NL GenWeb 1948 Voter's List

NL GenWeb 1948 NL List of Electors

Conception Bay North - Harbour Main District

Electoral District of Harbour Main - Bell Island

Holyrood Central

The information was transcribed by Tom Hynes.   While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Notes: The change in address from Holyrood Central to Holyrood does not appear to be significant, since the entries are in alphabetical order, and there is no reason to believe that those with surnames in the early part of the alphabet lived in one area, and those with surnames in the latter part of the alphabet, lived in another. The point of insertion for the Halfway House addresses appears unusual, with William Walsh living in Holyrood, and Mrs. William Walsh living at Halfway House - I would be cautious of using the addresses for these two individuals. - TPH.

1 Barrett Bernard Holyrood Central
2 Barrett Bernard, Mrs. Holyrood Central
3 Barrett Thomas Mrs. Holyrood Central
4 Barron Lucia Holyrood Central
5 Barron Margaret Holyrood Central
6 Barron Michael Holyrood Central
7 Barron Michael Mrs. Holyrood Central
8 Barron Norah Holyrood Central
9 Barron Patrick Holyrood Central
10 Barron Peter Jr. Holyrood Central
11 Barron Peter Sr. Holyrood Central
12 Barron Peter Mrs. Holyrood Central
13 Barron Richard Holyrood Central
14 Besso Albert Holyrood Central
15 Besso Allan Holyrood Central
16 Besso Edward Holyrood Central
17 Besso Frank Holyrood Central
18 Besso Frank Mrs. Holyrood Central
19 Besso James Jr. Holyrood Central
20 Besso James Sr. Holyrood Central
21 Besso James Mrs. Holyrood Central
22 Besso Peter Holyrood Central
23 Besso Raymond Holyrood Central
24 Besso William Holyrood Central
25 Bennett Frank Mrs. Holyrood Central
26 Bennett Frank Jr. Holyrood Central
27 Bennett Frank Sr. Holyrood Central
28 Boland James Holyrood Central
29 Boland James Mrs. Holyrood Central
30 Boland Leonard Holyrood Central
31 Boland Leonard Mrs. Holyrood Central
32 Brocklehurst J. Holyrood Central
33 Brocklehurst J. Mrs. Holyrood Central
34 Butler Edward Mrs. Holyrood Central
35 Butler James Holyrood Central
36 Butler William Holyrood Central
37 Butler William Mrs. Holyrood Central
38 Byrne Felix Holyrood Central
39 Byrne Felix Mrs. Holyrood Central
40 Byrne Frederick Holyrood Central
41 Byrne Patrick Mrs. Holyrood Central
42 Byrne William Holyrood Central
43 Byrne William Mrs. Holyrood Central
44 Crawley Angus Holyrood Central
45 Crawley John Mrs. Holyrood Central
46 Crawley John Jr. Holyrood Central
47 Crawley John Sr. Holyrood Central
48 Crawley Leonard Holyrood Central
49 Crawley L. Mrs. Holyrood Central
50 Crawley Michael Holyrood Central
51 Davis Matthew Holyrood Central
52 Davis Matthew Mrs. Holyrood Central
53 Devereaux Thomas Holyrood Central
54 Devereaux Thomas Mrs. Holyrood Central
55 Devereaux William Holyrood Central
56 Doyle Herbert Holyrood Central
57 Doyle Herbert Mrs. Holyrood Central
58 Ezekiel Fred Holyrood Central
59 Ezekiel Fred Mrs. Holyrood Central
60 Flemming Albert Holyrood Central
61 Flemming Albert Mrs. Holyrood Central
62 Godson Frank Holyrood Central
63 Godson Frank Mrs. Holyrood Central
64 Goff Edward Holyrood Central
65 Goff Jeremiah Holyrood Central
66 Goff Jeremiah Mrs. Holyrood Central
67 Hannon Basil Holyrood Central
68 Hannon Cyril Holyrood Central
69 Hannon Frank Holyrood Central
70 Hannon John Holyrood Central
71 Hannon John Mrs. Holyrood Central
72 Hannon Mary Holyrood Central
73 Hannon Patrick Holyrood Central
74 Hawco Cornelia Holyrood Central
75 Hawco Cyril Holyrood Central
76 Hawco C. Mrs. Holyrood Central
77 Hawco Matthew E. Holyrood Central
78 Hawco M. Mrs. Holyrood Central
79 Hawco Patrick Holyrood Central
80 Hawco Patrick Mrs. Holyrood Central
81 Healey Philip Mrs. Holyrood Central
82 Healey Stephen Holyrood Central
83 Hennessey Bridget Holyrood Central
84 Hickey Frederick Holyrood Central
85 Hickey F. Mrs. Holyrood Central
86 Hickey Lawrence Holyrood Central
87 Hickey Lawrence Mrs. Holyrood Central
88 Hiscock Susan Holyrood Central
89 Joy John Holyrood Central
90 Joy John Mrs. Holyrood Central
91 Kelly Edward Jr. Holyrood
92 Kelly Edward Mrs. Holyrood
93 Kelly Philip J. Holyrood
94 Kelly William Holyrood
95 Kennedy Annie Holyrood
96 Kennedy Michael Holyrood
