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Conception Bay North - Northern District

Western Bay Division

PANL: File No. 1839 GN 43/7 Voters List, Box 7

The information was transcribed by BILL WHITE ~ September 2002. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

"The list of Persons entitled to vote in the Election of a Member or Members for the District of Conception Bay in respect of Dwelling, Houses, situate in the Western Bay Division of the said District."

# Christian Name and Surname of each Voter at full length Place of Abode and Qualifications Street, Lane, Road and other local Description
1Adams JohnAdams Cove
2Adams PhilipAdams Cove
3Butt John JuniorPerrys Cove
4Butt John SeniorPerrys Cove
5Butt John of HenryPerrys Cove
6Button WilliamPerrys CoveNorth Side
7Baggs JohnBroad CoveSouth Side
8Baggs JosephBroad CoveSouth Side
9Butt Moses SeniorBroad Cove
10Butt Thomas SeniorBlack HeadNorth Side
11Butt William SeniorBlack Head
12Butt JonathanBradly’s Cove
13Butt ThomasBradly’s Cove
14Butt JacobWestern BaySouth Side
15Butt HenryWestern BaySouth Side
16Butt William JuniorWestern BaySouth Side
17Baggs RobertAdams Cove
18Baggs WilliamAdams Cove
19Baggs HughAdams Cove
20Bunden RichardBroad CoveNorth Side
21Banville NicholasGussetts Cove
22Barren MichaelGussetts Cove
23Biggs JosephAdams Cove
24Boyce SamuelWestern BayRiverhead
25Bransfield DavidWestern BaySouth Side
26Bosant ThomasWestern BayNorth Side
27Bolan SamuelOchrepit Cove
28Bolan JohnOchrepit Cove
29Cake AnaniasSalmon CoveNorth Side
30Connell JohnBroad CoveSouth Side
31Cahill MichaelAdams Cove
32Crocker William SeniorBradly’s Cove
33Crocker JohnBradly’s Cove
34Crocker William JuniorBradly’s Cove
35Crummey JamesWestern BayRiverhead
36Crummey William SeniorWestern BayRiverhead
37Crummey Joseph SeniorWestern BayRiverhead
38Crummey William JuniorWestern BayRiverhead
39Crowley WilliamWestern BaySouth Side
40Crowley JamesWestern BaySouth Side
41Curtis WilliamWestern BayNorth Side
42Curtis ThomasWestern BayNorth Side
43Cosh RichardOchrepit Cove
44Cosh WilliamOchrepit Cove
45Cosh SamuelOchrepit Cove
46Carnall ThomasOchrepit Cove
47Carnall RichardOchrepit Cove
48Carnall John SeniorOchrepit Cove
49Cooper GeorgeBlack Head
50Dean RichardSalmon CoveNorth Side
51Dean AbrahamSalmon CoveNorth Side
52Dunn DenisBroad CoveSouth Side
53Dunn WilliamBroad CoveSouth Side
54Dunn PatrickBroad CoveSouth Side
55Dunn JohnBroad CoveSouth Side
56Dunn EdwardBroad CoveSouth Side
57Diamond John JuniorAdams Cove
58Diamond John SeniorAdams Cove
59Diamond RobertAdams Cove
60Diamond PeterAdams Cove
61Diamond William SeniorAdams Cove
62Delany WilliamWestern BayRiverhead
63Delany Nicholas JuniorWestern BayRiverhead
64Delany JosephWestern BayRiverhead
65Delany Nicholas SeniorWestern BaySouth Side
66Dalton George SeniorWestern BaySouth Side
67Dalton JosephWestern BaySouth Side
68Dalton ThomasWestern BaySouth Side
69Dalton PhilipWestern BaySouth Side
70Dalton MatthewWestern BayNorth Side
71Dwyre JohnWestern BaySouth Side
72Doyle LawrenceWestern BayNorth Side
73Evans RobertAdams Cove
74Evans JamesAdams Cove
75Evans John JuniorWestern BayRiverhead
76Evans Robert of JohnWestern BayRiverhead
77Ellworth BenjaminWestern BayNorth Side
