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1930 -

Place of publication: Bay Roberts
Began publication: July 9, 1909
Last issue located: July 9, 1949
Suspended publication: Oct. 27, 1920-Jan. 12, 1923
Frequency: Weekly
Title varies:
Guardian, July 9, 1909-Nov. 11, 1939
Bay Roberts Guardian, Nov. 18, 1939-July 9, 1949
Editor and publisher: Charles E. Russell, July 9, 1909-Oct. 23, 1937
Proprietor: Estate of Charles E. Russell, Nov. 26, 1937-Nov. 11, 1939
Charles R. Russell, Nov. 18, 1939-Jan. 8, 1944
Arthur S. Russell and David B. Russell, Nov. 4, 1944-July 9,1949

The Bay Roberts Guardian featured local, provincial and foreign news, public notices, personal and social news, proceedings of the legislature, and fishing and shipping news. Under the editorship of C.E. Russell (1877-1937), the paper reflected his involvement in politics. In 1913, the editorials were extremely pro-Morris, supporting the People's party and opposing Coaker. The paper expressed opposition to Confederation at that time. In 1915, more independence for the outports from the influence of St. John's was advocated.
In 1923, Russell was snubbed by the Opposition Party which he had previously supported. The editorial policy of Guardian abruptly changed sides and supported the Liberals under Richard Squires. The paper sided with the Monroe government in 1924 and the editor was appointed Minister of Public Works. In 1926, the editor resigned that office and became a neutral, resigning from politics in 1928. The paper became less political beginning in the late 1920's, focusing on local issues such as the need for breakwaters and traffic control. Still mildly supportive of the government, the editorials ran to political philosophizing, frequently decrying public apathy. The paper had a neutral attitude toward the Commission of Government at first, but by 1937 became extremely critical of its shortcomings. The Guardian supported Confederation in 1948.


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Key: relict = widow; inst. (instant) = in the current month; ult. (ultimo) = in the previous month

Issued every Saturday from the office of publication, Water Street, Bay Roberts. Subscriptions (post free) to any part of Nfld. or Canada, 50 cents per year. To United States, Great Britain, etc., $1.00 per year, postpaid. All subscriptions payable in advance.

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Friday, January 3, 1930Born at the Whidden Memorial Hospital, Everett, Mass., in December, to Mr. & Mrs. LEONARD KING (nee Sarah Marshall), a son.

Died January 3rd, THOMAS FITZPATRICK, eldest son of the late Thomas and Catherine Fitzpatrick, aged 62 years. Leaving three sons and three daughters to mourn their loss. Funeral on January 5th.

Passed peacefully away at the home of his son in Everett, Mass., in December, JOHN ROBERTS, formerly of this town, leaving to mourn a wife, one son and three daughters.
Friday, January 10, 1930Died at Carbonear on Jan. 7th, HAZEL HOPKINS, beloved wife of Augustus Hopkins, aged 60 years. She is survived by three daughters and three sons.
Friday, January 17, 1930JOHN WHELAN, aged 16, of Humbermouth, was struck on the head by a piece of framing timber that fell from a sling in the mill yard on Wednesday last, and was instantly killed. It appears the young lad had been the complainant in a civil action in the court that day. Owing to the absence of witnesses, the case was postponed, and it was while going into the yard in quest of someone to act as witness when the case would come up for hearing that the accident befell him. Men who saw the piece of wood falling gave an alarm, and it appears the young lad also saw it falling, but in ducking to avoid it, he missed his footing and received the full force of the blow on the back of the head. The accident occurred near the grinder room extension, now under construction for the International of Newfoundland by the W.I. Bishop Construction Co. - Humber Herald.

Seized suddenly with a heart attack as he was retiring, JOHN JAMES FRENCH, foreman at the C.P.R. shipyards in Fairview, B.C., passed away Christmas morning before medical assistance could be summoned. On the first of the year Mr. French was to retire from the service of the C.P.R. He leaves a wife, three sons, Morris, Russell and Archie, and one daughter, Beatrice. Mr. French was 65 years of age, and a son of the late Edward and Annie French of French's Cove. He left here about 42 years ago.

Died suddenly at St. Vincent, Cape Verde Islands, on Jan. 10th, WINNIFRED, beloved wife of Edward ULPH, Supt. of the Italian Cable Station, St. Vincent and daughter of Mrs. and the late Capt. Henry DAWE, aged 34 years. She is survived by her husband and little daughter, mother, two brothers, Mr. S.R. Dawe, and Mr. Augustus Dawe, clerk in charge with the C.P.R. at Canso, N.S., and seven sisters, Mrs. J.W. Dawe and Mrs. Edward Dawe, of this town, Mrs. W.N. Ford and Mrs. Arthur White, of Heart's Content, Mrs. Robert Dawe and Mrs. E.J. Gooden, of St. John's and Mrs. Rev. Wright, residing in England.

Died suddenly, January 12th, THOMAS W. CROSSMAN, aged 68 years. He leaves to mourn three sons, William, Graham and Thomas; three daughters, Harriet, Gladys and Lulu, all of whom are residing in St. John's. The funeral took place from his late residence, 12 Prescott Street.
Friday, January 24, 1930Born, January 23rd, to Rev. A.R. and Mrs. BAGGS, The Parsonage, a daughter.
Friday, January 31, 1930The trial of PHILIP Le MESSURIER, on a charge of manslaughter in connection with the death of JAS. BUTLER on Sept. 18th last, concluded Tuesday night when the special jury after about an hour's deliberation brought in a verdict of "Not Guilty". On motion of Mr. Parsons, the accused was released. - Telegram.

