NL GenWeb 1936 Directory

NL GenWeb 1936 Directory

Conception Bay North Region ~ Harbour Main District

Holyrood North

Transcribed by Tom Hynes . While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be typographical errors.

Crawley Patk section foreman Nfld Rly
Curran Wm frmr
Doran John frmr
Doran Wm lab
Dwyer Bernard frmr
Dwyer Wm Jr lab
Dwyer Wm frmr
Dwyer Wm J lab
Fewer James lab
Fewer John lab
Fewer Michael lab
Fewer Wm frmr
Finn Mrs Elizabeth wid
Finn Richard station agt Nfld Rly Woodford's
Fitzgerald Martin frmr
Fitzgerald Ronald lab
Fleming Albert lab
Fleming Fredk lab
Fleming John blksmth A N D Co Ltd
Flynn Michael frmr
Flynn Wm frmr Mark Penny
Hawco Fredk lab
Hawco Patk frmr
Healey Mrs Agnes wid
Healey Mrs Elizabeth wid
Healey James frmr
Healey James J brakesman D I & S Corp Ltd Sydney
Healey Mrs Johanna wid
Healey John lab
Healey John Sr fshrmn
Healey Mrs Margaret wid
Healey Mrs Mary wid
Healey Patk lab
Healey Patk Jr frmr
Healey Patk Sr fshrmn
Healey Patk W retired
Healey Philip Jr lab
Healey Philip frmr
Healey Thos fshrmn
Healey Thos Jr frmr
Healey Wm frmr
Hickey Bernard ironwkr
Hicks John frmr
Hicks Patk lab
Hynes James lab
Hynes Stephen frmr
Joy Edward frmr
Kelly Joseph lab
Kelly Richard line repairer Nfld Postal Telegraphs
Kennedy Mrs Elizabeth wid
Kennedy James lab
Kennedy Joseph frmr
MacKay Mrs Bridget wid
O'Connell Thos frmr
O'Dwyer James Jr lab
O'Dwyer James frmr
O'Dwyer Patk foreman Nfld Rly
Penny Bernard frmr
Penny Mrs Bridget wid
Penny James tmstr
Penny Joseph Jr millman
Penny Joseph frmr
Penny Joseph D frmr
Penny Leo lab
Penny Leonard lab
Penny Mrs Margaret wid
Penny Mark frmr
Penny Mrs Mary wid
Penny Michael frmr
Penny Michael lab
Penny Michael lab
Penny Patk lab
Penny Philip Jr lab
Penny Philip frmr
Penny Philip frmr
Penny Thos frmr
Penny Thos D lab
Quinlan Cornelius frmr
Quinlan Mrs Elizabeth wid
Quinlan Jeremiah frmr
Quinlan Jeremiah lab
Quinlan John txmn
Quinlan Peter lab
Quinlan Thos frmr
Turbett Leo lab
Turbett James lab
Turbett Thos frmr
Walsh John lab
Walsh Richard retired
Williams John frmr
Williams Joseph lab
Woodford Philip frmr

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