78Ellworth JamesWestern BayNorth Side
79Edgecomb JohnOchrepit Cove
80Edgecomb Thomas?Ochrepit Cove
81Ellidge Reverend GeorgeBlack Head
82Flight James SeniorLower Small Point
83Flight WilliamLower Small Point
84Flight James JuniorLower Small Point
85Forrestal JohnGussetts Cove
86Forrestal MichaelGussetts Cove
87Farrell MartinGussetts Cove
88Fitzgerald Patrick SeniorWestern BayRiverhead
89Fitzgerald WilliamWestern BayNorth Side
90Fitzgerald MauriceWestern BayNorth Side
91Fitzgerald JohnWestern BaySouth Side
92Foster JohnWestern BayNorth Side
93Follett MichaelWestern BaySouth Side
94Fahey PhilipWestern BayNorth Side
95Fahey JamesWestern BaySouth Side
96Fahey EdwardWestern BaySouth Side
97Fudge EmanuelWestern BayNorth Side
98Ford JeremiahWestern BayNorth Side
99Finn PatrickOchrepit Cove
100Francis WilliamBroad CoveSouth Side
101Gear AlexanderPerrys Cove
102Gear ThomasPerrys Cove
103Gill HenrySalmon CoveSouth Side
104Gill William SeniorAdams Cove
105Gill William JuniorAdams Cove
106Green WilliamWestern BayNorth Side
107Holt JamesSalmon CoveNorth Side
108Hurley MauriceUpper Small Point
109Hurley JohnUpper Small Point
110Hayden RichardUpper Small Point
111Hinchy PatrickBroad CoveSouth Side
112Hudson JohnBlack Head
113Hudson ThomasBlack Head
114Hudson John of RachelAdams Cove
115Hudson John SeniorAdams Cove
116Hudson Robert of PeterAdams Cove
117Hudson George SeniorAdams Cove
118Hudson ClementAdams Cove
119Hudson HughAdams Cove
120Hudson John (Holms)Adams Cove
121Hudson PeterBlack Head
122Hollett ThomasBlack Head
123Hollett SamuelAdams Cove
124Hollett HenryWestern BaySouth Side
125Hanrahan PierceWestern BaySouth Side
126Howell Richard JuniorWestern BaySouth Side
127Horn RobertWestern BaySouth Side
128Harty JohnWestern BayRiverhead
129Hearn WilliamWestern BayNorth Side
130Halfyard SamuelOchrepit Cove
131Halfyard StephenOchrepit Cove
132Hussey JohnOchrepit Cove
133Janes George of JohnBroad CoveNorth Side
134Janes George SeniorBroad CoveNorth Side
135Janes WilliamBroad CoveNorth Side
136Janes John of HenryBroad CoveNorth Side
137Janes EdwardBroad CoveNorth Side
138Janes Henry SeniorBroad CoveNorth Side
139Jenking WilliamWestern BayNorth Side
140King JamesPerrys Cove
141King RichardPerrys Cove
142King William SeniorPerrys Cove
143King William JuniorPerrys Cove
144King JohnUpper Small Point
145King Henry JuniorBroad CoveSouth Side
146King JamesUpper Small Point
147King Edward SeniorBroad CoveSouth Side
148King William of ThomasBroad CoveSouth Side
149King NoahBroad CoveSouth Side
150King James of JamesBroad CoveSouth Side
151King William of JamesBroad CoveSouth Side
152King AaronBroad CoveSouth Side
153King John of JohnBroad CoveSouth Side
154King JosephBroad CoveSouth Side
155King William of WilliamBroad CoveSouth Side
156King Edward of WilliamBroad CoveSouth Side
157King William SeniorBradly’s Cove
158King JohnBradly’s Cove
159King John SeniorBroad CoveSouth Side
160King JamesWestern BaySouth Side
161King John of ThomasBroad CoveSouth Side
162Kelly MichaelGussetts Cove
163Kellaway John SeniorPerrys Cove
164Kellaway John JuniorPerrys Cove
165Kellaway RobertPerrys Cove
166Kennell JohnWestern BayRiverhead
167Kennedy JamesWestern BayRiverhead
168Kennedy JohnWestern BayRiverhead
169Leary JeremiahUpper Small Point