Passed away January 22nd, FANNIE, beloved wife of Henry PARSONS, Bay Roberts East, aged 78 years. Left to mourn are a husband, six sons and three daughters. The late Mrs. Parsons was a great sufferer for two years with the dreadful disease, cancer.

Passed away after a lingering illness, Jan. 29th, ELIZABETH VIOLET, beloved wife of Hayward A. SNOW, and eldest daughter of Reuben and Rebecca Snow, of Coley's Point, at the early age of 28 years. Left to mourn their sad loss are a husband, infant son, father, mother, one brother, Abram, and three sisters, Mina, Fannie and Stella residing in the U.S. The funeral took place today to the Central U.C. and cemetery.
Friday, February 7, 1930The body of Mrs. CHARLES MORRISSEY was found in the water of the outer harbor just above Caplin Cove yesterday. The deceased had been ill for some time and last year underwent a serious operation at St. Clair's Hospital, St. John's, since then she was far from well. On Tuesday night the family retired late and at an early hour, Mr. Morrissey awoke and missed his wife. He called some neighbors when the search was begun for the missing woman. Lots of tracks were spotted but nothing found. On Wednesday the shore was packed with slob ice, which it is thought prevented the searchers from locating the body at the time. The deceased was 61 years of age, and Mr. Morrissey and his daughter, who is teaching at Outer Cove, have the deepest sympathy of all. - H.G. Standard, Jan. 31.
Friday, February 21, 1930Passed away at Coley's Point, Feb. 18th, Mrs. CHARLES RALPH, in her 81st yr. Leaving to mourn one son, Nathan, and two daughters. Funeral took place Feb. 20th to the S.A. cemetery, Coley's Pt.

Married at the R.C. Church here, Feb. 17th, GENEVIEVE MARY, eldest daughter of Mrs. and the late John R. DAWSON, J.P., to EDWARD J. KEEFE, of the Western Union Co. Staff, N.Y., formerly of this town.

Married at St. Matthew's Church, Feb. 18th, HATTIE BRADBURY to VICTOR MERCER, both of Shearstown.

The 2 year old child of Mr. & Mrs. JESSE SAUNDERS, of Glovertown was scalded to death recently at the home of his parents. Mrs. Saunders had prepared a tub of boiling water with which to scrub up the kitchen, the small child walking backwards, hit the hot tub and losing its balance fell in and although rescued almost immediately evidently died instantly as it did not breathe again. This information was given the News by Mr. Baxter Stroud of Glovertown.
February 28 issue missing.
Friday, March 7, 1930Died suddenly, of heart failure on March 6th, 1930, JOSEPH MORGAN, aged 76 years. Leaving to mourn two sons, Jacob and Leonard, of Malden, Mass., and four daughters, Mrs. James Snow, of Bay Roberts, Mrs. Mac Holmberg, of Waltham, Mass., Mrs. Albert Earle, of Everett, Mass., and Mrs. Samuel Parsons, of Coley's Point, as well as 16 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Died at Dock, Bareneed, on February 22nd, ABRAM FRENCH, aged 89 years. Left to mourn are two sons, Thomas, at Bareneed, and Abram A., of Clarke's Beach, and three daughters, Mrs. Jas. Batten, Bishop's Falls, Mrs. Daniel Curnew, Bareneed, and Mrs. R. Richards, Little Brahat, White Bay Dist. Funeral took place to the U.C. cemetery, Bareneed on Feb. 25th.

Died at Coley's Point, March 4th, GEORGE MORGAN, aged 81 years. Left to mourn are a wife, three sons, John, Isaac and Harold, one brother, Isaac Morgan, Coley's Point, two sisters, Mrs. John C. Mercer, Mercer's Cove and Mrs. Mary Richards, St. John's. Funeral took place March 6th to the U.C. cemetery, Coley's Point.
Friday, March 14, 1930Passed away on Feb. 17th, MARY PARSONS, beloved wife of Wm. John Parsons, Shearstown, leaving a husband, two children and mother to mourn their loss.

Died at Country Road on March 8th, HENRY SNOW, aged 68 years. Left to mourn are a wife, one daughter, Mrs. Reuben Newell, Chelsea, Mass., and one adopted son, Reuban. Funeral took place on Tuesday to the C. of E. cemetery, Coley's Point.
Friday, March 21, 1930The death of JOHN KENEALLEY, of St. John's, a sealer on board S.S. Thetis, occurred this week. Kenealley served in the R.N.R. during the war.
Issues missing - March 28, April 4.
Friday, April 11, 1930Died at Coley's Point, April 5th, after an illness of 11 months, JOHN BOWERING, beloved husband of Patience Bowering, aged 71 years. Left to mourn are a wife, five sons, Stephen, at Country Road, William, at Coley's Point, Richard and Isaac, St. John's, Joseph, Winnipeg, Manitoba, one daughter, Mrs. Flora Morgan, Clarke's Beach, and 28 grandchildren. Funeral took place April 7th to the U.C. cemetery, Coley's Point.
Issues missing - April 18 and April 25.
Friday, May 2, 1930Passed away April 17th, at the age of 85 years, at Shearstown, after a long illness, AMELIA BALLAM, relict of the late John C. Ballam. Left to mourn their sad loss are one son William, and two daughters, Mrs. James Mercer, at Shearstown, and Mrs. William Bradbury, at Toronto, Ont., one sister, Mrs. Geo. Hedderson, at Shearstown, also seven grandchildren. Funeral took place April 19th to the C. of E. cemetery.

