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Marriages & Deaths from the Conception Bay Mercury as transcribed by Judy Balen and reformated by Bonnie Hickey. The SENTINEL AND CONCEPTION BAY ADVERTISER, Carbonear ran for the years Oct. 27, 1836-Oct. 30, 1845 weekly but this was irregular.

The tile of this newspaper has varied;
* Sentinel and Conception Bay Advertiser, Oct. 27, 1836 - July 20, 1837
* Carbonear Sentinel and Conception Bay Advertiser, July 27, 1837 - Nov. 29, 1838
* Sentinel and Conception Bay Advertiser, Dec. 13, 1838 - Nov.19, 1844
* Sentinel, Mar. 13-Oct. 30, 1845

The Editor and publisher was Thomas Westlake Spry.

The Sentinel published domestic and foreign news, shipping news, legislative proceedings, poetry, serial fiction and letters to the editor. The prospectus promised the paper would promote the interests of the mercantile community and maintain a commercial point of view, but the Sentinel was politically independent in most matters and moderately Liberal in outlook. It supported the temperance movement and published news of all religious denominations. In 1840, the paper caused a minor stir by endorsing James Douglas over Lawrence O'Brien in a controversial St. John's election. Spry closed the Sentinel down in October 1845 and started the Mercury and General Advertiser three months later.

* MUN 1836-[1837-1840, 1843-1845] Microfilm
* PRL 1839-1840, 1843-1845 * Original
* PRL 1836-[1837-1840, 1843-1845] Microfilm

Key: relict = widow; inst. (instant) = in the current month; ult. (ultimo) = in the previous month

The records were transcribed by JUDY BALEN, reformatted by BONNIE HICKEY and posted to the Internet in September 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Nov 10 1836Marriedin This town on Thurs. the 3rd inst. By the Rev. George Ellidge. Robert BROWN esq., merchant of Brigus to Miss Fanny LEGG, 2nd dau of Mr James LEGG of this town
Nov 10 1836Marriedon the same day, by the Rev. Ellidge, Mr Charles SHURTLE of Carbonear to Miss Julia BRADBURY of Bay Roberts.
Nov 29 1836Marriedon Sunday last, by Rev. Geo. Ellidge, Wesleyan Missionary. Mr. George BEST, storekeeper in employ of Mesrs Thomas Chancey & Co, to Mary, eldest dau of Mr. Wm. BURDEN, all of This place.
Dec 6 1836Marriedin This town by Rev. J. Burt, William GREENE Esq., master of the Brig Triumvirate, to Mary, 3rd dau of R. PACK, Esq.
Dec 6 1836DiedThurs. last, aged 2yr,4mo. Harriette Elizabeth, dau of J. S. TEULON, surgeon.
Dec 15 1836Marriedin the Wesleyan Chapel by the Rev. Geo Ellidge,on the 9th inst. Mr. Nicholas PERRY of Western Bay, to Miss Sarah FRENCH of This town.
Dec 15 1836Marriedin Weslyan Chapel, by Rev. Ellidge, Sunday last, Mr. Henry HOMER to Miss Ann SOAPER, both of Freshwater.
Dec 15 1836MarriedBy the Rev Ingham Sutcliffe, at Freshwater, Mr. Richark MOORES to Miss Elizabeth PARSONS, both of Freshwater.
Dec 29 1836Marriedat Harbour Grace,on Fri eve last, by Rev J. Haigh, Mr. Tobias PARSONS, to Miss Patience TAYLOR, both of that place.
Dec 29 1836Diedin This town, aged 17yrs. Gartruda Sarah, eldest dau of Mr. Wm LOADER.
Dec 29 1836Diedat Harbor Grace on Fri last, Ann, Wife of Mr. Thomas MARTIN, tailor of that town.
Dec 29 1836Diedon Sat last, Elizabeth, only dau of Mrs. Elizabeth THORNE, age 19yrs.
Jan 5 1837Marriedon Tues eve last, by the Rev Geo Ellidge, Mr William DAVIS of Freshwater to Miss Agnes TAYLOR of This town.
Jan 5 1837Diedat Demarara on the 8th Nov. 1836, of fever, age 26yrs, Mr Richard RENDLE, late Master of the Brig, Sephia. Mr Rendle was a native of Devonshire, England and brother to Mr. Thomas Rendle, joiner of St. Johns.
Jan 12 1837Marriedat Harbour Grace,on Fri last, by the Rev J. Haigh. Mr. Ambrose PARSONS of that town to Miss Amelia PARSONS of Bears Cove.
Jan 12 1837Diedon 25th Oct 1836, at her residence in Castle St., Salisbury, Aged 81yrs, Hester, Relict of Mr. VANDENHOFF, of that city and mother of the highly popular tragedian of that name.
