant
Soviet Russia rejected Japanese protest re-occupation Far East Territory.
22 King George and Queen Elizabeth concluded visit to French Capital. His Majesty unveiled memorial at Calais to memory of those Australians who fell in the Great War.
Duke and Duchess of Kent left London for Bucharest where they represented King George and Queen Elizabeth at funeral of Queen Marie.
Mr. Warwrick Smith gave address to Rotary Club on “Some Newfoundland Names”.
Guards defeated Maroons 21-15 Senior League Football.
Guards defeated Maroons 21 to 15 in Softball.
23 Lee Wulff here on invitation of Tourist and Publicity Bureau reported first tuna, weighing 470 lbs, caught on hook and line, landed by him near Norris Point.
24 British flying boat “Mercury” left Port Washington on return flight to Ireland.
B.I.S. defeated Cubs 4-2 senior football.
Corner Brook Tennis Club won Lever Trophy at Grand Falls.
26 More than dozen shots fired in attempt to assassinate Major General Blanton Winship, Governor of Puerto Rico, 2 killed and 33 wounded in shooting affray which followed.
Flying Boat “Mercury” left Botwood for Horta at 4.25 a.m.
Associated Newfoundland Iindustries stated position industries strike as willing to discuss question of wages and hours, but will not submit to dictation of methods of policies.
“Mercury” reached Horta from Botwood in 7 hours, 38 minutes and “Nordmeer” arrived from Port Washington, 2 hours and 10 mins. after “Mercury”.
Henry Smith and Joseph P Kelly, members of the crew of Banker, J. Badcock, of Marystown, astray from their schooner, picked up by banker belonging to Holletts on 23rd, and brought as far as Cape Spear, from which they rowed to St. John’s.
Mount Cashel defeated Feildians 3-1 senior football.
Opening game Junior Football League , C.L.B. defeated B.I.S. 3-1.
27 Annual outing Knights of Columbus at Donovan’s.
“Mercury” arrived at Southampton from Azores.
Bowring Park Tennis Club defeated Terra Nova Club in all but one game.
Maroons defeated C.L.B. 17-16 softball.
28 Dr. S.G. Rideout guest speaker at Rotary Club, subject, “Central Africa.”
Guards defeated Mount Cashel 2-1
Jack Judge author of Tiperary, passed away at West Bromwich, 60.
Lady Walwyn entertained staff and students of Jubilee Guilds, Co-operative and Adult Educational School, at Government House.
Members of Massed City Choirs who took part in musical program of Holy Cross Fair, entertained by Mrs. B.A .Norris, L.T.C.L. in dining room of St. Bonaventure’s College,
29 50 students, members of the Society, left London for Newfoundland.
30 6 ton “Hawaii Clipper” which left Guam on the 29th with 6 passengers and crew of 9 lost in Pacific.
Norwegian ship Polarine arrived in port with 15 members of French fishing vessel, Notre Dame de St. Juaon of St. Malo, who had abandoned their ship in sinking condition. 15 other members of crew rowed to Trepassey.
31 Balkan Entente States agreed to cancellation of post-war treaty limitations on Bulgaria’s army
Annual Garden party of St. Francis’ Parish, Outer Cove, Logy Bay and Middle Cove, held at Outer Cove.
1 Three year old child named Hibbs of Bell Island entered Hospital here suffering from severe arm injuries sustained when it was caught in one of ore cars.
R.E.W.A. team defeated Feildians 39-10 softball.
2 Catholic teachers in attendance at Summer School, guests of His Grace the Archbishop at Entertainment at Aula Maxima, St. Bon’s College.
Guards Juniors defeat C.L.B. 3-1.
3 Effort to revive baseball met with success. Guards defeated B.I.S. 8-4.
Regatta postponed on account of weather conditions.
4 Royal Welsh Imperial Singers gave recital at Pitts Memorial Hall.
Glorious weather marked annual regatta. West End Police crew won Governor’s Cup for best time
Annual Regatta dance under auspices S.P.A. at Newfoundland Hotel.
Queen Elizabeth celebrated 38th birthday.
H.M.C.S. Saguenay and Skeena now in port.
John Dolomount of Rose Blanche awarded Parchment certificate of the Royal Canadian Humane Association, in recognition of bravery and presence of mind, in saving life of Eileen Hardy, 3, on January 1st, 1938.
5 Mr. Thomas Lodge, former Commissioner, addressed Rotary Club on Newfoundland Affairs.
Team of H.M.C.S. Skeena defeated City softball team 18-11.
6 St. John’s gave warm reception to Sir Bruce Bruce-Porter.
His Excellency the Governor returned by H.M.S. Scarborough after cruise along the Labrador.
City football team defeated team of H.M.C.S. Skeena.
Mrs. H Fraser defeated Miss LeDrew of Corner Brook in tennis finals, thereby winning permanent possession of the Slazenger Cup.
Wm. Shakespeare of Halifax defeated D. R. Evans of Buchans winning the Imperial Cup.
Forest fire threatened Wesleyville, forcing residents to leave their homes. Destruction of town narrowly averted.
7 Mr. Douglas Mews of this city obtains first place in Music Fellowship exams at London.
Mr. Malcolm MacDonald, British Colonial Secretary, paid secret visit to Palestine.
Garden Party at Government House in Honor of Sir Bruce Bruce-Porter.
8 Sir Bruce Bruce-Porter entertained at Luncheon by Commission of Government at Newfoundland Hotel.
Guards defeat Feildians 5-1 in championship game.
T. A. Juvenile picnic held at Donovan’s.
9 Newfoundland schooner “Nellie Banks” seized by R.C.M.P. cutter “Ulna” off Prince Edward Island Coast with contraband valued at $30,000 on board.
Sir Bruce Bruce-Porter visits towns in Conception Bay and met many war veterans.
R.E.W.A. team defeated Antlers 28-6 softball.
Football game between C.L.B. and Mount Cashel ended in draw 2-2.
10 Sir Bruce Bruce-Porter accompanied by Mrs. C.A. Johnston and delegation from G.W.V.A. visited Bell Island. Sir Bruce presented with ink stand made of Wabana ore. Later met war veterans at ballroom of Newfoundland Hotel. Nearly 300 former patients of the Third London General Hospital present.
Annual Garden party Regatta St. Joseph’s Parish.
Summer School for Newfoundland teachers closed at Memorial College.
Rev. Dr. Fenwick, formerly of this City now in Toronto, given party by number of friends on occasion of his 80th birthday.
11 A German flyer who left Berlin on the 10th arrived at New York, completing nonstop flight in 25 hours.
Sir Bruce Bruce-Porter spoke to Rotary Club on “The History of Medicine.”
St. Joseph’s annual Garden Party Regatta brought to successful close.
Mount Cashel and Feildians teams played to 1 goal draw, senior football.
Confectionary and Aerated Water Workers of Purity factory walked out in sympathy of Bakers.
12 Rev. Alfred Woods celebrated his 91st birthday.
Island Timber Company at Bay of Islands closed down operations owing to falling market prices and labor trouble.
Guards Junior football defeated B.I.S. 1-0.
14 S.S. “Queen Mary” captured the Atlantic Blue Ribbon from the “Normandie” when she established new record for West bound voyage, recording averag speed of 31.69 knots.
Annual Mundy Pond Regatta.
15 Master Bruce French, pupil of St. Bon’s College, and son of Mr. and Mrs. William French Mundy’s Pond, awarded Junior Jubilee Scholarship of $500.00.
Supreme Court on Southern circuit left on S. S. Argyle.
Guards defeated B.I.S. 19-18 softball.
Rev. Fr. E.J. O’Brien, P.P. Northern Bay, Missionary to Indians of the Coast of Labrador, returned by Kyle and reported them in very bad condition.
His Excellency the Governor and Lady Walwyn paid visit to store James Baird Ltd.
16 Guards defeated C.L.B. 3-1 Senior football.
Mr. Ted Hollet, of Burin, tendered “Stag” party by friends at Liddy’s Torbay, in honor of his approaching marriage.
17 Members of District Grand Lodge of Scotland, A.F. and A.M. held dinner at Woodstock in honor of R.W Bro. T.G. Winning, J.P. Grand Secy. of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Edinburgh, paying short visit to Newfoundland.
Hon. J.A. Pinson, Commissioner for Finance, returned from Corner Brook, having attended meeting of the International Power and Paper Co., Ltd. which marked formal taking over of the mill by Bowater’s Paper Mill Co., Ltd. of London, England.
Annual A.A.A. Championship Sports held at Bell Island. 7 new records made, Bell Island team won Club Trophy presented by Daily News.
Three tennis clubs held tourney at Bay Roberts, Terra Nova, Riverdale, of St. John’s and Bay Roberts players. Terra Nova Club won majority of Games.
Mr. H.A. Winter, K.C. won golf medal play title at Bally Haly.
His Excellency the Governor and Lady Walwyn paid unofficial visit to Victoria, Carbonear, and Upper Island Cove.
18 Mr. Louis George, of London, addresses Rotary Club on the system of continued education as organized and controlled by the London Country Council.
B.I.S. defeated Feildians 2-1 thereby winning Maritime Life Trophy for first year.
Aaron Feder won boys’ tennis title for third time, winning outright the Lady Walwyn Cup, when he defeated Tommy Williams, and June Hunt won Lady Bennett Cup when she defeated Lenora Paterson.
S.S. Cape Pine, Capt. Domney, ran ashore at Dantzic Point and is total loss.
Annual indoor Championship sports at Arena. St. Bon’s won Club Trophy, defeating Bell Island by a single point.
20 Mrs. Flora Kean of Victoria Street, won first prize $100 in Robin Hood Flour baking contest, with Mrs. Rhoda Bennett, second and Mrs. G. Peet, third.
Mr. E.J. Vetch of the postal Telegraphs, given presentation by staff of Telegraphs and Accounting Branches in honor of his approaching marriage.
21 His Excellency the Governor accompanied by Lady Walwyn and Capt. C.M.R. Schwerdt, R.N. visited Flatrock and attended the Rural Regatta.
22 Public meeting held at Majestic Theatre to consider resolution to be forwarded to Rt. Hon. the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs.
Feildians defeated C.L.B. 1-0 Senior League football.
23 Agreement finalized by Commission of Government with the Clinchfield Sands and Feldspar Company of Baltimore, U.S.A , to quarry talc at Manuels.
Garden party at Government House.
Viscountess Monsell who arrived by S.S. Nova Scotia, guest at Government House.
2700 children of Bannerman and Victoria Parks held Playground picnic at Bowring Park.
C.L.B. Junior football team defeated Guards 3-0.
24 Hon. J.C. Puddister, Commissioner for Public Health and Welfare, returned to city, having completed with Hon. Sir. Wilfred Woods, Commissioner for Public Utilities, an inspection tour of the South Coast from Argentia, to Port aux Basques.
Annual Cchampionship Swimming meet sponsored by the Guards A.A. held at Rennie’s Pool.
Terra Nova Tennis Club won majority of games on visit to Bell Island Tennis Club.
Cubs defeated B.I S. 24-12 in softball.
25 Negotiations between Czechoslovakia and Sudeten German minority reached deadlock.
Dr. John Grives, Superintendent of the Mental Asylum address Rotary Club on “Modern Methods at the Mental Hospital”.
26 Guards defeated Maroons 4-0 Senior football.
B.I.S. defeated Feildians 4-0 Senior softball.
27 Hon. J.H. Penson, Commissioner for Finance gave broadcast explanation of Government position in connection with passing of “Free Port” Legislation for Mortier Bay.
Hr. H.W. Dickson won golf championship for 1938, when he defeated Mr. J Watson.
28 Freak accident wrecked Great Britain’s fastest airliner Albatross, which broke in two when landing at Hatfield Aerodrome.
29 House of Joshua Pitcher, Winterton destroyed by fire.
B.I.S. won football championship for 1938.
30 Three master schooner A.W. Greeley commanded by Capt. C.J. MacGregor, arrived in port 55 days from Reindeer Point, Greenland, via Etah, where they were collecting scientific data. She suffered damage in ice.
Smoker in honor of visiting Bishop Falls' team held at Sterling Restaurant.
Presentation made to President Knight of the Nfld. Football League in honor of his approaching marriage, by Mr. W.R. Canning past secretary of the league.
B.I.S. defeated Bishop Fall’s team 19-13 Softball.
31 United States granted General Seafoods right of free import.
Installation of W.M. and investiture of other officers of Clift Lodge, Bell Island. Address and presentation made to Bro. Kitchin.
Arthur W. Shano, J. P Superintendent of Newfoundland Postal Branch at North Sydney, retired after 45 years services.