170Lockyer JosephLower Small Point
171Lacy RobertMully’s Cove
172Le Groe PeterBroad CoveSouth Side
173Le Groe MichaelBroad CoveSouth Side
174Le Groe John SeniorBroad CoveSouth Side
175Le Groe ThomasBroad CoveSouth Side
176Le Groe JonathanBroad CoveSouth Side
177Le Groe WilliamBroad CoveNorth Side
178Le Groe John JuniorBroad CoveNorth Side
179Lawrence HenryBlack Head
180Luther ThomasAdams Cove
181Luther StephenAdams Cove
182Lynch JohnWestern BayRiverhead
183Loveys AnthonyWestern BaySouth Side
184Loveys ThomasWestern BaySouth Side
185Loveys JamesWestern BaySouth Side
186Lundergan WilliamWestern BaySouth Side
187Mully WilliamMully’s Cove
188Mully Richard JuniorBlack Head
189Mully BenjaminBlack Head
190Moors ThomasMully’s Cove
191Moors WilliamMully’s Cove
192Moores Thomas SeniorBlack Head
193Moores Thomas JuniorBlack Head
194Moores William SeniorBlack Head
195Moores JohnBlack Head
196Moores William JuniorBlack Head
197Moores Henry JuniorBlack Head
198Moores Jonathan SeniorBlack Head
199Moores Jonathan JuniorBlack Head
200Moores Thomas of RobertAdams Cove
201Moores JamesAdams Cove
202Moores John SeniorAdams Cove
203Murphy JohnBroad CoveSouth Side
204Moran JosephBlack Head
205Milley WilliamBlack Head
206Milley ThomasAdams Cove
207Milley Edward SeniorWestern BaySouth Side
208Milley Peter SeniorWestern BaySouth Side
209Milley John SeniorWestern BaySouth Side
210Milley PhilipWestern BaySouth Side
211Milley Peter JuniorWestern BaySouth Side
212Milley Thomas of EdwardWestern BaySouth Side
213Milley John JuniorWestern BaySouth Side
214Milley Thomas JuniorWestern BaySouth Side
215Milley FrancisWestern BaySouth Side
216Mcgee PatrickGussetts Cove
217Murphy MichaelGussetts Cove
218Murphy PatrickGussetts Cove
219Murphy StephenGussetts Cove
220Murphy DenisGussetts Cove
221Murphy JamesWestern BayNorth Side
222Mahany JohnGussetts Cove
223Martin JamesAdams Cove
224Murray HenryAdams Cove
225Murray AbrahamAdams Cove
226Murray WilliamAdams Cove
227McCarthy BartholemewWestern BayNorth Side
228McCarthy RichardWestern BayNorth Side
229McDonald JamesWestern BayNorth Side
230Maghar ThomasWestern BayNorth Side
231Noftel WilliamMully’s Cove
232Noftel JamesBroad CoveNorth Side
233Noftel HenryBroad CoveNorth Side
234Noftel NathanaelBroad CoveNorth Side
235Noftel ThomasBroad CoveNorth Side
236Noftel EdwardBroad CoveNorth Side
237Noftel MosesBroad Cove
238Nicholl EdwardBlack Head
239Parsons JohnHangmans CoveBeach
240Parsons RobertPerrys Cove
241Parsons JosephPerrys Cove
242Parsons NicholasOchrepit Cove
243Parsons WilliamOchrepit Cove
244Parsons SamuelOchrepit Cove
245Parfit? SamuelSmooth Cove
246Pitman JohnSpout Cove
247Pippey JosephBroad CoveSouth Side
248Pippey CharlesBroad CoveSouth Side
249Pippey PeterBlack Head
250Power ThomasBlack HeadNorth Side
251Power JohnWestern BaySouth Side
252Pearcey JosephWestern BaySouth Side
253Penny JamesWestern BaySouth Side
254Penny JohnWestern BayNorth Side
255Plucknell WilliamWestern BayNorth Side
256Pennell ThomasWestern BayNorth Side
257Pennell JohnOchrepit Cove
258Perry GeorgeWestern BayNorth Side
259Perry NoahWestern BayNorth Side
260Perry JohnWestern BayNorth Side
261Pinsent William SeniorOchrepit Cove
262Pinsent William JuniorOchrepit Cove
