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1864 Hutchinson's Directory

Conception Bay North Region - Northern District

Bay de Verds

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ January 1999. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Abbott, Williamfisherman
Adey, Johnfisherman
Adey, Stephenfisherman
Adey, Williamfisherman
Barter, Robertplanter
Barter, William, junplanter
Barter, William, senplanter
Blundon, Charlesplanter
Blundon, Henry, junfisherman
Blundon, Henry, senplanter
Blundon, Jamesfisherman
Blundon, Johnplanter
Blundon, Stephenplanter
Blundon, Thomasplanter
Blundon, Williamfisherman
Broderick, Jamesplanter
Broderick, John, junplanter
Broderick, John, senplanter
Bryan, Jamesplanter
Clancy, Thomasfisherman
Cosh, Johnfisherman
Cosh, Josephfisherman
Cosh, Robertplanter
Cosh, Thomasfisherman
Cosh, Williamfisherman
Cotter, Edward, senplanter
Cotter, Thomas, junplanter
Critch, Nathanielfisherman
Dagwell, Thomasfisherman
Dagwell, Williamfisherman
Dinn, Johnfisherman
Doyle, Michaelfisherman
Duffet, Charlesfisherman
Duffet, Henryplanter
Duffet, James baitmaster
Duffet, Jamesplanter
Duffet, James, senfisherman
Duffet, Johnplanter
Duffet, John, junplanter
Duffet, John, senplanter
Duffet, Thomasfisherman
Emberly, Henryplanter
Emberly, Jamesplanter
Emberly, John, junfisherman
Emberly, John, senplanter
Emberly, Stephen, junfisherman
Emberly, Thomasplanter
Emberly, Thomasplanter [sic]
Emberly, Williamfisherman
Emberly, William, junplanter
Emberly, William, senplanter
Fitzgibbons, Jeremiahfisherman
Fleming, Jamesplanter
Fleming, Johnplanter
Fleming, Michael, junplanter
Fleming, Michael, senplanter
Frond, Charlesplanter
Frond, Henryfisherman
Frond, Williamplanter
Garret, Jonesfisherman
Green, Walterfisherman
Herley, Johnfisherman
Herley, Michael, junfisherman
Herley, Michael, senfisherman
Hyde, Lawrencebait skiff master
Hyde, Michaelfisherman
Hyde, Patrickfisherman
Jacobs, Georgefisherman
Jacobs, Henryfisherman
Jacobs, Henry, senplanter
Jacobs, Jamesplanter
Jacobs, James, junplanter
Jacobs, James, junfisherman [sic]
Jacobs, James, senplanter
Jacobs, Johnplanter
Jacobs, Joseph, junfisherman
Jacobs, Joseph, senplanter
Jacobs, Thomasplanter
Jacobs, William, junplanter
Jacobs, William, senfisherman
Keiffe, Johnplanter
Keiffe, Michaelfisherman
Keiffe, Patrickfisherman
Keiffe, Thomas, junfisherman
Keiffe, Thomas, senplanter
Key, Johnfisherman
Key, Lawrencefisherman
Key, Michaelfisherman
Key, Patrickfisherman
Lockyer, Johnplanter
Lockyer, John, junplanter
Lockyer, John, senplanter
Lockyer, Josephplanter
Lockyer, Williamfisherman
Looney, Johnplanter
Looney, Michaelplanter
Looney, Timothyplanter
McCarty, Danielfisherman
McCarty, Johnfisherman
McCarty, Patrickfisherman
Mackey, Williamfisherman
More, Edward, junplanter
More, Edward, senplanter
More, Jamesplanter
More, Richardfisherman
More, Thomasfisherman
Murphy, Danielplanter
Murphy, Dennisfisherman
Murphy, Jamesfisherman
Murphy, Peterplanter
Neill, Dennisplanter
Neill, John, junplanter
Neill, John, senfisherman
Neill, Thomas, junplanter
Neill, Thomas, senplanter
Noonan, Dennisplanter
Noonan, Johnplanter
Noonan, Thomasplanter
Normore, Charlesfisherman
Norris, Jamesplanter
Norris, Josephplanter
Nort, Thomasplanter
Nort, Williamplanter
Pendergass, Stephenfisherman
Phalen, Davidplanter
PICOT, ELIASschoolmaster, and way-office keeper
Pryor, Davidplanter
Pryor, Johnplanter
Pryor, Josephfisherman
Pryor, Thomasfisherman
Quinlan, Peterplanter
Reggs, Andrewfisherman
Reggs, Stephenfisherman
Reggs, Thomasplanter
Reggs, Williamfisherman
Russell, Johnfisherman
Stephens, Henryplanter
Stephens, Henryplanter [sic]
Stephens, Jamesfisherman
Stephens, Jamesfisherman [sic]
Stephens, John, junplanter
Stephens, John, junplanter [sic]
Stephens, John, senplanter
Stephens, Thomasfisherman
Stephens, Thomasfisherman [sic]
Sutton, Edwardplanter
Sutton, Johnplanter
Sutton, Richardfisherman
Sutton, William, junplanter
Sutton, William, senfisherman
Vincent, John, servant-
Walsh, Edward, junfisherman
Walsh, Edward, senplanter
Walsh, Michael, junfisherman
Walsh, Michael, senfisherman
Walsh, Patrickfisherman

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