Grace Babbitt

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Reproduced from “Gander” – a magazine published by the R.C.A.F. at Gander, Newfoundland mid-winter 1945.
Contributed by Carol Walsh

Grace Babbitt
She Does Jobs Well

Grace Babbitt is a radio voice. She is also a journalist. At one time, she even operated a lathe for Pratt and Whitney. Whatever she has done she has done well. That has endeared her to people from Oregon, where she went to university, to Gander.

Every weekday at two o’clock, Grace completed a half-hour of cheering request numbers from hospital patients. It was “Hospital Hi-Jinks.” The closing line “This is Grace Babbitt, your H H Orderly…..” was as familiar in Gander life as the post office or the cinder path. They there were the Sunday “Book Reviews” and the Wednesday and Saturday “Hollywood Headliners.”

Even with the welter of preparation for these broadcasts, Grace somehow managed to whip up her inimitable articles on station life for the GANDER and the Journalism Club. All these jobs and others were thoroughly done. It is Grace Babbitt’s way……..end.

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