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1948 Voter's List

Central NL Region ~ Windsor

List of Electors 1948

Transcribed by CHERI WHEELER, February 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
301 SULLIVAN, Samuel Patrick St. M
302 TERRY, Cyril Main St. M
303 TERRY, Margaret Main St. F
304 THOMAS, Eric Patrick St. M
305 THOMAS, Lily Patrick St. F
306 TROKE, Dorcas Patrick St. ?
307 TROKE, William Patrick St. M
308 TUBRETT, Agnes Second Ave. F
309 TUBRETT, Cyril Second Ave. M
310 TULETTE, Hodges 16th Ave. M
311 TURPIN, Lena Main St. F
312 TURPIN, Theresa Main St. F
313 TURPIN, Thomas Main St. M
314 TURPIN, Vincent Main St. M
315 UPSHALL, Lewis 17th Ave. M
316 UPSHALL, Rosanna 17th Ave. F
317 WALL, William 17th Ave. M
318 WALSH, Caroline 17th Ave. F
319 WALSH, Dominic 17th Ave. M
320 WARREN, Charles 17th Ave. M
321 WARREN, Joseph 17th Ave. M
322 WARREN, Lucinda 17th Ave. F
323 WARREN, William J. 17th Ave. M
324 WHEELER, Ada 17th Ave. F
325 WHEELER, Alfred 17th Ave. M
326 WHIFFEN, Alice Main St. F
327 WHIFFEN, Ambrose 16th Ave. M
328 WHIFFEN, Leonard 16th Ave. M
329 WHIFFEN, Martin Main St. M
330 WHIFFEN, Martin Main St. M
331 WHIFFEN, Monica Main St. F
332 WHIFFIN, Nellie 16th Ave. F
333 WHITE, Dominic Main St. M
334 WHITE, Ellen Patrick St. F
335 WHITE, John Main St. M
336 WHITE, Leo Bond St. M
337 WHITE, Louise Bond St. F
338 WHITE, Mary Main St. F
339 WHITE, Susan Main St. F
340 WICKS, Alice 16th Ave. F
341 WYATT, William 17th Ave. M
342 WYATT, Winnifred 17th Ave. F
343 YOUNG, Frederick George St. M
344 YOUNG, Hedley 17th Ave. ?
345 YOUNG, Minnie George St. F
346 YOUNG, Violet 17th Ave. F
301 SNOW, Frederick J. King St. M
302 STACEY, David 2nd Ave. M
303 STACEY, Gladys 2nd Ave. F
304 STAGG, Margaret 2nd Ave. F
305 STAGG, Thomas 2nd Ave. M
306 STRIDE, Madge King St. F
307 STROUD, Bertram 2nd Ave. M
308 STROUD, Ivy 2nd Ave. F
309 STUCKLESS, Rosie 2nd Ave. F
310 STUCKLESS, Samuel J. 2nd Ave. M
311 TEMPLETAN, Job King St. M
312 TREMBLETT, John King St. M
313 TREMBLETT, Sabina King St. F
314 TREMBLETT, Thomas King St. M
315 TUBRETT, Ida 2nd Ave. F
316 TUBRETT, Michael 2nd Ave. M
317 WALSH, Augustine J. King St. M
318 WALSH, Elizabeth King St. F
319 WALSH, Helen King St. F
320 WALSH, Leo J. King St. M
321 WALSH, Michael 2nd Ave. M
322 WAY, Alexander 2nd Ave. M
323 WAY, Amy 2nd Ave. F
324 WAY, Earl 2nd Ave. M
325 WAY, Gwendolyn 2nd Ave. F
326 WAY, Isaac 2nd Ave. M
327 WHEELER, Florence 2nd Ave. F
328 WHEELER, Herbert 2nd Ave. M
329 WHEELER, Mildred 2nd Ave. F
330 WHEELER, Walter 2nd Ave. M
331 WHIFFIN, Peter King St. M
332 WHIFFIN, Mary King St. F
333 WHITE, Beryl King St. F
334 WHITE, Carrie King St. F
335 WHITE, Frank King St. M