Brigus Briefs: On March 23rd, the stork visited Mrs. BURSTALL (nee Florence Clarke), bringing a son. Mrs. Burstall who is with her sister-in-law in Halifax hopes to visit her mother, Mrs. John Clarke, of this place, in July, after which, she joins her husband in Fayal, Azores.

Died at Jamestown, B.B., Mrs. AZARIAH MERCER. Leaving to mourn their sad loss are a husband, mother (residing at Bay Roberts), one brother, John Parsons, at Allston, Mass., and three sisters, Mrs. Wm. Spracklin, Greenwood, Mass., Mrs. Robt. A. Gosse, Lynn, Mass., and Mrs. Hubert Yetman, Long Island, N.Y.

Died at Coley's Point, May 2nd, after a short illness, ROBERT JOHN FRENCH, beloved husband of Naomi French, aged 46 years. Left to mourn their sad loss are a wife, two daughters, Mary and Susie, and one sister, Mrs. Chas. Parsons of Coley's Point. Funeral takes place to the S.A. Citadel, May 4th.
Friday, May 9, 1930Cables received Thursday from England recorded the passing of Mr. HERBERT WINTER, second son of Sir Marmaduke Winter. Mr. Winter was on a pleasure trip to England when he was taken ill with typhoid fever and peritonitis. His passing comes as a severe shock to his many friends.

Mr. WM. TRASK, principal of the U.C. Superior school here, received the sad news on Thursday of the death of his brother, which occurred at Elliston, T.B. on Thursday morning.
Friday, May 16, 1930Married on May 12th, at All Saints Church, Salmon Cove, C.B., ELIZA MARJORIE, only daughter of Sergt. John and Mrs. SIMMONS, to GEORGE WILLIAM, youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. George COLLINS, Spaniard's Bay.
Friday, May 23, 1930Canso, N.S., May 14 - Going suddenly insane this morning, Mrs. GEORGE MUNO, of Dove, a small fishing village, killed with an axe three of her seven small children, Elizabeth, Gerald and Albert. All the others were away. The eldest son returning home wrested the axe from his mother's hands. She will probably be sent to an asylum without charge.

Died suddenly at Chillawack, B.C. on May 2nd, JONATHON NOSEWORTHY, formerly of St. John's. Deceased was a brother of the late Frank Noseworthy, Clarke' s Beach.
Issues missing May 30, June 6
Friday, June 13, 1930The marriage of Mr. PATRICK LEE, Carbonear, to Miss ANNA MARCELLA, daughter of Mr. Joseph D. WILLIAMS, of Tralee, Ireland, (of the Western Union Telegraph Co. Staff, Bay Roberts), was solemnized at St. Patrick's Church, Carbonear, June 5th. The bride was attended by Miss Geraldine Woods, while Mr. Jack Lee, brother of the groom, supported the groom.

Death has again visited us, and has taken from our midst, GEORGE VOKEY, at the age of 55 years. He has left to mourn a wife, one daughter, Mrs. James Peddle, five sons, Solomon, Nath, in Canada, and three at home, three grandchildren, one brother, Solomon, for all of whom much sympathy is felt.

Passed peacefully away at her home, Long Beach Pond, on June 7th, after a very short illness, ELIZABETH DAWE, widow of the late Joseph Dawe, in her 78th year. Leaving to mourn their sad loss one daughter, Mrs. Joseph Barrett, and one brother, Mr. Joseph Dawe, Coley's Point.

The wedding of Mrs. N. HIERLIHY, and Mr. GEORGE W. JARDINE, J.P., both of this town, took place at St. Mary's Church, St.John's, Wednesday night. The bride was given away by Mr. N. Pushie, whilst Mrs. A.B.S. Stirling, sister of the groom, acted as matron of honor. Mr. W.J. Pike was best man.

Passed peacefully away at Riverhead, Bay Roberts, June 11th, WALTER BRENNAN, beloved husband of Elizabeth Brennan and third son of the late Walter and Rose Brennan, of Limerick, Ireland, aged 81 years. Left to mourn are a wife, two sons, Walter F., assistant postmaster here, and Joseph F., and two daughters, Mrs. Jas. Ryan, Spaniard's Bay, and Maud at home. Funeral took place to the R.C. Church and cemetery this morning.

Died at Beachy Cove, June 12th, after a brief illness, MILDRED, beloved daughter of Naomi and the late Isaac Mercer, aged 13 years and 6 months. Leaving mother, brother, Willlis, and one sister, Marion, to mourn their sad loss. Funeral takes place to the C. of E. cemetery Saturday.
Friday, June 20, 1930Fatal Motor Accident Near St. John's - At 3:30 this (Friday) morning, THOMAS H. CARTER, shipping agent, was killed, MAXWELL CRITCH seriously injured and TED DROVER and REGINALD NOSEWORTHY cut and bruised, when the car in which they were driving, with Carter at the wheel, ran off the road at a slight curve near Donovan's on the Topsail Road. The care went along the ditch for 20 or 30 yards and then swung sharply across the road at right angles. The party left St. John's about 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, went to Pouch Cove and then returned to the city and proceeded out the Topsail Road as far as Topsail. Returning again citywards, the accident happened as above stated. Very few particulars are as yet known. This is the first motor fatality for the season.