Jan 26 1837BirthThe Lady of Capt. Henry HEARDER of a son.
Jan 26 1837Diedat St. Johns, on the 15th inst. Mr. Robert BARBER, age 54, a native of Galloway, Scotland, 33yrs spent in This country. Lately as a bookkeeper for Messrs T&J Brecklebank.
Jan 26 1837Diedabout 2 months ago on his passage hence to Boston, (having fallen off the yard while engaged in reefing) on the Brigantine, Eliza, Capt. Holly. Mr Cornelius MULLINS, age 25, son of Mr. Wm. Mullins, an old and repectable planter in St. Johns.
Feb 9 1837Marriedat St. Johns on Tues. 17th ulto. By the Rev. E. Troy. Captain John DONNELLY of the Brig, Earl Grey, of Spaniards Bay to Miss KELLY, eldest dau of Mr. John KELLY, victualler, of that town.
Feb 9 1837Diedat Bear’s Cove on the 1st inst. Mr Frederick NEWELL, age 20yrs.
Feb 9 1837Diedon Monday last, Mr William CONWAY, age 48, respectable planter and native of Killahy, County Kilkenny.
Feb 9 1837Diedat Fredricton in New Brunswick, in the early part of last month, Mrs. Hester M’CAWLEY, a native of St. Johns, dau of the late Mr. Charles DENNING, relict of the late Mr. Daniel M’CAWLEY, and mother of Rev. George M’CAWLEY, Pres. of King’s College, Nova Scotia
April 20 1837Diedat St. Johns on the 11th inst, Mr. Humphrey COLE, age 50, a native of England, and formerly a merchant onThis Island.
April 27 1837Diedat Harbor Grace on Monday last, Miss Mary KNIGHT, age 46, during 26 of which, she laboured under a painful disease, which eventually terminated her existance.
May 11 1837Diedin Britain on March 29th, William JOHNSON Esq. of the firm, Baine, Johnson and Co. merchants of St. Johns
May 18 1837Marriedon Thurs last, by Rev. George Ellidge, Mr. John PARSONS, of Freshwater to Miss Elizabeth MOORS of the same place.
May 18 1837Marriedat Harbor Grace on Fri last, by Rev Dalton, V.G. Mr. Patrick DEVEREAUX, in the employ of Peter Brown Esq .to Mary, dau of the late James BREEN of St. Johns.
May 18 1837Marriedon Sunday last, by Rev. John Haigh, Mr. John NEWELL. To Maria, dau of Mr. Charles PARSONS, both of Bears Cove.
June 1 1837Marriedon Thurs last by Rev. Geo Ellidge. Mr Nathaniel PIKE of this town to Miss Florence MARCH, of Old Perlican.
June 8 1837Marriedon Tues 30th ult. By the Rev. John Smithies, Wesleyan Missionary, Rev. Ingham SUTCLIFFE, Weslyan Missionary for the Dist of Brigus, to Jane Buchan(?) BLAIKIE, eldest dau of James BLAIKIE Esq, magistrate of that town.
June 8 1837Marriedon Thurs last, by the Rev John Smithies, Wesleyan Missionary, The Rev. Thomas ANGUIN, Wesleyan Missionary for the Dist of Port de Grave, to Louisa Emma, third dau of Joseph GILL Esq. of that town.
June 22 1837Diedat St. Johns, Fri the 16th inst. Mrs Christhpher AYRE, age 36
June 22 1837Diedon the 5th inst, Mr. William PHIPPARD, late high constable, age 60yrs
June 22 1837Diedon Sat last, in St. Johns, Margaret, wife of Mr Michael KAVANAUGH, age 26yrs
June 29th 1837Diedat Brigus, on the 22nd inst. Robert DOBIE Esq. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, age 28, The Dr. was a native of Kirkaldy, Scot. Leaves a widow and 1 child.
July 20 1837DiedYesterday, Mr. Nicholas McKEE, age 80yrs. An old and repectable inhabitant of this town for many years.
July 27 1837DiedMonday last, Mr. Wm Powell, age 60yrs
Aug 24 1837Marriedat Port de Grave on Wed the 16th inst. By the Rev Charles Blackman, Capt. George DAVIS of the Brigantine, Dolphin, to Jane Sophia, 2nd dau of Mr. George BURSELL of that place
Aug 24 1837Diedat Freshwater, on Sunday last, Mr. John PARSONS, age 45yrs. Left a widow and 4 young children to mourn his loss.
Aug 24 1837Diedat Blandford, Dorset. on 16th July, Mr Charles COZENS Jr. Aged 25yrs, 2nd son of C. Cozens, Brigus
Aug 24 1837Diedon June 6th of apoplexy, Col. Thomas K. BURKE C.B. Late of the Royal Newfoundland Veteran Companies. Age 74yrs.
