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Conception-Bay Man, 1856-1859 Complete

Place of publication: Harbour Grace
Began publication: Sept. 3, 1856.
Last issue located: Feb. 16, 1859.
Frequency: Weekly.
Editor & proprietor: George Webber.

The Conception-Bay Man published foreign and domestic news, shipping news, poetry, literature and advertisements. The paper described its role as follows, "It matters not whether the government be in the hands of Whigs or Tories, Liberals or Conservatives, all are subject to venality and all require the constant supervision of an independent and uncompromising public press" (May 6, 1857). Liberal in outlook itself, the paper had little use for the "self styled Liberals" in the Little government whom it saw as complacent, free-spending, corrupt and ineffective. The editor took a dim view of their programs for free trade, direct steam communication and the telegraph, but was proud to be the first paper to record the completion of the Transatlantic Cable in 1858.


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PRL 1856-1859 Original and microfilm

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in January 2002. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

3 Sep 1856DiedOn Thursday last, after a long and protracted illness, borne with Christian resignatian to the Divine Will, Mrs. Charles DAVIS, aged 82, an old and respected inhabitant of this town.

DiedAlso, after a short illness, Caroline, the beloved wife of Mr. Michael MURPHY, Planter, aged 51 years, leaving a large family to deplore their irreparable loss.

SaleA Comfortable Dwelling House, with Out-House, Cellar and Gardens, the property of Mr. William MARTIN, St. John's, situate between Victoria and Noad Streets, in this town. Apply to H. W. TRAPNELL
10 Sep 1856NoticeAt a meeting of the Harbor Grace Turf Club, held at Connell's Hotel, on Wednesday evening the 3rd inst., for the purpose of making preliminary arrangements for Races to come off at Cochrane Course the current month, Capt. S. GORDON was called to the Chair, and Mr. J. FENNELL, acted as Secretary; and the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted, viz:- 1st Resolved - That the Harbor Grace Races will take place on Cochrane Course on Tuesday the 23rd, and Wednesday the 24th September, inst., and that the following Gnetlemen are requested to act as Stewards, viz:- Hon. T. H. RIDLEY, John HAYWARD, Esq., M.H.A., F. E. BROWN, Esq., M.C., Alexander O'DONOVAN, Esq., Doctor BERNEY, and John McCARTHY, Esq. 2nd Resolved - That Mr. Robert WALSH will be pleased to act as Treasurer, and Mr. Louis EMERSON as Clerk of the Course. [edited for brevity] Captain GORDON having left the Chair, and Mr. Robert WALSH being called thereto, the thanks of the Meeting were given Capt. GORDON, for his able and dignified conduct in the chair. Harbor Grace, 3rd Sept., 1856
24 Sep 1856DrownedWe regret to say that on Monday evening last, Edward SMITH, sail-maker of Spaniard's Bay, lost his balance while endeavouring to get on board his boat at Mr. T.C. James's wharf and was drowned. He was a widower, 28 years of age. (Telegraph of Wednesday last.)

DiedOn Saturday, 13th instant, after a lingering illness, borne with meekness and resignation to the Divine Will, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert LAHEY, aged [25?] years.
1 Oct 1856DiedYesterday, after a long and painful illness, borne with christian meekness and resignation to the Divien Will, Anne Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Henry TRAPNELL of this place, aged 25 years. Her end was Peace
15 Oct 1856MarriedLast evening, by the Rev. J.S. Phinney, Captain George BROWN, Keeper of the Beacon on the Point of Beach, to Fanny, relict of the late Mr. William TAYLOR, of Tinmouth, Devon.

DiedOn Friday, 10th instant, the Revd. Jacob George MOUNTAIN, M.A., Incumbent of the Cathedral Church and Ecclesiastical Commissary, aged 37 years. The Rev. Mr. Mountain was son of the Rev. Dr. Mountain, Vicar of Blunhain, Bedfordshire; Prebendiary of Lincoln and Rural Dean - grandson of the late and nephew of the present Lord Bishop of Quebec. He came to this country as Missionary of the Society for the propagation of the Gospel in the year 1847, and was appointed to the charge of the Parish and Cathedral Church of St. John's upon the demise of the late Venerable Archdeacon BRIDGE. He died of typhus fever contracted in visiting and ministering to the sick poor.
22 Oct 1856DiedYesterday morning, after a lingering illness, Mr. Richard CONDON, (Cooper), a respectable and much esteemed inhabitant of this place.

NoticeJudge EMERSON and lady arrived in the Ellen Gisborne last evening. His Honor, we understand, will proceed to New Perlican this day.
5 Nov 1856DiedAt St. John's, on Thursday afternoon, after a short but severe illness, patiently resigned to the will of his Heavenly Father, Mr. Henry LILLY, aged 46 years.

DiedAlso, on Friday last, Emma, wife of B.G. GARRETT, Esq., for many years High Sheriff of Newfoundland, in the 61st year of her age.

NewsWe regret to learn that the Brigantine Mary, of Bay Roberts, was lost on Baccalieu Island on the night of Friday last, when the Master, Mr. Moses BARTLETT, lost his life whilst endeavouring to spring to the shore with the end of a line - the rest of the crew were taken off the Island on Monday last.
12 Nov 1856MarriedOn Saturday evening last, by the Rev. Mr. Jones, Mr. Thomas SNOW, to Miss Elizabeth NOWLAN, of Catalina.

