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Conception Bay North - Harbour Main District


The information was transcribed by LISA ALMON ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
Breen John laborer
Burke Wm sr farmer
Burke Jas jr laborer
Burke Wm jr do
Burke Patk sr do
Burke Jas (Jas do
Burke Thos do
Burke Wm (Patk do
Brien Geo farmer
Brien John do
Brien Jas do
Brien Peter do
Burke Patk jr laborer
Burke Jas (Wm do
Conway Richd farmer
Cole John sr postmaster
Cole Wm (Jas laborer
Cole John (Thos, Collier's laborer
Cole Thos (John do
Cole Nicholas ( John do
Cole Nicholas sr farmer
Cole Jas sr do
Cole Wm John do
Cole Saml do
Cole Nicholas ( Nicholas laborer
Cole Thos (Nicholas do
Cole John (Nicholas do
Cole Jas (Jas do
Cole Stephen (Jas do
Cole Jas (Thos do
Cole John (Thos do
Cole Wm (Thos do
Cole Jas (John do
Cole John (John do
Cole Stephen (John do
Conway John (Denis do
Conway Thos farmer
Conway Nicholas do
Conway Patk do
Conway Timothy do
Conway Peter sr do
Conway James laborer
Conway Philip do
Cole Thos (Wm do
Cole Joseph (Wm do
Cole Wm Jas do
Cole Wm jr do
Cole Jas (Wm do
Costigan John sr farmer
Cole Wm sr do
Costigan John (John fisherman
Costigan Thos do
Costigan Wm sr farmer
Costigan John jr fisherman
Cole Michl (Michl do
Conway John do
Conway Michael do
Conway Peter jr do
Doyle Patk sr genl dealer
Doyle Patk jr fisherman
Doyle Edward do
Driscoll Thos do
Foley Patk laborer
Flynn Robt farmer
Flynn Wm do
Gahany Thos (Robt fisherman
Grace Patk do
Grace Edward do
Griffin John sr farmer
Griffin John jr do
Griffin Jas do
Griffin Patk, Collier's farmer
Gahany Wm do
Gahany Samuel sr do
Gahany Edward do
Gahany Thos (Wm fisherman
Gahany John sr farmer
Gahany Michael jr fisherman
Gahany Nicholas do
Gahany Benj sr genl dealer
Gahany Michl sr fisherman
Gahany Benj jr do
Gahany John jr do
Gahany Saml jr do
Gahany Patk do
Gahany Samuel (Pat do
Hunt John do
Hearn John sr do
Hearn Jas (Jas do
Hearn Martin laborer
Hearn Wm sr do
Hedderson Philip fisherman
Hearn Michael farmer
Hearn Jas (Rd fisherman
Hearn Wm jr laborer
Hearn John jr fisherman
Hearn Richard jr do
Hearn Richard sr licensed pub
Hearn Jas (Michl fisherman
Hearn Jas general dealer
Hearn Thos fisherman
Hearn Patk (Rd do
Hearn Patk (Patk do
Hearn Daniel do
Leary Patk laborer
McGrath Thos sr (Thos carpenter
McGrath Thos jr (Thos fisherman
McGrath Jas do
McGrath Timothy do
McGrath John (Patk do
McGrath Edward farmer
McGrath Patk ( Patk fisherman
McGrath Wm jr do
McGrath John (Thos do
McGrath Thos (John do
McGrath John jr ( John do
McGrath Patk jr do
McGrath Thos sr (John farmer
McGrath Patk sr (John do
McGrath John sr (Johndo
McGrath Wm sr do
McGrath John jr (Thos fisherman
McDonald John do
McDonald Nicholas do
McDonald Wm jr do
McDonald Thos Collier's fshmn
McDonald Thos sr farmer
McDonald Michael sr do
McDonald Michael jr fisherman
McDonald Matthew do
McDonald Wm sr do
McDonald Maurice genl dealer
Murphy John sr farmer
Murphy Timothy sr do
Murphy John (Tim fisherman
Murphy Jas do
Murphy Saml jr do
Murphy Martin do
Murphy Wm do
Murphy Samuel sr farmer
Murphy John (Saml fisherman
Murphy Timothy jr do
Murphy Thos do
Merrigan Wm do
Merrigan Thos sr farmer
Merrigan Thos jr do
Merrigan Edward do
Mahoney Maurice do
Mahoney Jas do
Philips John laborer
Philips Edward do
Philips Thos do
Philips Patk do
Powell Thos do
Parsley Wm do
Ryan Edward jr fisherman
Ryan Patk sr do
Ryan Michael do
Ryan John jr do
Ryan John sr do
Ryan Patrick jr do
Ryan Edward sr farmer
Skean John sr fisherman
Skean Wm do
Skean John jr do
Skean James do
Skean George do
Skean Charles farmer
Skean Richard fisherman
Skean David do
Skean John (Jas do
Skean Michael do
Whelan James general dealer
Whelan Geo general dealer
Walsh Wm fisherman
Walsh Henry do
Walsh Patrick do
Walsh Thomas do
Whelan David do
Whelan Thos, Collier's fisherman
Whelan Nicholas do
Whelan Joseph do
Whelan Laurence gen dealer
Whelan Patrick (Mat fisherman
Whelan John (Mat do
Whelan Michael (Mat do
Whelan James (Mat gen dealer
Whelan James (Sam fisherman
Whelan James (Michl do
Whelan Patrick (Michl do
Whelan Laurence jr do
Whelan Samuel farmer
Whelan Timothy jr fisherman
Whelan Michael (Jas do
Whelan Matthew schr mas
Whelan David jr fisherman
Whelan John (Mat do
Whelan Wm (Mat do
Whelan James sr farmer
Whelan James jr fisherman
Whelan John (Jas do
Whelan Timothy sr farmer
Whelan Wm (Jas fisherman
Whelan James (Wm do
Whelan James (Larry do
Walsh Peter do
Walsh Richard do

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