Aug 31 1837Diedat Harbor Grace on Thurs. last, Mr. James C. HIPPISLEY, a native of Bristol Eng. Age 40yrs. Mr. H. conducted the merchantile business of Wm Danson Esq. in that town for many years.
June 7 1838Diedon Sat last, James BLAIKIE Esq. Age 62yrs. A native of Roxburgshire, Scotland. But has long been a resident of this country. For a considerable period he filled the office of Clerk of the Supreme and Central Circuit Courts. For about 28yrs, he has discharged the arduous duties of Police Magistrate of this town.
June 21 1838Diedat St. Johns on the 9th inst., Mr. Richard Wenman GREEN, son of the late Fort Major GREEN. Age 34yrs
July 7 1838Diedat Harbor Grace on Tues the 3rd inst. Age, 79yrs. Charlotte, relict of the late James CAWLEY Sr. Esq. (includes a “glowing” obit, but no further gen info)
Aug 11 1838Marriedtoday by the Rev John Pickavant, Mr. Thomas NEWELL, to Mrs MULCAY, relict of the late Mr. J. MULCAY.
Aug 25 1838Diedat Harbor Grace on Sat. 18th inst, age 64yrs, Mary, wife of Mr. W. PARSONS of that town. Mrs. Parsons had been for many years connected to the Wesleyan Methodists.
Sept 8 1838Diedat Bears Cove on 29th ult Mrs. Fanny MARSHALL, age 73yrs.
Sept 15 1838Marriedat St. Johns, Sunday last, by The Rev. T.F.H.Bridge, B.A. Curate. The Hon James COWDRY, Colonial Secretary, to Caroline Augusta, 2nd dau of the Hon John DUNSCOMB.
Sept 22 1838DiedMelancholy news. Death by drowning Two sons of Mr. Thomas OATES, by the upsetting of a boat at Spear Harbor, Labrador. Also a man named REYNOLDS.
Nov 22 1838MarriedTues, by the Rev John Pickavant. Mr. Solomon TAYLOR, to Miss Susanna PERRY, both of this place.
Nov 22 1838Diedon Friday last at St. Johns, age 47yrs, Mr. George STONEMAN, planter of Twillingate, leaves wife and large family
Nov 22 1838Diedon Saturday of apoplexy, Mr. John PERKINS(?), age 76yrs, of this town.
Dec 13 1838Marriedat Harbor Grace on the 1st inst by the Rev. Charles Dalton, V.G. Mr. John JOY of Carbonear to Mary, dau of Mr. Thomas DOYLE of Harbor Grace.
Dec 13 1838Marriedon Tues last, inThis town by the Rev. J. Burt, Mr.Moses(?) LONG to Miss Maria MA*****S., Both of this town.
Dec 13 1838Marriedat St. Johns by the Rev. T. Waldron, James CORMACK Esq. Merchant of Bay Roberts, to Miss O’DONNELL, eldest dau of Mr. John O’DONNELL of Placentia.
Dec 13 1838Marriedon Tues last by Rev. Faulkner, Mr. Philip TOCQUE of this town to Eliza, eldest dau of the late Mr. John CHANCEY of St. Johns.
Dec 13 1838Diedon Tues 4th inst. of a burst blood vessel, Mr Nicholas MARSHALL, age 26yrs.
Feb 16 1839Marriedon the 3rd ult. By the Rev J. Pickavant, Mr. John BEMISTER, to Jane, dau of Mr. William H. TAYLOR, both of this town.
Feb 16 1839Marriedon the 24th ult. By the Rev. J. Pickavant, W.M. Mr. John W. MARTIN Esq., to Martha, 3rd dau of Mr. Richard TAYLOR, both of this town
Feb 16 1839Marriedat Harbor Grace, on the 24th ult by the Rev Charles Dalton VG, Mr. Thomas POWER, merchant, to Mary, 2nd dau of Mr. F. RONAN(?), both of that place.
Feb 16 1839DiedFri, 8th inst. Mr. John STERMY age 27yrs.
Feb 16 1839DiedSat 9th inst, Jane, beloved wife of Mr. John STERMY, age 30yrs Mrs. S. upon finding that her husband had died, became insane, and died the following day of a broken heart. It was a melancholy sight to behold, the remains of both husband and wife carried to the silent tomb on Wed. last.
Feb 16 1839Diedon Wed . Mr. Jabez WARFORD, and old and respectable inhabitant of Bears Cove.
Feb 16 1839Diedsame day at Harbor Grace of apoplexy, Mr. Thomas GILL, an old and respectable inhabitant of that town.
Feb 26 1839DiedPatrick, age 18, eldest son of Mrs. William BROWN.
