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"The Newfoundlander" Newspaper Announcements

1865 - 1867 (Partial)

Place of publication: St. John's.
Earliest issue located:Aug. 8, 1827 (no. 3)
Last issue located: Dec. 30, 1884.

Weekly, Aug. 8, 1827-May 22, 1845.
Semiweekly, May 26, 1845-Jan. 28, 1847.
Weekly, Feb. 4, 1847-Apr. 29, 1852.
Semiweekly, May 3, 1852-Dec. 30, 1884.

Printer and publisher:
John Shea, Aug. 8, 1827-May 18, 1837.
William Richard Shea, May 25, 1837-Mar. 14, 1844.
Ambrose Shea, Apr. 18, 1844-Jan. 29, 1846.
Edward Dalton Shea, Feb. 2, 1846-Dec. 30, 1884.

The Newfoundlander contained domestic news, court cases, legislative proceedings, poetry and prose, extensive foreign news, shipping and fishing news, public notices and advertisements. Although it had a lively correspondence column, the Newfoundlander refrained from editorial commentary on domestic politics until the 1840's. The Newfoundlander was Liberal and Catholic in its editorial policy and disagreed with the Public Ledger and later, the Express, on many issues. In 1843, it opposed the Colleges Bill w hich would set up separate denominational educational systems. The paper often expressed concern with the widespread poverty, especially in the outports. The paper was eager for the return of Representative Government and had little patience with the opponents of Responsible Government who it found to be "thoroughly English in their predilections and antipathies" (Apr. 8, 1848). E. D.

Shea, who now controlled the paper, became a member of the Legislature in 1848 and, except for the period from 1869 to 1873, served until his death in 1913. Initially cautious about reciprocal free trade with the United States, by 1856 he felt it would be a remedy to many of the Colony's economic problems. The Newfoundlander was the chief opposition paper during the Hoyles administration but in 1865, Shea was appointed Financial Secretary in the Carter cabinet.

The Newfoundlander had by this time become the principal Confederate newspaper and, with its old rival, the Express, a major opponent of the Charles Fox Bennett administration. The Chronicle, felt to be Bennett's mouthpiece, was the main adversary until 1881 and, after that, the Evening Telegram. Shea became Colonial Secretary in the second Carter administration and enthusiastically supported the railway. The paper opposed the New Party and supported the Whiteway government until it ceased publication at th e end of 1884.

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Key: relict = widow; inst. (instant) = in the current month; ult. (ultimo) = in the previous month

The records were transcribed by TOM HYNES in July 2001. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