2 B.I.S defeated visiting Bishop Fall’s 1 to nil.
Rev. Cannon Higham addressed Rotary Club on the “Quest for Happiness.”
Mr. Hedley Taylor of Ayre & Sons, Ltd., retired after 37 years of service, given address and presentation by co-workers.
3 Bell Island football team defeated visiting Bishop Fall’s team 5-2.
4 Fifth annual Blackhead Road Garden Party.
His Eminence Cardinal Patrick Hayes passed away at New York.
5 Labor Day parade largest ever witnessed in St. John’s. 2 Unions and 34 floats made up procession. Estimated between 4,000 and 5,000 male and female Unionists took part in event.
Holland Honored 40th anniversary of Queen Wilhelmina’s accession to throne.
Cricket game between Guards and Nondescripts won by Guards.
B.I.S. defeated Guards 5-0 in baseball game.
Children of Playground presented entertainment at C.L.B. Armoury.
L.S.P.U. held Labor Day excursion to Carbonear.
Third Annual sports meet under auspice Athletic Club held at Grand Falls..
6 Saw mill at Musgravetown owned by W.W. Young destroyed by fire.
Public session of Trades and Labor council of Newfoundland annual Convention opened at Newfoundland Hotel.
Schooner Dorothy Mac., Capt. Albert Mills, struck on rock whilst going out of Searstown and is total loss.
B.I.S. defeated Guards Junior football team 4-1.
7 Suspension of negotiations in Czechoslovak Sudeten German autonomy caused tension through Europe.
Mr. T.K. Liddell, Chief Conciliatory Officer of the Ministry of Labor of Great Britain, arrived by S.S. Newfoundland to make a two month survey of the labor situation.
Mr. P.A. Cutterbuck of the Dominion Office, London, arrived by the S.S. Newfoundland.
Mr. Thor Thors of Iceland, Mr. Jacob Halversen of Norway, and Mr. J. W. Wilson of Great Britain arrived by S.S. Newfoundland accompanied by Mr. D.J. Davis, Trade Commissioner, on country visit in connection with the fisheries.
Guards won tie-cup for season when they defeated B.I.S. by 1 goal.
8 Annual meeting Carbonear Presbyterian of women’s Missionary Society held at Carbonear.
Mount Cashel Band returned from tour of towns through the country.
Mr. John W. Johnson, father of Amy Johnson, famous women flyer, one of the guests of honor at entertainment given by fisheries Board at Newfoundland Hotel.
Rev. E. C. Knowles, M.A.B.D. addressed Rotary Club on Child welfare.
Rev. Mother Mary Angela March of the Presentation Convent, Harbor Main, celebrated Silver Jubilee into that Order.
9 Second Annual Convention Nfld. Trades and Labor Council concludes with election of Officers, for ensuing year. Pres. A.G. Duggan, Grand Falls, Vice-president R.J. Fahey, St. John’s, 2nd Vice-President, C. Reines, Corner Brook 3rd Vice-President, James Bragg, Grand Falls, 4th Vic-president M.F. Armstrong, Buchans, Secretary F.A. Lush, St. John’s, Ass. Secretary, L. Ryan, Grand Falls.
Banquet to members of the Newfoundland Trades and Labor Council at Newfoundland Hotel. More than 300 members and guests attend.
B I.S. defeated C.L.B. 3-0 Junior football.
11 War clouds gather in Europe. Sudeten German demanding plebiscite as forerunner to Hitler’s Nuernberg speech. Chamberlain warns that England will not stand aloof if France attacked by Germany.
12 Prince Arthur of Connaught dies at London.
Hitler in opening address at Nuremberg conference, stresses Germany ready to take all risks to aid Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia, although did not reveal his intentions. Belgium issues statement of policy of strict neutrality in case of European war.
Eamonn DeValera elected to Presidency of League of Nations.
M.E. Comp Sidney D. Burial, the M.E. Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland pays visit to local Shannon chapter.
Percey James, Corner Brook; Murial Matthews, Grand Falls and James O’Quinn of St. John’s named winners of King George V Jubilee Scholarships for 1938.
Schooner Frances M Spindler, Capt. Yarn and owned by Jerry Petite, lost with cargo of codfish on Labrador Coast while en route from Greenland to English Harbor. Crew of vessel land at Hopedale.
B.I.S. defeated C.L.B. 3-0 in special series of Junior League,
Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Wolf flying their own plane landed at Gander Lake base.
War Vets Conference at Grand Falls.
13 New direct cable circuit to New York, and to all points in the United States, Cuba, and West Indies and South America and all European points inaugurated by the Anglo-American Company of this city.
Employees of M.J. O’Brien & Co. Ltd. hold reunion at O’Briens bungalow Mount Pearl park.
Mr. Jacob Halversen of the Norwegian Klipfish National Association, Mr. Thor Thors of the Icelandic Union and Mr. John Johnson of the Association of British Salt Fish Curers and Exporters, address Board of Trade.
Official opening Bishop Spencer College.
14 Third Annual Horse Parade great success.
Prime Minister Chamberlain in gamble for world peace, flies to Germany to confer with Chancellor Hitler.
Luncheon tendered at Newfoundland Hotel by Government in honor of Messrs. Thors, Halvorsen, and Johnson, representing the Iceland, Norwegian and British Fisheries.
Guards and B.I.S. played to one goal draw.
Nondescripts defeated Guards in cricket match at Feildian grounds.
Special football game between B.I.S. and Mount Cashel, won by former with score 7 to nil.
Rev, Fr. Cotter, for some time attached to St. Joseph’s Parish, given presentation by staff of General Hospital.
15 Archbishop of Canterbury issued call to National prayer in grave crisis.
Opening ceremonies Bishop Feild College.
Official opening Holloway and Prince of Wales College.
Premier Chamberlain and Chancellor Hitler talked for more than three hours in first series of historical conferences, carrying the issue of war or peace in Europe.
Mount Cashel Boys presented “H. M. S. Pinafore” at Majestic Theatre.
Rotary District Governor Lawrence Alline who is making tour of district 192, delivered address at weekly luncheon.
14th annual session Memorial College begins,
Lodge Harbor Grace, No. 476 A.F. and A.M. held social gathering to bid farewell to Wor. Bro. Harry Archibald and his good wife, who leave shortly for U.S.A.
16 Premier Chamberlain returned to London for conference with Cabinet Ministers.
Guards defeat C.L.B. Juniors 5 to nil.
17 His Lordship the Bishop of Newfoundland made Episcopal Visitation to parish of Spaniard’s Bay, administered Confirmation and consecrated cemetery at Tilton.
18 Premier Mussolini proclaimed Italy’s place is ‘already chosen’ and reaffirmed his adherence to Rome-Berlin axis.
Sir Malcolm Campbell broke his own speed boat record at 130.91 miles per hour.
Jim Templeton, goal keeper with the Guards team, presented with President’s medal for 1938 as most valuable player to his tem during the season.
19 Anglo-French proposals to cede Sudeten German areas of Czechoslovakia to Germany denounced as shameful betrayal of a peaceful and democratic people.
20 Capt. Yarn and crew of the schooner F. L. Spindler, lost off Farmyards, North of Hopedale, reached by S.S. Kyle, and left for their homes in English Harbor by S.S. Portia.
Employees Harvey - Brehm Ltd. and their friends held outing at Donovan’s
21 Premier Chamberlain saw the King after two hours Cabinet meeting on eve of his second visit to Germany.
Pat Kelly representing St. Bon’s, won 10 mile road race for the 6th successive year, in 1 hour 55 mins, 42 2.5 seconds, thereby winning Telegram Trophy outright. Paul Thorburn, St. Bon’s, second, Fred Hayward 3rd, N. Pinsent, Grand Falls, 4th Jake Ralph 5th, J Power 6th.
Championship Junior football League still undecided. Guards and B.I.S. played to one goal draw.
Club Champions Softball league for 2nd successive year when they defeated guards 23-21.
All-Star defeated B.I.S. ball team in exhibition of baseball 6-1.
22 Rev. John Woodside , Minister of Chalmer United Church, Ottawa, elected Moderator of the United Church of Canada succeeding Rt. Rev. Peter Bryce.
Mr. Edgar Templeman appointed representative of the Newfoundland Board in Greek markets.
Hon. R. B. Ewbank spoke to Rotary Club on “Game and Inland fishery Regulations.”
Avalon Yachting season brought to successful close as Club “Jiffy” sailed by Dr. Moores and Mr. J. Spurrell won McLoughlin trophy. First President trophy race won by “Romar” sailed by Messrs. G. C. and T. Giannou.
Dist. Inspector Cramm who has completed 38 years in the Constabulary placed on retired list.
24 New bait depot opened at Mockbeggar, Bonavista bay.
25 French Minister arrived in London by air from Paris for conference with British Government.
New scholastic year formally inaugurated at St. Bride’s College, Littledale. His Grace the Archbishop addressed pupils.
26 Steam-mill owned by Edward Bishop, George’s Lake valued at $25,000 totally destroyed by fire.
27 Mr. Neville Chamberlain in broadcast speech, gave brief outline of efforts made by him to maintain peace of Europe.
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth delivered message from His Majesty the King when she launched the new liner at Clydesbank.
Premier Spaak of Belgium announced his Country will resist any attack and refuse to permit any foreign troops to cross her territory.
Election of officers Lodge Dudley, S.O.E.
President Roosevelt addressed new peace appeal to Chamberlain, Hitler.
Fred Hayward (Feildians), won ten mile walking race in new record time of 1 hour, 25 mins, 37 sec. Jack Fitzgerald 2nd. Reg. Yabsley (Guards) 3rd, Bob Hiller (Guards) 4th, Greg O’Grady ( S.B.C.) 5th, Val Jackman (S.B.C.) 6th, Dick Street (Guards) 7th. Guards won Simmonds Trophy for year.
28 Admiralty announced mobilization of entire Royal Navy as “precautionary measures”.
Labor and Liberals parties support Premier.
Hitler asks Chamberlain for meeting at Munich. French Premier attending also.
House owned by I Carter at Topsail destroyed by fire.
Guards and B.I.S. Junior Football teams divided honors for third time when they scored one goal each.
29 His Holiness Ppope Pius XI in international broadcast, urged members of human family throughout the world, to pray for peace.
Mount Cashel boys gave musical to Rotary Club.
Annual meeting Commercial Bowling League at Holy Name Hall.
7th annual meeting Hiking Club held at Club headquarters Bac Roc Lodge, Sugar Loaf Pond.
New Bait depot opened at Recontre West.
30 Agreement signed at Munich by Great Britain, France, Italy, and Germany ended the Czechoslovakia-German crisis. Czechoslovakia sacrificed to German greed, but war is averted.