Feb 26 1839Diedat St. Johns on 14th inst. Mr. Henry DOBIE, age 28, native of Liverpool, Eng
April 2 1839Marriedat Harbor Grace on the 28th ult by Rev. J. Snowball. Mr. John T. BURTON, proprietor of the Star Newspaper. To Adelaide, 2nd dau of H. G. CLOW Esq, Barrister at law.
April 2 1839Marriedat Bay Roberts,Yesterday, by Rev Sutcliff, Mr C. WATTS, bookeeker in the employ of Pack, Gosse and Fryer. To Miss FRENCH of that place.
June 11 1839Marriedon Sat. last, by Rev John Pickavant, Mr. George TAYLOR to Miss Maria BUTT, both of this town.
June 18 1839Diedat Harbor Grace Monday last, aged 78yrs, Mr. Thomas FOLEY Esq. , merchant
June 25 1839Diedat St. Johns on 12th inst, Aged 66yrs, Catherine, wife of Mr. Patrick GLEESON
June 25 1839Diedon thurs last, Mrs Mary HAMLIN, age 76yrs
July 2 1839Diedat Harbour Grace, on Sat last, age 43yrs, Mr. James HATCHER, for 8 or 9 yrs, the postman of that town, he left behind a wife and eleven children to lament his loss.
July 23 1839Diedat Harbor Grace, age 12yrs, 9mos. Duncan, eldest son of Mr. John CURRIE, Keeper of H.M. gaol in that town.
July 23 1839Diedat Bahia, on 16th March last, of consumption, George Richard FINLAY, age 19, son of Mr. James FINLAY of that town. And at Georgetown Demerara on 14th June last, of yellow fever, William Thomas FINLAY, age 23, also son of Mr. James FINLAY.
Aug 6 1839Diedon Wed last, Mr. Richard COLLIN, age 44yrs, eldest son of the late Capt. Nicholas COLLIN, respectable shipmaster of this town.
Aug 13 1839Diedon Wed, 7th inst. William John WALSH, age 8yrs 3mo, nephew of Dr. WALSH of this town.
Aug 13 1839Diedon Sun last, Mrs. Ann KENNEDY of Crocker’s Cove, age 38yrs, leaves 11 small children
Aug 27 1839Diedon Sunday last, Mrs. Ann TOBIN, age 22yrs, Dau of Mr. John BRIENS
Sep 3 1839Marriedat St.Johns on the 18th ult, by the Rev D.S. Ward. Mr Samuel KNIGHT of that place, to Miss Isabella JOHNSTON WRIGHT of Greenock.
Sep 3 1839Diedyesterday, Isabella, age 5mo, youngest dau of Mr. John CASEY of this town.
Sept 17 1839Diedat Harbor Grace, on Thurs last, John Charles, son of J.C. NUTTALL, age 15mo
Sept 24 1839Marriedat St.Johns on Thurs last, by Rev. W. Faulkner, Weslyan Missionary, Mr. Mark PARSONS of Harbor Grace to Emma, dau of Mr. James PITTS, of the former place.
Oct 15 1839Marriedat St.Johns on the 2nd inst, by the Rev Charles Blackman, Mr. William HEATH of Brigus, to Amelia Ann, eldest dau of Mr. George BURSELL of Port de Grave.
Oct 15 1839Diedat Port de Grave, Mr. Benjamin D. BARNES, Assayer of Weights and Measures, age 36.
Oct 15 1839Diedon Monday last, at the rectory, Rev. E,H. CARRINGTON, age 59yrs.
Oct 22 1839Birthon Sat last, the Lady of Thomas GAMBLE Esq., a daughter.
Nov 12 1839Diedon Mon last, Mr. Elias COLE, age 74yrs
Nov 12 1839Diedat St. Johns on Fri 1st inst. Martha, 2nd dau of the late Mr. Joseph LILLY of Harbor Grace.
Nov 19 1839Marriedthis morning by the Rev J. Burt, Mr. John COX of Freshwater to Miss Julia RYAN.
Dec 24 1839Marriedon Tues last, at the established church in This town, by the Rev G.A. Addison, Mr. John LANG, of this town, to Mary, 2nd dau of Mr. David OATES, of the same place.
Jan 14 1840BirthThe Lady of John W. MARTIN, Esq. A son.
Jan 14 1840Marriedat St. James Church, by Rev. G.A. Addison, Mr. Charles James DAVIS, storekeeper in the employ of Messrs Gosse, Pack and Fryer, to Sussanah, 2nd dau of Mr. James PEARCE, both of this town
Jan 14 1840Diedat Crocker’s Cove on the 1st inst. Aged 81yrs, Mrs. Florence McCARTHY
Jan 14 1840Diedon Thurs last, age 57, Mr. James LEGG
Jan 14 1840Diedon the same day, age 3yrs, Martha, dau of Mr. Francis PIKE Jr. And grandchild to the late Mr. James LEGG
Feb 11 1840Diedon 23rd ulto on the South Side. Age 6yrs, Sarah, eldest dau of Mr. Nicholas NICHOLL . Same day, age 4yrs4mo, Jane, dau of Mr. N. NICHOLL
Feb 11 1840Diedon Tues. last, age 4yrs2mo. Benjamin, son of Mr. Simon LEVI.