DiedOn the 30th ult., on her passage from the Labrador, Mary Ann, third daughter of the late Mr. John HEARN, of Brine's Cove.

NewsOn Thurdsay night a Mr. LAFORT, of St. Lawrence, district of Burin, left Messrs. Barron, Fraser & Co's wharf in his schr. For St. Peter's, and within an hour after, outside the narrows, was struck by the boom, knocked overboard and drowned. -Express

InquestOn Monday morning last, an Inquest was held in this Town, before John STARK, Esq., Cornor, and a Jury, of which Mr. John BYRNE was elected foreman, on view of the body of Josiah PERRY, son of Mr. Noah PERRY, of Catalina, who had to harbour here with a foul wind; homeware boud [sic]. It appeared, on evidence, that in a few minutes after ten o'clock, on Saturday night, the deceased was in bed with his brother on board the schooner Love and Uniiy [sic], and that he got up and struck a light and went upon deck for some necessary purpose; when [photocopy is cut off at this point.]
19 Nov 1856DiedOn Saturday morning last, after a long and protracted illness, borne with Christain resignation to the Divine will, Mr. F. DANCEY, aged 37 years, leaving a widow and five children to mourn their irreparable loss.

DiedAt St. John's, on Thursday evening last, after a short illness, Tryphena Eliza, daughter of J.C. WITHERS, Esq., in the 5th year of her age.

InquestAn inquest was held yesterday, on view of the bodies of David BARRY and Patrick QUIGLEY, two boys who had been killed a short time before, by the falling of a chimney on the ground lately devasted by fire, and a verdict of "accidental death" was returned - Post, November 15.
26 Nov 1856MarriedOn Tuesday, the 18th inst., at 9 o'clock, by the Right Rev. Dr. Mullock, assisted by the Rev. Kyran Walsh, Daniel GREEN, Esq., merchant, Harbour Grace, to Miss Alice, eldest daughter of Pierce GRACE, Esq., of this place - Patriot

DiedOn Wednesday, 19th inst., after a short illness, Samuel W. SMITH, eldest son of Alexander SMITH, stone cutter, in the 15th year of his age. - Ibid
3 Dec 1856MarriedLast evening, by the Rev. Mr. Jones, Mr. Fredrick BROWN, to Miss Susanah MARTIN - both of this town.

DeathIt is our painful duty today to record the demise of the Rev. Mr. CHESLEY, Superintendent of the Wesleyan connection of Newfoundland, which occurred yesterday morning. The Rev. gentleman arrived amongst us some four months since, and during his very short ministration earned the esteem and affection, not only of his immediate congregation, but of others who had the opportunity to hear his preaching, the simplicity of which was combined with a power always attendant upon a clear and faithful exposition of the truth. Mr. Chesley was a native of Nova Scotia, and his death is to be attributed to malignant disease contracted whilst visiting some of his people suffering from typhus, under precisely similar circumstances to those which hurried from us very recently two excellent church ministers. The deceased gentleman leaves hehind him a widow and 5 children, strangers in a strange land, if sympathy can be at all an alleviation for the Providential visitation that has afflicted them, there is no doubt whatever that a large share of it is extended to them - Ledger, Nov. 28.

DeathOn Monday evening last, after a protracted illness, borne with christian meekness and resignation to the Divine will, Ellen Elizabeth, daughter of the late Capt. James PARSONS.

NewsWe are happy to learn that the brig Alert, WILLIAMS, master, with one hundred and fifty men, returning from the Labrador to Messrs. Robert Prowse & Sons has got into Trepassey, having been blown off in the late gales. Considerable anxiety was entertained by the families and friends of the fishermen on board this vessel, which was happily relieved, by the reciept of a telegraph message from the captain to the consignees here, on Wednesday evening. - Post Nov. 28.
10 Dec 1856BirthOn Wednesday last, the wife of Mr. James GODDEN, of a son.

BirthOn the 5th inst., the wife of W.H. RIDLEY, Esq., of a son.

DiedOn Tuesday, the 2d instant, after a short illness, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. Patrick DOYLE, (planter), of this place, aged 27 years.
24 Dec 1856MarriedOn the 16th inst., by the Rev. B. Jones, Capt. William GORDEN, Junr., to Miss Susanna, third daughter of Capt. John STEPHENSON, all of this place.

MarriedAt Carbonear, on Thursday, the 18th instant, by the Rev. W.E. Shenstone, Mr. Albert HOWELL to Miss Lavinia, youngest daughter of Mr. John COX.

PassengerPer Nymph, from Liverpool, Lieut. W.J. COEN.
7 Jan 1857MarriedOn Tuesday, the 28th ult., by the Rev. J.S. Phinny, Mr. Josiah PARSONS, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Thomas GODDEN, Esquire, merchant.

MarriedOn New Year's day, by Rev. Bertram Jones, Mr. Charles William ROSS, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Capt. Charles WALKER, all of this place.

DiedOn the 27th ult., Mr. Arthur GRUBERT, an old and respectable inhabitant of this place.

DiedSuddenly, on Sunday afternoon, Mr. Solomon SHEPPARD, planter, a respectable inhabitant of this place, leaving a widow and large family to deplore their loss.
14 Jan 1857DiedOn Monday 23d ult., Mr. Jeremiah HICKEY, Planter, of this place, aged 68 years.