263Pinsent ThomasOchrepit Cove
264Peckham HenryOchrepit Cove
265Reardon WilliamPerrys Cove
266Rose John SeniorMarshalls Folly
267Rose John JuniorMarshalls Folly
268Rose JamesSalmon CoveSands
269Riddle ThomasLower Small Point
270Reynolds GilesMully’s Cove
271Reynolds LotMully’s Cove
272Rumsey Charles SeniorBroad CoveNorth Side
273Rumsey FrancisBroad CoveNorth Side
274Reed JohnAdams Cove
275Rorke JohnAdams Cove
276Ryan IsraelAdams Cove
277Ronan ThomasAdams Cove
278Rose HerekiahWestern BaySouth Side
279Rose WilliamWestern BaySouth Side
280Rose JamesWestern BaySouth Side
281Rose GeorgeWestern BaySouth Side
282Rose JohnWestern BaySouth Side
283Slade WilliamMarshalls Folly
284Slade JohnMarshalls Folly
285Stone ThomasSalmon CoveNorth Side
286Squires WilliamBroad CoveNorth Side
287Squires JohnBroad CoveNorth Side
288Short WilliamUpper Small Point
289Skinner EdwardOchrepit Cove
290Sullivan ThomasWestern BayNorth Side
291Skeans JohnBroad CoveNorth Side
292Tricket JohnSpout Cove
293Thistle John SeniorMully’s Cove
294Thistle Jonathan of JohnMully’s Cove
295Thistle Peter of MichaelMully’s Cove
296Thistle Henry of MichaelMully’s Cove
297Thistle SolomonMully’s Cove
298Thistle William of MichaelMully’s Cove
299Thistle MichaelMully’s Cove
300Thistle AbsalomMully’s Cove
301Thistle Jonathan of WilliamMully’s Cove
302Thistle Samuel of WilliamMully’s Cove
303Thistle William of WilliamMully’s Cove
304Toole MorganBroad CoveNorth Side
305Tippett JamesWestern BaySouth Side
306Tacker WilliamWestern BaySouth Side
307Tacker RobertWestern BaySouth Side
308Tuff WilliamWestern BayNorth Side
309Vaughn GeorgeLower Small Point
311White RogerSalmon CoveNorth Side
312White JamesSalmon CoveNorth Side
313White WilliamSalmon CoveNorth Side
314White GeorgeSalmon CoveNorth Side
315White JohnSalmon CoveNorth Side
316White JohnBroad CoveNorth Side
317Wright JohnAdams Cove
318Whelan Edward JuniorBradly’s Cove
319Whelan William SeniorBradly’s Cove
320Whelan Thomas SeniorBradly’s Cove
321Whelan Jacob SeniorBradly’s Cove
322Williams William JuniorBradly’s Cove
323Whelan John SeniorBradly’s Cove
324Whelan James SeniorBradly’s Cove
325Whelan John JuniorBradly’s Cove
326Whiteway NicholasWestern BayNorth Side
327Whiteway JamesWestern BayNorth Side
328Walsh WilliamWestern BayNorth Side
329Walsh DavidOchrepit Cove
330Walsh ThomasOchrepit Cove
331Wilcocks SamuelWestern BayNorth Side
332Webster CharlesOchrepit Cove
333White GeorgeOchrepit Cove
334Wright JohnBroad CoveNorth Side
335Walsh MichaelWestern BayNorth Side
336Butt JohnGull Island
337Buckler JohnNorthern Bay
338Buckler JamesNorthern Bay
339Butler JamesNorthern Bay
340Butler ThomasNorthern Bay
341Butler WilliamNorthern Bay
342Cummins JohnNorthern Bay
343Coole HenryNorthern Bay
344Dooly WilliamGull Island
345Doyle JohnGull Island
346Doyle MichaelGull Island
347Donahue JeremiahNorthern Bay
348Duggan JohnNorthern Bay
349English WilliamGull Island
350Furlong JohnGull Island
351Fogarty ThomasNorthern Bay
352Flinn PatrickNorthern Bay
353Flemming PatrickLong Beach
354Harriss RobertNorthern Bay
355Hogan WilliamNorthern Bay
356Hogan PatrickNorthern Bay
357Hogan RichardNorthern Bay
358Hogan James SeniorNorthern Bay
359Hogan James JuniorNorthern Bay
360Hogan James (McNamara)Northern Bay