Feb 11 1840Diedat Harbor Grace on the 4th ulto, age 16mo, Evelina, dau of Mr. Wm. S. COMER.
Feb 11 1840Diedon Fri last, Mr. Cuthbert KITCHEN, age 24(?) yrs.
Feb 11 1840Marriedon Sunday, 2nd inst by Rev. J. Pichavant, Mr Joseph TAYLOR, to Harriett, 4th dau of the late Mr. Henry ROWE, both of this town.
Feb 11 1840Marriedon 13th Jan at Harbor Main, by the Rev. Edward O’Keefe. Mr. Robert CONNELL, Constable of Cat’s Cove, age 74, to Mary, relict of the late Patrick TRACY of Harbor Grace, in 71st yr of her age.
Feb 18 1840Diedon Friday last, Mrs Ann BEST, age 55, relict of the late Mr. George BEST. She was a very active member of the Methodist Society
Feb 25 1840Diedon Ties, 18th inst. Fredrick Shreve NEWELL, youngest son of Mr. Thomas NEWELL of this town. Age 6yrs2mo.
Feb 25 1840Diedsame day, Samuel, son of Mr. James BURTON, age 2yrs4mo
Feb 25 1840Diedon Wed. Elizabeth, youngest dau of the late Dr. TEULON, age 16mo.
Feb 25 1840Diedtoday, Mr. William ASH, age 56, a respectable inhabitant of this town
Feb 25 1840Diedsame day, Mr. Mary BARRY, age 53.
Mar 3 1840Diedat St.Johns on 23rd ulto Mr. John FLOOD, age 84
Mar 3 1840DiedSaturday last, Mr. Newman Wright HOYLES Esq. Colonial Treasurer. Prior to appointment, Mr. H. was ingaged in merchantile pursuits
Apr 14 1840DiedFriday, 3rd inst, Joanna Haigh, age 4yr1mo, dau of Mr. Geogre APSEY
Jun4 1840Marriedon Sat. last, by Rev. J. Pickavant, Mr. Thomas BURDEN, to Anna, dau of Mr. James PENNY
Jun 16 1840Diedat Harbor Grace on Tues last. Patience, wife of Mr. Edward FRENCH
Jun 16 1840Diedon Wed. Jessie, age 4yr7mo, 8th dau of Mr. John CURRIE, Keeper of HM Gaol.
Jun 16 1840Diedat Georgetown, Demarara on 9th April, age 31, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John C. PRESTON Esq.; dau of George WINTER Esq. Ordanace Storekeeper of this Island
Jun 16 1840Diedon Thurs last, age 42, Margaret, wife of Mr. Patrick MULLOWNEY. Buried at RC cemetery, Portugal Cove.
Jun 16 1840Diedsame day. Mr. A.W. Godfrey Esq, age 64, late mamber of House of Assembly
Jun 23 1840 DiedYesterday, age 26, Elizabeth Ann, wife of Capt. William P. TAYLOR, and dau of Mr. Richard H. TAYLOR. She was member of Wesleyan Methodist, leaves husband and 1 child.
Jul 21 1840 Diedon Sat. last, Thomas CHANCEY Esq. J.P., Age 39yrs. of the late firm of Thomas Chancey and Co For the last 18yrs, one of the principal merchants of this place. Leaves wife and 2 children.
Jul 28 1840 Birthon Sat. last, the lady of Stephen O. PACK Esq, a daughter
Aug 13 1840 Diedon Sat 3rd inst, John, only son of John W. MARTIN Esq.
Aug 24 1840 Birthon Wed, lady of Rev FAULKNER, a son
Oct 8 1840 Marriedat Harbor Grace on the 26th ulto, by the Rev J. Snowball, Mr. John KENNEDY of Bears Cove, to Miss Louisa NICHOLS of Harbor Grace.
Oct 15 1840 DiedAt. Salmon Cove on Tues last, Mr. William WATERMAN, age 50. A repectable inhabitant of this town, leaving a large family to regret his loss.
Oct 15 1840 DiedYesterday, age 6yrs, John, son of Wm HANRAHAN Esq. M. D.
Oct 22 1840 DiedAccidentally drowned, John HOGAN, a respectable your man, son of Mr. Daniel HOGAN of the South Side.
