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A.N.D. ~ Roll of Honour
Book Title: "ROLL OF HONOUR". Employees of the Anglo Newfoundland Development Co. Ltd., who served with the British Allied Forces during the War of 1914-18.Total number enlisted 230. Killed or missing, died of wounds or sickness 48. Repatriated prisoners of War 7. Wounded 64.

The information was transcribed by ANGUS ELLIOTT ~ January 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

List of men killed, missing, died of wounds or sickness.
Abbott, Pte. E. King, Pte. J.
Barrow, Pte. D. Lacey, Pte. Harry
Beson, Sgt. P. Langer, Pte. J.
Blackall, Lt. H. Le Buff, Cpl. R.
Brown, Pte. W. Maidment, Pte. R.L.
Butt, Pte. D. Martin, Pte. W. J.
Conners, Pte. M.G. Moore, Sgt. J. E.
Conran, Cpl. M. O'Flynn, Pte. M. J.
Dunphy, L/Cpl. T.P. O'Reilly, Pte. W.
Ethridge, Pte. R. Osmond, Pte. C.
Evoy, Pte. F. Pitcher, Pte.C.
Ferguson, 2ndLt. J. R. Pitcher, M. M., Sgt. W.
Fewer, Pte. L. Porter, C.S.M. R. B.
Finn, Pte. J. W. Power, Pte. N.
Forster, Pte. H. W. Power, Pte. P.
Frampton, Pte. H. Rideout, Pte. P.
Frew, Cpl. F. M. Rideout, Pte. T.
Gillard, 2ndLt. F. G. Romaine, Sgt. H.
Goudie, Cpl. G. Sargent, Pte. J.
Grace, Sgt. M. Southcott, Pte. T.
Hann, Pte. W. Trask, M. M., Pte. H.
Hannon, Sgt. F.` Wilcox, Pte. F.
Hounsell, M. M., L/Cpl. J. Wills, Cpl. H.
Kent, L/Cpl. M. Young, Pte. H.

Employees who served.* Wounded; ** Prisoner of War
Arklie, Sgt. J. * James, Pte. W.
Bailey, Pay sub-Lt. H. C. * Joe, Pte. T.
* Ball, Pte. H. * Johnson, Pte. R.
Batstone, Cpl. O. Jones,A./Lt.-Col.V.S.
Bell, 2ndLt. S. J. * Judge, Pte. J.
Bennett, Pte. W. Kelland, (wireless operator) A. S.
Bethune, Lt. J. G. * Kennedy, L/Cpl. M.
* Bird, Sgt. D. * Killin, Hon. 2ndLt. J.
** Blackall, Lt. J. *,** King, Pte. S.
Breen, Pte. E. Knight, Pte. E.
** Brown, Pte. R. * Lacey, Cpl. H.
Brown, A.B. T. Lane, Pte. J.
* Campbell, A.B. J. Lane, Pte. N.
Carter, L/Cpl. H. J. Lemee, Lt. J.
* Cater, Cpl. J. Maidment, Pte. W. J.
* Cheater, L/Cpl. N. * Matthews, Pte. W.
* Christian, Pte. F. * McDonald, M.M., Cpl. P.
Christiansen, Pte. R. Mchenry, Belgian C. de G., Lt. W.E.
Clark, L/Bdr. H. * Mercer, Pte. G.
Clayson, A.B. J. * Morris, L/Cpl. J.
* Coish, Pte. A. Morrisey, Cpl. G.
* Coles, Pte. C. Morrow, Pte. W.H.
* Collins, M.M., Sgt. M. Murphy, D.C.M., Sgt. J.
Conners, Hon. 2ndLt. P. Nugent, Lt. M.J.
Conran, Pte. W. Oldford, Pte. E.
Constable, Hon. 2ndLt. A. Oldford, Pte. M.
Cooper, Capt. L. R. Paul, Pte. F.
Copeland, G. M. (Marconi) * Penney, Sgt. A.
* Cornick, Pte. C. * Penney, Sgt. C.
Crawley, C.Q.M.S. A. Pilley, Pte. A.
Crawley, L/Cpl. J. * Pitcher, Pte. G.
Critch, A.B. W. G. * Postethwaite, M.C., Lt. R.A.
Crowe, Capt. H. S. Potts, Sgt. B. W.
* Day, Pte. J. * Randell, Pte. L.
Delaney, Sgt. J. * Redmond, Sgt. R. S.
* Delaney, Pte. N. *Rendell, Sgt. H.
Delaney, Pte. W. Rendell, Cpl. S.
** Dempster, Pte. J. * Rhodes, Sgt. S.
* Dunphy, D.C.M.,Belgian C. de G., Hon. 2ndLt. T. J. *,** Sawyer, Sgt. J.
Eastman, Pte. W. Scott, Capt. W.
* Ennis, L/Cpl. L. Sharman, Cpl. V.
* Evoy, Pte. A. * Shaw, Pte. G. L. S.
* Fever, Pte. E. Sheppard, Pte. W.
* Foley, Pte. P. * Sheppard, Pte. G.
Foran, Pte. G. * Silk, Pte. W.
* Foran, Pte. M. Simpson, 1st Class E.R.A. W.
* Foran, Pte. P. * Slade, Pte. E.
Foran, D.C.M., M.M., C.S.M.., S. Smith, L/Cpl. P.J.
* French, Pte. J. Southcott, Pte. R.
George, Pte. C. * Stanford, Pte. H.
* Goudie, Pte. J. * Stanford, D.C.M.,M.M.,French C de G.,2ndLt. R.
Grace, Sgt. J. * Starks, Pte. J.
* Granter, Pte. T. Steele, Pte. J.
Griffin, Pte. J. * Stewart, Pte. A.
* Haggett, Pte, E. * Stickland, Pte. J.
Hamilton, Pte, M. * Sursham, A./Capt. E. A.
Hann, Pte. A. * Taylor, Pte. W.
*,** Healey, Pte. P. Tucker, L/Cpl. P.
Hefferman, Pte. R. * Waugh, Pte. J.
Hemery, 2ndLt. H. V. * Wheeler, Pte. A.
* Hicks, M.C. and Bar, Capt. G. * White, Pte. D.
* Hiscock, Pte. L. J. Williamson, M.C.,Lt. H.
Hopson, M.C., Lt. F. H. ** Wills, Pte. Harry
House, Pte. G. Wilson, Gnr. E.
* Hussey, Cpl. J. Woodman, C.Q.M.S. J.
* Ireland, Pte. E. Young, Pte. A.

List of men who served in the Newfoundland Forestry.
Anderson, William Forsey, Joseph
Andrews, Adam Goodyear, Aubrey
Angel, John Golding, Thomas
Ball, Douglas Grandville, John
Beeton, Joseph Hann, Chesley G.
Beeton, William Harvey, G. W. N.
Brien, John Hayse, Pierce
Brown, Owen Hayward, John C. M.
Burt, Edwin G. Hillier, Andrew
Caines, John Hunt, Victor
Cole, Hugh Hutchcroft, William
Constable, Thomas Hutchings, John
Connor, Morris

Other residents of Grand Falls not Employed by AND Co Ltd.
* Wounded; ** Killed
*Goodyear, Capt. J.
** Goodyear, M.C., Capt. Hedley
** Goodyear, M.C., Lieut. Stanley
* Goodyear, Lieut Kenneth
** Goodyear, L/Cpl. Raymond
** Pike, L/Cpl. George E.

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