1 German troops enter Czechoslovakia in first move of occupation of Sudetenland.
Fall term of Supreme Court opens.
S.S Blaafjeld driven ashore in storm at Burin. Damages necessitate service of diver.
Miss Annie Doody, of Daily News staff, given presentation and address by fellow workers on eve of marriage.
Heavy rain and wind storm mars first day of shooting season.
Alfred Duff Cooper resigns as First Lord of the Admiralty.
2 Polish troops occupy Teschen district, which was ceded by Czechoslovakia.
Hungary in stern but friendly note to the Czech Government declares right of self determination for Hungarian minority in Czechoslovakia .
Kourad Henlen officially appointed Reich Commissioner for Sudetenland
Russian Fleet holds large scale maneuvers in Baltic.
King George sends peace message to people of British Empire.
Annual collection Belvedere Orphanage.
St. Michael’s and All Angles Church holds Pastoral Festival Service.
3 Munich agreement discussed in House of Commons. Duff Cooper gives explanation of resignation from Cabinet.
Hungary presents Czechoslovakia with new note demanding immediate negotiations of Hungary’s minority claims.
19 Jews killed by Arab terrorists in one of worst outbreaks over Palestine question.
Gerald A Tessier, son of Gladstone Tessier, called to Bar.
Body of Christopher Bishop of Cupids, brought to St. John’s for post mortem. Believed death by foul play on Labrador Coast.
4 New Government formed in Czechoslovakia under Premiership of Defense Minister General Jan Syrovy.
Soviet Government gives notice that it no longer considers Russia an Ally of France.
Lord Shaughnessey, solider, lawyer and financier, dies at Montreal.
Earl Baldwin in House of Lords address, pays tribute to action of Mr. Chamberlain to Czechs crisis and urges acceleration of British defense plans.
Permit granted to J Hofert of Moncton, N.B. to export Christmas trees.
Spencer Club annual sale.
Premier Daladier voted full financial powers to rule by dictatorial decree by Chambers of Deputies.
Annual meeting and election of officers Empire Lodge 270.
5 Germany to demand reparations from Czechoslovakia.
Benes resigns Czechoslovakia Presidency.
Winston Churchill bitterly attacks Munich agreement in House of Commons.
Officials of G.P.O. inadvertently cut one of main cables of Avalon Telephone Company, disrupting service of 1000 phones in West End of City.
Sixth Annual Trinity South Community Fair opened by Governor at Heart’s Content.
6 Czechs and Slovaks bind together to build a more unified Republic.
Italy issues regulations forbidding Italians to marry members of Semitic race and must obtain permission to wed foreigners.
Government Peace Policy supported in House of Commons vote.
F.R. Emerson, K.C. speaks before Rotary, on Prague.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Duder, Portugal Cove Road, celebrated Golden Jubilee of wedding.
7 Italy agrees to withdrawl of troops from Spain in return for British recognition of Ethiopian conquest and withdrawl of foreign combatants from Government Spain.
Cochrane St. United Church congregation official welcome to Rev. E.C. Knowles.
9 150 persons killed near Saint Vincente de Calders, Spain, when insurgent plane bombs train.
“Gertrude L Thebauld” defeats Canadian Challenger “Bluenose” by 3 minutes in first of fishing schooner championship races.
General Sea Foods complete plans for opening of plant at LaPoile Bay.
King George and Queen Elizabeth to visit Canada next year, it is announced.
Hitler in stirring Saar speech warns world events in Reich are of no concern of other people.
Nazi youth mob in Vienna severely injure two Roman Catholic Clergy, Cardinal Innitzer and Cannon Krowanik.
New York Yankees win world series in four straight games baseball.
10 Germany completes occupation of Sudeten areas in Czechoslovakia
Eleven Arabs killed when British forces recapture town of Bethlehem.
Belgian air liner crashes whilst on Brussels Essen-Berlin run, killing twenty.
Opening games of Commercial bowling league.
Miss Jean Casey, new General Secretary local Y.W.C.A. arrives from Canada.
11 Flaming timberlands in Southwestern Ontario, claim 17 lives, including 2 women and 10 children, 30 missing. Fires rage along 50 mile front.
Queen’s Road Church extends call to Rev. Wilfred F. Butcher, B.A. of Knox College, Toronto.
Arabs attempt assassination by bombing of Commissioner Edward Keithroach, Jerusalem.
Annual Installation of Officers Lodge Dudley No 227 S.O.E.B.S.
United College defeat S.B.C. 2-0 in opening Collegiate game.
12 Czechoslovakia rejects Hungary’s claims for certain parts of Czechoslovakia – Slovaks to ask Hitler to mediate.
Grand Duke Cyril Vladimirovitch pretender to Russian throne, dies in exile in Paris, 62.
Annual Brigus and Cupids Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition.
Guard defeat B.I.S. in Junior league 1-0 to win football championship.
13 Japanese forces capture town of Tamshui, 10 miles from Bias Bay, their first objective on the march to Canton.
Branch and Cape Shore exhibition opened by Hon. J.C. Puddester.
Grand Jury finds true bill against Que John Shang for the murder of Eng Wing Kit, July 3rd.
Bluenose defeats Thebaud in second fishing schooner race.
Terrorists cause damage and death in Palestine disorders. Tobacco warehouse burnt near Jaffa , causing $750,000 damage
14 Hungary issues new mobilization orders calling 200,000 men to colors.
Government provides sum of 40,000 in estimates for 1938-39 for purpose of bounty scheme.
Arthur G. Williams retires from Harvey-Brehm Manufacturing Co. after 37 years of service.
15 Lord Stanley, Dominion Secretary dies 44.
House owned by Mrs. Wm. Goodwin of New Melbourne, with contents, destroyed by fire.
Labor Government of Prime Minister Savage, of New Zealand, won election. Final figures being Labor 54, Nationalists 24, Independents 2.
Delegation from South-West Arm, Random, have interview with Government to discuss relief work.
18 A.G.Williams Superintendent of Harvey-Brehm Butterine Factory, placed on retired list. Dinner in his honor at Donovan’s.
All Newfoundland Agricultural Exhibition opens.
Martial law proclaimed in Holy Land.
Young People’s Presbytery Union meeting at Blackhead.
19 Daily News publishes special Labrador Supplement.
Cochrane St. Women’s Association, Annual sale of works.
20 Mrs. Ellen Carroll, North River, C.B. celebrated 111th birthday by visiting city.
21 Japanese troops capture Canton without fight.
22 Thirty operators and 15 linesmen of the Avalon Telephone company go out on strike.
23 Business section of Canton destroyed by fire.
Bluenose defeats Thebaud in third fishing schooner race.
24 British gunboat Sandpiper bombed by Japanese planes at Changsha.
Thedaud wins forth in fishing schooner race.
C. of E. Rectory, Portugal Cove, destroyed by fire.
Schooner Vignette ashore at Woods Island.
25 Live stock exhibition opens at Arena, 384 animals exhibited.
H.R.H. Duke of Kent appointed Governor-General of Australia.
Japanese Government tender formal regrets at the bombing of British gunboat “Sandpiper”
Annual meeting Spencer Club.
Japanese capture Hankow.
Severe gale causes great damage to houses and property; also carrying away breakwater and driving two vessels ashore at Sandy Pt.
26 Lloyd George declares Munich Pact bad peace.
Ex-President Hover declares United States should keep out of wars of other people.
President Roosevelt issues warning that United States would protect Western Hemisphere from interference from abroad.
Employees of Bowring Harvey production department hold dinner at Robinson’s Hostelry. Donovan’s and form Partridge club.
26 Over 400 attend R.E.W.A. Hallowe’en Social at St. Mary’s Hall.
Bluenose retains title as Queen of the North Atlantic fishing fleet by defeating the Gertrude L. Thebaud in the fifth race of the series.
His Excellence The Governor entertains outport Magistrates at Luncheon.
27 United States Government warned Japan not to close China Door.
Dutch tug Thames arrives in port with disabled S.S. Stad Vlaardingen in tow.
Queen’s Road Congregational Church formally received into the Presbyterian Church by Rev. H. A. Doig, Moderator of the Presbytery of Cape Breton and Newfoundland.
Conservatives win Oxford City by-election.
Earl Stanhope appointed First Lord of the Admiralty, being succeeded as President of the Board of Education by Earl De La Warr promoted from Lord Privy Seal.
James McIntyre addresses Rotary on “A Trip to the Old Country.”
28 Fire in office of Newfoundland Traveling Library, Morris Building. Books badly damaged.
Rev. Wilfred F. Butcher, B.A. ordained and inducted as Minister of the Queen’s Road Presbyterian Church.
Agricultural Exhibition closed.
Avalon Yachting Club season ends with presentation of trophies.
30 Radio drama gives United States listeners fit of hysterics,
John Rorke & Sons, Carbonear, celebrate 100th anniversary of establishment of firm.
King George of Greece visits London.
31 Grand Falls Station to be known hereafter as Windsor.
Sir John Anderson and Lord Runceiman appointed to British Cabinet, the former to buttress home defense.
Reception at Queen’s Road Church in honor of Rev. W. F. Butcher.
Writ of Mandamus on behalf of Chesley A Holmes against Nfld. Fisheries Board to compel latter to issue him a license for sale of fish to buyer in Porto Rico, argued before Supreme Court.
31 B.I.S. Club hold Halloween dance.
1 Newfoundland affairs discussed in House of Commons. Dominion Secretary attributes economic situation to world conditions.
Annual meeting Church of England Orphanage.
Hungary receives large slice of Czechoslovakia.
2 Chamberlain Government receives vote of confidence on Anglo-Italian Agreement.
Organ concert St. Mary’s Hall.
3 Que. John Shang acquitted of charge of murdering Eng. Wing Kit.
Home of William Earle, Old Broad Cove Road destroyed by fire.
First appearance of winter — snow and sleet falling during intervals.
Explosion on German steamer “Vancouver” at Oakland California, believed due to sabotage.
Dr. S. P Whiteway lectures on Nfld. History at Memorial University College.
Jersey, (Eng.) Airways airliner crashes, 14 dead.
4 Sir Wm. Coaker buried at Port Union.
Presentation of bowling prizes.
5 Thomas H Cuddihy former Newfoundlander, celebrates Golden Jubilee as teacher at Montreal.
6 17 year old Jewish lad assassinates Ernest von Rath. 3rd Secretary German Embassy in Paris.
7 Reports of Mr. J. H. Gorvin on and settlement made public.
City Bowling League prizes presented by Mayor Carnell at Sterling Restaurant.
Supreme Grand Lodge S. U. F. holds annual communication at Catalina.
8 Republicans made substantial gains in United States elections.
Prince of Wales football team wins Junior Inter-Collegiate football championship.
British Pparliament re-assembles.
9 United Church opens community Service Centre with Miss Bury in charge. Portrait of Rev. Oliver Jackson also unveiled.
Varica Hillyard of Corner Brook, age 7, had ½ inch furniture tack removed from his right lung by Halifax physician.
10 Supreme Court finds verdict for C.A. Holmes in case against fishery Board — known as Mandamus Case.
Mr. Allan Frazer addresses Rotary Club on meeting of Royal Institute of National Affairs held recently in Australia.
Kemal Ataturk, President of Turkey dead.
11 Armistice Day.
Duke and Duchess of Gloucester visit the Windsors at Paris.
Investiture at Government House Hon.W.R. Howley, Chief of Police O’Neil, and Miss Ethel Rose recipients of honors.
Dwelling owned by Frank O’Reilly, Jersey Side, Placentia, destroyed by fire.
Announced British Civil air lines would be nationalized.
Feildian Armistice dance.
George St. sale opened by Hon. J.C. Puddester.
General Ismet Moner, new President of Turkey.
12 Act to prohibit export of codfish except under permit, which in effect, annulled verdict of Supreme Court in Holem’s case, enacted by Government.
Germany imposed $400,000,000 fine on Jews for murder of German Diplomatic Secretary in Paris.
Shop and contents of T.S. Keats, Argentia, destroyed by fire.
13 Joint installation of Dalton Council Hr. Grace, and Avalon Council Bay Roberts, at Bay Roberts.
14 Members of Co-operative Board of Labor organizations of the Railway entertained by St. John’s organization.
15 Annual meeting Nfld. Fire Patrol.
President Roosevelt denounced ill-treatment of Jews.
King Carol of Roumania visiting London.
Discovery of rich iron ore deposits reported by Chief Geologists for Labrador Mining and Exploration Co.
Nfld. Welfare League hold public meeting in Queen Theatre.
16 L.C.A.S. sale opened by H. J. Wyatt.
St. Edwards Boys Club Fair opened.
Britain and France declare they will not relinquish colonies.
Anglo-Italian pact signed in Rome.
17 Anglo-America Trade treaty signed at Washington.
R. S. Furlong lectures at Memorial University College on “Sir William Vaughan.”
Prof. L. W. Shaw addresses Rotary on “Modern Trends in Education.”
19 Daily News Bowling teams hold enjoyable outing at Donovan’s.
Daring robbery in West End when safe stolen from City Service Station.
20 Holy Cross L.A. opens session.
Rev. Dr. John Coburn of Toronto, preaches at Thanksgiving service at Gower St. United Church.
Queen Maud of Norway last surviving child of King Edward VII, dead.
21 Riverside Woolen Mills Store at Mackinsons’ destroyed by fire.
Dr. George Derry lectured in Pitts Memorial Hall on “Can Democracy Endure.”
23 Cilft Lodge A.F. and A.M. Wabana, celebrate silver jubilee.
26 Crew of four of burning Burgeo schooner Allan F. Rose, rescued by S. S. Mormacsum 250 miles off Cape Race.
30 Several strikes in France, Army took over public services throughout country.
Daily News comes out flatly against Bowaters deal, declaring that it rings down the curtain on the hope of another great manufacturing enterprise based upon Newfoundland’s forest resources.
St. Mary’s Fair opened, by the Lord Bishop of Newfoundland.
Academy of Our Lady of Mercy sale opened by His Grace Archbishop.
Thirteen members Fascist Iron Guard of Roumania slain.
Radio Jumble Sale of Wesley Lecture Hall opened by Mayor Carnell.
Anti-French demonstrations in Italian Chamber of Deputies. Demand made that Tunisia be handed over to Italy.