PassengerIn the Sea Bird, Mr. J.K. Fisher.

NoticeA public meeting of the Ship Owners and Masters, and others interested will take place on Monday next the 29 inst at the Temperance Hall for the purpose of considering the propriety of petitioning the Hon the House of Assembly to cause a light House to be erected on Baccaloo. Harbour Grace 14 January 1857. George PIKE, John MUNN, Michael STAPELETON, Harrison RIDLEY, Stephan ANDREWS, John POMFREY, Richard CLEARY, William PIKE, Samuel GORDEN, William DONNELLY, William H. RIDLEY, Edward J. PIKE, John SCULLEY, James GLAVINE, Michael FITZGERALD, Charles PIKE, Patrick DEVEROUX.
21 Jan 1857Coroners InquestAn Inquest was held in this Town on Saturday last, before John STARK Esquire, Coroner and a Jury of which Mr. Garratt WALL was elected foreman on view of the body of Joseph GONSALER a Spanish Boy belonging to the Brig Ensegnez of Valentia, Captain Diego Pary. It appeared in evidence that deceased died suddenly on board the Brig, at half past seven o'clock on the morning of the 16 inst., Doctor Allan being of opinion that the deceased died of disease of the heart the following verdict was returned. Died by the visitation of God.

Coroners InquestAnother Inquest was commenced on the same day, before the same Coroner, and a Jury of which Mr. Thomas GODDEN was elected foreman on view of the body of Joseph GOFF, from Poole, fisherman. As Doctor Dow could not give his evidence on Saturday the Inquest was adjourned to the Court House where it terminated at two o'clock on Monday last; It appeared in evidence, that the deceased called at the House of Mr. James WALSH, at River Head evidently labouring under a fit of deliriam-tremens his body was found in the water. Dr. Dow gave at as his opinion that the deceased died from suffocation. Verdict - found dead in the water at River Head of Harbour Grace.
4 Feb 1857DiedOn Monday last Daniel son of Mr. John SHEA Planter of this place, aged 21 years.
11 Feb 1857InquestOn Thursday the 5th inst., an Inquest was held in Carbonear, before John STORK [sic] Esq., Coroner, on view of the body of a male child, born of Susannah GARLAND, which after a full investigation of all the circumstances resulted in a verdict of Concealment.

For SaleThat comfortable and well finished Dwelling House formelly occupied by the late Capt. CUNNINGHAM, in breast of Mr. Mark PARSONS, with a Brick Celler beneath, and Garden in front. The above property is fee simple and the terms will be made accomodating. Apply to the subscriber. Thomas GODDEN.
25 Feb 1857DiedThis morning after a short illness Mr. James EALWARD an old and respectable inhabitant of this place.

Seal fisheryList of Vessels Sailing from the Port of Harbor Main, For the Seal Fishery. Spring 1857. Vessels; Owners; Masters; Tons; Men. Ellen; Patrick STRAPP; John STRAPP; 111; 41. Fmd. Isle; James STIVY; Charles STIVY; 149; 56. Clipper; W. & M. WOODFORD; WOODFORD; 112; 42. Billow; John KENEDY & Bros.: KENEDY; 114; 39. William; M. COTILLOO & Bros.; COSTILLO; 85; 38. Scottish Chief; James WADE Jr.; COSTILLO; 97; 37. Grace Darling; J. ST. JOHN; ST. JOHN; 99; 40. The two last will sail from Cats Cove.
4 Mar 1857Coroners InquestA gloom has been cast over this town by the sad occurrence which took place on Friday night last, of which the Coroners report furnishes the particulars; additional interest must be excited in the public mind, by the self sacrificing effort of the HEROIC CANTY to save the Infant child; we would hope that those who depended upon him for support, will not be left destitute. Indeed the whole case calls loudly, not only for sympathy for the sufferers, but something more tangible in the shape of generous contribution. An Inquest was held in this town on Saturday last, commencing at the Counting House of H.W. TRAPNELL, Esq., and by adjournment at the Court House on Monday last; before John STARK, Esq., and a Jury of which Mr. John KEEF was elected foreman; on view of four human Bodies, believd to be the remains of Mr. John CANTY, of this place Planter; M. Philip CORBETT Master and Owner of the Schooner Caroline at Mr. DONNELLY's; Mr. Stephen SCALLAN of this place; and Mr. Charles DAY of Old Chop [sic] Trinity Bay, Fisherman; the deceased went to bed at the house of Mr. Edmond FOLEY of this place, Licensed Spirit Dealer; and at about two o'clock, Mr. John CANTY, was heard to say, ment get up! and don't be stifled in your beds - The House was on fire. - Some escaped through the windows, and some came down stairs, and got out of the back door, and so it happened that all escaped with their lives, except the before named, whose bodies were burnt almost to a cinder. Ellen Foley, the infant child of Edmond Foley, was in the hurry left in bed by the Servant Girls, and perished. John Canty went back, after being safe himself to save this child, and he must have got into her Bedroom, for his body was found directly under the bedroom. The Jury fully inquired into the matter, and brought in a - Verdict - of accidental death. Mr. Foley, and his wife declared before the Jury that they blamed [no one. There were in?] the House in bed on that night twenty two men, besides the family, consisting of eleven persons. 200 Sovereigns and 100 pounds in Bank notes were in the house, a number of the former have been picked up from the ruins.

