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Mercury and General Advertiser, 1846 Complete

Place of publication: Carbonear
Began publication: Feb. 3, 1846.
Last issue located: Oct. 15, 1846.
Frequency: weekly.
Editor and proprietor: Thomas Westlake Spry.

The Mercury and General Advertiser published local, domestic and foreign news, poetry, "tales of an interesting and moral character", legislative proceedings, shipping and fishing news, letters, and advertisements. The editorials were politically neutral supporting temperance and the establishment of Carbonear as a free port.


MUN 1846 Microfilm
PRL 1846 Original and microfilm

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in January 2002. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

3 Feb 1846BirthOn the 15th ulto., Mrs. S. ELSON of a daughter.

MarriedAt Black [sic] on the 1st Nov, by the Rev. J. England, W.M., Henry THOMPSON, Esq., M.D., to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. John CURTIS.

MarriedOn the 20th ult at Lower Island Cove, by the Rev. J. England, Richard RANKIN, Esq., to Eliza, eldest daughter of the Rev. J. NORRIS.

For SaleTo be sold by private contract, all those desirable Mercantile Premises lately occupied by Mr. John RORKE, situate in Adams Cove, North Shore, consisting of a Spacious Dwelling House, well finished, with a Parlour, Two Kitchens, Bed Rooms with fire places in them, Pantry &c., and an excellent Frost Proof Cellar, together with a large Cabbage Garden and Land enough under cultivation to produce 100 barrels of Potatoes. Also a Large Fishing Room and a large Store with Shop, Retail Store and Fish Loft. The whole is in good repair, and well worthy the attention of a Merchant desirous of doing business on the Shore - the whole will be sold on reasonable terms, by applying to Matthew HUDSON. Adams Cove, Feb., 2, 1846.
17 Feb 1846BirthOn Thursday last, the Lady of Professor O'DONOVAN, A.B., of a son.

MarriedOn Tuesday the 3rd inst., by the Rev. J.S. Addy, W.M., Mr. Stephen TAYLOR, to Mary, daughter of Capt. John TAYLOR.

NewsThe Annual Meeting of the Carbonear Newfoundland Natives' Society was held in the Committee Room on Tuesday the 27th ulto., when the following persons were duly elected Officers for the present year: N. NICHOLE, Esq., President; Mr. W. H. TAYLOR, 1st Vice President; Mr. J. BEMISTER, 2nd Vice President; Mr. E. T. PIKE, Treasurer; Mr. F. PIKE, Chair, Charity; Mr. M. WILSHEAR, Secretary.

NewsThe Annual Meeting of the Carbonear Temperance Society was held on Tuesday last, when the following gentlemen were duly elected Officers for the present year: Rev. J. S. ADDY, President; Mr. G. APSEY, 1st Vice President; Mr. J. BEMISTER, 2nd Vice President; Mr. G. BULLEY, Treasurer; Mr. S. [LEVI?], Secretary.
3 Mar 1846DiedAt New York, on the 4th January in the 20th year of his age, Mr. Philip SYLVESTER, letter-press printer, a native of St. John's, Newfoundland. The deceased was a steady, active and consistent member of the Wesleyan Society for many years.
10 Mar 1846NewsWe congratulate Sir John HARVEY on the promptitude evinced by him in appointing Mr. DONNELLY of Spaniard's Bay, a Director of the Grammar School at Harbor Grace; to supply the vacancy caused by the death of the late Mr. P. BROWN.