97 Kennedy Rose Holyrood
98 Kennedy Thomas Holyrood
99 Kennedy Thomas Mrs. Holyrood
100 Kennedy Walter Holyrood
101 Kennedy Walter Mrs. Holyrood
102 Lewis Albert Holyrood
103 Lewis Albert Mrs. Holyrood
104 Lewis Annie Holyrood
105 Lewis Aaron Holyrood
106 Lewis Aaron Mrs. Holyrood
107 Lewis Bernard Jr. Holyrood
108 Lewis Bernard Sr. Holyrood
109 Lewis B. Mrs. Holyrood
110 Lewis Daniel Mrs. Holyrood
111 Lewis James Holyrood
112 Lewis James Mrs. Holyrood
113 Lewis John Holyrood
114 Lewis John Mrs. Holyrood
115 Lewis Capt. J.F. Holyrood
116 Lewis J.F. Mrs. Holyrood
117 Lewis Patrick Holyrood
118 Lewis Paul Holyrood
119 Lewis Richard Holyrood
120 Lewis Richard Mrs. Holyrood
121 Lewis Stan Holyrood
122 Lewis Walter Holyrood
123 Lewis Walter Mrs. Holyrood
124 Lewis William J. Holyrood
125 Lewis William Jr. Holyrood
126 Lewis William Jr. Mrs. Holyrood
127 Lewis William Mrs. Holyrood
128 Lewis William Sr. Holyrood
129 Mackey Thomas Mrs. Holyrood
130 Maloney James J. Holyrood
131 Maloney Peter Holyrood
132 Maloney Richard Holyrood
133 Maloney Richard Mrs. Holyrood
134 Maloney Walter F. Holyrood
135 Maloney William Holyrood
136 Mason James Holyrood
137 Mason James Mrs. Holyrood
138 Mason Patrick Holyrood
139 Mason Stephen Holyrood
140 Mason Stephen, Mrs. Holyrood
141 Morrissey Hannah Holyrood
142 Morrissey Margaret Holyrood
143 Morrissey Patrick Holyrood
144 Murphy William Rev. Holyrood
145 Murray Ed. Mrs. Holyrood
146 McDonald Patrick Holyrood
147 McDonald Patrick Mrs. Holyrood
148 Nolan Mike Holyrood
149 Nolan M. Mrs. Holyrood
150 O達rien Bart Holyrood
151 O達rien Edward Holyrood
152 O達rien Edward Mrs. Holyrood
153 O達rien James Holyrood
154 O達rien James Mrs. Holyrood
155 O達rien Michael Mrs. Holyrood
156 O達rien William Holyrood
157 O達rien William Mrs. Holyrood
158 Parsley James Holyrood
159 Parsley James Mrs. Holyrood
160 Penney Bernard Holyrood
161 Penney B. Mrs. Holyrood
162 Penney Elizabeth Holyrood
163 Penney Gertrude Holyrood
164 Penney James Holyrood
165 Penney John Holyrood
166 Penney Joseph Mrs. Holyrood
167 Penney Joseph Sr. Holyrood
168 Penney Matthew Holyrood
169 Penney M. Mrs. Holyrood
170 Penney Patrick Holyrood
171 Penney Patrick Mrs. Holyrood
172 Penney Philip Holyrood
173 Penney Philip Mrs. Holyrood
174 Philpott Mary Holyrood
175 Quinlan James Holyrood
176 Quinlan James Mrs. Holyrood
177 Quinlan Kathleen Holyrood
178 Quinlan Mary Holyrood
179 Shea Cyril Holyrood
180 Taplin John Holyrood
181 Taplin William Holyrood
182 Taplin William Mrs. Holyrood
183 Targett Ethel Holyrood
184 Targett Michael Mrs. Holyrood
185 Thomas Gordon Holyrood
186 Thomas G. Mrs. Holyrood
187 Timmons Frank Holyrood
188 Timmons J. Mrs. Holyrood
189 Timmons Lawrence Holyrood
190 Tobin Piercey Holyrood
191 Tobin P. Mrs. Holyrood
192 Veith [sic]
Note: [should be Veitch]
Frederick Holyrood
193 Veith Gregory Holyrood
194 Veith Gregory Mrs. Holyrood
195 Veith James Holyrood
196 Veith James Mrs. Holyrood
197 Veith John Holyrood
198 Veith John Mrs. Holyrood
199 Veith John Mrs. Holyrood
200 Veith William Mrs. Holyrood
201 Veith William Jr. Holyrood
202 Veith William Sr. Holyrood
203 Wall Frances Holyrood
204 Wall John Holyrood
205 Wall John Mrs. Holyrood
206 Wall Leo Holyrood
207 Wall Leonard Holyrood
208 Wall Margaret Holyrood
209 Wall Michael Mrs. Holyrood
210 Wall Peter Holyrood
211 Wall Stanley Holyrood
212 Wall Stan Mrs. Holyrood
213 Wall Walter Holyrood
214 Wall Vincent Holyrood
215 Wall William Holyrood
216 Wall William Mrs. Holyrood
217 Walsh Allen Holyrood
218 Walsh Alphonsus Holyrood
219 Walsh A. Mrs. Holyrood
220 Walsh Benedict Holyrood
221 Walsh Bernard Holyrood
222 Walsh B. Mrs. Holyrood
223 Walsh Christopher Holyrood
224 Walsh Denis Holyrood
225 Walsh Harold Holyrood
226 Walsh Harold Mrs. Holyrood
227 Walsh John Jr. Mrs. Holyrood
228 Walsh John Sr. Mrs. Holyrood
229 Walsh John Sr. Holyrood
230 Walsh Margaret Holyrood
231 Walsh Mary Holyrood
232 Walsh Mary Holyrood
233 Walsh Michael Mrs. Holyrood
234 Walsh Michael Sr. Holyrood
235 Walsh Patrick Sr. Holyrood
236 Walsh William Holyrood
237 Walsh William Mrs. Halfway House
238 Walsh Walter Halfway House
239 Woodford Thomas Halfway House
240 Woodford Thomas Mrs. Halfway House


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