1 Appointment of Hon. J.C. Puddester and Hon. J.A. Winters as members of the Commission of Government for another year announced.
British Government announced construction of Giant air transport planes.
26 school children killed when freight train speeding through snow storm, demolished school bus on railway crossing near Salt Lake City.
Messrs. Hiller and Klapisch of the North American Fisheries Ltd. arrived to discuss with Government plans for next year’s developments,
Model School prize day.
Regatta Committee hold informal dinner at Sterling Restaurant.
2 Government publishes draft bill to give effect to Bowaters Agreement.
Postal Telegraph operators strike.
Commissioner Ewbank replies to Council of Board of Trade resolutions regarding Holems case.
St. John’s Lodge A.F. and A.M. concluded 90th anniversary celebrations with ladies night.
3 Anti-Italian demonstrations in Tunisia.
L.S.P.U. honor tug-of-war team.
4 Christian Brothers Collection totals $8568.42.
Postal Telegraph operators strike ends.
Juvenile T.A. and B. society annual meeting.
K of C hold Memorial Service.
5 Citizens protest against Gander Agreement published in Daily News.
New Home for Blind opened by His Excellency the Governor.
South African Defense Minister Perow predicts war in the Spring.
Senior Hockey League annual meeting.
6 Germany and France sign friendship pact.
Board of Trade meeting oppose Bowater agreement, only 6 votes in favor.
16 dead and many injured in colliery, Sydney Mines, when runway cars pile up far below the surface.
Announced that London Daily express sending special Commissioner here to investigate conditions.
Installation ceremony St. Andrew’s Lodge A.F. and A.M. Brother Max Rabbitts installed as W.M.
Dominions Secretary declines to order enquiry into legislation passed by Nfld. Government nullifying Supreme Court judgment in Holmes case.
His Excellency the Governor and Lady Walwyn visit Marysvale.
Messrs. W. V. Hutchinson C. B. Carter, J . J. Long, C. A. Crosbie, A. H. Murry, C. C. Pratt, C. Lake appointed Advisory Committee on National fish Guarantee Scheme.
7 Springdale Street School prize day.
Sale of work St. Patrick’s Convent.
Mrs. Don Butler turns first sod for erection of Guards new Bowling Academy.
Bakery workers Union holds election of officers.
Civil Service Bowling league holds dinner.
8 City Council passes resolution opposing Bowater deal.
C.L.B. Annual Indoor sports.
Mr. Joseph O’Driscoll crowned as King Koko IX at Newfoundland Hotel.
9 Citizens send message of appreciation to London Daily Express, welcoming appointment of Commissioner to investigate situation here.
10 Chamber of Deputies votes confidence in Premier Daladier.
Dutch airliner crashes four killed.
11 Annual Meeting St. John’s T.A. and B. Society.
Nazi score big victory in Memel Diet election.
12 Fifteenth annual Meeting of Girl Guides Association.
13 German diplomats and press correspondents in London boycott dinner at which Prime Minister Chamberlain criticized German attack on Baldwin.
First storm for winter visits city.
Annual Meeting of Nonia.
14 French Foreign Minister warns Germany and Italy that France would fight before she would cede any territory.
15 Chamberlain warns Nazi leaders that Britain’s finances would be a decisive factor in long war.
Hon. J. H. Penson addresses Board of Trade on new Anglo-American Trade Treaty.
Annual prize distribution St. Bonaventure’s College.
Franco restores citizenship to former King Alfonso.
16 Jubilee Guilds sponsor Cinderella fund to provide shoes for Outport school children.
17 Mr. Danson badly burned when fire damages home on Duckworth Street.
Bell Island in darkness as result of power cable being broken by anchors of S.S. Eastern Star
Large quantity of road machinery destroyed when fire wiped out two sheds owned by Department of Public Works, South Brook.
Winter clamps down on Great Britain.
19 Hon J.C. Puddester in radio address defends Bowaters agreement.
United States grants $25,000,000 loan to China.
Prize distribution Presentation Convent School
Speech Day Bishop Spencer College.
House of Commons endorse Premier Chamberlain Foreign Policy.
20 Holloway Schools closing ceremony
Speech Day Bishop Feild College.
21 Graduation and prize day Marcy Academy.
Speech Day Prince of Wales College.
22 United States refused apologize to Germany for Secretary Ickes denunciation of Nazi regime.
Prize giving at St. Thomas’s School.
23 Britain has first white Christmas in decades, Snow disrupts traffic.
25 Allan Ryan, 29, Salmonier, and Harry Keeping, 19, of English Harbor West, strayed from the banking schooner “Bessemen” on Grand Banks during snow storm.
26 88 killed and 250 injured when passenger trains collide in Bessarabia.
French Government rejects proposals that Hitler should act as peacemaker between France and Italy.
400 fatalities in United States over Christmas week-end from highway crashes, suicides. shootings, Etc.
Police and Firemen entertain cities under- privileged children.
27 French warships ordered to Djibouti to counter Italian designs on French Somaliland.
Sub-zero temperature in United States cause at least ten deaths.
Installation St. John’s lodge A.F. and A. brother C. Noonan W. M.
28 Insurgents open heavy attack in Spain.
Italy abandons hope of territorial expansion at expense of France.
Schooner Myrtle L. from Sydney to Bay L’Argent cod laden, sunk of Point Rosie. Crew landed safely.
29 Prime Minister Chamberlain hints at early elections in New Year’s Day Message. Hints France is willing to grant colonial concessions to Italy to keep peace in Europe.
Christmas Tree at United Church Orphanage.

December 31, 1937 Mrs. Clara Wood ANDERSON.
Mrs. Mary Frances WALSH
Joseph TREHEY, Conception , 86.
Mrs. Joshua PITCHER, Winterton
2 Anthur READER, Musgravetown
Cyril HANNON, Bishop Falls, 18.
3 Michael COADY, 62
Isaac KING, Bauline.
James TAYLOR, Western Bay.
Albert REES, Lance cove, Bell Island, 28.
5 Alexander MILLEY, Western Bay
6 Mts. Agnes QUIGLEY, Bell Island, 74
7 Bertram H. BASTOW, 40
Mary Margaret COLLINS.
Alice GORMAN, Kilbride, 22.
8 David C. JOHNSTON, M. D., 34.
Rev. Bro. P. J HENNESSEY. LLD. at Dublin
James WALSH, Carbonear, 86.
9 Agnes Jean STEWART, Bell Island
Rosalita KENT, Bell Island, 10 months
Lawson PERRY, Western Bay, 86.
Mrs. Mary Amelia RYAN Champneys, T. B. 64.
Mrs. Martha GREEN, Winterton
10 Nicholas J MURPHY
Elizabeth CRAMM, Heart’s Content, 24.
Samuel FELTON, Deer Island, B. B.
11 Mrs. Mary LEE, 83.
13 Mrs. Harriet Whiteway ATWELL, at Hartford, Conn, 75.
17 Mrs. Mary Ann HICKS, Musgrave Harbor, 82.
Mrs. Abram MANUEL, Whales Brook.
Lizzie SPARKES, Wild Cove, 18.
Mrs. William SELLARS, Western Bay, 44.
William HARRIS, Port Blandford.
19 Mrs. Jane BYRD, 88.
Mrs. Celia FINN, Goulds, 44.
Mrs. Rance CUFF, Bonavista.
Frederick IVIMEY, Cupids, 18
20 Shirley Rowena NOEL, Goose Cove.
21 Hugh WALKER, Winterton, 65.
23 Henry SKANES, Bell Island, 86.
Mrs. Thomas REES.
24 Mrs. Hannah CANNING.
Mrs. Richard BUTT, Carbonear, 27.
25 Mrs. Anastasia O’NEILL
Mrs. James GOODWIN, New Melbourne
Bro. COLUMBKILL, C. S. C. formerly of this city at University of Notre Dame, U.S.A.
Samuel HAWKINS, Long Island, 68..
Mrs. Dinah ROGERS.
26 Edward RONAYNE, Bay Bulls
Denis KENNEDY, Carbonear, 67.
29 Patrick (Paddy) MORRISSEY, 71.
Tryphena SEXTION, Bonavista, 20.
30 Frederick COLLIER, 82.
31 Nathan FRENCH, 41
Lawrence SQUIRES.
John Francis HEALEY, 24.
Thomas RICE, Red Head Cove.

1 Mrs. Emily MOORE.
2 Mrs. Mary Ellen (Byrne) CALLAHAN, 81.
Mrs. Thomas BLANCHARD, Searstown.
William Henry WILLIAMS, Grand Bank, 80.
3 William RIDDLE, Small Point, B. D. V. 65.
Mrs. Isaac PENNEY, Benton, 41.
Mrs. Julia PHILLIPS, Bonavista, 80
4 Sr. M. Paschal YOUNG, Presentation Convent, Cathedral Square.
Gordon MALONEY, Holyrood, 21.
Isabella POWER, Bonavista, 16.
5 Cora SMITH, formerly of Cupids, at Brigus, 67.
Alexander (Sandy) Williams, 38.
Patrick HAYES, Portugal Cove, 58.
6 Mrs. Henrietta HODDER.
Mrs. Dina NOSEWORTHY, 78.
7 Hilda MAYBEE, Trinity.
8 Thorburn A. MacNAB.
9 Mrs. Kate STEELE.
Leslie RUSSELL, Carbonear, 23.
14 Margaret Immaculata O’MARA.
15 Mrs. Suzanna PARSONS, Ochre Pit Cove, 77.
Mrs. Ellen PEEL
17 Edward RIGGS, Grand Bank, 72.
Mrs. Margaret (Crotty) MURRAY
19 Gordon HELPARD, 18.
Mrs. Mary Benedict JAMES.
20 Augustus F. LYON.
Rev. Aiden MURPHY , C.S.S.R. formerly of Catalina at royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal.
Mrs. Mary B. JAMES.
21 Mrs. Elizabeth Ann NOSEWORTHY, Harbor Grace.
Mrs. Jemina SIMMS, Fogo.
22 W. H. (Bert) LENCH, at Belmont, Surrey, England.
23 Mrs. A.W. KNIGHT, formerly of this city, at Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mrs. Madeline BARTLETT.
Mrs. Elizabeth M (Foran) DOUGLAS, at London, England.
Mrs. Ellen THOMAS, Carbonear, 79.
24 Mrs. Anne DUNFORD, Grand Bank, 74.
Geo. H CRANE, formerly of Carbonear, at Halifax, 78.
25 Mrs. Pearce HINDY, Winterton
Mrs. William SULLIVAM.
Mrs. Ellen (Davis) STEVENSON, 79.
Mrs. Mary (Kavanagh) DOYLE, 76.
26 Edward T. WINSOR, of Carbonear, at Everett Mass.
Margaret A. COLFORD.
Mrs. Elizabeth (Thompson) DUNPHY.
John MOLLOY, 83.
27 Harvey BENNETT, Port au Bras, 5.
James J DAVIS, Argentia.
28 David COOPER
William Samuel KING, at Richmond Hill, New York, 51.

