NL GenWeb 1936 Directory

NL GenWeb 1936 Directory

Conception Bay North Region ~ Harbour Main District


Transcribed by Tom Hynes . While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be typographical errors.

Anthony Mrs Mary wid
Anthony Robt lab
Aspell Miss May hotel prop
Baker Thos lab
Butler Timothy hotel prop
Byrne Richard lab
Byrne Denis lab
Cahill Chas lab
Cahill Joseph lab
Cahill Patk lab
Cahill Thos lab
Cahill Wm lab
Cantwell Fred fshrmn
Cantwell Geo lab
Cantwell Leo fshrmn
Cantwell Mrs Mary wid
Cantwell Patk lab
Cantwell Patk lab
Cantwell Stephen fshrmn
Cantwell Wm fshrmn
Clarke Harold saw mill opr
Cook Edward frmr
Costello Brendan lab
Costello Mrs Bridget wid
Costello Daniel J lab
Costello Daniel sr lab
Costello Edward lab
Costello Gerald lab
Costello Jas frmr
Costello Jas lab
Costello Mrs Margaret wid
Costello Martin lab
Costello Patk lab
Costello Rd lab
Costello Robt lab Nfld Rly Bishop’s Falls
Costello Thos lab
Costello Timothy lab
Costello Wm lab
Costello Wm lab Nfld Rly Bishop’s Falls
Costello Wm lab Nfld Rly
Devereaux Bernard lab
Devereaux James storekpr
Devereaux John lab
Devereaux John retired
Devereaux Michael lab
Devereaux Michael F Jr lab
Devereaux Michael F Sr lab
Devereaux Patk lab
Devereaux Mrs Sarah wid
Doyle Albert fshrmn
Doyle Mrs Catherine wid
Doyle Fred lab
Doyle Geo txmn
Doyle Hubert lab
Doyle John lab
Doyle John T fshrmn
Doyle Leo lab
Doyle Mrs Martha wid
Doyle Mrs Mary wid
Doyle Michael lab
Doyle Thos lab
Doyle Wm btchr
Duke Philip lab
Ezekiel John lab
Flaherty Geo lab
Flaherty Jas retired
Flaherty Jos lab
Flanigan Leo lab
Flanigan Mrs Mary wid
Fleming Jas opr Nfld Rly
Flynn Mrs Alice wid
Flynn Cyril frmr
Flynn Daniel frmr
Flynn Denis gen’l dlr
Flynn Gervase frmr
Fowler Mrs Mary wid
Furey Fredk lab Nfld Rly
Furey Geo trkmn
Furey Leo txmn
Furey Miss Mary tchr RC School
Furey Wilbert txmn
Furey Wm btchr
Grace Patk lab
Haniford Cornelius lab
Haniford Denis lab
Haniford John lab
Haniford Robt lab
Hawco Mrs Mary Ann wid
Healey Philip retired
Hennessey Cyril carp
Hennessey Miss Frances slsldy
Hennessey Francis carp
Hennessey Lawrence Jr carp
Hennessey Lawrence Sr carp
Hickey Jos lab Nfld Rly
Hickey Wm lab Nfld Rly
Kavanagh Rev John PP RC
Kelly Wm trkmn
Kennedy Francis lab
Kennedy Geo genl dlr
Kennedy Jas sexton RC Church
Kennedy John J frmr
Kennedy Kyron lab
Kennedy Maurice btchr
Kennedy Miss Mary opr Nfld Postal Telegraphs
Kennedy Rd trkmn
Kennedy Walter lab Nfld Rly
Kennedy Wm Jr lab
Kennedy Wm Sr frmr
Lyons Daniel retired
Lyons Geo lab
Lyons Peter lab
Lyons Patk lab
McGee John lab
McGrath John Jr lab
McGrath John Sr retired
McGrath Patk lab
McGrath Thos lab
Mahoney Thos retired
Mason Mrs Ann wid
Mason Ed lab
Mason John lab
Mason Patk lab
Mason Philip lab
Meaney Arthur lab
Meaney John lab
Meaney Michael lab
Meaney Thos carp
Meaney Wm Jr lab
Meaney Wm Sr lab
Moore Daniel Jr lab
Moore Daniel Sr lab Nfld Rly
Moore Ed lab
Moore Fredk lab
Moore John lab
Moore John retired
Moore Joseph lab
Moore Martin lab
Moore Martin frmr
Moore Michael lab
Moore Mrs Sarah wid
Moore Thos genl dlr
Mundy John carp
Murray Joseph lab
Murray Michael lab
Nolan John lab
Nolan Michael lab
Nolan Peter lab
Nolan Thos lab
Nolan Wm lab
Nugent Matthew carp
Nugent Wm txmn
O’Brien Patrick shopkpr
O’Brien Mrs Mary wid
O’Kelly Patk MD
O’Neil John lab
Parsley Bernard lab
Parsley James retired
Parsley John Jr lab
Parsley John Sr lab
Parsley Mrs Lucy wid
Parsley Patk lab
Parsley Saml lab
Parsley Stephen lab
Parsley Wm lab
Pendergast James lab
Pendergast Mrs Mary wid
Penny Mrs Anastatia wid
Penny Mrs Bridget wid
Penny Francis retired
Penny James lab Kennedy & Co
Penny John lab
Penny Mrs Mary wid
Penny Patk brbr
Penny Saml lab
Penny Wm lab Nfld Rly
Perry Dominic lab
Power Christopher lab
Power Daniel lab Nfld Rly
Power Const James B  
Power John millman
Power Patk lab
Redmond Wm lab
St John Ambrose lab
St John John txmn
Sceviour Edward retired
Sceviour Jos hotel prop
Sceviour Thos fshrmn
Terry Patk lab
Terry Peter lab
Wade John lab Nfld Rly
Wade Michael Jr agent Nfld Rly
Wade Michael Sr foreman Nfld Rly
Walsh Gerald lab
Walsh Michael shopkpr
Walsh Patk lab
Walsh Walter Jr lab
Walsh Walter Sr frmr
Whelan Arthur lab
Whelan Matthew retired

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