Oct 22 1840 Marriedon Sunday last, by Rev James Walsh, Mr. Andrew BANNON, to Mrs. CLIFFORD, relect of the late Mr. John CLIFFORD
Oct 29 1840 Marriedon Sunday last, by Rev Wm. Faulkner, Mr. N. NICHOLLS to Mrs. STABB, relict of the late Capt STABB.
Dec 31 1840 Marriedat the Weslyan Church inThis town on the 24th inst, by the Rev. Faulkner. Mr. Wm. PARSONS of Freshwater to Miss Julia GILES of this town.
Dec 31 1840 Marriedon the same day, Mr. John PENNY (of John) to Ann, dau of Mr. Wm WINSER(or)WINTER, both of this town.
Dec 31 1840 Marriedon the 26th, Mr. George PARSONS of Clowns Cove, to Miss Susannah PARSONS of Freshwater.
Dec 31 1840 Marriedimmediately afterwards, Mr. Jonathan PARSONS of Freshwater to Miss Mary Ann PARSONS of Clown’s Cove.
Dec 31 1840 Marriedat St.Johnson 23rd ulto, by the Rev Thomas Waldron, Mr. Michael KELLY to Mary, dau of Mr. Felix McCARTHY, both of this town.
Jan 17 1843 Marriedat the Weslyan Chapel inThis town by Rev. Wm Faulkner. Mr. Charles PARSONS to Elizabeth, only dau of Mr. Francis JEFFERS, all of Freshwater.
Jan 17 1843 MarriedSame day, Mr. Francis PIKE of Clown’s Cove to Mrs. Frances PENNY, widow of the late Mr. J. PENNY of this place.
Jan 17 1843 Marriedon Tues last, by Rev. J. Ryan, Mr. Richard UNDERY(?) merchant, of Heart’s Content, to Eliza, eldest dau of Dr. William HANRAHAN of this town.
Mar 14 1843 Birthon Thurs last, the Lady of Capt FORWARD, and dau-in-law of Geo FORWARD Esq., of a daughter.
Mar 14 1843 BirthYesterday, the Lady of Thomas GAMBLE Esq. of a son.
May 2 1843 Diedon the 18th ulto, Edmund, only child of Mr. Michael KELLEY, 6 mos.
May 2 1843 Diedon 20th ulto, Elizabeth, age 39, beloved wife of Mr. Francis PIKE
May 16 1843MarriedBy special license on the 21st inst at St. David’s Church, Hobart Town, by the Rev. Wm Bedford. George THORNE Esq. of Sydney, to Elizabeth Ann, eldest dau of John BISDEE Esq. J.P. of Hutton Park, Van Dieman’s Land. From Hobart Town Courier, Nov. 25, 1842.
June 13 1843 Diedat Crocker’s Cove, on the 29th ulto, Mr. William McCARTHY, age 29yrs.
June 27 1843 MarriedThis day, by the Rev. Mr. Cowan, Mr. Charles FORWARD, to Catherine, dau of the late Mr. N. TAYLOR.
June 27 1843 Marriedat St.Johns on Sunday, 18th inst. By the Rev. Mr. Snowball, Mr. M. STARES, to Mary, 4th dau of Mr. James K. MOORE. [Judy notes: "Both groom and father of bride have ads in newpaper: M STARES Clock and Watchmaker; James K MOORE plain and ornamental painting glazier gilder paper hanging"]
July 18 1843 DiedToday, after lingering illness, age 4mo, SusannahErsula, dau of Mr. Henry FORWARD, and granddaughter of Geo FORWARD Esq.
Sep 5 1843 Marriedon Wed, 23rd ulto, by the Rev. J.P. Gleeson, Capt. James STAPLETON of the schr. “Shannon”, to Emma, 5th dau of the late Mr. James LEGGE.
Sep 5 1843 Diedon Fri. 25th ulto, William TAYLOR Sr. Esq. Aged 83yrs, a native of this town, member of the Weslyan Methodist. Soc.
Sep 12 1843Diedon Wed last, aged 9days, Thomas Bernard, son of J. McCARTHY Esq.
Sep 12 1843DiedFriday last, age 34yrs, Isabella, beloved wife of Mr. John CASEY, leaving a large family to lament their loss.
Sep 12 1843Diedon Sunday last, of dropsy, age 58yrs, Catherine, wife of Mr. Henry ASH.
Sep 26 1843 Marriedat Horton, Nova Scotiaon the 31st ulto, by the Rev. W. Croscombe. The Rev. J.V. JOST to Mary Jane, 2nd dau of the Rev. R. KNIGHT, for many years a Weslyan Missionary inThis town and now Chairman of the N.S. and P.E.I. District.
Sep 26 1843 Diedon Tues last, Mrs. Honor MONAHAN, age 64yrs.
