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Conception Bay North Region - Harbour Main District


The information was transcribed by EILEEN WALSH ~ November 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Austin, Johnblacksmith
Austin, Johnfisherman
Austin, Thomasfisherman
Austin, Thomas, jun.fisherman
Barrett, George & BrothersplantersSouth side
Barrett, Georgeplanter
Barrett, Michaelplanter
Barrett, Philipplanter
Barrett, Williamfisherman
Barron, Jamesfisherman
Barron, Lawrencefarmer
Barron, Stephenfisherman
Beesu, Edward, junfisherman
Beesu, Edward, senplanter
Beesu, Francisfisherman
Beesu, Patrickfisherman
Beesu, Patrick, junfisherman
Bennett, Mrs Francis

Boldin, Jamesfisherman
Boldin, John farmer
Boldin, Michaelfisherman
Brien, Bartholmewplanter
Brien, Georgeplanter
Brien, Jamesplanter
Brien, JamesplanterSouth side
Brien, Patrickfisherman
Brien, Terenceplanter
Brien, Williamplanter
Brophy, Johnfisherman
Brophy, Michael, jun.fisherman
Brophy, Michael, sen.farmer
Brophy, Thomasfisherman
Brown, Jamesfisherman
Brown, Johnfisherman
Butler, EdwarddealerSouth side
Butler, Edwardfarmer
Butler, Jamesfisherman
Butler, Thomasfisherman
Byrne, Johnfisherman
Byrne, Johnfisherman
Byrne, Mrs.boarding houseSouth side
Byrne, Patrickfisherman
Byrne, Peterfisherman
Carroll, Jamesfarmer
Comeford, Thomascarpenter
Coony, Edwardfisherman
Corbett, Patrickfisherman
Crawley, Johnroad surveyor & hotel keeperSouth side
Crawley, John, jun.fisherman
Cunningham, Johnfarmer
Cunningham, JohnplanterNorth side
Curran, Jamesplanter & farmer
Curran, Williamplanter & farmer
Doyle, Williamfarmer
Duff, Arthurplanter & farmer
Duff, Arthur & SonsplantersSouth side
Duff, Edwardfisherman
Duff, Jamesfisherman
Duff, Johnfisherman
Duff, Patrickfisherman
Duff, Williamfisherman
Dunphy, Bartholomew, jun.fisherman
Dunphy, Bartholomew, sen.farmer
Dunphy, Florencefisherman
Dunphy, JohnplanterSouth side
Dunphy, Thomasfisherman
Dwyer, Johnfisherman
Dwyer, Partickfisherman
Dwyer, Williamfisherman
Fitzgerald, Patrickfarmer
Fitzgerald, Thomasfisherman
Flemming, Johnfisherman
Flood, Johnfisherman
Flood, John, jun.planter & farmerSouth side
Flood, John, sen.ferrymanSouth side
Flood, Patrickferryman
Flood, Patrickfisherman
Flood, Williamfisherman
Furey, Jamescarpenter
Furey, Johnfisherman
Furey, ThomasplanterSouth side
Furey, Thomas, jun.fisherman
Furey, Thomas, sen.carpenter
Harden, Williamfisherman
Healy, Jamesfisherman
Healy, Johnfarmer
Healy, Patrickfisherman
Healy, PhilipferrymanNorth side
Healy, Williamfisherman
Hennessy, Danielfisherman
Hennessy, Jamesfisherman
Hennessy, Johnfisherman
Hickey, Johnfisherman
Hickey, Michaelfisherman
Hickey, Patrickplanter & dealerSouth side
Hickey, Thomasfarmer
Hicks, Georgefisherman
Hicks, Johnfarmer
Hicks, Josephfisherman
Hicks, Thomasfisherman
Hicks, Williamfisherman
Hynes, Michaelfarmer
Joy, EllenteacherNorth side
Joy, Jamesfarmer
Joy, John & SonsplantersSouth side
Joy, Walterfisherman
Keating, Miss MarthateacherSouth side
Keefe, Edwardfisherman
Keefe, Nicholasfarmer
Kelly, Patrickfarmer