September 4, 1865 (Monday)DiedOn Wednesday last, after a long and painful illness, Mr. JOHN JOHNSTON, a native of Moffat(?), Scotland; aged 85 years.
September 4, 1865 (Monday)DiedOn Thursday evening, Mr. THOMAS HARTERY, farmer, late of Waterford, Ireland, aged 53 years, leaving a wife and twelve children to mourn their irreparable loss.
September 14, 1865 (Thursday)DiedOn Monday evening last, after a lingering illness, borne with Christian resignation to the Divine Will, WILLIAM, youngest son of the late Mr. THOMAS HENNESSEY, aged 21 years.
September 21, 1865 (Thursday)DiedAt Quidi Vidi, on Saturday evening last, after a painful illness, Mr. JOHN BATSTONE, a native of Dawlish, Devonshire, England, aged 72 years.
September 21, 1865 (Thursday)DiedAt Bonavista, on the 4th inst., JOSEPH SHEARS, Esq., J.P., aged 69 years, a native of Paington [sic], Devonshire, England.
November 2, 1865 (Thursday)DiedOn Tuesday evening last, after a protracted illness, borne with Christian fortitude and resignation to the Divine Will, Mr. PATRICK JORDAN, a native of the county Wexford, Ireland, aged 66 years. His funeral will take place on to-morrow, Friday, at 2 o'clock, P.M., from his late residence Water Street, when the friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully requested to attend.
November 27, 1865 (Monday)DiedAt Little Placentia, on Monday, 20th inst., after a long illness, Mr. MICHAEL POWER, aged 75 years.
November 27, 1865 (Monday)DiedOn Thursday morning last, after a long illness, which he bore with fortitude and resignation to the Divine Will, Mr. JOHN HICKEY, a native of Clogher, County Kilkenny, aged 66 years.
December 4, 1865 (Monday)MarriedOn Monday evening last, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. J. VEREKER, Mr. DENIS IGNATIUS, eldest son of REDMOND BRIEN, butcher, to Miss MARGARET CAROLINE, eldest daughter of the late Capt. SILVEY.
December 18, 1865 (Monday)MarriedAt Carbonear, on Thursday the 7th inst., by the Rev. J.S. PEACH, Mr. LORENZO TAYLOR, to TRIPHENA, youngest daughter of the late Mr. JOHN PIKE, of Carbonear.
December 18, 1865 (Monday)DiedOn board brig Saxon, Dec. 2, on his passage from New York to this port, WILLIAM, second son of Mr. ROBERT WALSH, of Harbor Grace, aged 25 years.
December 18, 1865 (Monday)DiedOn Monday last, JEREMIAH, youngest son of Mr. MICHAEL BRINE, of Bay Bulls, aged 17 years.
January 4, 1866 (Thursday)MarriedAt Trinity, on the 14th Dec., by the Rev. B. SMITH, Rural Dean, JOHN SHEARS, to JESSIE ELIZABETH, daughter of ROBERT BAYLY, Esquire, of Her Majesty's Customs.
January 8, 1866 (Monday)DiedOn Thursday morning, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude and resignation, Captain RICHARD DOOLY, for many years in the employ of Messrs. Harvey, Tucker & Co.
January 15, 1866 (Monday)DiedOn Tuesday morning last, after a short illness, aged 70 years, Mr. MICHAEL COONEY, a native of Callan, County Kilkenny, Ireland, and for the last forty years a respectable resident of this Island.
Feb 1 1866DiedAt Harbor Main, on Monday last, the 29th instant, after a shortillness, PATRICK STRAPP, Esq., J.P., a native of the county Tipperary,Ireland, aged 73 years, 58 of which he spent in this country. - R.I.P.
February 8, 1866 (Thursday)MarriedAt Harbor Grace, on the 23rd ult., by the Rev. JOHN WALSH, THOMAS J., eldest son of Mr. TIMOTHY MITCHELL, to ELIZABETH CAROLINE, youngest daughter of Mr. MICHAEL MURPHY, of Harbor Grace.
February 8, 1866 (Thursday)DiedAt Trinity on the 16th inst., WILLIAM KELSON, Esq., a native of Herefordshire, England, aged 84 years, about 60 of which he spent in this country.
February 8, 1866 (Thursday)DiedOn Friday morning, after a long illness, Mr. JOHN FORD, aged 72 years, a native of Devonshire, England.
February 26, 1866 (Monday)MarriedOn Thursday, 22nd inst., by the Rev. DONALD MCCREA, JAMES MCDONALD, Esq., to ROSALIE AMELIA, youngest daughter of the late JOHN Currie, Esq., of Harbor Grace.
March 26, 1866 (Monday)DiedOn Thursday, after a brief illness, Mr. TIMOTHY FLANNERY, at the advanced age of 90 years. The deceased was a native of Cappoquin, County Waterford, Ireland, and during a residence of 70 years in this city he enjoyed the esteem of all classes of the community.
Mar 26 1866DiedAt Salmon Cove, on the 19th inst., after a short illness, Mr. MICHAEL MASON, aged 40 years.
May 24 1866DiedAt Holyroad [sic], on Sunday last, the 20th inst., after a sort illness, JOHN VEITCH, an old and respectable inhabitant of that place. - R.I.P.
Jun 7 1866MarriedAt Harbor Main, on Thursday last by the Very Rev. KYRAN WALSH, V.G., Mr. J. SEVIER, of Gasters, Salmon Cove, to ELLEN, daughter of the late PATRICK RYAN, of Harbour Grace.
June 28, 1866 (Thursday)DiedOn Friday, 15th current, JOHN, second son of the late Mr. GARRETT DOOLEY, of this town, aged 44 years.
Jul 9 1866DiedAt Harbor Main, on Monday last, the 2nd instant, after a protracted illness, borne with truly Christian resignation to the Divine Will, NICHOLAS FUREY, aged 51 years, eldest son of Mr. JAMES FUREY, of that place, and brother of CHARLES FUREY, Esq., M.H.A.
July 16, 1866 (Monday)DiedAt Fox Harbor, Placentia Bay, on Sunday the 1st inst., Mr. JAMES DAVIS, a native of the County Kilkenny, Ireland, aged 66 years, 45 of which he spent in this country. - R.I.P.
Aug 20 1866MarriedOn Wednesday evening last, by Rev. J. O'DONNELL, ANNA, daughter of the late Mr. PATRICK MULLOWNEY, to Mr. JOHN C. ALEXANDER, of Forfarshire, Scotland.
Oct 1 1866DiedAt Holyrood, on Tuesday last, 25th inst., after a protracted illness, borne with truly Christian fortitude, Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. CORNELIUS KENNEDY, aged 64 years.
Oct 11 1866DiedIt is our melancholy task to-day to announce the death of the Revd. WILLIAM WALSH, which took place on Monday last, 8th October, at the Roman Catholic Presbytery, River-Head, at one o'clock, A.M. He was in the 28th year of his age and the 6th of his sacred ministry. Carried off by a brief illness in the flower of his age, in the constant exercise of good works, he will be remembered in the hearts and homes of the poor and afflicted with a memory more deep and grateful than the world bestows upon its most honoured great.