NewsCaution to Parents - On Monday last a girl about the age of three years was burnt to death. The mother Mrs. WALSH it appears, had only a few minutes before run [out] for water a short distance, and on returning found her child enveloped in flames - the child must have caught its clothes on fire immediately after the mother left the room; Mr. J. RORKE standing near at the time, and on hearing the child cry, rushed in and extinguished the fire by wrapping the child in his coat; the child lingered a few hours in the greatest agony.
24 Mar 1846DiedAt Perry's Cove, on Friday last, after a long and tedious illness, Mr. Robert PARSONS, aged 64 years, an old and respectable inhabitant of that place.
31 Mar 1846NewsWe regret to record the loss of the brig Charles, PATTEL, master belonging to Mr. John RORKE, merchant of this place. Capt. Pattel and two of his crew arrived at Harbor Grace on Sunday afternoon last, overland from St. Mary's where he and crew had been landed from the May Flower, from Liverpool. The Charles sailed from Liverpool in December last, and after experiencing heavy gales of wind, by which she sustained considerable damage, came into the Bay on the 21st January; here she encountered the heavy weather which prevailed at that time, and was driven out of the Bay - and on the 3d inst., she was abandoned; several of the crew were severely frost burnt, and one man died from exhaustion on the 26th Feb. We also learn, that after the captain and crew of the Charles were taken off by the May Flower, they fell in with a vessel from New York and took from her a Mr. McLOUGHLAN, schooner owner of St. John's, who they landed at St. Mary's - he also set out to travel with Capt. Pattel but had not proceeded far when he fell down in a fit and expired.
14 Apr 1846DiedAt St. John's, on the 2nd inst., after a long illness, Mr. Thomas CANTWELL, a respectable inhabitant of that town.
21 Apr 1846MarriedOn Tuesday last, by the Rev. J. P. Gleeson, Mr. Michael SHORTES, Clothier, of Harbor Grace, to Mrs. Elizabeth POWER, of this town.

MarriedAt Harbor Grace, on the 12th inst., by the Rev. John Chapman, Rector of St. Paul's Church, Mr. William BATTEN, to Juliana, daughter of William BENNETT, Esq., Coroner, all of that town.
5 May 1846DiedYesterday morning, after a long and painful illness, aged 65 years, Mrs. Ann HOPKINS, relict of the late Mr. Richard Hopkins.

DiedAt Port de Grave, on Thursday last in the 47th year of his age, deeply and universally regretted by a large circle of friends and acquaintances, John JACOB, Esq., Merchant, of that town.
19 May 1846DeathA child at the South side of this harbor named FRENCH, was drowned on Sunday the 10th inst., by falling into a well. It appears that some Ducks had gone into the well, and the child catching after them, fell in and was drowned. The child was about the age of 3 years.

MarriedAt Harbor Grace on Thursday last, by the Rev. John Cummins, c.c., Capt. ANNING, of the brig Haidee, to Miss Elizabeth DAVIS, of that town.

MarriedAt St. John's on the 3rd inst., by the Rev. Mr. Forrestall, Mr. Thomas Johnstone MAYNE, to Hester, second daughter of Mr. Garrett DOOLEY, of that town.

MarriedOn the 5th inst., at St. Andrew's Church by the Rev. Mr. McLellan, Captain LAIRD, of the bark James Steward, of Greenock to Margaret Thompson; youngest daughter of the late Mr. James JOHNSTON, of that town.
2 Jun 1846DiedAt Freshwater, yesterday morning, after a long and painful illness, aged 23 years, Mr. John DAVIS.
16 Jun 1846DiedOn the 24th ult., after a long and painful illness, which she bore with patience and resignation, Clarissa Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. George HIPPESLEY, aged 11 years.

DiedAt St. John's on the 25th ulto after a severe and lingering illness, which she bore with Christian resignation and submission to the Divine will, Elizabeth, relict of the late Thomas CHANCEY, Senr. Esq., formerly merchant in this town of the firm of Gosse, Chancey & Ledyard, aged 67 years.

DiedAt Twillingate on the 9th January last, after a brief illness, affectionately lamented by his numerous congregation and by all who knew him, the Rev. Wm MARSHALL, Wesleyan Missionary. The deceased had laboured for about six years in the mission field in this colony, the first two or three of which he spent as a visiting clergyman among the remote settlements along the western shores of the island... He died in the flower of his age, leaving a disconsolate widow to lament his loss. - Herald [edited for brevity]

InquestMelancholy Accident - On Wednesday last an inquest was held on view of the body of a young boy, about the age of two years, son of Mr. John PIKE, who it appears had left the house but a few minutes, and on search being made for him - was discovered drowned in a well. Parents be careful of your children; let them not stray a foot from your dwelling without your eye being placed on them - remember this is the second child, about the same age, and within the short space of two or three weeks that we have been under the painful task of recording, and both of which have been drowned as stated above.
23 Jul 1846BirthAt Harbor Grace on Thursday last the lady of John HAYWARD, Esq., Barrister, of a Daughter.