1 John FRENCH, Winterton.
Ernest WALKER, Winterton, 55.
2 W. S. KING, formerly of Carbonear, at New York
Capt. Albert L. BLACKWOOD, Wesleyville, 53.
Mrs. Agnes WALSH, 81.
Mrs. Elizabeth RUSSELL,
Edward SKANES, 66.
3 John F. FOX.
4 Mrs. Sarah MARSHALL, Carbonear, 85.
5 Archibald, W. HICKS, 71.
6 Mrs. GOSS, Trinity, 80.
8 Mrs. F. B. HAMILTON, formerly of this city at Brooklyn, N. Y.
Thomas J DUNNE, 69.
9 Mrs. Rachel C CAMPBELL, of St. John’s at Pictou, N. S.
Joseph CHURCHILL, Bell Island, 83.
10 Mrs. Mary JACOBS, formerly of Twillingate.
George P. DAVIS, Cabonear, 83.
11 Lilian PIERCEY, Winterton, 31.
13 Nicholas GREEN, Winterton, 76.
14 Mrs. Elizabeth HOWELL, Carbonear, 80.
Mrs. Eliza MOORES, Carbonear, 88.
John Joseph TAYLOR, Point de Grave, 83.
Thomas HAWCO, Bell Island, 21.
15 Mrs. Jessie REID, 79.
Mrs. Sarah BARTLETT, formerly of this city, at Montreal, 78.
Mrs. Ellen MURPHY, Carbonear, 84.
17 Rev. Walter TAREHAN, P.P. Trinity, 83.
Mrs. Ellen JOY, Harbor Main, 62.
George BUTLER, formerly of Cupids, at Chelsea, U.S. A., 76.
Bro. Burgia CAREW, formerly of this city, at St. Joseph’s College, Baltimore.
Michael CONNORS, 45.
18 John LEE, Carbonear, 38.
19 Archibald H, MILLIGAN, at Norris Arm.
20 Frederick MEHANEY, Carbonear, 32.
Edward St. CROIX, 72.
James J TOBIN, 65.
21 Helen Jean MARTIN, 18
22 Douglas MILLEY, Western Bay, 77.
23 Mrs. Bridget BAIRD
Mrs. Rosella YABSLEY, 82.
Pearce OAKE, Fogo.
Mrs. Catherine HUMBY, Bonavista, 100.
Mrs. Kate BINGHAM, Carbonear.
Mrs. Samuel BRENTON, Wesleyville, 73.
24 Mrs. Mitilda BARRETT.
Richard JOY, formerly of this city, at Washington, D. C.
25 Mrs. C. G. ROWLAND, Gander Bay.
Mrs. Bennett MILLS, formerly of Carbonear, at St. John’s, 82.
George Ball CORDROY.
26 Mrs. Lucy Pittman PIERCEY, 54
28 Mrs. Maisie BURDEN, at Twillingate.
29 Mrs. Ellen HICKEY, Harbor Main, 82.
30 Joseph A DWYER, Bell Island, 42.
31 Colonel CLOUD, S. A., at London.
Mrs. Amy SWEETLAND, Bonavista, 66.

3 William E CUNNINGHAM, 83.
Irene HAMILTON, Bell Island, 22.
4 Florence GULLIVER, 10.
Julia HOWELL, Carbonear.
Peter HAYDEN, Carbonear, 75.
John S ROWE, Heart’s content, 68.
5 Arthur RYAN , 59.
Mrs. Fannie BEST, Wesleyville, 71.
Mrs. Catherine HARVEY.
6 Mrs. Jane SKIFFINGTON, Bonavista.
7 Robert ABBOTT, Bonavista, 70.
Catherine McGUIRE.
Mother Mary Alphonsus O’DRISCOLL , The Convent St. Jacques.
8 Mrs. Flora HEDGE, Carbonear.
Mrs. Anne NORRIS, Witless Bay.
9 Stella RYDER, Bonavista
Capt. E.R.A. CHAFE, M.C. At Port Union.
10 John P. MURPHY Catalina, 88.
12 Lucy BERRIGAN, Renews, 15.
Mrs. Edward CHIPMAN, Spaniard’s Bay.
13 Mrs. Margaret MEANEY, Carbonear, 72.
14 Hubert JARDINE, 19.
15 John J CLARKE, (Sanitary Inspector), 66.
Mrs. George BALL, Codrey.
16 Mrs. Bride WALSH.
Patrick CAHILL, Carbonear, 84.
Mrs. Tobias LeDREW, Cupids, 38.
17 Mrs. Mary EVANS, 23.
Albert J RYAN, Placentia.
Mrs. Jonathan HICKMAN, Grand Bank, 85.
Fannie Clars MAYE, Lush’s Bight
18 William Patrick MEANEY, 18 months.
Mrs. Ethel CHAYTOR, 36.
19 Mrs. Catherine POMEROY, 68.
Fred KELLOWAY, Wesleyville.
20 James HAMMOND, Lance Cove, Bell Island.
Mrs. Lizzie GIBBS, Bonavista, 83.
22 Noah ROLLS, Bonavista, 35.
23 Mrs. Ellen . COOPER, formerly of this city, at Toronto, 73.
Thomas LESCHER, O.B. E. , at Liverpool.
Thomas DURDLE, Bonavista.
24 Mrs. Elizabeth Peters LUSCOMBE, 85
25 Mrs. Mary (Murry) FLEMING.
Mrs. Elizabeth (Quigley) BOLGER, 85.
John ABBOTT, Bonavista, 85.
Roger ABBOTT, Bonavista , 78.
26 John LARACY, 30.
Mrs. Ellen HOGAN, Carbonear, 62.
27 Eugene H PARSONS, formerly of Freshwater, Nfld. at Newtown , Mass.
28 Mrs. Bridget SWEENEY, Carbonear, 53.
George BURDEN, Carbonear, 90.
Charles LIDDY, formerly of Torbay, at New York.
29 Mrs. Annia SNOW, Bell Island.
Richard TILLEY.
30 Edward WHALEN, 18.

1 R. H. SPURR, at Toronto.
3 Mrs. Annie BULLEN, Grand Bank, 22.
4 James INDER, Springdale,. 74
Pauline CHAFE 18 ½
5 Eugene Frederick TAYLOR.
6 George H TRICOCHE, Native of France.
7 Sr. M. St. Thomas DUNPHY, at the Convent of St. Joseph de Cluny, St. Pierre.
8 Mrs. Susan HOPKINS, Sibley’s Cove.
9 Mrs. Laure Duder Newell NOFTALL.
Mrs. Tryphena NOSEWORTHY, Cupids, 82
10 Alma EDGECOMBE, Western Bay, 3.
D. K. BOYD, Manager St. Lawrence Timber Pulp and Steamship Co., Ltd., Lomond.
Mrs. Nora F HUGHES.
11 Henry WILLIAMS, Goulds, 86.
12 Mary MALONE.
Mrs. Harriett, A.(Smith) LINDSAY.
William J BRYON, at Grand Falls, 71.
13 Mrs. George BEAZLEY, Wandsworth.
14 Mrs. Elizabeth Ward KAVANAGH, 85.
15 James MOULAND, Bonavista, 54.
16 Minnie BURSEY, Old Perlican, 18.
Stephen RANDELL, Bonavista.
17 David Scott FERGUSON, 44.
Edward HAYWARD, Bonavista.
Mrs. Elizabeth Ann LANGDON, Northern Arm.
18 Patrick FITZPATRICK, Carbonear, 86.
20 Mrs. Mary Larkin DOYLE.
Malcolm HAMPTON, 75.
Sr. M. Catherine KICKHAM, St. Bride’s College, Littledale.
Waldmar G HILLER, of Lamaline, at Grand Bank hospital, 42.
21 Thomas JACKMAN, Renews.
22 Mrs. Mary Janes SELLARS, Western Bay, 66.
23 M. Chesley ROBERTS, M. D. C. M. , formerly of this city, at Toronto.
24 John HOLDEN, 43.
Rev. W. J. MORRIS, Topsail, 67.
25 Thomas J NORRIS, Witless Bay, 68.
26 Mrs. Mary B COADY, Burin.
Mrs. Charlotte LAFOSSE,
Thomas O’TOOLE, 66.
Mrs. Mary H HAMPTON, Bonavista, 80.
27 Annia M LeDREW, Nurse, formerly of Harbor Grace, at Regina , Sask.
Mrs. Mary Ann O’NEIL, Major’s Path, 73.
28 Mrs. Mary Ann PIKE, Carbonear, 81
William KENT, Bell Island, 67.
Mrs. Ben FISHER, Bonavista. 27.
29 Denis MEANEY (Cooper).
Mrs. Sarah (Hynes) ABBOTT, 70
Cephas EARLE, Carbonear, 74.
Mrs. William WHITE, Carbonear.
Mrs. Henry CREWS, Grand Bank, 55
30 Chesley S PUDDESTER, 49.
Ronald BUTT, Blackhead, 28.
31 John O’KEEFE, (Blacksmith)
1 William KEEFE, Black tickle, Labrador, 88
Frank TAYLOR, Cupids. 7.
Norman CROUCHER, Beaumont, N., 19
Stephen HINDY, Winterton.
3 James J KEHOE, boat builder, 59 formerly of Ferryland, at Brooklyn, N. Y.
Anthony A NOAH, 39
James CONRAN, Lakeview ,Harbor Main.
4 James COLBERT, Carbonear, 82.
Mary Alma VARRAN, Placentia, 27.
Mrs. Emma Jane FORD, 81.
5 Mrs. George MILLER, of Kerley’s Harbor, on S. S. Sagona.
6 Mrs. Elizabeth Ann FIFIELD, Bonavista, 80.
James BELBEN, Grand Bank, 75.
7 Patrick J O’REILLY, 78.
Thomas A BOYD, Little Bay N. D. B.
William POMEROY, Catalina.
8 Mrs. James POWELL, Bonavista, 80
Bertran WAYMOUTH, Molliers, 40.
Margaret GEAR. Northern Bay, 18.
9 Agnes HANNAFORD, 14.
Mrs. Priscilla BOONE, Lewisporte.
10 Leonard MOULAND, Bonavista, 17.
11 Mrs. Sophia L OKE, O.B.E., Harbor Grace.
John BRAZIL, Spaniard’s Bay.
12 Mrs. Isobel PAINE, at Montreal, 85.
13 Mrs. Harriet FRANCIS, Grand Bank, 80.
14 Philip MALONE, 80. Mrs. Mary Ann JACKMAN, Arthur OSMOND, Carbonear.
16 Mrs. Charlotte THOMAS, 71.
17 Hilda KELLOWAY, Spout Cove, 23.
18 Mrs. Chesley WHITE, Bonavista, 32.
Margaret Ann SAVAGE, 8 ½ months.
19 Elizabeth PETERSON.
Mrs Susan (Sparkes) JANES.
20 < George Edward WALSH.
22 Mrs. Rachel BRENNAN.
23 Mrs. Donald MORRISON, at Los Angeles, California.
24 Wilson PITCHER, Winterton, 33.
25 James E McGRATH, of this city , at Mamaroneck, New York.
26 Peter RASMUSSEN, native of Denmark, 66.
Hugh HARTIGAN, Placentia, 80.
27 Mrs. W. P. EVANS, Grand Bank, 69.
Miss Sarah NEWMAN, formerly of Staffordshire, England, 90.
John SHORT, Western Bay
28 Very Rev. Dean McGRATH, Bell Island, 76.
William J GRILLS.
29 Eli SNELGROVE, Lewisports.
Mrs. James TIBBS, of Trinity, 79.

