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Cemetery Inscriptions

Central Newfoundland Region ~ Bishop Falls

Roman Catholic Cemetery (Partial)

Headstone inscriptions were collected and compiled by TOM & DIANE HYNES.  While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

Grave with concrete border, small iron fence, white marble headstone with cross on top:

WOODFORD. In fond and loving memory of Ronald Woodford, died Sept. 22nd 1949, aged 22 years 7 mons.
Also Willie Woodford, died Dec. 9th, 1928, aged 2 mons.

Three headstones on a granite base.


* Donald Bruce Jan. 12, 1944 Aug. 26, 1949

* In loving memory of Mary Catherine beloved wife of John T. Hannon, died Sept. 19th 1958 aged 50 years. Also her son Donald died Aug. 26th 1949, aged 4 years 8 months.

* John T. Nov. 11, 1909 July 31, 1970 [engraving of steam locomotive on stone]

4 adjacent graves, joined by single long cement base for the headstones. 2 large crosses made of gold-coloured pipe; shrine with statue of BV Mary.

* PENNEY Jarvis M. (Jerry) 1942-1985

* PENNEY In loving memory of Margaret 1914-1995

* PENNEY In loving memory of Jarvis 1908-1974

* PENNEY John P. August 24, 1948 May 2, 2004 [double plot but other half not used]

Large double plot with concrete cover over whole plot.

* brass plaque Michael S. Saunders 1919-1979

* brass plaque Alfreda L. Saunders 1924-1973

adjacent to:

Large double plot with concrete border, grave covered with crushed quartz stones.

Single red granite headstone:


In loving memory of

William J. Levina

1911-1971 1910-1998

We shall meet again.

Large double grave. Short galvanized metal border, short posts with chains, grave covered with crushed quartz stones. Thin upright plaque on concrete base.


Leonard P. Marion

1916-1969 1921-1991

Ever loved and remembered by eight daughters & two sons.

3 headstones on common concrete base.

* R.I.P. Arthur Penney May 4, 1951 - April 7, 1990. Ever remembered, ever loved by Mother & Family.

* Arthur T. Penney Nov. 7, 1914 - Dec. 22, 1986. Ever remembered, ever loved by wife and family.

* In loving memory of Catherine F. Penney 1921-1997. Ever remembered, ever loved by the family.

Single grave, wooden cross with name plaque.

Jerome Penney.

Double plot, with plaque on concrete base.


Howard 1906-1992 Martha 1908-1994

adjacent to:

Small black stone on concrete base.

In loving memory of Howard P. Dwyer 1947-2000.

Large double grave with concrete border and short iron fence, grey granite headstone.


Leo Gordon Josephine

1903-1985 1907-1992

Three adjacent single graves, first two with concrete borders.

* Red granite headstone - PENNEY Patrick J. 1937-1983

* Grey granite headstone - PENNEY Joseph M. 1912-1981

* Grey granite headstone - PENNEY Anastasia R. 1914-1999.

Black granite headstone, flanked by two plaster (concrete?) angels, on a concrete base.


1938 Leone 1993

1934 William A. [blank]

Single plot with concrete border, red granite headstone.

HANNON William born Oct. 21, 1921 died Aug. 5, 1983.

Double plot, concrete border, low iron fence, red granite headstone shaped like 2 hearts.


1900 James J. 1985 1905 Anne M. 1998.

Single grave, concrete border, red granite headstone.


In loving memory of Maud Joseph Hannon Dec. 10, 1899 - Oct. 3, 1983.

adjacent to:

Double grave, with concrete border.


George A. Beatrice B.

1906-1984 1920-2003.

3 plaques on a concrete base.

* Baby Boy

* In loving memory of Frank J. Hannon 1927-1987

* Baby Girl.

Black granite headstone on grey granite base.


1903 James 1977

His Wife

1905 Clara 1962.

2 adjacent headstones.

* grey granite on concrete base - HANNON Peter M. 1913-1994. Husband of Clara Houlahan.