MarriedAt Harbor Grace on Sunday last, by the Rev. J. Chapman, Richard ANDERSON, Esq., of Woodville Lodge to Mrs. Jane COMER, relict of the late Mr. William S. Comer.

MarriedAt Wolfville, Nova Scotia, on the 8th inst., by the Rev. John Storrs, A.M., the Rev. Henry Harris HAMILTON, B.A., of King's College, Windsor, to Elizabeth Mary, Eldest daughter of Edward BUYERS, Esq., and neice to the Hon. The Solicitor General of Newfoundland.

DiedThis morning, after a long and painful illness, aged 45 years, Ann, wife of Mr. John HAMILTON, south side.

ArrivalAt St. John's, in the Planter from New York, Dr. EASTAFF.
13 Aug 1846MarriedAt Harbor Grace on Tuesday last by the Rev. J. Cummins C.C., Mr. Felix McCARTHY, Junr., Merchant in this town, to Bridget, fourth daughter of Mr. Daniel GREEN, of the former place. The matrimonial party spent the evening at the parental residence of the interesting Bride, and subsequently drove off in their respective carriages for this town.

DiedOn the 10th inst., at Crockers Cove, after a short but painful illness, Ellen the beloved wife of Mr. William LAING.
3 Sep 1846DiedOn the 16th ulto., after a lingering illness, Mr. Thomas FLEMING, Coachman. The deceased was an honest and upright man.

DeparturesFor Halifax via St. John's, in the Unicorn, the Rev. Mr. SHEPHERD, lady and two children.
10 Sep 1846DiedOn the morning of Thursday last, at the age of 41, after a protracted illness, Richard BARNES, Esq., Member of the General Assembly for the District of Trinity Bay. Besides a widowed mother, he has left a widow and an only son to lament his loss. Mr. Barnes was a consistent member and a Deacon of the Congregational Church. [lengthy obit edited for brevity]
17 Sep 1846DiedAt St. John's on Thursday morning last, after a very short illness, deeply lamented bya large circle of relationves and friends, the Hon. Judge LILLY, one of the Assistant Judges of the Supreme Court of this Island - aged 73 years. [edited for brevity]

DiedOn Thursday, after a few days' illness, James, eldest son of Richard HOWLEY, Esq., a promising lad of about 15 years of age. - Gazette.

ArrivalIn the True Blue from New York, via St. John's, Mr. R. McCARTHY. In the Mary Ann, from Sydney, Mr. ELMSLEY.

StormWe were visited on Saturday last by one of the most awful gales that has ever been experience by the oldest inhabitants… The schr Sophia, belonging to Mr. Henry PARSONS, drove from her moorings to the south side of this harbor, where in a short time she was dashed to pieces... At Hant's Harbor, four vessels have drove on shore - three have been dashed to pieces - the Curlew, belonging to Mr. PITMAN; the Swallow, belonging to Messrs SLADE & KELSON, Trinity; and the Daniel O'Connell, belonging to Mr. Mark COXSON, at St. John's... We learn that a boat arrived at St. John's, having on board the remains of four persons belonging to Port de Grave, Joseph BUTLER and his two sons, and an Englishman named John DANIEL, who sought shelter from the storm in the harbor of Renews, but perished in trying to reach the shore. Several other persons were lost in the same harbor, and a large humber of boats. [edited for brevity]
15 Oct 1846DiedAt St. John's on the 4th inst., after a short and painful illness, Mr. Frederick ELLIOT, aged 46 years.

MarriedAt St. John's on the 6th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Duff, of Lunenburgh, David STEELE, Esq., son of Robert Steele, Esq., of Greenock, to Sarah third daughter of the late James BLAIKIE, Esq., Chief Magistrate of that town.

NewsSad Occurrence - A young man named MILLS, aged 20 years, son of Mr. Samuel Mills of this town, was upset in a boat at the Labrador, on the 1st Sept last, and although every effort was made to save him, he was unfortunately drowned, - his body was yesterday brought home in the Schr. Revive.

StormIn the gale of the 19th ulto., we regret to record the loss of eleven boats and forty five Human beings from the harbour of Burin! - sad the fate, to be launched into eternity without a moments warning.
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