DiedSuddenly on Monday last at his residence in Carbonear, Mr. George FORWARD, for many years highly respected merchant of that place.
11 Mar 1857DiedOn the 2 inst., George FORWARD, aged 71 years he has left a widow, and a large circle of relation and friends, to lament their irreparable loss.

DiedOn Saturday night last after a lingering illness, Mr. James NORMAN Sen., of Brigus, leaving an afflicted widow, with a large family to deplore his removal from amongst them.

DiedOn Monday night last at this Residence in Brigus, the very Rev. Dean MACKEN for 25 years Parish Priest of that place.

Fatal AccidentA Poor man named Timothy MORIETY, whilst assisting to remove a sail, which was spread on Mr. MUNN's Wharf, was suddenly precipitated in the water, by the wind lifting the sail, and several minutes elapsed before he could be rescued, Medical aid was promptly afforded, but the poor man lived only a few hours, he was Widower and left three Orphans, totally unprovided for.
25 Mar 1857DiedOn Sunday the 22 instant, Isabella relict of the late Mr. J. RICHARDE [sic] of this place, aged 95 years. [Transcriber's note: see 1 Apr 1857 edition for errata.]
DiedOn the same day, Mr. William ASH an old and respectable inhabitant of this place.
1 Apr 1857DiedAt Mosquitta on Saturday the 28 inst., Ann relict of the late Mr. Samuel GORDEN aged 80 years.

ErrataIn noticing the death of Mrs. RICHARDS in our last, Read - Relict of the late Mr. William RICHARDS instead of John - as there stated.

For SaleBy Public Auction - On Thursday the 16th April at the Court Harbour Grace the under-mentioned property belonging to the Insolvent Estate of James SIMMONDS. Plantation Situate at Mosquitto, 1 Old Herring Net, 4 Old Cod Bag, 2 Coils Rope, 1 Gun, 4 Grapnells, 1 Old Cod Seine at Labrador, 2 Coils Rope, 2 Fishing Skiffs, A lot of Household furniture particulars of which will be given in Hand Bills previous to the day of Sale, 2 Skiff Sails, A Fishing Room at Camp Island Labrador, Interest in a Pew in the Wesleyan Chapel, Carbonear. William DONNELLY, Trustee.
29 Apr 1857DiedOn Sunday Morning last after a short illness Mary, relict of the late Mr. John BELLEY, aged 69 years.

DiedYesterday at Bears Cove, after a lingering illness, born with christian resignation to the Divine will, Mr. William PARSONS, aged 30 years.
6 May 1857DiedOn Friday morning Leonora the beloved wife of Mr. Joseph MARTIN of this place, aged 54 years.
13 May 1857MarriedAt Bay Roberts, on the 2d inst., by the Very Rev. Martin Blackmore, Rural Dean of Conception Bay, Henry T. MOORE, Esq., of Harbor Grace, merchant, to Maria, daughter of the late William C. HENLEY, Esq., London, merchant.

MarriedOn Thursday last by the Rev. Bertram Jones, Capt. Henry DAVIS, to Miss Matilda ANDREWS.

MarriedOn Monday last Mr. John GILLART, to Miss Ann GEORGE, S. Side.

MarriedLast evening by the Rev. John Phiney, Mr. John PARSONS, to Miss Susanna NEWEL.

BirthOn Sunday last, the wife of the Rev. Alexander ROSS of a Daughter.

DiedSuddenly, on Thursday morning last Sarah Gill HARRIS, aged 71 years, an old and respectable inhabitant of St. John.[sic]

DiedOn Saturday evening last, Mrs. Mary ENGLAND in the 53rd year of her age.
20 May 1857DiedYesterday Morning, after a short illness Maria wife of the Rev. Alexander ROSS Minister of the Scotch Free Presbyterian Church Harbor Grace.
27 May 1857DiedOn Wednesday the 20 inst., deeply lamented by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. William HOWLET, of this place.
17 Jun 1857MarriedAt St. John's, last Monday by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Mullock, assisted by the Rev. K. Walsh, William DONNELLY, Esq., merchant of Harbour Grace, to Ellen, daughter of the late Henry SHEA, Esq.
8 Jul 1857DiedAt Halifax on Tuesday the 23rd ult., aged 46 years, Mr. James BREEN, a native of St. John's, N.F., eldest son of the late Daniel BREEN, Esq., Clerk of Works in the Royal Engineer Department.
15 Jul 1857DiedAt St. John's, on Monday the 6th inst., Mr. John SAUNDERS, Master-builder.

DiedSuddenly, on Tuesday morning last, aged 34 years, Louisa, the beloved wife of W.J. WARD, Esq.

DiedOn Sunday last, after a short illness, Amelia, wife of Mr. Peter WOODS, aged 32 years.

NoticeLaurence GRUBERT, Boot & Shoe Maker, Takes Leave to inform his friends and the public that he has recommenced business in his native place, having had considerable experience in Canada, he trusts by strict attention to business, to merit and obtain a share of public patronage. Harbour Grace, June 23, 1857.
22 Jul 1857DiedAt Mavagues on Sunday the 21st June, Captain William Gordon of the "Bacalieu," leaving a large circle of Relations and Friends in this place, to lament their sad bereavement.
29 Jul 1857DiedYesterday morning, after a short illness, Francess Susanna, only daughter of Capt. Reed PATTLE, aged 7 years and 6 months.
5 Aug 1857DiedOn Monday last, Mary wife of Mr. John SMOLCOMB, Planter.