Oct 17 1843 Marriedon 12th inst by Rev. J.S. Addy, Weslyan Missionary, Mr. James BURDEN of this town, to Mrs. Ann WINDSER of Mosquito.
Oct 17 1843 Diedat St.Johns on 22nd ulto. Mrs SOLOMON, relict of the late S. SOLOMON Esq. Postmater General of the Island.
Nov 9 1843 Marriedat Harbor Grace on Sat. 28th ulto, by the Rev. G.B. Cowan, Mr. Francis MOORS, of Freshwater, to Miss Patience CLARK of this town.
Nov 9 1843 Marriedat St.Johns on 31st ulto, by the Rev. T.F.H. Bridge, M.A. Vicar General and Ecclesiastical Commissary of the Diocese. The Rev. Johnstone VICARS, Missionary at Port-de-Grave, to Emma Marla, eldest dau of B.G. GARRETT, Esq., High Sheriff of this Island.
Nov 9 1843 Diedat Brigus on 31st ulto, age 60yrs, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Wm MUNDEN of that town.
Nov 23 1843 DiedTues last, Mrs. Ann Griggs TAYLOR, age 75yrs. Relict of the late Mr. Wm. Moors TAYLOR, she was member of Weslyan Methodist Society.
Nov 23 1843 Diedon Wed last, Mrs. Elizabeth TAYLOR, 37yrs, wife of Mr. Samuel TAYLOR.
May 2 1844 Diedat Freshwater on 20th ulto, Mr. Wm. MOORES, 60yrs.
May 2 1844 Diedat Harbor Grace on Tues last, Mr. Maurice POWER, tailor.
May 16 1844 Diedat Harbor Grace on 3rd inst, age 51yrs, Elizabeth, beloved wife of the Rev. John KINGSWELL
May 23 1844 Marriedat Harbor Grace on 9th inst, by the Rev. Chas. Dalton. Dr. John J. DEARIN, of that town to Catherine,only dau of the late Kearn FENNELL Esq. of Pill Town, Ireland.
May 30 1844MarriedThis morning at St. James Church,This town, by the Rev Mr. Martine. A.M
May 30 1844MarriedThe Rev James C HARVEY AM Minister of St James Church Carbonear To Amelia 5th dau of Mr Robert PACK Esq JP Immediately afterwards the happy couple returned to “Rural Retreat” the country seat of R PACK Esq
May 30 1844Diedat Sprout Cove, 17th inst. Mr. John RABY, 60yrs, native of Torquay, England.
June 13 1844 Marriedon the 6th inst, by Rev. J.S. Addy. Capt Mark FORWARD of the brig “William the 4th”, to Mary, 2nd dau of Wm. W, BEMISTER Esq.
June 13 1844 DiedYesterday at Harbor Grace, after a lingering illness, which he bore with Christian patience and resignation to the last call of his Creator, the Rev. George Baring COWAN, minister of the Established Church of that town. He leaves a young wife and family to lament his early call.
July 2 1844 DiedThurs last, Mr. George B. CHAPMAN Tragedian died after a short severe illness, contracted at the late calamity of Fire in Harbor Grace.
July 9 1844 DiedHarbor Grace on 27th ulto. Mr. John CURRIE, age 50, leaves widow and large family.
Aug 27 1844 Marriedon 14th inst by Rev. J.S. Addy. Capt Willis BEMISTER of the Schr. “Mary and Ann” of this port, to Mary, eldest dau of Joseph BARTLETT Esq, of Twillingate.
Sep 10 1844 Marriedat the Weslyan Chapel on Thurs last by Rev. J.S. Addy. Benjamin T.H. GOULD Esq, merchant , of the firm of Messrs. W.W. Bemister and Co., to Miss Emily GOULD.
Mar 18 1845 Birthon the 12th ulto. Mrs. N. NICHOLS, son
Mar 18 1845 Birthon 27th ulto. Mrs. M. FORWARD, daughter
Mar 18 1845 BirthMarch 1, Mrs. Ed. PIKE, daughter.
Mar 18 1845 Birthon 3rd, Mrs. T. POWER, daughter.
Mar 18 1845 Marriedon the 12th ulto at Harbor Grace by the Rev John Chapman, Mr. Samuel S. ELSON, son of the late John ELSON Esq., to Sarah, 2nd dau of Mr. James FORWARD, all of this town.
Apr 3 1845Birthon 13th inst. Mrs. G. APSEY, daughter.
Apr 3 1845Birthon 24th ulto. Mrs. George HIPPISLEY, daughter.
Apr 3 1845Birthon 25th ulto. at the Parsonage, the lady (** PACK(?)) of the Rev. James C. HARVEY, daughter.
Apr 3 1845DiedSunday last, Mr. Andrew BANNON, age 42yrs, clothier, respectable inhabitant of the town and native of Ireland.