Father William Walsh was born near Pilltown in County Kilkenny, Ireland; he prosecuted his ecclesiastical studies for some years in the St. John's College, Waterford, and completed them in St. Bonaventure's College in this town. In the month of June 1861 he was ordained priest by the Rt. Revd. Dr. MULLOCK, and sent to Harbor Main immediately. He found that district agitated by dissensions consequent on a late vehement political conflict. The young priest, strong in his newly-received grace, and in that i mperturbable patience and charity for which he was remarkable, applied himself at once to the task of reconciliation, and such was his zeal, so great the example of a meekness proof against every injury, that in a short time he had the consolation of finding accomplished that most difficult of all tasks, the calming of angry passions.

>From Harbor Main, after two years, he was called to River-Head, St. John's, where, almost up to the very hour of his death, he was constant in the exercise of all duties of his ministry. There he had for the scene of his labours a thickly-populated district, where poverty and its attendant ills have their ordinary home. Day and night he was ready at the summons of the dying, and ministered to them with a kindness and sympathy that sweetened their last bitter chalice, and gave zest to the consolation of re ligion. Midst such a career of good works, Father WILLIAM WALSH counted out the last hour of his brief life, and slept in death peaceful and happy, as the labourer sleeps after the healthful fatigue.

The expression of grief on the part of the people amongst whom he labored, was unrestrainable; day and night they crowded the Church at River-Head where his remains were exposed, giving free scope to their heartfelt sorrow.

On yesterday, the day of his funeral, all the priests of St. John's and many of the surrounding districts, whom the melancholy news had attracted to the capital, celebrated Requiem Mass for the repose of his soul. His funeral was attended by all the Catholic population of the city, who hardly surpassed to their neighbors of a different persuasion in demonstration of respectful sorrow.

The loss of Father WALSH to his intimates can hardly be supplied. He possessed those rare qualities that convert friendship into brotherhood - gentle in manner, elevated in thought, simple, yet sagacious. Nature seemed to have disposed him by her highest gifts for the more sacred endowments of the Holy Priesthood.

May he rest in peace..... FRATER.