336 WHITE, George King St. M
337 WHITE, James King St. M
338 WHITE, Louisa King St. F
339 WHITE, Mary A. King St. F
340 WHITE, Priscilla King St. F
341 YOUNG, Fintan King St. M
101 DROVER, Priscilla 7th Ave. F
102 EASTMAN, Clayton Carnation St. M
103 EASTMAN, Olive Carnation St. F
104 FARR, Leslie Bond St. M
105 FIFIELD, Mary Carnation St. F
106 FIFIELD, Nellie Carnation St. F
107 FIFIELD, William Carnation St. M
108 FINN, Richard Bond St. M
109 FINN, Roland Main St. M
110 FINN, Theresa Bond St. F
111 FLIGHT, John W. Bond St. M
112 FLIGHT, Mary Bond St. F
113 FLOOD, Annie Main St. F
114 FLOOD, George Main St. M
115 FOSTER, Marina Carnation St. F
116 FOSTER, Sterling Carnation St. M
117 GLAVINE, Edward 4th Ave. M
118 GLAVINE, Maurice 4th Ave. M
119 GLAVINE, Rita 4th Ave. F
120 GLOVER, Patience 13th Ave. F
121 GREEN, Pearl Bond St. F
122 GULLIFORD, Edgar R. 13th Ave. M
123 HAMLYN, Dawe 7th Ave. M
124 HAMLYN, Ernest 4th Ave. M
125 HAMLYN, Freda 4th Ave. F
126 HAMLYN, Norah 7th Ave. F
127 HANLON, Agnes Bond St. F
128 HANNON, Thomas Main St. M
129 HARRIS, Eileen Bond St. F
130 HEALEY, Violet 7th Ave. F
131 HENNESSEY, Emily 7th Ave. F
132 HENNESSEY, Michael 7th Ave. M
133 HIGGINS, Sarah Hill St. F
134 HIGGINS, William T. Hill St. M
135 HILLIER, Louise King St. F
136 HILLIER, Robert King St. M
137 HOLLETT, Annie King St. F
138 HOLLETT, Charity King St. F
139 HOLLETT, John King St. M
140 HOLLETT, William A. King St. M
141 HUNT, Clara Bond St. F
142 HUNT, Doris Bond St. F
143 HUNT, Ella 4th Ave. F
144 HUNT, Emma 4th Ave. F
145 HUNT, Harry Bond St. M
146 HUNT, James Sr. 4th Ave. M
147 HUNT, James Jr. 4th Ave. M
148 HUNT, William Bond St. M
149 IVANY, Ambrose King St. M
150 IVANY, Catherine Bond St. F
301 WALSH, Ellen 7th Ave. F
302 WALSH, Marion 7th Ave. ?
303 WAY, Herber Carnation St. M
304 WHEELER, Frederick King St. M
305 WHEELER, Ivy 13th Ave. F
306 WHEELER, Maisie King St. F
307 WHEELER, Oliver 13th Ave. M
308 WHITE, Mary Carnation St. F
309 WIGHT, Lillian King St. F
310 WIGHT, Samuel King St. M
311 YOUNG, Clarence King St. M
312 YOUNG, Hazel King St. F
?01 FROUDE, Allan 9th Ave. M
?02 FROUDE, Bertram Main St. M
?03 FROUDE, Casandra Main St. F
?04 FROUDE, Deborah Main St. F
?05 FROUDE, Elizah 8th Ave. M*
?06 FROUDE, Gertie Main St. F
?07 FROUDE, Herbert Main St. M
?08 FROUDE, Howard Main St. M
?09 FROUDE, Laura 8th Ave. F
?10 FROUDE, Myra 9th Ave. F
?11 FROUDE, Roland Main St. M
?12 FROUDE, Theodore Main St. M
?13 GILBERT, Florence Caribou Rd. F
?14 GILBERT, Gertrude Caribou Rd. F
?15 GILBERT, Joseph Caribou Rd. M
?16 GILBERT, Wesley Caribou Rd. M
?17 GILLINGHAM, George 8th Ave. M
?18 GOOSE, Annie Caribou Rd. F
?19 GOOSE, Edgar Caribou Rd. M