Born at Bay Roberts on June 15th, to Mr. & Mrs. GEO. H. HAMPTON (nee Evelyn Cave), a daughter.
Friday, June 27, 1930Word was received from Toronto this week stating that Mrs. GEORGE DOWSON (nee Susie Elms) daughter of the late William and Elizabeth Elms, had passed away.

The death of EMMA LeDREW, widow of the late John HURD, formerly of this town, occurred April 15th at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Albert Hale, Pt. St. Charles, Montreal. The late Mrs. Hurd was born at Cupids. With her husband and family she moved from Bay Roberts to St. John's in 1882. Deceased went to Montreal in Feb. 1900 to live with her daughter, and resided there up until the time of her death. In religion, Mrs. Hurd was a Methodist, but for the last 10 to 12 years she attended services of the Salvation Army. Deceased was never sick in her life until a few days before her passing. She was buried on Good Friday. Major & Mrs. McElenhey conducted the funeral service, assisted by Major William and Mrs. Parsons. Major Parsons was born at Bay Roberts, and knew the deceased well. She leaves to mourn their sad loss several children, among the number being Comdt. Harry A. Hurt, Financial Representative of the Salvation Army, and now living in Hamilton, Ont. * Note: These particulars were received for publication some time ago, but got mislaid. Editor.

Born at Hr. Grace Maternity Hospital on June 24th, a son to Mr. and Mrs. S. RICHARD STREET, Winter Place.

There passed away on Wednesday morning, at his summer residence, Coley's Point, Hon. ELI DAWE, eldest son of the late Elijah and Emma Dawe, in his 88th year, leaving to mourn are an aged wife, two daughters, Emma at St.John 's, and Winnifred at home, and three sisters, Mrs. Robert Parsons, Mrs. Edward Bartlett and Mrs. Robert Piercey, all in B.C. The late Mr. Dawe was born at Port de Grave in 1842, and at an early age engaged in the fishery with his father. Entering politics he was elected to represent the District of Harbor Grace in the House of Assembly in 1889 with the party under the leadership of Sir William Whiteway. He was re-elected with Sir. Robert Bond 's administration, thus retaining his seat for 20 years. With his brothers, the late William and John Dawe, he founded and was for a number of years director of the Avalon Coal Co. The funeral took place to St. John the Evangelist Church and cemetery, Coley's Pt., today (Friday).
Friday, July 4, 1930The death of Mr. W.P. WALSH father of Mr. A.J Walsh, Speaker of the House of Assembly occurred at Holyrood on Monday last.

PATRICK DOYLE and FRANK OLSEN, both prisoners at the Penitentiary, St. John' s, who were working at Govt. House grounds, entered a garage and drank from a bottle of anti-freeze solution by mistake for water. Doyle died from the effects, but Olsen was taken to hospital where he recovered.

Passed peacefully away, June 28th, after a lingering illness, FANNIE, widow of the late George CRITCH, aged 79 years. Deceased was a daughter of the late George MERCER of Mercer's Cove. She leaves to mourn a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Harris, residing in Montreal, besides other relatives. Sometime ago deceased was taken ill and went to the General Hospital for treatment. After several weeks there she returned home, her age preventing a necessary operation being performed. The funeral was held to the U.C. Church and cemetery June 29th.

Died, Friday, FANNIE MERCER, widow of the late Esau Mercer, aged 79 years. Leaving to mourn their loss four sons, Charles, at St. John's, Esau and Fred at Boston, Mass., and William at home, and four daughters, Mrs. Nathaniel Sullivan, Mrs. Andrew Sullivan and Mrs. Frank Langmead, all of Boston, and Mrs. John French, French's Cove; 19 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Funeral takes place tomorrow, July 5th, to the C. of E. Church and cemetery.
Friday, July 11, 1930Capt. W.C. MAJOR, of St.John's, who was here on Wed. to attend the Masonic installation of officers and later went to Hr. Grace for the night, was stricken with paralysis at the latter place and passed away this Friday night.
Friday, July 18, 1930The marriage of Miss NELL DWYER, daughter of Head Constable and Mrs. Dwyer, of this town, to Mr. CLIFFORD E. BISCHOFF, of Wisconsin, took place in New York, June 30th.

Passed peacefully away at Shearstown, July 11th, ELIZABETH A. EDISON, beloved wife of Thomas W. Edison, aged 69 years. Deceased had been ill for about a year when on July 5th, she was stricken with paralysis and only lived one week afterwards. Her death came as a severe blow to her family and friends. The late Mrs. Edison leaves to mourn a broken-hearted husband, two sons, Robert J. and Thomas, at Boston, Mass., one daughter, Mrs. George Parsons, at Shearstown, and 12 grandchildren.

Passed peacefully away at Clarke's Beach, July 17th, WINIFRED, beloved wife of Chesley FILLIER, and daughter of Martin Gosse, Spaniard's Bay, at the age of 29 years. Left to mourn are husband and one child, father, step-mother, two brothers, Roy and Eric, three sisters, Mabel, Cavell and Florence. Funeral takes place on Saturday.