* grey granite on concrete base, with concrete border - HANNON Clara M. 1906-1980. Wife of Peter Hannon.

Single grave, no border, black granite on grey granite base.

In memory of Catherine Lannon died Aug. 25, 1974, age 75 years.

Single grave, no border, white limestone.

In loving memory of Patrick Joseph Lannon died Dec. 9, 1945, aged 57 years.

Limestone headstone, on limestone base.


In loving memory of William Penney died Sept. 11th, 1944, aged 73 years.

And his wife Mary, died March 8th, 1950, aged 75 years.

Erected by son Arthur.

Limestone column.

* one side - In loving memory of Margaret, wife of George Ivany, born March 11th 1916, died Nov. 25th 1943.

* another side - Their daughters Agnes, Catherine, Gertrude, Marie, Ann died Nov. 25th, 1943.

* another side - Their sons James, George, Gerald, William, died Nov. 25th, 1943.

* last side - [blank]

Large grave with three limestone headstones on common concrete base.

* In loving memory of Peter Penney beloved husband & father, died June 21st 1969 aged 28 years. Erected by wife Doreen and children.

* In loving memory of Irene Penney beloved wife & mother, died Dec. 21st 1969 aged 58 years.

* In loving memory of William B. Penney died Jan. 4, 1979 aged 74 years.

Erected by family.

adjacent to:

Short plot, double wide, concrete border, with two headstones.

* Granite stone flat on ground - Gerald M. Penney Dec. 18, 1948 July 14, 1951

* Vertical red granite headstone - Allen Francis Penney 1961-1966. Son of James & Lottie.

Double grave, concrete border, 2 columnar headstones of grey stone.

* In memory of John P. Hannon beloved husband of the late Marion Hannon, died April 24th 1951 aged 39 years.

* In loving memory of Marion Hannon beloved wife of John P. Hannon, died April 26th 1942 aged 36 years.

Small headstone (?concrete).

In loving memory of Gerry darling child of Leo & Norah Healey, died June 18th 1941, aged 1 year 11 months.

Double plot, concrete border, 2 headstones.

* grey granite - HANNON

Joseph 1916-1951

beloved husband of

Mary H. Hannon nee McNab.

* limestone column HANNON

- one side - In loving memory of Cyril F. beloved son of Peter & Mary Hannon, died Jan. 2nd 1938 aged 18 years.

- another side - In loving memory of William Gordon Hannon, died Jan. 23rd 1934 aged 2 years, 11 months, loving child of Michael & Gertrude Hannon.

adjacent to:

2 stones in double plot with concrete border.

* grey stone column - HANNON

one side - Erected by his wife Mary in loving memory of Peter Hannon, died Dec. 25th 1943 aged 72 years.

* grey granite headstone - In memory of Mary Frances Hannon Sept. 25, 1877 May 30, 1974.

and adjacent in next row:

2 adjacent markers.

* limestone headstone - In memory of Thomas Patrick Hannon beloved husband of Elizabeth Hannon, died Oct. 27th, 1935 aged 48 years, 8 mons.

* white wooden cross with oval wooden plaque - Elizabeth Hannon 1887-1949.

3 adjacent headstones.

* limestone - In memory of John Healey beloved husband of Elizabeth Healey, died May 23, 1967, aged 76 years.

* grey granite - HEALEY Elizabeth M. 1890-1975.

* white (?limestone), partly broken on top - In loving memory of Dominic K. Healey, died May 16, 1927 aged 25 years.

Double plot, concrete border.

Large black granite headstone, in shape of 2 hearts. LANNON.

[one side blank] father Samuel L. 1929-2001.

adjacent to:

Single grave, no border, black granite headstone.

In loving memory of Mary Ann Lannon July 5, 1915 - Jan. 25, 1998.

adjacent to:

Single grave, concrete border, black granite headstone.

In loving memory of Raymond Lannon Aug. 23, 1913 - Mar. 27, 1979. Erected by wife Annie

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