DiedYesterday, Mrs. Elizabeth BRINE an old and respectable Inhabitant of this place.
12 Aug 1857DiedOn Wednesday last, Mrs. Elizabeth MORRISEY, in the 55th year of her age, daughter of the late William HARTRY, of Harbor Grace, Newfoundland. - Halifax British [Co---ist?] July 25.
19 Aug 1857DiedOn the 12 inst., Harriet Stark, the beloved Wife of Henry RUTHERFORD age 29 years.
9 Sep 1857DiedOn Sunday the 30th ult., after a lingering illness borne with Christian resignation to the Divine will, Mary the beloved Wife of Mr. John RICHARDS of this place aged 54 years.
16 Sep 1857BirthMrs. John R. FISHER of a Son. Aug 29.

DiedOn Wednesday the 9th inst., Priscilla relict of Capt. Duncan MUNN aged 37 years.
23 Sep 1857DiedOn Sunday last Francis HOLDEN, aged 65 years, his funeral will take place this day at 3 o'clock, from the house of Mrs. BUTLER, his late residence, his friends are respectfully requested to attend.
7 Oct 1857BirthOn Monday the 1st inst., the wife of Doctor ALLEN of a son.

DiedOn Wednesday last, aged two years and six months, Mary L. the beloved Daughter of Mr. Henry THOMEY, of this place.

NewsWe notice with pleasure the arrival, since our last, of Mr. And Mrs. MUNN after a few months absence in Europe. Also of John SHEA, Esq., merchant of Cork, on a visit to William DONNELLY, Esq. James L. PENDERGAST, Esq., M.G.A. arrived here on Sunday last in the Colonial Yacht, after a cruise to the French shore and Labrador. Same day arrived the Hon. Judge HAYWARD, in his Circuit Carriage, from St. Mary's.
14 Oct 1857DiedOn Thursday last after a lingering and painful illness borne with Christian meekness and resignation to the divine will; Frederick MARTEN, planter of this place aged 45 years leaving a widow and helpless family to deplore their loss.

DiedOn the 8th inst., at Dead Island, Labrador, George CRAM aged 39 years leaving a widow and helpless family to deplore their loss. His funeral will take place on Thursday next at three o'clock, when the friends of the family are requested to attend.
4 Nov 1857ThanksCaptain John WILLS late of the Barque "[N--?] Desperandum" on the part of self and crew, desire thus publickly to express his feeling of heartfelt gratitude to those persons whose names are anexed, to whose intrepidity and perserverance, under providence, he (Captain WILLS) attributes the rescue of all hands on the occasion of their late ship-wreck on Mosquito Point. - George GORDON, John GORDON, Patrick WALSH, John CAHILL.
25 Nov 1857MarriedOn Saturday last by the Rev. J.S. Phinney, Mr. George PIPPEY to Miss Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. John MERCHANT Planter of this place.

MarriedYesterday at St. Paul's Church by the Rev. Bertram Jones, Mr. Alfred WEBBER to Miss Jane Maria CHIPPET, all of this place.

DiedOn Wednesday last, after a short illness Susanna, the beloved Wife of Mr. Richard POWER, Planter of this place.

DiedThe same day, Daniel, son of Mr. John SHEA.

DiedOn Friday last Francis, son of Mr. Francis MARTEN, aged two years.

DiedOn Sunday last Mr. Richard ASH an old and respectable Inhabitant of this place.

NewsA serious riot took place in our street last week; A foreign sailor having got into a row with some of the towns people, either in revenge, or for the purpose of defending himself drew his knife and stabbed three men seriously wounding one but we are happy to add not mortally. With great difficulty the Sailor was saved from the fury of the populace and lodged in prison; thus was principally owing to the intrepid exertions of the Hon. John MUNN, who with a few other spirited citizens aided the Constables and saved the man from a dreadful death. There is one circumsance connected with this riot which it is our duty to notice, during the row Her Majesty's Acting Solicitor General issued out of a public house and instead of endeavouring to suppress the riot, called out to the mob to annihilate the wretch, but his Honour was quickly checked by Mr. Archibald EMMERSON and others who remarked that the man was in the hands of the law and should be protected.
2 Dec 1857DiedOn Saturday last, after a short illness Mr. William THISTLE, a respectable planter of this place, aged fifty four years, leaving a large family to deplore their loss.

Fatal AccidentWe learn from our Harbor Main correspondent, that a poor man named CADWELL was killed by the overturning of the carriage in which he was proceeding to St. John's; we understand that the road entering Hr. Main, where the accident occurred, was in a very dangerous condition.
16 Dec 1857MarriedOn Tuesday the 8th inst., at St.Paul's Church by the Rev. Bertram Jones, Mr. Charles ASH to Miss Ann JEFFRIES all of this place.

MarriedOn Wednesday the 9th at Bay Roberts by the Rev. Mr. Harvey, Mr. William Henry ANDREWS of this place to Miss Ann ANDREWS of Bay Roberts.

DiedOn Thursday last after a short illness borne with meekness and resignation to the Divine will, David, Son of the late William THISTLE, (whose death we recorded on second Inst.)
13 Jan 1858MarriedOn Friday ult., by the Rev. Alexander Ross, John BADCOCK, to Miss Olivia FRENCH, both of Bay Roberts.

