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Conception Bay North - Harbour Main District

Conception Harbour

The information was transcribed by LISA ALMON ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Place Occupation
Buck Robert--farmer
Buck James (Robt--fisherman
Buck Patrick sr--farmer
Buck Patrick (Pat--fisherman
Buck Patrick (Jas--postmaster
Buck John sr--licensed publican
Burke Wm--fisherman
Buck Philip--do
Buck Patrick (Robt--do
Buck John jr--do
Buck James (Jas--schooner master
Cain PatrickBig Pondfarmer
Cain Wmdodo
Cain Thomasdolaborer
Conway Danieldodo
Conway Philipdodo
Chafe WmOld roadpoliceman
Costelloe John srMain lineplanter
Costelloe Timothy jrdofisherman
Costelloe Daviddodo
Costelloe Edw (Jnododo
Costelloe JohnHealy's p rdSchooner master
Costelloe JohnHealy's p rdlaborer
Costelloe TimHealy's p rdlaborer
Costelloe Mauricedodo
Costelloe Jamesdodo
Costelloe TimothyMain linegeneral dealer
Costelloe EdwMain linefisherman
Curran Patrickdofarmer
Curran Johndodo
Connors JohnHealy's pdfisherman
Corbett StephenBack roaddo
Connors Maurice srdodo
Connors Thomas jrdodo
Connors Patrickdodo
Connors Maurice jrdodo
Connors Thomas srdodo
Connors Patk (Tomdodo
Conway Danieldodo
Carroll JohnOld roaddo
Cole WmAcademyschr master
Curran JohnHr roadfisherman
Curran Patrickdodo
Curran Robertdogen dealer
Curran Martindolaborer
Curran Michaeldodo
Curran Jamesdodo
Curran John srdofarmer
Costelloe Timothydodealer
Donovan RichardOld rdfish'man
Donovan Corneliusdodo
Donovan Corneliusdodo
Donovan Patrickdodo
Donovan Wmdodo
Dalton JamesNorth path laborer
Dalton Edwarddodo
Dalton Robertdodo
Dalton Michaeldodo
Dalton Danieldodo
Dalton John jrdodo
Dalton JamesHealy's pd rdgeneral dealer
Driscoll Bartholomew (WmBack roadschooner master
Driscoll JohnBack rdschr master
Driscoll PatrickBack rdfisherman
Dalton GeorgeHr rddo
Dalton Williamdodo
Dalton Jas srdodo
Dalton Jas (Jasdodo
Dalton Wm Johndodo
Dalton Ed srdofarmer
Dalton Jas (Eddodo
Dalton Ed jrdodo
Dalton Jas jrdodo
Driscoll Bartholomdodo
Flinn DanielHarbor rdfisherman
Gushe JohnRiverh'dgen dealer
Gushue Martindofisherman
Gushue Johndodo
Griffin MichaelN pathdo
Gushue ChasMain linedo
Gushue Johndodo
Gushue Geo jrdodo
Gushue JasOld roadlaborer
Gushue George sr--Gen'l dealer
Gushue Geo (Geodofisherman
Gushue John (Timdodo
Gushue Wm srdodo
Gushue Patk (Wmdodo
Gushue Nicholasdodo
Gushue John (Nichdodo
Gushue Nicholasdodo
Gushue MichaelHr roaddo
Harmon JohnRiverheadpublican
Hilliard MichaelHr roadteacher
Kennedy MartRiverh'dmas schr
Keating WmKeating's hillfshmn
Keating Johndodo
Keating MichaelOld roaddo
Kelly JasNorth pathdo
Keating John srdodo
Keating John jrdodo
Keating Jasdodo
Kennedy WmBack rdgen deal
Kennedy Martindofisherman
Kennedy Wm jrdodo
Kennedy Stephen srdodo
Kennedy Stephen Jdoschr mas
Kennedy Patkdofisherman
Kennedy Michaeldodo
Kennedy PatkHr roadshopkeeper