Mr. ROBERT J. BARRETT, formerly of this town, and a son of the late Robert Barrett, Crane's Brook, arrived here from Hayward, California, via Montreal, by the Overland Ltd. on Thursday, on a three months' visit to his sister, Mrs. (Capt.) Wm. H. Bartlett. This is Mr. Barrett's first visit to the homeland in 25 years, and he notes many progressive changes in the town during that period. Leaving here about 36 years ago, Mr. Barrett went to B.C., and from there, to Seattle, Wash., finally settling down in California where he has been very successful in farming and poultry raising.
Friday, July 25, 1930Two young men, CLARENCE SHEPPARD and ARTHUR SMITH, both of Spaniard's Bay, were drowned at Sandy Islands, Labrador, on July 13th, when their small sail-boat overturned and they were caught underneath the sail. Another young man, who was steering the boat was rescued. The bodies were brought home by the Kyle on Tuesday last, interment taking place at Spaniard's Bay on Wednesday.

JOHN COSTELLO, of Bell Island, was killed instantly in the main slope of No.4 mine on Thursday when a car on which he was riding as trip runner was derailed and he was thrown head foremost against a mine supporting pillar. Another man on a car just ahead of Costello escaped with a slight injury. The late John Costello was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Costello, of Bell Island, and was married.

A Chevrolet coupe, driven by ALLAN CHURCHILL, of St. John's left the road while coming down Carter's Hill, near Topsail, on Sunday last just before midnight. The car struck a telephone pole and bounced off it into another. FRANK MORRISSEY, a printer employed with Long Bros., St. John's, who with the driver and another man LEWIS POWER, was in the car at the time, was thrown through the windshield and injured so severely that he died at the General Hospital early Monday morning. Churchill was place under arrest charged with manslaughter.
Friday, August 1, 1930Bareneed - Recent mail brought a letter to Mr. John D. Bartlett, H.M.C. from Mr. B. CURLEW, former resident of Bareneed, C.B., now residing in Wellinston, N.Z. Mr. Curlew, who is over 75 years of age, retired from sea life a few years ago. He had two sons, one an electrical engineer and the other a farmer. Mr. Curlew has made thirteen voyages around the world. He left Bareneed in May, 1890, joined the S.S. Terra Nova and sailed on her to England, when she was chartered for a South Polar expedition. He left the Terra Nova in England and joined a White Star liner plying to New Zealand about 35 years ago. After many foreign voyages, he settled down there and engaged in local coasting. Mr. Bartlett corresponds with him frequently. - The Family Fireside.

A sad drowning fatality occurred at Ocean Pond on Wednesday of this week when Miss DOROTHY WINTER, daughter of Mr. William Winter, of Clarke's Beach lost her life in a heroic attempt to rescue two of her girl companions who were in difficulties and sinking. A party including Miss Winter, Misses Hayes (2) of Brigus Cross Roads, and Miss Margaret Culleton, of this town, went to Ocean Pond on Sunday last to spend several weeks in camp. Wednesday afternoon the Misses Hayes went in the water for a swim, while Miss Winter, fully clothed, was watching from the bank. After a short while she noticed that the girls were sinking and grabbing a stick, started to walk towards them. She stepped into an overfall and, not being able to swim, sank and did not rise again. In the meantime the outcry was raised, and Messrs. Mugford and Ivany, whose houses were nearby, rushed into the pond and rescued the Hayes sisters, who were just under the water. They brought the girls to a house where first aid was commenced, and then manned a boat and returned to the spot where Miss Winter had sunk. The body was recovered and taken to a house. Mr. J.W. Dawe telephoned here for Dr. Pritchard who, with Nurse Emmie Parsons, was driven to the scene by Mr. Oscar Hierlihy. Drs. Cowperthwaite and Stentaford, who were picnicking in the vicinity, were also on the scene. The doctors, together with Nurse Parsons, Mrs. R.W. Myers and other summer residents made every effort to bring Miss Winter back to life, but it was found to be impossible. Miss Angela Hayes, the older sister who was in a serious condition, did not regain consciousness until one o'clock Thursday morning, but there is every hope of complete recovery as was the case with the younger sister. The funeral of Miss Winter took place today (Friday) from the residence of her parents, Clarke's Beach.
Friday, August 8, 1930The funeral of the late ISAAC MERCER, victim of the accident here on Saturday last, took place from his late residence, Coley's Point, on August 4th to the United Church Cemetery, Coley's Point.

Married at Brigus, August 7th, EDITH CONSTANCE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. HOWARD, of Bay Roberts, to THOMAS A., son of Mr. and Mrs. John BRIEN, of Brigus.
Friday, August 22, 1930A message was received by Mr. Israel Marshall on Sat. last containing the sad news that JACK MARSHALL, son of the late Edward and Elizabeth Marshall, of Bay Roberts, was found drowned in the Fraser River, B.C., on Aug. 15th. He was last seen alive on the evening of Aug. 6th. It is believed he was accidentally drowned. The inquest was held on Saturday, but no particulars are to hand. Jack Marshall left here about 25 years ago, and worked in Cape Breton, some of the Western States and then British Columbia. For some years, and at the time of his death, he was in business for himself as a building contractor. Messrs. Josiah and Israel Marshall, of this town, are cousins of the deceased.

Died at Coley's Point, August 18th, after a long illness, JOHN SPENCER, aged 77 years. Leaving a wife, two sons, Herbert in Vancouver, B.C., and George Burton (Burt) at Coley's Point, and one daughter, Mrs. Ebenezer Bowering, of Coley's Point, to mourn their loss. Funeral took place Aug. 20th to the C. of E. cemetery, Coley's Point.