Kelly, Paulfisherman
Kelly, Richardfarmer
Kelly, Thomasfisherman
Kennedy, CorneliusplanterSouth side
Kennedy, JohnplanterSouth side
Kennedy, John, jun.planterSouth side
Kerby, Johnfisherman
Keilly, Jamesfisherman
Keilly, Thomasfisherman
Lewis, Eliasfisherman
Lewis, Jamesfisherman
Lewis, James, jun.fisherman
Lewis, James, sen.fisherman
Lewis, John, jun.fisherman
Lewis, John, sen.carpenter
Lewis, Johncarpenter
Lewis, John, jun.fisherman
Lewis, Philipfisherman
Lewis, Philipshoemaker
Lewis, Philip, jun.fisherman
Lewis, Williamfisherman
Lewis, William, jun.fisherman
Lewis, William, sen.fisherman
McGrath, Johnplanter & farmer
McGrath, Lawrencefisherman
McGrath, MichaelplanterSouth side
McGrath, ThomasplanterSouth side
Mackey, JohnplanterNorth side
Maher, JamesplanterSouth side
Meagher, Jamesplanter & farmer
Meagher, Williamfisherman
Millmore, Jamesfisherman
Millmore, Matthewfisherman
Moore, Thomasmaster mariner
Moore, ThomasplanterNorth side
Moore, Williamfisherman
Morrisey, Johnfisherman
Morrisey, Thomasfisherman
Morrisey, Williamfisherman
Mullowney, Johnfisherman
Mullowney, Philipfisherman
Murphy, Johnfisherman
Murphy, Michaelmason & farmerSouth side
Murphy, Piercefisherman
Murphy, Thomasfisherman
Neal, JohnplanterSouth side
O'Brien, TerenceplanterSouth side
O'Keefe, Danielwheelwright
O'Keefe, Keefe (sic)wheelwrightSouth side
O'Keefe, Nicholasboarding houseSouth side
O'Neill, Johnfisherman
O'Rourke, Michael & SonsplantersSouth side
Penny, Dennisfisherman
Penny, Jamesfisherman
Penny, Joseph, jun.fisherman
Penny, Joseph, senfisherman
Penny, Philipfisherman
Penny, Philipfisherman
Penny, Matthewplanter
Penny, Thomasfisherman
Purcell, Patrickfisherman
Purcell, Williamfarmer
Purcell, Williamfisherman
Quinlan, Jeremiah & SonsplantersNorth side
Quinlan, Johnfisherman
Quinlan, Peter, sen.planter
Quinlan, Peter, jun.fisherman
Quinlan, Timothyfisherman
Rourke, Lawrencefisherman
Rourke, Michaelplanter & farmer
Rourke, Patrickfisherman
Rourke, Timothyfisherman
Ryan, Johnfisherman
Ryan, William & BrothersplantersSouth side
Tapling, Jamesshoemaker
Targate, Johnfisherman
Targate, Patrickfisherman
Targate, Richardfisherman
Targate, Richard, jun.fisherman
Targate, Williamfisherman
Timmens, Edwardcarpenter & planter
Timmens, Patrickfisherman
Tobin, Mauricefisherman
Veitch, Georgefisherman
Veitch, John, jun.fisherman
VEITCH, JOHN, sen.planter
Veitch, Philipfisherman
Veitch, WilliamteacherSouth side
Wall, Garretplanter
Wall, Jamesplanter & farmer
Wall, Martinfisherman
Wall, N. & G.plantersSouth side
Wall, Nicholas, jun.planter
Walsh, Davidfisherman
Walsh, Garretfisherman
Walsh, JamesplanterSouth side
Walsh, James, jun.planter
Walsh, James, sen.planter
Walsh, Johnfisherman
Walsh, Michaelfisherman & farmer
Walsh, Patrickplanter
Walsh, Richardfisherman
Walsh, RichardplanterSouth side
Walsh, Richard, junfisherman
Walsh, Richard, senplanter
Walsh, Thomasfisherman
Westerman, HenrymerchantSouth side
Williams, Patrickfisherman
Woodford, MichaelplanterNorth side

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