Apr 3 1845Diedat Harbor Grace on 26th ulto, Age 25yrs. Mary Ann, eldest dau of Mr. John HIGGINS.
May 15 1845 Diedon 27th ulto, Catherine, beloved wife of Mr. Thomas NEWELL.
May 15 1845 Diedon thurs last, Mr. Solomon ASH Jr., age 26yrs.
May 15 1845 Diedat parochial house on King’s Cove,on 25th Apr. Rev Nicholas DEVEREUX P.P. age 67yrs, native of County Wexford, Ireland. Immigrated in 1817.
May 15 1845 Diedat St. Johns, Thurs last, Emily Thorne, age 20yrs, beloved wife of Wm J. WARD Esq.
June 12 1845 Birthat Harbor Grace, Wed last, the lady of William BENNETT Esq., daughter.
June 12 1845 Marriedon the 28th ulto by the Rev. J.C. Harvey. Mr. Edward PIKE, to Miss Christiana JANES(?), both of this town.
June 12 1845 Marriedon 31st ulto by the Rev J.S. Addy, Mr. Jacob MOORS of Freshwater, to Mary Ann, eldest dau of Mr. William BEST.
June 12 1845 Diedat Harbor Grace on 3rd inst. in the 73rd year of his age, Mr. Henry GARLAND, formerly and for several years Deputy Sheriff of this District.
June 12 1845 Diedat Broad Cove, North Shore,on Friday last, age 74yrs, Ann, beloved wife of Henry THOMPSON Esq, M.D.
June 26 1845 Birthon the 1st inst, the Lady of Capt. W. BEMISTER, Son.
June 26 1845 Birthon the 12th inst, the lady of Mr. B.T.H. GOULD, daughter.
June 26 1845 Marriedon 5th inst. at St. James Church, by Rev. James C. Harvey, Mr. William LAING, to Ellen, dau of Mr. James CLARK, Crocker’s Cove.
July 24 1845 Marriedat St. Johns on the 26th ulto,at the Weslyan Chapel, by the Rev R. Williams, Joseph WOODS Esq. joint proprietor of the “Morning Post”, to Martha Maria Eudstonson, 3rd dau of the late Mr. L.L. CHANCEY
July 24 1845 Marriedon Wed last, by the Rev. J.S. Addy, Mr. George F. BULLEY, to Miss Anna Maria LEGG.
July 24 1845 Diedon Friday last, age 1yr8mo., Kate Matilda, youngest dau of Henry HEARDER Esq
Aug 14 1845 Birthon 25th ulto, Mrs. John NICHOLE, son
Aug 14 1845 Birthon 3rd inst, Mrs. John RORKE, son
Aug 14 1845 Birthon 5th inst, Mr. Wm GREEN, son.
Aug 14 1845 Diedon 4th inst, age 74yrs, Mrs. Catherine PIKE
Aug 14 1845 Diedat Freshwater on Tues last, age 75yrs, Mrs. Mary PARSONS, wife of the late Mr. John PARSONS of that place.
Aug 14 1845 Diedat St. Johns on 7th inst, age 39yrs, Bridget, wife of Mr. Andrew QUIRK, and dau of Mr. James DOYLE(?) of this town.
Oct 24 1845 Birthon 21st ulto, Mrs. M. DOYLE, daughter
Oct 24 1845 Birthon 22nd ulto, Mrs. A. FORWARD, daughter
Oct 24 1845 Birthon Monday last, Mrs. R. A-l-s(?), son
Oct 24 1845 BirthYesterday, Mrs. W.G. EASTAFF, son
Oct 24 1845 Birthat Harbor Grace,Yesterday, Mrs. W. DOW, son
Oct 24 1845 Marriedat St. Johns on the 4th ulto, by the Rev R. Williams, Mr. William D. BURTON, of that town to Charlotte, daughter of the late Oliver ST. JOHN Esq. of Harbor Grace.
Oct 24 1845 DiedThis morning, age 1yr8mo, Levi, son of Mr. Joseph TAYLOR of this place.
Oct 24 1845 Diedat Bay Roberts, on 29th Aug. age 3yr6mo., Moses Charles, son of Stephen PACK Esq.
Oct 30 1845 Birthon the 3rd inst. Mrs. Thomas TAYLOR, daughter
Oct 30 1845 Birthon 8th inst. Mrs. Thomas GAMBLE, daughter
Oct 30 1845 Birthon 20th inst. Mrs Thomas CORBIN, daughter.
Oct 30 1845 Marriedon the 2nd inst, at St. Luke’s Church, Port-de-Grave, by the Rev. Johnstone Vicars, John Irving RODDICK Esq. Principal of the Grammar School, Harbor Grace, to Emma Jane, eldest dau of Thomas MARTIN Esq., merchant of the former place.
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