Mr. MOSES HOPKINS, a well-known resident of Heart's Content, died suddenly at the General Hospital, St. John's, on Tuesday. Mr. Hopkins was for many years an operator in the W.U. Cable Office at Heart's Content.

Died, August 21st, after a long illness, GEORGE BADCOCK, beloved husband of Leah Badcock, and son of the late Josiah and Olivia Badcock (of French's Cove), aged 71 years. Left to mourn their sad loss are a wife, one daughter, Clara, and three sisters, Mrs. George French, Seattle, Washington, Mrs. Henry Hutchings, Vancouver, B.C., and Miss Jennie Badcock, French's Cove. Funeral takes place Aug. 23rd.
Friday, August 29, 1930Died at Coley's Point on August 28th, WILLIAM GOOSNEY, aged 76 years. Left to mourn are three daughters, Mrs. Abram Squires, Coley's Point, Mrs. Samuel Mercer, Shearstown, Mrs. Thos. Mercer, Mercer's Cove, and two brothers, John at Country Road, and Isaac at Coley's Point. Funeral takes place today.

Died, Aug. 27th, after a brief illness, ALICE DELANEY, relict of the late James Delaney, aged 73 years. Leaving two sons, Martin and John, and two daughters, Mrs. Wm. Dawson and Mrs. John Fleming, all residing here, to mourn their sad loss. Funeral took place to the R.C. cemetery on Aug. 29th.

A message was received by Mr. Jas. Norman, Coley's Point, on Aug. 27th, informing him of the death of WILLIAM SAMWAYS, aged 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Samways, of Coley's Point South, which occurred at the Hospital, Battle Harbor, Labrador, Wednesday. The body will be brought home by S.S. Meigle on her return south. No further particulars were contained in the message.
Friday, September 5, 1930Married, Sept. 2nd, at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, St. John's, by the Rev. Canon BOLT, M.A., D.C.L., father of the bride, GERTRUDE MORRIS, to WALTER MELVILL, son of Mrs. and the late J.C. MARSHALL.
Friday, September 12, 1930A message was received by Mr. William Russell, of this town, on Monday last, informing him of the death of his daughter, MARGARET (Mrs. Geo. BROWN), at St. John, N.B., at the age of 34 years. The late Mrs. Brown had been ill for several years, and was a patient in St. John General Hospital when her death occurred. Surviving are a husband, four children, father, mother and seven brothers, Edward, S.A. Officer at Keene, N.H., Bramwel and Hubert at Boston, Mass., Robert at Keene, N.H., Chesley, with the Hudson Bay Co., Baffin Land, Alpheus, S.A. teacher at St. Anthony, French Shore, and Karl, at home. The remains arrived here by Thursday's express and the funeral will take place Sept. 14th.

ISAAC STAGG, aged 47, of Catalina, was knocked down by a motor car driven by ARTHUR COOK on Tuesday last and injured so badly that he died five hours later.

Mr. ALEX SERRICK, of Cupids, United Church School inspector, passed away on Friday last, death resulting from the effects of a fall from the roof of his residence two weeks previously. Before being appointed inspector, the late Mr. Serrick taught school for many years, and was popularly well-known. The funeral took place at Cupids, Sept. 7th. Surviving are a widow and three children. Mr. Geo. Serrick of this town, wireless operator on S.S. Kyle, is a brother

A message was received here on Monday last from Iron Bound Islands, Lab., with the information that Mr. JOHN C. SNOW, had his hand badly shattered by an explosion of a gun while he and one of his crew Wm. MERCER, were shooting birds. Much anxiety was felt at first because no medical aid was near at hand, and the extent of the injuries was uncertain. Latter messages stated that Messrs. Snow and Mercer were taken to Indian Harbor where a doctor found it necessary to remove Mr. Snow's hand. A message received by Mrs. Snow on Thursday from Battle Harbour, via Fogo, reads as follows: - "Landed here last night. Hand taken off at Indian Harbor. Doing fine now. Everything else O.K. Will (Mercer) not serious. All shot removed. Expect to leave here return "Meigle". Signed JOHN
Friday, September 19, 1930The funeral of the late SAMUEL DAWE took place to the C. of E. cemetery, Coley's Pt., Sept. 15th.

Mrs. HARRY BATTEN, daughter of Mr. Thos. Batten, Bareneed, died at St. John' s on Thursday last. The body was brought to Bareneed for interment.
Friday, September 26, 1930Died at Riverhead, Hr. Grace on Sept. 15th, BRIDGET, beloved wife of W.J. GUILFOYLE.

Died at St. John's on September 23rd, GERTIE, beloved wife of Thomas AUSTIN, and daughter of Thomas and the late Leah (Russell) Antle, aged 38 years. Left to mourn are husband and six children, father, three sisters, two brothers, step-mother, two stepsisters and two stepbrothers. Funeral took place Sept. 25th.

Mr. THOMAS F BARRETT arrived here on Monday last from Westville, N.S., on a visit to his sister, Mrs. Robert Mercer. This is Mr. Barrett's first visit to Bay Roberts in 37 years, having first left here forty years ago.
Friday, October 3, 1930In a message to the Dept. of Justice this week from A.J. Burke, J.P., Terrenceville, a drowning accident occurred at Boat Harbor in which WILLIAM BAILEY was the victim. Deceased was 32 years old and leaves a wife and four children.