3 Mrs. MARY Walsh, Placentia.
George F. POWER.
4 Mrs. Jane WALSH, Grand Bank, 91.
Mrs. Mary Josephine GRACE, formerly of this city, at Gloucester, Mass.
7 George W SNOW, Salmon cove, Carbonear, 55.
Ex-Constable Henry MORRY, 88.
8 Mrs. Albert READER , Bonavista , 69.
Gerald HART, Fogo.
9 Mrs. Elizabeth POLLETT, New Harbor, 81.
George T McGUIRE.
Maynard CLOUTER formerly of Elliston, at Auburn, Washington.
10 James RANDELL, Bonavista, 61.
11 Mrs. Annie SULLIVAN
Mrs. William CRANE, Tilton, 27.
Katie Louisa SMITH, 29
13 Mrs. HICKS, Bonavista 91.
14 James DYETT, St. Jacques, 74
Mrs. Mary Anne Tilley MOCKBEGGER, Bonavista, 64.
Edward ROGERS, Grand Bank 49.
William S THORNE, New Harbor, 66.
16 Bro. Alphonsus RYAN, at Jenkins Hospital, Baltimore.
Joseph PELLEY, at Hickman’s Harbor, 83
Naomi BUTLER, Red Point, Bonavista.
17 Mrs. William READER, Bell Island.
18 Raymond LANGOR, Gooseberry Cove, 16.
19 Emanuel PYNE,
Edwin PARSONS, 73.
20 Alfred TEMPLEMAN, Bonavista.
23 Mrs. DYKE, Mockbeggar, Bonavista, 76.
24 Mrs. Prisclla RAYNES, 75.
25 Mrs. Mary CLANCY.
26 Clinton HANEBURY, formerly of this city, at New York.
Mrs. Margaret EVANS, 89
27 Mrs. Sarah JANES, Broad Cove, B. D. V. ,78
Thomas Fitzgerald , Rolling Cove, Bonavista , 91.
28 John MERCER, 56
29 Michael McLOUGHLIN, at Los Angeles.
31 Charles W RYAN, (Ex-Councillor), 76.
1 Bernard QUINN, Carbonear.
Ebert R HOWELL, Newport, 13
2 Mrs. Mary FOLLETT, 34
3 Mrs. Ellen (Walsh) HEALEY, 81
William, BYRNE, Holyrood.
4 Hon. John J MURPHY, M. L. C. , 90
Mrs. Catherine BUTLER.
Blanche WILLS, 24.
5 Mrs. Johanna WHITE.
Mrs. Mary BECK
Elias MOULAND, Mockbeggar, Bonavista, 77.
William M BREEN, formerly of this city at Somerville, Mass.
6 Samuel BAIRD, 78
Frank TOOTON 22
James TAYLOR, Carbonear, 83.
7 Mrs. Ellen M KENNY.
Eli HINDY, Winterton
8 Harry PEDIGREW, Druggist , 52.
Mrs. Emma GREEN, 70.
Mrs. Margaret TREHEY, Conception.
Edith SKIFFINGTON, Bonavista.
10 Tobis ROLLS, Canaille, Bonavista.
Mrs. Ellen GOSSE, Torbay, 67.
Joseph MARTIN, Lewisporte.
11 Gertrude HART, Fogo.
Mrs. W. R. DOWTON, Bonavista, 82.
12 Mrs. George DURDLE, Bonavista.
13 Mary SHORTALL, 75.
14 William Charles MOORES, Carbonear, 77.
Mrs. Henry BISHOP, Cupids, 74.
Isaac BAGGS, Broad cove, B. D. V.
15 Patrick FOLEY.
Mrs. Muriel CANNING.
16 Mrs. Mary CANTWELL, Cape Spare.
Frederick OSBORNE, Grand Bank, 34.
Miss Emily PEDDLE, Carbonear.
19 Mrs. Helen Patrick RYAN.
20 Clarence COOPER, 18
Cyril MARE, 59.
21 Mrs. Mary (Moore) GALLIVES, 59
25 James Patrick HOLAND.
James N BUTT, Freshwater, B. D. V. 77
John Bert GOSSE, Spaniard’s Bay.
25 Edmund Arthur HAYWARD, Bournemouth, England.
Thomas WHIFFEN Bonavista
26 Mrs. John FIFIELD, Bonavista, 65.
John J TOBIN, 62.
Mrs. Amelia FURNEAUX, 76.
27 Mrs. Robert J COADY, Harbor Breton.
30 George GROVES, Bonavista.
31 James DORAN

2 Matthew GRUCHEY, (ex-Sergt), 60
Mrs. Florence Mae HARRIS, 59.
Simeon Wesley SNELGROVE, 78.
4 Catherine KEARING 22
Mrs. Elizabeth BUTLER, 73
Mrs. Berths (Davis) FULLER, 51
Stephen Robert DAWE , Bay Roberts, 59
8 Mrs. Annie MOAKLER, 65.
Wallace COOPER, Bonavista, 30.
Sarah MOULAND, Bonavista, 74
Mrs. John HAYWARD, Bonavista.
Capt. John DRAKE, Bonavista, 69.
9 Mrs. Edward BUTLER, Bonavista, 69.
10 William E MACLEAN, M. D. C. M. at Western Bay, 65
Arthur RICE, 84.
Mrs. Hannah PARDY, 61
Alfred PARDY, Bonavista.
11 Josiah GOOSE, Spaniard’s Bay
Thomas CARROLL, 66
Henry CRAWFORD, of Airth, Sterlingshire, Scotland.
Thomas ARKLIE, Native of Scotland at Botwood.
12 G. Hedley TAYLOR, 75.
Dr. Ernest GARDNER, West Summerville, Mass, USA
13 William MERCHANT, 88
Ellis ROIL, 23.
14 John J HOLLAND, formerly of this city at Providence, R. I. 65.
15 Michael J O’KEEFE, 78
16 James IVANY, English Hr.
18 Mrs. C. H. TRANFIELD, at London
John J O’BRIEN, 61
Annie F WHELAN, 27.
22 Mrs. Elizabeth Baird HEALEY, 76.
Frederick C. MATIN, 27.
23 James KING, Broad Cove, B. D. V. , 72.
24 Lorenzo MARTIN, 79
25 Mrs. Mary(Spurrel) BRADY, 24
Mrs. Nellie (Sheehan) POWER, 44.
Joseph ASH, Carbonear, 87.
28 Isaac BARTLETT, 73.
James S SCOTT, Franklin Mass, 69.
29 William BARKER, 69.

1 James Francis HOLDEN, aged 35 ,City
2 Isadore WILANSKY, city
James Joseph SQUIRES, 58
Francis I HOWELL, 81
Denis SUMMERS, 63
Mrs. Richard HUNT, Valleyfield, B. B.
4 William O’KEEFE, Brigus, 59.
5 Mrs. Mercedes RUMSEY, 26.
6 Sir Henry M. W. GRAY, M. B. C. M. , Montreal, 68.
9 Denis JOYCE, 82.
10 Capt. Frank MILES.
Mrs. Daisie BAILEY, Montreal
Lawrence WALSH, 68
Mrs. Josie Elizabeth SHEARS, 64.
11 Sergt. William WALSH.
12 Bartholomew EVANS 64
Mrs. Sarah GAIBBLE, 92.
Benjamin PARDY, Grand bank, 79.
Frances BEMISTER AT New Perlican.
13 Simeon NOEL, formerly of Harbor Grace at Vancouver, B. C.
14 Alberto WAREHAM, formerly of Harbor Buffett, 63
15 Albert BLACKLER, 55.
17 Patrick COLLINS, ex-R.N.R.
18 Edna Jean Quinton, 14 years, 10 months
Lillian WHITTEN, 23
19 Mollie O’NEILL, 20 Harbor Grace.
20 Isabel TOBIN
Peter KEHOE, Carbonear, 85.
21 Michael G MARTIN, Secretary, Evening Telegram Ltd., 68.
Richard L CLARKE, Crocker’s Cove, Carbonear, 56.
22 Richard NICHOLL, Crocker’s cove, Carbonear, 56.
Abraham TAYLOR, Burnt Head, Cupids, 72.
24 Arthur PICCO, 23.
Mrs. Sarah KICKS, Bonavista, 86.
Mrs. James KEATS, Bonavista, 65.
26 John PIKE, formerly of Harbor Grace, at Portland, Main, 72.
27 Sir William Ford COAKER, K.B. E. Dies at Boston, 68.
28 Edwin EBSARY, 83.
Mrs. John ROLLS, Bonavista, 80.
29 Joseph TUMA, of Corner Brook at Kentville, N. S. , 24.
Mrs. Jessie RENDELL, Fogo, 86.
30 John FITZPATRICK, of Spaniard’s bay, at Carbonear.
James EDSTROM, formerly of St. John’s, at chelsea, Mass, 36.
Mrs. Margaret FITZPATRICK, at Carbonear.
Mrs. Martin HARRIS, New Melbourne, 76.
Kevin STONE, Bell Island, 23.
31 Mrs. Annie CROTTY, 72.
Michael ENGLISH, Grand Bank, 63.
Mrs. Harry JONES, Fogo, 50.
2 Mary A O’ROURKE, Holyrood.
Mrs Martha GROUCHY, 78.
Miss Blanche BUTLER, Bonavista
3 William J BUTTON, of New Melbourn,
Mrs. Catherine, CROTTY, 42.
4 John ROBINSON, 59.
Mrs. T. C. BADSTOCK, Carbonear.
Mrs. Teresa BLACKMORE, formerly of Tilt Cove.
5 Mrs. Annie KINSELLA.
Mrs. Elizabeth Mackeen SYME.
Mrs. Josephine NOSEWORTHY, 26.
Leo PatrickO’NEILL, 50.
Mrs. Alice ROSE, Marysvale.
6 Emma MERCER, 80.
Joseph Henry FRENCH, of Carbonear.
8 Gertrude FOLEY, 19.
9 Capt. Charles CROSS.
Patrick JOY, at Bonavista.
12 Robert J HENDERSON, 78.
Norman V GREENE, Winterton, 24.
Mrs. Thomas LeDREW, Cupids, 68.
Michaell A McGRATH.
John PARROTT, Winterton.
14 James BINDON.
Peter YOUNG, formerly of Twillingate.
15 Mary JOHNSON, 70.
Albert W. BURSEY, Bell Island, 54.
Mrs. Clara WARREN, Grand Bank, 62.
16 Mrs. Sarah Jane PYE, Carbonear, 74.
Albert W. BURSEY, Bell Island.
Mrs. Martha HYNES, Canada Harbor, 75.
17 Mrs. Isabel FORSEY, Grand Bank, 73
18 Mrs. Katherine Allen CLEARY, 75.
19 Mrs. Jane CONNELLY, 81.
Mrs. George HAWKINS, Bonavista.
20 Marie PARMITER, 34.
Mrs. Walter DURDLE, Bailey’s Cove, Bonavista.
21 Mary Chishlom TUFF.
John BEMISTER, New Perlican, 79.
Morgan HANDRIGAN, Grand Bank, 64.
25 John WAREN, of Carbonear at Flat Rock, 70.
26 Joseph FOWLOW, 7.
28 Mrs. Emma P GOULD, Carbonear, 88.
Patrick J O’CONNELL, 20.
John Lewis MacKEY, Brooklyn , N. Y. 33.
Edward V. FITZPATRICK, 52.
Mrs. Annie JOYCE
Dr. A. C. RUTHERFORD, of Bonavista at the General Hospital, 66.
29 Mrs. Lucinda EVANS, Manuels, formerly of Exploits at Lynn, Mass.

3 Mrs. Samuel PARDY, Grand Bank, 34.
4 John BASHA, Bell Island, 86.
Mrs. Annie Trelagan MACFARLANE, 81.
Mrs. Richard WALSH, Goulds.
Mrs. John PENNEY, Carbonear.
5 Mrs. William J WALSH.
Mrs. Mary Ellen JOHNSON, 68.
Howard Cedric WINDSOR, war Vet.
6 Mrs. Elizabeth BIDDESCOMBER.
7 Mrs. Anne JACOBS, Northern Bay, 86.
9 Lady GRENFELL at Boston
Mrs. George PYE, Brooklyn, B. B.
10 Thomas Cornick, 87.
George PENDERGAST, 35.
11 Daniel WALSH, Melrose, T. B.
12 Edwin G. GRANT, Trinity.
Mrs. Susannah DOYLE, 89.
13 Onslow BROWN, Belleoram, at North Sydney, 54.
Thomas W WHITE, 77.
Daniel CURRIE, Britannia.
14 Mrs. Bridget Sullivan COSTELLO, Calvert.
15 Mrs. Alice O’MARA.
Ex-Sergt. Stephen WHITE, 80.
Bertam Oates LINDSAY, 47.
Mrs. Mary Josephine LYNCH, 57.
John GLAVINE, Buchans, 71.
17 Hector H. A. ROSS, 47
Mrs. Lilian Harding WALSH.
Mrs. Janet Smith EVANS.
18 Thomas TUCKER, formerly of Burnt Point.
20 Samuel A DAWE, Cupids.
James Byrne, Torbay, 70.
Mrs. Fanny HOLLETT, 59.
George Frederick SPURRELL, 63.
21 Annia MORRIS.
Mary Ann TYLOR, 78.
24 Mrs. Annie Kennedy, Holyrood.
James McNEILY.
26 Capt. George RUMSEY, formerly of this city at Sydney, N. S. 87.
Mrs. Elizabeth ROBSON, 85.
27 William J BUGDEN , 72.
Mrs. Nora WADDLETON, 75.
28 Mrs. Laura SINNOTT.
Mrs. Dorcas Frances TAYLOR, of Bay Roberts, at the Grace hospital.
29 John J WALSH, 84.