October 18, 1866 (Thursday)DiedOn Saturday evening, ANN, third daughter of Capt. JOHN MORRISSEY, aged 9 years.
November 15, 1866 (Thursday)MarriedOn Saturday evening, 10th inst., at St. Mary's Church, by the Rev. C. MEDLEY[?], Incumbent, Mr. J.L. DUCHEMIN, to MARY, eldest daughter of Mr. REDMOND BRIEN, all of St. John's
November 15, 1866 (Thursday)DiedOn Friday last, CHARLES DAVID, sixth son of Capt. JOHN MORRISSEY, aged 2 years and 6 months.
December 3, 1866 (Monday)MarriedOn the same evening [Thursday evening last], by the Rev. JOHN VEREKER, Mr. JOSEPH COSTIGAN, to JOHANNA, second daughter of Mr. GEORGE ASHMAN, both of this town.
December 3, 1866 (Monday)DiedAt Fogo on the 11th ulto., Mr. THOMAS CRAWFORD, a native of Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland, aged 30 years.
Dec 31 1866DiedAt Chapel's Cove, on Saturday, the 8th instant, after a lingering illness, BARTHOLOMEW, third son of Mr. THOMAS CORBETT, aged 14 years.
January 3, 1867 (Thursday)DiedOn Friday, the 28th Dec., of scarlatina, ARCHIBALD RICHARD, aged 3 years and 3 months; also, on Sunday, the 30th, JOHN WILLIAM, aged 1 year and 3 months, only children of Mr. AUBREY CROCKER
January 17, 1867 (Thursday)DiedOn Sunday morning, 13th inst., after a protracted illness, borne with Christian fortitude and resignation, Mr. JAMES CODY, a native of Carrick-on-Suir, Ireland, aged 90 years, 70 of which he passed in this island.
January 17, 1867 (Thursday)DiedOn Monday morning, Mr. JAMES O'NEILL, of the County Tipperary, Ireland, aged 45 years.
January 29, 1867 (Tuesday)DiedOn the 26th of Dec., at Otterbury, Port-de-Grave, Mr. MAURICE FLYNN, a native of Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary, aged 65 years.
January 29, 1867 (Tuesday)DiedOn the 7th inst., at Brigus, Long-House, Mr. PATRICK BRIEN, a native of County Waterford, aged 75 years.
February 5, 1867 (Tuesday)DiedOn the 24th ult., at North River, Mr. PATRICK FINNEGAN, a native of County Waterford, Ireland, aged 81 years.
February 5, 1867 (Tuesday)DiedOn the 26th ult., at Cupids, her native place, Mrs. KATE CONNOLLY, aged 96 years and 6 months.
February 20, 1867 (Wednesday)DiedOn Saturday evening, 16th inst., of scarlatina, and whooping cough, aged seven years, HENRY JOHN, third son of JOHN P. and SARAH HEATH.
February 22, 1867 (Friday)DiedAt the Parsonage, Trinity, on Saturday morning, 9th inst., CHARLES EDWARD, aged 10; and on Wednesday, 13th inst., ANNE MOORHOUSE, aged 24, beloved son and daughter of Rev. B. SMITH
March 6, 1867 (Wednesday)Died.On the 18th February, at South River, near Brigus, Mr. CORNELIUS O'BRIEN, a native of Castle Martyr, County Cork, Ireland, aged 78 years. R.I.P.
March 15, 1867 (Friday)DeathsA melancholy accident occurred at St. Mary's on the 6th instant. Two men named JAMES ROURKE and RICHARD DOBBIN went into the country in quest of Deer. In crossing a pond about fourteen miles distant ROURKE slipped, and, the gun going off, the contents lodged in his body, causing immediate death. An inquest was held and a verdict of accidental death returned.
March 15, 1867 (Friday)DiedAt Harbor Main, on Sunday the 10th instant, in the ninety first year of his age, Mr. JOHN GORMAN. The deceased was a native of Harbor Main, and was universally respected.
March 22, 1867 (Friday)DiedAt Harbor Main, on Friday the 15th inst., after a long and tedious illness, Mr. JAMES KENNEDY, aged 42 years, a respectable inhabitant of that place.
April 5, 1867 (Friday)DiedAt Trinity, on the 17th March, after a lingering illness, in the 73rd year of his age, Mr. W.D. CROSS, an old and much respected inhabitant of that place.
April 5, 1867 (Friday)DiedOn the 20th March, at North River, Mr. JAMES HANLON, a native of Carrick on Suir, County Tipperary, aged 80 years.
April 17, 1867 (Wednesday)DiedAt same place [Halifax, Nova Scotia], on the 5th inst., ELLEN DOOLEY, aged 45 years, a native of St. John's, N.F.

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