Five Drowned in Marine Tragedy off Ferryland - The 8000-ton ore steamer "Haugarland" crashed into the Grand Bank schooner "Vibert T. Shave" off Ferryland Saturday last at midnight, sinking the schooner immediately and causing the deaths of the captain's wife and four members of the crew: JOHN PEDDLE, JOSEPH BRUSHETT, WM. GOSLING and PHILIP VINCENT of Burin. Capt. Shave, the sole survivor, was thrown into the water by the impact and was rescued by a boat from the steamer. The schooner left St.John's for Burin on Saturday with a cargo of supplies, while the "Haugarland" was on her way to Bell Island to load ore. It is stated that the "Vibert T. Shave" was running without lights but this the captain strongly denies. An investigation is being held.
Friday, October 10, 1930.There passed peacefully away after a short illness at her late residence, Coley's Point, Sept. 29th, HILDA GWENDOLYN, beloved daughter of George and Jessie ROWSELL, at the age of 15 years . Her passing came as a severe shock to her relatives and friends. Left to mourn the loss of a loving daughter and sister are father and mother, two brothers and one sister. Her funeral took place October 1st to the C. of E. cemetery.

Married at St. John's, Sept. 30th, by Rev. G. Pickering, PHYLLIS, daughter of Mrs. and the late W.J. CARSON, of St. John's, to CHESTER E. DAWE, youngest son of Mrs. and the late Mr. Wm. Dawe, of this town.

Announcement - Comdt. And Mrs. COLE wishes to announce the marriage of their daughter, ADA, to Mr. JOSEPH HAMPTON, Jr., son of Mr. J.E. Hampton, of Bishop's Falls on October 8th.
Friday, October 17, 1930CHESTER RUSSELL, aged 20 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Russell, Coley's Point, was fatally injured, dying about one hour after when he was hit by a motor car driven by Mr. FRANK C. ARCHIBALD, of Hr. Grace, at Clarke's Beach this (Friday) night. The car left the road, presumable in trying to avoid the young man, and tore through the fence for some distance and was demolished. Dr. Ivimey, of Clarke's Beach, and Drs. McLeod and Atkinson, of this town, were quickly on the scene, but their services were unavailing. The funeral will take place Oct. 20th.

Died at Coley's Point, Oct. 16th, JACOB MORGAN, aged 84 years. Funeral on Saturday.

Mrs. M.J. PLOUGHMAN, who for the past few years has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. R.H.A. Burford, at Toronto, recently arrived home at Port Rexton. She is now visiting her son, Mr. J. Ploughman, at Coley's Point. Her daughter, Miss Jeanne, who is employed in New York, accompanied her from Toronto and is also visiting her brother.
Friday, October 24, 1930A tragedy occurred at St. Phillip's this week when a fourteen year old girl name LEVINIA TUCKER ended her life by hanging to a tree at the rear of her home.

Died at Coley's Point, Oct. 24th, after a long illness, GRACE, widow of the late Edmund MERCER, aged 81 years. Left to mourn are three sons, Edmund, of this town, Adam, at Boston, Mass., and John (with whom she resided), at Coley's Point; also two brothers, Abram and John Snow, Coley's Point and one sister, Mrs. Eliza Mercer, of this town. Funeral takes place Oct. 26th.
Friday, October 31, 1930Passed peacefully away at Coley's Point, Oct. 16th, JACOB MORGAN, at the ripe old age of 85 years. Deceased was born at Port de Grave and prosecuted the cod fishery from an early age, later removing his place of residence to Coley's Point. Left to mourn are one son, Walter, one daughter, Mrs. Abraham Newell, six grandchildren (one in South America), and two great grandchildren. The funeral took place to the C. of E. cemetery, Coley's Pt., Oct. 18th. (The Oct. 17th edition has his age at 84 years.)
Friday, November 7, 1930Died at Clarke's Beach, November 1st, CHARLES WILLIAMS (druggist). Funeral took place November 3rd.
Friday, November 14, 1930The discovery of a small boat drifting without an occupant near Jone's Head early this Friday morning by a fisherman gave rumor to the thought that an accident had occurred. In the boat was found a lady's coat, glove and handbag, and conclusion was reached that Mrs. ROBERT DAWE had lost her life by drowning. We learn that early Thursday afternoon Mrs. Dawe left her home and walked to Beachy Cove where she got the loan of a row-boat from Mr. Wm. Norman to go to Coley's Point. She had had loan of the boat on previous occasions and was a capable oarswoman. She rowed across the harbour to the east Coley's Point govt. wharf, and visited one or more stores to make purchases. Later in the afternoon Mrs. Dawe was seen entering the boat and leaving the wharf, but as darkness was closing in she could not be discerned for any distance and no more was thought of it at the time. The finding of the boat and a pair of oars (which drifted to the beach near the Cable Office) was Mr. Norman's first knowledge that the boat had not been returned to its customed moorings. Head Const. Dwyer was immediately notified and the articles found in the boat were brought to the police station. The Head Const. Went to Mrs. Dawe's house to find the doors locked in the usual manner, and everything in order for her return. Her son, Mr. Adrian Dawe, who was residing with her here, was in St. John's when the sad news was conveyed to him. A search of the harbour to attempt the recovery the body is being made. The theory held as to the cause of the accident is that the unfortunate woman lost one of the oars, removed her glove to get it, and in reaching out overbalanced and fell in the water. The accident is the more tragic by reason that in 1928 Mrs. Dawe's husband, the late Robt. Dawe was killed in a motor car accident at Joy's railway crossing near Holyrood.. Deep sympathy is felt for the surviving relatives, three sons, Charles, in Boston, Adrian, here, and David at Hr. Grace, and two daughters, Mrs. T.J. Watts, Hr. Grace and Miss Emma in Boston, besides sisters and brothers in their sad bereavement.
Friday, November 21, 1930The body of the late Mrs. Robert DAWE, victim of a drowning accident on Thursday last, was found floating in the water near Back Cove, Port de Grave, by several men from Port de Grave on Monday morning, and was conveyed here in a boat. The funeral took place, Nov. 18th, to the C. of E. cemetery.
Friday, November 28, 1930On November 21st, there passed from time into eternity, MAY, beloved wife of William HARDY, Jr., and daughter of Zelah and the late Wm. Snow, called away at the early age of 29 years, just in the bloom of her life. She leaves to mourn husband and two children, Bobbie, aged 5 years and infant 10 days old, mother and one brother, Mr. Charlie Snow. Funeral took place, Nov. 23rd, to the C. of E. cemetery.