361Hogan JohnNorthern Bay
362Hogan JosephNorthern Bay
363Hinchy MorganNorthern Bay
364Johnson JohnNorthern Bay
365Johnson RobertNorthern Bay
366Jacobs JosephNorthern Bay
367Kitty RichardNorthern Bay
368Layman GregoryGull Island
369McNamara WilliamNorthern Bay
370McKan NeilGull Island
371MelGinlay DenisGull Island
372Milley JohnBurnt Point
373Milley ThomasNorthern Bay
374Moors George SeniorNorthern Bay
375Moors JohnNorthern Bay
376Moors JamesNorthern Bay
377Oliver RobertGull Island
378Oliver HenryGull Island
379Oliver JosephGull Island
380Puddister ClementNorthern Bay
381Puddister GeorgeNorthern Bay
382Puddister JohnNorthern Bay
383Rogers JamesBurnt Point
384Rogers WilliamBurnt Point
385Rogers StephenBurnt Point
386Riggs JamesNorthern Bay
387Skinner JohnNorthern Bay
388Steele MorganLong Beach
389Spry ChristopherGull Island
390Tucker ThomasBurnt Point
391Trim MosesNorthern Bay
392Tobin JamesNorthern Bay
393Tobin RichardNorthern Bay
394Weeks JamesBurnt Point
395Woodfine RichardLong Beach
396Woodfine WilliamLong Beach
397Colbert JamesJobs Cove
398Colbert StephenJobs Cove
399Colbert PatrickRed Lands
400Dwyer JamesRed Lands
401English WilliamJobs Cove
402English JohnJobs Cove
403English Edward of RichardJobs Cove
404English Thomas JuniorJobs Cove
405English JamesJobs Cove
406English Edward of WilliamJobs Cove
407Hamiltin MartinJobs Cove
408Johnson William JuniorJobs Cove
409Johnson John SeniorJobs Cove
410Johnson John JuniorJobs Cove
411Johnson William SeniorJobs Cove
412Kelly PatrickJobs Cove
413Murphy EdwardJobs Cove
414Murphy JosephJobs Cove
415Murphy NicholasJobs Cove
416Murphy ThomasJobs Cove
417Murphy DenisJobs Cove
418Pottle JohnJobs Cove
419Pearson RobertJobs Cove
420Ryall JamesJobs Cove
421Rixon JohnJobs Cove
422Rixon WilliamJobs Cove
423Landy’s SamuelJobs Cove
424Whiteway ThomasJobs Cove
425Austin JohnLower Island Cove
426Bussey John SeniorLower Island Cove
427Bussey JosephLower Island Cove
428Bussey RobertLower Island Cove
429Bussey WilliamLower Island Cove
430Blunden StephenLower Island Cove
431Broderick WilliamLower Island Cove
432Bown IsaacLower Island Cove
433Cooper William SeniorLower Island Cove
434Cooper HenryLower Island Cove
435Cummins GeorgeLower Island Cove
436Champion WilliamLower Island Cove
437Cooke JohnLower Island Cove
438Cullimore JohnLower Island Cove
439Diamond JohnLower Island Cove
440Driscol JohnLower Island Cove
441Fagner JohnLower Island Cove
442Green JamesLower Island Cove
443Garland JamesLower Island Cove
444Garland NathanaelLower Island Cove
445Garland Thomas of WilliamLower Island Cove
446Garland John of WilliamLower Island Cove
447Garland John of DorothyLower Island Cove
448Garland John (Sailor)Lower Island Cove
449Garland Henry LillyLower Island Cove
450Garland Henry of DorothyLower Island Cove
451Garland DavidLower Island Cove
452Garland William SeniorLower Island Cove
453Garland William JuniorLower Island Cove
454Grant WilliamLower Island Cove
455Goudin EliasLower Island Cove
456Goudin WilliamLower Island Cove
457Johnson GeorgeLower Island Cove
458Johnson JosephLower Island Cove
459Jackman HenryLower Island Cove
460Keef PatrickLower Island Cove
461King RichardLower Island Cove
462Louis AbrahamLower Island Cove
463Louis John CooperLower Island Cove