December 31, 1937 John MacDonald Diamond of this city and Miss Florence Avece (Babe) Jackson of Brigus at Cochrane St. Parsonage.
Hunter F. Marshall of this city and Miss Olive E Brown, of King’s Cove, at St. Mary’s Church.
3 David Croucher and Miss F. J. Burton, Long Pond.
4 Douglas McKay Cook and Miss Margaret McNeilly of this city at Montreal.
6 Wm. B Comeford Jr. and Miss Margaret Evans Codner.
Frederick Lamont Munn and Miss Florence Alberta Goodwin, Harbor Grace.
Wm. Green and Miss Tryphena Perry, Western Bay.
Leonard Green of Joe Batts Arm and Miss Madeline Bryan of Tilting at Tilting.
7 Cecil Oxford of Springdale and Miss Eileen Young of Wild Bight, at Springdale.
9 Daniel Murphy and Miss Elizabeth Shea, Bell Island.
Wm. Dwyer and Miss Mary Kennedy, Bell Island.
14 Leonard A Oliver and Miss Georgina Murphy.
James Follett of Clattice and Miss Annie F Leonard of St. Leonard’s at St. Kryan’s.
18 Lester Pardy, Wild Cove and Miss Pricilla sparks, Seal cove, at Seal Cove.
19 James Davis and Miss Veronica McCarthy , Fox Harbor.
20 Harold Kitchen and Miss Una Blackwood, Bell Island,.
Henry Pinhorn and Miss Rita Andrews, Winterton.
23 Richard Edmunds of Brigus and Miss Irene Rosamund Delaney of Sharestown, at Bay Roberts.
27 George Donald Gosse and Miss Laura Ella Wilcox, Bell Island.

4 Austin Bennett and Miss Helen Dawe of Bell Island at St. Mary’s Church.
9 Stephen Miller New Bonaventure and Miss Minnie Barnes of Trouty, at Trinity.
12 George Belden Bradford of Noranda, Que, and Miss Emma Wesley Matthew of Lennoxville, at Noranda.
Sidney M Couper, of Dorchester Mass. and Miss Asenath M Pottle of Carbonear at Melrose Highroads.
14 Lloyd C Powell of Victoria, Carbonear and Miss Bessie Brown of Grand Bank, at Grand Bank.
18 Wm. Norman Littlejohn and Miss Amelia Thistle.
23 Wm. Dawe and Miss Vera Isobel Dawe, Port de Grave.

2 Claude West of Ladle Cove and Miss Ethel Mouland of Musgrave Harbor, at Ladle Cove.
3 Henry Herbert Freake and Miss Doris Manetta Rideout, Lewisporte.
Chesley Raymond Handrigan of Grand Bank and Miss Myra Jeanette Inkpen of this city at Cochrane St. Manse.
14 Silas Oake and Miss Sadie Paddock, Long Pond.
16 William Thomas King Broad Cove, and Miss Dorcas Jane Riddle of Small Point at Carbonear.
Joseph Oake and Miss Pearl Elms at Lush’s Bight.
22 Alex West Ladle Cove and Miss Jane Chaulk of Deadman’s Bay, at Ladle Cove.
23 James Reid of Green’s Harbor and Miss Annie Mildred Bishop, Heart's Delight at Green's Harbor.

2 Leonard Crocker and Miss Doris Wheadon, Western Bay.
6 George March of Green’s Harbor and Miss Effie Barfitt of Long Beach, Random, at Green’s Harbor.
18 Albert J Roche and Miss Mary A Kennedy of Corner Brook at St. Patrick’s Church.
25 Robert M Barrett and Miss Olive Marguerite Bursell at Topsail.
Ross Colborne and Miss Nellie LeDrew, Lush’s Bight.
27 Claude Hicks of Carmanville and Miss Winne Hicks of Fredericton at Carmanville.
29 Moses Richard Penney and Miss Ethel Parsons, of Salmon Cove.
30 Robert Hartley Twells Watson of St. John’s and Miss Maureen Mordey of Newport , Mon. At Leamington Spa.
Harold Dale of Bay Roberts and Miss Violet Blanche Moulton of Epworth at Epworth.

3 Samuel George Pike and Miss Muriel Baggs.
7 William T Penney of Victoria and Mrs, Sophie Penney of Salmon Cove, at Victoria
11 George Eldred Hedges and Miss Elizabeth Fraize of Carbonear at Gower St. Manse.
12 Harry Wright of Greenspond and Wilhelima Barber at Gower St. United Church.
? Fraser Dalton and Miss Vera Crummey, Western Bay.
George Chubbs and Miss Clarice Laing, Carbonear.
? Fred Rogers of Grand Bank and Miss Bridget West of Bay L’Argent at Grand Bank.
? Leonard Mouland of Bonavista and Miss Minnie Power of Bayley's Cove at Bonavista.
1 Thomas Brian? and Miss Maud Manning.
Walter Driscoll and Miss Queenie Joy Vallis.
Gerald Summers and Miss Winnifred Laura Cook of this city, at Topsail.
J. Stewart Elliott and Miss Jean Mary Stott.
Arthur A Mercer and Miss Emma Doris Pelley.
John Murphy and Miss Mary Flynn.
George Coulston Milliagn Pardy of Twillingate and Miss Ada Pilgrin Earle at Badger.
4 C. M. Taylor of Change Islands and Miss Nellie M. Walters of Garnish at Garnish.
5 William P. Power and Miss Iris Frances McGrath.
9 James Holden of this City and Miss Mary O’Brien of Cape Broyle, at Kilbride.
Herbert Harnum and Miss Serena Follett, Winterton.
11 Chesley Butler and Miss Brenda Marshall, at Woodstock, Topsail.
Samuel Clements and Miss Agnes Skinner, Grand Bank.
Norman Gree and Miss Louisa Pinhorn, of Winterton, at St. John’s.
12 Mrs. (sic) Jerry Tighe of New York and Miss Neta L Hefferton of Newtown, B.B. at New York.
15 Ralph Carman Mews and Miss Olive Magelia Cram Elliott.
Const. Harold W Symonds and Miss Annie Wiseman,
18 Harry Walsh and Miss Bertha Roulokke, Grand Bank.
19 Joseph Mackey and Miss Madeline Reddy.
20 Clayton LeRoy King, of Brigus and Miss Gwendolyn Eloise Howse, of Glovertown, at Gower St. Church.
21 Dr. Harry Duncan Roberts of this city and Miss Mary Katherine Moxon, of Truro, at Truro.
22 Leonard Kelly, Marystown and Miss Annie Power of Corbin at Marystown.
Stanley Fleming of Portugal Cove, and Miss Mabel Kavanagh of Bell Island at Bell Island
23 John Weyouth of Molliers and Mrs. Jane Forsey, of Grand Bank at Grand Bank.
Josiah Milley and Mrs Ella Matthews, Western Bay.
25 Edward Brennan of Little Paradise and Miss Frances Hannam of Marystown at St. Kryan’s.
Herbert Cramm of Broad Cove, B.D.V. and Miss Doris Mercer of this city at Church of England Cathedral.
28 William Edward Redstone of St. John’s, and Miss Mary Perpettia Hicks, of Riverside, Salmonier, at Littledale.
Ernest Levitz, formerly of this city, now of Corner Brook, and Miss Ida Kravitz, of Montreal, at the Synagogue, Henry Street.
30 Dr. Edward Patrick Kavanagh and Miss Margaret Mary Curran.
Ambrose Wheadon of Western Bay and Mrs Edith Flight, of Buchans, at Western Bay.
1 William Harris Dawe and Miss Marion Ralph, Clarke’s Beach.
4 Robert Stuart Jamieson of Ottawa and Miss Marywynn Slipper of Toronto, at Toronto.
9 Prof. Lyall Radcliff McCurdy of New Glasgow, N.S. and Miss Sophie Boyle Cram of Green’s Harbor, at Montreal.
14 Harold Noel and Miss Annie Gillard both of Harbor Grace South at C. of E. Cathedral.
16 Walter Grandy, formerly of Garnish, and Miss Maria Poole, of Grand Bank, at Grand Bank.
19 John J Larkin, formerly of this city and Miss Margaret Sones, of New York City, at Elkton, Maryland.
20 Max Dunford and Miss Emily Harding, Grand Bank.
6 Oliver Hooper of Campbellton and Miss Hilda French at Grand Falls.
7 John McLean of Bell Island and Miss Elizabeth Delaney of North River, at Bell Island
9 Capt. Harvey Legge, S.A. of Grand Bank and Miss Selina Reid Somerton, of Bell Island, at Bell island.
10 Charles Edwards Warr of St. John’s and Miss Ruby Tucker, of Bell Island , at Bell Island.
13 Otto Kelland and Miss Gladys Greene of Winterton, at Wesley U. Church.
Caleb Pennell and Miss Lydia Rose, Grand Bank.
14 Rivlyn Flynn and Miss Bridie Malone at Bell Island.
16 John Udle of this city and Miss Gertrude Little of Bonavista, at St. Thomas’s Church.
Albert Roy Craniford and Miss Dorothy Suderland Stirling.
Arthur Moore of Heart’s Content, and Miss Edna Mae Spurrel of this city, at Topsail
18 W Edward Glyndon Hollett of Burin and Miss Muriel Marquerite Morris of Topsail, at Topsail.
23 George W. Clarke and Miss Frances Anne Penney, Carbonear.
27 William Pilgrim and Miss Bertha Simmons, Carbonear.
28 Percy Manuel Crosbie of this city and Miss Ella Ingrid Larson,of Arn Price, Ont. at Beaubernois.
30 Capt. Willis Watts, Rocky Harbor and Capt. Marion Dawe of Long Pond, at S. A. Citadel.
31 Gilbert Bugdon and Miss Emily Bugden, English Harbor.

3 Edward Ernest Knight and Miss Gladys Muriel Brookes.
5 Walter Henry Thistle and Miss Lillian Margaret Leonard.
8 Eben F. Barnes and Miss Jean Louise MacDonald.
11 Wilbur Fury of Avondale, and Miss Christine Shannahan, of Riverhead, Harbor Grace, at Riverhead.
15 Ralph L Hawkins and Miss Nathalie Brown.
20 Fred A Colbourne of Grand Falls and Miss Jean A Charles, of St. John’s at Salmon Cove, Clarke’s Beach.
21 George Ennis and Miss Kathleen Cahill.
Augustus Murphy and Miss Margaret Murphy.
22 Leonard Morgan of Upper Gullies and Miss Beatrice Bishop of Long Pond, at Carbonear.
William Duggan and Miss Irma Russell.
23 Rev. Shirley Wood and Miss Ethel King, of St. John’s at Halifax.
28 Dr. T. T. Monahan, of Charlottetown, and Miss Mary Callanan of this city at St. Bride’s College, Littledale.