MarriedOn Monday the 21st, by the same, Mr. William PIKE, to Miss Sarah NOSEWERY [sic], both of Spaniards Bay.

MarriedOn the 7th inst., by the Rev. J. Walsh, C.C., Mr. John KEEF, Planter, to Elizabeth SCULLY, both of this place.

DiedAt Portdegrave on Monday morning the 28th inst. Arthur Snowball, youngest child of Mr. J. WILLCOX, aged one year and seven months.

DiedOn Tuesday the 29th, Inst after a protracted illness borne with meekness and resignation to the Divine will, in the 77th year of her age, Elizabeth Ann, relict of the late Charles D. GARLAND, Esq.

DiedOn the 8th inst after a short illness, George ASH, Planter.

DiedOn the 9th after a lingering illness, Richard BRETT, Planter.

DiedOn Tuesday morning last, after a short illness, Elizabeth Frances, wife of Mr. John MULLALLY.

DeathsWarning Against Playing on Ice. Four Lives Lost, Trinity, December 29th, 1857. As a warning against playing on ice, I feel it right to ask publicity for the following melancholy fact: On Sunday afternoon, (27th inst.,) on a pond in this neighbourhood some 15 or 20 children (boys and girls) were playing. A boy named EGAN, son of Daniel Egan, and nephew of Captain Egan of this place, took another small boy named McGRATH with him, to teach him how to skait; and venturing too far out over deep water, the ice broke under them and both fell through. Egan's brother ran to save them, but he fall in also. Then the sister of the Egans, seeing her brothers sink and disappear, ran screaming to their rescue, and she also fell through; and thus the two brothers aged 14 and 16, and their sister 18, were drowned with the boy McGrath, aged 9 or 10. The feelings of the bereaved parents at [this] awful and sudden a catastrophe, must be left to the imagination of those who can commiserate the distressed.- Newfoundlander Correspondent.

AwardedHarbor Grace Grammar School. [edited for brevity] Prizes as follows: For general proficiency throughout the year Jabez ROGERS, Douglas BROWN, Thomas G. RODDICK. For penmanship and accounts: William ALLAN, Jabez ROGERS, George GODDEN, John FITZGERALD. For regular attandance: Douglas BROWN, John FITZGERALD. Worthy of commendation on account of good conduct and progress: Michael DWYER, John ALLAN, William SHORTIS, Michael SHORTIS.
27 Jan 1858MarriedAt St. Pauls Church, on Tuesday the 26th inst., by the Rev. Bertram Jones, Mr. John Charles HAYTER to Miss Lavinia [PARS---?], all of this place.

DiedOn Thursday the 21th inst., after lingering Illness, Mr. Charles KNNEDY[sic] an old and respectable Inhabitant of this place.
3 Feb 1858NoticeWe regret to state that several Deaths have latterly occurred in this vicinity; but not being furnished with the necessary particulars, we are unable to record them as we should. In all such cases we require that some friend of the deceased will, either verbally or by note, afford such information as may enable us to perform the melancholy duty.
10 Feb 1858DiedAt Carbonear on Tuesday the 2nd inst., after a short illness Mr. John CASEY aged 60 years.

DiedOn the 5th, inst., after a short illness, William MARTIN, Planter, aged 37 years.

DiedSuddenly on Monday night last, Maurice O'NEIL (Mariner) Aged 37 years.
24 Feb 1858DiedAt Bareneed on Sunday the 21st Inst., after a protracted illness, in the 52nd year of her age, Emma, wife of Thomas MARTEN, Esq., Merchant of that place, and daughter of the late Charles D. GARLAND, Esq., of Harbor Grace.

DiedAt Lytham, on the 19th December, 1857, aged 63 years the Rev. John WALSH, Wesleyan Minister. (The Rev. gentlemanů was for several years a missionary in this Colony, and was extensively known and much respected for his many excellencies and ministerial usefulness. - Courier.)
24 Mar 1858BirthOn the 23 inst., The Wife of W. H. RIDLEY, Esq., of a son.

DiedAt Catalina on the 14th inst., John MURPHY, Late Master of the Brig Adamant of this place, much and deservedly regretted by a large circle of relatives and friends.