464Louis JohnLower Island Cove
465Louis MosesLower Island Cove
466Louis EdwardLower Island Cove
467Louis PeterLower Island Cove
468Louis Philip SeniorLower Island Cove
469Louis Philip JuniorLower Island Cove
470Morris JamesLower Island Cove
471Morris William SeniorLower Island Cove
472Morris William JuniorLower Island Cove
473Manuel JohnLower Island Cove
474Norman RobertLower Island Cove
475Rankin Richard EsquireLower Island Cove
476Reed ThomasLower Island Cove
477Rhian MauriceLower Island Cove
478Robins JosephLower Island Cove
479Rogers SamuelLower Island Cove
480Snelgrove JamesLower Island Cove
481Snelgrove Abraham SeniorLower Island Cove
482Snelgrove Abraham JuniorLower Island Cove
483Snelgrove JohnLower Island Cove
484Shane CharlesLower Island Cove
485Shane JohnLower Island Cove
486Sparks AugustineLower Island Cove
487Sparks JohnLower Island Cove
488Sparks ThomasLower Island Cove
489Sparks WilliamLower Island Cove
490Simmons JamesLower Island Cove
491Thorne JohnLower Island Cove
492Trenchen BenjaminLower Island Cove
493Vail ThomasLower Island Cove
494Wheeler JohnLower Island Cove
495Wheeler EdwardLower Island Cove
496Wheeler William SeniorLower Island Cove
497Wheeler William JuniorLower Island Cove
498Wiltshire WilliamLower Island Cove
499White RichardLower Island Cove
500Brine JohnLow Point
501Bussey John JuniorKettle Cove
502Bussey ThomasKettle Cove
503Cahill MichaelSealing Point
504Cullen MichaelLow Point
505Garland ThomasKettle Cove
506Hanrahan JohnLow Point
507Hearn MauriceLow Point
508Henneddy MichaelLow Point
509Henneddy PatrickLow Point
510Murphy DavidLow Point
511Power JohnKettle Cove
512Power JohnLow Point
513Power ThomasLow Point
514Stafford JohnLow Point
515Street ThomasKettle Cove
516Walsh ThomasLow Point
517White ThomasSealing Point
518Brady JohnBay de verde
519Broders JohnBay de verde
520Bailey JohnBay de verde
521Barter WilliamBay de verde
522Blunden James SeniorBay de verde
523Blunden WilliamBay de verde
524Critch ThomasBay de verde
525Critch NathanaelBay de verde
526Duffett GeorgeBay de verde
527Duffett JamesBay de verde
528Duffett JohnBay de verde
529Emberley JohnBay de verde
530Emberley ThomasBay de verde
531Emberley WilliamBay de verde
532Eady WilliamBay de verde
533Flemming MichaelBay de verde
534Freud WilliamBay de verde
535Fling DominickBay de verde
536Green Walter?Bay de verde
537Harly MichaelBay de verde
538Hyde Thomas SeniorBay de verde
539Hickey DenisBay de verde
540Jacobs JobBay de verde
541Jacobs JamesBay de verde
542Jacobs JohnBay de verde
543Jacobs HenryBay de verde
544Key LaurenceBay de verde
545Lockyer JohnBay de verde
546Lockyer WilliamBay de verde
547Linehan ThomasBay de verde
548Murphy JohnBay de verde
549Moores EdwardBay de verde
550Manning JohnBay de verde
551McCarthy JohnBay de verde
552Norris JamesBay de verde
553North ThomasBay de verde
554Riggs ThomasBay de verde
555Riggs StephenBay de verde
556Stephens HenryBay de verde
557Stephens HenryBay de verde
558Sutton EdwardBay de verde
559Sutton JohnBay de verde
560Vincent ThomasBay de verde
561Walsh EdwardBay de verde
562Whelan Martin SeniorBay de verde
563Whelan Martin JuniorBay de verde
564Whelan MichaelBay de verde

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