Died at Mercer's Cove, Nov. 23rd, ANNIE, beloved wife of Edward MERCER and daughter of John Charles and Rebecca Mercer, aged 36 years. Left to mourn are a husband, four children, father, mother, two sisters, Mrs. John C. Snow, of this town, and Mrs. Jesse Chislett, Cavendish, T.B., and one brother, Douglas, in the U.S.A. Funeral took place Nov. 25th.
Friday, December 6, 1930Married at St. John's, Dec. 3rd, by Rev. G.B. Pickering, FLORENCE, daughter of Mrs. Edward RUSSELL, to THOMAS C., son of Mr. WM. NORMAN, both of this town.

A message Wednesday from Magistrate Fitzgerald of Grand Falls, informed the Dept. of Justice that FRANCIS BOWERS, aged 67 and a resident of the station settlement, was found dead in a shallow pool about a quarter of a mile from his house, Tuesday night. The man left his home about noon and being subject to epileptic fits, when he had not returned at nightfall, a search for him was made and at 9:30 the body was found. A medical examination stated death was due to exposure. - Free Press, Dec. 2.

Early Monday morning last while on board the motorboat "Avalon" with several other men to take her in to the Avalon Coal Co.'s pier, Mr. JOHN FRENCH, of Coley's Point, was stricken with heart failure and died within a few minutes. The late Mr. French, who was 51 years of age, was a well-known mariner. Left to mourn their sad loss are a wife, three daughters, Stella, Ida and Rita, all at home, two brothers, Elijah and William, of Coley's Pt., and two sisters, Mrs. Israel Dawe and Mrs. Mary Tucker, of Port de Grave. The funeral took place Dec. 3rd to the C. of E. cemetery, Coley's Pt.
Friday, December 12, 1930Passed peacefully away at her late residence, Country Rd., Dec. 11th, Mrs. TRYPHENA MERCER, at the age of 87 years 10 months. Leaving to mourn her children and a large circle of friends. Funeral Saturday to the C. of E. cemetery Coley's Pt.

A little girl, daughter of JOHN BUTT, railway section foreman, at the Gaff Topsails, was accidentally shot in the hip by her 13-year-old brother on Thursday. A train with a doctor on board was dispatched from Millertown Junction to give medical aid, but the little girl died before it arrived.
Friday, December 19, 1930A very pretty wedding took place at Mr. Bellingham Methodist Church, Chelsea, Mass., Oct. 25th, when Miss MILDRED EARLE, daughter of Mrs. Minnie Earle and the late Isaac Earle, of Shearstown, Bay Roberts and WILLIAM J. MOORE, son of Mr. Thos. Moore of Clarke's Beach were united in holy bonds of matrimony. The maid of honor was Miss Harriet Moore, sister of the groom. The bridesmaid was Mrs. Hughie Snow, cousin of the bride. Mr. Walter G. Moore, brother of the groom acted as best man. Mr. Albert Earle, uncle of the bride, as father-giver. Mr. Ronald L. Butler, of G.F. and Mr. Frederick Case, of St. John's, as ushers. Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the home of the bride and groom, 69 Shawmut St., Chelsea, Mass.

Died Thursday morning, WILLIE, infant child of William and the late May HARDY, aged 4 weeks. Funeral today to the C. of E. cemetery.

Whilst sliding down the bank near his home on Dec. 16th, RANDOLPH POWER, 4 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Power, 375 Water St. West, St. John's, shot over a 6 foot embankment into the swiftly running Waterford River and was drowned. His slide was found about 300 feet downstream a few hours later and the body was recovered several days after.
Friday, December 31, 1930LLOYD VIGUERS, a young man resident of the Goulds, St. John's West, while driving alone in a motor car from Petty Hr. to St. John's, crashed through the railing of Petty Hr. bridge on Thursday night last and plunged into an 8 foot pool of water below and was drowned. A young man passing saw the lights of the car shining through the water and notified some nearby residents and the St. John's police.

GEORGE ALFRED BECKETT had made a full and complete confession to the murder of NICHOLAS MARTHOS, Glace Bay taxi driver, on Sept. 22nd. Beckett was arrested several weeks ago at his father's home in Old Perlican and extradited to Glace Bay, C.B.

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