?20 GOOSE, Ida 8th Ave. F
?21 GOOSE, John C. 8th Ave. M
?22 GREEN, Pearl 9th Ave. F
?23 GREEN, Wilson 9th Ave. M
?24 GRIMES, David Caribou Rd. M
?25 GRIMES, Emma Caribou Rd. F
?26 GUY, Leslie Main St. M
?27 GUY, Mary Main St. F
?28 HACKETT, Julia Caribou Rd. F
?29 HACKETT, Stanley Caribou Rd. M
?30 HANNON, Edward Main St. M
?31 HANNON, Mary Main St. F
?32 HART, Ishmael 9th Ave. M
?33 HEALEY, Lillian Main St. F
?34 HEALEY, William Main St. M
?35 HEDGES, John Main St. M
?36 HEDGES, Vera Main St. F
?37 HISCOCK, Jessie Main St. F
?38 HISCOCK, Raymond Main St. M
?39 HUNTER, Ida M. Caribou Rd. F
?40 HUNTER, Jabez Caribou Rd. M
?41 HUNTER, Piercey Caribou Rd. M
?42 HYNES, Minnie Main St. F
?43 HYNES, Rosie Main St. F
?44 HYNES, Sydney Main St. M
?45 IVANY, Elsie Caribou Rd. F
?46 IVANY, Joshua Caribou Rd. M
?47 IVANY, Mary 8th Ave. F
?48 IVANY, Priscilla Caribou Rd. F
?49 IVANY, Stewart 8th Ave. M
?50 JANES, Aubrey Main St. M
251 TILLEY, Myrtle Caribou Rd. F
252 TILLEY, Nelson Caribou Rd. M
253 TILLEY, Thomas Caribou Rd. M
254 TOBIN, John Main St. M
255 TOBIN, Margaret Main St. F
256 TOBIN, Patrick Main St. M
257 TOUPE, Nora Main St. F
258 TOUPE, Victor Main St. M
259 VERGE, Alice 9th Ave. F
260 VERGE, Thomas 9th Ave. M
261 WALSH, Gregory Main St. M
262 WALSH, Jessie Main St. F
263 WALSH, Lawrence Main St. M
264 WARFORD, Alexander Main St. M
265 WARFORD, Eliza Main St. F
266 WARFORD, Marjorie Main St. F
267 WARFORD, Ralph Main St. M
268 WAYE, Agnes Main St. F
269 WAYE, John E. Main St. M
270 WAYE, Noah Main St. M
271 WELLS, Florence 9th Ave. F
272 WELLS, Philip 9th Ave. M
273 WHEELER, Annie 9th Ave. F
274 WHEELER, Caroline 9th Ave. F
275 WHEELER, Dawe Main St. M
276 WHEELER, Edith 9th Ave. F
277 WHEELER, Edward S. 9th Ave. M
278 WHEELER, Elizabeth Main St. F
279 WHEELER, Hannah Main St. F
280 WHEELER, John Main St. M
281 WHEELER, William 9th Ave. M
282 WHEELER, William F. 9th Ave. M
283 WHITE, George Main St. M
284 WHITE, Harriet Caribou Rd. F
285 WHITE, Jessie Caribou Rd. F
286 WHITE, Lucy Main St. F
287 WHITE, Ralph Caribou Rd. M
288 WHITE, Thomas Main St. M
289 WHITE, Walter Caribou Rd. M
290 WISEMAN, Daisy Earl St. F
291 WISEMAN, Hezekiah Earl St. M
292 WISEMAN, Minnie Main St. F
293 WISEMAN, Olando Main St. M
294 YOUNG, Esther Caribou Rd. F
295 YOUNG, Leonard Caribou Rd. M
296 YOUNG, Peter Caribou Rd. M

Name in List Description of Error My Name
STROUD #307 Bertram Stroud should read Albert Stroud, this was my grandfather. Angel Stroud Caza
GOSSE Annie & Edgar GOOSE should read Annie & Edgar GOSSE. Juanita Breen
TROKE The listing for Troke, Dorcas - Voters List No. 306 should indicate F. Jim Gruchy

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