Shipping NewsWe regret to learn that the Schooner Edward, John GREEN Master, was loston the morning of the 8th inst., on Pinchards Island. The vessel had struck on breakers the night before and had to be run on shore to save the lives of the Crew.
7 Apr 1858MarriageOn Thursday last a goodly portion of this generally sombre community became exhuberantly excited by the intelligence, that the Hon. T. H. RIDLEY, had ben married to Miss DARLING, neice of our late Governor on the 19 Feb., at Jamaica. Particulars were not received by telegraph, but a simply intimation of the above was sufficient to cause an extraordinary display of bunting throughout the harbor, and the continuous discharge of great and small arms by the numerous members of the Messrs Ridley's establishment; we understand that champagne was liberally dispensed on the occasion, and that the young men, with their friends availed themselves of the opportunity for a regular jollification. Health and Happiness, to the Bride and Bridegroom, say we.
14 Apr 1858FireAbout nine o'clock on the night of Monday last the Inhabitants of this Town were startled by the cry of Fire! On proceeding to the spot we found the back part of Tousaint's Hotel enveloped in flame, which a few persons only were endeavouring to extinguish; before efficient assistance could be afforded the whole building was on fire, and it then became evident that there was little chance of saving that partion of the town lying between Victoria and LeMarchant Streets.... The fire quickly crossed the street to the Messrs. RUTHERFORDS' store and soon communicated with the adjoining premises. A determined stand was made... to stop the fire eastward; this was effected by the well directed exertions of some of the Inhabitants powerfully seconded by the energetic efforts of the Carbonear men; Mr. T. WOLFRY's house and forge being torn down the fire break was widened, and thus the east end of the town including Messrs RIDLEY & Sons extensive establishment on the Beach, was saved. In the mean time the fire... was rapidly spreading to the westward, repeated attempts were made to level houses by rope and hatchets, but without effect, until a detached building occupied by Mr. MULLALLY was reached [and] the house was quickly levelled. Captain E. PIKE's house was saved, and the fire checked on the north side of the street, not so on the south. The extensive and valuable premises of Messrs PUNTUN and MUNN... was soon in flames, and we regret to learn that little was saved of the large amount of produce goods and provisions which they contained. The fire then swept away the dwelling house of Dr. ALLEN, and Messrs. JILLARD's shop and store. [Also losted were the premises] of messrs WALKER & ROSS, HUNT & DOYLE, A. DRYSDALE, J. HIPPESLEY, and the messrs JILLARD. [edited for brevity]

FireA Public Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Harbor Grace took place, pursuant to the public notice, this day, Wednesday 14 of April, at the Temperance Hall, to petition the House of Asssembly to aid the sufferers, by the calamitous Fire on the night of the 12th inst. [Names mentioned in the following meeting notes:] W. H. RIDLEY, Esq., Henry T. MOORE, Esq., W. DONNELLY, Esq., Mr. Thomas HIGGINS, Mr. John RICHARDS, Patrick DEVEURUX, Esq., Mr. James HIPPESLEY, Mr. William GRUBERT, Mr. W. HOWLETT, Mr. Joseph GODDEN, J.L. PENDERGAST, Esq., M.H.A. The principal trading part of the Town, between LeMarchant Street and Victoria Street, was... reduced to ashes. Upwards of sixty families were deprived of the means of continuing their trade and business; the whole nearly were Tradesmen, Shopkeepers, and supplying Merchants. Several persons had some small portion of their stock insured, of whom many notwithstanding will be unable to pay the debts they now owe. [edited for brevity]

DiedAt Fogo, on the 18th February last, after a lingering illness, which he bore with christian resignation, James Marmaduke, only son of James M. WINTER, Esq., Sub-Collector H. M. Customs, aged 19 years. His end was peace.

DiedOn Monday last John FITZGERALD Planter an old and respectable inhabitant of this place.

DiedOn the same day after a lingering illness, born with meekness and resignation to the divine will, Ambrose, son of Mr. William ASH, planter.
21 Apr 1858NoticeThe Subscriber would publickly express his deep sense of obligation, and feeling of gratitude, to the Rev. John WALSH, W. H. RIDLEY Esq., and those other friends, who, by their influence and exertions, were the means of saving his house and property from the late disastrous fire. Edward PIKE, Sen.

DiedOn Wednesday evening last, at the Roman Catholic Episcopal Residence, in the 78th year of his age, Thomas MULLOCK, Esq., father of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Mullock. The deceased gentleman was a native of Limerick, and has been in this country but a few years, sufficiently long however, to have made him very generally respected.
5 May 1858Death We regret to learn that a poor man named William HARPER, a native of Ireland, was found dead in his berth on board of one of Mr. DONNELLY's vessels, on the night of Friday last.

Court NewsThe Honorable the Northorn Circuit Court was opened in this Town Monday last the 3rd Inst. His Lordship Chief Justice BRADY Preseding, His Lordship's charge to the Grand Inquist, of which Patrick DEVEREUX Esq., was chosen Foreman, was luminous and complete and in all respects most satisfactory - Three Bills only were laid before the Grand Jury by John HAYWARD Esq., Crown Officer - The Queen verses Garland COURAGE for Manslaughter of his Father John COURRAGE in December last, was igored by the Grand Jury. The Prisoner is to be brought before the Court and Jury on Friday next. - The Queen Ves. Francis BROWN, a Portuguese Sailor on two Bills for stabbing John DUGGAN and Patrick BOWE, were retured true Bills - the Prisoner was arraigned and pleaded "Not Guilty.' He will be tried on Friday - No civil business came before the Court. [spelling errors as written]
19 May 1858DesertedFrom the service of the subscriber, Henry POPE, John DAVIDGE, William BOWN, and Esau CLEALL. - All persons are hereby cautioned against harboring or employing the said individuals. Ridley & Sons.

