NL GenWeb 1921 Census

NL GenWeb 1921 Census Data

Conception Bay North Region ~ Harbour Main District


It was transcribed, proofread and corrected by Frank Fitzpatrick. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.


Duffs Myers Martin Head m m 62 1857 Oct Chapel's Cove
Duffs Myers Agnes Wife f m 57 1864 Apr Harbour Main
Duffs Myers Martha Dau f s 25 1894 Dec Chapel's Cove
Duffs Myers Michael Son m s 10 1910 Oct Duffs

Duffs Corbett John Head m m 37 1884 Sep Duffs
Duffs Corbett Ellen Wife f m 33 1888 Oct Small Point
Duffs Corbett Ellen Dau f s 10 1911 Feb Duffs
Duffs Corbett Ronald Son m s 8 1913 Aug Duffs
Duffs Corbett Alice Dau f s 4 1917 Mar Duffs
Duffs Corbett Francis Son m s 1 1920 Oct Duffs

Duffs Duff James Head m m 75 1846 Jun Duffs
Duffs Duff Bridget Wife f m 57 1864 Sep Harbour Main
Duffs Duff May Dau f s 22 1899 Jan Duffs
Duffs Duff Peter Son m s 21 1900 Jan Duffs
Duffs Duff Arthur Son m s 18 1902 Jul Duffs
Duffs Duff Patrick Brother m s 79 1842 Sep Duffs

Duffs Murphy Maurice Head m m 42 1879 Oct Conception Harbour
Duffs Murphy Ellen Wife f m 38 1882 Sep Avondale
Duffs Murphy Gerald Son m s 10 1911 Oct Duffs
Duffs Murphy Arthur Son m s 8 1913 Jul Duffs
Duffs Murphy Edward Son m s 6 1915 Aug Duffs
Duffs Murphy Josephine Dau f s 3 1918 Aug Duffs

Duffs Duff Ellen Head f w 81 1840 Sep Duffs
Duffs Walsh Ellen Dau f w 42 1879 Jul Duffs

Duffs Duggan Arthur Head m m 53 1868 Nov Holyrood
Duffs Duggan Mary Wife f m 48 1872 Oct Seal Cove
Duffs Duggan Catherine Dau f s 23 1898 Jun Duffs
Duffs Duggan Leo Son m s 17 1904 Jan Duffs
Duffs Duggan Martin Son m m 26 1894 Nov Duffs
Duffs Duggan Catherine Dil f m 25 1895 Jul Holyrood

Duffs Corbett Patrick Head m m 36 1882 Nov Duffs
Duffs Corbett Mary Wife f m 31 1890 May Holyrood
Duffs Corbett Richard Son m s 2 1919 Oct Duffs
Duffs Corbett Daniel Son m s 2mo 1921 Jul Holyrood
Duffs Corbett Katherine Mother f w 68 1853 Oct Chapel's Cove

Duffs Hawco Timothy Head m m 75 1846 Nov Chapel's Cove
Duffs Hawco Bridget Wife f m 69 1852 Mar Chapel's Cove

Duffs Murphy John Head m s 33 1888 May Duffs

Duffs Murphy Lawrence Head m m 47 1874 Oct Conception Harbour
Duffs Murphy Martha Wife f m 56 1865 Sep Conception Harbour
Duffs Murphy Jennie Dau f s 25 1896 Feb Duffs
Duffs Murphy Michael Son m s 22 1899 Mar Duffs
Duffs Murphy Bernard Son m s 15 1906 Jul Duffs

Duffs Corbett Thomas Head m m 66 1855 May Chapel's Cove
Duffs Corbett Margaret Wife f m 54 1867 Oct Duffs
Duffs Corbett Alice adau f s 4 1917 Mar Duffs
Duffs Harding Helena adau f s 14 1907 Oct Holyrood
Duffs Harding Gerald sson m s 8 1913 Aug Duffs


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