Kennedy WmNear Acad'myfshmn
Kennedy WmHr roadgen deal
Kennedy Martindodo
Keefe Mauricedofisherman
Keefe Richarddodo
Keefe Michaeldodo
Keating Wm srdofarmer
Keating Wm jrdofisherman
Keating Johndodo
Keating Richarddodo
Kenny Edward--General dealer
Kennedy Daviddofisherman
Kenny Wmdodo
Laracy ThosRiverheaddo
Laracy Henrydodo
Laracy Johndodo
Laracy PatkOld roadgen deal
Leary James srdofarmer
Leary JohnBig pondfisherman
Leary James jrdodo
Leary Robertdodo
Lewis MosesMain Linegen deal
Moore JasRiverheadgen dealer
Mahoney PatkN pathfisherman
Mahoney Philip srdodo
Mahoney James jrdodo
Mahoney James srdofarmer
Mahoney Johndofisherman
Mahoney Aarondodo
Mahoney Philip jrdodo
Mahoney Mauricedodo
Mahoney PatkLewis hillbl'ksmith
Murphy Jas srdocarpenter
Murphy Johndodo
Murphy Daviddodo
Murphy JamesHealy's pd rddo
Mahoney Michaeldofisherman
Mahoney Philipdodo
Mahoney Jasdodo
Murphy Patrick,N Pathdo
Mahoney capt JohnBack rddo
Mahoney Philip srRiverh'dfarmer
Mahoney Jamesdolaborer
Mahoney Michaeldofisherman
Mahoney MichlAcdmylaborer
Mahoney Mauricedodo
Mahoney Philipdofshman
Mahoney JamesHr roaddo
Mahoney Michaeldodo
Mahoney Patrickdodo
Mahoney Michaeldocarpenter
O'Toole JohnRiverheadfishman
O'Toole Patrickdodo
O'Toole JnoHealy's pd rdlaborer
O'Toole Rodgerdodo
O'Toole RodgerBack rddo
O'Toole JohnHr roadcarpenter
O'Connell Robertdofarmer
O'Connell DanielOld roadlaborer
Power JohnRiver headfisherman
Power Patrickdodo
Power John (Patkdodo
Power Thosdodo
Penny WmHarbor roaddo
Ryan MatthewOld roadfarmer
Rochford Nic'lasHbr rdcarpenter
Rochford Nic'las jrdofisherman
Rochford Thomasdodo
St. John JasRiverheadgenl dlr
St. John Bernarddoclerk
St. John Edw (Jasdofisherman
Sullivan Laurencedodo
St. John Edw (MlOld roadfshmn
St. John Patk (Edwdodo
St. John John srdodo
St. John Mosesdolaborer
St. John Capt Pdogenl dealer
Trehey JosephRiverheadfish'man
Trehey Timothydodo
Trehey Patrickdolaborer
Trehey ThomasBack roaddo
Trehey PatkAcademyfisherman
Trehey Johndodo
Veitch Rev WH'r rdpar. Priest
Wade NicholasRiverheadfarmer
Wade Thosdoschr mastr
Wade Mauricedofisherman
Walsh JohnNorth pathcarpenter
Walsh Josephdofisherman
Walsh Michaeldodo
Williams JohnOld roaddo
Williams Wmdodo
Williams Nic'lasMain linedo
Williams Thosdodo
Whelan Wmdodo
Whelan JamesOld roaddo
Whelan Matthewdolaborer
Wade WmHarbor rdgenl dealer
Wade Michael srdofarmer
Wade Capt Johndosch mastr
Wade Capt Jasdogenl dealer
Wade Jas srdofarmer
Wade Jas (Johndofisherman
Wade Wm (Jasdodo
Wade Michaeldodo
Wade Mauricedodo
Wade Jas (Mauricedodo
Wade Thos srdofarmer
Wade JohnHarbor roadfisherman
Wade Wm (Thosdodo
Wade Chasdodo
Wade Edwarddofarmer
Wade Jasdofisherman
Wade Edw (Fla'rtydodo
Wade Edw (Reddodo
Wade Edw (Wmdodo
Wade Maurice (Wmdodo
Walsh Johndodo
Walsh Edwarddodo
Walsh Jamesdodo
Walsh Robindofarmer

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