NoticeBurnt District - Harbor Grace. Public notice is hereby given, to all persons being the Owners or Tenants of Lands or Tenements within the Burnt District of the Town of Harbor Grace, who interests shall be in any way effected by carrying into operation the provisions of the Act 21st Victoria Cap. 3 entitled "an Act to authorise the widening of Water Street in the Twon of Harbor Grace, the opening of a new Fire Break therein and for other purposes" - That they are required to put in their claims for compensation and exhibit their title deeds or leases, to the undersigned Commissioners appointed under the said Act, at the Police Office Harbor Grace between the hours of 11 and 3, on or before the 20th of May instant. Edward HANRAHAN, Robert John PINSENT, Commissioners. Harbor Grace, 12 May 1858.
16 Jun 1858Coroners InquestAn Inquest was held in this Town, on Monday, at the house of Mr. George DILLON, before John STARK, Esq., Coroner, and a Jury of which Mr. Richard POWER was elected Foreman, on view of the body of Patrick Joseph DILLON, then lying dead. It appeared on evidence, that on the preceding evening (Sunday) between four and six o'clock, the deceased was missing, and upon search being made he was found in the well close by the front door, quite dead. The deceased was only eighteen months old. Verdict "Accidentally drowned."
30 Jun 1858NoticeWe would again remind our readers that it is necessary to furnish us with particulars as to Marriages or Deaths in all cases where publication is desired.
18 Aug 1858DiedAt the residence of his son, Twillingate, on Thursday morning last, August 12th, Doctor STERLING, Sr., aged 72 years.

DiedOn the 9th Inst., after a lingering illness borne with Christian Resignation, Jane, Relict of the late Robert ANDREWS aged 70 years

DiedOn Friday night last, after a protracted illness, much and deservedly regretted by his numerous friends and neighbours Edmond FOLEY Publican Aged 56 years.
1 Sep 1858DiedOn Friday, 27 Inst., after a short illness, Anne the beloved wife of Mr. George SNOW.

NewsWe respectfully congratulate the numerous friends of Mrs. and Miss MUNN, and Miss ALLEN, on the safe arrival of those ladies, after a considerable absence from home.
8 Sep 1858DiedOn Thursday last, after a lingering illness, Jonathan KENEDY; an old and respectable inhabitant of this place.

NoticeI hereby give notice, That I will not be accountable for any Debts contracted by the Crew of Barque "Annie Hodgman," in my charge. William M. HYLER, Harbor Grace 6th Sept., 1858
15 Sep 1858DiedOf consumption, on Saturday 11th inst., Thomas, eldest son of Captain Nathaniel DAVIS, aged 28 years.
29 Sep 1858DiedOn Monday last, after a lingering illness borne with Christian resignation to the Divine will, Catherine Munden, relict of the late Mr. William PARSONS, planter, Age 71 years.
13 Oct 1858Coroners InquestOn Friday the 9th inst., an Inquest was held in this Town, before John STARK, Esq., Coroner, and a Jury of which George Lee WHITING was elected Foreman, on view of the body of Charlotte ANDREWS, aged 20 years, who died at Hawke's Harbour, three days after her employer, Mr. WITEWAY, had left Long Island on their way home. Verdict "Died a natural death."

Coroners InquestThe Coroner was informed, by letter from Mr. GOSS, Spaniard's Bay, that a child of John CHIPMAN had accidently caught fire and was so burned that it died two hours afterwards. The parties were refered to Charles COZENS, Esq., in whose District the accident happened.
20 Oct 1858DeathWe record with much regret the decease of Mrs. GLASCOCK widow of the late Capt. Glascock, R.N., on Friday last, at 10 Manchester-street, Brighton, where she had been sojourning for change of air about three weeks with her daughters, one of whom, Miss Ellen L. Glascock, is well known to the musical world as the composer of several favortie pieces. The deceased was universally beloved respected, and her loss will be deplored by many besides her two children. The immediate cause of death was congestion of the brain, for which she was attended by Dr. BRYCE. - Brighton Examiner, Sep. 14.
27 Oct 1858DiedOn the 25th ult., after a short illness, Susanna wife of James HIPPESLY, aged 22 years.

DeathDeath of John SHEA, Esq., J.P., Cork.- We have this day the painful and melancholy duty of announcing the loss of one of Cork's best citizens in the death of John Shea. Mr. Shea though not Irish by birth was born by Irish parents in St. John's, Newfoundland, and received his education in England, yet, notwithstanding those adverse circumstances, which might be supposed to [mitigate?] against his feeling for his adopted country, he had ever been, found on public occasions more Irish in heart than the Irish themselves. On his arrival in Cork some 25 years since, his manly bearing coupled with a fine intellectual and educated mind marked him out at once for a leading public character, and well did he sustain the opinion then formed of him through all the subsequent years he has been amongst us, as one of our leading merchants, member of every one of our public board, - as a magistrate, and mayor of Cork, the duties of which office he discharged so well that the citizens of every shade of creed and politics presented him at the close of his year of office with a valuable service of plate to mark their sense of his dignified and impartial conduct in the civic chair. - Cork Reporter, Oct. 11.
22 Dec 1858AwardedThe Annual Examination of the Harbor Grace Grammar School took place according to announcement, of which it is only necessary to observe that it was characterised by the same satisfactory results, which invariably attend the Inspections of that excellent Institution. The following Prizes were awarded:- For general Excellence Throughout the past year: First Prize to Douglas BROWN; Second prize to T.G. RODDICK; Third prize to Michael DWYER. For Writing: First prize to Douglas BROWN; Second prize to James FOLEY; Third prize to Philip BROWN; Fourth prize to Selby DOW. For Regular Attendance: First prize to Robt. LAWRENCE; Second prize to Michael DWYER; Third prize to William BADCOCK.
26 Jan 1859DiedOn Monday last, Richard HUNT, aged 39 years. His funeral will take place on Thursday at half-past 3 o'clock.
2 Feb 1859DiedOn the 28th ult., James MONOHAN, a native of Goffs Town, County of [Wesford?] Aged 86 years, and a resident of this Country 43 years.
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