1 Howard W. Wyman, Moncton, and Edith Florence Hunte, St. John’s Nfld., at Port Elgin, N.B.
5 Dr. Kelvin Marshall to May Goodland.
Robert Croke to Annie J Doody.
6 Moses Reid to Lucy Harnum, at New Perlican.
10 Lewis Stanley Bradbury, Bay Roberts and Margaret Brophy St. John’s , at St. St. Bride’s College, Littledale.
Nathan Harnum to Gwen Downey, of Winterton.
11 Michael Stack and Gertrude Ryall.
13 John Dollimount and Carrie Anstey, both of Grand Bank, at Grand Bank.
18 Thomas Bradbury and Linda Muriel French, both of Bay Roberts.
19 Ralph Johnson and Ruth Vavasour.
Const. Peter Goodwin of New Melbourne and Elizabeth Picco of Portugal Cove, at Portugal Cove.
20 Malcolm Piercey and Mildred George, at Winterton.
Berkley Allan Ingram of Hr.Buffett to Lilly Frances Best of Merasheen at Hr. Buffett.
Chesley Harvey of Seal Cove, C. B. and Catherine Baird of Twillingate at Fox Trap.
21 Richard Snow of Lewisporte and Barbara Legge of Twillingate at Lewisporte.
22 George Russell of Lewisporte and Lillian Wheeler of Summerford at Lewisporte.
Gordon Tizzard of Stone’s Cove and Eleanor Fox of Grand Bank, at Grand Bank.
24 Albert Cook and Alice Hayward.
25 Cecil Wilford Bursey and Hester Jean Carter.
John Hodder of Lewisporte and Evelyn Rowe of Carmanville at Lewisporte.
Charle Patten of Grand Bank and Lillian Osmond of Jersey Hr. at Grand Bank.
26 Joseph T. Flynn and Doris Margaret Ring.
29 Benjamin Taylor of Cupids and Susie Anthony of Salmon Cove at Clarke’s Beach.

2 Claud Ford of Island Hr. and Dorothy Pomeroy of Lock’s Cove at Fogo.
3 Wilfred Burdock of Belleoram and Olive Wallace at the Gould’s.
Chesley Head of Sibley’s Cove and Flossie Belle Rowe of Whale’s Brook at Sibley’s Cove.
7 William Ferdinand Channing and Margaret Myrtus Croke.
9 John P Rahal and May Agnes Harrington.
10 Reginald Ayres of Fortune and Mable Elms of Grand Bank at Grand Bank.
14 John Nugent and Rowena Dawe.
17 Cecil Martin of this city and Carries Hibbs of Portugal Cove at Portugal Cove.
James Martin Jones, Bell Island and Edna Sheppard of Harbor Grace, at Wabana.
23 E Richard Jacoby, New York and Alice Maud Kent of Bell Island at New York.
24 F. Norman Harris of Bonavista and Beatrice Percey of Port Rexton at Bonavista.
29 James Penwell and Janet Thornhill at Grand Bank.
30 Hubert Greene of Winterton, and Miss Susie Maidment of Hant’s Harbor at Winterton.

6 Thomas Wilmot of Botwood and Florence Helen Perry of Joe Batt’s Arm at Botwood.
8 Frederick W Northcott, Carbonear and Margaret E. Antle, Victoria at Carbonear.
9 Helon Reid of Winterton and Leah Critch of Hant’s Harbor at Winterton.
10 William James Sutton, Victoria, and Laxie Muriel Swain of Carbonear at Carbonear.
Leo Stewart of Brooklyn, N.Y. and Edith St. John of this city.
12 Herbert Charles Pippy of St. John’s and Audrey Elizabeth Chard of Carmanville at St. Mary’s Church.
13 T. H. Winter and Pearl Hiscock at Brigus.
14 Eric Brian Shears and Flora Lillian Grimes.
20 Harold Abbott and Maria Hicks at Bonavista.
Joseph Tilley and Annie Rolls at Bonavista.
Hubert Linthorne and Nellie Way at Bonavista.
William Haynes of Catalina and Jessie Ella Fisser of Bonavista at Bonavista.

December 31, 1937 Junior BUTLER, age 3, of Bauline passed away as results of being scalded by overturned kettle. Father battled 34 miles to city in blinding snowstorm to get aid for suffering child.

6 Pierce PENNEY, 49, married with 7 children, employee of International Power and Paper Co., Ltd., at Corner Brook, accidently killed by wood falling from pile in Company’s yard.
10 Mrs Celia FINN of The Goulds, passed away at Grace Hospital, from injuries received when a horse drawn slide, on which she was sitting, was demolished by motor truck.
47 persons dead and missing as results of fire which destroyed Sacred Heart College at St. Hyacinthe, Que.
12 “Samoan Clipper” plunged into Pacific in flames, carrying Capt. Edwin C MISICK and 6 associates to their deaths.
26 Alfred HARDY married with 3 children, accidently drowned in lake at Rencontre East.
28 Bernard ROSEMEYER, noted German racing motorist, killed while attempting to establish a new speed record.

8 Search parties failed to find any trace of two KERRIVAN brothers of Indian Harbor, P.B. missing since the 4th.
17 Body of Patrick RICE, of Red Head Cove, who was lost in storm whilst returning from woods, found caught in wire fence, about 300 yards from nearest house.
William THORNHILL, 18, and his brother Hubert, 27, drowned at Brunette when bringing wood in a dory.
24 Lord and Lady PLUNKETT and pilot Tex PHILLIPS killed in aeroplane crash near Hearst airport.
25 Philip HANAMAS, 29, a native of Newfoundland, lost from banking schooner “Bluenose” on the banks.

3 Record breaking storm in Southern California caused floods which took toll of 124 lives and left nearly 20,000 homeless.
12 Michael HENNEBURY, 55, John B, STACEY, 40 and John B. BERTEAU, 25, all married, of Lories, lost their lives by drowning at Lamaline, when attempting to land from dory.
13 5 children of Mr. and Mrs. Archie DUNLAP, of Big Bank, North Sydney, burned to death when parents were visiting neighbour’s house.
18 Mrs. John HOGAN and her child drowned, when dog team on which they were riding, went through the ice, whilst going from Castor River to Port Saunders.
25 Lifeless body of Ezekiel SELLARS, missing since March 18th, found in clump of trees near junction of Stamp’s Lane.
30 United States bombing plane crashed into sea with loss of 5 lives, in mock battle for control of Hawaii.
Tornado in mid-western States killed 19 and seriously injured hundreds.
13 Body of George LITTLE, of Bonavista, 66, found in land wash. Accidently fell over clift, 90ft,
28 Robert BOWDRING, 65, one of victims of explosion at Bell Island, passed away at General Hospital.
29 Patrick POWER, of The Goulds, Brigus, passed away at Hospital as results of injuries received at airport.
Body of John Fifield, 58, of Victoria St. found in waters of harbor.
William PEARCE, of Old Railway Track, passed away at Hospital from injuries received when hit by cycle.
1 William DICKS, married of Little Harbor, East, P. B. drowned at Pinch Cove Point.
6 Randell ABBOTT, 14, son of Mr. George Abbott, of Hr, Mille died from exposure after being thrown in water from dory in which he was lobster fishing.
10 79 miners dead in British Colliery explosion at Duckmanton, and 50 injured.
22 John FOLLETT, aged 52, married, of Winterton, accidentally drowned from schooner Molly M Dunford, Robert Gregory Master.
24 Two year old son of Joseph and Stella RYAN accidentally drowned at South Brook.

3 James BRINTON, 50, married and his son Noel, 19, of Belleoram, members of crew of banking schooner, Rex Perry, drowned when their dory capsized on Grand Bank.
10 United States Army bomber crashed at Delavan, Ind., killing 8 members of crew.
11 John BRAZIL, 53, of Spaniard’s Bay, working in No. 6 mine, Bell Island, passed away as results of shock sustained when his leg was amputated, after being hit by loaded ore car.
19 23 persons killed in a mountain flood when the Milwaukee Railroad’s “Olympia” collapsed on a weakened trestle, and plunged into Custer Creek.
20 Wilson WHITE, aged 4, of Grand Bank, accidentally killed when he was run over by car loaded with caplin.
22 Fred SKIFFINGTON, 50, a steeplejack formerly of Bonavista, killed at North Adams when a branch of a tree he was trimming snapped.
23 Ralph, aged 8 years son of Thomas and Louie NAPIER, of Sandy Cove, T. B. accidentally drowned.

3 Lifeless body of Wing KIT, proprietor of the Regal Café, Water St. West, found in kitchen by a Milkman, believed murdered.
5 Cpt. Ambrose NORRIS, Master of the schooner, “Granite” knocked overboard by boom and drowned, about 8 miles East of Green Island ,Catalina.
6 400 dead as result of cloud burst and flooding of Japanese city of Kobe,
17 Ronald GILLINGHAM, 18, single, of Corner Brook, lost his life when a truck in which he was riding with six companions, turned over on the Deer Lake Road.
20 Thomas SMITH, aged 35, resident of Central Street, and Brakeman of Nfld Railway, died in General Hospital from injuries received whilst working in Railway yard, shunting cars.
Thomas ANTHONY, 67, widower, living on Hodgewater Line, found dead in his cellar by smoke, which he was using to rid cellar of rats.
31 Augustus J ROIL, formerly of this city, found dead in cottage at Alganoe, Michigan, near Detroit. Believed to have been murdered.
54 killed and 75 injured in railroad disaster at Kingston, Jamaica.

1 Ebert HOWELL, 13, adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. William Way of Newtown, accidently drowned whilst bathing.
21 Clarence COOPER, aged 18, son of Mrs. and the late David Cooper, of Water Street, West, passed away at General Hospital as results of injuries received, when a motor truck in which he was riding, left the road near Druken’s Bridge , Torbay.
22 Mrs. Michael FENTON, and her daughter, Mrs. B. Beresford, of Grand Falls, accidentally drowned whilst bathing at Joe Batt’s Arm.
23 Capt. OAKLEY of the Royal Scott, killed in Palestine, by explosion of land mine under lorry in which he was traveling.
24 Bertran GOSSE, 26, of Spaniard’s Bay, son of Mr. Jesse Gosse, accidentally killed when truck he was driving turned over at Saddle Hill.
Malcolm, 6 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter VOKEY, of Main St. Bell Island, accidentally killed, when rear wheel of truck went over him.

2 Charles CARPENTER, 17 of Clarenville, had leg cut off, attempting to board a “Colas” train at Muddy Brook, West of Port Blandford.
5 Regional SHEPPARD, 42, his son Wilson, 15, James SPURRELL, 50, his son Walter, 16, AND Peter STUCKLEY, 16, all of Badger’s Quay, lost their lives whilst returning from fishing grounds.
13 Ellis ROIL, dies at Grace Hospital following severe injuries in motor accident.
22 Hurricane which swept over New England States took death toll of 300. 7 North Atlantic States felt full force, property damage runs into millions.
24 Thomas COONEY, of Argentia, lost his life at New Bedford, Mass., as result of Hurricane.
5 Frank DWYER, 38, dies shortly after train severs both legs near Nfld. Airport.
8 Hedley PEDDLE, 46, of Flat Islands, P.B. accidentally killed at Green Cove, near Jean de Bay, P.B.
11 Mrs. Helen PERRY, accidentally shot to death by Jacob Bradbury, who was target shooting at Wayside Inn Torbay.
13 Alexander SUMMERS, of Clarenville South, loses life when caught in lumber mill machinery, 60.
22 Graham UDELL, single, Carbonear, and Abram TAVERNOR, married, Heart’s Content drowned from small power boat off Fishing Ship’s Harbor, Labrador.
25 James COLLINS, Morris FLEMING, Randell FLEMING and Clyde KING, all of Lamaline, washed overboard from motor vessel Tyre during storm. Vessel later taken to St. Pierre in charge of Fred Murphy, chief engineer, sole survivor.
3 John LeROUX aged 4 of St. Joseph’s Cove, Bay D’Espoir, died from exposure after being astray in the woods all night.
5 Ernest ASH, 13, washed off rock at Burnt Head, Crocker’s Cove, Carbonear and drowned.
6 30 people lost their lives when trapped by fire in photographers studio Oslo.
11 William DOVE, of Harbor Grace, fatally injured when gravel pit on Saddle Hill in which he was working, caved in.
13 Garfield LUSHMAN of Grey River drowned.

8 A M PETERS fatally injured by motor car in Montreal.

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